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Wincest Thread
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Wincest Thread
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You're supposed to bump with wincest pics faggot. We aren't going to do this thread for you.
But did you fucked her?
>be 7
>sister is 13
>her friends sleep over
>they bust into my room in the middle of the night and demand to see my wiener
>sister touches it, 1 of her friends touches it and then one kisses it
>they run out of the room giggling
>never speak of it again
shit fucked me up for a long time man
Shits hot mayn
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giphy (4).gif
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fucked you up in what way?
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Like this fucked hp
alright i guess thats pretty fucked up
When the hell is columnfag going to update his story?
Fucking this, he's said "This weekend" every week for the past month.

Column pls
You know what? Let the guy not post. He's got a life outside of /b/. Most of us do. It's pretty apparent that begging him to post in every winced thread isn't going to make him post any sooner.
Whatever happened to wincest macros? We stop doing those or what?
bumping with the drive file
it's a tinyurl file that's slash "wincest drive" (all one word)
couple of older cousins raped me when I was 12. shit was pretty cash, I guess.
I made out with my step sister once. She was grinding on my dick with her tongue down my throat. It was her first french kiss. Shit was cash
Summoning Robs / Em

Love your work man. Haven't seen you post in forever and frankly I miss it. If you read this, when are you planning on posting again? Also hope you guys are doing great! Best wishes from a fan.
post pics of her
He doesn't post directly to /b/ anynore, he posts to his own Google doc, which someone else copies over to the "main" folder.

Tinyurl com/wincestdrive
Did the goods with step sister once. Can green text if wanted.
She's pretty 'conservative'/prude about her body so i have nothing good to post. She's got a pair of Ds and a nice bubble butt, with some rocking hips. Hotter than some of the girls ive fucked
please do
hasn't been updated in a long while though
>wincest macros
yeah and i haven't seen a demotivationals thread in a while

what's up with that ?
how about a bikini pic
it's just too bad she's fat tho
Me and my step sisters used to sleep together. The oldest at the time was 11 and the youngest was 9 I was 12 . The oldest one was really fond of me,she drew me pictures and shit. So when we slept together on the weekends ( they were like sleep overs )we would face each other and just talk about what ever little kids talk about. Then one night she kissed me and I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me and we kissed again. We kissed a couple of other times after that but my dad got suspicious so we stopped doing sleep overs.im pretty sure my younger sister told,fucking whore
>be me, 15
>have 17 year old step sister
>mom married her dad, mine is kill
>parents go out for "romantic dinner"
>home alone with her
>jerking the beef with one of her panties
>sis walks in, almost Double DDs
>she's wearing booty shorts and a bra
>stare at her with my cock out
>"Sis, I'm sorry, your just really sexy"
>"Its okay Anon"
>she takes off bra
>gives good head
Don't be one those "cont. ?" faggots.
Just do it.
>tells her I'm close
>she stops
>mother fu-
>she's pulling down pants and panties
>she slowly straddles me
>slides down my cock and starts bouncing
>moaning my name and shit
>is cum
>shoots up into her
>she slams down deep
>cum leaking
>lays down next to me
>eats my cum out of herself
>kisses me and leaves room
happens a few more times until she moves away, always bareback creampies
lives with a rich douche now
stop avatar posting faggot
Kik Mainor_cr
shitty ending.
Hmm. Why not. I'll share.

>be me 13
>step sister 15
>shorter than me but massive tits
>during summer so we stay up late a lot
>sex scene comes up during some movie
>things get awkward
>"have you ever wondered about that Anon?"
>"yea actually"
>she tells me to come close
>why the hell not
>she grabs my hand and place it on her left tit
>she starts massaging them with my hand until I take over
>she closes her eyes while I'm going
>decide to take a chance
>use other hand and start rubbing her pussy though her shorts
>she moans quietly but puts up no resistance
>why the hell not. Let's go farther
>reach in her shorts and starts to rub per pussy bare
>she lets out a big moan and we stop
>parents are asleep
>we both turn off tv and rush to our own rooms
>jack off

Part 2 coming up give me a minute
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>be me
>be 13
>mom and I are out doing errands when we get t-boned by a truck
>she ends up fine but I break a leg, both arms, and a couple ribs
>was out of hospital in a couple days but basically spent the next six weeks bedridden at home
>family did what they could to help out
>brother helped me keep up with homework assignments
>dad got me whatever he could to help make me comfortable at home
>mom volunteered to help with a lot of the more... personal stuff like helping me shift on the bed so I didn't get sores, taking care of the bed pan, and helping clean me since I couldn't shower
>it's super awkward and embarrassing... at first
>but after two weeks the shock and humiliation wears off and it's just part of the routine

>one day while she's giving me spongebath
>I'm 13 and I haven't masturbated in two weeks
>get an erection while she's cleaning me
>she gasps a little and looks shocked
>I'm so fucking embarrassed, I just want to pretend this didn't happen
>we both sit their not saying anything for a while
>boner doesn't go away
>suddenly she wraps her fingers around me and starts moving them up and down
>leans down and takes me in her mouth
>I'm fucking stunned
>I don't speak, I don't do anything except sit their dumbfounded

>she keeps going
>I'm 13 and I haven't masturbated in two weeks
>I don't last long
>she swallows all of it
>the wipes her mouth with the towel, wipes my dick off, and finishes cleaning me
>this happens another dozen times before I finally get the casts taken off
>the same routine every time
>I get hard during cleaning
>she gives me a silent blowjob
>cleans up
>goes about the rest of her day

>this happens like another dozen times before I'm finally taken out of the casts

>we never do anything like that again or speak of it again
Bump MoAR
looking forward to it
Yeah, columns' neither
wish i had that kind of help from my mom
how hot is your mom ?
Another one bumps the tread
still waiting
My 18 year old sister moved in with me just a couple months before my 20th birthday. It was just temporary until she could find a new place but she was unemployed. I got pretty drunk on my birthday and I was being kind of mean about the fact that not only did she not have to pay me rent but she didn't even get me anything for my birthday. I was telling her she should let fuck her or I'd kick her out. I went to sleep and she was gone the next day and wouldn't answer my apologetic texts. Like a week later she showed up at my house again, she had been staying with friends but couldn't find anything that night. She said she would pay me and I told her it was fine. I was up until 2 working on a project and I was gonna go to sleep when my sister came in. She had been drinking my alcohol, which I told we her she couldn't drink because the only guy I know that will buy it for me charges me extra and I'm broke. She was just buzzed, but it was enough I guess because she was just wearing one of my Tshirts and her panties. She told me that she knew I wanted her and that she felt guilty for taking advantage of me. I felt like it would be the other way around if I didn't shut her down, but she was right, I wanted her so bad. We rarely lived together growing up so it didn't even ring in my mind as incest, but I did have sex with her. She still lives with me, she's still unemployed. I can buy my own booze now, and I don't pressure her for "payment", but she insists that it's better than working, so every once in a while we'll get buzzed and have sex. I always hate myself after because she doesn't act like she enjoys it, like her body is betraying her when she feels pleasure. It's a hard thing to give up though, and when I said something about not doing it anymore, she just came on to me in more cheerful manner for a while. I'm considering seeing a shrink but I don't think I could ever admit something like this in person.
pics of mum please
whats amazing is that she did it several times, she must have been really into it, otherwise she would just have given you a handjob, or said something like "only this time"
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Awesome dude, thanks
>Could you ever commit to learning to greentext
File: 1450220474640.jpg (45 KB, 400x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>step sister
I'm on my phone so it's a pain, but what purpose does it serve anyways?
>be me, 9
>older sister, 16
>parents left home for 2 weeks, told my sister to take care of me
>first day
>my sister was laying in her bed moaning quietly
>i entered her room to check out wtf is going on
>she is completely naked
>she is surprised, covers her bare, shaved pussy and D cup breasts with her hands
>"hey, anon, why didn't u knock?!"
>stfu "what are you doing?"
>she takes a long look at me, with a strange mimic
>"lemme show you, anon"
>she comes toward me, puts her warm hand on my dick and starts rubbing it through pants
>"do you like it?"
>told her that i like it, but also asked why did she stop to moan
>in answer she takes off my pants and puts my little dick in her tight asshole
>she started to move her ass quickly
>feels even better, she started to moan really loud
>i came inside her ass
>final moan, she slipped my dick out and took it to mouth
>started giving me bj, now i realise how horny was she
>shes sucking my dick for next 1 hour, i came multiple times and she swallowed it all
>shes finally done
>"did you like it, anon?"
>hell yes, sis
>"would you mind doing this everyday now?"
>no problem, sis
>she smiled and went to kitchen to make us breakfast
We practiced that every day when parents were left, one time she took me outside, because she wanted to make it in public. Wanna hear that?
>Hade sex with sis.
Part 2

>think about how far I could go
>manage to get condom from older friends
>next weekend
>playing vidya in my room
>parents in bed already and she's watching tv
>think to myself "alright I'll wait a bit and join her later"
>5 minutes pass and knock at door
>it's her
>"Anon it's me. Parents are asleep and I got lonely. What's up?"
>fuck yes!
>my room was once garage so on the complete other side of parents room and also pretty sound muffled to the whole house
>puts on tv and we watch it a bit
>"I'm going to take a nap Anon"
>she's obviously not asleep
>move in
>start caressing her tits
>34DD btw
>I realize what I'm dealing with and just lift her shirt.
>lift her bra up
>starts to suck on her tits
>she starts to breathe hard a little
>reach in her pants and starts fingering her
>I can feel her quivering
>fuck I can go for it
>pull her pants and underwear off slowly
>puts on condom
>lifts her legs and assumes position
>let's do this
>was still a Virgin so I was basically trying to enter at her clit
>manage to slide in
>holy fucking fucknuggets
>hear her moan to herself
>she wasn't a virgin
>start hitting it like mad
>I'm looking at her like I've never before
>she's now being fucked crazy and her tits out and everything
>maybe 5 minutes or so pass and I came. First time expected.
>I clean up. I was dressing her back for some reason?
>a minute later she "wakes up"
>"*yawn* that nap was just what I needed. But for some reason I'm still tired so I'll go to bed now"
>she walks off like nothing

We never speak of this after that night. Didn't even need to discuss it, we just knew not to talk about it. Even now as we talk like normal.
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I'm watching Twilight right now!
Shitty ending. And why would you use a condom?
To prevent pregnancy? She was 15, propably already got her period
I was 13. All I knew was sex=pregnancy
Allrigth faggots, i've never told this story before.
>be me
>8 years
>2 sisters. 9 and 11 years
>See whit the youger sister, soft porn in TV.
>its our secret
>A day she comes whit my oldes sister telling her that my penis can become hard
>"Hey anon, show us"
>all giggles and laughs
>I say "I need to see something to make it hard"
>Both show me theirs vaginas multiple times, taking turns
>Get hard
>I say "I can move it too" and start moving it, like up and down.
>All giggle and laugh
>younger sister start jerking me off.
>[Deleted escene from memory]
>Didnt know what more do (didnt know how to masturbate neither)
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> 9 years old
> old enough to cum
File: 1551789.jpg (10 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was jizzin when I was 8, anon
Doesn't jacking off at an early age accelerate that?
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Jesus fucking Christ. Well its not like i wouldn't know I didn't start jerking until I was 12.
dad said sex when I was 6. it was all downhill from there, man. beatin the meat since I was 7
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Another story from me.
>Be me, 15 years, sister 16.
>"Hey anon lets sleep together"
>I ask my sister if she have deep sleep
>"idk anon, why you ask that kind of question"
>"Just curiosity"
>Sleep time
>both fall sleep listen to music
>older sister sleeping in the room
>wake up
>sis its sleeping
>start touching her boobs (D cup now, like C cup in that time)
>open her pijama
>play whit her nipples
>star jerking off
>She turn, giving me her back.
>Put my hand in her panties, touching ass, still jerking off
>put my hand over her hip, to get to her vagina
>natural hair, playing whit her vagina
>start playing whit her clitoris
>smell my hand
>she moves away and say "stop anon..."
>I stop
>continue sleeping in the same bed till morning
>never talk about it
Stayed at a friends house in third grade. Walked in to older brother's room and him and the little sister are hugging with his hands down her pants. The brother says get out and I scoot. The little sister finds me later and wants to hug me for her brother being mean. We hug. She says "Now you touch it" and I ask what? She pulls down her pants and points at her little bald pussy. So I poke a finger at it and she says" Not with your finger silly" and pulled my underwear down. "Darrel touches it with that" as she grabbed my 9 year old dick. We did that for a long time but I didn't squirt like Darrel did so she put my dick in her mouth and sucked it like a nipple, but I still didn't squirt. She apologised for not doing it right and ran away crying.
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That's such cuck shit fuckkkk
File: what the fuck.png (20 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what the fuck.png
20 KB, 400x400
>green text newfag
File: images.png (3 KB, 224x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dude same
I went to her room to tell her she did everything just fine. She grinned and said I want to hug naked now. So we slept together naked and played with each other some more. Years later she and I hooked up again and she remembered all of that stuff, this time I did squirt.
>Double DDs
So, quadruple Ds?
>day fourth, Monday
>because I'm 9 I can't get home by myself
>sis has to take me away from school as parents are away
>she came to my school, took my hand and we just walked away
>we were halfway home (school is 5km away from my house and I live in the suburbs of 2million city, so it's like a village), we had to turn right to a small street that goes through a forest
>she stopped there
>"hey anon, I'd like you to take off your clothes"
>u wot, I was a bit confused, but I was told to listen to my sister
>I stood in a forest, completely nude, clothes laying next to some tree
>"good" she told "now it's my turn"
>she started stripping just in front of me
>finally she was naked, horny af and waiting for my little dick
>she came closer and placed my hand on her pussy
>I was fingering my sister
>she closed her eyes and staryed to breath deeply
>quiet moaning made me really hard
>she layed down on our clothes and I layed on her sticking my dick in her pussy
>I started to slip my dick in and out
>she was already pretty loud, but I didn't really care
>she told me to stand up and started looking for something in her bag
>took out 2 vibrating, small buttplugs
>I didn't know wtf is that, but she told me to put that in my ass like she did
>oh man, that was strange, but when she turned it on it felt pretty good
>I told her I'm about to cum
>"oh no, I'd like to spend more time here! Maybe we play some hide and seek?"
>da fuk, HnS in the forest?
>"don't run away for more than 30m, ok?"
>ye, it'd be hard without shoes anyways
>"let's spice it up- looser behaves like a dog for the rest of the day, ok?"
>I agreed, but it was a mistake- it wasn't hard to win with 9yp
>she was prepared, dunno if it was some kinda fetish or sth
>she took out a collar and leash
>"so let's go for a walk, my little dog!" She laughed
>I went 2 km on all fours behaving like a dog, I even peed on a tree
>we finally reached home
>she put one finger in her pussy
Cont in a sec
ITT: things that never happened
File: 1452033170555.jpg (59 KB, 525x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 525x700
>>"oh no, I'd like to spend more time here! Maybe we play some hide and seek?"
>>da fuk, HnS in the forest?
>>"don't run away for more than 30m, ok?"
>>ye, it'd be hard without shoes anyways
>>"let's spice it up- looser behaves like a dog for the rest of the day, ok?"

did you have a mild stroke when you wrote this part?
I know I had, if you catch my drift.
Thread replies: 85
Thread images: 21
Thread DB ID: 457397

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