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can we get a good wincest greentext thread?
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can we get a good wincest greentext thread?
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Well I was kind of thinking about waking my brother up
>>Clench that pussy for me

Whoever writes this shit has never had sex, even once, in their entire life.
you never had a girl clench her pussy for you?
Hahahaha laugh at this faggot
watch your language.
this isn't a yolo thread.

I'm aware of the function. A girl who knows how to do it is just going to do it. I don't think anyone in the real world is ever going to say "clench that pussy".

Again, evidence that you have never had sex.
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>what is dirty talk
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well, i could have asked her to tighten it up,
but then i'd sound like a drill instructor.
"we are not going ANYWHERE until wilkerson's privates tighten up! you better tighten it up you pissant, unlaced fuckhead!"

Not saying "clench that pussy", you stupid virgin.
Fuck off to save you uncle or something
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so what kind of stuff do you ask for in bed?
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more stories pls
Dude. I've seen girls with some whack as dirty talk. A big turn off for me, so I usually cover their mouth or choke them. That's usually a big turn on for them, so it's a win/win.

No shitty dirty talk and even more turn on
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"bend over" and "keep that sheep mask on" get old sooner or later
Some stories about me and my brother.

>be me
>be 15
>older brother is 20
>has friends that buy him alcohol
>I walk in on him drinking with a guy friend in his room
>guy friend freaks out because he swore I would tell
>dumbass I just want to drink too
>only ever had it three times but never been drunk
>they've got aristocrat vodka and mixers
>tried to be a cool kid and take shots but holy shit that fucking kills
>drink it with orange juice instead
>friend eventually leaves because it's around 11:00
>I go take a shower when they're gone
>really hard to take a shower drunk
>I dry off and put on skivvies and wrap a towel around me because bras are really hard to put on when you're slightly damp on your back.
>walk into my room and my brother is in there
>"I wanted to make sure you got to bed okay, you sounded disoriented in the shower."
>fuck shampoo bottles
>"I'm fine, thanks for the concern
>suddenly really horny thinking about pulling my towel down
>literally have never had any thoughts like this before
>ask him what he would do if I dropped my towel
>"probably leave"
>"ok sorry"

First time anything came up
>stupid virgin
Wow anon, someone is projecting here.
holy fuck! it's a GIRL!!
Did it ever come up again?
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act cool
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Spiderman 63.jpg
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Yeah typing now sec
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Oh fuck me, I laughed way too hard at this one.
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3 MB, 1280x720
> skivvies
this chick's a badass.
congats on the huge huge balls. which i'm still betting you have, but continue
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> being SO close to gold
> misspelling canyOnero

>had just taken a shower (when I feel my most confident)
>stand in my full length mirror and look at my body shape
>5'8" 125ish pounds, meh body
>take a picture of me half covering myself in the mirror
>send it to him on Skype
>hear the noise in his room go off
>I wait for him to come in or something
>get disappointed when no show
>start to put on clothes, bra panties
>hear a knock at my door
>it's my brother
>he didn't say anything, I didn't either
>grabs me by the waist and holds me really really tight
>rubbing all over my back
>breathing and kissing my neck
>I get super into it and I can feel him getting hard as I'm pressing against him
>I reach down to grab it outside of his pants.
>he jumps way back like I punched at him or something
>looks at me for a second and then goes into his room
>eat on joining wall, not a sound coming from his room
>he plays games so I can usually hear his keyboard
>this is how I know he's masturbating.
>I rub myself for like ten minutes to the thought of him fingering me
>wet the sheets
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Spiderman 30.jpg
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I'm usually really shy but I felt really sure of it.
I was really embarrassed when he said he'd leave /: I felt silly.
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OP probably making out with her brother ask she touches her peeni.. vagina.
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Fuck you
This is my thread now
File: 1408633424038.gif (2 MB, 315x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thread claimed by the sun
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>mfw this thread
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Spiderman 62.jpg
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do you even heaven?
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Thine insults art wholly inadequate
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learn to heaven and i'll praise you
I've got a few. Typing on mobile

>one night I hear his typing stop
>come up with brilliant plan
>wait like 3 minutes in my room after I heard the silence
>strip to my sleep shorts and bra, b cup at the time
>knock on his door and open it nearly immediately after.
>he closes the we page really quickly and yells at me
>he turns around in his computer chair with his stuff put away and sees me
>I couldn't think of anything to say so I just stand there and smile before shutting the door and walking over toward him
>I tried to sit on his lap with my legs on both sides of him but the chair was too small
>sit on him sidesaddle instead
>I feel how hard he is and smell the lotion scent
>lean down and kiss him while reaching for his leg
>hold his leg and slowly make my way up onto his dick (outside of pants) hoping he won't push me away again
>were really making out at this point and I reach inside his pants
>he gasps but doesn't say anything as I start to rub him inside of his jeans
>he starts to thrust upward
>really wet at this point so I take his hand and put it inside of my shorts
>he pushes a finger inside to like the second knuckle and rubs my clit
>I've never been so wet
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Hearken /b/retheren, for our day of reckoning draws near
Love of God continue
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And the hour in which our glorious sun would pass his divine judgement on each of us draws ever closer
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Spiderman 49.png
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But each of us falls short of the glory of the sun
>he pulls away from me and gets up
>I was sad because I thought he was going to make me leave
>he walks to the door and locks it
>then picks me up and puts me on the edge of his bed
>spreads my legs and continues to finger me
>he asks if I've ever been gone down on
>"no I haven't gone that far before"
>he starts to lick my clit and finger me, it feels so good
>too good
>starting to feel weird down there
>I pull away and ask how far he's been with a girl
>"full Monty"
>ask if I can give him a blow job
>says no and tells me to leave
>really confuse
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Spiderman 39.jpg
42 KB, 483x331
lol i can imagine that moment when you realize the straddles not happening.

good story
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Yet we praise, perhaps in hopes that when that day comes, the sun will see our efforts, and forgive us of our transgressions
It was really embarrassing and 100% not smooth at all I thought I ruined everything
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>praising ain't easy
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for lawd sake, put sage in the options field to kill this wincest thread
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some people really get weird about blowjobs
moar pleas
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Spiderman 43.jpg
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hey, don't go. we need you to bump us up
Well that makes me feel a little better.

>still haven't given him a blowjob without my eyes closed
That can't be all... come on girl, give us moar.
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1418581298088 (1).png
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keep posting faggot
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wait, you still feel weird about it?
it's that much more fun when you get to see your partner's pussy/cock in action.
try it.
File: 1408634682746.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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post moar
File: 1418671896161.jpg (226 KB, 1024x790) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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don't you die on me!
>then OP sucked a bag of dicks
>the end
This one time he walked in on me

>kind of young, had touched myself before but I didn't really know how to do it.
>angles were off, skinny fingers, could t rub my clit fast enough, etc.
>get a vibe from one of my friends
>girls are weird like that shut up
>use it one night when parents are out
>figure brother had Skype or team speak up with headphones
>buzzer is kind of loud but I try and smother the sound with blankets
>start to get into it
>I'm rubbing my clit on it by shifting my hips up and down
>get super wet, start moaning and squirming
>Matt opens my door, no knock, no scratch
>reeeaaaally embarrassed because I have to use a you to get off. Self conscious about what he might think
>tells me not to stop
>sits on my bed and starts to rub himself
>turn the vibe back on and try to get into it again
>it weird being watched, can't into show
>he takes it from me after a while and spreads my lips open
>exposes my clit and puts it right on
>squirm and kind of fight to wiggle away it's really intense
>he holds my leg down on one side and forces it closer to keep it on
>using his other hand to jerk himself off
>cums on my bedspread
>licks my pussy twice and leaves
File: amber.png (364 KB, 1319x2307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
364 KB, 1319x2307
this one never finished but it was so damn tantalizing
>thread is kill
>try again later
No he just doesn't let me see him naked. He's always in boxers.
I haven't had any other partners
you need to get him naked,
level the playing field.
How? He's very controlled about the whole thing
you need to do something that shows he can trust you.
Like what?
or just be like
"everything off now. or this never happens again."
I thought of that but I feel like he'd be like "ok, this is bad anyway leave me alone" and be super weird forever
if he's not that into it, this shouldn't be happening anyway.
but try playing a game with him.
tell him you can control minds.
if he bites, tell him to take off his shirt.
if he does take your's off.
then pants, and so on.
are you 4 years old
the obvious thing to do would be to walk into his room silently while he's sleeping and RAM ALL THE MANGOES YOU CAN FIND IN A 20 MILE VICINITY DEEP INTO HIS FILTHY ANUS
and then, ever so slowly, tip toe out of his room
File: 1418671459074.jpg (128 KB, 615x808) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 615x808
the dude seems like he's being pretty juvinile,
this let's him know this hangup of his is fifth grade stuff.
but when siblings are playing around and they're afraid of getting caught, they don't get fully naked for you know why
>ous thing to do would be to walk into his room silently while he's sleeping and RAM ALL THE MANGOES YOU CAN FIND IN A 20 MILE VICINITY DEEP INTO HIS FILTHY ANUS
and then, with the agility of a mouse, slowly build a pile of assorted peeled citrus fruits on him, proceeding to walk out very gently

>sneak into his room one night
>in night shirt, bra, and sleep shorts
>my usual Jammies
>like three am
>thought I'd go in and watch him play games
>he's asleep with his back on his bed
>climb in and snuggle up to him
>face in his side where his ribs are, leg wrapped over his lap area
>feel boner
>grab him inside his boxers
>wakes up immediately
>climb on top of him after initial surprise is gone
>lean down and kiss him while grinding lightly on his dick.
>he slips out of his dick slot (?) if that's what it is
>feel his dick rubbing that space between my pussy and my leg, where the tendon is
>skin is so soft omg
>he's still kind of half asleep, probably thinks he's dreaming
>move my shorts slightly to the side
>ease him inside of me, can only get the tip
>only fingers have ever been in there
>he's super awake now, but he isn't moving
>start to feel weird and self conscious
>go to hop off of him, and he holds me in place
>pushes himself more inside me
>so much better than fingers, I can feel him spreading me open for the first time
>he lets out a gasp
>he only gets about halfway in, but I'm really really wet
>he pushes in and out a few times and pushes me off to the side and rolls over, says I should go
>I stayed in for a little while longer, he didn't argue it, just rubbed my clit for a while
M! that's ridiculous! pour that coffee out and drink some water!
be real sweet and top it off with a dab of cool whip so he knows how much you mean it
definitely sounds like he's afraid of getting caught.
what if you got him to a hotel room or something where you could have some privacy?
File: pff.jpg (70 KB, 834x957) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 834x957
>it was about that time when i realized that his hands were actually enormous 8 foot long reptilian paddles
>i turned around to see a 6 story tall creature from the cretaceous era beginning to pump himself in and out of me
>mfw he says "i need bout tree fiddy"
You have to be 21 most places to get a room and most of the tom they ask for money in return lol
I came
hmmm, are you 15 right now?
>i let him continue because of how interesting this story is becoming
>i raise his children
>get gene therapy to become first crocodile/orange/human hybrid
No I'm older than that
older or younger than 18.
>wake up from dream about fucking my brother who turned into nessy
>when i open my eyes, his asshole is open above my face
>gets pillaged by storm of asguardian shit warriors
>mis quesadillos es en fuego
>pantalone soup
>calls mother using spoon

They're all over 18, fucktard.
Ya, Amber was the best thread I've ever been on. Still pissed it never finished.
You have to be at least 18 to be on 4chan anon
>wakes up from dream about getting shit on after dreaming about fucking nessy brother
>is still in room
>goes to mini fridge
>pulls out raw ground meat
>eats it all in one go
>is wolf living in arctic tundra
File: 1418001290707.jpg (2 MB, 1779x5398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1779x5398
alright, good thread everyone.
coffee and "smoke" break.
This is a great story, OP. Don't stop.
I seriously can't read that
i didn't. it ended with being an arctic wolf.
Does anybody have the screencap of anon and his cousin "Summer" ?
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