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Feels thread? Kinda need one right now.
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Feels thread? Kinda need one right now.

> be me, 15 year old beta fag
> meet girl on WoW, member of my really tight friend group on there
> stuff happens, we start dating
> long-distance, hard shit man
> tough but we push through together
> both love each other unconditionally
> decide to go to college up near where she lives (fuck California this state sucks)
> date for almost 2 years, we've both changed a bit personality-wise, but still love each other, or so i think.
> today
> Skype call in the afternoon, just chillin', she's her normal self, so am I
> drop call, fast forward a few hours later
> Her: "We need to talk"
> *skype ringtone* Pick up
> Me: "Hey, what did you wanna talk about?"
> Her: "Our relationship"
> my stomach just fucking drops at the words coming out of her mouth
> her feelings have changed, she can't handle being long distance, tells me to go find someone who will make me happy
> mfw she was the one who made me happy
> we literally had 6 months till we could be together IRL, we've survived the past 18 months apart
> talk to my friend after cause I'm a mess (friend was also talking to her)
> friend tells me she wanted someone "athletic" and "who was a gentleman" and that she'd been questioning our relationship the past few months

I admit I'm not the most athletic (I'm working on it) but I tried damn well to be a good "gentleman" or whatever. We were supposed to go to prom together and I was gonna leave this shitty state and come live with her and fucking we were gonna live life and be happy. But now that's all gone. I don't fucking know what to do anymore.
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long distance'll do some shit to a person
just gotta move on, bro. find some girl at the college you're goin to or some shit like that.
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It has everything to do with you being out of shape and nothing to do with you being a gentleman. She can't outright say she's sick of your fat ass without sounding like a total bitch. She added that gentleman bullshit at the end basically to save face.

Get your fat ass to the gym and find a better girl.
Savage but you're right. I'm (hopefully) hitting up the gym tomorrow. Going hard.
move on brotha
Do at least an hour of cardio four time a week after you lift. It will be punishing at first but you'll get used to it quicker than you think. Nothing takes weight off faster than running.
>be me
>all through highschool struggle with myself
>guess it was depression
>parents sent me to a mental hospital
>still remember the fucked up shit that happened in there
>that was 2-3 years ago
>fast forward now
>dropped out of easy as shit college cuz I don't see the point
>apply for the marines
>have to wait for medical paperwork to get cleared cuz had a collapsed lung a few times
>possibility they could deny me entry

Honestly if I don't get accepted then I'll either need a miracle right now or I'll just finally an hero.
By the way. Nothing is more satisfying than being the object of desire of a girl who threw you away in the past. The cards are all in your hand at that point. Hit it and send her on her way.
she is getting the d elsewhere.

sorry bro
Can't sleep. Just another one of those nights
Live stream it fag, that is if you become an hero
Heh, you right. I honestly think it's more the part about us changing. I used to be borderline gay with my lovey-dovey-ness (fuck English) and she really liked that part of me, but I've kinda toned that bit down because it kinda tired me out after awhile. Fuckin' idk. Part of me hopes that she'll change her mind and come back but I know that won't happen
Wat. That was my first post in this thread you nigger
I ain't sleeping tonight either. I feel ya.
Post pic of yourself OP. r u a fatass
Well too bad faggit
Yes. Yes I am.
>Easy as shit college

Then get your degree and make a shitload of money you dumbass
Dude, I feel for you. I really love my gf but she's moving across the country at the end of the year and I'll probably never see her again
inb4 gender studies/art degree
Online relationships aren't real. Odds are you'd have started dating in person and been a couple of socially awkward autists, stringing it out for a couple of months until she fucked someone else.

Get over it and go find some puss.
trips speak the truth, i guess i can't argue with you sir. have a good night
Get to the gym, get in shape, go to college, and succeed. Then you'll have the pick of any woman you want. You'll have the body, success, confidence, and best of all you'll have the mind/heart of someone who knows what its like to not be like that. You'll be a better person for it.
Part of being a gentleman is having something you need to be gentle about.

Just fuck up her day really bad then apologize and then do it again like you can't help it. They love that shit.
So where do you live in cali?
Aka what I've witnessed with my mother and stepfather every day for the past 6 years.
>be me, 15
Stopped reading
Fuck off underage faggot
underage b&
San Diego.
you're still a child... you'll meet more people, there's a lot of fucking people. you'll get hurt more most likely. but if you're not willing to get burned then how can you expect the happy bits too?

just move on from her, who cares, it's only 2 years. meet someone else or don't, it's up to you but theres no such thing as an constantly happy life. so just fucking live it like the rest of us do. we've all gotten dumped, fired, beaten up, laughed at, failed, been scared and wondered "what's the point of life".

the key, is to just do what you love within the limitations you were given. and trust you me, if you're willing to put in the work then you can stretch those limitations more then enough (even more so if you could afford to play WoW and have college options).

Look for a friend in your next girl, not just someone you want to fuck, but someone who you can spend every day with and still laugh and joke and talk. the key to a long relationship is literally just that... find a friend bro, go out and live your life and use whatever you learn to live a fairly happy one. it's that simple
He began his story in the past, you stupid nigger.
Feels bad man, just got dumped a few days ago.
Yo chill if you read it says it was a few years ago. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
I was going for engineering. None of it was hard but I knew that I'd have to eventually transfer to a larger university, and do all kinda shit get hella in debt and I'm not even garunteed a job. Fuck that. Military pays you for every thing, plus I'd come out a better person.
In San Diego military, don't do it
then move with her, it's that simple... either your current living situation is more important then her or it's the other way around. take a hit to the quality of living to move with her or just don't. there's a choice you're making there and it's not your girlfriend
Fuck the military, never doing that.
or just act like a normal human and actually create a real relationship with whoever you're with. why the fuck would you play mindgames if you actual care about the person?
Not always true, plus there's like 4 bases in San diego, military isn't very well respected or liked there.
Gotta finish out school first before I would move up.
You're an idiot then. Graduate with a good GPA with an engineering degree and that shit is cash. Every top salary job field has something to do with engineering. Enjoy your meager pay for shit work in the military. When you realize it sucks, just remember how much better you could have had it as an engineer.
Yea I see your point. SD has some pretty decent spots though wait til you're a bit older. Life gets better. Get in shape (round does not qualify here) and get yourself some poon. If you're still a virgin don't have high expectations for your first time. But focus on bettering yourself. Everything else will fall into place.
lol i have so many friends who said the same thing... then they just had a late start on life and were sad... unless you're an officer you really don't get as much as you'd think out of the deal
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Popeye yng.jpg
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Punch her in the cunt
like i said, thats a choice
? first relationship probs dude.
Promise it'll get better in time.
Realize that was all a delusion and move on you crazy bastard
Well fuck you too, it's not like we all get to be coward bitches like you.
>be me
>known this girl for a year
>take her on a date She's the one
>dating girl for a month
>been on a few dates
>receive death threats for dating girl
>don't care She's perfect
>life goes on
>few monthes later
>her military exbf comes to town
>everyone is scarred of him including her parents
>exbf rapes her and hospitalized her
>do everything I can to comfort her
>not much but what the fuck can I do
>shes blames me for the rape
>breaks up with me
>says I didn't care about her
>lose the most perfect girl I've ever met
I could go in for maybe 4-8 years, then apply to have then pay for my entire engineering degree, go to school on their money. Who wins there?
psst you still have to pay usually
It all depends. My asvab scores apparently qualify me for everything they have. No I could do plenty enjoyable things with that. The people who go in, with shit asvab and don't push for a job they want have the shitty time.
this is my fetish
4 years and usually 4 in case we go to war and they call you back in... its all about where the degree is from, don't recommend if you can't handle your shit.
You still lose lol. You could pay off your all of your student loans in 1-2 years if youre on an engineers salary. Thats assuming youre too stupid to apply for grants and scholarships. If college was "easy as shit" then getting academic scholarships shouldnt have been a problem. Then the college youre going to pays you to go there, and you dont have to waste your life doing shit work. Sounds like a better win to me.
Not sure if bullshit but goddamn dude. That's the kinda crazy you gotta go around the world to get rid of
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I just put my childhood in deep storage, never to be used again. I don't want to sell them but it might come to it...I don't like getting older. I never had time for them anyway.
I've heard plenty stories. Typically its fully payed for and even so the less payment the better. But I may not even do that, who knows. There's plenty of options.
IT will take long er but get over it.
Go to the Best Collage you can (Never leave girl Change your education). Study hard (Engineering, no mind shit fuck like psychology), find friends there and become really successfull. The Most Important thing is: Think of yourself as the Best Person in the whole World and no one can compete and get lots of self cofident.

Later on, When you meet her again she will totally Fall for your success and your self cofident (maybe you even look better) and she will want to have you back. But you will See, there is no better feeling than rejecting this bitch.

Then fuck hot chicks, get money, win life.
Even so modern wars aren't really that dangerous anymore. I'd imagine itd even be kinda fun.
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Gr8 advice.
Sup. Another San Diego fag here. I've done the long distance thing twice, once with a girl i knew in high school going into uni while i sit here and do nothing, the other a canadian girl whos got family issues and more baggage than i can carry on a plane. Last year i met a local girl thats basically the same as me, awkward as shit and loves anime and figure collecting. We've been together for 8 months after meeting on MFC when i was trying to sell one of my figures and shes the sweetest little thing. And she was a virgin too at 22, pure as fuck.

Anyways we've both gotten over our weird hobbys and we live together now while im going back to school and im really happy about it. San Diego isn't shitty, its just not a place to grow up, its a place to move to after you've grown up or move out once you are fucking sick of it being perfect and having the best goodamn burritos ever.
Getting great grades at a small community college means next to nothing when applying for scholarships to large uni's.
like the other guy said, if it was so easy then why not just get scholarships?

hell if school was easy as shit just do what my brother did and get 3 or 4 degrees in 3 years. and pretty much finish paying them off within 10 years
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This will cheer you up man
File: 1437712767582s.jpg (3 KB, 124x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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very similar story.

>16, sophomore year of highschool
>play CS 1.6 semi-competitively, but play on this one jailbreak server from time to time
>literally hate the mode. It's shit. The JB server was frequented by a pretty fun crowd, though
>didn't have friends irl, so I just retreated to CS 1.6 jailbreak mod after school.
>literally live like this 2+ years
>girl starts visiting server regularly
>take a liking to her
>we spawn in the same cell with a destructible vent that leads to the air ducts
are your cringe drivers updated?
>let her go in first
>let her take first pick in CT gun room
>get really fucking agitated when CT takes a warning shot at her that connects (different round)
>get equally agitated when she's cut off or disobeyed by a Terrorist/prisoner
>add her on steam at a point
>talk shit to her about the players in our game
>over time, start talking to her outside of counterstrike
>get really fucking connected to and invested in Her.
>start long-distance dating
>she'd call me at like 1AM via cell to talk about something. Anything.
>we'd even talk about the fucking merits of Adolf Hitler, as long as my voice was the last thing she heard before she fell asleep
>literally made getting up in the morning and staying up at night worth it
>fast forward a year. I'm now a freshman in college
>she's talking to me a lot less
>she's doing regular life stuff. hooking up with guys she doesn't know, staying out way late & getting shitfaced, weed, etc.
>she hasn't played CS 1.6, source, or GO in like a month or two.
>I texted her last Friday. Received a text yesterday, really hit hard.
>"who is this?"

A-fucking-men to the burritos. I'm gonna miss 'em. Yeah, I could see it be appealing for the people you described. I just need to get away, go up north (I love the cold), experience somewhere new.
There's this bullshit stereotype that men are the ones who never want to commit, but the truth is that the only men who never want to commit are the overconfident assholes that women always want. The only gender who never fucking commit are women. If you get depressed or change in a way that stops getting her what she wants from you, she'll drop you in a second. That's fucking evolution for you.

Better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all annon.
Get a fucking diary you boring piece of shit
Tiny ass community colleges are easy. They are also cheap. It was all I can afford. Most of them you can't get good degrees from unless you transfer.
It can at least qualify you to apply for them. At that point its up to you to convince them that you're better than everyone else. My gf is getting like 70% of her tuition paid for and it was just for her GPA out of high school. She just had to write a good letter along with her application.
Fuck. I'm sorry dude. Stay strong.
what did you expect?? long distance? met on wow? are you retarded or something?
They're practically forced to be sociopaths in high school if they want any social relationships with any group other than the losers.
I think im gonna get one soon. Are you in the city? I'm in Encinitas
(OP here) Hell I honestly don't know anyone else who's gonna put up with my weird bullshit. She seemed like the only one that liked it and thought it was cute.
well all i'm saying man is that you really shouldn't treat the marines as an "easy button". you seem to be trying to find the shortest path to victory and acting like not everyone else is doing the same thing... step back and actually think about it, listen to every account not just the ones that agree with your plan
Down by Chula Vista, heading to bed soon tho. Tempting offer though xD
I'm in that same boat right now. Just keep swimming, man. Not much else you can do.
Out of highschool is different rather transferring from one to another
Bro its not even funny how easy it is to find a girl in college, its so easy that the struggle is trying to decide if you wanna settle down with all these girls coming at you. I was by no means popular with the girls in high school but college was so ez lol. Just dont go to an engineering school or itll be 90% dudes
dude like i said, you are still a child. unless you're the biggest shitbag in the world then theres more that will put up with you. everyone is fucking weird and dumb and mean and whatever. i doubt you're that much of a special snowflake
I don't think it's the easy button. I think it's right for me though.

>>664190111 here. I get it, man. we all think that, and then she moves on. It doesn't really hurt much until we come to the realization that nothing actually changed, but just continued in a slightly more visible form.
Nah I'm going environmental science lol
just do it when you KNOW it's right for you, not think.
Water is wet. No fucking shit.
If you think colleges look more highly on a 4.0 from HS than a 4.0 from a community college then I've got a Nigerian Prince who needs your bank account # so he can give you his family fortune,
This one kills me because this is word for word me
Dude I know that feel. What could u do tho?
Oh shit nigger you sound like me
Minus the whole joining the marines thing
Holy shit, charge your phone.
I still love her guys... Time goes on
File: 1422684889349.jpg (1 MB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1680x1050

Nigga when i started dating chicks and brought them over to my house for the first time i went out of my way to set up my collection of anime, warhammer figs, blood bowl team and all my other crap to where it just slaped you in the face when you walked in.

Like the 40k armies that i normaly kept in foam trays i dug out and put on display.

bitches knew what they were getting into before they got into it.

some noped the fuck out and and i said "later"
some tried to make me get rid of my shit and i said "dont let the door hit your ass on the way out!"
But a few stuck around. and one of the ones that stuck around is now my wife.

There will be people that dont put up with your weird bullshit and they are shallow and not worth your time.

There will be ones that try to change you. they see you as a fixer upper and a project that they can make shine and show off to their friends. they are worse then the first.

But there are also one that will stick around and not give a flying fuck about your weird shit.

When i was dating my wife she found my fur folder... But intead of getting grosed out and dumping me she went and made herself a little tail on a belt and hid that shit under a dress and gave me the best birthday sex ever.

TLDR? If a fat, furry, anime / warhammer nerd like me can find love then you can too.
(OP) I'm off to bed. Thanks /b/ros. Never thought I'd find support on 4chan but lmao. Keep on keeping on.
Yeah. Nothing certain I guess... I just struggle with seeing myself anywhere in the future.
File: 1445829911283.jpg (16 KB, 356x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did the nigga get arrested?
What's your steam, op?
I had to delete original post too cover her info
Yeah I really liked this chick and we got aalonggood and she put my pic on her insta gram and we would fuck and now she just acts like she doesn't know me
Wouldn't even come outside to say hi to me one night I was close by and winked at me for some reason?
nhshaderai or cuddlydeath. One of those two.

timestamp or it didnt happen
Happens to all of us man. Stay strong bro
its called stimulus, we are not complicated. we are simple, so simple its retarded. that's why long distance fails mostly. she wanted that body contact to feel secure and whole. doesn't matter how she feels, she will kick you to the curb under any bullshit excuse. because hormones

Timestamp of what?

My wife is sleeping and the tail fell apart years ago after a few sexytimes.
Girls in long distance usually cheat too

>be me
>germaphobe since childhood
>in high school date a couple of 10/10s
>never pressure them for sex
>because afraid of getting aids, chlamydia, herpes, etc. on my dick
>learn how to masturbate them with my fingers like a pro
>they tire of this want the D
>won't do it, not even oral
>seriously paranoid
>they get tired of this too and dump me for guys that will stab them with the meat thermometer
>college is much the same
>finish college a virgin, but with lots of fingering girl experience
>first job
>meet 5/10 little chubbo
>become friends
>it is obvious she wants to be more than friends, but not really attracted to her
>after about a year decide she's really not that bad
>start dating
>it's obvious she wants sex
>finger her alot, but never ask for anything more
>she is disappoint, but deals with it
>confess that i'm a germaphobe
>she and i figure out a way to make me feel at ease enough to stick my penis in all of her holes
(it is a long, detailed and unimportant story, the short version is we got tested for every form of venereal disease and were all clear)
>fall in love
>introduce her to parents
>dad is like "whatever"
>mom says, "anon, she is really not up to your standard"
>eventually they begin to like her
>get married
>things are great for about a year
>one day, notice my dick feels weird
>see a scab
>go to doctor
>got herpes
>and clamydia
>possible genital wart
>doctor asks my sexual history
>tell him only my wife
>doesn't believe
>by law he has to contact my wife
>tells her to come in to get checked
>she's got all three as well
>she confesses to doctor
>went to a bachelorette party
>stripper she sucked and fucked a male stripper
>haven't touched my wife since
>she filed for divorce
>told parents what happened
>they were supportive, but in a kind of "i told you so" way
> Be me, 21 year old faggot
> Dropped out of college two times
> Live in moms basement
> Depression
> Shitty social skills except when I'm drunk, but can't really drink every time I'm with someone
> The only thing I want to do is play in my band, but my bandmates are starting to hate me because of the social skill depression thing.
> Want a job, but have 0 self-esteem

Wat do niggers? I don't have the balls to become an hero
Welcome to what makes an emo band famous. GG faggot
This cannot be Fucking real
why not?

i assure you it is, but feel free to be skeptical.
lol you suck
back to tumblr ->
Well NICE, if I'm famous I don't need social skills
It's too unlucky , like winning the lottery , but a bad lottery
should've gone with the college poon, rookie mistake.
no point in arguing. Its not like the niggers gonna back down or anything
If you're famous you're gonna be followed, on tv, and meeting people 24/7. "I Don't need social skills"
kei anon,hate to be the one breaking it to you but here it is
>friend wants/is fucking your girl
>years passed,its not the pure teenager love anymore
>she grew,she met new people,she saw other guys
>if you want to go to the gym,do it for yourself,dont do it for someone else,dont change for anyone but only you
>stop being a faggot,sell your wow account,sell hers also buy yourself something nice
>it may be hard now but in time you will wake up,look at yourself in the mirror and say "not today faggot,not today"
>,dont change for anyone but only you
>sell your wow account,sell hers also buy yourself something nice
File: aesthetic_zyzz[1].jpg (61 KB, 580x923) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 580x923
>plays wow
>gf dumped him for fit guys
>now op doesn't give a fuck
>gonna go to gym and make gains
>soon ops girl will try to get him back
>op laffs and walks around her
>op dies
File: 1432071300187.jpg (41 KB, 350x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is now a zyzz thread
my bad,forgot this board is filled with semi retarded autistic niggaz
>if he really wants to change he should do it because he feels that way,not because somebody else wants that
>since years have passed playing wow,the accounts may have a high monetary value therfore he should sell them both to get some money and start living the real life
now go back at fucking cleaning the pool you fucking filthy autistic brain damaged monkey piece of dirty shit
fucking pablo and his useless fucking job
If anyone asks me anything I'll just say some weird shit that comes to mind. It'll probably be in the tabloid papers or something, and bad publicity still sells. After that I'll fuck some groupies.
Op watch this
File: 20160118_235243.jpg (2 MB, 2988x5312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2988x5312
>Mom is mentally abusive
>helped dad find a way to leave after 22 years of bullshit
>now alone, failing school, may not get GED
>has no way of escaping away from batshit crazy mom
>future is hopeless, wants to be a concept artist yet is absolute shit
>suicidal daily

Pic related, one of the two drawings I did for my dad before he left.
What's on your mind anon?

These threads are probably the only thing that keep me going. I'd love to hear what's on your mind. Life's hard enough, share what it is that is troubling you. I'm just some anonymous fuck, but being able to hear other people's problems lets me pretend I don't have my own, if only for a little bit.
geez those double texting. you're cringy af yo
Time spent in a mental hospital should disqualify you from entry. Especially now, if this was 2005 you might be able to get a waiver, but on the other hand it won't solve anything, other than giving you a true lack of fucks to give
I know how you feel
Met this girl, called everyone a fuck boi, she thought that was top tier shit
Start talking to her allot, find out our pasts are really similar
She catches feelings, I just play along cause I felt kinda bad about that
Actually fell for her too later, cum together, sleep together at night, living the dream, nothing mattered but each other
One day she tells me she don't wanna do sexy shit for at least a while cause she feared I was recording it, tells me about nightmares about it a week later
I'm not sure what to think, think she might be lying, but can't convince myself either way, she never has any time to talk to me but still dropped a message before she went to sleep
I started falling the fuck apart, making her feel like shit, desperately hoping to bring back what was lost
She ended it later when she said she didn't feel the same, that she felt happiness before, but now just guilt and unhappiness
Never spoke to me again
>I left like shit loads of messages trying to figure it all out but gave up after 2 weeks, she's trying to talk to the old fuck boi crew with some guy we knew probably had a crush on her, fuck her, fuck him, I'm not doing this shit
File: 1427078614013.jpg (67 KB, 730x438) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 730x438
>found a girl after what seems like forever
>she's so perfect.
>sent her a text the other day finally telling her how I feel after a few years of getting to know her
>No reply
>Maybe I'm the one with the problem, seems like too many chicks are skanky ass hos these days
>maybe I'm the fucked up one for expecting someone to love me.
>the unrequited dream, the song that no one sings, the unatainable.
>tfw you loose the waifu of you laifu
I don't know what to do.
I know I need to move on, but moving on is hard.

God I just wish I could find someone to love me, or at least make me feel wanted. Life's a bitch when you're just a stry dog looking for a simple pat on the head and someone to say "good boy"
>wants to be concept artist yet is absolute shit
>shows drawing

Are you fishing for compliments? Because you should NEVER fucking do that, especially not on /b/. Look up Jackson Pollock, he has the simplest fucking style ever, and one of his paintings sold for 140 million dollars, so don't give up faggot.
You were never in a relationship faggot.
>be me
>super fucking sick rn
>been up 2 straight days throwing up and shitting my brains out
>4 am rn, still sick as a dog
>no health insurance bc poor fag
>Honestly hate my existence right now
>wish I could sleep
>aches and pains everywhere
File: froggit pepe.png (55 KB, 437x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
froggit pepe.png
55 KB, 437x409
I wouldn't expect compliments from any thread except for a draw thread, and I don't do draw threads.

Secondly what the fuck am I seeing? I know art is in the eye of the beholder but all I see are colours palettes splattered and swirled together. The fuck is this shit?

Abstract or not it's fuckin' weird and kinda gross.
>I'd come out a better person.
lol. That's why there's a homeless/suicide epidemic among vets right?
File: 1453023750046.jpg (79 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 640x640
Heads up, Stay strong /b/rother.
He's a pioneer of the abstract expressionist movement and bla bla bla.. yes exactly! If he can, then you sure as hell can too:)
Same shit happened to me last summer
Shat my pants, threw up on bed and got a shot on my ass 4 in the fucking morning, hope you somehow feel better soon
>be me
>work job that takes me into tribal lands on a regular basis
>not shitty amerifag tribes, headhunting/cannibal tribes
>fly into remote tribe to deliver medicine and MEDIVAC out
>see two girls hiding under hut
>maybe 4 and 6
>go up to them and see they've laid out a blanket and pieces of trash around them
>communicate with them through rough hand signals and my shitty native language
>figured out mum died of curable illness and dad has nothing to do with them
>give them a spare coat of mine and my lunch
>those eyes I'll never forget
>fly out
>every time I come back I bring stuff for them
>goes on like this for 3/4months
>tribe thinks kids are under whitefella protection
>they get left alone
>we get along well, teach each other our languages
>names are N and J
>gave them some kids books
>N wants to be a doctor J wants to be a princess
>make arrangements for them to be transferred to a place in the city
>paperwork clears it 2 months later
>next day get called for MEDIVAC out of the village
>father of N and J is gravely ill
>dies on flight back
>take body back
>village is deserted
>head to clearing following noises
>N and J are tied down together over brush
>bastards are using the books I gave them as kindling
>go to get them
>instantly get spears and arrows pointed at me
>doctor holds me back
>chief comes over
>"whitefella spirits kill, me kill whitefella spirits"
>as books are lit J looks over at me and starts bawling

>"where am I going anon, me become princess?"

Haven't felt anything remotely close to happiness since

Fuck these savages
File: story of my life.gif (2 MB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
story of my life.gif
2 MB, 400x300
Can someone please recommend some sad songs for me? I'm a bit drunk and thinking of ending it all. I just want to feel again.
>be me
>last year
>(now ex) girlfriend of three years decides to finish her education in amsterdam
>im broke can only afford to visit monthly
>its her birthday coming up
>i buy tickets to go and see her
>flight is tomorrow
>check facebook on the way to work
>'its not working out, i just want you to know that every day we spent together since we finished uni was a waste, and i regret it'
Kek anon, you are right about the change thing though.
thanks anon. sometimes the pain is manageable, but mostly it's unbearable
Maybe I'll finally sleep and be magically fine in the morning
AND he dropped out of college twice
Abstract art (in my opinion so I don't really care if I get told to fuck off) to me is a very lazy attempt to do anything in regards art. I never saw it as a creative way to express, well, anything.

Similar to how I think most animu/manga related styles aren't a very good way to 100% express yourself in art as well. I feel like I hypocrite saying that though, then again I have no idea what the hell I draw anymore. It's not like I have a style.

Just, I really don't know anymore Anon. I don't see myself being like my father or his father before him. I don't see myself going anywhere, especially not in school.

I want my GED, I want to get the fuck out of school, but I have no motivation to do anything. I'm so far behind and I don't care.

I feel like I'm in limbo, and I'll never get out.
>history of depression
>chooses military with high rate of ptsd
Better person?
That sounds like the good old:

>she found another one

Sorry op
File: Shit.png (169 KB, 444x804) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 444x804
Super short version

>Previously asked her out before, she said she isn't good at dating
>Cringelord with jewfro at time

A year passes and with new haircut, working out a bit, got pretty good looking if I can be an arrogant guy for once in my life

>Tell her I still think about her, ask to meet and catch up
>Things go well
>"I really hope I see you at Prom, Anon!"
>Didn't see her once but oh well
>See each other a bit more
>Tell her how I feel
>"I like you too, Anon"
>Date for a few weeks
>She's always been busy with work, school, strict parents, and me working late nights/early mornings, our schedule was conflicted beyond belief
>She gets to the point where she won't even respond to text messages, and if she does, it's days later.
>Chalk it up as her just being shy and busy
>I mean shit, she was the most awkward hugger I've ever met
>Text her "Hey, listen if you're just not feeling the same as I am, just let me know. No biggie"
>Was actual biggie
>Her text
>Ask her if she still wants to try and make it work
>"You're a great guy anon, yes I want to make it work"
>Nothing changes. Still only one putting effort
>Kinda blow up passive aggressively, saying that if she cared enough she'd make time.
>I mean shit, I spent six months waiting on her
>No response
>Assume I insulted her with accusing her of not giving a shit

Guess it just wasn't meant to be. Sucks because give it another few months I easily could have fallen in love with the girl. She was perfect to me. Still think about just apologizing for acting like a dick, but I feel after a month, it's been too long and I'll just seem desperate even though I have no intention of picking things back up again. I just want her to know I'm sorry.
holy shit this has opened up my eyes. my mom has been dating this retard for the past 7 years. he is verbally as bad as my dad, only difference is he doesn't hit her. literally anywhere we go he is always taking to me about how I have a video game addiction (maybe so, haven't played in forever) and how I need to go to AA meetings for it because only a belief in a loving higher power can save me. He makes this humiliating scene and then apologizes later. my mom is so fucking retarded, she seems to have this fetish for men who treat her and everyone else like shit.
File: 1452959613453.jpg (39 KB, 500x348) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 500x348
Fuck i'm almost crying, I have a similar story I guess (online relationship), but It's that i'm still with the girl but i'm certain she doesn't love me anymore, She is the reason I live life, She is bisexual but i'm sure she just likes girls, It doesn't matter, I've been lonely most of my life anyway, If anything ever happens i'll update you guys and if it doesn't work out I won't an hero, I'll dedicate my life for an amazing greentext tale or some shit, Thanks for all the laughs and times you faggots made me feel better, I love all of you sick fucks.
File: 1452650707309.png (13 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 1280x720
She loved me. I lost her. My attempts to bring her back only push her away.
Fuck man
File: 1445274698658.jpg (10 KB, 234x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 234x250
Dude you were her emotional slave,she never loved you as a man just like a person and I can't believe that you would be with a girl you can't see or touch.grow some balls you lost so many years of your life for nothing
I want to know more of this
>blames me for the rape
shoot her in the pussy, she ain't worth shit. A "perfect" girl would realize she's the one who dated that dildo spankmonkey and is a femcuck for doing so.
'Athletic' and 'gentlemen' is code for she wants an alpha take her out all the time, shower her with gifts, and fuck her senseless every night. Unlucky OP, this is all women want. Provide it or check out of the world of dating.
What a fucking cunt

You don't need that bitch in your life anon. You deserve better than that.
>be me
>living in the dorms
>there is a girl that lives in my dorm
>9/10, but the absolute nicest person in the world
>everybody who meets her falls in love
>especially the geeks because someone of her obvious beauty is even nice to them
>even heterosex girls in the dorm talk about her like she's the one girl they'd do
>of course like everyone else i fall in love with her too
>get the courage to ask her out
>she says yes
>we go to a midnight movie just after finals
>walk her back to the dorm
>too nervous to make any sort of move
>summer vacation starts and she goes back home
>rue the summer thinking i've missed my chance
>stayed at school during summer working
>she came back to school a month early
>comes by the lab i'm working in
>confused at first, not know who she is there to see
>she came to see me
>we chat a bit
>find out it's her birthday coming up
>take her out for her birthday
>our second date, but our first real date
>find out during this date that the first time we went out she was nervous
>she didn't know if it was a date or just friends
>this time it is a date
>she comes back to my apartment
>we have mind blowing sex
>we are officially a couple
>the next 3 months i'm on cloud nine
>one night she calls me about midnight
>"anon, can i come over?"
>told her i have to get up early the next morning
>she says OK
>couple of hours later phone rings
>it's her roommate
>"anon, is anonette there?"
>panic in her voice, "don't fuck with me. tell me she's there."
>she isn't
>she tells me gf was in car wreck
never got over her
You need some Dinitrophenol (DNP) bro. Fat will come right off
I've been depressed for a few months now.. If anybody wants me to greentext the story I will
fuck anon why u do this i dont want to feels fuuuck im sorry anon
im sorry anon
Fuck man. I'm so sorry.
thanks, /b/ro
if you are in a boat and still need to swim you have more immediate problems
>two years ago I'm fucking around on some random chat website like chatroulette
>beta day with not many friends
>I meet this girl who's my age and we talk for a solid 3 hours
>we exchange numbers and end up being really good friends
>feelings develop and we start to long distance
>we would have fights every so often but would work it out
>we grow distant from each other and I say that maybe a relationship isn't a good idea
>still wanted to be friends, long distance was tearing me apart tho
> she flips out and blocks me on just about everything
> we don't speak for a year
>meet really sweet 8/10
>girl from the website (let's call her J) gets ahold of my new girlfriend
>she wants to talk to me
>we start to talk again and she says that she's going on a trip and will be able to see me
>I'm so happy
>8/10 breaks it off with me
>I didn't care
>J was back
Should I continue?
just do it faggot
>at work
>text wife
>she's bored at work too
>ask for sexy pic
>get one
>caption reads, "would you like this again?"
>looks like the pic was taken on our couch
>except the dick in her hand has a foreskin
>i don't
>text her, WTF?!?
>she doesn't reply
>blow up her phone with texts and calls
>get home
>she's not there
>still calling/texting
>finally she gets home about 11
>refuses to talk to me
>it's been a couple of years and i still keenly feel the betrayal
>she even sleeps on the couch
>next morning she leaves before i wake up
>that night she comes home late again
>tries to tell me that the picture 1) wasn't her then 2) was me then 3) was shopped
>she knows she's busted
>won't confess, but won't discuss it further
>a few weeks pass where we barely speak to each other
>in the meantime i began the process of filing for divorce
>a few more weeks pass and she gets the papers at work
>she blows up my phone with calls and texts
>NOW she wants to talk
>brokenhearted, but tell her it's too late
>>it's been a couple of years and i still keenly feel the betrayal
is the last line

don't know how it got there
>J and I start to get back together for some stupid reason.
>I was the happiest MF around
>Skype calls and the works
>one night I'm at my dad's house (parents are divorced)
>it's late and I'm lonely
>text I
"Who the hell is this"
>"Wtf it's me J, We just talked"
"J's preoccupied with a real nigga now. Delete her number and go kill yourself"
>actual words sent to me
>I'm livid
>I send them a message with suicide gore asking if this was okay
>J gets pissed at me
>shuts me out again
>last time I talk to her
>get back together with 8/10
>we're doing amazing
>meet what's now my best friend
>life is bliss
>8/10 is psycho
>Wtf happened
>I tell her that we can't be together
>she threatens to kill herself
>"fine. If you really want to, do it"
>she hates me
>my best friend starts to date her
>she blames me for all of his problems
>He develops schizophrenia
>Apparently my fault
>she leaves with him
>lost my best (basically only) friend and any relationship I had
>lonely and no one
>I want to die
This all happened from today back past Dec 2012
I lived in the time

>be 2 years ago on west coast
>be lonely, depressed, miss east coast.
>start friend requesting random people from back east
>one girl very easy to talk to named Kat.
>talk to kat online for a few days, then asks if I want a date.
>"no, I live out west"
>She asks if I'm coming out and if I want her to arrange something. So no thanks it's cool.
>Then she says, "You know I'm a hooker right?"
>Laugh cause I didn't. But I'm like whatever.
inb4 OP fell in love with a hooker.
>So we talk when she's on making dates with clients.
>She tells me stories of her years as a hooker.
>Tell her my problems. And she goes, "I like you anon. If you come back ever we can fuck for free whenever I'm not busy."
>a year and a half later I do come back for unrelated reasons to live.
>Take her upon her offer.
>meet her and she cute, early 30's, not used up at all, professional, clean.
>We fuck but talk less,
>whatever I'm getting pussy.
>realize even for a hooker there is something very wrong with Kat.
>As close as I can tell she has no friends other than me and no family. Everyone else she knows is business related.
>realize she works an awful lot. Most pros see 1 or 2 guys a day, she's seeing 5 or 6 and she isn't that cheap.
>realize she lives a meager existence all things considered. Small apt that is nice but simple. Same with her clothes. She lives on the edge of Queens and doesn't own a car.
>Ask her once if she's saving for retirement and she says "naw I figure I'd me dead one way or the other"
>Realize she must be a hardcore drug addict
>stop talking to her, break all ties even though she just wants one friend even if that means fucking me for free.
>She blocks me of FB, fine by me.
>today I ran into her landlord, tells me she moved.
>ask if he's glad she's gone, he knew what she did for work.
>Said no she would pay six months at a time in rent and was quiet and kind.

Uh... Didn't you at least attempt to help her out?
Please do.
File: 1451166783755.jpg (51 KB, 478x515) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 478x515
just read this.
>pat on the head
>good boy
you're one of those furfags aren't you
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 500x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 500x303

>be me 14 y/o
>love grandfather more than i love mother and myself
>he was a tennis player, 68 years old
>he had a heart attack on december the seventh
>i cry and i dont talk to anybody, only mum
>the only thing i have to remember him is his tennis set
>the bag has his smell
>now i play tennis
>everytime i play i use his set and smell the bag
>i still miss him
>feel like i will never be truly happy again

Help me /b/ros, I miss him a fucking lot

>So I keep talking and find out why she lived the way she did.
>I knew that when she was like 19 she was engaged to a med student before she became a hooker.
>I also knew that the med student's family hated her.
>What I didn't know was "why?"
>Turns out she had gotten pregnant and had a kid by him.
>The baby was very sick and since they weren't married yet and she was just a secretary they didn't have much choice.
>They took it to a children's hospital and they tried to save the baby but it died.
>drove a wedge between her and her fiances family. And eventually pushed him to get rid of her.
>Now she gave all her extra money to St.Judes children's hospital.
>From being a hooker she had given them well over $1,000,000 because of what they had done for her.
>She wasn't a drug addict at all.
>She was just a person trying to return the last nice thing anyone ever did for her.
>And now I have no way to say I am sorry that she couldn't have one friend to just hang out and talk to.
Careful - if you use it too much the smell disappears and he is gone forever
You are what is needed in this thread good sir
I also have a belly bag he used everywhere, but its not the same...
Thanks for the tip anon.
go for it
Ive been in the same position man... Except the girl I love lives in the US and I'm in Canada. I've known her for more than 3 years now. I flew all the way down there just a couple months ago to see her for the first time. I ended up getting abandoned there for the first few days because she was so selfish. Fast forward to a week ago and she decides to tell me she fucked some guy. So I told her I'm moving on. That's all you and I can do.
File: feels.png (458 KB, 898x732) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
458 KB, 898x732
i've got a love story for you /b/ros, fresh as fuck and still fucking with me today.
>in july last year one of my best and oldest "friends" finally talked me into getting into LoL
>i was thrown into his friend circle, and met his GF, who is a long distance chinese girl from cali
>she is chill as all fuck, funny, just all around amazing.
>after about two months of knowing her and just becoming better friends she and I became pretty close
>during that time, i noticed he treats her like fucking shit
>yells at her, calls her names, etc
>everytime this happens, she normally just leaves the call for about an hour
>meanwhile her dick head BF just laughs and says "just give her a little bit she always acts like this"
>she comes back
>audibly still upset every time
>dick head doesnt care
>in september her senior year of highschool starts
>one day she asks her BF to stay up with her while she works on an essay
>he doesnt
>he and every other one of his friends bail
>i stayed because i didnt want her to be alone
>ended up just chilling with her for fucking hours
>stayed up with her until 7 am
>the whole time i was fucking with her pretending to be super tired about to sleep
>she made a rule of no sleeping
>she fell asleep
>wakes up and loses her shit because i was just chilling in the call because i didnt want to wake her with the end call noise
>it was the cutest thing ive ever heard
>few days later
>everyone bails so its just the two of us again
>she asks me to stay up and i agree
>after many many hours i tell her i have food in the oven
>end call and go take care of it
>i was too tired to eat
>put it in fridge and crash in almost instantly
>didnt tell her
>the next day her BF tells me she cried herself to sleep because of me
>something snapped in me that day
>suddenly she was the only thing I cared about
>all i wanted was to make her happy
>two weeks pass of minimal contact
>finally i get a call again
>once again everyone bails except for me
>friendship re-ignited
>i apologize a thousand times
and tell her ill make it up
>she asks me to stay up
>that night she told me the story of her only IRL friend abandoning her
>she cries the whole time telling the story
>later tells me how her mother died of ALS
>cries again the whole time
>i cried a little too just hearing her like this it really pulled the heart strings
>i told her ill be her best friend fuck her IRL friend
Want the story of my bipolar dad?
>fast forward about a month
>she becomes my best friend
>we tell each other everything
>we are always together
>late night calls everyday and her BF bails every night
>one night i asked her to teach me a little bit of chinese
>she always tells me wo shi huan ni
>it means i like you
>about a week later in a solo call with her she says
>anon? wo ai ni
>i ask what it means
>a long pause and she says
>i love you
Continue please
Story of my bipolar dad
>be me, around 13
>dad has always been a hard ass
>sometimes is a dick to my mom
>works from 6 AM to 7 PM
>used to it
>we were building onto our house and he hurt his back
>major problems with his health
>idgaf he's an ass
>after a while of him limping around he gets better
>one day we're outside raking leaves or something. All I remember was that is was hot as hell
>he starts acting weird
>repeating words and just saying made up ideas
>I brush it off thinking he was trying to be funny
>mfw when he was hospitalized for having negative phosphorus levels in his system
File: feels.png (324 KB, 575x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
324 KB, 575x485
Something to capture the feels
sorry im taking so long im crying a little /b/ros
>it was the best feeling of my life
>i said
>wo ai ni too
>we are inseparable at this point
>only time we are not together is when shes in school or skype fucking her BF
>one day they are fighting
>dickhead met some girls on league, and hes talking shit about his gf to them
>they "break up"
>she is with me and crying because dickhead threatens to cut, an hero, or join the army
>him inflicting self harm is her greatest fear
>they get back together
>we love eachother in secret
>be me 16
>my class its all 2/10 girls, except 1 that is 7/10 maybe (mfw she has boyfriend but wtv)
>meet this girl on fb
>really 8/10 ez girl
>talking to er about 3/4 months
>start feeling something for her,
>it was this day i went to her house
>made a massive joint with her, we were layd on the coach
>she starts saying that she wanted a fuckbuddie basicly
>we fucked
>made my joint and gtfo
>after 2 days i see that she had a bf
>MFW i realise she has a boyfriend
>they been daiting for 1 year now
>fucked up bitch never talked to her again
>the sex was great btw
>doctors don't know Wtf is happening
>say he's bipolar
>he gets better, isn't himself but he's better
>we move out and into out grandparents because something happened between him and my mom
>lived with my grandparents for a year while my dad was basically Alzheimer's for too long
>saw him one during that time
>he was on his way to a party and crashed his car into a ditch
>we see him walking down the road and he just collapsed
>he goes to hospital and gets better
>mom divorces him and we move out of our grandparents house back into old house (he left)
>house is trashed
>fast forward to now and he's not much better
>still asshole
>isn't my dad anymore
>never was
you made the right choice. she's a bitch afterall right?

get over her & take a hint. you're not close anymore, and she doesn't want to fuck anymore.
File: Attach0.jpg (24 KB, 788x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 788x224
>dick head now treats her like shit so frequently i begin to hate him
>i have been friends with this guy for 6 years and this is how he treats this amazing girl
>always shit talking
>always putting her down
>always yelling at her
>its the worst feeling in the world not being able to stop him
>i become her white knight and defend her from his barrage of bullshit
>he starts hating me
>december comes
>she and i are incredibly close
>dickhead continues being an ass
>i get a text from her asking me to stay with her, basically her side bitch, pic related.
>i tell her ill always be there or her
>the next few days a one of his fucking friends finds out about us
>blurts it out in the middle of a call with everyone there
>i later confessed to dickhead that we loved eachother, because i didnt want to fuck up his relationship
I think I have a better chance of winning the jackpot lottery than finding actual love in this fucked up world.
Please continue
Try omegle. If you look hard enough, you can find some really nice people
Um. Cont?
Probs typing
File: Attach0 (1).jpg (562 KB, 2016x1140) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Attach0 (1).jpg
562 KB, 2016x1140
>dickhead actually cuts himself this time to scare the girl into submission. pic related, his fucking paper cuts
>threatens to become an hero
>threatens to join army if she ever leaves him
>forces her to cut all communication with me, and makes her get on cam and tell him that she didnt communicate in any way
>she cant lie on cam, she just cant
>ive been completely alone since december 13th.
>i got a text from her january 10th
>it says she still loves me
>she streamed league the other day
>everyone seems so happy and unfazed that i have disappeared
>seeing her smile and hearing her laugh used to be my favorite things in the world
>now they just make me tear up
>every time i think of her i feel my heart stop and ache
>i feel like my sould has been fucking crushed
>i have intense insomnia
>and im clinically depressed now
Dont fall in love /b/. its nothing but pain
Okay I'll wait :^)
give the nigger more than 5 seconds to type, Jesus
>Loves unconditionally
>conditions change
>no more love

wasn't dating her just a fuckbuddy that liked to hang out and talk and shit.

And the best fucking lay I've ever had in my life.
I share your pain.
Anon. Don't be be. It wasn't ur fault. Get go outside. See the world. Don't just stay there and be stuck up. It will never bwlp you. Get the fuck out of your chair. And fucking change. Because its the only thing you can do atm
What a floop op
Thanks anon I needed this picture

This probably describes about 70% of 4chan

you're a piece of shit. I hope you know that, and never get any closure. a friend is a fucking friend, through health AND sickness you unloyal prick. glad you had to find that out the hard way
thats what everyone has told me.
it isnt as easy as it sounds
i lay awake every single night
im lucky if i get 2 hours of sleep
i think of her my fucking heart hurts
i feel my entire body hurt
my will to do anything drains away
suicide lingers in the back of my mind
But there is no draft at this time, so you must have volunteered.
forgot to say. pic of her or this never happened
Dont ever sell. You'll never get those back man.
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