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Green text story thread!
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Green text story thread!
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>Be me
>Be 16, almost 17
>First time going to an 'adult' party, wicked stoked
>Starts off slow enough, I get some drinks in me
>Hot chick comes up, probably 9/10, all smiles and happiness
>'Hey anon, you wanna toke up?'
>I don't even know what that means
>Sheltered little white boy
>Don't wanna come off like a fucking nerd
>'Yeah sure'
>try not to spaghetti too much as we go into the next room
>it's hazy and I cough a little and the chick giggles
>'sup anon, here you go'
>I get the blunt, imitate what I've seen from the circle, suck in for about 20 seconds
>cough the fuck up, eyes tearing, feels like there's glass in my throat
>circle doesn't care, they're cheering the fuck on
>hot chick reaches out, realize she wants the blunt
>she takes her toke, then reaches out again
>full 'wut' moment, then she grabs my hands
>'lean back, anon'
>kay, holy shit, what's going on
>I start giggling like a madcunt
>she laughs too

Go on
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>fast-forward about 30 minutes
>circle's all chill, I've been talking up a storm with hot chick and her friend, a little 8/10 qt3.14 blonde
>9/10 girl wants to go outside, says it's way too hazy in the room
>high as fuck, but I catch the signals, and the three of us go outside on the deck
>no one out there except for us and some stragglers
>9/10 walks up to the rail and leans back against it
>she's looking fine, motions me over
>march up like an alpha, qt3.14 giggling the whole way through
>9/10 and me start making out like drunk freshmen
>she's really into it, got me hugged all tight
>qt3.14 right behind me, can feel her breath on my neck
>alarms flashing in my brain, dick could cut diamonds
>gonna get some tonight

>all of a sudden, hearing shouts from inside
>bolt with a start, look back
>oh fuck, blue lights and sirens
>try to jump over rail, fall like a dumbass, twist my ankle
>qt3.14 and 9/10 nowhere to be seen
>everyone's running around trying not to get caught
>suddenly, flashlight blinds me
>there's a deep voice
>oh fuck, I'm in for it now
>'you're moving with your uncle and your auntie to bel-air'
I'll shed one tear for these wasted dubs
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Get buttdevastated that you got bel-aired while trying to jack off to a shitty greentext story you're reading on your smartphone in class.
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How did you know I'm at school haxor?
top kek
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Requires posting
none englishfag here.
what does carriage in this content mean?
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A miscarriage is when a woman's baby is dead before it is born
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newfags can't.jpg
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prince of betas.png
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>gently cumming into the air
erry tim
Do you have more of those rekt roomate party they did a bunch.... I lost all my file from computer crashing up
>be me, 17. mom be 36
> upstairs playing vidya and hear mom downstairs
> she went on a date that night but was in by 10
> she is drinking a glass of wine with the bottle on table next to her
>she looks perfect in a white cotton dress
>her cleavage (32B) on show and her smooth tanned legs look gorgeous
>looks sad
>says the dude she went out was a total douche
>I tell her that she doesn't need to worry about him, she is perfect and could get anyone she wanted
>I sit next to her and give her a cuddle between drinking wine
>I tell her that she should stop looking for someone and have some fun, tell her she's gorgeous
>she half smiles but still looks down
> I tell her a story about a couple of my mates fancying her and shit
>she looks me in the eyes and ask if I'm serious
> I nod and she smiles
>she looks at me in the eyes then at my lips, she is a bit tipsy
> I slowly lean towards her, my eys on her lips
> I kiss her, then pull back, her eyes are closed
>I kiss her again but this time my hands grab her hips
>I then put my hand on her bare thigh and push her dress up slowly
> She doesn't stop my hands and kisses me back

No thank you fag. If you have to ask cont then is likely a fake ass story.
Top kek
Every story on /b/ is a fake ass story, you dingbat.
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We already know the end dick head
happened to me, not even vaginal part but girl was not a friend. she basically charged me for touching her arm.
lol :D

still enjoyed it

Should have made her disappear.

seriously wtf. how STUPID can a bitch be.

So criminal record and registered sex offender ?

how old were you ? Was it in the states?
>Be 21
>Girlfriend's 19
>Been dating for months now
>This guy named Joe comes out of fucking nowhere into my life
>He's my new coworker at my company
>Find out he has no money, no place of residence.
>Moved here for the job and can no longer afford his hotel
>Decide to open up to him
>Keep him in my apartment for weeks
>Bro is pretty cool
>We play the vidya, drinks beers, watch football
>This continues for months
>Afterwards, find out girlfriend is pregnant
>By all tradition, I have to marry her now.
>One night, eating out at dinner with wife
>Joe stayed late at the office for some overtime
>I pop the question to my wife
>She admits she was raped by Joe and the baby isn't mine
>She isn't ready to make a commitment after being violated
>Go home in a fucking rage.
>Throw out all Joe's shit
>Gonna fucking kill Joe when he gets home.
>Joe gets home about 1 a.m.
>As soon as he opens the door, I fucking punch him in his bastard face
>Eye swells up like a ball of cotton
>He swings at me
>Dodge and sweep his leg
>He falls down
>In a giant fucking rage now
>Go to my room, grab my handgun out of my drawer
>Go back to confront Joe
>Joe jumps in his car and fucking hightails it out of there
>I haven't seen or heard from him since
>On the phone a month later with my brother
>He finally asks why I've been so depressed
>I tell him that if it hadn't been for cotton-eye Joe
>I'd been married a long time ago
>Where did you come from, where did you go--
>Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?
holy shieet man, best kek of the day by far.
Does anyone here have the story of the beta that turned alpha to get a gf, then becoming beta again?

>the alpha-beta
seen it a million times
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Prince of beta sand?
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ma nigga shy.jpg
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check em
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Got a few.
Not necessary /b/.
Also, if anyone has putty/frog dad pls share.
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>around 22
>hooked up with this sweet little lady, about 19
>total 7/10
>we fuck around for awhile
>fast forward a few months
>start to feel real shitty, a lot
>see my doc, find out what's up
>get tested for a bunch of STIs
>'anon, you got the AIDS'
>oh fuck
>call up the bitch
>tell her I just got tested for AIDS
>tell her I got AIDS
>'ohmygod, so do I'
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requires reading
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snip snip.jpg
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Apparently, few means two and a silly collage about one filthy nigga.
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this made me kek for a long time
i've never visited out till i read the attached one
and it cant be more accurate
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Was that supposed to be funny?
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haha that's fucking great!
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Well, here we go.
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I'm french so sorry if i do some mistakes in my storie

> Be me 18
> Was sitting on the tramcar
> A turbulent kid decide to bit my arm to the blood
> fuckingbleeding.jpg
> Mother see it and dosen't give a fuck about it
> Should insult them but I decide to keep my calm
> madsmile.jpg
> I told her "you should test your son, i'm HIV positive (it's a lie)"
> shockedlookofthemotherandpeoplearound.jpg
> I'm fucking proud of myself this bitch and shit son are gonna have a bad time
3/10 story but nice reaction.
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