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how did you lose your virginity anon? stories...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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how did you lose your virginity anon? stories please
A hooked, nuff said
22 still haven't, will wait as i wont stoop low enough to pay for it.

Don't worry about it.
Sexy is somewhat over rated.

You'll get you chance sooner or later but for Fuck sake, do not fuck a nigger.
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I didn't :^(
Your mom
Fucked a slut I was "dating" on my aunts water bed when I was 14. She didn't know I was a virgin
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>16 be with gf
>both virgins
>we fuck
>we stop fucking and clean the blood of my bed
Black is on my bucket list
what are you saying?
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23, random black girl grabbed my balls and started coming on to me
I was flustered went back to her place and did the deed
Then I found out she stole my wallet
raped a girl at a party
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I was 21, that was 3 years ago.
Me and my friends were celebrating one of their's birthday. It was mostly chicks in that party, we were 2 guys with 7 girls.
One of them was this 20 years old medical student.
We all made our way to the night club, where I don't what happened but me and her made out in front of our friends.
After that I went to her place, where I lost my virginity. At least I think I did. I had no idea what the fuck I was doing and she didn't seem to enjoy it.
We did it again few days after but I failed bad. She said "true man fucks his woman until she's done". After that, we stopped talking for good.
Found out she had boyfriends older than her (he was 25 when she was 18) so she must have seen and done some shit. No wonder I couldn't do anything right.
Good experience though, would love to do it with her again.
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i was raped by my step mom when my dad was deployed ;/ ... i was 14 at the time
& the lesson: sex will always cost ya.
Not sad enough to use a flesh light either mate, hand and hand only.
17 fucked a semi-nigger was good couldn't cum so shot load in her moms nigger dirty underwear
Hookers. Awful at first, then much better with practise.

Eventually I've got a girlfriend but she was unexperienced as fuck and didn't want to try things, so it was depressive sex.

In general, hookers were much better once you learn to fuck.
Was she hot?
How much on avarage... asking for a friend
A trap last year
I am 27
19, just broke up with long term girlfriend who would jack me off and suck me, but that was it. I was a Sophmore, met a senior at a party. We both got drunk. fucked her in my room. Rubber would barely fit on my cock, came off inside her, she had to go to the infirmary and get it pulled out. we fucked like rabbits for the next 2 months until she started talking about wanting a real relationship. great tits, but I wasn't into gingers.
hired a whore and fucked her until i came
I was 16 and I fucked my girlfriend of 3 months. Didn't know what I was doing, so I bought normal condoms. I'm a bigger guy, so they ended up choking out my dick and turning it purple. I bought one of those small packs, and we went through all three because I had to take them off to let my dick breath. She ended up just sucking me off.
If u were bottom yer still a virgin
>Be 18
>Just fooling around in bed with a girl
>Her panties are down and my dick is kinda out
>Dick goes in pussy while im on top of her i did not put in it just kinda slipped in dunno lol
>Start thrusting and have no idea wtf im doing
>All the time thinking hey im doing pretty good
>Cum in her
>Take dick out and say oops that went bad.
>She did not get preggo.

And thats the fun story
Had sex with my gf when i was 14 ,shit was awesome
To a good friends girlfriend when I was 18, on he floor of her bedroom because her bed made too much noise and her parents were upstairs.
In Spain, 50€, but there are some good deals around 30 - 40 €

On the other hand, there are some spanish pornstars that I want to fuck, and if that happen, it will be around 200€.
I was 20
offered an 8/10 girl some benzos because I knew she liked them
She invites me back to her place
Im high as shit already
She takes a bunch and gets high as shit
She asks me to massage her
>I know where this is going, holy shit
We fuck

It was great
"Fooling around in bed with a girl"

Bullshit detected
Top kek
>I'm a bigger guy
How much is that in dollars. I don't even know what currency that symbol is.
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I was 17. This girl started flirting with me a lot which led to a lot of make outs at school. Two weeks later i brought her to my house after school. We got in my bec, started making out, i undid her pants like i knew what i was doing. I stuck my dick in her vagina, all the way. One more thrust and i cummed. Then i just thrusted as long as i could until my dick got soft so i could pretend like i didn't just cum in her after one pump...embarrassed as hell but it still led to a 6 year relationship, two kids, and many good sexual experiences..she was a virgin too btw.
>implying that 17cm is big
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trap here ;3
i was actually raped and molested at a party by 3 college boys
19 w/ 17 year old
Couldn't get it in.
Bought lube she came back lasted a minute
Was 14-15 at McDees bathroom from behind, what felt like few minutes were 30.
Fuck u nigger its a true story
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>implying it's not 8"
We're u asking for it?
Fuck you and your gay fantasies
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i keep seeing this pic, who is that woman? Any name or sauce?
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we were drunk at a party and they brought me to a room and held me down...
i was too skinny and weak for them
i cried a bit and had to sit there and accept it i was so scared...
Why there is water in your legs ? You are obviously outside of the shower
I tell you who she is if you admit its your first week here.
14 yo

1€ - 1.15 or so $

Seriously, didn't you know that symbol?
Sound hot
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>Not liking redheads
honestly been here since may 2015.
Its my 1st week
What the fuck is wrong with your shoop skills ?
who the fuck is she ffs.?
>met this girl
>abusive boyfriend
>I was in a shitty relationship
>she would work concessions at my ex's basketball games
>I would always to to concessions to flirt
>we became good friends
>never talked anytime else because if her bf caught us, he'd fight me
>8 months pass
>they break up
>she becomes cheerleader
>I play football
>I get put in a class with her
>I find her number through a friend
>text her after a game "good job tonight"
>she send back," you too."
>thought she hated me
>find out through a cheerleader friend that she's obsessed w/ me
>cool shit
>go camping a week later
>we've been texting
>she says "I'm bore."
>I say, "Want to hang?" I shit bricks when I sent this
>she replies moments later
>we go on a few dates
>homecoming is coming up
>ask her to go
>she says yes
>the night before we hangout at my house
>we were talking
>sex gets brought up
>I talked myself up saying I wasn't a virgin and was a marathon runner
>tell her "There's no circumstances or universe that I'd have sex with you right now"
>she gets on top
>we start kissing
>I undress her easily (have done other stuff with other girls before)
>she unbuttons my pants
>"I have no condom"
>"I'm on birth control"
>we have sex for 47 seconds (my autistic ass counted)
>we start dating the next day and have even more sex
>I told her last night was my first time
>she feels bad about how it went
>were still dating and happy
Charlotte Vassallo
I could have guessed euro. But I didn't know they used it in spain. But no... I don't know that symbol. I change currency when I buy from overseas
Why did you tell him retard
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Sir, give me your internets and stay away of the "post" button.

Really fat Hungarian (I think) prostitute in London, in her mid 40s. Her laptop was playing 'The ace of spades' by Motorhead. I could hear her family in the next room. It was fucking awesome
When I was a virgin I'd still fooled around in bed.
Rest of the story seemed more hokey than that part to be honest
When I took my penis and stuck it in my ex-gf vagina.
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>be 18
>be in college
>best mate has been seeing this girl for 2 years
>he turns into a prick practically overnight
>stops hanging around with me
>breaks up with her
>she is devastated
>phones me a lot
>we start hanging out
>just as friends cos she's still hung up on her ex
>6 months go by
>still friends
>one night she phones
>her parents have gone away for the weekend
>come round anon
>show up
>she's bought wine
>we sit and chat and drink
>still friends
>gets late
>i'm a little drunk, not wasted
>you can stay if you like
>go upstairs
>her sofa-bed is already laid out
>we both lie in on it
>start kissing
>she gets on top of me
>30 minute sex with her on me the whole time

mfw i was seduced
Because i wanted to show my trips, you dubs pleb!
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The new meme...
I don't know, someone just posted a template for this at some point so I made a gaster blaster.
>be 20 (shut up)
>been with gf for a month
>went on night out with mates
>stopped off at B&B
>got in at 2am
>2 hours of achingly slow undressing and kissing
>lost virginity to each other and finished around 6am.
>now married and together for 16 years
Nop no bullshit, actually happened.
Btw, dollars come from the Spanish American Peso, so technically you are using our currency still.
Ah, I'll never forget it.
We were lying in bed after a night out with mutual friends, we are already naked after kissing and stuff, I go on top of her and then
>Anon, are you a virgin?
>N-no, of course not
I lied.
Then I went in.
And then I had to lie no more.

Yeah if you can get a hooker to cum then you can make a regular woman go catatonic from organic bliss
Skipped finals for one class my freshmen year of college because my smoke buddy broke up with her boyfriend and wanted rebound sex. Never told her I was a virgin and had to retake the class =(
I slept with some asian in college, while I was in a long distance relationship ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ She was good with the s u c c
>Hangout with my old best friends ex a lot
>she's 23
>day of birthday we get drunk
>Go to my room where she is just in bra and panties
>She hid a condom over the bed (there was a shelf)
>Takes my cloths off
>sucks my dick
>puts it in
>we fuck
>I last a decent amount of time
>I cum
>we keep fucking
>condom breaks
>huge load just seeps inside her
>Finally done
>she notices
>not on BC
>run to walgreens and buy her plan B
Bathroom blowjob while I was cleaning the stalls at work, then fucked like five times in my car once I was off
Regular condoms fit that. Calling bs. It's long but not really too thick. Condoms are really long. The bigger ones are more about girth.
What are you guys talking about? Didn't shoop shit
I had some opportunities while in high school. Moved to uni, still had SOME chances but didn't. Mostly cause fat fuck, even the Danish girls were total slags.

Then I met a qt on tumblr, chatted for an year or so, met up, fucked her in the first day. I was 21. Now we've been together for a year or so.

Also, OP, I know you'll feel like this is bullshit but...getting laid doesn't change your life THAT much. It's just something nice you do. That's all. Just a different way of nutting.

Tho, getting your dick sucked by a qt and seeing her look up and smile at you, with your cock in her mouth is pretty cool !
Grizzle muh nizzle
>what is a semi
>dick turning purple normal
It's not the in bed part dumbass.... it's the "with a girl" part. Lol
I'm working on a long ass greentext adventure I can give a short version specifically about the virginity part or the whole story as far as i've gone. still working on the ending if anyones bored and has nothing better to do
Met a girl when i was 17 online play a game called tibia she decided she wanted to come up to my house to hang out my mom was cool with it so she drove 6 hours to hang out for a week which turned into 2 weeks. We have been dating for 7 years now and living together for 5 years.
Long story short..
I don't live in my hometown since a few years.
First christmas after I had moved, I was home visiting my family.
Me and close friend from hometown decide to go out the last night before I go back.
Stay out till closing.
As I'm on my way back to my parents house I see this girl stumbling around, drunk as a skunk, infront of me.
I walk faster then her stumbling so eventually I catch up to her.
>went to same school but didn't really know her, hot though.
I ask her if she's ok.
>"too drunk to get home"
>"Don't worry I'll help"
Walk her home>get invited in>boned down.
Was 17.

First real girlfriend, 6 months or so in, we'd been fooling around nonstop for the entire time but decided to wait to fuck for a while.

She was hot and out of my league.

Finally we fuck and it went outrageously perfect for her.

I found the sensation strange and could not come for 45minutes~

She came and sometime after I did too.

Turned out she found it really easy to come from penetrative sex.

Didn't realise it was rare or awesome at the time.

Had great sex with her for 1~ year afterwards and since then no one has been as awesome or kinky in bed.


I dumped her because she was annoying me.
tell it rolling stone
Unless yer the 1 guy that banged his mom or the raped kid.... tho why u would count that is fucked up
fuck you say?
I was 15, been at my aunt for a christmas time till 10th Jan so I could spend a new year with a cousin. She took me for a party to her friend's house that I knew throught internet, basically I had sex with a random cousin's friend by then.

Wish I've lost it a year or two later, 15 was definately not a good age.
I don't normally tell people.
>Be 13
>Mid October
>Night time
>Walking down to the youth activities center
>Basically they had video game consoles to rent out on location for cheap
>Almost there when a chick walks up to me
>She says, "Can you do me a favor?"
>"Uh, what's up?"
>"Can you have sex with me?"
>I am completely taken aback.
>"Sure. I can do that for you."
>We find a spot in some ones back yard
>She immediately take her pants off
>I follow suit.
>"Get on your back."
>I oblige
>She starts to mount me when I say, "Stop"
>She doesn't listen and forces by dick inside of her hairy bush.
>She holds me down and proceeds to have her way with me
>I lay there and take it like a little bitch. I couldn't stop her.

That is how I lost my virginity.
i'm 27, i lost my virginity 5 years ago on national day. We were fucking with the tv on and i could see the military parade and all the festivities. It felt like everything was dedicated to me.
You're not a trap. You're a cautionary story about a hazard that once existed in a disappointed fathers' upstairs bedroom. Please end your own life.
>Both virgins
>gfs family was very Christian
>she was super scared of sex because of them
>finally convince her to after fingering/bj etc
>buy condoms and be really self conscious
>at my place and both get undressed on bed because it was planned and weird as shit
>try to find hole with dick, weirdly difficult
>fuck for 20 min
>condom feels like shit
>pull out and cum in condom
>paranoid about pregnancy

Pretty much sucked all around.
> be me at 14
> girlfriend is 15
> parents have some vodka in cupboard
> we pound it
> decently tipsy when we start dry humping and I start fingering her
> she takes off her clothes
> I take off mine
> we fuck and I lasted only about thirty seconds
>be 15
>work with mom's friend name M in carpet
>in a empty house working like slave
>M gets on his phone "room is ready bring in the merchandise"
>tall sandnigger walks in with a hondurian wetback
>he bangs her for 10 min. Done
> M looks at me, "you want a go?"
> sure
>wetback says its 20 a pop.
>fuck her, last 5 min.
>, <
Technically... don't give a fuck
They are woman too. However, they tend to fake orgasms to make the experience better for the client so he repeats, and to not to feel anything for their clients.

However, if you manage to connect emotionally with them, basically treating them with respect, and trying your fetishes (as long as they are not too weird), sex can be amazing.

The best sex I've ever had was with a spanish milf and, in other ocassion, with a brazilian milf. Also, there was a colombian woman in her 30's that was a hot fuck, and she shallowed.
I had sex with a girl.
I'm pretty sure that's the only way it works.
Man that's shitty
Ahh I see youre cancer too, dont reply to me anymore.
What is that, a pedo-wheel?
In the back of an auto shop after spending ten minutes talking with her and her mom's biker friend
gonna try make this a greentext.. never done it before but i felt like a greentext would be easier and quicker to explain my first time

>Just turned 16
>walking home with friend (who has a boyfriend 2 years older than her and works)
>we start talking about sex and i tell her i cant wait to loose my virginity
>after talking for a while she is curious about my penis size, i proudly tell her 5.9 inches,
> she explains to me that her boyfriends penis is 4 inches and she wishes it was bigger
>she questions me and thinks im lieing about my size so i show her a picture
>it was kind've awkward showing her since she was a good friend
>she is silent for a few minutes and says "maybe i could take your virginity"
>i look at her like "wut" and she repeated her self..
>i awkwardly say yes.. and ask if she serious. she tells me she is and asks me if anyone was at my house
>i tell her no so we go back to mine
>awkward at first, but we sat on my bed she just went in started kissing me, i grab her ass
> after a few minutes she reaches down unzips my jeans, whips my cock out and starts sucking (luckily i shaved like 2 days before and showered that morning)
she sucked away for like 10 minutes, then told me to fuck her from behind and i never came so hard in my life

if you're wondering why it took so long for me to cum, i think it's because 1. i used to jerk A LOT and 2. Got reallly minor case of phimosis so cant reallly expose my head so i dont feel as much.

anyway thats my first time..
You think it's you... I think if anything its a woman who enjoys her job
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I fucked her right in the pussy yo
I was convinced this was the storyline from an episode of Dawsons Creek
I was 18 , I was a huge WoW, Xbox and LoL turbo nerd for a good 5 years , I finnaly got sick of being a virgin , so I found this slut on a dating site that was close , I finnaly got the courage to go there , turns out she was on her period so all she did was suck my dick , I didn't even cum , and just went home , I went back there a week later and fucked her for the first time with a condom , it was fucking horrible and I i still didn't cum , I ended up getting feelings for this chick like a fucking idiot and dated her for one regretful as fuck year. She turned out to be a crazy bitch

I'm now 21
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 800x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>TFW you'll never get a bj from a qt
Why live
how big it is actually, Anon? 18 cm?
Hey just while I'm here guys is it cheating to play strip poker and then while naked fall asleep next to that same girl you played poker with?
Bare witness to my glorious trips, you peasant!
Dude fuck off with that pedo shit
Ok so here i am again
these posts are all not true and are fabricated to gain some attention online to random faceless people because they lack real friends in real life

the people on this list should Am hero within the next 25 hours

8x5.5 inches
>be 16
>Mom and Dad divorced years before
>Mom moved away leaving me with Dad
>Dad's girlfriend (43yo) wasn't feeling well
>Dad say's for me to stay at her place in case she needs something in the night
>she goes to bed - I go to sofa
>get up in a while to check on her
>she's asleep - I'm horny
>decide rubbin her pussy while she's asleep would be a good idea
>start the rub, feels good to me
>she makes a little sound, I stop
>she say's don't stop anon, it feels good
>she takes my hand to show me the best way to rub her
>end up in her bed with her teaching me how best to fuck her
>go to her house regularly for years after that when Dad isn't around
>hard dick has no conscience.
Fucked my girlfriend in my basement. I regret it. She broke up with me a week later, two days before homecoming, and was a complete bitch.
>be me 17, gf 16
>at her grandma house
>nobodys home
>just chillin on sofa, watchin TV
>she goes to bathroom, comes out in lingerie
>no condom, she says we can try something else
>try to buttfuck, shes too nervous
>no buttsex for me
>she gave up and let me fuck her 16yo pink virgin pussy without condom
>cum in her, didnt tell her
>after sex tell her it was my first time aswell
>almost killed me because she thought im experienced and knew when to pull out
>10/10 sex, worth the risk, not preggo
Lost my virginity to the chick that gave me my first job. She was the manager. Yes, I fucked the manager so she'd hire me, fuck off.
>New year's eve
>Get drunk as shit at friend's party
>Meet friend's cousin drunk as shit too
>Go in a room togheter and lock the door
>throw up after sex
>she goes out to call for help
>throw used condom out the window
I lost my virginity on my first summer job.
I worked at a print shop and we had a cougar lady for a boss.
Long story short, she banged me in the warehouse. No other girl can match that cockslut.
2am + 2 hours = 4am.
>15, meet qt 8.5/10 girl at a youth centre or what ever you call it
>were really working out together. same personality, humor etc.
>she comes to my place a week later.
>fuck for an hour or two.
>didnt talk the day after.
>we didnt talk anything for months afterward

>she texted me a ear or two later
>wanted to be friends again
>four years later and i still stick my dick in her ass whenever i want to
What console would you normally pick?

Obviously the Megadrive you had that night wasn't your usual.
That reminds me the time I almost fucked a cougar boss (although I was a client)

However, when she called me she didn't know how to tell me she wanted to be alone with me so I let the opportunity pass. It was weird, she didn't want to call another person but also wanted to know when could they send the product to me. And thinking about it, no way I would ever let her come to my house with my parents living in it.
File: mms_img-272722165.jpg (84 KB, 1093x820) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 1093x820
>be 16
>she 16
>sleep at her place, she still living with parents
>her dad had called us downstairs to talk about intercourse
>wasnt listening, sex time imminent
>dad's a beta anyways

>get into bed with eachother
>fondle and shit
>had to put on a condom, why even live
>started fucking clumsily
>mid-fuck her litlle sister barges into our room, asking to borrow big sis' laptop
>im acting asleep
>doesnt work
>she stares at us and finally yells
>dont say anything
>sis leaves, we resume fuck
>after an hour or 2 we finish
>condom broke
>she told her dad the following morning
>dad fucken mad at me
>not allowed to sleep there anymore
>from now on she sleeps at my place
>Her dad is probably still a cuck beta that's jealous I fucked his daughter

Pic related, her tits
Maybe they needed another 2 hours to figure out how to do naughty stuff.
had sex
her dad is a fucking weirdo
>13th birthday
>had girlfriend over
>we had been dating a little over 6 months and we decided to try it
>best thing I had ever felt
>condom slipped off during round 2
>pregnancy scare the first time I ever had sex

Yeah, thats pretty much all there was to it.
File: mms_img670712787.jpg (55 KB, 615x820) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 615x820
he fucking is.
He was divorced, and now had this brazilian internet girlfriend, which he was sending money
Obviously a scam, and he literally said he was jealous of my relationship with me

also had made sextapes of his ex wive

girl was totally worth it tho
File: 007.jpg (84 KB, 500x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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kek.... 9/10 tits
i guess some people are born lucky.
Land whale ahoy
>Harpooned it with dick
Ended up dating it for about 5 month for some reason
Look back at pictures of it now and shudder
>Grill invites me to hers, parents away.
>she looks like a slightly chubby scarlet johannssen with short blond hair
>stay up late, too nervous to make a move
>get through a bottle of wine i nicked off of my sister while watching trashy tv
>she gets up to get another drink
>kiss as she sits down next to me
>"ohh ok this is going places"
>hands all over, can't get off her bra, my jeans and shirt have to many buttons
>still kissing and fumbling, half undress now.
>she's worries the neighbours will see, gets up and turns off the light.
>i follow her, endup on the floor by the sofa, she goes for the cock. spell the alphabet on her puss in response.
>lifting her hips with my knees in 69 i feel her quiver under me
>need to piss so bad from the wine but soo very hard. i wouldve come in an instant otherwise.
> move to bed, good times.
>5mins later best piss of my life. then spooning

woke up the next morning, with massive carpet burns on my elbows. and a hardon like you wouldn't believe.
more sex then i left.
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77 KB, 960x1280
You better post that shit nigga!
same here, man. I lost my virginity to a girl because i felt pity for her. It feels so weird now
File: 1421448624501.jpg (139 KB, 992x1120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 992x1120
>implying I did
chick sleeping in my bed after party

wanna fuck?

I'm semi hard and enter her for about 10-20 seconds, then she twitches and asks me to stop. she came by every day for months ;)
Dad fucked me.

I'd fuck her
Specially if it was first time, i'd fuck a pineapple
I was told once that if you have to ask if its "bad to do this" while dating.... than you should probably just break up with the girl yer with. So that's what I did.
It's not so much her appearance, it's how much of a cunt she was. Lied about being pregnant, treat me like shit etc. Ended up cheating on me to smoke some synthetic weed shite so I dumped her ass.
>be 16 year old me
>going to a party with my brother
>talking to a girl and we start kissing
>ask if i can use the girl who owned the house's spare room
>go to fuck
>cant get hard
>"are you gay anon? do you want to put it in my butt to see"

do anal for the first time lol
I'd probably hatefuck her and treat her like the shit she is. if shes such a cunt she deserves to be a single mom, no?
> be me, 15-1/2 years old
> get my first motorcycle
> girl knocks on my door one day
> she saw me on my bike, got her panties wet
> became my first girlfriend
> gave me a handjob on her parents' front porch
> they were in the living room, like 10 feet away
> later she gave me my first blowjob in their kitchen
> she wasn't allowed to go to my house
> one day we both skipped school, went back to my house
> fucked like bunnies
Yea, but she wasn't pregnant anyway so it's all gravy
Was 14 almost 15 a year old black girl who was in one of my classes sucked my dick for like an hour at school until I came, was kind of awkward I just tried to left right after to go to practice (this was on Christmas break but had practice)

they give the best head, it's so fucking hot when your dick is white and in some niggers sisters mouth..fuck
>implying I had virginity
I was 19, drunk aus fuck and on my way home from a club at 3 a.m. with a bud. I don't know why but we somehow decided to pay the nearest brothel a visit.

Was pretty good.
>bigger guy
>Ex girlfriend
>She has a boyfriend
>Flirt with her for a month or so
>She wants to fuck me
>Say yes, we set up a date
>I go over her house in the morning after a sleepless night
>Almost chicken out because I am falling asleep in her lap watching a movie with her
>Get horny, looks like the shows back on boys
>Blows me, way better then the first time she did many moons prior
>Go upstairs, put on condom, didn't realize at the time but it was WAY too tight, felt like my dick was laminated or vacuum packed
>Try missionary, can't feel dick, can't see her pussy, not able to think properly
>She gets on top of me, after some doing she gets it in, not easy since she was really fucking wet for what reason I don't know
>We fuck like that for a while, try doggy, my dick wont go in
>She rides me some more, try doggy again, between lack of stimulation from not fucking, my dick being strangled, and being half asleep I go limp
>She giggles and cheekily says "Feels like someones gone soft"
>Kill me
>She's super cool about it, I use a vibrator on her and ate her out till she came, someone should have an orgasm
>Go downstairs, watch some more movies until my dad comes to pick me up, try to harness some boner power, nearly works but I go limp again, can't feel dick at all
>Leave ashamed and elated at the same time
>Came back two weeks later having not jerked off for 12 of the 14 days, fucked her like a champ and came in her mouth, didn't see it but probably the biggest load of my life
>She swallowed, best feeling I've felt to date was cumming in her mouth
>Hoping to do it again sometime
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172 KB, 311x347
>be 18
>desperate to lose virginity
>meet a girl who's actually hot at a party, we make out on the night and meet up later
>start going out
>eventually we get round to having sex
>like the inexperienced nonces we were, no foreplay
>pussy so tight I can't even fit in my whole dick
>horny af though so cum after literally 5 thrusts
>still felt good tho
> be 15
> gf 17
> she doesnt know im a virginfag
> watch american psycho
> the panties are wet
> the rest is history
>14, then girlfriend and I got pretty nasty, kissing, cuddling, and she offered to give me a blowjob
>the exact moment, her mother came back home
>we went for a walk, she grabbed me to the local shopping mall and sucked me off in a public restroom
>i ate her as well
>she dumped me after two or three times

>with newly gained knowledge on how to eat pussy i went to a scout camp (sidenote: scouting is for all sexes where i live)
>three weeks in a forest, zero to none electricity and skinny dipping in a lake
>kissed a friend while hanging around in the night (like you have to guard the camp as a duty when you're older scout)
>guess we haven't guard the camp that night
>remember banging her next to a campfire, summer night, really quiet, middle of the night and my sudden realisation 'my fucking god my dick is inside of somebody else!'
>she was my girl for next 6 years and we almost got married
>she was also completly nuts and almost ruined my life, but this is whole different story

tl;dr i banged a chick next to a campfire when i was 14
9 years old fucked my male friends ass while watching the Spanish playboy Chanel
This sounds like the awkward nightmare I was worried that my first time would be
>be 16
>play a gig with musician friends on my father's bday
>someone brought a girl to sing
>she was 18
>later that night, she got a little drunk and asked me if she could lie down on my bed for a while
>i had a waterbed and she was really into it
>didn't hear from her after that for 2 weeks
>one evening she texts me, if she can come over
>this implied staying over night because i lived in the middle of nowhere
>agree that this was a good idea
>she comes over at around 10pm and we go straight to my room
>she tells me, she had a crush on me since the gig but didn't know how to approach me
>i was nervous, because she was hot as hell and older than me
>had done petting and oral with ex gf but no sex
>when sex comes up i decide to not tell her i was a virgin
>fucked her that night
>meet her again, start dating, eventually tell her i was a virgin
>she got really mad at me
>ended up in a 2 1/2 year relationship until she went on a vacation with a friend of mine behind my back, when i went to visit relatives in the states (live in europe)
>invited that "friend" to my house, when my parents were home and made him confess the whole thing
>ditched her afterwards
>valuable life lesson were learned in that time
> tl;dr

File: 1423969687213.jpg (54 KB, 500x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 500x707
>"we have sex for 47 seconds (my autistic ass counted)
Fuck you for being cool
File: Sans titre 2.png (1 MB, 1086x791) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sans titre 2.png
1 MB, 1086x791
>be me
>be 16
>Just had my first gf, cute, caring and shit
>but hell she was prude, like hands shaking when we kissed & everything
>Didn't even think about having sex with her
>Have this girl in her friends and mine, we get closer than friends should be
>One day she invites me to her house
>She talks to me from shit from the highschool, I don't get it
>Start thinking she don't want anything from me after all
>Finally after she got really closer on the couch, I start taking the hint but still do nothing
>Don't start anything so I won't have any problem with gf
>Finally, I lay my hand on her lap, she gets one on my neck and we kiss
>For like... 15 minutes

Pic related, it's her

Cont ?
File: 1452825398566.gif (2 MB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x225
i have never ever used reddit, or it's ripoff in my mother language which is even more cancerous in my whole life
>18 year old me

>Goes to friends house for a weekend

>Smokes a bowl and Sits with them playing some video games

>Bowl had seed gloves me head ache

>Mom gives me 2 pills for it and I take. Should've look at them

>Doesn't end with me with mom so shut the fuck up and get a bag o popcorn

>Well I start getting a Lil loopy

>Goes with them to a friend's house.

>Get there I see a friend anf he shoves a bottle of vodka in face and a joint

>Holy fuck yes fucked up wooooo

>He showed me how much he can chug

>I beat him by chugging the rest of the 5th

>Girl comes up after I throw up later and says you want these it'll help your stomach

>Should've looked at them, they were the same things the mom gave me.


>so I'm gone man

>I pass out wake up three days later in my bed at my parents house

>I found out she raped me 2 times.

>Instead of her bleeding everywhere I did

>She broke my fore skin worse then it was already.

>The pills I found out where klodopin 7.5. she gave me 9 with alcohol and weed.

>she was ugly
i fucked my exgirlfriend after one of my bands practices in a tube slide at a park nearby. she didnt know i was a virgin. i realize thats what made me love have sex in public.
>be me 17 year old
>go to best friends girlfriends 16th birthday party
>best friend and girlfriend had a falling out he wasn't at the party
>getting drunk and high
>pretty drunk
>bump into the girlfriend upstairs
>she kisses me tonguedownmythroat.jpg
>insta hard
>someone comes upstairs
>we part ways
>keep getting drunk and high
>later that night she asks to speak to me in private
>she takes me to her younger brothers bedroom
>fuck her in her younger brothers bed
>10mins in her parents come and interrupt
>ask me to leave
>"1 sec" i say
>raging boner
>pants round ankles
>pull boxers up
>waddle out, pants still round ankles
>pull them up
>get booted into the street
>best friend and girlfriend make up next day and are loved up again
>he doesn't know I fucked her
>mfw Scotty doesn't know
17 years old didn't really want to but my gf really wanted to cause she took it as a challenge cause I don't have much of a sex drive
Not a good first time
It was, but she was cool about it thank fuck.
I lost my virginity at 9. My parents had been divorced for 2 years at the time, and my dad remarried to my stepmom who had a daughter. My stepsister. We used to visit her aunt, who had a few dildos in her room. When we found them, we used them on ourselves and eachother, and we used them every time we went there. But.. We were caught... Sadly. And now I can never see her again... :c
>19 y/o
>Well-liked, just never got the penis in the vagina
>meet qt Korean through work
>she gets fired, I quit a few weeks later, keep in touch
>A few dates later and I'm over at her house in the middle of the day
>Play CoD, watch The Truman Show, start making out, fingering her
>Move from couch to her room
>She already knew I was still a virgin, I knew she had 2 other guys before
>Blowjob, ate the pussy, had sex in all kinds of positions
>Somewhat had trouble keeping it up, but all good cause she was enthusiastic and would go down and suck it to get me back up
>No condom for first half, then she asked me to put one on
>Still didn't end up finishing after a solid 40 min

Overall 8/10 first experience, she's now my gf and we've had awesome sex many a time. Pretty interesting it was in broad daylight so we both got to see every inch of each other the first time
>be me
>10 year old
>friend from school, also 10 year old boy
>he was living across my house
>we play football (soccer, amerifags) with the other kids who live in the street but he don't play with us
>he is too girly, fraigle, beta boy
>one day, he want to play with us. Me and other friend
>so we start playing fotball
>we decided to take a shoot to each other, and who make more goals is winner
>he says who lose the game, the other two is gonna dry hump him
>we are like wtf, but ok. We knew he is gonna lose anyways
>he lose. we dry hump him, somewhere in the hood
>after some time he slip her boxer down and says "put in my butt anon"
>i'm like wtf again, but 10 yr old erection, so i did it anyways
>i hardly put my tiny cock in and thurst 5 or 6 time
>other friend also fucked him too
>this is how i lose my virginity
got drunk fucked some cunt
One time I know for sure it was me me and my friend meet these two at a hotel both red heads one natural one fake he takes the fake red head it take the natural. The natural red head was as new as she could be nervous but willing use all my best moves and skill as usual. My friend finishes faster than me from her body language I could tell she wasn't not enjoying herself but defiantly holding back trying to get off. When we are done normal we all start talking and she says her toes and fingers are tingly. Her friend turns to her and gives her look and asks Adler you serious? Had a few other times I made hookers cum. One time with a girl very hot one I saw regularly was starting to get her off. She didn't like the feeling so she asked me to stop doing what is was doing. Not hard to figure out when a girl is faking or really cuming.
Similar thing happened to me. I was 18 and was pretty fucking weird all throughout highschool. I wanted to get laid really bad, so I started hanging around this chick that wanted to fuck me (she was 5/10 btw). We had some pretty mediocre sex and then I got roped into a godawful year and a half long relationship
>she's 16 and kinda slutty
>date her to get laid
>we sneak out of some school dance and go to an abandoned playground
>it's fuck time!!
>She gets on top in the passengers seat of her dad's car
>hard to get it in
>rock hard and eventually do find the hole
>she rides me like crazy
>I'm on antidepressants and have been for a few years
>cannot cum
>she does though.. She squirts on me, a lot
>"what!?? Wait, stop peeing on me, wtf, why are you peeing on me
>seats are leather ind I'm sitting in a puddle of girl cum
>I didn't cum and she won't suck me off so I tell herto drop me off downtown so I can go skate with my friends

>mfw girls at school all found out that I made this slut gush cum
>get super laid after that

> Be 14
> Asian Massage Parlor operating out of a house up my street
> Balls up and go there for a "massage"
> Fuck an amazing 20's asian slut
> Keep going back every 2 weeks for a year
> Same girl
> Let me spunk inside her without condom all the time
> Let me anally fist her
> Let me double fist her pussy
Gonna file this under "shit that never happened"
At a festival, stumbling back to tent and bump into a 6/10.
End up sneaking her back into tent, hour of foreplay. Eventually found hole with my dick, after about 10 thrusts I cum in her, dug deep and carried on for as long as possible. not preggo, but was glad to get it out of the way
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I was 15, with my girlfriend and it was in my brother's bed. His room was in the garage, he was staying at my dad's that weekend and I didn't want any interruptions. It's was pretty lame, they girl wouldn't even touch my penis. She didn't know vaginas were supposed to get wet and kinda freaked when it happened.
I was so nervous I came in like a minute. Then I hid the condom in one of my brothers magazines
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