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>Whats the worst thing (consensual or...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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>Whats the worst thing (consensual or not) that you have done to a girl?
>What was her reaction?
>What was your relaitonship to her
>Do you still see her?
I farted in a girls face while getting a blowjob.
It didnt last very long after that
http://hdx hdx com/fifty-shades-of-grey-dakota-johnson-jamie-dornan-jennifer-ehle/
was gonna break up with a girl, so i got her to fuck herself on skype for me every night for a week. secretly recorded the videos, broke up with her the day after.
>I touched her
>She slapped me
>She was a random slave, now a slut tied up in my attic
>Whenever I'm horny or angry

>i met her at a party
>we speak a little
>we got drunk
>i felt drunk so i went to a couch and sat down
> few minutes later she came and sat next to me
>we started talking
>the suddenly she is on my lap
>i was touching her nice ass, tits , vagina
>after that never speak to her again
A few, my ex I facialed in her sleep. When she awoke I was dumped.

My current girl. Made her watch rape porn while fucking. I then slipped it in her ass (she was a virgin there) just as I shot my load.
Posted my ex's nudes on /b/
She doesn't know
Pic related
Catfished her online, 3 times, got a bunch of nudes, posted them online, framed it on her friend

She broke up with her friend and she still hates his guts after 2 years

Been kinky once or twice with her but don't talk to her much

Yes, I even got an invite to her wedding coming up
I carved "SLUT" into a girl's ass last month
She stopped me halfway through L because I was going too deep (it was a scalpel and I was drunk and stoned)
Booty call
Married her.
Why are there so many 4.
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nothing sexual but ill give it a try

>be me
>last year of school
>i went to this school for just two years, so im still the new guy
>this one girl in my school likes me
>always smiles at me and shit
>one day on a party say fuck it
>make out
>somehow end up being together for a month
>sex is bad, very bad
>stop liking her
>want to break up
>it is her 18th birthday in two weeks and she is having a big party
>dont want to spoil it for her, so i decide to stay together until after party
>hardly see her in the next two weeks until party, only in school
>her birthday comes
>i dont even have a present
>hang out with my guys only
>ignore her most of the time
>she notices it and tries to talk to me whole evening
>say "all cool, nothing wrong"
>keeps annoying me
>finally go out to talk with her
>make up some shit
>she doesnt believe me
>she asks if i want to break up with her
>wait too long to give answer
>she starts crying, goes back inside
>i quickly grab my jacket
>call my brother to pick me up
>never talk to her again
>MFW i broke up with that girl on her 18th birthday
>MFW everyone was on that party including her parents

and thats how every girl in that school started hating me
Have one more
Nice trips
Nice try, check em
>Fisted vagina
>Fucked her ass
>Fisted again
>Piss on her
>her eyes where in the back of her head
This is just the most deviant thing I can think of that I've done during sex. Honestly the worst thing I've done to girls is emotional abuse and psychological manipulation, seducing girls in front of their boyfriends just for the ego trip, etc.
File: IMG-20160108-WA0020.jpg (398 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nice cock block there fag
>Meet piglet at event
>She's from out of town, staying at a hotel
>Get drunk with piglet
>Go back to hotel room with her
>Sex begins
>Decide to see how far I can push things
>Savage her ass for half an hour on bathroom floor
>Finish in her mouth

She took it all without complaint. Took her out to breakfast the next day and never contacted her after.
I turned her into a back page wore for my amusement pleasure and monetary gain. Then when she pissed me off I told her family where to find her and how much she cost and posted the price list to he fb and dump her
Get that weak shit outta here
File: raping a rapist.png (67 KB, 1241x781) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
raping a rapist.png
67 KB, 1241x781
Must see proof
Had a super feminist bitchy gf, one night while I was getting drunk she went maximum over bitch at me so I got pissed and starting slapping her around before dragging her to bed and fucking her roughly before passing out while she cried. When I woke up I was sure she was gonna report me to the police or some shit since her face was bruised up and she had a blackeye. To my suprise though she lied to all of her friends about the bruises and she doesn't bitch at my anymore. It's kinda bad to say this but she's been a way better gf now after being smacked around. I don't even need to ask for sex anymore just pick her up and take her to my bed, or grab her hair and make her suck my cock.
What did she do to piss you off?
I was born a man into the privilege of patriarchy.

She got a humanities degree and a safe space on campus.
Source please?
Pro-tip. Single lonely mothers will do almost anything if you tell them you love them and want a relationship. After you have your fun and get them to do all manner of nasty and degrading shit with their desperate ass, never talk to them again.
>touching her nice ass, tits , vagina
>searched for friendship with benefits on dating app
>got some whale, met her few times, fucked her few times
>whale super cocky, thinks she can have everybody
>whale getting annoying
>one day at my house, blindfold her
>fuck her mouth, she chokes
>fuck her ass
>blood on dick
>she cries but doesnt say stop or anything
>told me later she couldnt shit for a whole week
>never saw her again till this day
that's deep man
will this work with my own mother?
File: oXRmvsF.jpg (116 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stuck a plunger up a girls ass and fucked her on the kitchen floor, also up the ass in front of her cat while she pretended the cat was her son and watching her depraved acts

Interesting girl
Forced my ex to suck my dick before she went home.
> the tears in her eyes are honestly what got me off
Only one way to find out.
Bump for OP's pic sauce
File: whalerider.jpg (15 KB, 300x234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>lost my virginity to this whale when i was 16, she was 19/20 at the time
>couldnt cum off of bj, Pineapple Express was on tv
>throw the rubber on, go to town
>start eating her out, she missed a few hairs, whatever
> 30 pumps
>cum in her mouth
>cuddle, cleanup, dip
>start dating other whale next week
Lol. I would have to get on my comp. I still have one of the sites I put her on saved. But I'm not here to make you believe me
She refused to do what I told her to do. It was important . I was sick. And she fucked up
Sounds hot. Reminds me of this.
Nice bs story
File: 1394705661845.jpg (123 KB, 780x435) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me, 17 years old.
>I had a gf, in that moment, I had never loved a girl like that before.
>She said she loved me, but I knew that wasn't true.
>December, 2012.
>She fucked her cousin.
>"I SWEAR HE RAPED ME, ANON. I was sleeping and I didn't feel anything when he was doing that disgusting stuff."
>I send her to eat shit.
>Two months later, she's with another guy.
>Comes back to me.
>"I still love you, anon. Please come back."
>I fucked her.
>I filmed us fucking.
>Send the video to her bf.
>She say exactly the same thing to him.
>I swear he raped me.
>One year later.
>In that time, we've been fucking casually.
>She was still with that idiotic boy.
>He knew that we fucked casually, he was a total cuck.
>She met another guy.
>Dump her bf, and go to the other guy.
>Her new bf didn't know I was fucking her.
>Did the same with that guy and all that followed
>Filmed, then send the vid.
>She's now all alone, but can't get rid of me.
>She's still thinking I will someday forgive her for cheating on me and make her my gf again.

>Pic related, that's her.

Btw, she's not underage, she's 19 in that pic.
uhm... post it? or more pics?

>hanging out after night of partying in front room
>3 couples, me and a random girl met last night
>random head in my lap
>pull blanket over her head and fart
>gave her the ol dutch over
>Got pissed
>didnt leave shes a keeper
>Friend is going out with her now
>Laugh thinking about how i dutched her everytime i see her.

>At a party
>Pissed drunk
>start hooking up with girl in bathroom
>Shes blowing me
>need to shit
>sit down and start taking a dump
>She continues to blow me
>about to nut and dont tell her
>cock literally down her throat, she had like no gag reflex
>spews barf between my dick and seat into toilet.
>Get up and go play flip cup.
>leave after the game
>no idea what happened to her.
>having a few drinks with fuckbuddy
>she is criminally obnoxious and ratchet, its like hanging out with meg
>killer body thou and loves the d
>she tells me shes hungry
>late for family dinner but get an idea
>convince fuckbuddy to come with me to mcdonalds
>drag her in toilet
>fuck her doggy over toilet seat, stick it in her ass even though she pleads no
>turn her around on her knees and finish in her mouth and chin
>she kisses my balls ever so gently (still fap to that moment to this day)
>give her the change in my pocket so she can get like a cheeseburger or whatever
>were talking like $2.48 in coins
>leave her on floor in bathroom
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

I couldnt keep that video because of reasons, but yeah, I have more pics.
>Wait till GF is passed out from Xanax and liquor
>Take her pants off
>Fuck her in the ass
>Fuck her in the mouth
>force my dick down her throat while I cum

I see her daily and she is perfectly fine with me doing this.
File: 1452545960006.jpg (877 KB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
877 KB, 2560x1440
Here is her pircelist

Hoyl shit i got these stories for days

>first day of school
>group meet in lecture hall
>another party
>go there
>mess around with this random girl
>next day she sits next to me in the hall
>no idea who the fuck she is
>asks me if i remember her from last night
>She gets up mad and sits across the room for the whole semester
When i was 13 my 11 year old cousin stayed the night at my grandmas with me. She use to sleep on her knees. Which was weird. Like a on knees fetal position. I had just started jacking off and had only seen my first pussy online probably a week or two before this (Back in 56k days). I was curious when she was sleeping so i lifted up her night gown and pulled her panties to the side. I tried to spread her ass but accidentally slipped my finger in her ass and it stunk. SO i got up to wash my hand and when i got back her panties were still down and i saw her pussy in the tvs glow. I got hard so i got on my knees behind her and started dry humping her through my boxers just to see. Then my heart was pounding i was afraid she'd wake up. But i was already too far gone so i popped my dick out of the bottom of my loose boxeers and proceeded to fuck her. I didnt go in very deep I penetrated but i didnt break the hymen i got like 2 or 3 more pumps in and then i orgasmed inside and down her leg. then I moved and I noticed the sleeping matt/futon thing she slept on it (It was like a pillow that folded up into a chair) It was wet... and i stood up after that and the floor was wet.. She had pissed herself somewhere along the way and I didnt know it.

I know have several weird fetishes and that was the last time she ever stayed over... Idk if she woke up, idk if her parents my parents or grandmother knows but I remember and I'm hard as fuck remembering it. I hear she has problems now mentally like with anxiety but severely. She was always sort of that way even before i did that but i often wonder if i attributed to it and i feel like shit about it if i did.
One night I haven't fuck my sex friend without her consent, we don't see each other since
Forgot to green text it after sorry..
I call bs
i like you
>Not greentexting.


Fingered her while she was drunk and denied it when she asked me about it a few days later.

Ugh, regret.
Oh wow, writing on a peice of paper.
Now I totally believe your story anon, good jerb!
Pics or it didn't happen

You'll live
dry anal

she was 4'10.

xxxx - video number

p0rnhub com viewkey=xxxx
damn I want a flower pot like that.
>wrestling with my gf letting her pin me.
>she sneezes a very small amount of spit on my face as im pinned
>she laughs
>wrong move bitch
>play it off like its cool
>smoke a bowl so she lowers her guard
>Let her play gta 5 for abit
>10 minutes go past and i havent said a word
>too busy cultivating saliva in my mouth
>eventually i slam her onto the bed and pin her down
>it is now that she realizes i let her win every time
>i proceed to launch the biggest lugie on this side of the Mississippi right into that bitches face
>she screams in horror
>i am literally rolling around the floor laughing
>she tells me to get out
> haven't spoken since
>bitch shouldn't have sneezed on me
At a college party I met a fat chick, took her back to my dorm & tittyfucked her & got a BJ. turns out she was still in high school. 14 years old.

>coming home after party
>few of us there and few randoms
>go upstairs to pass out
>girl walks in with another girl
>they crawl in bed with me
>start playing with my junk
>they want to get freaky
>so i tell them I want to do anal with them
>one girl start licking others ass hole and fingering
>fuck her and bust in her butt
>tell other girl to eat it
>she does
>girl gies in to start making out with me
>tell her i dont want that shit near me
>uber home
File: 1.jpg (33 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 960x720
Ok, then do it.

Thank you, anon. Here is one of when she dress as a maid for me.

I love humiliating her.
Best girl friend. Some How we're still friends but I've pissed on her face when I was drunk, I've fucked her and came in her pus and jerked onto her face while she was passed out and most recently, we hung out on the field at our old school and I forced her into a gangbang with me and my male best friend. she's fucking retarded and I'll keep extorting her until either she gets preggers and I have to roll out or she realizes I use her solely to get laid.
Donkey punched her and made her blow me while she shitted on the floor.
She got off on it but also cried
No, she was trying to fix her current relationship

>cum in girl's mouth
>think I'm going to cum again and release
>it was urine

We still see each other every once in a while.
I already did.
No one records themselves fucking a woman multiple times and then "deletes them for reasons"
I've only got 1 girl in my life to let me film her while we fuck, that was 7 years ago and I'll keep that shit for ever.
Ass fucked my gf while she was passed out on phenibut. She still doesn't know
she deserved that
You're so ALPHA! I just wish I could suck your cock, and I'm not even gay
>I used to fuck my ex while she was passed out. She woke up once and said I was gross.
> She was so drunk once she pissed on my dick. I made her suck her own piss off of me and she was too drunk to know. I pissed on her probably 100 times in the shower after that. She was always pissed off about it.
Forced my cock into my gf's ass after she told me it hurt then fucked the shit out of her despite her crying into the pillow, then came in her ass.

Our relationship is fine. That was like 3 years ago.
Saw this girl in jr high who always looked at me like I was god. I asked her out one night. She was so happy she lost it when I askrd. Had her keep it quiet and snuck out. I picked her up and took her into the woods and raped her like 3 times. My friends came and raped her too. I guess about a dozen of us. She quit breathing so we tossed her into a dumpster. It was all on tv how they were looking for her. She's in the garbage dump! Was great fun. Like 30 years ago.
Oh ya, and when she woke up she said she had a really bad dream about being raped.
Once it took pictures of a girl cleavage without her consent
Paid a stripper $100 dollars for sex
When we got into the back room she asked if it was ok if she got high first.
I said yes figuring it was gonna be weed or coke.
She shoots herself full of herion.
I ask if I can go raw, she says for an extra $80 dollar tip.
fuck her raw dog all 3 holes.
She's nearly passing out the entire time.
I have herpies and HPV, but did not currently an outbreak.
Enjoy your STD's junkie!
Didn't even tip. That $100 goes to the club.
she deserved every single marble.
>implying she didn't already have those.
File: IMG_20140218_001119.jpg (637 KB, 1920x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
637 KB, 1920x2560
>my gf get invited to low-key party
>she took me with herself
>she drank too much
>we had fight - i saw her staring at one guy there
>are u crazy anon? he is disgusting!
>i said i wanna go home
>she said she wanna stay longer
>come drunk to home
>morning i wake up
>she sleeps next to me
>she looks horrible, her make is all over her face
>anon i lose my phone
>get my clothes, go to this place
>find her phone
>find this picture
>took her phone
>said to her i never found
>save the picture
>spread all over internet as anon
you fool
And that's the day anon caught AIDS
underated post
What are you fucking gay?
this sounds like my first relationship
It's not underrated, you just replied to it newfag
>gf of 2 year
>hot butt small boobs good bjs
>she never swallow or facial
>i am bored of her and tell her to break up
>one week after that call her that he have to talk
>she ran to me.she try to tease me
>i tell her today i want only blowjob.
>i was edging not to cum for almost an hour.start and stop
>i tell her i want to cum in her mouth
>huge load.
>get dressed and never saw her again
sometimes i still jerking off to that blowjob
Kodak or Betamax?
Probably did.
Hopefully not, time will tell.
I have a bad habit/addiction to fucking strippers raw, so probably soon if not already,
I took the condom off, came inside her, and told her to take plan b. she was a girl whose virginity I took and she wanted to keep hooking up with me and I broke it off with her.
So do you hate women, or other dudes that fuck the same women

Or is it a self loathing thing and you want everyone to be as filthy and disease ridden as you?
Cause sending the actual link maybe slightly altered is too much work
File: short.jpg (28 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 960x720
So girls being fucked by their cousins is a very common thing.
Hahaha. I hope you're fine, anon.

In that time, thinking about her being penetrated for someone elses cock, was just disgusting.
I was sickening of watch her body naked the first times we fucked after that.

Then I just get over it.
Typical feminist
(if I make it boring enough, everybody will believe my stupid story I made up!)
>hairy arm
>I bit my gf's clit by accident
we're still together

It's better than anything you will ever have in your life, anon
i'm flattered you think it's not a true story
looks like nose would be weird too.
make it worse show her face
Got both std's from ex gf
Promised her if she ever cheated on me I would spread that shit around as much as I can.
She cheated on me.
I dumped her and fucked her best friend.
(It was easy cause her best friend was a drunk whore who always made comments about wanting to fuck me)
Fucking her doggy style and my pit bull got really horny. I pulled out of her an had my pit fuck her. She was so into it, took a while to realize my dog was fucking her. She freaked out.
we'd been dating a bit over 2 years

my penis has always been just a bit too big, and shes sensitive when i bottom out, esp w/ the iud

i fucked her way too hard, made her cry, kept going till i came deep deep inside

dragged her from her bed to the couch, and then to her absent roommates room

all because she looked at all my txts on my phone. all of them. and though there wasnt much to see, there was still some to see and it felt violating. so i returned the favor.

she basically now has this weird problem with sex and she can only erally get pleasure from me
though i think i fixed that last time i saw her. when im in a proper fucking mood i can get her to cum and scream nonstop once i get her warmed up a bit. and ill go for 20 minutes fucking her senseless

we broke up, i moved away, still talk, still occasionally bang. no wonder she cant get over me. i nurtured a dependence, fucked her better than she ever was o will be fucked, and now im gone and she still craves me even after the trauma.

i regret it obviously
Worst thing I have done. It was my wife's birthday. She got shit faced drunk. She starts stripping and teasing me. Bends over on the bed and falls asleep. I try waking her up. She starts speaking incoherently. Told her if she won't wake up I was going to stick it in her ass. Still nothing. I fill her ass up so much cum that night. She knew as soon she went to the bathroom in the morning. We do anal from time to time. She laughed about it. We are still together.
File: 94.png (31 KB, 634x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 634x768

you're an abuser and she doesn't know how to get out of the relationship with you
I have a girl in Las Vegas like that. I was her first and I fuck the bitch whenever I'm in town.
> Be me
> 14
> Getting it on w/ virgin girl
> suckmeoff.jpg
> Bites my dick by accident
> Cringe
> Decide on revenge
> Bout to stick it in
> Jam it in her ass
> "Anon!!"
> Crying

That's what I got
Chum in their eyeball
You are an awful human being.

Kurt Cobain yourself.
Fucking brilliant
top kek!
i don't know what was the worst.

I beatted a smart ass masochist that i dated because she messed with my food ( send her to the floor and kicked her)

Strangle a drunk girl while i forced her asshole with my dick ( she was into these, so it was consensual), at her parents place, on her tiny 1 person bed, whose duvet was decorated with teddy bear. ( she was in her early twenty)

Got a dozen of guy to pee on 2 girl in an inflatable pool
made her have an abortion!
my ex couldnt take all my more that 1/2 my dick when giving a blowjob, not because i was big but she didnt have a very big mouth and i have a semi fat cock.
so one time i just grabbed her hair and made her take as much as she could and then some. she was mad at me for like a week and didnt give me head for a few weeks after that too.
BE me just after HS. Riding in car with chick in passenger seat, best friend in back. Bitch says somethign that makes me mad...
Push her out of car while doing 30mph.
That's how i used to get down. Now im a puss
When I used to sell heroin these chicks would do anything for a fix. Got one to give me a footjob while she was sucking my dick. Paid about $10 in heroin for that. I have another chick $30 of dope and she let me in all three holes. Still see the first one because she has kids now and lives in my neighborhood.
I did this when i was dating my wife....
>I refused to have sex with her
>desperation, constant texts that turned angry, e-mailing my naked pics, flashing me at work, etc

It bothered her so much that I wouldn't fuck her. But I'm selective. I can afford to be. I'd mess with her too, grind on her at work, nibble on her ear, shit like that.
You and I prolly fuck the same broads
thats some sweet flowerpot
You're a fucking beta max bro
>Home from Iraq, visiting family
>Find out the girl I was going to propose to has been banging two other guys - really pissed
>Third week I go to spend some time at my oldest sister's house. My brother-in-law died of cancer just 2 years before and she had some work thing to go to for 3 days, I volunteered to spend one night there to help out
>My niece is 16, hear she isn't doing well without a dad
>That night we were just hanging out watching some show and she asked me why I didn't propose to my GF
>Tell her she was sleeping around
>Niece tells me she has a BF
>Giggles a bit, starts talking about how she was a cocktease
>Get a little mad, tell her she shouldn't do that
>'Why not?'
>'A real man would take that as a 'yes' and just take you?'
>She reached over, grabbed my dick through my shorts, and said, 'Are you a real man?'
>I grabbed her, put her on her knees, and made her suck my dick, then came all over her face
>The entire time I was imagining my es
>She was crying a little, I told her to go clean up
>She came back 'You warned me' and curled up next to me and fell asleep holding my hand
>I woke up in the night to her crying and asking for her dad to come back
>Next morning she told me she was sorry and she would never do it again
>Realize I was punishing her for my ex, but she was needing someone to be strict with her
Now we pretend it was a bad dream and we're both a little less crazy
>be me
>girls says hi
>i ignore her
Do you got cucked, what does that have to do with the rest of us.

Told ex gf you would spread that shit around

How do you know she didn't have it to begin with?
Kek. Wouldn't doubt it m8
lol cuck faggot
Fucking found it!!
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 627x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 627x352
I took a shit on a girl while we were in a 69.
It wasn't on purpose, it was leaky and she freaked, bit my dick and my ass juice leaked in her eyes and up her nose.
After she pushed me off her, she started crying and I just kept blasting ass gas in rythm. Y'know, like barp.. barp.. barp... barp.. barp.

It wasn't my proudest moment, she was my crush when I was 17.
She never wanted to see me again and is probably sexually scarred. She was a virgin at the time.
I haven't seen her in about three years.
Didn't get cucked, she stopped coming home for weeks, long nasty breakup
I knew she had it to begin with, and she's such a feminist bitch that I actually thought knowing I would spread that shit around would keep her from cheating.
Check yourself for bumps brother
she's clearly a sub and just needs a firm hand. well done for recognizing this in her. she's lucky to have you
chatted up a girl off tinder, met her at a hotel, tied her up since she said she was into bdsm, then permanently burned words like cumslut etc into her skin with a soldering iron. chest, back, legs, feet, hands, etc.
>broke up with my first and only gf via text
>not sure, I didn't see her for months after
>she was my gf
>no, she dated my friend for a while and lives on the other side of the world now
Fucking hell m8

You better pay for her college, won't make up for it, but damn you owe her
The Pron Chan

I'm clean. My room mate caught HPV though. Now he has to freeze the warts off of his dick.

you changed her life for the better. I wouldn't doubt she treats people better in general and will no doubt be a better mother to future kids. well done anon fist/10
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>play show with band
>go home with girlfriend
>fuck girlfriend
>make up bullshit story to go for a walk alone
>get picked up by my vocalist(female)
>she's drunk as shit
>drive to playground
>walk back to house with gf
>go to sleep

pic unrelated
Punishment doesn't mean what you think it does

You're girl stepped out and gave you stds

Cucked doesn't mean what you think it does
My sis tells me I am as close to a dad to her as can be.
I taught her to drive, met her prom date, took her to college orientation last Fall.
It'll never be enough, but we'll make it

>always stick my fingers in my gfs mouth after i finger her to get the slime off my hand
>finish fingering her
>stick hand in her mouth
>she was on her period
You are a fucking God among little cuck boys
That doesn't work very well.
I tired everything, even laser treatment and nothing worked.
Finally I got fed up and cut them off/out and they haven't come back sense
The same day i boken up with my ex i cheated on her and i had sex with her just before i dumped her.

Also have cheated on my current gf with 4 different girls.
How about nope..
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fuck up with all these obviously fake stories
>Be about 17 and friends with this bird from school
>We've made out a few times but nothing more
>Go to this charity thing for a friend, it's for her >school, really posh one while we went to the >comprehensive
>She's wasted and starts trying it on with me (it's about 8 o'clock)
>Going pretty well, take her outside for a fag
>Chilling with the posh kids, they seem alright
>She's rubbing my dick under the table, start rubbing her too
>We stand up and she whispers to me she'll suck me off around the corner
>Go to the car park out of sight, finger her a little the she gets down to business
>Doesn't notice me text my friends to come look
>Everyone comes round, even some of the teachers
>Fuck it, they're not mine
>People taking photo's while I tell her to carry on
>Pose for a few while she keeps going
>Finish and get asked to leave when we come back round
>Guys are loving it, girls disgusted
>She gets kicked out, I get to stick around
>Photo's get posted on facebook in the morning
>Loving it lol
>Still friends with her now, have hooked up (she had a cuck boyfriend, get rekt lol)
>Could still fuck but got gf so don't wanna
best sentence I'll hear all month
Sick fuck, you disgust me
pissed in my gfs ass she liked it lel
>Be 20, chubby, 5/10 tops.
>Living with buddy of mine in apartment.
>He was like a 9/10 to most women.
>Girl I'm crushing on has a huge crush on him.
>He doesn't like her.
>He's not good at rejecting people.
>Tells her "I can't betray anon like that, you know he likes you. If you can get him to say it's okay then we'll date"
>He tells me he did this.
>She texts me a huge ass story about how she's really in love with him and wants me to know her and I are just friends blah blah blah.
>I already knew this shit.
>Decide to make the most of it.
>Tell her "I understand. Look, I'll back down and let you two be yourselves if you'll just do a couple things to help me out first."
>"....what kind of things...?"
>"Well, I think you're really attractive and I really want to see you naked. I mean, if we dated I'd get to at some point. Think you could send me a naked pic?"
>She refuses and stops texting.
>meh, whatevs.
>Next day get text from her.
>She wants to talk.
>She comes over while roommate is at work.
>Were in my bedroom.
>Expect to get my ass chewed for asking for nudes.
>She gets in front of me and starts stripping.
>boner activated.
>She's standing there completely naked.
>"Alright anon, I hope this proves to you how much I like your roommate."
>She's got a nice body.
>Solid D titties, round and perky, tight round ass, curvy figure, perfectly tan.
>Fuck this girl looks like a supermodel, or maybe I'm just thinking with my dick.
So you were home then ubered home.
Isn't a cuck someone who's into watching dudes fuck their bitch?
Made my ex jerk of me off when she didn't want me too.

Shit was cash, I made sure to not tell her when I was gonna bust; she hated that.
Cheated. Am still with her.
Pics or didnt happen
Yeah. He's a vet so the VA makes custom specialized topical creme for him. It seems to be working.
>maximum over bitch
Good luck anon
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