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First gay experiences.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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First gay experiences.

>be 15
>at friend's house
>we were in his room sitting at a desk supposed to be doing some homework
>instead we're talking about jacking off and our dicks and stuff as friends
>the talk arouses me and gets me hard
>i look over his pants and see that he has a bulge too
>the conversation was about his dick in particular at that moment
>put my foot (with socks on) on his dick in his pants and ask 'i-is this him?'
>he says yes and puts his foot on my dick
>we stroke each others dicks while fully clothed with our feet with socks on
>must've looked fucking retarded
>anyway, felt great
>after a minute and a half or so of doing this, i decide to take it a step further and put my hand on his bulge
>he seems to have been thinking about doing the same, because as i do it he goes for it too instantly
>shit felt good as fuck
>keep doing this for about 10 minutes
>scary as fuck though because his parents were home
>be thinking 'can i take this another step further?' and try to unzip his pants
>he disagrees and tells me not to do it
>be disappoint
>continu to stroke and squeeze each other's bulges
>can suddenly feel his body moving shockingly
>this goes on for a few seconds
>didn't realise he'd just came
>tells me i can leave it
>he just keeps going at it with my dick
>be glad that he didn't let me stop because he didn't like it anymore
>after a while i cum too
>tell him to stop as well
>to assure that in the future we won't be awkward to do it again even though we both know we liked it, say 'we should do this more often' and he agrees

So that was the first time me and my friend got sexual. Continue?
no, just kill urself you gay piece of garbage.

What the fuck is wrong with the world these days? Every second thread on 4chan is about some gay garbage.
Continue u fag
>next day we talk about it through messenger
>say 'wasn't it great?'
>'yeah it was pretty good haha'
>he seems to be less fond of it than i am or at least pretends to be
>'we should do this again the next time we're together'
>him: 'hm i don't know it was very risky blabla'
>'well why won't you come over to my place then'
>'okay well that's an option'
>be fucking thrilled about it
>'haha okay wanna do it like, tomorrow?'
>he agrees with it

>next day, after school, we go to my place
>nothing supicious for my parents or anything because we already used to come to my place sometimes
>we go sit at my desk, me in my desk chair, he in another, same like two days before
>he's just kind of rocking in his chair and looks at me awkwardly, then at the ground, etc
>i'm kind of doing the same thing
>but i want this so much, be so excited about this
>'let's just get this on already' i say
>he laughs in a giggly kind of way
>we move closer to each other and both put a hand on each others dicks
>we start squeezing each others dicks softly, like how you'd scratch your own dick but then in a more passionate way
>we do this for quite a while
>sometimes we look up to each other and look in each others eyes for a few seconds
>don't know why we did that, i mean we're just heterosexual friends giving each other some pleasure right?
>keep doing this for a while longer
>want to cum, so start squeezing his dick faster and harder to make him do the same
>he does and i cum half a minute later
>not too long after that he cums too
>we're both satisfied and go to the bathroom to wipe the cum off our dicks
>play some mw2 until he has to leave
>say 'well, cya later then' in a kind of funny, hinting way

And that was the second time we did some things. Still want me to continue? It's gonna be a long story probably
>be me
>about 17
>at friends house who I've always kinda been curious about
>he has a small bed
>when I spend the night we usually sleep in the same small bed
>we are playing videogames and drink alittle bit
>I drop something and as I look up his face is to mine
>he smiles seductively then just sure down
>mfw I didn't take the chance to kiss
>laying down watching movies
>both pass out facing opposite directions
>wave up slightly and he's facing me, arm almost over me
>I scoot back alittle
>he's awake and pulls me closer by the waist
>we slowly grind together till we both get off
>don't speak a word of it the next day
>rack it up to drunken fun
go on
File: IMG_6226_copy_o.jpg (651 KB, 2912x4368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
651 KB, 2912x4368
Go on faglord
so where's the part with poppin the pooperino?
1st experience
>be me 13
>didn't knew what fapping was
>been taking karate lessons with 2 of my classmates
>break comes, we go to the toilet
>one of them pulls out his hard dick to take a piss
>turns me on,
>the other one takes out his cock and starts going back and forth with his hand
>i ask dafuq r u doing fag
>him: try it pussy
>starts rubbing it
>we have to go back
>ff 2 hours
>they tell me we should go somewhere to try it again
>we go in a forrest nearby
>pants down, cock up
>fapping starts
>holy shit this feels so good
>we do a circle and start jerkin each other -_-
>this goes on for like an hour
>go home happy
>that was the day i learned how to fap
go ON
teen gayy thread meanwhile...
2nd experience
>with the same guy that started jerkin in the toilet
>i go at his place to chill
>he had an internet connection
>the quest to find porn has begun
>start jerking next to him
>he has a bulge but he keeps starring at me cock
>suddenly he puts his hand on mine and starts jerkin me of
>i unzip his pants and whip out his cock, start rubbing
>we are jerking each other like there's no tomorrow
>mfw he got cum on his hands
>mfw he smiles at me
>go and wash our hands and dicks in his bathroom
>i'm still turned on and i tell him i wanna suck his cock
>he sits on the toilet and i take his dick in my mouth
>earlier i saw some deepthroating
>i try to do it, gag reflex kicks in
>almost puke
>back up, spit on his dick, go back in
>i suck on that shit like it's a fucking lollipop
>"what have i become"
>he grabs the back of my head and pulls me in
>puke on his dick
>hear the main door open
>his toilet is right next to it
>we rush to pull up our pants and his dad busts in
>wtf are you doing fags?
>nothing, just preparing to go out
>we get out and i leave
>mfw he got puke on his dick/briefs/pants
Kek pretty good shit anon
If I ever have a first time, it better be a bbc wrecking me
3rd experience with the same guy
>a few weeks later i go back at his place
>no porn this time, straight sucking
>i suck his dick to get him hard
>he says he wanna fuck me in the ass
>i bend over
>he spits on my ass
>WTF that shit is weird
>carry on
>proceeds ram his cock inside of me
>hurts like a motherfucker
>he gets half way in and i tell him to stop
>his dick is still in me, he begins to jerk me off
>muscles relaxes
>starts to fuck me again
>pain has gone away
>kinda akward pleasure
>lasts about 10 mins, cums in my ass
>i go wash myself and take a huge shit
captcha: 665
You watch too much porn
>I-is this him?
>don't know why we did that, i mean we're just heterosexual friends giving each other some pleasure right?

>be 13 or so (dick was recently upgraded)
>show friend
>we compare dicks
>LOL his is still small and hairless
>out of nowhere he asks to suck it

so yeah, that's how it started. not much else to tell. just the typical bj swapping and play humping boys do with each other. we made each other cum many times, but never swallowed it or anything gross. no homo btw.
4th experience with a friend
>be me around 15 now
>just got a ps2
>friend brings over steering wheel+pedals
>i have WRC racing game
>start playing
>mom brings us some sandwiches
>we start talking about our dicks, fapping in general
>he tells me he wanna lick my dick
>unzip pants, pull out dick
>he goes with his tongue up my shaft and around my head, instant boner
>i'm scared shitless because my mom is still in the house
>he starts sucking me,
>i fuckface him
>he stops and tells me he wants it in the ass
>tell him to wet my dick really well, he complies
>bends over, i proceed to stick it in, 1/4 in
>dick too big, won't go in anymore
>pull out, there's shit on the tip of my dick
>tell him to clean it with some napkins i had on my desk
>mfw he cleans my dick with his mouth, sucking real good
>grossed out but turned on at the same time, i cum in his mouth
>he swallows
>i'm in shock
>run to the kitchen to check on my mom, she's cooking..
>tells me she has to go get some ingredients
>i go back in my room, friend is playing WRC
>i tell him my mom is gonna leave
>i heard the entrance door close
>we're alone now fag
>i feel bad for him eating his own shit and my cum and offer my ass as a reward
>pants down again, bend over
>he jerks off untill he gets hard
>aprroaches me, proceeds to stick it in
>my room door creeks open, i turn around. MY FUCKING MOM IS STANDING THERE
>mfw she looks at me in disgust
>closes the door and leaves
>i tell my friend to gtfo
>stay in my room for about 2 days
>my mom never brought it up again
I'd love to see your mom's face back then kek
TOP kek
>be 18
> visit 4chan
>typical bj swapping and play humping
>no homo

bad news for you gayboy
nigger, if you say fucking mfw one more time without posting a face...

fucking new fags
>mfw new fag
>plays football (not the americunt version)
>after match go to dressroom
>15 players
>very small shower room,only 4 showers
>standing naked in line and wait
>my shampoo fell down
>it wasnt extra ( i swear )
>bend down to take it
>b.-hole is touching guy's dick behind me
>its tickle me
>fast stand normally
>look behind see guy is smiling
>took shower & beg to god that dick dont erect
>3 w. later me training with team
>me&ass-touchguy&one other need
tyding up our trainplace
>go to dressroom
>thinking all the time on the ass-touch moment
>the other guy dont want to take shower
>realise im alone with ass-touch guy
>go to shower
>shaking bcause nervous
>we shower and tall about football and shits
>he ask me if i remember the dick-meets-my-asshole moment
>i say yes
>he ask me if i like id
>he smiles
>i smile and say yes i liked it
>i hope if this gone on the wrong lane i can sell it as a joke
>he ask me if he can touch my dick
>my knees like pudding
>yes u can
>hes touching.
>and wanking
> he go on the knees
>his tongue touching my dick
>dick stand like eiffel tower
>i ask if i can try at him
>he stand up and offer me his dick
>i go on my knees and try it
>i feel his dick gone hard at my mouth
>im dying
>he wants to try put in my ass
>it hurts
>he put shampoo on dick
>and hes iiiiin
>6-7 time of soft pounding and came
long time ago (when your best shot at "porn" was seeing a nipple in Playboy)

>be me, 13. smallest kid in my class
>in school band
>kid down the street 15 also in band. he's taller/bigger
>he's a little rough around the edges

he told me a blow-job joke in front of his parents and they didn't say a thing. to make matters worse, I went home and asked my mother what a blow job was)

>coming home one night, it's dark
>tells be to go into his back yard for a minute to show me something
>go into back yard and he tells me to kneel down
>immediately pulls his cock out and tells me to kiss it (probably remembered that "blow job" went right over my head)
>I say no but he grabs my head and pushes his cock on my lips
>tells me to open my mouth or he'll tell everyone that I kissed his cock
>reluctantly open my mouth
>he fucks my mouth.
>I'm gagging and crying but he tells me to "shut up fag"
>uses his hand to finish himself off in my mouth
>thought he pissed in my mouth and spit it out
>tells me I did a good job and we'll do it again
>tells me everyone will know I'm a fag if I tell anyone
>have no idea what a fag is, but realize it's not good
>go home and brush my teeth for an hour
Seriously, the crotch is blurred? HAHAHA
>be 23
>getting a boner from this thread


it wasn't gay because we took turns being the girl. except when we were 69ing in which case we were both the girl at the same time.
me too bro
Good, im not the only one
That fucking ending, kinda disappointing really
>play some mw2 until he has to leave
laughter ensues
Lol OP is actually a fag
i'm very into teen gay boys but for some reason i want to hit this fag so hard as i can on his face WHY? its because i can't have him!!!
Mine was when I was 14 with my current boyfriend. He's blonde, blue eyes, half german, half brit.

>playing vidyas
>not really gay, wasn't really interested in sexuality at the time
>10/10 neighbor, cuter than hot, is over for the weekend
>mom comes in
>"anon, I'm leaving for to go shopping with Bren's mom. Don't get into any trouble, if you get hungry, there's spaghetti in the fridge"
>"k mom"
>holy fuck it's cold.
>bren turns on heater, don't work
>my nipples are hard and perking through my shirt
>bren puts his head into my lap
>his blonde hair is soft as hell, his light blue/green eyes fixed on the TV
>he rubs his head against my crotch
>the fuck?
>having a scent fetish, it turned me on because he'd taken a shower a few minutes ago
>have boner
>try to hide it
>squirmed his torso into my lap
>rubbing against my boner
>I think he knows what he's doing
>he squirms his torso out from my lap and now his grabbable butt is on my boner
>"Anon, have you ever had sex before?"
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posting sfw boys
File: 1405656296708.png (978 KB, 722x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have a bunch of childhood gay sex history but i rather read yours
File: fullr.jpg (65 KB, 575x589) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>hard on from thread
damnit. WTF.
>he flips over and he has a boner too
>shit gets awkward from this point
>he expertly pulls my saggy sweatpants down
>ashamed of 4.5" dick at 14
>ashamed of cut
>his soft pink lips make an opening for my penis
>I can see the entire thing disappear behind his straight pearly white teeth
>oh my god, it's so warm
>he literally warmed my entire crotch up
>he stays there, not knowing what to do
>we're too inexperienced to know how to give BJ's
>he uses teeth and he bobs his head up and down
>it hurts but feels sooo goood
>I can feel his tongue wrapping itself around my head, with every sway, i feel like I'm going to melt
>start breathing heavily
>"Ah... bren.. ah..."
>he can fit it fully in
>late bloomer, no pubes yet, so he goes all in
>I can feel his soft hands making their way to my balls
>he uses his thumb to slowly massage my bare, hairless scrotum
>I lay on my side, somehow knowing to 69
>his head fits between my runner legs
>his head warms up my thighs
>I start nibbling and puckering his boner through his pants
>eventually pull his fly down
>manage to find his cock under his boxers

>we meet up more often and also start dry humping each other
>after a few weeks it's kind of become normal to meet up once in 1-2 weeks
>we take it a few steps further as well

>one time, when i was squeezing his dick, i wanted to feel more of his dick
>decided to put my hand in his pocket and feel and squeeze it that way
>he's okay with it
>can kind of feel the fleshy feeling of his dick

>after like 2-3 months we didn't meet up as often anymore
>then half a year later i think we started meeting up again
>that half a year was quite a lot for our sexual development at that age

>once on messenger i said like "maybe we should jack off together / each other as well :P"
>he was like noo we ain't gonna do that m8

>after that half a year we planned to meet up again on a sunday so we'll have the entire day instead of just the afternoon after school
>i also make a plan of my own by putting on jogging pants and the loosest and thinnest underwear i have
>at about 1pm, the doorbell rings and adrenaline start shooting through my body
>realise this is the actual moment he's coming again
>was extra excited because it had been such a long time
>he was in my room but my parents were home
>because of that we were still very cautious
>so we played some games on my computer (mostly just leaving it on in the background) so we could pretend we were just playing games if anyone came in
>for some reason he was really going for it this time
>because i was 'playing games on my pc' as well, i couldn't do much to him
>he did a lot to me however
>i could tell he really wanted to go in my underwear and actually touch my dick
>i let him wait for that for a while
>i had my hands in his pants, and unintentionally i could feel his pubes with my thumb because the sleeve of his boxer had rolled up a bit
>i was pleasently surprised by this and said "oh i can feel hair ;))"
>he was giggling as if he meant like "dude whatever" but you could tell he liked it
cont dude
>then he went on and did the same to me
>this felt like he was so close to actually touching my dick
>we did this for a while
>then he kind of started moving his fingers about 1-2 centimeter in my boxers (from above)
>then i decided it was time now
>i took his arm just above his wrist and moved it down so he'd almost touch my dick, so that he'd know it was fine with me for him to go there
>he reached the last part himself and took my dick by the shaft
>he then started squeezing it just like we had done all the time but with pants on
>omg he's actually touching my dick, this is so hot
>he did this for about 5 minutes
>then i could feel him doing a kind of jerking off motion, as far as that was possible in my pants in my underwear
>start cumming
>finish and don't want him to feel grossed out if he felt my cum or anything so i could him to stop
>went to the bathroom and cleaned up
>when i came back we went on to do some mild touching, played some games and he went home

This felt like a really great step in our 'sexual relationship', at least that's what it felt like to me. We had reached the pretty highest to reach without it being really actual kind-of-like sex, is what it felt like.
>Be 3
Wish it were haha

>his cock is differently colored from mine, a much redder pink
>longer than mine
>my lips wrap around his shaft
>didn't know about circumcision, so his uncut cock looked weird to me
>i've always watched the women sucking a guy's dick, and I always thought what it felt like to have that happen. But I've never thought about sucking one till now
>take it out of my lips
>my fingers wrap around his warm, german/brit cock
>they slowly and awkwardly pull his foreskin back, and now it looks like mine, except his head is slightly more purple, and it looks smooth and wet
>he sees what I'm doing and looks up from between my legs
>I can see he's blushing now. Just from a small wet kiss, he's diamond hard
>he looks absolutely beautiful now that I think about it
>I start to do what he did and put his cock into my mouth
>I use my hand to pull the foreskin back, and feel how his soft head glides across my tongue
>"Anon, s-stop, y-you're making me feel.."
>I knew what he meant, because I felt like that too. I knew what cumming was, but I'd never done it intentionally
>my catholic parents scared me away from masturbation
>I start to slow down, as he does
>I start from scratch, taking his cock out of my mouth
>"Anon, that felt so good.. why'd you stop??"
>I start to play around with his foreskin, out of curiosity, since I'd never had one
>I pinch it between my fingers and start stretching it. I can see the precum draining out
>I release it, and it snaps back against the head
>I feel him slightly twitch while he's sucking my cock
>I use my thumb to swirl on the top of his head
>he starts to get more erratic
>be me 16
>find furry porn
>only interested in gay kind
>mfw i fapped like no tomorrow and i couldnt walk the next day
>strong urge to prove not being a new fag
>new fag
What the everloving fuck are you talking about. The mental gymnastic i see on /b/ by dudes trying to make pretend having gay sex is not gay is fucking of the scale.
How'd you get food though?
>I continue, not knowing how much I'm torturing him
>he starts breathing quickens, and that eventually starts turning into quiet whimpers
>every time he does it, it vibrates my hard cock, making me feel like I was about to explode
>the butterflies in my stomach got more intense
>I start loudly moaning
>I hold him in the grip of my embrace
>my head goes to another side as I start to orgasm
>he stops it immediately as he knew what was going to happen
>"Bren, why???"
>"Trust me, anon, I've got something better in plan.
>he lays my body on the bed, with him between my legs
>his shoulders are now supporting my knees, and his face is clamped onto my hard cock
>even though he's doing the exact same thing as before, now was different. It felt intense, seeing his beautiful, innocent face bob up and down.
>His magnificent eyes were complimented by his square glasses frames. He struggled to keep them on, but he did it for me.
>My cock started to feel so much warmer. He breathed through his nose, though difficult, he managed to do it.
>my head threw back in utter bliss. I could think of nothing better than right now
>my hand covers the back of his head, through his soft, blonde hair
>he bragged to me about how he had 50 dollar shampoo from germany because he was rich, but I didn't think much of it
>right now, his hair was so soft. To think, someone as beautiful as this was doing this to me
>lip biting intesifies
>I felt like I was in heaven. I took his glasses off and gently stroked his hair
>where'd his hand go?
>as I notice his right hand was under his chin, I feel something protruding my virgin asshole

cont. after I grab a snack
File: 1405657301854.gif (4 MB, 400x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 400x263
>I could feel his thumb circling my hole
>It popped in, feeling slight pain at first, but then turning into pleasure
>He found my G-spot, and exploited it in every way possible.
>His fingering - er, thumbing, along with the steady pace of my cock sliding in and out of his mouth was too much
>My first orgasm was intense. I'd never felt anything like it before. The thick, sticky, warm fluid came out in pulses. By the second pulse, he'd pulled it out of his mouth, and it clung to his beautiful face.
>the cum dripped from mouth, and down his chin
>He slid his shota body up, meeting faces with mine
>His first kiss, and mine, was filled with cum.
>The flavor was strange, but he himself tasted minty
>My eyes closed, I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life.
>His lips disconnected
>I could feel his lips moving across my hairless chest, but I was confused.
>"Anon, I watched this in a movie. Get ready."
>"Bren, what are you- ahh... ahhh! ahhh!!"
>his lips surrounded my left nipple, tongue swirling around it
>I felt the same pleasure as I did when I came, and my heartrate jumped back up
>"What are you doing? I already cummed."
>"Get hard again. I wanna try something."
>"I can't. It's too soft."
>"How about a little pep talk?"
>My face looked so confused at that moment. I had no idea what he was talking about
>Once again, he shifted into position between my legs
>My cum-soaked belly was lubricated as he kissed up and down
>"Anon, I want you so badly right now."
>"Tomorrow, I'm going to make you cum."
>"I'll suck your cock dry. I'll be your succubus."
>feels start to flow through. I know he's talking dirty to me
>"You'll be my bitch from now on."
>"I want your body. Your body's mine."

Is anyone still here?
What means the tattoo "2 stripes" ?
everyone's busy fapping I guess
lurking for this story


>My sinister grin indicated it was working. He knew it too.
>"Really? You're going to do all of that for me?"
>"I'll do anything for you, anon. I just want your body. I want to feel your warmth."
>"What's in it for me?"
>He grinned
>"I'll fuck you daily. I'll be your cum bucket. I'll make your cock raw."
>"Now that I think about it.. That sounds good."
>"I'll fuck you in my dad's antique porsche. I'll fuck you at school, in a stall. I want the feel of your cock."
>With a bit of nipple play, I was painfully hard once again.
>He awkwardly climbed atop my body. He sat upright, but eventually parallel to my chest
>He grabbed my cock by the shaft. Though smaller than his, he led its head straight to his ass.
>It found its way between his gentle cheeks. They felt so soft. I'd only seen it before in the shower room, but not the way I knew it now.
>My cock was still lubricated by my cum
>I could feel his heavy breathing on my face. I knew he was nervous.
>his eyes found their way into piercing mine. They were furious with excitement.
>"Bren.. you're so fucking hot.. I want to fuck you every day.."
>He blushed. His ass was so tight, as he lowered himself down.
>The head fit in with slight discomfort
>I could tell from his watering eyes he was in pain
>I wanted to stop it, but it felt so good
>"This satisfying your sadistic thirst?"
>I nodded.
>as it slid even further down my shaft, his face reddened even more.
>"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... so goood..."
>as soon as he got part of the shaft in, the rest followed suit quickly. Too quickly.
>He gave a loud wince as he was in pain. I could empathize, but it was drowned out by how warm he was inside.

This is the fastest I've ever typed. I'm in the zone right now
yes god dammit, dude at this point even when you finish your story just keep telling more (even if you're making it up, although we don't need to know that ;)
Cringe @ you fugly closet fags who can't even get laid in your 30s using dating apps fantasizing about havign the confidence to have gay sex as teenagers.

You're just creepy gay paedophiles.

Fuck off.

Thank you.
>In first grade I sucked my friends dick at a slumber party.
>in third me and my neighbor tried anal
>fourth grade my and a classmate did anal
>be 16 at friend's house
>parents are at work
>he shows me his porn collection
>we start watching porn together and jacking off
>gradually turns into us watching each other
>cum everywhere
>go use his shower to clean up
>he joins me unexpectedly
>starts jacking me off again
>still a bit sore because i just came like 10 minutes before
>start jacking him off too
>we were in the shower doing it for like 30 minutes because it takes longer to cum standing up
>both of us get done
>we vow to never do it again
>do it again every 2 weeks or so after that
gr8 b8 m8

Not making it up. I'm just adding vivid words to make it seem more interesting. TL;DR, we're two awkward faggots trying to have sex

I'm up for a 3-way any day.

>Having my cock inside of him warmed up my whole body. The air temperature was probably around 40-50 degrees, but it felt like summer.
>His blonde bang covered his left eye. As I uncovered it, I could see he was practically crying from the pain
>Being the sadistic fuck I was, this made it even more intense for me.
>the red blush stayed around his cheeks, but I could see more of his skin getting redder. I remember in health class how they said that you can tell someone is close to an orgasm by their skin color and heartrate, as well as breathing
>My head felt a small bump. As it went over, bren bit his lip.
>"Damn.. That's got you all fired up?"
>"You fuck, you know how it feels. Stop it, it's starting to- ahh.. ahhhh!!"
>he rode up and down my cock, this time I'm at an advantage. It slightly curved up, and every time he went up or down, it hit his G-spot.
>his cock looked even redder than before.
>I took a bit of spit into my hand and rubbed it onto his penis.
>at first, I was slow and gentle about it. But eventually, it overtook me. I wanted to torture this boy toy. All the times he boasted his wealth or his vidya game skills. All the times he one-upped me.
>now was my time for revenge. I grabbed him by the back of his nape, and took over the movements. his soft chest perfectly complimented and fit with mine, something boobs could never do.
>My hand was squeeze between our bodies, but clamped onto his cock.
>He rested his chin and placed his hands on my shoulders.
>as my movement back and forth got faster and heavier, so did his grip.
>I could feel and hear every one of his moans, which resonated and made it even more intense for me

dammit, too many lines
Well congrats on being on 4chan too faggot.
>His muscles clamped onto my cock, but it was lubricated enough so it could slip in and out with ease
>our bodies moving in perfect unison was all the more reasons this felt so natural sand so good
>His cock slipped in and out of my hands, in turn, making him feel even more pleasure.
>I had no idea how he lasted this long. We'd been at it for 20 minutes, but it only felt like 5.
>I could feel myself cumming a second time. By now, it'd become a race of who'd cum first.
>As the clock ticked, his erection started to twitch. As did mine.
>finally, he gave in. His loud moans and gentle cries led to an orgasm so instense, even I could feel it.
>The warm cum, though not as thick as mine, was cue to lead myself to cum once more.
>only moments later, I came again, though not as much.
>We covered each other in a warm embrace
>We stayed in this position for a good 30 minutes, until we fell asleep, cuddled in eachothers arms.

I eventually woke up when my mom called us to pick up some groceries from the car, but I slept for a good 2 hours.

To this day, we've had better sex, but we'd never had one as intense as this one.

Also, he's still my boyfriend. We go to Uconn together, about 3 dorms apart.
you don't really have a knack for storytelling anon
To be fair, the competition is pretty brutal... I wouldn't bother going into details of my story with this guy to compete with>>577529623
Nah, I'm done. I'm just lurking.
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I found your lover OP
7 at sleepover.

14 with 12 yo neighbor who was the horniest little fucker.
to old grampa
Was 15 and a virgin, school classmate invited me over his house. We were there alone, he asked me if I fapped. I said yes. He asked me if I wanted to fap with him. I didn't want to be rude so I said sure.

Ended up putting his cock in my ass and I sucked him off.

I didn't like it much.
File: 1412873206040.gif (2 MB, 400x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x332
>hanging out with/sort of babysitting 12 year old friend
>start talking about dicks and shit
>he just hit puberty, got his first pubes
>little nig pulls out his dick, shows me
>still small
>he wants to see mine
>pull mine out, just shaved so smooth. >Tfw 6 inches but huge balls
>he wants to play with it, let him because why the fuck not
>plays with my balls
>get hard
>he's fascinated by my dick
>cum from him playing with my shaft and balls, try to get him to lick it, he refuses
>notice he's hard, jerk him for a minute until he cums
>teach him to jack it
>over next few years get a couple dozen handjobs from him, have to move
>find him on FB recently
>mfw he has a huge dick now
File: 1407966735109.jpg (29 KB, 620x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 620x368

Just fapped to one of the stories.

I don't really want to tell the story.
>coming to 4chan
top fucking kek
how subtle
>>find him on FB recently
>>mfw he has a huge dick now
How does one find this out over fb?
Probably started a conversation and shared pictures like normal fucking people, how do you think?
File: 1401902627165.jpg (20 KB, 436x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you ask?
my story is pretty shit in comparison, not gunna lie
Post it anyways. It's not like this thread isn't going to 404 sooner or later.
>be me 13 years old
>had girl over to watch anime on tv and spend time together
>We were lying on bed talking about shit
>I was kinda into her and wanted to try this
>I hesitated a little but kissed her lips

>after our favorite anime is over we started kissing again
>my grandma is in the same room, on a different bed tho, sleeping
>I begin to touch her little teen boobs, she does that to me too
>I get really wet and horny and wanna touch her pussy
>Tells me she is on her period
>She turns and I hug her from behind

The next day she leaves the house for some shit excuse, even if she said when she first came that she will be with me for like 3-4 days.

>first gay experiences

File: 1413647267816.jpg (630 KB, 1053x1070) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kill yourself
I guess so... Apologies in advanced, not pretyped, never thought I'd ever need to type it up.

>Be ~16
>Mother and that thing she calls a husband go out, leaving me, step bro(~12) and both step sis(13 and 15) home with me
>do normal shit for a while and decide to have a shower, Like the retard I was, leave door open a bit because I was meant to be looking after them
>5-10 mins into shower, notice door move a little bit
>sly peek over and see step bro looking in, just watching me
>Goes on for another ~5 mins, me just washing myself, him watching me
>Turn water off, he bolts, I get out and half assed dry myself
>As soon as I walk out of bathroom, he bolts in and gets in the shower, but he leaves the door open like I did(which he never does, usually he'd barricade the fucking door shut if he could)
>wait 5 odd minutes then peek in
>He's jacking off
>thinking to myself "I'm going to get my ass kicked for leaving the door open anyway"
>Walk into room, He doesn't notice.
>Close door over and drop towel, Still doesn't notice.
>open shower door and step in behind him, he must have felt the cold air coming into the shower because he turned his head and spotted me.
>Damn near jumped through the roof and turned bright red
>Stand right behind him, reaching around and grabbing at his cock
>Nope.jpg his hands are covering it
>try to coerce him into moving them, still nope
>At this point, realize my cock is hard and sitting between his ass cheeks, I start to grind
>he bends over a little and releases his hands
girls can be gay too dumbass
I have no words for this
OP is a fag
ITT: mentally ill people, aka homosexuals
I did this and I am not homosexual :) I grew up normally having only heterosexual experiences. This gay experience was just a phase I've been through. There's nothing mental about being a kid and wanting to try stuff you've seen only adults do.
>There's nothing mental about being a kid and wanting to try stuff you've seen only adults do.

wait so you watch gay porn and assume that there's nothing mentally wrong with it?
lol just kill yourself
>be 11
>starting to get horny
> love playing with dick
>one day go to friend jimmy's house
>start talking about sex
>he tells me to close my eyes, I do, hear rustling
> "OK you can open them"
>open eyes and his pants are down dick pointing straight up

>spend the next minute or two jacking him slowly and grinding on him
>He looks back at me and asks if I want to put it in
>Don't mind if I do!
>He leans further forward
>try to poke head in
>not gunna happen, he winces in pain
>Realize I'm in the fucking shower, grab a nearby bottle of who knows what
>apply to head, apply to ass attempt #2
>push again, this time with a little more force then I expected
>head shoots right in, as does half my length
>He jumps, stands upright and slips, knocking me backwards
>he falls backwards too
>I'm still in him, he falls back onto me, entire length rams right on in there
>Prepare self for scream of agony
>no scream, he arches over a little
>look over his shoulder, there's cum running down the shower glass
>Turned on as fuck, start slowly humping
>He says 'You can go faster..." between breathes
>pump faster, so fucking tight, takes me almost no time to empty into him
>pull out, awkward laugh by me, puffing and panting by him
>clean off dick, get out of shower, dry myself and tell him I'll wait in the other room
>sit on sofa, step sis(15) says they are going to their friends house across the street
>tell them to be back before parents blah blah piss off
>they leave, I collapse onto the sofa for a few mins before shower stops and little bro comes out in just boxer shorts
>Little bro stands in front of me, Grins, then steps forward and sits on my lap
>'That was... nice'
>Brain dies, don't know what to say
>"Y-yeah, it was cool"
My first gay sex aged 21. Was in the army on a training exercise. Get in the tent at night to find Sgt Major stark naked except for a tutu kneeling on my bed. Stick my cock up his ass and fucked him.
I never watched gay porn, but I knew about sex and what is supposed to be like. The circumstances were bad, had no guys around and I was really young and horny.
>be 18
>no gf at the time
>no first anything so far.
>craigslist, find mfm
>find the first cute guy i see
>email him
>we talk for awhile, he likes me.
>we trade numbers and talk for hours.
>finally end up talking about sex
>i get a cab to his place
>i meet him, he's exactly what he looks like in his pics, thankfully.


straight men dont even think about other mens dicks

youre a faggot

if you just got head and fucked his ass, you could maybe claim to be straight

the fact you like dick and have such fond memories of it makes you a full blown faggot

grow up and embrace it
>"now you take yours out anon"
>I do, my hands trembling
>for a moment we just stand there gazing at each other's dicks, both of us hard and hairless, and I'm fascinated
>"OK I'm going to try something"
>he moves closer
>"my dick meets your dick"
>he swings his hips and his cock brushes against mine
> I gasp, looks and feels amazing
>be 9
>friend is about 12
>round friends house playing with lego
>he asks if i know what sex is
>says yes ofc
>he says "wanna try it"
>he starts by sucking my dick
>im like defuq.gif
>tells me to get on my knees
>gets on knees
>he spits on my ass and inserts
>i almost cri cuz teh pain
>about 10 mins later my ass is dripping with cum
>he brings me over
>immediately get hard
>he see's that and giggles
>we make out
>i start feeling his dick
>we go to his room
>he tears off my clothes
>immediately shoves my dick in his mouth.
>first time getting head, felt amazing.
>i had taken DXM the night before
>was in the after glow and making everything way intense
>came HARD down his throat and all over his face
>he cleaned his face up by eating the rest of my cum
>so hot
>he asked if I was a virgin
>i said yes
>he get's on the bed, on all fours.
>spreads his asshole
>it's beautiful
>i start eating his asshole, wasn't thinking, but it actually wasn't half bad. He liked to wink it at me.
>shoved my dick inside of his ass after a little bit of lube.
>he told me not to go slow, to just start ramming it
>I did, he started fucking wailing like he was crying
>i pulled his hair, we ended up getting really rough
>i unloaded inside of his ass with no condom
>best orgasm i've ever had
>he's still hard and hasn't cum once.
>I start sucking his dick
>first time
>I'm not very good at it but looking up at him I see he's enjoying it, he's got the same face i make when I'm enjoying myself immensely.
>he's hard as a fucking ROCK.
>I start sucking his balls slightly hard and it makes him even harder.
>I feel him tense up in his lower back and ass.
>I didn't know how to deepthroat but I said fuck it and winged it.
>shoved his entire dick down my throat
>immediately started gagging, he held my head down hard as he came while I suppressed my gags.
>he came all down my throat, I felt like 9-10 thick spurts, never knew that was even possible.
>he slumped down on his bed

>we later relaxed, smoked and drank a bit.
>got a cab home

>got a gf a few months later, I don't fuck him anymore but we talk all the time.
last part

>Still only wearing towel, him just boxers
>'Want to come hang out in my room anon?
>'I dunno, might watch some tv'
>'Are you sure?"
>He stands, pulls the towel down, then sits back down, hand on my cock
>Cock takes the wheel again, follow him to his room
>the second we get in the room, he slams the door shut, gets on his knees grabs my cock and slides the head past his lips
>his skill did not match his eagerness however, teethings were abundant
>guide him through it, he gets muuuch better at it
>push on the back of his head, basically face fucking him
>stop for a second to check if he's ok
>No gag reflex... Holy shit
>He goes back to work, making short work of me
>tell him I'm going to cum again
>He panics and pulls it out
>Too late to stop
>Blow onto his face
>he laughs a little and makes a joke about it being his second shower today
>asks me if I want to crash on his empty top bunk tonight(wont be suspicious with parents since we do that occasionally)
>fuck him again that night

Regret that we don't talk as much anymore... Also, it feels weird knowing that I've slept with all three of my step siblings now...
I am a straight woman. What's so wrong about me ? I just touched other's girl boobs and body. Wow, I am such a mentally ill person.
You should write a book.
I love the style you write in.
Me being German+blonde+blue-eyed made this even more enjoyable, thank you very much
Tell about the the other 2, idgaf im bored
First one wasn't bad enough?

I would tell but the other two are female... kinda derailing

>we keep rubbing our dicks together, up nada down the shaft, nuzzling the heads
>I get daring and circle around his balls, he says it feels great and does it to me
>he says we should dick wrestle, like thumb wrestling, push our dicks together and whoever's pushes the other's out of the way wins
>he wins some, I win some
>trying to think of more to do so we don't have to stop
>he tells me to turn around
>"my dick meets your butt"
>I feel his cock going up and down my ass crack, so hot to know it's his cock against me
>"OK now you do it to me"
>I do, rubbing it up and down as hard as I can
>we want to do more but then hear the garage door opening, his mom is coming home
>"anon you can never tell, shake hands"
>flash of inspiration
>"no...shake dicks"
>he whispers "yeah..." And we grab each other's, give it a good squeeze...I pull it down and let go
>"boing boing"
>he laughs, we get dressed and play vidya
>can't stop thinking about iti that night

fucking tell
File: 1413085853025.jpg (87 KB, 692x1030) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 692x1030
Do it anyways. It's slow 'round these parts.
As long as this guy keeps telling his

Ok, youngest stepsis first because it happened in that order, Same ages as last story

>small house at this point
>Sharing a room with step bro
>step sis gets scared one night and wants to sleep in the room with us
>She gets bottom bunk, I get top bunk, bro gets floor
>Step sis has crazy big tits for her age
>spend pretty much whole pre-sleep chat staring at them as often as I can
>During the night, wake up for some reason
>look down to see if anyone else is awake
>bro is asleep
>sis is asleep
>Sis' tits have popped out of her shirt in her sleep
>Seed of creepy stalker has been planted
>Instaboner, fap for a while
>me being the genius I was, didn't notice that my fapping was making the bed shake
>Sis suddenly says "What are you doing?"
>I freak out, didn't know she was awake
>"Uhh, scratching my leg"
>"sure.. Ok, just scratch softer"
>Finally notices her tits are out and pulls her top up
>90% sure she didn't know I was staring
>Go into bathroom and fap.
>FF a few days
>Step bro goes to his friends house for the weekend
>Step sis gets scared in her room alone
>Step sis sleeps on bottom bunk that night
>walk into room before bed
>she's just putting her pajama top on
>quick peek of them tittays before top comes down
>lose it, think fuck it, need me some action
>close door
>walk over to her and grab her, drag her into closet
>Grope tits, lock lips, await inevitable scream or nut shot
>Still waiting for it
>No nut shot... No scream...
>Look down at her
>She stands up on her toes and locks lips with me
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