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the >>595836443 thread went to the limit of images .. lets continue with our loli love
More interesting is why Make a thread about it? Do you simply care so much for the topic that you must hate it? Why op? Is 4chan a place where your alter ego can ensue? Are you simply scared of life that even in the internet you won't fit in? Or maybe your just tryna make a epic may may? maybe this all isn't real, maybe that guy wasn't really trained in gorilla warfare, maybe that guy didn't implying, maybe that guy wasn't really rustled, maybe snoop dogg doesn't smoke weed everyday, but what we do know is this. Your a fucking Faggot
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Need uncensored one
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Every time I see a loli thread, I just shake my head and laugh.

You severely damaged pedophiles are literally the Bronies of /b/. You know, that sub-group of 4chan pedophiles who obsess over the preschool girl show My Little Pony? You probably don't know since all of you pathetic pedophiles are far too busy fapping to little girls and wishing that the consent age change to 3 years old.

Why on earth would a group of you no-lives cling heavily to something as sad as this? Is there some sort of mental sickness in you guys? Did you not have a childhood? Do you not have a grasp on reality? How can you allow yourselves to deteriorate to this?

At first, I figured it was one lonely pedophiles making these threads and bumping all day while crying in the basement for being such a useless waste of life... but then, I realized this isn't one kid doing this. There are at least fifteen of you in these threads that are getting hard over lolis. There isn't any doubt that all of you autists are fat, out of shape, and friendless.

Is that the thrill you pedophiles get from these threads? Is it the fact that you can laugh and sing and can't even get off of your bed to empty out your piss bottle? Do you not realize that this board doesn't exist for you and your sick fetish? If not, then WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR FIXATION?

I'm speaking for /b/ as a whole, and possibly, your families as well. Just stop. This isn't healthy. Stop now and try to live a regular life. How embarrassed must your family feel when they have to explain to your aunt and uncle that you want to spend you life fapping to little girls.

Just stop already. Quit with the simulated child abuse threads. OP, delete this thread.

I am telling you this because I hate pedophiles.Cyanide is your friend.
Stay butthurt niggers
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>we see
>we judge
we lol
we fap
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funny how the kids think they are above the law.
anonymous was good 10 years ago. Now its infiltrated by 12 year old script kiddies
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> actually reading all that dribble
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Anonymous used to be the Final Boss of the Internet.
Nowadays they're just a disgrace.
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Yeah, cause all the people who actually could hack either were bought into NSA and co. or left due to autism overload.

>implying I read it
I read the picture
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you seriously need to take a fap /b/ro

I am going to play you a song from my native people.

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wow ur alpha faggot XD!!
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> looking at pictures that are not of lolis
so what hentais would you recommend if i wanted to see some animated loli goodnes?
its funny , because people post whaterver they want and you take it too serious .. if you dont like to see people posting why dont you go to tumblr ?
if u dont like pedophiles find a way to stop em .. i dont like too but i cant do shit .
I know, I know, I'm a disgrace
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a picture-forgetting disgrace
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How do you feel about this?
It's just a drawing men It's not because you fap to this that you want to fuck the first 5yo you see, there are more people then you think who like this kind of "shit"
That nigga couldn't get more obvious
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wtf did ya do to mai waifu
you moral fags trying to stop the loli. top lel!
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>his face
dont let the moral fags stop our loli
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Spidermang thread?
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Cute girl, cute stockings.
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I choose treat.
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wish my sister would do that
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Actually, "big brother" should be replaced with "sensei".
if i could, I would
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Why do people even use their cellphone for browsing loli threads? Why aren't you using a proper computer, for pete's sake?
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I sometimes browse while at work. Problem is I work in a dental office, wich means I have to be alone somewhere.
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its so funny to see those moral fags raging for a drawning
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> dental office
Say, you don't happen to be German?
File: 1422140614114.jpg (2 MB, 1631x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1631x1000

I am, actually
if i still had my computer, I would.
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Then we've spoken before, I remember talking to some German lolicon who worked in a dental office. I believe you even mentioned the name of your city, but I can't remember it now.
Van or fried it?
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Thread images: 67
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