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Anyone here want to help me beta test my game?
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Anyone here want to help me beta test my game?


Please be aware its early Alpha.

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All feedback is appreciated - thanks
You need to make the window full screen for the mouse coordinates to work correctly.
Also you need chrome and well kind of a good computer.
What type of game is it?
You haven't told us anything about it
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Real Time Strategy which can handle upto 50 players (I hope)
Sounds cool, i'll check it out even though i suck at rts games
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lol, i haven't even clicked anything.
I knew i suck at theese games, but this is just silly
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Cool thanks man.

How to play hint:
Invade small countries. increase your GDP, avoid War Net (the computer AI), then launch a coop attack with other players to defeat it.

There are a few bugs remianing to fix. But please feel free to share feedback.

Hope yall like it
lol thanks man, to be honest I havent beaten warnet yet - and I coded him heh

FEEDBACK so far:
GUI Sucks
Okay, here is some feedback.

1. I haven't got a clue what i am supposed to be doing, there is no tutorial and nothing is self-explanatory
2. It is too black and white. I know you are going for a 'simple' look, but add some colours, or at least indicators which country i am
3. No fullscreen option as far as i can tell
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Current game
Great Men
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cheers dude yeah it is definately hard to pick up heh
Can't seem to access the game, too many people or what?
Playing this is like trying to wank off a dozen dead dogs while your mum is calling you for dinner. WTF OP
What am I doing
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Are you using chrome on a pc? i havent tried on other devices yet

too hard?
make chat font better
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yeah Ill change the font - thanks = )
Bottom message font is cool and shit, but it is not legible.
thanks. Also, can you put a little intro before you start playing? like a little screen that tells you what you're supposed to do, how to play, and a box or something that lets you choose your nickname and the country you want to start out at? (it will not let u start if somene else already has that country)
Yes it looks like it needs a tutorial

Regarding country assignment - it should always give you a random country. However it is unfair in that it can give you a weaker country. atm the only remedy is to refresh the page.
for instance how the fuck did you get this screen? Also, list countries with a player, and have some kind of acknowledgement that my nuke has started.

Is the economic ("GDP") thing supposed to work?

Is this like the Wargame things that countryball pages sometimes do on Facebook?
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yes it is based on wargames - but sorry what do you mean about countryball? polandball? where on facebook?
lol yeah sorry

Yes the more GDP you the more attacks you can do
Don't understand anything that's going on. Just pure shit. Peace out.
Op, watch your bg images toning
example, words are lost here >>578882502
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Ill work on improving that part
wow on the one side this game can be REALLY GOOD
but as it is now its just shit b/c it is so hard to see what i am doin(or not but what others are doin to me?)

if you make the game a bit more... normal
so when someone take urs land you can see it not just that a cunts who says "land lost" or something

also ppl can take ur land way too fast..

one last thing the menu on the left side goes down all the time...

hehe one last last thing there is WAY too many small countries(this is a good thing but it feel a bit hard using it.. if you have any idea what iam talking about)

also if i take "russian federation" why can it be taken os fast again, there need too be a way where i can make sure ppl dont take it, or else making so that i can help it and kill the countries trying too kill it

hope you can read my shitty english.

gl with the game!

also after every round there need too be a highscore so you can see who won!
yeah this a overall menu of countries and what we have on them(GDP... )
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Thank you so much for your awesome feedback - you rock man!

I will work on all of these and have a patch out within the next few days - cheers!
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