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First gay experience thread?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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First gay experience thread?
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>be 19y/o twink, always been straight, maybe bi.
>be curious, want to experiment
>meet 40+ year old guy on craigslist
>meet up, suck his dick, try anal, but no-go.
>end up cuddling and playing and other stuff.
>had fun, but it didnt feel right the whole time
>sometimes i wanna do it again, but then i fap and after i finish, i feel no desire anymore.
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Anonymous sex hook ups scare me.
i was scared, pretty much the whole time, which is probably why it didnt exactly feel right. turned out to be a really nice guy though.

>Be an age I don't really remember
>Friend sleeping over after birthday party
>in toy room
>he dares me to put a toy in my ass
>Tries, nope.jpg
>Offers me his penis instead, and he put it in my butt. The end.
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Is there moar?
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>be me 2 years ago
>interested in gay sex for a long time but never acted on it
>go through breakup
>try crossdressing
>fucking love it
>buy clothes/wig/makeup
>look in mirror
>holy shit I pass.jpeg
>post add on craigslist
>meet up with random dude at 3 am
>nervous as fuck
>drive 45 minutes to get there
>tell myself i better not have driven for nothing
>txt him, he comes outside and walks me in
>this is so fucking weird
>he takes shirt and pants off while making small talk
>lays back on bed in boxers
>pull them down
>Oh my god i'm actually looking at a real dick
>put it in my mouth instantly
>doesn't taste like much but gummy
>keep sucking
>he starts feeling up my ass up my skirt
>puts condom on
>starts fingering me (didn't feel great)
>fucks me in all kinds of positions for like 45 minutes
>feels good but goes on for too long
>starts hurting
>he can't seem to cum
>decide I'm tired of waiting and want to go home but can't think of how to get up and leave
>this is what girls must feel.jpeg
>randomly stop him and say "what time is it?"
>he thankfully gets the hint and asks if I have to go for work or something
>say yes
>get dressed. He slaps my ass on the way out the door (kind of liked that not gonna lie)
>head back to car and start driving home
>weird feels. so many weird feels. I just had gay sex dressed as a woman. I miss my ex. I want my mommy. I wish I hadn't done that
>throw all my girls' clothes and wig out the window
>kek thinking about who's going to find all that randomly strewn across the highway

All in all, weird experience. I like the dick, no doubt about that, and I like being submissive. But I don't think I'm the sort of person who can just fuck strangers and be cozy with it.

Also I have a weird thing where I can't kiss men.
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Sorry there aint to my knowledge.
My and my 1st cousin touched each other under the covers once, when where were like 10
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No one likes kissing dudes, not even women.
>be 15 and staying at friends house
>keeps whipping out his penis
>says he "wants to build up courage to do it in public
>asks if I want to play truth or dare
>prank calls to chicks about to happen
>mfw first dare asks me to blow him
>roof is on fire by bloodhound gang comes on MTV
>blow him to entire song while he covers my head with a blanket to pretend I'm a girl
>night ends with him coming on my asshole

we had sex a bunch of times after that until we moved.
>Be me today
>Stumble upon OP
Sounds a lot like my story.

Got fucked got fucked by my friend about every weekend from i was 14 to 17. Was nice, and i miss it a fuckton.
yeah i wasnt big on it either. i had fun blowing him though. i just wish i was better at anal. sounded like fun.
Dat edit. minus one "got fucked".

It's called swinging/open relationships.
>Be me
>Turn on computer
>Open browser
>Go to 4chan
>Dicks everywhere

fucking faggots

go make your own gay board
>walk out door
>slip on stairs
>hit nuts on rail turning my balls inside out
>fly from rail infront of truck
>Truck hits me
>I fly into hospital
>I accidentaly flew past someone getting a sex change operation
>babies magically start flying out of my cunt
>rocket through the air
>break through a window
>It's OP!

That's my first gay experience.

I've tried to meet guys online like 100 times since then. I've just given up.

It's too fucking weird. I'm super insecure too. I feel like a guy is either too hot for me or too unattractive for me. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground.

>rubs crotch in a gay way
This is like, five or six months ago
> Am gay/bi guy
> Really want cock
> Post on Craigslist for someone
> All old dudes or people too far from me (Cannot drive)
> Finally find someone
> Black guy, stubby cock, my age
> Walk to meetup spot, late at night
> Get in car
> Nervous as fuck
> Not 100% sure I want to do this, but I'm here now
> He's nice about it, lets me take my time
> Whips out cock
> Nervously grab, start handjob
> Say fuck it and go in for a blow
> No taste, interesting texture
> Dude smells weird as fuck
> Do all black guys smell like this?
> Spend ~30 minutes sucking him
> Get close but can't make him cum
> Give up, say sorry, chit chat for a minute, leave.

And then I went back later, basically the same story but we changed positions this time and he came. It was kind of meh, and the smell was too weird so I haven't went back.

I'm trying to hook up again but I can't find anyone who isn't old or black. Piece of shit small town.
>Be me
>Be 23
>Pissing in a urinal with no meat-gazing guards
>Drunk friend comes up and pisses in the one next to me
>Fully turns his head and looks at my dick
>"That's a nice dick"
>"Thanks bro"
>Nothing else

But I think he knows why I get extra attention paid to me in the strip club.
I'm not racist at all, but black cock smells weird. I'm not even joking. They're all that way, and I'm a huge faggot and have had a bunch.
>Be me age 17
>Go to festival with two friends one of whom is not out but everyone knows is gay the other is straight as hell
>Be bi but have gf
>have great time all weekend but as we're drunk gay friend giving me come ons now and then
>am sleeping next to him in tent
>other friend is in adjoining tent and is fast asleep
>gayfriend and I talk for hours,
>suddenly he puts his arm around me and goes for move
>tell him I'm sorry but no, kiss him on cheek and go to sleep with his arm around me anyway so as not to be a dick
>remain great friends

not quite the first gay experience you had in mind unfortunately. Luckily for you there's an epilogue

>Fast forward three years and I'm in his room blowing a load in his mouth and then jacking him until he cums on my face.
> Thank him
>kiss him on cheek and fall asleep with his arm around me
I'll post mine.

>14 and best friend is sleeping over for weekend
>late at night only us awake watching tv in the living room
>flip over HBO or one of those premium channels
>porn is on
>we both get hard
>I pull out my dick and start stroking, he does too
>I lean over and start sucking him off
>He doesn't complain or get weirded out
>was about 5 inches but thick
>I pop his cock out of my mouth and he asked me why i stopped
>I ask him if he wants to do what theyre doing on the porno
>I end up convincing him after he keeps saying no he doesnt want tto hes not gay
>I go to the bathroom and come back with some hand cream
>Take off clothes and get on the couch on my back and prop my ass up in the air
>He cover his dick in handcream and assumes the position
>I put my legs on his shoulders as he penetrates me
>We fuck for like 10 minutes he started off slow and short and by the end he was slapping my ass like a rabbit
>He hugs me close and kisses my neck and cums inside
>push him off me turn off tv grab cllothes and go t o my bedroom to go to bed
>he follows closes the door and climbs in with me and spoons me
>feel him get hard again and he puts it in my ass again
>no thrusting though we both just fall asleep with his cock in my ass spooning

Thank god no one came in to wake us up cause they didnt wanna wake up a couple of grumpy hormonal teens. After that whenever wed have sleepovers at eithers house wed try out new positions and shit for like the next 8 months until the school year ended. I blew him twice in a bathroom stall at school. After the summer though we kind of grew out of it.
I feel like this too. I think it's because kissing is more emotional than sexual, and I personally have no emotional attraction to dudes.

Hell I don't even really find the male physique attractive. I just like dicks.
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They smell like coconut oil I swear to god. Wonder if they taste like it too.
I don't even think it was his dick, I could smell him as soon as I got in the car. I don't remember the smell anymore just that it wasn't good. I'm thinking of hooking up with another one (out of desperation) and seeing if he smells too.

God I'd do anything to suck a cock of a white twink/otter/jock/whatever. All I've wanted for the last month.
Some scientists should conduct some research on this. the hypothesis is that all black guys' cocks smell coconut oil.
Was it difficult to dislodge your dick from his ass the next day?
>met a married guy from a hookup site
>i had been meeting trannies until then
>all he wanted to do was blow me
>met him
>went to the bar and had a few drinks
>went back to his
>blew me in his kitchen
>a mouth is a mouth
>only gotten gayer since
File: 1414813211845.gif (2 MB, 432x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 432x223
Dude, just use grindr or something.
Google male hookup. It's not hard, heh.
Gay guys, gay guys everywhere.
So much casual sex.
UGGGHHH This time 100x

Though I did manage to hook up with a hot dude once, only because he refused to send pics and I was too horny to care and accepted that I'd be hooking up with an ugly fat dude like myself.

I guess he had low standards because he hooked up a few more times.
are you me?
>be me, 16
>friend has free hour
>get high as fuck
>go to bed
>im horny as shit fiddling with my dick
>my friend randomly asks "do you want to wank each other off?"
>i thought he was joking
>say yes
>he grabs my cock and ends up blowing me till i cum in his mouth
>he cums on my face
>only did it once since then
File: 1414269761125.jpg (655 KB, 1430x1242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
655 KB, 1430x1242
Honestly yeah, when I woke up I kinda forgot what happened right away and I had to peel my butt cheeks apart to pull his cock out and get out of bed cause it was stuck together from the cum maybe he came again during the night? I dunno.
i might be. what year is it there?

>sometimes i wanna do it again, but then i fap and after i finish, i feel no desire anymore.

That feel is shame. It is nothing strange it just means you're a regular faggot who hates the idea of regular faggots. Its your desire that pushed you to suck that dick, *Bane voice* the shame comes later.
>be 14 gay
>playing games at friends house
>friend has hot brother 20
>make good friends with brother
>one day go over to play games
>"oh sorry anon went away with parents for weekend but you can play games with me"
>acts innocent and agrees
>plays mortal combat for hours
>getting dark "hey anon you can spend night if you want"
>"ok" parents already think I'm staying at friends
>we go to bed
>I say I don't like sleeping alone
>he invites me to his bed
>cuddle him
>he gets boner and tries to hide it
>not today satan
>I grab his dick and say "woah it's so big"
>blow him
>he turns me over
>rims me hard
>fucks my brains out

mfw we did that for the next 4 years
>Young boy wants to be used by Daddy, etc.
>Guy sends pics. Looks middle aged, not particularly handsome. Dad?
>Instructs me go to his hotel room downtown.
>I arrive, heart pounding, "this is real risky, man"
>Hand on room doorknob "you can always turn back"
>Walk in, see him laying in bed. I do as I'm told and walk straight into the bathroom.
>Leave the door open, undress slowly and get into shower.
>Dry off and use the shitty hotel lotion to lube up my ass, as I was told.

Will continue if anyone is interested
I have this fantasy of ooops I accidentally gay sexed while drunk.

I just want to meet up with a cool dude on CL, pretend we're not gay, get drunk while hanging out, and then oh my woops your penis is in my butt, how did that happen, guess you might as well cum all over my fucking face, right!?!

And then we do it again in the morning.
Me, very straight and married. Wife out of town and drinking in a hot tub with our gay couple friends. They get me shitfaced on Jäger. Wake up toy cock in anons mouth. I don't stop him. I have an amazing orgasm. Short time later, he gets me hard again. He blows me as his partner licks my asshole. I come again. I get hard again. I jack off till I'm close and the partner finishes me and takes my load in his mouth. All within an hour. Anon begged me for my cock a few times after and since he was so fucking good at it I let him. Haven't done anything in a couple of years. Still hang out with them tho.
Wow, thats kind of fucked up on his part.
Anyone got tips for actually hooking up? Advice? Anything?
u wot m8?
Yeah, he felt bad for a bit and wanted to stop but I wouldn't let him.
exactly this is the only type of gay sex that turns me on just casually fucking another dude no like will this make me gay? bullshit
If youre a bottom anyone will hookup with you most likely, it's like being a girl.
I'm in my 30's and wish. Half the dudes on Craigslist are undercover faggots that want to think they'll meet someone but never come through. Fuck what anyone says about Grinder, it's only good for seeing how many local gay dudes you've bumped into at the grocery store. Gay bar is the one spot I've always had a shit ton of luck, but that involves more than posting from home.
ive found that to be the case.
Bamp because first time experiences are the reason I still come to this website.
Used to have a friend that we used to suck each other, we tried anal several times but it was too painful. One time he's got me bent over a wall and starts rimming me, pulls out some lube and manages to get it right. The feeling to this day stays with me, it felt amazing but the best part was the feeling when he shot his whole load inside.
Never had any other guy since but am always trying to find someone else to do that to me. My biggest problem is that I'm attracted to women but sex with guys feels amazing. Although I am attracted to transsexuals more just cannot find one.
> be 6 or 7
> go sleep with family we met on vacation in spain
> friend comes into room where i'm sleeping in middle of night
> we undress
> he lies on top of me
> dicks against eachother
> he makes fucking motion
> feelsgoodman.jpg
> dick starts tinteling very har
> tell him to stop
> he takes my dick and starts jacking me off
> alsofeelsgoodman.jpg
> go back to sleep

> next year go back there
> now sleep in the same bed as him
> he doesn't wanna play with me anymore
> bawwww.jpg
>meeting dealer
>get in the back seat like usual
>he comes to the back to give me the stuff like usual
>hands me the stuff
>about to hand him the money
>he says hold on
>asks you straight
>im like yeah im good man(i thought he was asking if I was ok with the amount or if everything was cool)
>hes like no i mean youre too cute to be straight
>hes like, you can keep that(it was about an Oz of weed) if you just play with it for a while
>he grabs my hand and places it on his boner
>starts using my hand to jack himself off
>puts his hand on the back of my head and gently pushes my head down into his crotch
>I just lick it
>he lets out a soft moan
>kind of like it
>start sucking on it
>suck on it for about 5 minutes when a car shows up
he goes back to the front seat and I get out.
this was like year ago, I still give him Bjs on the back of his Dodge Charger in exchange for weed.
im not gay or anything btw, I just suck dick maybe once a month.
Whaaat? Where the hell do you live where it's like that?

Here 90% of people on CL are bottoms/cocksuckers. 90% of the 10% who are not are over the age of 40.
>I'm now washed and my ass feels slippery from this lotion.
>I walk back into the bedroom naked and the lights are now off. I'm standing next to the bed.
> He points to the ground so I get on my knees.
>"You didn't do as I said, you didn't put the towel back where I told you."
>"I'm sorry, Daddy."
>"What did I say I would do if you didn't follow instructions?"
>"Punish me."
>He tells me to move to the end of the bed and suck his toes.
>Lips wrapped around his big toe. I honestly find this repulsive and degrading.
> He eventually pats the other said of the bed, motioning for me to lie down next to him.
This wasn't the first time we fucked, but i was 16 at the time. me and him were sleeping over at a friend's house, as we did every weekend for 5 years. he fucked me every night for three of them.

>sleepover at friend's house
>watch Jonah hex or whatever the fuck
>grind on his cock under our covers
>third friend right next to us
>he left the room to do some shit
>i spat in my hand and rubbed it on my asshole, already loosened up from me playing at home earlier
>pulled out his cock and pushed myself onto his cock
>fucked slowly the rest of the film with our friend right next to us. continued when he went to sleep.

He came in my ass of course, as per usual and i was quick to taste his cum and my ass on his cock after he pulled it out of my ass.

The next day i had forgotten i had a load in my ass and squirted all of it (a lot) in my pants.
threw my cum soaked boxers behind their water heater. two months later third friend's mom found it and washed it for me.
exactly. those two faggots know absolutely fuck all. tops are thin on the ground and call all the shots
that's not true at all

there are a tonne more bottoms than tops so being a top makes it easier to pick people up
first and only
>be 23
>naturally introverted, but have a hair trigger temper
>get dragged by friends to see rocky horror picture show
>not told that id would be forced to participate.
>never seen the movie, but know is about gay shit
>tim curry tries to drag me on stage.
>i politely tell him thats not my game
>the faggenstein monster full on grabs my dick through mt pants
>survival instincts and 6 years of boxing training kick in.
>hes out.
>i get soaked in faggot mixed drinks and smirnoff ices as my friends drag me out.
>friend calls me a homophobe
>call my friend a faggot
>he cries
>call my girlfriend to come pick me up from the hood at 3 am.
i dont have anything against gays, but fuck faggots
Also, transexuals who top is a myth that porn tells you. Almost all trans people are bottoms.

Which is still hot. Also, if you aren't attracted to guys at all, but like anal you might just be 100% straight, and pegging is for you.
I've fucked a couple of traps but I don't consider myself gay. The first trap I fucked i met on craigslist and didnt even say a word to me. i bent him over his couch and tried my best to break him in half. came and then left. looked just like a girl but had a penis.
ive been told this constitutes rape, if it werent for me being a cis white male
This isn't true at all. This is just retarded.
>he feeling to this day stays with me,
Yeah! I remember not liking it at first and being grossed out even though I convinced him to do it I felt dirty and wrong like we should stop right away, but then once he thrust into me it was like BAM. THIS IS SO RIGHT HIT MY PROSTATE AGAIN.
I fukd ya mum
vegas. tops and bottoms everywhere.
No gay bars in my town. Grindr and CL are my only options.

Damn right.
What the fuck? Never seen rocky horror picture show, so maybe I don't know the context properly, but it sounds like that was a punch well deserved.

Sexual assault isn't OK just because you are gay.
When I was a young teen my first gf was into cuckolding, I was too beta to do anything about it or say no. One day some guy mouth-fucked me to get him hard, she saw and dumped me. That day I realised I'm bi.
>sometimes i wanna do it again, but then i fap and after i finish, i feel no desire anymore.

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's normal for everyone
i feel exactly the same way, tought i might be gay for a while but then found that i actually only like their dicks and nothing else. what am i /b/?
I call myself bisexual only to myself. Only reason I'm not "out" to friends and shit is I don't want any gay/bi friends to get the wrong idea and try to date me.
After my first time with my friend I got kinda slutty the next year I guess, I had a thing going on with two of my friends. Thank god none of them told anyone that would be so embarrassing but they were too embarrassed to tell anyone to I guess, I should have had a threeway with them spit roasts are my fetish, I was always the receiver after all :3. Lmaoo the first time with one of the two boys was on a weekend and he stuck a banana in my ass and jerked me off before I blew him.
post trap pics on 4chan
My first gay experience was sexual assault.
File: 1409550359000.jpg (269 KB, 930x728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whats the matter?
>me be 15
>wag school with my friend at the time
>feeling horney so we get naked
>end up licking her pussy
>she came
>My turn
>I came
>never spoke again
thats the only gay shit Ive ever done
>talked to a cute online
>asked for a picture of his face
>he wanted to send me lewds
>sent me a video of him having fun in the bathtub along with the picture
>I really liked it
>he asked me to jerk to it
>I obliged
>he reciprcated

Let's just say I had a hard time typing on the keyboard and we still have sessions. I wish his webcam didn't break.
I SAID GAY NOT LESBO. lol just kidding, nice story its just like my japanese animus.
tfw when only attracted to males under 15
Sucked a dick
Got fucked in the butt
Got aids
Ruined my life
that's pretty much it
>be 17
>go to nude beach for first time
>notice all the guys on the rocks
>lay there and sun bake
>wake to having my arse licked
>freak out and don't move
>feel his beard on my cheeks
>lay there for 15 minutes being eaten and fingered by a complete stranger
>he says 'thanks' and walks off
>I lift my head up
>he is fucking 60 or so and there's three other older guys watching
>I put my face back down
>another guy approaches and does the same thing
>look over, he's about 50
>let him go until I feel him putting his dick in me, no condom
>thrusts a few strokes
>sorry mate
>grab my towel and bail

And that's how I got my old man fetish
That sounds good but I've never been fully pleasures by that it doesn't feel the same, also the feeling of taking a load in the ass is the best part of it.
When drink, vodka i one time chose small glass.

this my only gay moment
File: killing.jpg (25 KB, 310x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 310x359
File: 1409724111583.jpg (42 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 640x480
Wow you pussy faggot
File: 1413277483585.jpg (49 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 640x480
Anyone else have their story to tell? We had like exclusively bottoms in here.
>be 9 or 10
>learn about sex very vaguely
>I've got this
>talk about it with neighbour, feign more knowledge than I know
>somehow got onto the subject of if guys can have babies
>"of course"
>"lets make a baby"
>proceed to get naked with him, get under the sheets and just look at eachother
>didn't really know what else to do because that was all the knowledge i had from "My wife and kids"
Ended up turning into get-naked-and-lay-over-eachother-without-actually-touching-much time until my sister found us and then was too embarrassed to do it again.
File: 1414404790447.jpg (221 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221 KB, 1280x1024
>until my sister found us and then was too embarrassed to do it again.

File: 1413871001530.gif (901 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well that might be it then.
enjoy your nigger AIDS faggot
Moar omg moar
Nice gif. I am usually a bottom with my BF but I'd smash that
That's an actual female, not a trap.
File: nyårsbilder 055.jpg (127 KB, 768x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nyårsbilder 055.jpg
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>be 19, curious bi
>talking to a 16yo gay boy online
>im home alone, he comes over
>nervous as fuck
>drink some beer
>talk and play vidya for a while
>he finally kisses me
>pull off my pants and starts sucking me
>sucks for 15-20 min, so fkn hot
>we take a shower together
>we 69 and doggy after that
>one of the cutest butts ive ever fucked :)

pic related, its him
File: 1414718938174.jpg (7 KB, 249x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First gay experience

>This thread
>Thanks a lot guys, managed to go this long without any gay experiences in my life and then I accidentally stumble upon this thread on 4chan and you ruin it for me!
>Time to go suck some cocks
File: 0joel.png (263 KB, 908x614) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 908x614
>be 11/12
>with distant cousin a year younger than me
>we play wrestling
>i get him on his stomach in the prone bone position
>jokingly dryhump him
>over the weeks it descends into me fucking him every time he comes over
>this continues for about a year
>family tensions mean I haven't seen him since

>8 years later
>turns out i'm bi

And I have to ask you guys, am I still a virginfag?
File: 1353681271993.png (239 KB, 1025x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239 KB, 1025x359
>be 5
>best friend and i
>laying on backs in tent
>squeezing each other's dick
I had sex with two males and they both came in the condom inside my butt. I also sucked three dicks off of Grindr, what are my chances of HIV?
>meet a guy from a forum
>diaper each other
>sleep at his house for one night
>mfw i actually realize what i just did
File: mt.jpg (20 KB, 280x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 280x421
>Be me, 14 or some shit like that
>Go to friends house for the weekend
>His house smelled like shit and there was no heat
>We play Resident Evil 4 for a minute then decide to watch porn
>We start whacking beside each other
>He says it would probly be better if we did it to each other
>Beat each other off, have to use lotion because hes circumcised
>Escalates to blowjobs
>mfw his dick tasted like lotion
>He tries to assfuck me
>He bitches out of letting me try on him
>mfw he jacked off and came on my dick
>mfw I used it as lube to finish while watching porn as he played Resi 4
>mfw I was seduced by my friend and had really mixed emotions for a while there
>had sex with two males and they both came in the condom inside my butt. I also sucked three dicks off of Grindr, what are my chances of HIV?
extremely low. really difficult to contract it orally
yes, unless penetration and a decent amount of thrusting happened neither of you actually had sex.
Some would argue you need to cum, which is also understandable.
>be 19
>after party just me and homo friend of four years chilling alone everyone else asleep
>sits close to me
>puts on pov petite latina porn on his phone my fav >.<
>posts up in position for both of us to watch porn
>screw it nothing wrong with two watching porn together
<shit start getting a lil horny
> fucking starts asking all kinds of sexual questions
>so whens last time you had sex,postitions,you like it etc...
>qustions sexuality due of claim of him thinking im too beautiful to not obtain qt gf
>starts asking about how big my dick is and if ill show it to him
>state no bro im good you know im strait
>says oh well precedes to look up something on the phone
>mfw was his dick with erection.
>decide to admire and give compliments nothing wrong with two guys sharing penis sizes right?
>turns porn back on
>watch for a couple minutes
>starts rubbing my penis
>wtf dude you know im not like that
>ask for me to show him
>he offers to pleasure me in any way
>look at hinm weird
>starts rubbing dick again this time i let him go on
>tell him after stroking for a couple of minutes told you im not gay i dont like that shit
>starts rubbing harder and then starts getting on his knees and unzipping my pants
>wtf dude go to bed you sleep in the room ill slep o n the couch
>states not tired and hes really sory just drunk and horny
>say okay just stop
>tries again
>tell stand up and tell him wtf
>starts getting really sad
>get in friend caring mode any ways because im not to ambigable an pragmatic and was just seeing what would happen.
>after heart wamring talk
>decide to tell him ill show him my dick to stfu
>we walk to the empty room
>open door tell him right here
>pulls dick out
>he grabs it and says okay
>i say now go to bed
>puts mouth on it
>i slap him and call him a joto
first time i ever felt awkward about life in late teens haha
>met a shemal transexual
>sucked her cock
>fucked her ass
>shit so cash
i once read a post by OP
File: 3CDgzEN.jpg (43 KB, 625x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 625x460
>Hell I don't even really find the male physique attractive. I just like dicks.
>>Be young, hear about wilderness trail where gays in my town go to hook up.
>>Bike 30 minutes up there start to explore woods.
>>getting ready to leave see, see old guy coke bottle glasses.
>>He's grabbing his crotch, I walk slowly backwards he follows grabbing crotch.
>>I drop to my knees and say
"Do you need something?"
>>Dude is in my mouth, cums in like 1 min zips up and stumbles away.
>>Now I'm bi and love stranger hook ups.
File: bt.jpg (23 KB, 485x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 485x292
But that was long agoooooo
>pic related
>suck dick for weed
>I'm not gay.
>suck dick for weed once a month
>i'm not gay

.....nigga you gay as shit!
Holy shit man, where are you?
Totally down for this. Hook me up with your dealer?
File: coral.jpg (71 KB, 489x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 489x547
Sounds like a pretty KUSHY deal.

>tfw fat closed bisexual
>tfw never true love
File: 1403804975049.jpg (47 KB, 647x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 647x539
posted here many time but fuck it. Bitch.

>Best friend is girly femboy fag
>Walking home with him after a night out
>Bunch of assholes shout abuse at my friend
>Run across the road and punch the ringleader
>Fighting with him, they get the upper hand and beat my ass
>They leave, friend helps me up
>Friend trying to get me home
>Takes me down a side street then up an alley
>Checking my wounds
>Runs his hand under my shirt
>"I love you Anon....You've treated me better than anybody I know and accepted me for who I am"
>Kisses me
>what the fuck?
>This is really nice
>Great kisser, standing there for ages kissing
>He drops to his knees
>Pulls out my cock and starts sucking
>Fucking hell hes good
>Hes really really good
>Best blowjob I've ever had
>Eventually I cum
>Whole body tingling
>Pump a huge load into his mouth
>Gulps it down like a pro
>Best orgasm I ever had
>Feels like face is melting
>Once I'm done he puts my cock back in my jeans
>Giggles and kisses me on the cheek
>Takes me back to his house
>Climb into bed
>Cuddle up and fall asleep

>im not gay i just suck dick

how delusional are you
Always wondered why Heaven always keeps these threads alive... Cause she's a trap

So happy to get the fuck away from her too
what is this a yugioh season 0 fanfic?
no its my first gay experience. Never watched Yugioh or any of that shit

Can tell you about the first time we fucked as well?
>camming with guys who got you something cute to wear online
gayest thing i've done

probably doesn't really count
whats her name?
>be 18
>already "bi-curious", often fapping to gay porn, but not thinking about hooking up with anyone
>in a park/forest on the outskirts of a medium-sized town (don't ask why), around 10am saturday, not a single soul nearby
>foggy, damp weather, everything is in brown and grey
>sitting on a bench with music playing on my headset
>suddenly a ~60 yo dude approaches me "hey, what are you doing alone here? you will freeze on a bench, come for a walk!"
>I hesitate at first but then say fuck it and go with him
>we walk through the empty, foggy park very slowly and just chat about some casual, inconspicuous shit
>suddenly he asks me to take a turn off one of the main paths, because he "has a spot there"
>sure whatever, still not suspecting anything
>there is a small, home-made bench, some small birch trees surrounding it, literally the middle of nowhere
>we sit down there and chat for a little while longer
>then he asks if I have a girlfriend ("no"), then asks how do I deal with it, do I masturbate, how often do I do it, can I pull my whole foresking off and other questions like that
>obviously I get uncomfortable with questions like that, but I also get a huge boner
>he says that my name is cute and asks if it's okay if he would kiss me
>I blush (I imagine) and say that no, because there could be other people nearby
>he keeps on convincing me that noone would see that, he puts his hand on my knee and moves it upwards, eventually feeling my bulge on his hand
>"see, you already popped a boner, come on, boy" (when I was 18 I actually looked 14-15 and that's what he probably thought I was, hence calling me a boy and question if I can pull my whole foreskin off)
>I shyly agree, he leans over to kiss my cheek while his hand kneads on my bulge, feels fucking amazing
>he tells me to go to some discreet place to jerk it off
>I agree almost immediately now
>we stand up and walk few metres away behind some bushes and low trees
>I look around and the whip out my dick, the dude surprised how big it is (again, cause I look younger than I really am)
>the old guy wraps his hand around my cock and starts stroking me fast
>feels fucking amazing, though I all shake and tremble of nervousness and arousal
>he pulls out his dick as well, but I only squeeze it a few times, nothing more
>steam blowing through our mouths as it's cold, me gasping as this is feeling better with every second
>eventually I moan loudly and start blowing a huge fucking load, some of it dropping onto the "daddy"'s shoes
>he compliments me for shooting so much of cum
>he hugs me and says to visit this park more often, apparently he comes here often only to "haunt" for boys, and he also has a couple of guys of my age that he regularly fucks in the remote places of this park-forest
>I agree to that, but after five years I've been there only 2 or 3 times, with no intention to find this guy
>I've never met him after all that, but he appeared often in my imagination when I was fapping "screen-less", imaging as he fucks me and all that
File: 1414029511508.gif (3 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 400x225
> be with guy for a week
> he says he'll pick me up from skoo, then back to my house for fun
> get back home
> kiss him
> Doesn't feel right
> feel his mustache on mine
> no no no
> he starts tickling me
> I don't like any of this
> kissing me and tickling me while I yell stop
> he thinks I mean stop tickling me, which I do but more to the point
> realize I'm not as gay as I thought
> break up with him
> been married to a woman for 10 years, still get hard seeing her naked
> no longer look at guys
> guess I'm p straight despite trying really hard to be gay
> mfw
man this is so hot
File: 1404411710562.gif (2 MB, 364x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 364x205
>be 14
>Outside is dark and very cold me and my friend talk about many things
>Somehow we started to talk about sexy girls
>both get horny
>friend got idea that I rub his dick and he mine
>We hide in garden
>he pull off his pants and showed his dick
>I got nervous and told myself that this is so gay I will regret it
>he started to rub my penis
>It felt very nice I can't describe it
>Got horny and started to rub his penis
>I got feel that I would cum every second I stopped rubing his dick and he mine too.

I regret doing it...
bögen upptäckte
File: mk.jpg (66 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 540x960
I have/had similar kissing issues, but overcame them:

>me, 20 year old male, living with bicurious male roomate/friend
>I used to look at trap and gay videos on the internet, realize that I like cock and want to be intimate with friend, and feel like some of my flirts are met back with mutual flirts
>I tease him every day and tell him I know hes attracted to me
>one day he is in the shower and I hide all of his clothes and refuse to give them back until I make him cum
>started by giving him a blowjob
>seems to last forever and I'm in heaven
>He cums kind of quick and I swallow it
>Standing up I see my reflection in the bathroom mirror as he tries to kiss me
>I push him back
>for some reason just can't stand to kiss another man after seeing how I personally look like as a male doing it
>I mention this to him and he suggest I wear his girlfriends clothes since he is more attracted to women and it would make it easier for him and for me
>Start with crossdressing, still a little weird but I'm able to return kisses and enjoy them
>move on to makeup and now I'm initiating kisses with him
>Kinda turned on by crossdressing, and I feel that I can be openly gay without any mental blocks or grievences when I'm in full drag and makeup
>decides to get breast implants and live full-time as a tranny, something I thought I'd never do. Not sure if you can even say that I'm actually transgender, I like being a gay man, I'm just more comfortable being gay if I'm in drag
>best decision I ever made.. I've dated and been with a good number of guys since then, loving it
File: bathroom.jpg (33 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 540x960
>be me
>20 years old
>walk into shoe store
>see black boot
>"i want that"
My gayest moment.
File: 23212.jpg (105 KB, 720x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 720x718
Cool story
I had analysis sex with my girlfriend once
>be me
>19 years old
>browse 4chan
>see this post
>"this is fucking gay"
My gayest moment.
Did he ever bang you?
File: mq.jpg (40 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 720x960
Yeah, but it wasn't until I started crossdressing that he put his cock in my ass. IIRC we probably had sexytimes with sucking eachother and kissing for like a week or two before I was ready for full on sex. Which reminds me of another thing, I used to insist that I keep my minidress on and hike it up for sex. But since I had my tits done I'm comfortable being fucked totally naked.
>be 9 or 10
>spend weekend at family friends
>see Star Wars first time
>having a great time
>calls me into his office
>locks door
>tells me I need to 'pay' for my fun
>whips out dick
>get nervous, head for the door
>be me, 12
>have friend, 14
>we watch porn and wank together
>tell him I read somewhere that it was normal to try jacking each other off
>we do
>doesn't work because we wank differently (he had hit puberty and had a 6-inch cock and mine was still only about 3 inches
>be 2 years later
>we're both drunk for the first time
>go to playground and do random shit
>he starts wanking
>rubs cock in my face and laughs
>open my mouth
>he sticks his half-erect dick in
>take turns sucking eachother off

>I've sucked him off a few times since then when high and he's cum in my butt a few times too. Still wouldn't ever date or kiss a man and prefer pussy.
Totally not gay
it's totally fine to take a man's cum anywhere so long as you don't love him
that's the gay part.

I would fuck you so hard.
first gay "date" today bless me
>be me
>be in 3rd grade
>neighbor kid(about 15) lures me inna woods with candy
>get inna woods
>kid tells me to take pants off
>says if I don't, he'll tell my mom I went inna woods with him and I'm not supposed to talk to him
>take pants off
>he fondles my junk
>tells me to get on my back
>he takes his pants off
>has huge dick
>he gets on top of me
>rubs our dicks together
>he dry humps me for about 30 minutes
>gets up and tells me to get on my knees
>he cums in my face
>tells me if I tell anyone, I'll be in big trouble
>he keeps blackmailing me to go inna woods with him for a couple more months til he commits suicide a couple days after his dad did
nice. go for it. remember putting out is good when you're a fag - you are not a girl

>i slap him and call him a joto

File: mbl.jpg (57 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 720x960
:D Thank you! I prefer to be a bottom slut

Moar pics slut
Any pre-transition pics?
File: msm.jpg (60 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 720x960
How's this?
does that have a cock? wow
Damn! I would destroy you.
you are one gullible fuck
I would for sure, your hot as fuck
post ass and cock
File: 4343.jpg (57 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 720x960
Well, here's a pic of my early drag queen phase

I'm going to need some cock
Yea, cock or gtfo
>be 6
>at friend's house for pool party
>needed a piss but didn't want to go in the pool. I was a weird kid. Or respectful. W/E.
>went to bathroom for peeing time
>door was shut but no noises coming from inside so I just barged in
>friend's older brother, about 15, was there having a piss with his majestic, thick cock. Well, compared to mine anyway

Long story short, he ended up rubbing his cock all over my little hairless prick and cumming into the toilet bowl.

I have more stories if anyone's interested
No thanks
File: mbr.jpg (173 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 720x960
Post some butt, yo

File: mclub.jpg (26 KB, 450x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 450x800
Where do you live?
File: clb.jpg (77 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 720x960
southern california
Ever visit Tampa?
> was 15 years old at camp
> was out with other boys at lake who were bigger then me
> they started messing around and one of them pantsed me
> I still wore tighty whities and they all saw them and laughed at me
> then one of them said teabag him and they grabbed me and pulled me to the ground
> they held me down and he pulled his pants and underwear down
> then he sat on my face and rub his butt all over my face
> then forced his cock and balls in my mouth
> his cock got a little hard and I could even taste some precum
> while he was on me one of the other boys took my shorts and hide them
> then he got off of me and said give him a wedgie
> then they grab one of the ropes on the side of the lake and tied one end to my underwear
> they put the other end around a branch on the tree lifted me up and tied my hands and feet
> they left me there and all went swimming in the lake
> after about an hour they got out of the lake and untied me
> my butt was really sore and even bleeding a little
> as we were walking back to camp one of them slapped my butt when the others weren't looking and I could tell he wanted more then just playing around
> later that night he followed me into the bathroom and forced me onto my knees
> I wanted to leave but he was much bigger and looked angry so I was scared and just got on my knees
> He pulled his pants down and pulled his hard cock out
> I was young and somewhat interested in boys but wasn't really interested in having sex yet, he was also very hairy and a little overweight
> I was really turned off by and it really wanted to leave
> I tried to get up but he grab me really hard and told me to suck it
> I said stop and as soon as I opened my mouth he forced his cock in
> He held my head and fucked me then after about a minute he pushed his cock deep down my throat and came
> Then he pulled his pants up and let me leave as I walked out he slapped my butt
> I got really upset over it and cried that night and never told anyone about it
File: gclb.jpg (70 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 960x720
I've been to Ybor city. I like to stick to gay friendly places. A lot of my friends are gay/trans as well
I'm in ybor frequently. Are you on kik by chance?

You want to come and fuck an Aussie?
> be 27
> normal day in /b/
> read this thread
File: elv.jpg (62 KB, 640x839) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 640x839
I normally prefer to bottom... and Australia would be amazing to visit but I'm not paying for that flight, I'm considering getting my breasts done bigger
>I'm not gay, I just suck dick once a month.

more pics
holy shit you are incredibly beautiful for trans. You must have been a pretty fem looking male.

God damn you're gorgeous though
File: post.jpg (48 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 720x960
Thanks! I will admit I have gone under the knife a few times to feminize my face. But still a lot of it comes from knowing how to put on makeup. I mostly learned from youtube videos. I practiced a lot
File: gclg.jpg (66 KB, 454x634) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 454x634
i'd marry you
what sort of work have you had done?

I really envy you at the moment
›me 20 years old Went to a club
With some Friends
Lots of drinking
Somewhere around 5am i Went home because it closed
On my Way some Guy stalked me all the Way and Talked to my drunken Self.
He Said stuff like he isnt Gay and doesnt like them
Always follows me like 50minutes or Even More
Then he asked if he Could suck my dick he Even would give me Money
My drunken Self thinks Hey a BJ and some Money damn ok
So we go to a parking Lot. Where he blows me like there is no tomorow
I blow my Load press my dick into his mouth he chokes but swallows all of it i Get my moneys and go home to sleep the whole Day
Thats the Story how i Went to become a hoe for One Day
Never Said my gf anything about it

Inb4 no gf because b & i am a faggot

Now this I can get behind
she started sucking my dick, it didnt seem right. i asked if she'd done this before, she said yes. she sucked on and never got me off. later on she took pants off i saw a bulge i punched him in the face and left. fuck that day.. fuck it hard. never again.
>Horny 18 aussie, curious for a while so decide to meet-up with someone off craiglist.
>Meet late night in his car near my place
>Maybe 25, objectively attractive guy
> I'm kind of nervous, but he just pulls his dick out and looks at me. (maybe 7 inches?)
> Go down and start sucking him off, he seems to be enjoying it.
>Not exactly sure what to do but follow instinct and his suggestions, he dirty-talks the whole time.
>Just before he cums he makes me beg for it
>offers me a smoke, but i kind of feel weird and so leave and head home.

Overall I enjoyed it, but definitely felt shame as well. Only in it for the sexual thrill, not attracted to guys. Still meet up with guys for this kind of thing on occasion.
he's cute as fuck
File: yummy ass.webm (3 MB, 600x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
yummy ass.webm
3 MB, 600x720
>16 sleeping over gf's house
>her moms away
>fuck n suck all over the house
>go to bed and sleep
>wake up few hours later
>the room is dimly lit
>my gf's head is on my chest
>she's stroking my cock
>hear her whisper, stroke it like this
>feel another hand on my cock
>she whispers, do you like his cock feel ricky
>WTF! her little brother
>but it feels good, so I feign sleep
>he strokes my cock for awhile
>she asks him if he would like to suck it
>yes please
>ok, do it how I showed you with my dildo
>if Eric starts to wake up drop to the floor, I'll take over
>he says ok and starts to lick my cock
>she says good, you're doing good
>guys like it when you lick their cock
>now swallow it
>slowly he worked most of my cock down his throat
>good boy she says
>while he sucked my cock my gf played with my balls
>I let out a moan and filled his mouth
>in the dim light I could see she was looking at me
>she couldn't see I was awake
>he licked me clean
>he whispers you're the best sister
>he sneaks out of room
>a minutes passes
>she whispers, I know you're awake
> be me
> be 19
> Living in Las Vegas
> Always been kind of curious
> Sit in Las Vegas AOL chatroom looking for dudes
> Find one who wants a bj
> Wait for him to pick me up, scared as shit
> He picks me up and asks if I know of a spot to go
> nowaymannewtothis.jpg
> He says he figures knows a place.
> On the way tells me he's tired since he just popped some pills.
> wtfman
> Pulls into elementary school parking lot at 2am.
> I look over to him as he leans back, unzips and pulls out his cock.
> Ohmaniminitnow.gif
> Lean over and suck that cock like there's no tomorrow
> Pay close attention to massaging balls
> 4 mins later asks me if I swallow
> Probnotdude.wav
> 1 minute later he's shooting wave after wave of cum into my mouth
> Take it in my mouth but let it ooze back out as he's moaning the entire time.
> he thanks me and takes me home
> Tell me I did a good job.
can we meet up? im 18 looking for first gay experience, and you are beautiful.
>be 17 friend also 17
>be hanging at his place playing vidya, etc
>Break out the GameCube for old times sake
>part way through he decides he's hot and uncomfortable so he strips down to boxers
>I figure fuck it and strip to my briefs
> keep playing for a while, end up beating him in Mario party
>talk for a bit, decide to watch some porn
We have always done this, bit usually we fap on our own or under separate blankets. Not that night
>start out with a vid of his gf of the time masturbating then move to a couple fucking
>all of a sudden his cock is out and he's jerking it
>think fuck it and do the same
> both kinda looking at each other's as we do it
>he asks if I "want to switch", I say sure
>move to his bed and start jerking each other off
We are having a bit of trouble adjusting, he's cut and I'm not
>keep going until he sits up and tried to blow me
>I (regrettably) tell him no
>keep jerking until I cum
>(stupidly) ask if I should finish him, he says he doesn't care, so I don't
We stayed friends after that but it was the last time we did anything. Haven't heard from him in almost a year, he deleted Facebook, Twitter and doesn't answer texts or calls. I think he moved too
File: g20141011-0109.jpg (117 KB, 676x984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 676x984
>me and friend, 14
>I'm hot for cock
>we're watching porn
>I cum
>he laughs, quick shot
>I say you don't know how to fap
>here, let me
>push his hand off his
>start stroking it
>hey, whoa wait
>don't worry, it'll be our secret
>his cock feels great
>he lays back
>I get hard again
>fapping both of us
>porn shows girl sucking cock
>we look at each other
>I smile
>I take his cock in my mouth and suck
>he moans
>I stop, drop to my knees and continue
>I'm in heaven
>sucking his cock and stroking myself
>he moans I'm gonna cum
>tell him to cum
>as he fills my mouth I cum
>he falls back as I lick his cock clean
>he says we can't tell anyone
>I won't tell, as long as I can do it again
>be 22
>just broke up with my 1st gf of 4 years
> fed up with girls and horny
> knew that i was bi since High School where i fantasize about a very severe teacher of mine facefucking me .
> spent couple of day online trying to found the perfect guy to lose my anal cherry to
> hornier and hornier as i kept searching/chatting
> as i got hornier i lowered my standard to a point i just wanted to be fucked by almost anyone
> settled up for a young black guy with a large cock near where i lived.
> when i meet up i realize he has the gayest voice ever.
> start having 2nd thought
> still very horny went to his place
> sucked his big dick
> his cock is too large i have trouble sucking it, he can't get hard.
> spend eons sucking, jerking, doing everything i can to make it hard.
> he try to fuck my ass with his half erect dick,
> fail
> fingered me too much, now my ass is burning
> give up, try to make him cum with my mouth.
> my jaws hurts, he never got hard, i give up, go home.

My second time was almost as bad... It wasn't until my 3rd that i got a real good fucking (albeit too short). It took me time to find the right place online where to find guy to fuck me (it was in '07 so no grindr or things like that).
wich are good places in souther Cali to find a one night stand just for fun. or rather whats a good place to look for preferably tran/gay.

i need to be pint on the right direction

help this poor fagg plz
File: mblk.jpg (28 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 540x720
You don't mind that I identify as a gay male? I don't consider myself to have the mind of a woman, I just can't stand being intimate with men unless I'm in drag... my gay experience I described earlier kind of shaped me into what I am

Rhinoplasty, Jawline reconstruction, collagen injections, breast implants and silicone injections in my ass
I'm also looking for one night stand funsies. Never done it though, but i'm extremely turned on by cocks.
more please
Got a story, anyone want it? I'll pretype it.
dear god more
File: GAY 1.jpg (11 KB, 300x309) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
GAY 1.jpg
11 KB, 300x309
pics of me getting fucked at that time
Joining the military
File: slowly diggingin.gif (992 KB, 160x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
slowly diggingin.gif
992 KB, 160x160
>britbong here
>in high school
>p.e lessons over, it's summer so we got to use the showers
>everyone getting naked
>somewhat hench, not like Chris Hemsworth but I was alright
>twinky twinkerson
>we'll call him J
>another twinky twinkerson
>I am pretty popular, one of the kool kidzzZ in high school who smoked weed and stuff
>they know me well
>so does everyone
>they're actually pretty nice guys
>J asks if I need help with washing my back, he's at least 6 inches shorter than me
>I say "ha, no thanks mate"
>he looks upset
>P asks the same thing
>is this gay slang?
>secretly mirin' their bodies
>they are quite the twinks. shaved. skinny. smooth balls. the whole 9 yards.
Le neckst day meme
>I ask if they were doing anything that day after school
>they say no
>we go out to town, I get a 30 bag from my good mate, for the price of a 10
>we share it
>stoned af
>parents not home
>J starts touching my thigh as we sat there on the couch watching some nature documentary eating quavers
>P gets up and gives me a neck massage
>it feels good, even better because I'm stoned
>P starts licking the back of my neck and kissing my neck and shit like that
>J is starting to rub my dick
>feels good, get hard
>P is really going at it, I had loads of love bites (or Hickeys if you're an amerifag) for the next few days
>J unzips my pants
>no protesting here
>boner pops out, not much, 6.5 at most at that age
>he seems to fucking adore it
>starts to stroke it, and lick the tip and my balls
>P is reaching down my chest and has taken off my shirt
>P is really going for it, almost biting me
>J is sucking only now, and wanking himself off with his first finger and thumb, 3 inches at most lel
>P is moaning
>J is sucking
>It feels amazing
>I say fuck it, pick J up and let P follow us to the bed
>get a condom, get some lube
>fuck P first because he had only been stroking and touching my back
File: wee.gif (2 MB, 331x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 331x220
>go for J
>alternate positions, riding, doggy, missonary
>get J riding me, making out, he gets back up sitting straight
>he cums all over my chest and is shaking and trembling, cute as fuck
>he licks all his cum off my chest and sucks on my nipple for a bit
>get P over here, doggy him and he cums much quicker than J did, all over my bed
>he doesn't tremble at all, he just stays going on my dick for a bit and stroking himself
>they're both done
>I'm not though
>I say "I'm about to cum"
>P comes up and rams my dick down his throat
>cum buckets, at least 7 or 8 long bursts
>keeps it in his mouth
>J kisses him, takes some cum too
>they both open their mouths as if it's fucking choreographed or however you spell that shit
>J swallows first, licks his lips and sucks me dry
>P swallows a bit too, but he gags a bit
>then they kiss some more
>then P carries on sucking me
>insert nutted but she still sucking robotic policeman or black science guy maymay here
>stroke their cute butts and backs and fondle their balls for a bit, lying on bed
>cuddling and making out for a while, watching mock the week and half heartedly laughing
>J falls asleep with his hand on my "abs" lel, cutest little snore ever, like "nnnngh pff" all night, cute warm breath
>P falls asleep with his hand on my chest, he doesn't snore
>feels good man
>wake up next day
>P kisses me good morning
>J aint there though
>He's in kitchen, made awesome mushroom and ham omeletes
>we eat
>we take a break and wake and bake
>constantly doing this at least once a week for the following 4 years
File: mft.jpg (81 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 720x960
Anyonelike feet? Ever get a footjob?
File: 1400434298568.png (17 KB, 390x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 390x470
>go to gay bar because its open for an hour after the other clubs have closed
>drinks are £1 for some reason
>some faggot randomly tried to french kiss me at the bar
>vomit all over him
more? any pics?
they're gross and so are you.
See if I met a gal like you who was a switch I'd want to have a relationship.
Your breasts are already pretty big. Not really worth getting them bigger. U risk turning in to a plastic looking mongoloid if u take it too far :(
oh my god yes please, my cock is rock fucking hard, can I please meet you today. im in sd. please
Ignore >>576994214 this asshole. Your feet are cute.
I basically lost my virginity to a guy. I was first time in the US in 2010 and I was in LA. I saw some guy looking for nude cleaner for his apartment on Craigslist. I was horny as fuck virgin and I didn't care who's gonna see me naked and just found it cool. Went there, stripped down a guy was 34 tall and muscled. I started cleaning, showing my ass up in the air all the time, spreading cheeks a bit when bending over so he sees my hole. When I was around him cleaning he started touching my ass and then sucking me. My first BJ ever. Then I sucked him and he fucked me in ass in his bedroom. The funny thing is that I didn't really enjoy it and I'm into girls and I never ever tried it with a guy after it.
>be 6yo
>Was with friend in school
>We were talking child shit
>I turn my head to see him
>I accidentaly kiss him
>Everyone laughs

have some ugly girl
I Sad you no help me hook up.

all i wan know is whats the best place or club to meet trans/gay . i relly wana try out my first experience , but i want her to be as beutifull as u.

but i need the rite to0ls =(

dating websites dont work =/
Tyr craiglslist obvioulsy. 80% of fuck I had I got from there.

Damn it. Painfully hard, painfully jealous.

tried that too.

How ever last time i tried ond only first time,

i was told " well you need to pay a donation first ,)"

it sound like 5-0 sting

plus im not that rich to pay 600 a nite =(
File: IMG_0091.jpg (1 MB, 3888x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3888x2592
not my first but most remembered one
>be 8
>friend is 14
>lets play something new
>i ask what
>its a secret game, lets go to the room
>go to room, close door
>he asks me to suck his dick
>i proceed to clumsily suck on it not sure what i'm doing
>tastes like cotton, he always wore briefs
>complain about taste
>you keep doing mine and i'll suck yours after.
>hesitantly agree
>cum is gross
>he sucks mine but i don't get hard cause i have no idea wtf is going on.
>after a few minutes he asks me to bend over
>proceed to get fucked in the ass by a huge cock in comparison to my 8/yo asshole
>uncomfortable at first but strangely it never hurt
>i get pounded for what felt like forever by my 14y/o 'best friend'
>starting to enjoy it, other than when he went really deep and made my stomach feel like i was extremely constipated.
>subconsciously i think i enjoyed it
>suddenly a knock
>oh shit
>it's my mom!
>she wonders why door is locked and were being really quiet
>scramble to get dressed, eventually open door
>mom demands my best friend to write a note explaining what he was doing with me
>i don't wanna get in trouble so i 'convince' him to lie
>he writes something down along the lines of "teaching me to jerk off"
>mom buys it
>i get butt-fucked a lot after that by several of my friends
>most around my age so it was kind of boring cus i could barely feel it with such little dicks in my ass.
>he moves away a year after
>ever since i started putting things up my ass
>be me now
>i own several BD dildos, all XL in size
>pic related, its my Crackers XL and i love pumping my ass full of it.
kissing dudes is freaking awesome
For a few years since I started middle school, I'd fuck this kid every weekend. Our relationship was like a mix of "really good friends (like brothers)" and "fuck buddies".

Fuck I miss that kid.
Lol wut? You need to POST in m4m of m4t sections of casual encounters. If you try to email someone who posted, it's almost always hookers. So post your shit and wait for some tgirls to reply. I had lots of sex with them this way. I even had 4 tgirls touching and playing with my cock while I was waiting for the 5th one to come because it was her I contacted initially and went home with later. I live in NYC though, there are lots of them here.
i was sexually abused and blackmailed by my next door neighbor from the time i was 11 to 14
i later found out from one of my friends in high school, his cousin, was also sexually abused by him, although it was before i was
didn't really fuck me up in the head or anything, it just hurt my asshole
i don't really get the big deal with rape. women are just fucking pussies
well i live in southern cali -_-

not many here or its coz they are all in San fran
try not being so ugly
unrelated, but according to my ID, i'm the McWishKid
i wish that mcdonalds food didn't fucking suck
im not tranny, just a dude who wants to try cock, if you're down I am too
File: mft2.jpg (50 KB, 684x712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 684x712
At least someone likes them :)
pics of you and him!
>J starts touching my thigh as we sat there on the couch watching some nature documentary eating quavers

And they say romance is dead
This guy >>576994440 likes em too ;)

Sounds like I gotta migrate myself back to Cali to find a gem like you.
File: so mad.jpg (47 KB, 500x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
so mad.jpg
47 KB, 500x325
fuck all you faggots having gay experiences when you were like fucking 14.
That's when I fucking wanted it most and it never fuckng happened.
My first experience was when i was 19 sucking some old dude from craigslist's dick and then freaking out and leaving cause he was an old dude
I wish I could be 14 again and fuck my friends
fuck you faggots
2 months ago (im 21)
Met a guy online (he was 35)
I blew him in his car and he blew me
Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase, I would suck on your cute little toes all day long
im sure someone would be willing to do some age play with you.
did she just kill herself?
can we see the front side of your feet pls
File: 016.png (229 KB, 508x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 508x482
footfags are truly the worst
>be 20 asian
>get curious and meet asian trap on craigslist
>decide why not and suck dick
>ok time to fuck
>go limp
>end up just blowing each other off
>first time tasting cum, want to puke
>go outside, puke on garden bed
>ok I go now, bye
>hunger for more cum now.
Im bad at story telling.
File: CalmDown.jpg (37 KB, 320x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 320x353
Dude, I feel you, but you can't be mad or envious of these lucky bastards. I haven't even HAD my first gay experience yet. I've only fantasized. I had to wait as long as you did to have a STRAIT one, and it was with a nasty chick 50 lbs heavier than me. The fucked up thing about it was she said I was the biggest dicked stud I ever had, AND she fucked all my best friends before she even CONSIDERED fucking me.
File: I_CAME_.jpg (61 KB, 312x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 312x292
Okay guys ... brace for epic story time:
>Be 14
>Have a 13 y/o friend who at the time claimed to be bicurious
>Go to his house for a sleepover
>Catch him watching porn on his computer when I come back from the bathroom
>He asks if I want to watch, I say yes
>He starts jacking off under his pants
>Do the same
>He asks me to pull my dick out so we can compare
>Mine was 5 inches and his was 6 and thicker
>We jack off to the porn for a few minutes
>He asks if he can touch my dick
>Jacks me off for a minute
>I went to the bathroom and finished in his sink and washed it away
>Came back and he was watching gay porn and fingering his ass
>Pretend I didn't notice and go back to the bathroom for a few minutes
>Come back again and he's finishing into a tissue
>Make him swear to not tell anyone
>regret the whole thing
File: ft.jpg (40 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 720x720
Guys wrong person. You want to talk to this guy >>576996356

You REALLY don't wanna see MY feet. I'm a former Marine and they're JACKED up from hiking and neglect.
more, can I have snapchat?
CUTE heels baby :)
it was really interesting, at was about dinosaurs and stuff and how some dinosaurs legs were longer so they could fly better or something
its the same nasty footfag begging
>>be 11 or 12
>have friend sleep over, he introduce me to pr0nz
>share bed we show each other dicks
>cant pull foreskin back on my dick
>he shows his hard dick with foreskin turned back(it was slightly bleeding behind head)
>start playing sword fighting with our weenies
>mom walks in and tells to go to bed

>never allowed sleepovers since then

i had a rather dysfunctional childhood yey
I don't want to hear you bitching about it. I'm a member of the ab/dl community, you haven't seen pathetic until you've seen the dregs of that kink.
and the quavers? tell me about them
File: mdte.jpg (65 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 720x960
Okay okay, no more feet...
what the fuck is ab/dl?
Don't listen to the complainers. Feet are beautiful and delicious--when properly taken care of.
Who needs feet when you've got a face like that?
Never mind, I googled it.
File: 1408067915376.jpg (61 KB, 960x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 960x777
Nigger, i draw furry and porn for a living, you think YOU see bad? i have to deal with you faggots constantly begging me to draw shit filled diapers and people eating the content.

I have seen it, but footfags STILL annoy the shit out of me the most.
Okay, you win, but only because I know exactly what you're talking about. The more normal side of the community absolutely fucking hates people like that.
File: 1394310089464.jpg (121 KB, 900x780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 900x780
And until you deal with people like Uni-Star, you haven't seen pathetic.
nicer more stories like this please with a girl at least
File: mcm.jpg (57 KB, 602x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 602x960
For the non-haters... what is your opinion on voice? My voice is pretty masculine, would that bother you or turn you off at all?
Cheesy as fuck, it's like they put all the cheese powder from 50 packets and covered them in my packet.
File: 1392920655459.jpg (34 KB, 600x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 600x667
and the sad thing while its not the majority of them, they certainly are the loudest.
n...no snapchat...? ):
Would also marry!
File: bth.jpg (42 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 720x960
your face is a pretty big turn off so i guess the voice would be a deal killer, sorry

maybe go see your surgeon for some ffs
>be me 27
>be at your own birthday party
>get solid buzz at bar
>gay friend with you at bar
>mutual friend tells gay friend you're bi
>go back to after party
>get super drunk
>spend time that night giving head
>get offered return service
>turn down because even you know you're too drunk to get it up
>still periodically hook up with that boy today
why haven't we seen cock.. wtf. or timestamp. im getting skeptical
Feet no feet everything I've seen has been fine
its not as bad as most though.
Voice doesn't matter. Pretty hot. 8/10
It wouldn't bother me at all, you are very attractive
File: ol.jpg (37 KB, 404x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 404x960
Here's another
who's the corn-hole laying down?
tough break. Luckily you had all that sex to take your mind off things

could really go for some quavers now as it goes
I've got some
File: 1355139937709319.png (40 KB, 200x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 200x188
started out as a hetero experience but turned into a gay experience quite fucking quick.

>be 14
>be at cousins cottage in Sipoo
>cousins 14 and 16, both grills, both really nice and beautiful
>spend the day talking about fun stuff, picking mushrooms etc.
>give them a good impression of yourself (i guess?)
>sauna at night
>nudity is natural, mixed sauna.
>penis moving to a light stand-by mode just from the thought about being nude with my cousins (doesn't look like an erection but gets bigger)
>be in sauna, also go swimming in the ocean a couple times
>change some suggestive eye contacts and smiles with the cousins but nobody is saying anything yet
>both mine and my cousins' parents can't stand the sauna heat and go get some wine and set the grill up
>me and two unbelieavable cousins in the sauna, naked and close to eachother
>on this part the emission control broke and my dick started to show its view of the cousins being 5/5
>got embarassed and tried to hide it
>cousins laughing a bit but say thats its ok and start showing their own anatomic specialities
>"do you want to touch my tits"
>susanne seal of approval and move your hand towards the boob
>"but can I touch your dick?"
>fsst tough place, don't know what to say
>suddenly dad enters the sauna
>"there's an emergency going on, cousins get the fuck out of here!" regards dad
>the girls get out and dad shits a semi solid shit to the sauna heater
>turns you to the bench to lay down
>"I'm going to shit on your back, boy."
>"okay, dad"
>shit ejecting to your back
>dad rubs it on your back and asks you "do you like it son, do you?"
>"well to be honest, I really don't."
>"me neither, thought you'd like it."
>we're never talking about the shit episode with dad
God dammit, now I have to look whoever that is up.
T.T I know. I fucking hate it more than anything. Every single time I find some news article online or anywhere covering some freak who was shitting himself in the supermarket or something I just want to kill that person so bad.
Um well, honestly that wouldn't bother ME at all, but I think some people might have a problem with it.
you look like cher
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