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Anyone got any sleep paralysis stories? I've...
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Anyone got any sleep paralysis stories? I've only got a one and it isn't that bad compared to some of the ones I've heard.

>be me
>just got home from school
>decided to take a nap
>I can only fall asleep when I'm on my back for some reason
>fall asleep
>suddenly feel like I'm awake, but I can't move
>I manage to open my eyes, but I can only look straight up
>I saw a couple of things that looked like shadows sitting by my bed out of the corners of my eyes
>from what I could tell they really didn't have a definite shape
>they started saying my name over and over again, occasionally they would start giggling
>it kind of sounded like they were mocking me
>it was at various volumes too, sometimes they would whisper and other times it sounded like they were screaming in my ear
>each one sounded like a bunch of people talking at the same time
>I know this is going to sound stupid because of what I just said, but I swear to god I could hear my aunt's voice pretty distinctly amongst them
>this really freaked me out because my aunt had died like two years prior to that, and right after she died I had an incident in my kitchen where I thought I heard her whisper in my ear
>managed to force myself awake
>the exact same thing happened the next two times I tried to sleep, but it hasn't happened again in the three years since the last incident

Not anywhere near as bad as some of the stories I've heard here, but it was pretty terrifying when it happened.
i'll bump anon while i work on an answer
I have sleep paralysis on a regular basis although I don't personally experience hallucinations while in this state. It's still very annoying..
I get sleep paralysis or hypnagogic hallucinations if i EVER sleep on my back, unless I'm deadshit tired, it tends to happen in chains (which is proven to be a thing by research anyway). Like, if I even fall asleep on my back once and I'm not crash-ready then I will hallucinate going into sleep (ghosts, tiki faces, etc. 'throwing me around' talking to me'), these are not always bad, and I can sometimes learn more about myself during them, but the experience is so annoying its brutal, as it means I can't get a good nights sleep (either wait an hour so I can break the chain or just spend the rest of the night hallucinating).
Sleep paralysis is less common than these hallucinations, but is much more terrifying. It tends to also occurr when I proceed to full sleep after hallucinations, on the waking up phase (i know there is a name for it). Like, if I proceed through falling-asleep hallucinations when I wake up I will either
a) hallucinate really fucking badly, as in, have full conversations with people i know kind of hallucinating, or
b) get sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis is actually less of a problem I find, simply because I know that I will eventually wake up from it. It can sometimes take 3-4 hallucinations for the cycle to break and to wake up.
I have recently started to just sit tight and remind myself its not real, but sometimes I like to mess with it by getting angry instead of fearful, it also gets the emotional centers running but I find it tends to be different, more like traditional 'scary' entertainment.
Might speak more later, go over the more entertaining individual experiences
Nice dubs , try to take control, I have had sum success and it's kinda fun to explore your mind if that makes sense
had it twice, only saw stuff one time. shadow blob moving around my wall.
Yeah I actually think I managed just then. I was speaking to three of myself and I don't really know how to say it but they were essentially 'telling' me about my problems, like they would say it like it was their problem and it would just click that I also had that and needed to deal with it. Nothing too important, just stuff like getting assignments done, where to go for dinner tomorrow, etc.
Well whatever you do don't get meds for that, it doesn't sound like it's destroying your life and if you get diagnosed with that shit you will be grouped with the true bat shit crazy people
I have paralysis while i`m sleeping everytime. I can`t breathe, talk, move and I see and hear whatever I imaginate

You were just having a lucid dream.
To elaborate on that, usually when I try to take control it just fails and I end up either changing the hallucination (more often than not) or waking up, first time I've done it successfully.
Here is another of my more memorable ones
Tiki faces are a common recurring thing in my dreams, but the first time it happened was actually entertaining in a weird way, now that I look back on it.
Basically there were disembodied tiki masks floating around me chanting parts of the ooo eee witch dictor song, and then I wiggled my index finger (only thing I can move usually during hallucinations, sometimes I can move limbs but its hell sluggish) and they formed a line and my bed started just 'flying around', and I could feel the g-forces applying and wind flying past, etc.
It ended with gravity turning back on and rushing to the ground.
Yeah it was at the start but now it's just like dont sleep on my back, don't lie down like I'm going to sleep when I'm not actually tired
I keep it fairly internalized because yeah lol I'm not a crazy, and I don't need anything special to deal with it. Just common sense
See if you can do that dream dot think on your finger, the one you can move, that would be really cool if the dot wasn't there
Go back to /x/
>couple of months back I jerked off and had a nap
>dreamt weird shit
>unexplainable shit
>woke up and saw a guy resting against the wall
>couldn't move
>he came out from the wall
>said "I knew you'd wake eventually"
>as he got closer I got tireder
>I couldn't stop myself from falling back asleep
>woke up again and he was gone

It felt real. Way too real, and fucked me up for a few weeks.
Yeah not a bad idea either.
I just find it funny how I can realise its sleep paralysis and mess around with the stuff I'm seeing by getting angry, sad or happy or whatever but when I'm hallucinating, no matter how real or fucked up I always just accept it as real.
The more I study sleep paralysis the more I'm becoming convinced it's demonic activity
Funny how from what he said it sounds more like your halluc. was in the phase of going to sleep, rather than waking up.
>had so much stress for like 2 weeks that I had sleep paralysis one night
>woke up
>couldnt open my eyes
>imagined moving my hands to pry my eyes open manually
>doesnt happen
>I see ilghts like fireworks
>decide I'm having a stroke and fall back asleep.
It is called night terrors.

I have gotten a shitload of them.
I thought night terror was severe nightmares, like, things that happen during deep sleep rather than when waking up/falling asleep
checked quads, demons had actually stolen your eyes and decided to give them back
I used to get night terrors and occasionaly still sleep walk

My night terrors were worse cause I was basically fully conscious but my body and mind were doing their own thing.
I'd wake mid sleep walk
I was getting naked and walking around saying random shit to my parents
I was able to see reality the whole time though and as control slowly came back to me I had panic attacks.
No idea what caused it. It must have been 2pm or something since it was really bright out and I fapped after lunch.

I also had one where I woke up and shouted "FUCK YOU!" at the top of my lungs last year. No idea what I was dreaming though.
You know these "sleep hallucinations" are more commonly known as "dreams" right?

And yes, these things can seem very real, and very scary.

They're also common, like people are saying, when you're tired but go for a quick nap well before you'd normally go to sleep. For example, like OP said, after school/work. You're in REM sleep and your brain is very active still.

I'm fucking knackered now having been up for 10 hours after just 3 hours sleep, so might have a quick nap. I fully expect to get sleep paralysis of some sort though!

As far as I'm aware, it isn't any cause for concern. It's actually a protective reflex in the body - it prevents you from, for example, lashing out in your dream and lashing out in real life, and injuring your arm.

If you get this shit when you're properly awake though, see a doctor!
x is for paranormal
not dreams

>nightmare - bad dream where u wake up and u can still see and hear shit

>nighttare - bad dream..the so called nightmare.

>goodnight kids.
>sings i will win you FAGGLETS and walks towards the sunset
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Ate a huge weed brownie in high school, stayed high for nearly 24 hours even through sleeping. Partially woke up in the middle of the night and felt terrified, couldn't move or scream for help. Felt like something was holding me psychically, I was surrounded by shadowy figures and they were holding me down. Could not even see them directly because they only appeared in my peripheral vision. There was a horrendous static noise that kept getting louder, it was probably the worst part.

This shit still creeps me the fuck out when I think about it in bed. It was just a hallucination and I don't believe in ghost or whatever but somethings I can't help but think what if those demons are out there all the time and we rarely get a glimpse into their world
Dreams =/= hallucinations, just like sleep paralysis is similar but not the same to hallucinations.
In my experience my hallucinations are always almost exactly like sleep paralysis, can't move, gets worse more I think, etc., but in sleep paralysis its almost always only lasts a minute, and doesn't keep recurring, like hallucinations do, until something wakes me up or it ends in sleep paralysis

weebs are phatetic
Here's mine that happened back in September

>Be me
>Be sleeping
>Wake up, but don't open eyes and try to sleep
>Hear foot steps beside your bed
>Feel a shiver in my spine
>Try to open your eyes to see what's up
>Suddenly feel paralyzed, can't move anything but tongue inside my mouth
>Can't even open eyes
>Try to panic, doesn't work
>This lasts for some 20 seconds
>When over, I kinda shat myself
>To this day, I'm certain I got probed by aliens
>having what seems like a normal dream
>sitting at desk on computer
>on 4chan
>link to video
>grainy footage, black and white
>dark-haired girl in hospital gown laying on a table in an otherwise empty room
>think it's some kinda snuff film
>url starts to go zalgo-text
>girl sits up, faces camera, and starts moving towards it
>zalgo text starts coming out of computer
>my perspective shifts
>on my back in my bed
>can't move
>video still playing on computer
>girl coming out of computer The Ring style
>moving towards me
>room going dark and random symbols appearing in the air
>insanely overwhelming fear
>never felt any kind of fear like that before or since
>start to get movement back from my feet up
>felt control creeping up from my legs to my head
>probably happened in an instant but felt like several seconds
>hallucinations disappear
>bolt upright and gasp in to full lung capacity
>fear stuck with me for a couple seconds
>calm down
>realize exactly what happened
>kinda amused
>go back to sleep
When i was six i had exactly what is pictured in OPs pic related happen to me. Woke up and couldnt move with a short squat shadow figure on my chest. One of my most vivid memories, couldnt move. After a short fruitless panic i closed my eyes and wished it away. Opened them after what felt like forever when the weight lifted and was fine. Was too scared to tell anyone plus i was a tough little fucker.
>you must be new here...

>how do u know that?

>are you by any chance same fagging + baiting?

>go away annon.

>let us talk about nightmares inside nightmares

>and unicorns...



>be me...

>dont know when to use greentext so ill do it every time i speal

>mfw i cant stop typing even though i have already glued rizzlas together in the shape of a greek Gama.
It's still a dream. You're not actually looking at your room (assuming that's where you're sleeping) with the demons/whatever in there - that would be a hallucination. You're dreaming you're in an almost exact replica of your room.

If you could somehow video your dreams, you'd see subtle errors in the way your brain has dreamt your room, though when you're dreaming, your brain will often omit even glaring errors.

I remember when I was a kid, I was convinced I was dreaming, and knew I shouldn't go down the stairs (recurring nightmare, long story). In order to convince me I was awake and not dreaming, a friend was showing me my camcorder, and I distinctly remember inspecting the built in mic to check it was the same as the one we owned in real life. Convinced it was, I went down the stairs.

Only after I woke up, I realised "we don't even fucking own a camcorder".
Have something very similar, but when I was like 5 years old. I was laying in my bed with bars, my mother and father was in the kithen and I was just watching miami vice ( I remeber that vividly because what's happen next ). Suddenly curtain beside tv starts to move slowly, and next thing that I see was wery long hand with claws. It was like old branches of old wood. It move curtain on the side and I saw what the most people described an Old Hag. And her face was like faces in that Stephen King Ten o'clock people. It was all moving but in the same time I know there are eyes and mouth. I suddenly move my head to the direction of the kithen to call my mother or a father but just above me stand this black monk. He was the blackest colour I've seen in my life except his eyes. The eyes were something beetwen red and gold, and they just made that impression that they are very far away. In the same moment I saw this monk I cannot make a soud, I cannot take a breath. It was like only by looking he choking me. It lasts like 4 seconds and he just sank into the floor, like someone just open some dors and he feel in the hole. Then I started screaming like hell and my parents storm to the room. The thought that I have a bad dream, but it's the most vivid and real experience of my childhood.
>i had one nightmare once, i had

>be me..16-17..sleeping at my grandmother's bed..(so i had to be 21)


>insert boobs

>we were at a familly gathering and i was in the kitchen.

>some fucking dog was under the table and was being all aggressive like to me

>It fucking bit my hand.

>i started shouting and was like..

>who owns this fucking dog..

>noone would give a fuck

>i punched the dog a couple of times and woke up

>or i thought that i woke up....

>i looked at my hand and there were fucking teeth marks from that dog and my hand was covered in blood

>must have durated for about 2-3 seconds the most.. but it was quite impressive

>dont think ive ever had any one of those any other time.

>text in green letters

>advice..protip per sy. If you have troubles sleeping..

>think of all the highlights of your life..Alter them slightly to your favor..

>you'll be sleeping before u know it and 99% of the times you'll have an awesome dream.

>jerking off can help as well, but it wont guarantee the quality of your dreams.

>jerking off and not cumming but falling asleep gradually, if that makes sense.. could lead to sexual dreams.. 7 times out of 10, at least..(experiments during my young years on this planet)

There is some guy who makes crazy photos inspired by his sleep paralysis experiences. I forget what his name was. Does anyone have the photos?

thats fucking tarantino shit right here...

im copying - pasting this page.. gonna make a fucking stories behind the crypt 2
have you done hard drugs before?
thats no shit, in poland this creature is called "smora"
>be me
>last week
>had weird dream I did a bunch of cocaine at a party, even tho I've never done coke before
>everything starts moving real fast around me
>dream I'm laying down, unable to move but everything else around me is moving
>keep trying to move my body in order to wake up, unable to
>finally muster a bunch of strength to "sit up" and wake myself up
>sit in bed for an hour wondering what the fuck just happened

Kind of hard to explain but basically I was trying to wake myself up but my body was paralyzed in my dream and made it feel like so in real life
I guess you're right if I think about it. Often I realise its sleep paralysis straight away because the door is open (I always sleep with it closed) or the blinds are open. I guess I get confused because with sleep paralysis it doesnt feel like there is a waking stage, you just kind of transition into being able to move.
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