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Yo, /b/. Might remember me from last night....
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Yo, /b/. Might remember me from last night. The dude that you guys legitimately got laid. Want the story?
Also, apologies. I told you guys same time as yesterday, but I'm a bit late from getting off work. I'm also gonna do the story from my comp so it doesn't take so damn long.
Not the same ID
That's because he went from his phone to his computer your frothing retard.
There were literally over 9000 get me laid threads last night, and every night.
Be moar specific.
Frothing retard reporting for duty
too slow sage goes in al fields
>Had a thread last night about me being beta and got you guys to roll for what I said to her
>Goes surprisingly well
>Leave here at about 11-11:30
>Drive to her house, since her parents and sister were out of town
>Arrive at about 12
>I had bought some condoms from the walmart along the way
>Dat trojan ultrathin
>Ring doorbell
>She answers in some short ass shorts and a tight shirt
>Shows off her cleavage nicely
>First thing I do is stare at her tits
>After I behold the beauty for a second I say, "Funny seeing you here."
Did you remember to pack spaghetti?
In case either of you got hungry, during.
>She laughs at my not joke
>Hands sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti
>Invites me in
>Is listening to one of my favorite bands
>Dat death metal feel
>I ask her what she wants to do
>"I don't know, what do you want to do"
>Suggest a b-grade horror movie, Zombie ass: Toilet of the dead
>Start watching
>Sitting on love seat, staying away because I'm shaking
>She moves closer
type faster pls
>Says something about how shitty the movie is
>I laugh and say something about my brother suggesting it because he loves shit movies
>She asks if I want to move to her room
>Go upstairs
>This bitch pounces
>She all over me, litterally has me against the wall
>We're making out
>She starts to remove my shirt
>"I might need that later."
>She continues to pull it off and takes off her own
>She has a lacy pink and black bra on
>Continue to make out
>Get to the bed
>She jumps on top of me
Waiting for the spaghetti
>I begin fumbling with the puzzle that is a bra clasp with my sweaty, shaking hands
>Finally get it undone
>She pulls off the bra completely
>Beautiful c-cup tits
>Start doing things I learned from watching porn
>I roll over on top of her and start kissing down her chest
>Suck on dat tit for a sec and then get down to her pants
>Take them off
>Mfw matching lacy panties
>Pull off the panties
>Start eating her out
>She cums pretty fast
>She rolls over on top of me, or tries to
>We fall off the bed
>I land on top of her
>Doesn't stop her fire for a second
>Undoes my belt
>Pull off my pants and underwear
>Puts my dick in her mouth
>I cum in like 10 minutes flat
>She looks at me sort of disappointed after she swallows
>"It ain't over yet, baby."
>Get in the missionary position because I know nothing else
>Forget about condoms entirely
>Shove my dick in her pussy
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good job.jpg
159 KB, 627x1115
Haha if the story ends right there, 10/10 good fucking laugh

3/10 if it continues
My comp just backed out and I lost everything I had typed so I'm gonna have to keep going.
nah you fuck her congrats im out
>Fuck her for like 15 minutes
>I'm surprised at how long I last
>My body is still twitching and shaking occasionally
>Blow my load inside her
>She gets a surprised look on her face
>"Anon, did you wear a condom?"
>Mfw I didn't
>Mfw I realize i might be a dad
>Start crying and freak the fuck out
>She laughs and says she's on birth control
>She's an evil bitch

Fucked her again tonight. Splooged in her again. Gona make this a regular thing.
I expected to fuck something up and like knock her out or something because I'm a clumsy bastard, but it went surprisingly well. The only reason I posted a success story here is because the people in last night's thread asked for my results.
Gratz OP! Now nudes!
Fuck you, I don't have any yet. But I can post one of her in a bathing suit.
Something is better then nothing, and lets work on getting some! I wanna see dem bewbs

do it
I remember you anon. Grats.
Even my fucking ID is GITM. GET EM!
that's her. Post is from my phone so it should have the same id as OP.
She has weird inverted nipples, bro. At least that's what they felt like in my mouth. It was too dark to see them

That's man. And if you're one of the people that contributed to my threads last night, thanks for getting me laid. That shit never works out for those guys.
Cheers for the update...

Nice work /b/ and OP
Fucked 'er right in the pussy.
Maybe over the next few days I'll make threads having people help me get her to send me pics of them sweet tits. I'll definitely work on it though
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11 KB, 294x273
Fuckin' A beta fag. You've leveled up to Alpha.
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