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Alright /b/, fucking shitty "this board...
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Alright /b/, fucking shitty "this board seriously fucked up my life" story-time. You sick fucks will get a chuckle from this, I know I normally would too, but this time I'm actually, ridiculously the butt of a /b/ joke and I have nobody else to talk to but you guys. I literally cannot tell anybody else about this shit.
>the other day, don't fucking remember when, there was a "walk in room, see this, what do" thread
>picture was of some creepy monster eyes looking out of a closet
>as usual, lots of responses said "start fapping"
>as usual, I lol'd, thinking actually that might be a decent idea to creep out any home intruders or monsters
>anyway, last night I get home late
>had been out at a friend's playing some vidya
>it's all dark and shit
>nearly halloween too so I'm already on edge
>yeah I'm a scared little bitch, whatever
>live with parents and younger brother (13 years old, I'm 18)
>expect them to be there, but there's a note on the kitchen counter saying they've gone out to see a movie
>home alone
>hate being home alone
>grab a knife and head upstairs, as I usually do when I'm alone
>my bedroom door is open
>normally I shut it
>whatever, don't really think about it too much, you don't really notice that sort of thing until after the fucking horrible event has happened
>go into my room
>just to give you an image, I walk in through the door, window is opposite me, bed on the left, closet on the right
>waltz into the room and fall on the bed
>put knife under pillow
>after a minute of enjoying my comfy sheets, I look at the closet
>holy fucking shit the door is open
>holy fucking shit I can hear something
>rustling sound INSIDE the closet
>when I walked in, I shut the door behind me
>oh fuck
>do I run for the door? should I grab the knife and charge at the closet? maybe I'll scream? pretend that I didn't hear anything?
>haha remember that /b/ thread
>why am I thinking about that now? this is seriously a scary moment!
yis go on
hope you severed your penis
tipe fastr pls
>mind is seriously doing backflips
>knife, charge, scream, fap
>words and ideas going over and over
>hang on
>there can't be anything there
>come on
>the door was locked, I'm just being a little bitch like always
>this isn't the first time my imagination has terrified me and it won't be the last
>haha of course there's nothing there
>thinking these thoughts gives me a stupid confidence
>lol I'll imagine there IS something there and actually do that /b/ thing
>mfw I'm taking advice from /b/
>I'm so edgy
>unbutton jeans
>pull them down
>eyes fixed on closet
>kinda start to imagine something sexy, like there's some girl in there who wants to watch me fap
>oh yeah that works
>hard as a rock
>do some over-the-boxers feeling
>pull down the pants and whip out the snake
>start to rub it
>eyes still fixed on that closet
>oh yeah sexy girl in my closet, you love that huh? wanna come out here and suck it?
>suddenly fucking CRASH comes from the closet
>my heart leaps fifty feet in the air and I get up to my knees, pulling my sweater down to barely cover my balls
>mfw when my younger brother sprints like a fucking lightning bolt out of the closet
>he's wearing a halloween mask
>was obviously waiting in there to scare me
>he tears out of the room and into his, slamming the door behind him
>I'm left, on my knees, on my bed, with my pants down and my raging erection just beginning to lose a bit of its strength
>all I can feel is my heart
>want to run the fuck away and just die
>how the fuck am I ever gonna get out of this
>could barely move for hours
>didn't try to talk to him
>parents got home late, I shouted goodnight to them
>can't sleep
>now I'm on here telling you
>what the fuck am I gonna do in the morning

>listening to /b/
>any year

top fucking kek OP
you're fucked
hahahaha dude I can imagine how you feel but that is so funny at the same time.

God damn man.
He wouldn't tell he's 13 I'm sure he faps to just don't bring it up
you're a faggot op, i hope your brother kills you
.1/10 story
File: image.jpg (10 KB, 224x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You almost stabbed/came on your little brother
>mfw i get done reading
this story made me want to commit suicide.
please relieve me of this feeling by killing yourself, op.
Well op, seems to me that you're only choice now is to fuck your younger brother and convince him to not tell your parents with hours of hard, incestuous ass ramming.
/b/ is kill it seems
Serves this little shit right
I would recommend this
File: heavensafaget.jpg (9 KB, 240x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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should happen
Hey, it worked, closet person/ little brother or not fucked off.
is this pasta?
File: 1414527301995.jpg (15 KB, 217x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 217x232
Your little bro caught you jerking it.
Are your parents going to sodomize you or something for touching yourself?
Get over it faggot.
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Thread images: 4
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