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How did you lose your virginity anon? Stories...
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Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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How did you lose your virginity anon? Stories please
I put Dick in girl pussy.
Girl pussy eat Dick.
Both cum
Then we eat cookies.
Was good day.
I had sex.
With a girl.
I fucked your mom.
I get boner from this
Tripped and my dick went into the dog
Trying too hard
> lets just put in the tip
> that feels good you want to try just putting it all in?
>okay this feels great you wanna like wiggle around a little?
>oops i cum
Yes dick hard.
fisting a bitch and fell in...
>be me at 14
>my friends 17th birthday and he has a free house
>bring my qt gf to the party
>both virgins
>really paranoid about getting caught fucking
>wait till perfect moment and go to the bathroom
>only door with a lock
>didnt know about lube or anything
>always been pretty well hung
>slammed it in her virgin pussy dry she screamed and bled
>3 seconds later i came

stayed with all the way through school fucking all the time, 10 years later and ive barley gone a week without it since
>go to college kissless virgin
>first night, go out to party with floormates
>end of the night, in dorm drinking with roommate, door is open
>2 girls from across the hall come in to drink with us
>one jokingly says "orgy?"
>we all laugh, then look at each other and shrug
>they turn the lights off
>drunk 4 way
>have trouble finding the hole in the dark
>she says "you've never done this before have you?"
>shrug it off, alcohol makes me able to last a while
>try to switch positions, due to darkness accidentally stick it in her ass
>she doesn't seem to care
>switch off girls with roommate multiple times
>awkward with the girls the rest of the year

tl;dr lost my virginity in a drunk 4 way with anal
Save it, it's all yours my friend!
tried since I was 15 to get laid but failed cuz betafag so at 19 a friend set me up with a large girl and i practically had to beg her to have sex with me. It wasn't bad but super awkward. Thinking back on it I feel bad for her because I was an idiot. After that called all my friends and told them and ran down the hallway of my dorm screaming that I had gotten laid and my friends threw a huge party for me. Was legit a huge production.
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>be me
>be 6y/o
>be chillin with a neighbor
>ask her if she wants to be gf
>says yes
>tells her we have to make babies now
>walk her to my dad's tool shed
>gets in tool shed
>all dark, can't see shit
>tell her to close her eyes
>lean in
>kiss gf on the mouth with tongue
>fast forward ten years
>put Weener in a lady's Virginia
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Last dubs>>665821492
New dubs thread
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kindly gas urself
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oh shit! it's happening again

>Be 16 scrawny jewfro kid
>Be on FB
>QT female friendo posts something on FB I can't remember
>Friend of hers also comments on thing
>Me being a cringey perv, subliminally hit on her through FB
>Friendo says her friend wants to meet me, thinks I'm cute
What the fuck, she hasn't even met me but oh well why not
>Girl messages me a bit
>Invites me, Friendo and Friendo's current boyfriend over to hers for shitty movie
>Evil Dead Remake
>She tries to flirt with me a bit but I'm too awkward
>She thinks I hate her for most of the night
>Tell her I was just shy as shit
>Can't remember what happened exactly, but she chose some other guy over me because I wouldn't reciprocate
>Panic because want to get rocks off and have gf for once
>Mushy gushy speech about how I like her
>She picks other guy still, but they break up and she comes crawling to me
>We date a week later
>A week into dating she tells me she loves me
>A month in, it's after homecoming and we talked about sex
>At her place
"Do you still wanna have sex, anon?"
"Uh, sure."
>Head to her room while granddad is snoozing
>We strip down, she decides she wants to be on top
>She rides it but keeps complaining about how I'm hitting her cervix
>Her lower pains ruin her mood and we just cuddle
(She's fucked two dudes before me)
I mean nigga I won't complain
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I've lost my virginity with my ex ... and her best friend ,take her by behind and she sucked him, it was strange but exciting. He made her swallow. She never swallowed me and always want me to wear a condom , not for him. Since I've seen her suck him in party many times and once when we are at her home , on the pool , he licked her then flip over and kick her butthole then rub his dick between her cheeks. She never let me lick her butthole too.
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>be me
>be 15
>slut chubber hits on me constantly
>always got shy girls before
>wont leave me alone
>think "fuck it, might as well see what it is like"
>Invite her over
>single mom at work
>make out
>finger her
>move to room
>was going to suck me but doesnt
>wants to fuck instead
>bitch is loose but not deep
>hit her wall a bunch
>too loose
>takes forever for me to cum
>meh what a waste
>mom comes in for lunch
>heads upstairs "mom senses"
>meet her at my door
>anon i knew you would be playing hookie
>bitch still in bed
>mom goes back downstairs
>follow and hang till mom leaves
>use as excuse to get girl to go home
>tells other whore friends she fucked me
>they ask me
>say no
>never talk to her again
>think sex is shit and wait 3 more years before I fuck again
>virgin bitch, tight, diamonds.

Pretty basic and boring but whatever.
>be me at 13
>in bedroom making out with my 13 year old girlfriend, also a virgin
>some shitty Saved by the Bell TV movie is on in the background
>eventually she tells me to go ahead and put it in her
>no clue what the fuck i'm doing
>push in as hard as i can but it won't go in
>she's in pain from me pushing but tells me to try again
>finally breaks her hymen and gets in there
>lasted about a minute

>fucked her several times a day for the next year and a half

Found her on facebook after no seeing her in 16 or so years. She's a butch lesbian now. I like to think I played a part in that.
I am confused
dude far too passive. dont wait for her to suggest.
man up and claim that shit.
i had sex?
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I go to sleep...
Yeah, you broke her hymen. That shit isn't supposed to break.
>be me at party with older sister
>i was 13 she was 17
>two of her friends find me rather cute
>they told me to go with them upstairs
>i follow them into a bedroom
> shit happends yo, but blurry since i got drank
> sister calls me(because it been hours since she saw me at party)
> i talk to her and say something idiotic
> she comes up, yell at her friends
> my comes to pick sister and me up
> im still drunk, sister get yelled at by mom
> i list my virginity, she got 2 weeks house arrest
> alpha as fuck

> also had a 3-way with 2 models 3 years after, 1 is known in the whole world, the other is only in denmark
> be me, 14
> holidays in my grandparents secondary house
> my hot cousin is here aswell
> a friend of her arrives to stay for 3 days
> we have many beds but every room has 2 beds
> she gets to sleep in my room
> we start chatting a bit
> she was completely naked and clearly wanted me to join her in her bed
> I was a huge beta and didn't realize it
>first night : nothing happened.

I'm terrible at stories and I rarely post but here we go
>Cousin has a wife with 2 kids
>Cousin is dumb as fuck hick fag
>Wife is sick of his shit they seperate
>Cousin stays at my place
>Wife secretly texts me asks me to
>Help take care of kids
>I'm nervous but feel bad for her
>P.S my cousin is by marriage not
>Blood, Go over to wife's place
>Obviously she set this up, Drinking
>Insues, she starts getting really
>Flirty, Tells me to help her get back
>At cousin, Drunkenly agree, Virgin
>So I want to get laid, drunk me thinks
>What the hell, pussy is pussy
>Awesome sex insues, Fuck yeah
>She fucks like a whore in heat
>Tight pussy for having 2 kids
>Fuck a few more times after that
>Night, She takes pictures, cousin
>Gets them, He comes over, fist fight
>Ends up with me choking him into
>Submission, we never talk again
>All in all fun times, would do again
>week from prom
>crush from years prior messages me on fb
>talk about how we're still both versions
>says she "just wants to fuck so badly"
>we arrange to hang out and smoke the day after prom
>at this point I already had a date
>go to prom, win prom king
>don't get laid that night
>next day
>meet with girl
>get high as fuck
>sitting in car next thing i know we're making out
>back at her place, awkwardly meet her dad with the words "i'm going to fuck your daughter" literally written right on my face
>take her to room
>fuck 3 times, last time lasted for a long time
>bed squeaking like crazy
>sorry, old man .mp4
>shit was so cash

I eventually started a relationship with the girl I went to prom with, which didn't last too long. wonder why I did that
>old sheela gives me a check out
>tell the lass ow about we get a little cheeky
>jack you ripper i was just thinking the same bloody thing
>my name was jack
>i take her to the back paddock in my holden toyota
>tell the misses im a bit scared its me first time
>your right jacko howsa about you go down on me vadge
>ill give her the ol lickaroo
>shagged like sheep
>shit was cash

Is this bait or are you fucking stupid?

The Hymen breaks. Remnants often last in some form or another though.
my god
I had sex with my bf. It hurt. He came. He licked my pussy. I came. Played dark souls.
how the fuck did she decide to get naked?
are you a grill
Sorry for terrible format, on phone
>2nd night
>she comes in my bed
>messes w/ me
>says she's known a lot of guys
>probably bs since she's 15
>start touching my dick
>bitch didn't even ask
>but for the beta I was it felt great
>don't have a condom
>she's toyin w/ me
>says she doesn't have one
>says she will on 3rd night

>Be 16
>Gf is super gorgeous DD breasted ultra cute faced 17 year old with a southern accent, and this is the Midwest so that's pretty epic.
>we be dating for like 6 months
>she was my first everything, from hand holding to balls deep anal creampie.
>her SJW feminist friend hates the shit out of men
>she suggests my GF offer me sex and say no as a joke, as I had a reputation for having way too much libido and aggression.
>GF asks me, and I guess I replied just right. That or she wanted the D for quite a while already seeing as how she had sucked it at least 200 times by that point.
>Tried to put it in her butt
>didn't work, but she was super supportive and said next time anal will work.
Such a sweetheart, I should have never let that go but I was a dumbass and wanted to have multiple partners under my belt.
After a quick google search for you.
Nice, Alpha as fuck, also bump
You were the side guy, he was the boyfriend..
Don't beat yourself up, We were all dumb teenagers at one time
Katherine actually lol
Seriously man up, Don't be a beta, You got used. Don't let that shit happen again.
"Played Dark souls" Kek

I didn't care enough to google because I am one of the "Widely Misunderstood" people.

Good on you. I am too old to not believe in a man in the clouds. My time is over.
Ahh, Literally the same exact story!
Will actually
Yeah, no one ever told me how rare it is to have a genuinely supportive anything. Let alone romantic partner, lesson learned!
She was a bitch.

Cont, gtg so I'll be quick
>3rd night
>she sucks my dick
>terrible but as a virgin I think it's awesome
>she pulls out a condom
> I fh
>last 5min
>never call her again

Gtg now, sorry
you will actually what
My name is Will...
Glad to see others have had the same experience lol
Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrQFfLu5uA4
>Be me
>Be 18 and a senior in indoctrination camp
>Is 2/13/2000
>After school on a Monday night, be bored
>Clicking 'Yes' or 'No' on hotornot.com for hours
>One of my matches sends a message
>Exchange ICQ numbers and chat for an hour
>Bitch is 1 year and 1 day older than me
>Looks pretty cute... I clicked 'Yes', didn't I?
>Discover she had recent breakup and is DTF
>Tell her to come to my parents' house to get fucked
>Being me, I'm all talk, a dork, a pervert, and a stupid 18-year-old

File: 1266981442204.gif (4 KB, 256x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Uhhh...losing my uhhh uhuhuh virginity? uhhh uhuhh
That's what you do after sex right.... Lol I mean if not help me out
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i was raped by my step sister when i was 16 and she was 23

worst night of my life
Yep take it in stride and move on, You will find another, also checked.
>be me 15
>Girl I like online but never meet, she tells me she likes me
>introduces me to her best friend
>best friend is depressed af and 13
>the girl I like fucks some random dude and gets into a relationship with me
>best friend tells me that is bs and shows me her tits on webcam to make me feel better
>she wants to visit
>takes a cab from where she lives
>2 hrs away she lives
>she wants to watch twilight
>what the fuck twilight is super gay
>she grabs my dick like 10 mins into it
>start making out

I lost my virginity to twilight and from then on, I never ripped on it

Fuck it... I'll keep going...
Nope, you forgot a few steps. Step 1; Take piss and laugh at weird after sex weiner. Step 2; smoke a cig and sigh loudly. Step 3; command they bitch to acquire a sandwitch.
Step 4;??? step 5; profit.
Still haven't lost it, probably because I'm 20 but I look like I'm 12.
1-hour later
>Wait, what? The doorbell?

>Be me and a huge faggot... Dad answers door and tells me a girl is here to see me
>WTF? Cute girl is really here just to fuck me? A total stranger I met online 2-hours prior???
>Watch movie together in bedroom
>Nervous as fuck "What do I do???"
>Spend whole movie being a pussy... finally try to kiss her
>She's on me like Jared Fogel was/is on a 12-incher
>"OMG! I'm going to lose my v-card right now!"
>Nervous as fuck and can barely get a boner
>Try to fuck... too nervous... limp
Nothing wrong with it, I just found it funny how you said it, don't know why
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curious kissless virgin here...what does sex smell like ?
This guy gets it.
Ill bite, continue.
>"Anon, is this normal?"\
>I lie and say, "Yeah, it's happened a few times..."
>Try fucking again like 20min later
>"OMG! Do all pussies smell this bad?
>"I hate doggy-style!" Her fumes come straight-up to my nose!
>"Is this normal? Sex smells so bad!"


>Limp dick from odor so stop fucking
>Chat some more because I'm a faggot
>Able to get hard again despite being so nervous the whole time
>Doggy-style again


>I think I'm going to hate sex all of my life
>She leaves at like 5AM
>I wonder why my parents allowed any of it? They had to know what was going on!
>Probably grateful that son is only 95% faggot
>"Date" the slut for a couple of months and take her to prom
>Worst prom ever... at least I can say I went

Lost my v-card on v-day to a stinky cunt
sweaty ass crack and funk
Fish and battery acid in a pot of creamed meatloaf
Sex smells like sex, Sweat, Dick, Pussy, You get the idea.
will i am
I didn't
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I was raped by a girl in college. Just got back from military training and was looking to get wasted. Told her no multiple times in the same night but she took advantage of me when I was blackout drunk. I woke up with her in bed next to me and freaked out a little since I never planned on having sex. Told me two weeks later she was pregnant (she wasn't). To this day I still don't trust my current gf with the condoms and I always make sure I keep them in my possession. Also it is quite interesting to be able to hear a girl say, "You are a guy and therefore wouldn't know what it is like to be raped" and I can throw a wrench into her works. Also got my college to change the Women's Health Center name to the Campus Health Center.
I took a piss before we played dark souls. And I poked his after sect weiner while it was his turn. His dad was smoking in the living room. Does that count? Lol
Did it hurt your dick? Did you jizz? Sorry for asking those questions, I too had my wiener raped. I came while being limp, it was horrendously painful.
Found a girl on OkCupid who was into asian guys. She was a flight attendant. She added me to her flight list so I could fly out for free and fuck her. Met up with her in Philadelphia and fucked all weekend. Didn't see her again but I still used her free airplane tickets for about a year until she could get me off her list.
salty milk and coins
nothing unless shes a slut or a bad eater. Thats why I fuck tight vegetarians
Oh lol ok
I suppose it's forgivable forgetting step 3 after your first time. But after that there's no god damn excuses !
lol if you didnt loose your virginity at 13 youre a beta
lost mine to a hooker, was 16 and high as fuck
Kek suppose so, Sounds like a good night, Dark souls is anot awesome game
Being beta isn't that bad then, either that or you're weird as shit.
File: Hbb3PxI.jpg (70 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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she held me down while i was drunk af after i came home from a party

my penis hurt a lot from the friction n shit you know when your not in control...

it felt like it bent

after she raped me we didint talk for like 3 weeks before she apologized

to this day we dont speak

i dont know why suddenly she would do it..we were on good terms for like 4 years and all of a sudden she did it. We never told our parents.
>plays online game
>gets virtual pussy
I made his sister cook for us. Now both of us do it together.
Is an awesome game, fucking autocorrect
what is weird about being able to fuck a girl at 13 years old. Your ass was playing runescape i was balls deep.. virgin redhead that called me daddy too
she was my step sister
For me it was a trusted friend and confidant, she was a dancer and a half negress, thus I never once had a sexual thought about her. She asked me to go for a walk in the woods, I fucking love the woods. So were sitting enjoying the clouds and shit when she got on top of me and started hitting me in the bread box every time I tried to move or stop her, she knew I wouldn't hit her.

The smell of carmex and wet dog will haunt me forever.
Damn bro, Sounds awful, My advice is to move on, Accept her apology. People do crazy shit sometimes, Especially women.
lol thanks dr phil
Lol I was about to say. Yeah it is very cool. As of late we have been playing blood borne though. He's upset that I claimed the doll. He has Maria so it doesn't fucking matter lol
> be 20 her 13
> do side work for her dad
> we work construction and his house was were we were when not on site
> he leaves to get supplies
>store is 40 mins one way
> Asks me to watch her
> She flirts.
> I watch her alright.
> Watch her suck my dick
> Scared she'd rat on me so we go no further
> Next time he leaves
>Asks me to ram her
> I do. Shit was cash. Cum on her little tits.
> Quit shortly after and move away.
At 13 you're supposed to be riding bikes and setting worms on fire. Or just fingering them and jacking off to it later. So yeah, I could have. But I chose not to, because kid stuff was way cooler then trying to figure out how genitals worked.
>be 20
>still virgin
not even ugly 7.5-8/10 maybe, i just dont feel like to make moves
lol idk try to rationalize it if you want. I grew up in the city I was smoking weed bumming cigs and fucking at 13. Riding bikes was fun when I was 8
Lift weights, ascend to 8.5/10
>bitches will impale themselves on your D
>tree fort
>32 degrees out
>"let's fuck"
>so cold I can't get a boner
>jack off a bit while she sat there
>got bone
>somehow manage to get condom on
>put it in her
>hear snapping of twigs
>"oh my god is my stepdad"
>it was only a cat
>put clothes on

Pretty shitty
>be 13
>go over to friends house for sleep over
>friend is a couple of years older
>I met this guy through my best friend who is my age
>friends mom buys us all alcohol
>I get fucking smashed as my 13 year old body was new to this
>friend who invited me over is passed out
>begin to fall asleep myself
>feel something around my pants
>look down its friends mom trying to get to me
>too drunk and tired to realize what's going on
>she blows me, then I fuck her
>pass out, wake up, remember that she didn't drink anything
>leave with best friend, he says same thing happened to him
>say they actually do it all the time but she wanted me for some reason
>she purposely got me drunk to fuck me
I know most people are like, that's sweet and awesome, but honestly I just feel disgusted with my self, and afraid to tell people
Got 2 soul level 200+ guys in dark souls 1, and level 287 guy in dark souls 2. Haven't got to play blood Bourne yet but I can't wait to try it, played for like 5 minutes at a friend's house.

I laughed
Kek you're welcome, I do my best.
also Im in uni now so its not like Im a piece of shit, just a real one fam
got fucked by my yonuger brother lol
File: maxresdefault.jpg (64 KB, 1440x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 1440x1080
i really loved her
we used to be best friends
why did she do it
i wish we can be close together again
i have no family left
my mom died
my dad is estranged
i wish we had together still

It is such a beautiful game. I love it. The lore is very interesting to me
Well damn, I thought you for sure had to be much younger then me but you're in my age group. I also grew up in a city and the youngest person I ever even heard of losing their virginity was 14 and raped.

Maybe if micropenis
Nice I'm not all that fond of dartk souls 2 it feels....hhmm... Empty... Blood borne is amazing though
Checked, But you're a complete faggot wannabe thug. Get real, soo cool brah, I did dumb shit as a kid, Brah I can't even Brah anymore.
> At church with gf
> Start getting frisky
> I know all the secluded places, grew up in this church
> Go behind stage, below baptismal
> Start fingering her
> Pastor gets on stage, preaching about abstinence
> Lift her skirt, lower my pants, proceed to fuck
> No condom, cum deep inside
> No baby, by the grace of God
> Thanks for being the best contraceptive God, even if I am going to hell.
full brother?!
why wouldnt you fuck her back, shes not even your sibling fagoat
I can feel your passion through this lol. I respect that.
Agreed, Dark souls 1 was a fucking master piece. Dark souls 2 was kinda ehh
most of my friends lost their virginity not super long after me so idk maybe its a seattle thing
Best post in the thread
>be me, 16
>been waiting to lose my virginity cause i wanted my first to be a 10
>hear through mutual friends that this fine girl that i dont even know wants to fuck, lets call her hoe1
>one of my friends, wingmanbro, knows her well
>tell him to set it up
>talk to her regularly but never see her irl because laziness

fast forward a few weeks

>go to house party
>meet two girls
>me and another friend take them to a park later that night
>hook up with one, lets call her hoe2
>tell her i want to fuck her the next night
>she's down
>the next night she give me the address to another party and wants me to come
>go to hang out with wingmanbro before the party
>when i get to his house he tells me that hoe1 is gonna be with us for the night and she wants to fuck still
>turns out she's going to the same party
>figure if i play my cards right i could fuck hoe1 and hoe2 the same night and go down as legend
>smoke a few bowls with hoe1 and wingmanbro before the party
>wingmanbro decides to stay home because his best friend is leaving for college that night
>now it's just me and hoe1 going to this party that hoe2 is already at
>hoe1 and hoe2 also happen to go to the same school in the same richfag neighborhood and also hate each other
>get to the party and walk in with hoe1
>hoe2 sees
>im high as fuck so my talking skills are reduced to autist levels
>5 mins later hoe2 is already taking my hand and leading me to her car
>says she doesn't want to fuck unless i never fuck hoe2
>im already diamonds at this point so i agree
>fuck her in her car a few times over the span of like 2 hours
>im in heaven
>try and leave so i can salvage things with hoe1 but the party got shut down my parents
>fuck hoe2 again and drive her home
>she wants to give me road dome and at this point i realize shes a keeper
>night ends successfully

File: Zwischenablage11.jpg (21 KB, 200x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 200x205
>I still don't trust my current gf with the condoms
curious about this

Does your gf buy you condoms? Is this usual? heard it quiete often in threads here in /b/ and it just seems strange to me.
I'm still with my first gf and we always had it seperated, she buys the pill for her and I buy condoms for me.
Seems just strange to me that she should get/keep the condoms.

Literally, huh

>the next day i realize it's hoe1's birthday
>snapchat her happy birthday and ask her to hang soon
>she's still down somehow
>fuck hoe2 like 5 times in the next week

this happened a month ago, me and hoe2 are fuck buddies now but i'm going to hang out with hoe1 this weekend.

wat do? should i try and fuck hoe1 even though it could ruin my FWB relationship with hoe2?
We didn't play much of it. I mean he finished the game, but he didn't want me to play it. I still tried just to get a feel of it
Well then reach out to her, Jesus man grow some balls. Call or message her, tell her you're ready to move on. Be man, if you love her so much then try for that shit. Don't sit and wallow in misery. Shit happens.
Im not a wannabe anything lol I was an idiot when I was younger but Im better for it. You should try to push your limits rather than judge people you might learn a little about yourself.

No shit
Damn that blows, if you get a chance play it again. Love that game, you have a kik by chance? You seem pretty cool.
>just turn 21
>kissless virgin, but have rejected a lot of girls in my day
>be obsessed with girl who ultra-friendzoned me (like, we would have a few beers, spoon with my hands on her tits and she'd fall asleep like that)
>Friend breaks up with her boyfriend and asks me out
>9/10 nerdy Brunette with double Ds
>reject her
>that weekend help dad do some construction work
>mention this
>calls me a fucking idiot and says I should stop acting all high and mighty, rejecting hot girls for someone who'll never unfriendzone me
>give nerdy brunette a chance
>First day we start dating we do everything but sex (which she suggests but I can tell she feels like we're moving too fast so I say nah)
>Next day she comes over to my place and we fuck
>Been together for almost 9 months now

I love her. Not upset about waiting so long to have sex either. We have a pretty nice sex life, we've done everything from toys to outfits (roleplayed in costume as Kiki and Tombo from that Miyazaki movie, lel) to butt stuff, but I could honestly see myself waiting until marriage if a future girlfriend wanted me to.
>was 15, had GF
>her dad found sexts, tried to beat me up
>gf called me pussy because i ran away
>she dumps me and loses her V to my best friend
>im pissed/depressed, then out of blue get invited by her close friend who is 17 to come smoke weed
>we go to mcdonalds, I get double quarter pounder, shes like "thats a lot of meat" she gets vanilla milkshake "i have to suck so hard to get the white stuff to come out"
>we bang in mcdonalds parking lot, i dont cum 2/10 meh she had too much acne/put on a killers cd
>next day her wrestler BF starts threatening me with rest of wrestling team
>meanwhile my ex GF is like "how could you do that with my bestie?"
>leave NJ and never come back
drunk gril asks i want fuck?
drunk say yes
File: aryantrap.png (690 KB, 868x685) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
690 KB, 868x685
Are women actually really slutty and are DTF like how men are irl? Is it really like it in the pornos?
girls you actually want are not
Oh fucking stop it, If you know it was dumb as fuck don't come on here bragging and putting others down. Get real faggot.
>Met girl on Bebo,
>chatted for a few weeks eventually asking her out.
>she lived 5 hours away
>got friend to drive me to meet her, took knife incase predator
>met girl
>took camping, she'd lied to her parents and said she was going to a friends house
>Eventually worked up the courage to kiss her.
>made out for 15 minutes, then I pulled off her pants, she had playboy underpants on. I said 'Nice'. Smooth.exe
>went down on her and fingered for ever, eventually she sucked my cock and was awful at it
>asked a few times if she wanted to fuck, after a few hours she agreed.
>by this time I hadn't cum either, my balls were aching and I had no idea why
>eventually we fucked, but, being her first time it was painful for her.
>busted her cherry and made her bleed, I felt bad for her externally but 15 year old me was cheering that I had a dick big enough to make her bleed.

There's moar if anyone wants to hear...
In the middle of the game this guy shows up.
From Software always gets me perfectly with the cutscenes, it's like I'm still controlling the char with how immersive the cutscenes are.
IS licking an unwashed pussy, nasty?
The filename... but yeah sometimes it tastes like piss and toilet paper.
Could of been worse, was she at least decent looking?
licking any pussy is kinda nasty

Yes. It generally taste sour.

But if you are a fuck who likes to drink piss or do water sports I am sure it's fine.
Pics of both

Yes. It generally taste sour.

But if you are a fuck who likes to drink piss or do water sports I am sure it's fine.
someone help me out, what should i try and do
Oh yeah, never go down on a bitch unless she's clean, trust me, you'll regret it.
your friend got some girls to trick you into fucking his ass in the dark and you didnt notice thats why it was awkward cause they knew the truth
5/10 honestly, although she had like massive titis
File: 32919f0ccasinoroya.jpg (113 KB, 948x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 948x644

the fuck you think? that shit ain't gonna be spring chicken if it's been basting for weeks
I havent

Cock in cunt.
Don't do it, hoe1 will tell hoe2 because they're both hoes
File: ll.png (341 KB, 481x572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 481x572
how about fucking an unwashed pussy?
Again could of been worse, could of been land whale nasty bitch.
Not as bad but still not great, Takes forever to get the smell off your dick.
get real? have you ever experienced the rush of stealing a car, or the euphoria of heroin. Where are you know? probably some cs major destined for a life in IT.
>after we fucked the first time, I had to clean her off with my school shirt, she felt bad but I wasn't too worried.
>by this point in the day I had also ripped the bottom of my tongue from going down on her all day so we called it an afternoon
>my friend came back to camp with his 8 year old nephew
>we had speghetti for dinner, which was water logged and shitty and sat around talking
>I took her to the shower and gave her her second shaking orgasm in the camp toilets in the shower. Eventually the money ran out and the water turned cold, she screamed and we went back to the tent.
>by this time I had convinced her to scream out as she came also, so my friend and his 8 year old nephew had to listen as we went back to the tent as I face fucked her most of the night until we fell asleep around 2 am.
>I still had not cum yet...
>this was the middle of winter also, so the next day, sleeping naked I woke up with ass frozen to tent.
>We fucked around some more, before eventually having to leave as I had work in that afternoon.
>After atleast 12 hours of sucking, fucking, fingering and tongue fucking I still hadn't cum once.
>We left, by balls we killing me and I thought I had cancer.
>On the way home we got a flat tire and I was late for work. we're lucky we noticed when we did, becuase the wire had actually punched out the middle of the tire and was about to explode. I literally nearly died the day after losing my virginity, but had still hadnt cum
>I ended up jerking off in a toilet at the truck stop while my friend changed the tire.

That is my virginity story.
That's bretty good. But I've experienced the rush of fucking 3 women in 1 day, or the euphoria of pot. Where are you know? Probably some meth major jonesing for a hit.
>Be 16
>Go to a family friend's engagement party
>Get more than a bit drunk
>See old school friend. 4-5/10 but drunk so meh
>She asks if I'd like to go with her
>For some reason we go for "air" in unused 2nd function room
>Deep kiss as I finger her
>She rubs by cock under my jeans then pulls it out
>sloppy drunken blowjob ensues
>Her friend comes looking for her and sees
>oh shit
>For ten minutes she kisses me and rubs cock while I'm still getting blown. Then she "leaves us to it"
>Stops sucking me and sits on my cock. Feels pretty good even though alcohol has numbed my crotch a bit.
>Stop and go outside for real air
>end up fucking against parked car
>came and then realised no condom.
>Scary next few months thinking I'd impregnated her. But not to be.

Dated for a few weeks due to virginity-taking induced attraction, even though she wasn't at all good looking.
yes iv smoked pot, yea iv head a 4some, yea i quite heroin, currently an econ major at great school if were still measuring dicks
File: hoe1.png (172 KB, 218x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 218x456
here's 1

Since you don't love either hoe, why not?
i thought with masturbation but after this i think i'm still virgin
Better than being you with a felony record, no job, no life. Sucking dick on the corner for your next hit, leave the library and go back to your box fag lord.
File: hoe2sauce.png (206 KB, 398x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 398x391
here's 2
File: wow.jpg (216 KB, 620x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216 KB, 620x417
wow you've smoked pot before!!!?!?!?!
please tell me what thats like
File: ddddddddd.png (381 KB, 431x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381 KB, 431x563
Can anyone help me??
Ive been fapping for 7 years now and everyday i do it.

Whenever i go out i dont have urges or feels for sex. When im around girls i cant get hard and think about sex and shit.
I dont i have erectlye disfunction or w.e

How do i cure this? How do i get horny again? fuck me
also meth sucks my guy come one
cause i really like fucking hoe2 and don't wanna mess it up. but at the same time im curious about the sex with #1
I used your own post structure for a reason.
Not the worst. Good job anon, At leat you GA e the girl a good time and you weren't a 2 pump chump.
File: snoop.jpg (104 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 600x450
lol what was the reason
It's good enough, that's what it's like.

meth is my go to drug when I'm being ridiculous, did it once and hated it. Smells bad, tastes like what I expect burning paint to taste like and it's a hella dirty high.
stop jerking it faggot, you'll be horny soon
You fap too much, take a break, don't watch soo much porn, you'll get your libido back.
Same boat. Can't finish with my girlfriend and often lose boners. Shit's rough.
>no record (diversion)
>going to uni
>hang out with rappers and stuff on the weekend
For the chilrenz
>I forgot already, sorry. was probably trying to lel at hardcore shit as being unnesicary.
sounds like ur smoking shit tier brick
That can't be serious come on boy
File: llll.png (496 KB, 527x581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 527x581
is watching porn but no fap going to make this work?
should i stop looking at naked women nn shit to gain my stamina back? or what?
i remember i used to get these fantasies and get horny at everything but now i dont get those anymore. Panties n shit you know dont turn me on anymore and stuff even naked women. Im so picky now
I'm sober, don't judge!
If you cleaned up good, just don't come on here bragging about it. It's not cool to do shit like that, then again this is /b/ after all...
>hamgs out with rappers
sssssoooooo cooolll/edgy

this dude
Gf broke up with me so I fucked a whore. The end.
I'm atrocious at greentexting but I'll try
>be at home with qt 7/10 gf
>mom at work, aunt gone shopping, grandma just came over to pick up autism little brother
>after they leave be anticipating sex (we talked about it a couple days before)
>she proceeds to give me head til i finish
>now says she wants to have sex, pull out condom and can't get boner
>have her jack off my over sensitive dick for like 20 minutes when I get semi soft
>have sex with half boner and last like 12 seconds bc over sensitive dick after bj
>never wear a condom after that
you could try just taking a break from porn all together for a month but still fapping using your imagination
then u are either gay
or asexual
or shes shit/10

got a girlfriend at 18, fucked her while watching "Queen of darkness" on a blanket in her living room
To my step sister, before she was my step sister. She was 20 something. I was 14. Happened while we were camping at a lake. We were the last two up at night and she started giving me beer. after a couple she asked if I wanted to go back to her tent. I did and we fucked in her tent. I came inside her not knowing any better. Afterwords I was so scared my mom would wake up and catch us that I left right away. Weeks later she was at my dad's house visiting and caught me in the kitchen and told me I didn't need to be scared of her. I said I wasn't, but I was and we never fucked again.
Again take a few days break, don't watch porn every time you fap, use your imagination. Trust me on this, it'll come back, you're brain has gotten used to all the crazy shit in porn. This makes you desensitized to normal real life shit. You have to get your brain back to normal.
File: biggg.png (357 KB, 891x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 891x494
i only get hard from traps now?
Yeah, there was a girl in uni that literally got me wasted at bro's parties and when I could barely walk from booze, she'd give me ride to my dorm. This happened for weeks until my friends caught on. I thought she was just nice and friendly, but now I do have hazy memories of her going down on me and other crazy shit.
Checked, Also sorry son but you're gay.
Damn almost quads.
File: 1452811496830.jpg (122 KB, 1278x1181) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 1278x1181
How do i ask the girl i like that i want to have sex with her?
Wat?! I think you may find you are mistaken, anon.
How do i tell if a girl is a virgin? what is this hymen shit? if she fucks herself with a dildo does it break it? is she still a virgin if she does that?
>>14 yr old me
>>meet a chubby dumb bitch from irc in the year 2002
>>date online like plebs until we argue
>>we dont speak for a few months
>>New years day approaches and shes desperate for a date
>>hate fuck her without a condom and fear ive contracted aids
>>didnt blow at all through fear of knocking her up
>>We argue about it. Ring her a cab in the morning. she claims later ahe fucked me in spite to take my virginity and ruin my first time
>>still not phased by it
You don't ask you dip, you get to know her and get closer to her before trying to do anything freaky with her.
Nice and short. I like your story.
welp he said it. ima just get trips now and let it happen.
I like it regardless. The taste and pleasure it gives her. Also, some girls are more willing to be fingerbanged or get oral, which when they get wet they'll always ask for your cock. I've turned 'maybes' and 'not sures' by getting a couple fingers up there
>be me emo 14 year old dressed in all black
>meet emo unhealthy looking anorexic 13 year old
>date because we're both total edge lords
>go to her house after school about 2 months into dating
>say we should fuck
>have been mentally abusive entire relationship
>she complies
>go upstairs to her room and get her naked
>5/10 unimpressive
>still boner
>put dick inside her after several attempts to figure out where it goes
>romp back and fourth as fast as possible with no visible affect
>must be shit as sex or she doesn't know what pleasure is
>basically feels like sticking dick in the mouth of a supermarket frozen fish
>sex sucks
>bust in condom just because
>cheat on her and have awesome sex
>end of relationship
Sold it on the eve of my 22nd birthday, because I promised myself I'd lose it at 21 years old.

Sad as fuck, I know, but hell, she was pretty good and a solid 8/10, which is rare for a hooker.

I should point out that I was one of those fat autismo-lord turbo nerds all through high school, and that this was a few years ago now. Average looking dude now, with approximately average luck with chicks, so I can't complain.
what was it like fucking a hooker?
can you explain details of the sex
I've always wanted to do this. Is there real risks for STIs?
I like you.
At the time, it was pretty great since >no previous experience.

Mechanically, it's fine; they're professionals after all, so you have to do very little yourself. Tell her to hop on and blow your mind, and 9/10 she will. Around that time, I went to hookers fairly often (about once a month or so), and as time went on I found myself shelling out for "extras" (like girlfriend "experience, etc) to simulate something more like a relationship. honestly, it was a pretty good simulacra.

In Australia, brothels are legal and regulated, so all the girls have mandatory regular health checks, and all the guys are subjected to spot checks before anything goes down. Obviously condoms, etc. are law; you're probably more likely to catch something from some random chick, honestly.
how long did u last?
Yeah, I've had luck with girls but sometimes I'm not even sure if it's worth the effort of dressing, blowing money on booze, get a handful of numbers, and maybe a one night stand (which I never spend the night for the morning after). I just want a fuck with no hassle and little effort.
this was exactly a month ago (before i turned 18): i was at a friends house and there was also another guy there. we were havin a good time, just a casual hangout, until i pulled the guy off a bed and he landed on a box and cuts his asshole open, so he went home and glued it. In the mean time, me and this girl began fucking at like 5 in the morning after that kid left, which was surprising cause i thought she was just my friend. Guess not.

Morale is, in order to get bitches, rip a hole in your friends ass.
File: CL_rzssVEAA2PeC.jpg (47 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 600x338
is fucking a girl who you have no feelings for worth it?
i heard sex is better with the girl you love
>13 year, old retarded me
>seeing this 14 year old mentally unstable emo psycho, cuts all over her body
>pretty hot though, sweet body
>she wants to fuck on the couch in daylight
>I'm shy af so i postpone
>she's pissed, goes to bed
>I go in later and tap her on the shoulder
>"you want a sex anon?"
>"yes please.jpeg"
>we get naked
>fail to get hard miserably, she is insulted, I go to the bathroom and jackoff to get the soldier erect
>she sucks me doodle
>didn't understand how to wash my dick at the time
>come back, she sits on my scroaty
>no foreplay at all, she dry, she tighty
>it's pretty fucking uncomfortable
>tasteless, passionless sex that may as well be rape
>she gets off and cries
Hmm, between the blowjob to start and the sex, usually somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes, though I was always conscious to tell them to slow down if I was getting close early. If I'd paid for an hour, I didn't want to last 5 minutes.

Occasionally I'd get into my own head and would never finish; boy that always felt like a waste of money.

This is one of the reasons I still occasionally go; I've only actually had one "relationship" even since then (I'm 25 now), so in the down-time, why the fuck not. Way easier, holy shit. Expensive, at least here in australia.

Never bothered me man, a fuck's a fuck. Sure, it's "nicer" with someone you like/love, but sometimes you just want to get your rocks off and honestly, the lovey dovey shit is a hindrance at those times, not a help. It's great to go there, fuck until you're done, and not have to give a single fuck about the girl. She got 250 bucks out of me already, like I'm going to go out of my way to make it good for her.
Also, if they offer it and the prospect doesn't gross you out, you can get kissing/touching/blah blah blah as extras (at least here) which makes a pretty good simulation of a "real" session.
wat do hookers in austrailia look like? they hot? post some pics

heres one for you kiddies.

> back before memes
> before mindspring
> when baud rates were 14.4
> there were bbs's.
> where hambeasts roamed free & fearless
> and no one ever called themselves a geek
> i was there, /b/.
> to talk to people in 80 column wide screens
> and on a friday night, they'd meet.
> i had no life anyway so what was there to lose?
> get myself together and go... to a bowling alley?
> yes, the preferred locations for hambeasts and geeks alike to meet.
> i get there. everyone looks normal.
> look around more. and see a scattering of people.
> even without knowing what i was getting into, i knew it was them. the smell, the look. everything visceral you'd expect.
> "hi, i'm anon"
> "hi anon"
> my gut reaction is to leave, my brain is thinking, then wtf am i gonna do?
> decide to stay. to become one with the oily hair, the ghost white skin.
> i continue this for months
> eventually, "anon, we're having a big party, you should oome."
> ok
> go to party.
> its a normal house party. except instead of a bunch of kids, it's a random assortment ranging from teens to the house owner who had to be 50.
> drinking. drugs. no one cared. holy shit. mecca.
> [this is me, btw. sitting on couch. new to drinking. had 2 shots of jack. room spinning. ugh.]
> hamette comes to sit next to me.
> "hi, anon."
> "hi."
> want to play truth or dare?"
> "uhm..ok"
> [fast forward who knows how long.]
> me, still drunk. "i dare you to suck my cock."
> "ok"
> holyshit.jpg
> "but not here. here's my phone #. call me tomorrow afternoon."
> holyshit.jpg
> next day. call. hamette, "yes, come over now."
> [screechtires sweatypalm knockondoor hammette lets me in]
> almost immediately start making out.
> start taking off clothes.
> then it dawns on me.
> these rolls of fat don't resemble the drawings of beautiful french girls
> penis to me: i dont give a fuck!
> almost everything is off and first thing i think..

It's against the law for them to show faces in pictures, unless they are private escorts.

Look up any australian brothel, and they have "likenesses," which are usually close, they just tend to airbrush a few little details away.

Honestly, they range from straight up 3/10 30-something slapper bitches, to... hell, one of the girls I was seeing kind of on the reg was a straight up 9/10 man, 20-something, tight ass, little body, perfect tits; damn son.

> just fat everywhere. the old joke of flour and aiming towards the wet spot
> second thing. she's got crotchless panties on.
> she pushes me away.
> ???
> then starts talking about putting on a show for me first
> whoa.
> "grab a toy from my drawer, anon"
> go over and open the drawer
> now i see why she says, "a" and not "the"
> it's just dildos. piles of them dildos. dildos.
> grab one.
> she asks me to come touch her breasts while
> hamette moans, deep moans.
> it reminds me of that one story about the kids sticking their homemade wooden spears into the pig and the pig moaning
> she finishes, licks her finger and kisses me
> its the unmistakeable taste of pussy on tongue
> penis is diamonds.
> everyone always talks about their first time
> pussy was tight.
> no. it felt like driving a car into a garage
> small penis? big vagina? i don't fucking know, i was a virgin, you fuckers
> but so warm. so freaking warm and wet
> start fucking, looking down. breasts swaying
> fat jiggling…ugh.
> "get on all 4's?"
> her ass had a wide load sign tacked on it but it was better than the fat on her stomach
> i realized at that moment.
> when a girl is bent over, the biggest ass in the world doesn't have cellulite [ok, fast forward to now and you'll prove me wrong]
> add another ass lover to the fanbase.
> do her doggy. oh my god.
> jiggly asses look so much nicer than jiggly bellies.
> jiggly.
> asses.
> beautiful jiggly asses
> my god. its full of stars.
> …
>be me
>only had one gf before.
>she 15, i 17
>she wanted to wait 'till 16
>aint nobody got time fo dat. she was an unstable, allways depressed bitch
>broke up with her after 6 months of dryhumping and getting jerked off
>fast forward to being 21
>still virgin
>go on vacation to mallorca with 2 closed friends
>meet 4 girls in hotel that came from our country aswell
>last 2 days of the vacation fml
>smoke joint with them and go party
>start dancing with one of them
>mfw she rubs her ass over my weewee
>go outside to the beach
>put tongue in her mouth
>stupid friends of the chick come outside and sit next to us and she stops
>all 7 of us go swimming and go back to the hotel
>that was my first time having blue balls
>fast forward 1 month
>go over to her place by train
>fuck her and stayed the night (lasted about 30 seconds)
>2 weeks later she stays the night at my plays and we fuck again (lasted 31 seconds mb)
>stop talking to her. had to sit in train for 3 hours to get her. decided it wasn't worth my time
slowly, then all at once
Your dick was too big!!

as with every old story.

> epilogue

> sweat filled bed
> small talk ensues.
> "you know, you never did do your dare"
> ...
> fucked her a few more times after that
> she got bored of me i think
> bbs world was full of sluts.
> not pretty girls. no one would want to draw these girls.
> but they were easy.
> fucked a few more sluts
> then met my first "gf"
> nice girl. surprisingly pretty
> but i had only been with sluts
> treated her poorly
> she dumped my ass
> took time away from geekdom and entered the real world.
> found out, sluts exist there too.
> next girl i met had no idea about computers.
> she liked to take it in the ass.
> shit was cash

the end.
hope you liked my stories from the time before the internet.
Well, here we go.

>Freshly just turned 18, going into first year of post secondary.
>Week in, high school friend says I should talk to a girl she knows in one of my classes.
>go to class next day, meet girl
>7/10, not drop dead gorgeous or anything but she was beautiful to me at the time
>Week into knowing her a conversation we had opened up to me taking a shot at having a relationship with her
>She said yes
>Kiss her the next day, passionately, 10/10
>Week later and not even a proper date under us we are already at third base, first bj aquired a week after that.
>Wanted to make our first time together special
>Month later, we can't wait, touching quickly escalates one day.
>Take her to bed
>We do cowgirl since she was the one with experience.
>Let's me do missionary, her pussy isn't tight but not loose either, feels good.
>Actually last a decent amount of time, to her and my surprise
>Eventually finished.
>She is shocked that was my first time
>Proceed to fuck a lot in the 5 months we were together, went down on her a month after he first time, and regularly did that thereafter.
>Eventually break up because all good things come to an end
>Also everything bad was my fault.

maybe i should've written it more detailed since a lot more happend during those 2 days but i'm shitty at greentexting. sorrynotsorry
I lost my virginity at the age of 13. I was raped but never had the dude prosecuted. The reason why was after it was done I actually like it. So now I like rough and brutal sex.
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