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Sh0ts fired.
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Sh0ts fired.
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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

So this is about shotas shooting?
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A pity the other thread was kill, the one anon seemed to have some interesting stuff to tell about:

"What you never had a funfight where everyone tried to strip each other naked when you were back in school?"
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Was in that thread.
Contribute if you can.
Dude I know what that is, it's one of the enemies from the original serious sam
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No shit.
>File Name
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I would, but no strip fights at all at my school.
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Sorry, meant to quote this one.
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>"What you never had a funfight where everyone tried to strip each other naked when you were back in school?"

I wish I knew that feel.
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>tfw you were 13 and play wrestled around with a friend, taking each others clothes off and ended up humping the gap between his sweaty legs and cuming on his thighs but no homo
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Quit posting gay shit
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>implying there's anything on /b/ that isn't gay

wow, that guy is a quick shooter - or the blonde one has a very nimble tongue
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It's only gay if balls are touching
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He just came
It's only gay if it's this
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I dont have much sh0ta, but I will post what I can
Yeah I used to do the same... Did more as well though with multiple friends, still do things with one of them now (I'm 18, he's 21)
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Sorry, I think you may be mistaken; your thread is over here.
Go play with the rest of the /pol/tards.
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love is hard.
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The world needs more HxH shota.
>with multiple friends

How did you make sure none of them told on you? Or were you openly gay?
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No I wasn't, but I just never really thought about it.
I don't remember how we started but it lasted for more than a year, everything from innocent rubbing to actual penetration. We were around 12. But what was he going to say anyway? "Haha he's so gay, I let him stick his penis up my ass and vice versa!"
But in all seriousness, it never was an issue for me, never thought about it and there was no bullying whatsoever in my school for race, sexuality and/or other stuff but the very typical childish: "your shirt is the wrong brand" stuff. And even that was very minimal.
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Catboys look cute, but how do you prevent them from biting?
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>that gross feel when you regularly traded blowjobs with your best friend in middle school but then one day he started kissing you and made it gay

I was just in it for the head. Kissing him was way grosser than sucking his dick.
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Feed them every few hours.
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>That amazing feeling when you regularly had anal, blowjobs and kissing with one friend, rubbing and blowjobs with another, blowjobs with yet another and some more general fooling around with even others again...
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feel overload.gif
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Stop, please. I can't take this many.
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The sad downside is that this was all between the ages of 10 and 13 (I still have sex with one of the guys. He's not gay though, he's what the other dude described: just in it for a hole to fuck.) and the downside of that is that I never had the sex with intention of sex? It just felt nice but I didn't have a fucking clue what I was doing. I never thought of it and now that I think back on it, I'd love to go back (now 18) and do it again with actual intention and what not...
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>there was no bullying whatsoever in my school for race, sexuality and/or other stuff

You were really lucky. I didn't even consider myself gay at that time but I was scared shitless that anybody might notice I got a boner when I was wrestled down to the ground by some of the younger ones.
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Wrong thread bro
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DS puke.jpg
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Honestly I'd never even heard or thought of being gay or whatever being wrong or weird until I was around 15. I am 18 now and publicly have a boyfriend of 16, and I've never ever had a single negative comment or whatever towards it from anyone I know/around where I live (Amsterdam)

what was it?
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Straight monster r34 of something.
Mousers aren't that bug.
Is it still liberal paradise over there, or has it finally started to fall apart?
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198 KB, 778x996
As I said, I am currently dating a boy and have never heard anything even remotely negative around here. In all fairness I don't know any people that'd be like that because I wouldn't try and be in contact with them in the first place, and I don't go out a shit ton or go to bad neighbourhoods or whatever
File: 1414030234427.gif (1 MB, 1000x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x562

it's an elf, not a german soldier. the mauser has to look big in comparison.
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1 MB, 1440x2114
Your sexuality just got severely hit, didn't it? I know, it hurts the first time, but soon you learn to accept your dick knows things better than you.
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1 MB, 1600x1200
Oh, that's not what i was getting at. Myself i started dating a boy of 16 when i was 22 no one cared that much, but i wouldn't call my country liberal paradise, though americans might.
I mean has your culture started to loose itself, or shift into a ultra PC mode, or turned into a nanny state/ father knows best state yet?
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>I didn't have a fucking clue what I was doing

So what did you think that blowjobs are ? Some special martial art ?
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sh0ta thread, plz
Unfortunately it has shifted a bit but not too much. The poorer a country gets the more likely it'll be to turn less liberal after all... In my circles though it's not noticeable.
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wrong thread, m8
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Well, that's good. Maybe I will last long enough for me to get to go see it one day.
In lovely canada it's starting fall apart before we even got there. It's not enough for our liberals that we all just co-exist we have to blend and so we are loosing all that made us unique trying to assimilate every new person. And also we get progressively a little more fascist every day.
Unfortunately that is happening here, it's not far but it's starting... It's a shame :/ It might turn around before it gets too far though...
guys. im in so much pain. what do i do
New thread: >>587343724
Hopefully. I've always considered the netherlands as a sort of shining example of what a liberal country should be. A place with a good social system, and where no one cares what anyone else does as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Freedom and security at the cost only of a marginally higher tax rate.
It's not that much of a utopia, but it's not the worst by far either.
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