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runescape feels thread -- sit down and share...
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runescape feels thread -- sit down and share a story bruvs
buying full rune
The nostalgia is high
>Used to lure people to the Temple of Zamorak south of the Wilderness
>Inside the Temple, players could grab the 'Wine of Zamorak' from the altar.
>If they did so, the Monks in the temple would attack them.
>I used to run out of the temple and shut the door, locking them inside
>Trapped, players couldn't fight all the monks at once, and their health would drop rapidly.
>I would wait until they dropped and then rush in and take their items.
>This goes on for years, my bank is filled with riches scavenged from other players.
>One day I log in.
>They took the Temple door away.
>Players can't be locked in anymore.
>Topkek Jagex.
i know hack to get full rune gimme password and i do for you
I had a level 25 account and some dude who was level 3 wanted to try out my account but I couldn't type out my password, he explained that I could tell a character at a time, so I did. That dude fucking stole my account. True story.

I was suspicious at first but he said that he wanted to feel like what it's like to be level 25
>be young me, just finished grinding to get full void
>a guy with a bunch of shit is having a giveaway
>he was using the teleother spell and was saying that the first one to tele gets a lot of stuff
>he did a couple of those, everything seemed normal
>suddenly he did a teleother spell to wildy
>killed me and i lost my void
>quit for a year

You got me with this... I lost all my noob shit (at the time i was so proud of my gear and accomplishments).

I fucking hate you anon... But at the the same time... so many feels.. I love you anon....
>buying gf
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>played runescape
>everyone was a polish 10 year old
>stopped playing runescape
I use to pull in people from the Falador area since it was close. It was like going shopping when I saw someone with really good armor. I ended up with gilded Rune and a lot of other rare items.
This was when Runescape added those new Revenant monsters in the wildy.
>go to wildy
>headed towards clan wars arena
>wearing full sara rune armour, costs about $1.5 mil
>almost made it to arena
>high level revenant out of nowhere attacks me
>can't escape
>try to come back but all my shit despawned
>log off and never played for years

I came back several years later but so much shit had updated and looked like shit, so I still haven't logged back in.

I had multiple accounts and one of them I haven't logged in since 2005.

Oh and I also scammed a scammer trying scam me, but he said he was sorry and we returned each others shit.
Buying gf
>also verrac armor
There was this girl (I'm fairly certain it was a girl) who said "selling gf", and I was new at the time and I ask her, what's a gf?
And I don't remember exactly what happened next but we suddenly became bf/gf and friends.

Haven't logged in for years now.
had a 10 year old account, i htink 12 or 13 years old now that was hacked. jagex gave me the account back after i proved it was mine but they didn't lift the ban i got when the hacker used a bot...
>be into clanning
>fuck yeah dude, we strong, 126 unit so large
>one day go and have pkri
>win after 2 hours, everyone return like madmen
>get a notification our rival clan is doing pkri no limit, decide to crush
>at that time we're fighting for #1 in Poland, 180/210 opts pulls, big deal
>they were that honour clan, we went for NH style, more fun
>mass with hungarian #1 clan and finnish #1 clan
>400opts every moment of the fight
>hell yeah boi we got dis
>calling is perfect, 1 bind =1 kill, sniping so good warlords can't handle pile
>fight for an hour, the opposing 2 clans are done, lootz are made
>zybez hype
Shit that sucks dude. Drop them an email and give them as much info as you can about your account to prove that you were not the one botting. Worked for me, Jagex lifted all my bans and even the minor ones I commited.
i did, jagex claims that anything that happens to an account is the players responsibility.
I am Zezima
Tell them that they have lifted bans for other users before when they were hacked and that the "anything that happens to an account is the players responsibility" rule is fucking retarded. At this point it's all in trying to get your account back.
I remember my friend telling me this:

if you ever see the word zezima above a players head when you are in the wilderness just run, he was super serious and dramatic about it too

I wish I was a little retarded kid again, not just a big one
i'm playing rs3, just cooking sice its afk
back in 2006 I killed a bunch of people in falador square, made quite a lot of money before I was eventually banned for bug abusing.
u want a story /bros? i remeber training my range on cows when some sorry fuck comes along, picks up the arrows i had been shooting and tries to sell them back to me!
*I'm* and *.*
>make osrs account like 3 months ago
>grind stats all legit.
>get level 100 combat
>70 prayer
>1500 total
>190 QP
>30m bank
>decide to fish
>I hate fishing
>bot fishing for 4 hours
>get perma ban

and that's why I hate life.
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You are not prepared for my max stats dog
RIP Durial321
three dubs in a row jelly?
>be me killing green dragons in wildy
>makes mad money for someone my level
>keep dying because people kill me for my dragon hide and bones
>decide to hire a bodyguard
>find a nigga willing to do it for free
>he's maxed combat stats
>start farming
>he's maiming everyone who steps close to me
>gives me all the drops
>suddenly 1 guy shows up, same level as my bodyguard
>kills him with a dragon dagger spec instantly
>Bodyguard was skulled and lost his whip
>i split most of the money i got from killing dragon and give it to him cause' i felt bad
>he just says "it's okay, i got money in the bank"
>last i heard of him for months

i'll always remember you bodyguard-bro
how do i contact them directly?
does anyone play oldschool rs? I started back on it a few months ago and it's pretty fun, just like 07. they're adding different updates too, basically like a new start to not fuck it up and keep the older nostalgic graphics
och shit i remember farming coal and flax, it was my main source of income for a looooooooooong while. Also someone gave me once a dds for free
>be in varrock (that how you spell it right?)
>traning theifing on guards
>some randome dude wanders over
>start talking
>chill dude
>tell him im saving up for a full rune and dds
>he says "brb dont go anywhere"
>fucker gives me a dds for free and wanders off
im levleing fishing as we speak its fuckign so bad takes so long but man u gotta watch out cos jagex have gotten better at finding bots as well as this there are allot of older bots still available that they find almost strait away u probbibly used one of those big mistake
[email protected]
you type like you're 2
yh ofc its more popular then eoc right now i think i only pk on it now tho making a zerk
>doesn't have the patience to afk fishing
>can't type
he's clearly a child
My brother logged in on my account and stole my rune armour. Got so pissed that I stopped playing
File: Law_rune_detail.png (159 KB, 573x548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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buying 1 law 1k
i am dyspraxic lol and as for patience u are correct i need the levels now for a quest.
File: 483289432.jpg (7 KB, 200x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im so sorry this happened to you
dyslexia is a coverup for being retarded
sorry about that, but aside from some incorrect letters you still structure your sentences horribly, work on it please
and thinking dyspraxia is dyslexia is also retarded
he had lots of wrong letters in word though, so i think he did mean dyslexia
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Please do not use derogatory language on JaGeX servers.
get fucked boy, mute his ass
When I first started playing back in 2002 I got myself some bronze armor and then some guy in full rune came up to me trying to help me and I called him a noob and told him to go away because I thought his armor was rusty bronze.
sent an email. hopefully i can get it back
dyslexia is a condition that limits hand eye co ordination meaning it is most likely difficult to type.
not a pker are u ahha that defence level!!!!! for a main decent tho
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That's dysprexia.
why the fuck would I pk?
pking is hands down the best thing in 2007 runescape
selling prayer pots
>be very young me
>create a new character is
>no idea what pker and non pker means
>select non pker
>have fun and decide to fuck around and change to player killer
>whatever I have two more chances to change and I can just ask Andrew Gower and be will let me change again
>end up using all my switches and stuck as pker
>Andrew didn't help LoL
>never leave the lumbridge/draynor area
>become a pure
>never knew what that was I just trained strength because I liked doing more damage
>usually run if attacked to the lumbridge safe zone
>get killed and cry
>no banks back then
>lost my iron armor and Adam sword and started over
>train until I can kill the black knight near draynor
>would die nearly every time
>get regeared but only with sword and legs
>get attacked suddenly on the way back to the knight
>I decide to fight back
>I eat my kebabs as fast as I can my hand shaking
>finally stop and realize my opponent died
>he dropped full steel and Adam Long
>log out and transfer it to my non pker I created and made it my main

I also got stuck on karjama when fishing came out, I didn't have 30 gp
Who the fuck uses ppots when this exists?
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buy d scimmy.jpg
224 KB, 1280x799
Holy shit the nostalgia again. Pked/lured over 3bill. Still got tons of screenies on old comp I'll upload one day
everyone bots on osrs, how the fuck did you get caught?
So, my OG account, which I hadn't played on in 5 years because it got hacked, I finally got access to the other day, turns out it's permabanned. Someone used it to gold farm. I made that shit when I was 12...
Anyone have a bond? I have nothing ftp to sell and will pay you back once I sell some member stuff. world 33 ge
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>be me, age 10
>see girls on radio
>"m muh peeped is hard"
>talk, ask if want to be my GF
>"k anon, sex????"
>hell yeah
>stops, accidentally follow her
>ask for my shit
>i say aiggt
>never see her again
why else would you play?
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New PK video
>Breaking Benjamin.mp3
>be me
>shit my pants
First time getting scammed. Back in 03'.

>Selling r scim 25k
>trade ends
>have 2.5k and 1 lobster.
this man knows runescape!!!!!!
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that's that good shit
> be me
> like 12 or something
> first time ever playing RS
> Someone tells me dropping my stuff and pressing ALT + F4 will give me another bronze axe
> do it
> lose axe and everything
> log back in and hound the guy for my axe back
> realise you can get bronze axes from farms

First time I ever got trolled. I recently tried to play Classic RS again but it's just not the same anymore.
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RIP luckybucket
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pest control anyone?
Lol noice
Why pest control. I pked/afked bandits. I remember quitting with like 52m hp exp
Yeah I play osrs it's great, can't wait till I max.
Nah im 24 too old. Played over 10 years. Wont be starting from scratch, had a maxed cb stats acc
Brrooo!!! I made that. Lololololol.
just make a pker like a zerker takes no time to set up and u can still have lots of fun
Nice I'm about at the same spot just finishing up my quest cape then back to no xp waste.
Only osrs please gay lord
What do you mean changes? I thought you could only pk in the wild
Spending like a week getting 30 def then going to fally, getting an addy chain thinking I'm a sick cunt. This was almost 12 years ago looking back now i was so shit
Thats one thing I regret. Just before rs3 came out my bank was over 1.2b cash/items. Now its probably shit. Always pked/lured on main. Wish I had made a zerker during those 12 or so years
why not start an osrs clan?
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>B me
>be 13
> it's 2013 so RS is in its very prime
> make character w/e
> log in and instantly bored with the amount of work I gotta do just to get an iron scimmy
> about to give up on the fucking game somewhere north of varrock
>lvl 60 guy whips a 360 and starts auto-following
> long story short we become friends and he gives me the account
> become clinically obsessed with runescape
> play every moment I get a chance.
> become member
> amass a nice fortune of dragon armor
> not to mention a party hat
> concerned family members take measures
> can no longer play so I log in and gift the acc
> random guy idk
> years go by and find different hobbies
> 2011
> I get the itch
> try to log in to account
>wrong password so reset password w old email
> find account had flourished
> I'm 21 so nobody can take this from me now!
> look into rs bots because fuck it go for gold
> spend alot of money and resources
> spend all day thinking about the bots
> I'm 21
> eventually realize that is happening again
> Stop
> 2015
> I log in
> grab all of my gp, best armor, and expensive
> wander north
> make it to lvl 15 wild before frozen in place
> two pkers run up and start slashing
> before the finishing blow one of them stops
> "dumbass" in little yellow letters
> backtolumby.gif
> stare at computer screen eternally


Still starring
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Kalphite Queen
King Black Dragon
>name my band
anyone buy accounts or know where to sell? Have a max with full bank, torva and a drygore rapier. haven't played in about a year but everything beore that is done.
hes talking about runescape classic
Meant to say 2003 instead of 2013
>RS Prime

Pick one
just make one now man i was like u i started my zerk only recently because i heard about osr dident wana start over so i was like nows my chance just say fuck it and start one man just do waterfall quest at the start for 30 att and str and go from there
Haven't played in like 10 years.
Recently got an email about being banned.
I used to sit by the unicorns and tell passersby that the unicorns were really week to stabbing attacks and could be beat even if they were a lower level. Then I would watch people die and I'd take their things, I was like 8 at the time.
By using a free fishing script on an outdated client.
I don't know what I expected, honestly.
Soz, meant 2003 this shit hard on mobile
Just might. But I wouldn't be content without
>b gloves 176qp?
>f cape

Just the amount of time I'll have to put in for that puts me off
File: fuckthisgame.png (740 KB, 862x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
740 KB, 862x724
i dont even like the game
start slow man trust me torso takes no time at all rune gloves are better for starting to pk and b gloves dont take long f cape will come in time dw about it too much if u make an acc il add u and help u if u want
do not read this bullshit
>Year : 2007 (not osrs)
>Be me
>Fat as fuck, socially retarded
>Started Runescape from 2007 at age 11
>Got very addicted
>Had LULZY moments in Runescape
>Community at it's peak : Skychi, Dudefish15, Maxboison, Fat Wrecked(RIP) and Sladekevin
>Rick Roll
>Christian Parents would tell the church to pray for me
>Thought I was a demon - possessed addict
>I was
>Quit 2010 when I started highschool
>Social life xp gained
>Came back at summer 2013 as a 16 year old
>Quit when school started
>Social life in the 90s
>Came back again after highschool 2014-2015 as an 18 year old
>Fat as fuck, socially retarded
>Got very addicted
>Had LULZY moments in Runescape
>Max out + B gloves , NMZ FTW
>August 24 2014
>Gets Perm-muted for going over to Mod Neena's fc with an alt telling her I would eat her asshole at Runefest
>Gets ip/system mute
>No Ragrets.jpg
>Loved this game though

Thinking about playing deadman is it any good?
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>bros with an online friend for a couple of years on runescape
>questing, hunting, and grinding fishing
>drift a part for about a year due to inactivity
>I finally get dragon plate legs
>fucking ecstatic as shit
>finally reconnect with each other
>asks to try the them
>didn't think it'd be any harm
>he gets them and disconnects
>signs back in and then out
>he's saying he's having connection issues
>never hear back from him again

My fault for trusting in that guy, but still hurt that he'd pull a move like that after all that time
I was gonna suggest we all log in and pk peopple. But im pretty sure they made the wilderness kinda wack now
Before I knew about bank notes I tried to sell just an inventory worth of yew logs and people made fun of me. I was also autisticly into wc lvls. First 99 I ever got.
Anyone remember the old the nite? Did that nigga really die
yes, cancer
ya he dead
What kind of retard takes full sara armour into the wild? Even back in 2007 when the wildy was removed, what kind of retard would you have to be to take it into the wild? Also, haven't logged in since 2005? Revenants were still 2 years ago. You lying son of a bitch nigger.
lol wilderness has never been better because of the bounty worlds that were introduced to osr wildy worlds all have over 1k people constantly
>if you drop your items and press alt+f4 it duplicates them
When I first played these were the prices of rares

>Santa 200k
>green mask 800k, I think.
>blue mask 1.1m
>red mask 1.4m

Anyone from this era
>they didn't lift the ban i got when the hacker used a bot...
Lol like everybody didn't use that excuse.
I dont understand what you said, maybe because i havent played in so long or maybe because you suck
2004/5 reporting in
You fucking idiot
december 2004 account reporting in
>not banking it
you deserved it
look up bounty worlds...
Wow I thought my account was stolen, I just got it back right now so easily. Havent played in forever lets see how schemed my bank is after all those hackers.
>had this deal with friends that I would do quests for them and they would do shit for me
>one guy offers to go Corp beast with his friends on my account
> fucker scores me an arcane sigil
>shit looked cash with my 99 summoning cape
> we do this deal once again so I can finish rfd for him
> go to bed before him
> log in the next day
> he stole my sigil
>Selling Charcoal 10k
>some dude 10 steps away
>Buying charcoal 20k

One of the first scams I fell for
>wtf trade me fast!!
Probably 03
10 year cape masterrace
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I couldn't take anymore after
>whips a 360
File: reaction 127.png (280 KB, 531x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
reaction 127.png
280 KB, 531x429
>Play for 7 years
>Always been shit at the game
>Never do any quests/skill
>Do Monkey Madness for the first time
>So proud of myself
>Fiend gives me 10 mill free (he maxed rc'ing and wanted to share)
>Buy dragon chain/platelegs/boots/and scimitar
>Most wealthy I've ever been of now 10 years playing
>Guy walks up to me
>Wants me to join a clan
>Sends me a link to sign into
>Account immedeatly logs out
>Sign in
>I have an air staff and frog prince clothes
>Give up

Worst part is I got into osrs with that account and loved it, but the account fucking disappeared. Apparently my username doesn't exist

That exists??? how do i get it??
Pked since I played, probably around 03. I remember when bountys came out, a buddy got a zamorack medallion pk. We just dropped him for fun, he lost claws and quit

>medallion protected over claws +1 protect worlds
Lol this thread is 404

>When I was a kid I played runescape and was a super noob.
>I used to ask people to take me to varrock and they often would lead me to dark mages.

>I used to walk around Lumbridge collecting talismans thinking they make me stronger.

>I would often see people running around with full armour like iron, steel, bronze. I would get so jelly because I saw how much it had cost in the general store and I knew I had to save up lots of money to get it(Fuck you general store you jew).
>So I tried to buy them from people. I remember standing in Lumbridge and shouting "Buy wooden armor".

>I remember that once I saw a holy tali(u) in general store it costed around 2k.
>I proceeded with killing men and women all day till I had enough.
>When I finally saved up the gp I went to the general store only to find holy symbol was no longer there. Cried myself to sleep that night.

>Back then I didn't knew what "lol" meant. Thinking it was some kind of insult as it often came after "noob". My typical convo with player would often go like this:
>Me:"No! Your a lol!"
>Me:"NO! YOUR LOL!!!!"
Anyone else did the torag hams/d battle axe lures on green drag bots? I've probably gotten 300+ whips doing this with a bud
Wow I just logged in. My 2005 account was raped and somebody took all my monies. Anybody in here loaded with cash wanna give a fellow nostalgic 2005er some donation?
File: my garbage.png (473 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my garbage.png
473 KB, 1366x768
heres my bank, anything here that isnt totally worthless??
Doesn't look expensive, just got some cool old stuff. You should try OSRS. It's the shit.
Holy shit, I got the same dubs twice in a row.
whats that
Old School Runescape. It's basically what oldfag runescapers play. I think googling "osrs" will give it to you, but it's a version of runescape that has old assets/gameplay/looks of the game from 2007
anybody want to get together on free server? my name is HelloComrade
File: litchi-walk.gif (117 KB, 478x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 478x422
You can't have a whip at level 60 unless you're a pure but then you can't hit 360
Back in 2003 Whips didn't exist (Added with slayer in 2005)
Back in 2003 constitution wasn't released and hits were still without an extra 0
Partyhats were near worthless in 2003 and not even near the status symbol they were in Rs3
There was no "full dragon" in 2003. The Dchain was added with the KQ and dlegs/skirt with Metal dragons
or ComradeHello
Had my best times in runescape classic as kid. I think I spent a year in f2p to get level 76 combat. Didn't care for xp waste or whatever. Now it feels too grindy.
I am zezima
M8 RSC was a fucking grindfest compared to RS2 and even harder when compared to RS3. It was fucking hell.
Yea but I hung around with friends and scammed people and shit. So many lols were had.
>start 2011
>work really hard, finally get full rune
>amass a fortune after hours of farming
>change characters gender to female
>stop playing no more gp
>Old School Runescape. It's basically what oldfag runescapers play. I think googling "osrs" will give it to you, but it's a version of runescape that has old assets/gameplay/looks of the game from 2007
Oh ok

can i heave free money?
I don't think you ever played RSC, nor did you scam anybody in it nor have friends at all.
sure im down, if you give me free stuff
>used to break the bots in stronghold of secruity by dropping noted bass
>wait patiently until they pick it up
>they try to use it as food so they slowly die
>collect all their botted items from grave and a couple of armour pieces they were wearing
>after killing maybe 100 the botters started paying attention and hopping from other worlds to bless the graves

>best loot was 20m of botted ankou junk
When I quit playing I sold all my items and gave 25m to a complete noob in varrock and that's the only good thing I have ever done in my entire life
holy shit i used to do this aswell
File: 1.jpg (155 KB, 766x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 766x504
Don't really care, but take a look anyway. Account is probably as old as you, m8.
Well it's pretty easy to amass a fortune in OSRS, but I guess if you feel you really need some gold, then maybe iunno dude
I once got a gf on it without having to buy her.

Though thinking back on it now it was probably a guy.

Still, didn't need to pay for him/her.
File: Zezima.png (458 KB, 802x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
458 KB, 802x600
This was years ago, he is that little green head in the picture. Honestly, it was cool to see someone that I envied from my childhood in game.
im gonna go check out mine real quick brb
File: 1429147996201.png (20 KB, 315x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 315x276
>whips a 360
>guy didn't change email address

PC bruh? What lvl?
wow thats cool, does he still ever go oline?
I don't know, I haven't played in a long time since that pic. Probably though.
what city is that?
Wow so you can use paint gj
Also what kind of noob has 13+ years but only 92 days of playtime?

i'm pretty sure that he meant "turned around and started following me" but yeah the wording was odd
ca somebody please tell me where this guy is i wanna check my accout
It's osrs playtime.
File: reaction 55.jpg (67 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
reaction 55.jpg
67 KB, 500x500
lumby castle, he circles around it.
Runescape, the only game that I love to have nostalgic feels about but will
never actually play again.
Was the 2nd person ever to get a dragon medium helm when it came out. Long ass time ago.
do u need a stupid memebership for this feature?
Your a fucking idiot.
> Started while I was 9
> One of my online friends one daya sk me how old I am, when I'm 11
>For some reason, younger me likes to round my years off
>I make up that I'm 13, turning 14
>So I say"I'm 13 or 14."
>He's liKE RIIGHT.
>I wait 5 minutes of convo
>I admit I lied about my age
>He says he figured as much
I say I'm 11 or 12.
>"Man how young ARE you," he replies
>And thats why they think rs is for kids
I'm sure it is : ^)
Yea, it's best to remember your memories of the game, as in reality it's just clicking the same thing over and over until you get to level 99
File: 1441382187441.gif (2 MB, 400x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x224
1 blazeit coming right up!
you sound like a majority of the people I've played Runescape around.
ahh thats bullshit i cant even afford the 10 year cape how gay. can somebody gimme 100k
nah. go to lumby, find hans and right click > age
>be me
>cb90 main
>discover rsbot during the golden age
>fuck yeah I did the fued I can do sudoku
>make more than 100m in one month by selling the runes
>rune prices crashed
>bot discontinued because of that

Fuck me I still got that sweet cash
Dds' were like 50k lel
whatevrr fuck this guy im bored of this game already
File: 0023.jpg (3 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2592x1936
Bandos runs
File: 0026.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1936
I sold zezima 1k chaos runes for 100k like a decade ago. I still got that pic on my old pc
>posted on forums
>zezima: are you selling chaos runes?
>Runescape 2.0 was getting popular when I was in middle school
>I used a telephone to talk to friends as we killed people in the wildy
>Parents were too cheap to pay for membership
>Decided I'd learn to hack Runescape if it killed me
>Starting by editing client side data in RAM
>Moved on to packet editing
>Started teaching myself how to program
>Never figured out to hack Runescape
>Used my new found skills to hack my highschool's server administrator and the school server
>Got arrested
>Thanks Obama
I found out how valuable ashes were. I set up a bot (which is incredibly easy to do for RuneScape) to collect all the ashes of the firemaking bots. I didn't even play, I just wanted to exploit at this point. Brought in so much coinage, just swimming in dat pusseh and expensive liquors. Transfer all the coinage from the bot account to the main account
There was a time I was such a weeby troglodyte faggot I almost played runescape
Hello newfriend :^)
:( i remember my runescape gf. fucking qtpie628 she was my first
>around 2008-2010
>had lvl 60+ character
>lots of nice gold and items
>stopped playing
>remembered runescape
>played again
>got really sick of the changes
>gifted it to some random faggot

I'm a idiot, should have sold it...
That account would've sold for like 10 bucks to some guy operating a bot ring.
first day that runescape added free trade back in
>got an idea
>started scamming people
>trust game, flower game, you name it I scammed with it
>did this for 2 days, slept for a few hours the second day
>I made 85m in 2 days
>Quit while I was ahead, didn't want to scam anymore
Fast forward to about last year
>sold my account for $80, I lost all my wealth and quit in 2012, needed money for weed
>never payed me for it
>dumbass who bought it never changed the password
>logged back on and account had over 100m in items
>changed the password and never played again
>still a scammer at heart
Still, 10 bucks is 10 bucks
File: Bruh.png (90 KB, 495x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 495x323
i was like 12
>"you can trim armour if you drop it and press alt-f4"
>Snow Patrol
Really? When I tried botting osrs a year ago, I was always banned. Now I have an honest account. But I fucking hate the game now
are those D claws?
>start an account in the early 2000s
>runescape is shitty game compared to today
>still awesome when I was like 10 or 11 in 2001 or 2002
>ask mom what name should be
>she says "dipwad"
>works, dipwad is born
>start playing a lot, mostly after school, but a lot in school too
>move up through items, getting better and better shit
>become super dipwad, slayer of poontang
>one day in maybe 2005 or 2006 go to log in after a couple month hiatus
>wrong password
>b-but I use same password for everything, wtf is going on?
>account was hacked, the work of 4 years is lost
>take time off, play other games
>come back to try again in 2010
>immediately quit after someone calls me a noob

Nobody calls me a noob in fucking runescape.
>oldschool runescape, loved it
>used the bow, high fletching.
>used it to earn my moneys
>update comes out, new skill (don't remember what) for killing special things
>cool rock hammer weapon thing I wanted associated with it.
> find a guy to sellit for super cheap
>finally i can afford
> Guy fast switch to a alchemy item or something like that which wasn't even a weapon

I cried when I realized I got trolled
I remember back in like 2005 when I started scamming santa hats.

>world 2
>go near santa hat section in fally
>have buddy go over to a nearby section
>says buying santa hat for XXX more than it usually cost
>post selling santa hat for like 2m more than its worth
>they buy it from me
>try to sell to friend

Did this about 20 times. I also fell for this stupid ass trick once

>in cammy bank
>guy buying addy (t) chest for like 1m
>guy selling addy {t) chest on other side of bank for like 500k or something
>trade my my sara legs for chest
>trade the other guy

i was so sad but how the fuck did I fall for that shit idk
Username: ITotallyBelieveYouFaggot
Password: YouAreAFaggot
File: 1446443593851.jpg (21 KB, 460x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 460x276
>Create new account, brother gives me full wizzy(g)
>shit nigga thats expensive
>go to cows in lumby and find a random lvl 3
>call him a noob and logged out
>tried to log in the next day

mfw I got banned for calling someone a noob and lost my full wizzy (g)
>buying full rune 1 million
>people trading tf out of me
>offering 1000k gp
>they put full rune
>removing 989996 gp
>1000k become 10004
>both accept
>acquired riches
>log out
File: Fml.png (238 KB, 802x921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238 KB, 802x921
Got Keylogged, lost my entire bank about 50M
>that's what happends when you don't have bank pin.

Hacker was kind enough to not drop my untradeables, got my account back from contacting Jagex.

Didn't quit but took a short break, currently rebuilding and mining atm
> Was 8 years old
> Just bought membership
> Spawned in Varrock by the general store
> Oh shit membership items
> 13k to my name
> Spent 13k on Javelins.
> Feelsbadman
File: 1447462054055.jpg (131 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 960x960
>Be me waste several years of my life getting 99 Agility, Hitpoints, Attack, Defense, Strength, Magic, Fletching, Prayer, Firemaking
>New RS comes out no Special Attacks years gathering money for Armadyl Godsword, Bandos, and Dragon Claws wasted
>Mfw my character is stuck on new shit servers and they expect me to start over
Just started to play OS runescape for the nostalgia, anyone care to help a poor nigger out with some gp?
>decide to play runescape
>be me, 10 years old
>be at some bank one day
>go upstairs
>some guy alone in the corner
>he was clearing his inventory or some shit
>dropped a fuckton of Rune armor/weapons
>drops a huge amount of coins
>I run over and pick everything up then run back downstairs

Dude had dropped almost a mil in coins, saved everything in the bank then ran away. I felt like a thief, but at least I was rich for once in that fucking game.

>smelting bracelets instead of necklaces
>not having free inventory space for the items
>thinking she would actually get that stuff

She deserved that
lmao, same shit here. I was like 7-8, used to think "lol" is an insult. + used to make money by killing chickens and selling feathers.
Whats your favorite me mes guys
File: k den.png (532 KB, 480x615) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
k den.png
532 KB, 480x615
>At the moment... Bad Luck Brian
>rune gilded
File: Untitled.png (768 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
768 KB, 1920x1080
>be me
>be 23
>playing OSRS
Deadman is fun with a skype group/teamspeak
Your not the only one
I played Runescape when it was in it's earliest days. Thing is, I had never played anything even slightly RPG related at the time.

I made an account, got on, got confused and wandered around for 10 minutes and logged off. Didn't play for years.
File: Untitled.png (738 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
738 KB, 1920x1080

Check the stats
File: 11-01-15 21.22.18.png (1 MB, 1408x888) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11-01-15 21.22.18.png
1 MB, 1408x888
>be 10 year old girl
>find out about bunny ears
>try to buy them
>everyone tells me they're untradable
>become obsessed with wanting to have them
>i own a Santa worth 150k
>a guy tells you can drop trade bunny ears
>he tells me to give him my santa first and he will drop his bunny ears on the ground for me
>get scammed
>quit rs for a year because i lost my bank
>come back and try to forget about bunny ears
>one day i see a noob with bunny ears in lumbridge
>pretty rare sight since they were dropped years ago
>try to guess his login
>the password is literally "12345"
>mfw i steal his account with no remorse and make it my main
>Not maxed
>Expects to be called anything but noob
>take people to the Rangers guild
>tell them to follow me to the second floor
>engage protect from missile prayer
>run out onto the catwalk and watch as the archers melt them
tits please
File: 1449291745173.png (244 KB, 480x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244 KB, 480x368
I was in that thread
>around 2006
>I was 10 years old
>I'm fucking stupid and share my account with some guy
>never see the warnings I'm getting from Jagex
>get banned
I was 10, but still, fuck you, DragonTeamz. I should have never trusted you. Even now, as a 19 year old, I hate that all that time I spent was fucking gone.
>mining in Al-kharid dodging scorpions
Seeking approval from people online about my wealth in a videogame
My account has been hacked like 3 times. Still got that shit nigga.
>dont know any of those items
12m is weak
File: 1443648726652.gif (997 KB, 500x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
997 KB, 500x475
>my wealth
Nigga thats like 150-200m tops
Cash stack is low, true.

Total bank is like 300m. Decent amount I feel, considering my stats aren't amazing.
Just lost my bank staking it away. Rsn: Bologna Pony
Give me money faggots
Shit, I was gonna buy 20m in osrs gold, but it costs 60 dollars Canadian. Wtf... Fuckn canadian money is worth dicks

look at these nmz prods

I want to play so bad again, is there someone here who can donate me a bond?
>bot fishing for 4 hours
>get perma ban

That's what you get you fucking nincompoop
File: osrslol.png (37 KB, 1313x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 1313x563
Whoever 99s stats without botting or nmz is a fuckn loser
You're the type of noob that made rs fun
> had woodcutting 80+
> cut magic trees or whatever they were called
> sold logs for 1k each
> made lots of money
> years later forgot password - can't log back in.
Magic logs were 1.5k at least pre-2010ish.
I'm quitting osrs and selling all my shit in the GE. What Item should I invest all my money in so my GP wont be worthless in a year?
>tfw you couldn't wear a rune platebody
>tfw you couldn't afford rune platelegs
>tfw kiteshields were overpriced
>tfw you get a rune med helm from a lesser demon
Anything which is already at 1gp and has no use. If Jagex decides to update it you'l be rolling in max cash stack Rock Climbing boots style.
I'd have to buy 30m worth of that item though
Just keep the gp
GP declines in value as more of it is brought into the game
That makes 2 of us
Yes, and?

Rock Climbing boots turned from 1k-ish to 75k market/45k high alch overnight. Find something which could be updated in the future and just wait. Doesn't have to be an item worth 1gp, it would just be safer since the price couldn't decrease.
I've found the opposite to be true on RS3. Valuable items keep getting cheaper as more of them are found. When you keep gp, you'll get more valuable shit out of it later on.
Alright, I'll look into some potential items. Thanks mann
Well yeah, items. But consumables just keep going up
>you will never do classic dragon slayer for the first time ever again
Buy sharks then I guess.
The only thing I can remember from when I played was grinding for hours to get those stupid blank runes then running fuck all everywhere to engrave them with water, wind and shit. Then going to that tower with the demon and grinding magic points
It's sad that I know exactly where and what your talking about.
That's around when I stopped playing. Only other thing I remember is cow hide farming
While being a new noob, i added people in lvl 100+++, cause i thought it was fucking insane to be in that kind of level.
>be me 12 yrs old
>start playing runescape every fucking day
>ruined my life
I deliberately never got past lv40, a friend of mine played competitively and was (iirk) 8th on the leader boards. He'd PVP and I'd follow him like his bitch, looting from his kills. The deal was I'd keep the loot because he was to rich to care, and I'd pick up his arrows to keep him from having to restock as often.

Played like this for maybe 3 years, walking around in high level wildy with him in super expensive gear for show. Looking back its like I was his pet and seems pretty faggy.
File: 1449859835969.jpg (69 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 960x720
Add me in game, OSRS accepting donations

RSN: froggyyy
I fucking love you for how true it is
I was one of those polish 10 year olds
10/10 description. you ran rune essence to make runes to gain runecrafting xp
>8th on leader boards
>not grinding some boring ass skill 24/7
Doesn't add up.
A goat fucker betrayed my cousin while he was depoloyed in Afghanistan. I still log onto his runescape account every now and then.
That's how I remember it but I might be chatting shit, it was so long ago. He did grind a lot when I was offline and he wasn't playing PVP.
File: alog.png (1 MB, 1070x940) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1070x940

>92 days


>Drygore Longs
>Dual virts
>Glacytes in 2k16

Your new is showing
File: rs3.png (1 MB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1600x900
>3Addicted Brothers
That's the RS I miss.. Pre eoc.
File: runescape_slav.jpg (17 KB, 182x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 182x231
Rate my fashionscape outfit boys
...for 185k
whats your desktop theme?
lol nigger
You account didn't work, did you mistype something?
underage b&
dubs king
Add me in game SemperGumby I wanna chill with Bros and give stuff away. I'll be on either tonight or tomorrow
Just play OSRS.
what are your stats? You ought to be able to crank out 9m in a few hours, with ease.

No AA, automatically 0/10.
Tfw when you've never botted and have your acc from 2004
File: 1360541833889.png (72 KB, 226x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 226x263
>be 10 years old
>have an account with full rune (chainbody not pl8 plus boots) glory ammy and 100k cash
>thought i was the shit
>follow a guy to a drop party with all my stuff on
>other guy comes along
>"wow youve got some nice stuff anon"
>say thank you, feel flattered
>so enthralled in the fact that i felt super rich and good at runescape
>didnt realise we crossed into the wildy
>proceed to get spammed by ice barrage
>realise what is happening
>shouting and crying at computer, banging mouse, unable to do anything
>watch helplessly as i die
>lose everything except platelegs, kiteshield and glory

I also got scammed of 1k flax by someone saying they knew a guy who bought them for 270gp each (they were about 100gp a pop back then). He said he'd split the profit 50/50 with when his friend got on. Never saw him again of course.

Aaaand then I got scammed of about 100k with a trust trade. I was retarded when I was 10.
You've made me kek, anon.
is it possible to get a account back?
I forgot the password and everything about it (except Account name and that the account is like 6-8 years old if not more). Dont want to make new account.
Another story.
>just finished While Guthix Sleeps
>try out tormented demons for the first time
>do pretty badly but manage to get a kill nonetheless
>no good loot
>have enough supplies left for a few more kills
>barely manage to kill second demon, few close calls
>mouse over dropped loot
>dragon claws
>holy fucking shit second kill
>sell claws for 20m and buy tassets
>go back again to try and get more claw drops
>get nothing of value and die twice
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