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First gay experience? Kinda in the mood tonight.
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First gay experience? Kinda in the mood tonight.

>Be me 14 in 8th grade
>Best friends with this one dude (lets call him George) that i would always hang out with during school and after school
>Id invite George over a lot to play xbox or to skate around a University near by
>One day at my house i sorta bent over the dining table to get my keys
>He goes behind me and did like a playful thrust
>I immediately jump up and say what the fuck and punch him in the shoulder
>I shove it off and we go skate

>by 9 or 10
>live in trailer park next to large wooded area
>used to play in the woods with friend from park whose mom used to watch me
>screwing around one day in woods, decide to strip down caveman style
>fuck around inna woods naked
>eventually pop boners
>whoa cool
>start putting head of penis against each others buttholes
>he does it to me
>he puts the head inside
>tells me to push it out like I'm pooping out his dick
>thought it was funny
>did it over and over
bummmmmmmp like george did to you.
hurry up
>be bored and drunk
>always been bicurious
>post on CL
>two guys (one at a time) come over and fuck me in the ass
>i suck their dicks

was fun, would do again
That is pretty gay dude.
>The following days at school were a bit odd for me since that happened
>By the following week we were in my room playing bfbc2 Vietnam (best dlc game btw)
>We got bored so i switch on some tv
>I dont know why but i felt the need to jerk at that moment
>I switch to E! and they were giving that one Playboy show "Girls Next Door"
The blurred out photoshoots got me harder than regular porn for some reason
>We both got noticeably hard (i was wearing basket ball shorts so it showed a lot)
>He dared me to jerk infront of him and i accepted the challenge but under my blankets
>I started jerking and i wasnt thinking but i said "You know, maybe we should experiment. If you know what i mean"
>He asked me if he could see my dick so i showed him
>Im only 7 inches but the look on his face was like he wanted it

Sorry about taking a while i was looking for my charger
>be me 12 or 13
>told my cousin about my foot fetish
>desided he wanted to try it and we play with each other feet
>lick them, smell them, touch them
>starting to both get horny and put or dick in each other feet
>getting hornier, and decided to suck each other dicks
>we both took turns, didn't like it that much
>me even hornier and told my cousin to put our dicks in each other ass
>we both try but unexperience, no lube, dick would just get push against ass and that was it.
>done it a couple of times more, but never actual penetration
>broke up with gf
>got grindr a month later
>guy hits on me, feelsgoodman
>he suggests coming over
>im scared, how about meeting somewhere?
>its 3am
>i drive somewhere, he goes there too
>i get in his car
>he takes off his jeans and tells me to do it too
>he tells me to suck his dick, i do, and he plays with my dick in the meantime
>he says he's gonna cum
>he pushes my head down
>couple of streams of cum shoot into my mouth
>i swallow
>he thanks me
>i get out
>go home
>feel like a slut, liked it, but whatever
>uninstall grindr
>become a productive member of society again
>14 years old
>"only 7 inch" cock

Way to blow your story in the second post.
>He then asked me if he could grab it
>Go right ahead
At this time i was feeling really curious of what it was like doing this stuff with a guy
>He jerks me off real slow while i watch the playboy girls being photographed
>I ended up cumming on my stomach and his hands

I have more stories with him if you guys are interested?
Wow, suck a great experience. Was it your first time and you took 2 dicks one after the other? Also describe a little moar
File: IMAG2713~2_2.jpg (387 KB, 2028x918) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First and only irl gay experience.

>in elementary school
>spend the night at best friend's place, and vice versa
>compare dicks
>touch dicks
>sick each other off a bit
>get ignored by lose touch with him in Highschool
>be me
>maybe 6yo
>live with single father (mom died I was young) three sisters
>sisters used to touch my dick and shit
>never understood/cared
>one day spaghetti for dinner
>dad's spaghetti sucks
>I'm mad, don't eat spaghetti
>dad says eat the spaghetti
>dad says eat spaghetti
>pick up spaghetti with hand
>put some in mouth
>most goes to my lap/face/floor
>mad dad
>go to your room and shit
>throw spaghetti, run to room
>hide under covers
>dad comes in
>yelling screaming
>pulls me out of bed
>hits me
>bends me over bed
>rips down pants
>bloody spanking
>after spanking dad becomes out of breath
>breathing slows
>think he's calming down, still cry
>feel something strange
>some going inside
>cry, jerk
>dad's hand on back, can't move
>cry more
>dad leaves
>never realized what happened til years
>not sure what was inside me

>years go by
>be gay
first time, yes

>bored and drunk
>post on CL, etc.
>first guy comes over to my dorm
>let him in
>he strips me, sucks on my nipples
>meh w/e floats your boat dude
>i take off his pants
>he's uncut, about 6'' thin dick
>suck him for a little
>then i lay on the bed on my back
>he gets condom
>rubs some spit on my asshole
>sticks it in
>love the feeling of it sliding in
>he fucks me hard
>turns me on my side still on the edge of the bed
>finishes pretty quick
>says "thanks" awkwardly and leaves

>later that night, still drunk, now horny
>talk to another guy who answered my ad
>he comes over 30min later
>let him in
>he's hairy lumberjack looking dude
>i take off his pants
>he's cut, about 5.5'' and thick
>suck his dick for a little to get him hard
>give him condom and lay on the bed
>uses handcream for lube to get in
>fucks me slowly for about 10min
>then he takes the condom off
>i suck him off, swallow (tiny load)
>he sucks/jerks me to finish

I've since hooked up with another guy in town and I might go back to him tomorrow. He's about 8'', thick and curved. I tried switching and fucking him once but I went soft immediately
>be 5
>hanging around cousins' house
>one of my cousins (dunno which, one of the twins, probably around 12) says something about "dick suckers"
>wtf is a "dick sucker"?
>cousin says, "someone who sucks dicks."
>sounds interesting
>tell cousin I want to try it
>cousin says, "OK, but I get to call you a dick sucker."
>I'm 5, what do I care?
>cousin leans old mattress against the wall and we crawl behind it
>we 69
>can't really fit it in my mouth, but try anyway
>feels OK
>after a few minutes, cousin has to go on his paper route
>swears me to secrecy

>later I mess around with all my younger cousins and teach them dick sucking
>mfw half of them won't look me in the eye anymore over three decades later
File: 1414570692501.2.jpg (280 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280 KB, 640x1136

I had a 7" cock at 14.

Didn't grow any after that, though.
>be 13
>at boy scout camp
>older guy (17) is senior patrol leader
>I'm the patrol leader for the little bunch of young (12-13) scouts who just joined
>I've known the guy since I was like 4
>one morning at like 5
>wake up and have to pee
>go down to the little shared bathroom hut (called a kybo because boy scouts)
>the senior patrol leader (jared) is in there taking a nude shower
>nude showers were kind of uncommon since there was just one shower big shower (like a prison) and we'd all wear swimsuits
>see him standing there with this half-chub hanging there with water dripping down his body and off his cock
>he wasn't expecting anyone to walk in
>acts slightly worried for a minute but then he plays it cool and just says "hey, what's up"
>stammer and stutter and try to say I was just coming down to piss
>halfway through decide not to say that and say I wanted to take a shower too before everyone else
>he just laughs and says "alright I'm almost done"
>I strip down nude
>get in the shower and try not to stare at his dick
>remember being super impressed with how much of a bush he had
>staring his dick
>I'm so completely amazed by how gorgeous and glorious his dick is that I completely fail to realize that I'm totally poppin a boner
>he sees it and looks at me and then back at the boner and back at me several times
>he doesn't say a word
>he just walks over to me and starts stroking my dick
>I have no idea what is going on but I don't want it to stop
>he grabs my shoulders and turns me around so my hands are on the wall
>he spreads my ass and plunges his dick in
>no lube, just shower water running down
>hurts but I don't care
>he pumps away for about 30 seconds and cums in my ass
>he immediately slides out of me and starts toweling off
>says to me "don't tell anyone or we'll get kicked out, I don't need anyone thinking I'm gay"
>he walks out
>I masturbate furiously with his load still in my ass
>we never talk about it ever again

and that's how I became a sub sissy fag.
>be me
>go in this thread
>faggots everywhere

that's my first gay experience
>post on cl
>guy picks me up
>akward smalltalk whilw we look for quiet place
>suck and jerk eachother
>i fuck him, he cums quickly
>i cant cum
>he gets bored
>drops me off.

is this why you're a fag now, anon?
I need more OP
File: 1411674246633.jpg (330 KB, 1024x687) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me 16
>new years 2006
>invited to some random girls party by a friend I've been trying to hook up with
>good guy:girl ratio
>first time drinking, get trashed off 2 shots
>make out with girl I'm trying to get with
>she makes out with someone else
>don't care, grab random girl and start making out
>she sees me and says "hey wouldn't it be hot if Dave made out with anon"
>say no
>dave approaches me laughing
>dave gets on top of me
>dave goes for a kiss
>make out for a brief second
>push him off
>get disgusted with myself and say i'm leaving
>everyone tries to convince me it's okay
>everyone says its just a kiss
>leave party and walk home
>get lost for three hours because I'm a 16 year old that doesn't know my city very well
>never have another gay experience as long as I live

because i'm not a faggot
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Fuck it continuing anyway

After the first experience i didnt talk to him for like a week cause i got weirded out some one might think we're up to stuff.

>I messaged him on facebook during the weekend to come over
>He came over and we didnt talk about what happened a week before
>My mom told me that she was going out and to lock the front door (which meant George and I were all alone)
>We played xbox like always and on my turn he ended up reaching for my cock
>He started rubbing it through my shorts and i was getting hard
>I didnt react because i honestly was starting to like it
>He grabbed the control from my hands and looked at me saying "Let me suck it this time"
>I didnt say anything, i just pulled it out and he began sucking
>It was my first blowjob ever and man it felt fucking great
>He got infront of me kneeling down and started licking/sucking my balls
>Within 10 minutes he was sucking and jerking me off
>I told him i was gonna cum but he kept sucking and i blew the biggest load in his mouth
>He went to the restroom to go spit it out

>dave goes for a kiss
>make out for a brief second

>because i'm not a faggot

As requested

>I started getting really curious and ended up fapping to twink porn a couple times
>He comes over unexpected and we hang out
>We're in the living room this time and he does the craziest shit ever
>My mom is in the kitchen with a clear sight of the couch we're sitting on
>He starts whispering about how he wants to suck my dick
>Tell him no cause my moms right there
>He grabs my already hard did from him asking me
>Takes it out and starts jerking me off
>Bends over and sucks about 4 times before i push him away from being afraid of getting caught
>I got really comfortable with the whole gay thing and soon asked him to suck my dick when ever we were in my room and he would always let me blow my load in his mouth
First time I got fucked in the ass
> be 20 year old bicurious
>one lonely and horny night
>surfing the interwebs found a local gay chat
>got in there looking to suck a dick
>guy tells me he's down and that he has a place downtown
>20 mins and I'm there
>walk to his house, go to his room
>lights out, only the light that comes trough the window
>we each get undress on one side of the bed
>he walks over to me and starst to touch my dick, kiss me and pull on my nips
>asks me to suck him, got on my knees and start to suck him (6 inch cut)
>after 10 mins he asks me if I wanted to try anal for the first time
>He put a condom and laid me down on my back with my legs on the air
>he slowly put it in, hurt a little but felt amazing
>I squirt a couple of times on my chest while getting fuck in the ass
>after 20 mins he askes me to ride him
>tried a little but couldnt
>on my back again, getting fucked for another 10 minutes
> then to my knees sucked a little more
>until he came on my chest.

And that was it. I really want to get fuck hard and doggy style
Peyton?? XD
Damn, it's slow in here.

I'll post my first one after I hit puberty.

>be 12
>move to a new house
>kid from church lives nearby, spend the night at his place
>him and his younger brother want to compare cocks
>I've got the biggest by about half an inch
>joke around, nothing happens that night

>couple months later
>riding bikes with friend, we pass by a wooded area over by the tracks
>see a magazine in a brown paper bag
>this was 1988, no internet back then
>grab magazine, pull it out, friend snatches it before I can even read the cover
>friend goes off into woods, I follow
>dump the bikes, read magazine
>holy fuck, that's what grown up pussy looks like
>kinda weird looking, but boner at 110%
>spend an hour looking at magazine
>friend wants to show me how he makes himself feel good
>pulls out his dick, starts running his finger up and down the shaft
>cums a minute later
>tell friend I've got a better way
>show him how to properly jerk off
>later, take turns jerking each other off
>do it almost daily for three years until he moves
Homosexuality is a mental illness
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After like 4 blowjobs from him i felt i needed to return the favor

>In my room, he brought some weed
>First time smoking he helps me light the bubbler he had
>Get high, feels good
>He immediately gets on his knees to take out my dick and suck
>Stop him half way and stand him up
>Start making out with him

Im literally dripping pre cum as i right this btw haha

>Lay him on my bed and continue making out
>Unbuckle his pants and his handsome cock flings out hitting is stomach
>Start jerking him while licking his head
>Begin sucking and he starts moaning so i know im doing good
>I keep sucking and even deep throat a couple times
>He says he's gonna cum so i stop sucking and start jerking him and licking the sensitive part of his foreskin
>He blows the biggest load ive ever seen
>It shoots up getting in my hair, my face and dripping on my tongue
>From watching Heather Brooke i continue sucking him after he blew and he pulls his cock away
>We make out with his cum
Not a faggot. Just a pussy.
This wasn't my first time, but I remember this way more.

Part 1

It was 2002 and Halo 2 just came out, I was 12 or 13 and it was a November weekend. My friend Brock was over for a weekend sleepover, it was Saturday and late at night we were playing co-op on Halo 2 and the rest of the house was asleep. I said "Let's go watch T.V." Brock complained but I convinced him by saying it would be real cool. I flicked through the stations till I found vivid I think it was (we had a pirated sat dish so all the channels were unlocked) and it was in the middle of a movie, there was this busty brunette cop investigating a car. She dipped her finger into some white stuff on the hood and immediately got turned on, rubbing her tits and between her legs. Then some dude came out etc etc. She started blowing him. I got really horny and I could see Brock trying to hide his hard on but he was still watching intently. I said aloud "I wonder what it tastes like?" Brock said "Huh what tastes like?" I got up and pointed at the dudes now saliva cover cock. All Brock replied with was "O-oh." We kept watching until penetration happened, but it was anal and Brock muttered "I wonder what that feels like." I said with some attitude "Who the boy or the girl?" He snapped back "The dude of course!" I said "I wonder what it feels like for her." He stayed quiet after that for a few minutes and asked very quietly "D-do you w-wanna try it?" He sheepishly replied "Y-yeah." I turned off the tv and we went back into my room and closed the door, I was afraid of someone walking by I dunno.
He took off his pants and sat on the bed. I walked over and knelt down, I unbuttoned his boxer hole. I froze up and got really nervous. Brock said "We don't have to if you don't want to anymore." I said "No I want to." I pulled out his dick, he was like 4 inches long, was pretty t hick actually and was uncut. I had never seen an uncut dick before, I liked it's look, it was different than me.
We need more people in here. Self bump!
Nice try. Be more original next time troll.

sure id like to hear a few

Aren't you glad you don't have it, then?

Anyway, first anal:
>be 16
>friend of mine (different than the one before) and I have been sucking each other's dicks for a while
>being "gay" is bad, can't be "gay."
>basically, we can't talk about it and have to "trick" each other into it. Yeah, it's stupid, but this was the early 90s.
>play the "chicken" game
>basically, I grab his thigh, say "are you chicken?"
>move up his thigh, repeat question, etc. etc.
>get his cock out, still not chicken (of course, he wants this as much as I do, but we can't actually admit that)
>decide to actually make him chicken out
>pull off underwear, position ass over his dick
>"are you chicken?"
>push asshole against his dick, repeat question
>push harder, repeat question
>"no, but that's starting to hurt"
>call him chicken
>"no, I'm not chicken, that was bending my dick"
>tell him if he's not chicken, then I get to do him
>"OK, but don't cum in my ass"
>gets on hands and knees
>position my dick against his ass
>slowly work it in
>no lube, takes a while. We were idiots for not using lube.
>got it in, start pumping
>feels OK, blowjobs better
>blow big ass load in his ass
>apparently he doesn't mind, because he blows one in mine a few minutes later
>do this about a dozen times over the next few months
What did your friend look like?
I knelt forward and kissed it, and then I took it all in my mouth like a popsicle, without any effort really. I looked up and Brock was red in the face and let out a girly gasp. I pulled off cause I thought he wanted me to stop. He eagerly said "Keep going." I went back at it, but now I was going up and down. I remember the feeling of it sliding over my tongue...twitching. Brock grabbed my head and pulled it to him. I got a faceful of pubic flesh and he came. I kind of just swallowed it without tasting because of him holding me there, deep in my mouth. He let go and I pulled away and coughed and barked "Hey man what the hell!" He was too out of it too apologize, laying back on the bed. I pinched the head of his dick and he shot up and went "OWWW DONT!" I said "Thats what you get." We both went quiet and didn't look at each other, just sitting there in my room. After about a minute I glanced over and he was hard again. He leaned over to my direction with puppy dog eyes and asked "Could we do the other thing...pleeeease? I wanna know what it's like." I said "No way, not after that." He begged and said "I'm sorryyy, I didn't mean it." I actually wanted to, but I just wanted to make him feel bad so I said "Ok but you gotta kiss my butt THREE times." It was just to humiliate him. He replied back "EW NO WAY" I smugly said "Fine we won't do anything then." "UGGH" he complained "Fine I'll do it." "Cool!" I said. I took off my pants and my shirt, and took of my tightie whities and climbed up on the bed. I got into the doggystyle position because that's what the women in the porno was doing. Eagerly but shyly I said "Ok d-do it." He crawled over the bed and smooched my on the right cheek three times, the last one lasted longer than the others. I blushed and my front arms went limp and my face was smushed into the pillow, it got me really excited for some reason. I barked "Ok let's do it!"
He was fit, Ryan Sheckler (early years) style hair big cute brown eyes and a seductive ass smile
When you post on CL, how do you go on about posting it? What's your ad title? ad info? I've always been curious to search on CL but whenever I do, I haven't found anything.
He rose up to his knees, and walked on his knees a few steps up behind me. I felt his cock up against me, I was suuuuper nervous and I buried my face in the pillow to hide. He grabbed his dick and started lining it. He pushed and it wouldnt go in.I winced in pain. I was all tensed up from being nervous. He pulled back and asked "Hey what gives, it won't go in, is this how we do it?" "I don't know" I replied "j-just try it again, but not so hard." He leaned back up to me and try again, I was more relaxed now. He gently poked and I felt it go in a little. My eyes widen, this felt strange, not bad, not good, but unlike anything I'd ever felt. He pulled back and I left go of my breath I was holding. He tried again, more went in, I felt the head go in, I felt my ass...widen. I was holding my breath again, he pushed further. All of a sudden like lego locking in place his hips hit my ass, and he kind of lost his strength and laid forward over me, I felt his belly on my back(he was a little chubby, but not fat, it was kinda cute actually, I kinda feel like chubby guys are better in bed cause their belly acts like a jackhammer lol!). I lost my breath and let out a moan, gasp, and screech all in one it was kind of like a high pitched "Ah~!" we both froze and went completely silent. No movement, no sounds, no one awake...good. I was hot and bothered, my forehead sweating, Brock let out a "whew" and slid up off my back, his hands slowly moving to my hips and tightened a little. I whispered "Be nicer to me." His response was his dick sliding out a bit, and then slowly thrust forward. This feeling was unlike any other when he thrust forward.
Fucking kek
This felt wrong, this felt like we shouldn't be doing this, it felt like we would get in trouble. I almost pulled off him then and there, but then he thrust again and then there came the rest of the feeling, my whole body tingled and my dick felt like it was on fire, in a good way though. I picked my face up off the pillow so I could breath, I was kinda panting with my mouth open. He was getting a faster with his thrusts, I was getting more and more tingley. I then pushed up against him mid thrust, and wiggled my booty back and forth. I looked back at Brock and he kinda looked like he did when he finished in my mouth before, but this time he just froze up and didn't move, out of concern for him I froze up like a statue too. A couple seconds like he said "Ok don't do that again dude." I pulled forward back to how we were before and he went back to his pace. And then out of the blue he pushed forward all the way, one deep thrust, and then followed by alot of fast mini thrusts, but while he was deep. Faster, faster and then I felt something strange, warm inside me. He came inside me, and the pulled out and collapsed on the bed. I turned over and snuggled next to him, he was so out of it he didn't notice. He realized what I was doing and went "Ew gross don't do that." Then boom I realized something, I ran out to the living room still nude and turned on the tv and then changed the channel in a panic. I left it on the porn channel, almost forgot, that would have been bad. I put on my underwear and kicked him out of my bed, he unrolled his sleeping bag and laid down. I turned off the light and laid down. I said "That was fun." "Yeah I guess" he replied.

Where do you live, Nowhere, Wyoming?

Go to Craigslist, go to your town (or nearest town if they don't have one for where you are), look for "casual encounters" in the personals section.

Click that, go to m4m (men for men).

Read the ads. Find one for you. Or conversely, pattern your ad after the ones you see.

Of course, there's a lot of Republicans around here, so the m4m section is completely packed.
what was his first initial
or state this happened in
>drinking with girlfriend and her gay bff after a party fell through
>in her room up stairs watching movies
>feeling her up under the covers
>slip a finger in because she let me
>she gets super down
>starts jerking me off
>gets up to go to the bathroom
>comes back with beers and turns the light off
>jerking me off while I finger her
>she ducks underneath the covers to suck on it a bit
>friend out of nowhere says "I totally know what you two are up too"
>she jumps up and shoots the oh fuck busted look
>he says its cool and goes back to watching the movie
>she goes back to sucking my dick
>start fucking her face and notice he's watching me
>she pulls the blanket aside to find out why I stopped and noticed too
>she looks him dead in the eyes and continues sucking
>says "you want some"
>he just sorta noda
>she holds my dick up for him
>he comes over and kisses the tip
>sucks the knob so hard I almost blow then deep throats
>ended up fucking him while she licked my balls and vice versa.

Few years later she talked some beta she worked with into sucking my dick.

>invites him over
>gets drunk
>flirts with him
>he starts trying to feel her up
>I just grab her and kiss her
>he doesn't like that but grins and bears it
Nowhere, Wyoming here.
Can confirm: slim CL pickings.
Also a nowhere, wy here.
Nothing but 50 year old fat hairy guys trying to find a 14 year old.
Where abouts? Laramie here, but lived in more rural areas.
File: 1353109254680.jpg (209 KB, 1243x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
209 KB, 1243x1224
>go to 4chan /b/
>gay threads everywhere
Not anywhere near my first, but the first time I swallowed.

>be 21
>have a bunch of friends over for a party
>ex is there, 4/10 face but 10/10 body
>still on good terms, but she isn't about to hop in bed with me
>other chick there, 10/10 face, 7/10 body, bisexual
>we both want a piece of ex
>walk into bedroom to get something, find friend about to fuck ex
>oops, sorry man
>tell other chick about it
>both bummed that it couldn't be one of us
>come up with idea
>me and chick go into bedroom, start making out
>friend and ex both "hey, we're busy in here."
>tell them it's my room and me and chick are going to use it, but don't mind us
>friend gets up to go to bathroom
>pull ex onto bed
>me and chick get her shirt off (her pants were already off) and OMG I missed these titties
>I get one nippile, chick gets the other
>ex doesn't seem to mind
>friend comes back, see what's going on, plants mouth on ex's pussy
>me and chick make out with ex and play with her titties for a while
>friend really doing a number on ex's clit, she's getting sore
>chick gets awkward (she was a bit weird) and leaves
>ask ex if she wants me to leave, she says no
>ex tells friend she's too sore to fuck
>friend says, "OK," then climbs up next to her and rolls her on top of him
>his dick poking up between her legs, poor guy, he's going to get blueballs
>decide to solve problem for him
>start sucking his dick while ex makes out on top of him
>he blows gigantic load in my mouth, swallow because I don't want to deal with mess

They both went to sleep right after that, so it was me and my hand for the finale.

Ah shit. I'll try that though, thanks man.
First gay experience

>grade 8
>be in class with no teacher
>faggots presenting in other class
>buddy and I are on computer
>faggot walks in to classroom that nobody likes, clearly a fag
>goes on computer and starts playing solitaire or someshit
>I go over to bookshelf to grab Guinness Book of World Records
>bend over to pick it up
>faggot decides to try and jokingly pelvic thrust my ass
>thinking "what the fuck did this nigger faggot just try?"
>friend says "what the fuck is wrong with you faggot"
>we both beat the shit out of him and left him in the room with the lights off
>he comes out 10 minutes later looking like shit
>bloody nose
>swollen eye
>doesn't rat cause he's a scared beta faggot
>nobody cares he got beat up cause it was a retard school

Vagina is actually pretty nice you guys. Don't be such unconscionable faggots

9 years old and you already were a raging faggot
File: 1414479808989.gif (914 KB, 250x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
914 KB, 250x317
Man, how i wish i could of have had a friend back then that I could do this with.
Hindsight is 20/20. I mean I was only partial to it cause when I was 9-10 my babysitter fooled around with me. So I like tried this on a couple friends.
greentext stories dude
Any more stories by any chance?

then you faggots are all like, but muh aids cure... duhscriminashun! duhscriminashun!
You're gay
mines a bit of a combo
>be like 10, cousin was 12 at sleepover
>cuz:hey, do you know about sex?
>me:whats that?
>cuz:here ill show you, you be the girl
>cuz: just take your pants off and lay there
>starts humping my leg from behind
>hear moms footsteps coming down the hall
>act like we are asleep
>his boner inbetween my asscheeks as we spoon fakesleep.
>mom: awww.... closes door
>we look at eachother, fuck this. get our shit on and go to bed.
sorry it didn't have the ending you guys wanted, but thats how it went lol.
Bitch, i might be.
>Pink ID
>Confirmed Faggot
>Not gonna tell you to kill yourself cause its worse to live a gay life
I spent time typing that out in a story format. I did it so it doesn't read like shit :(

I have one half written out but it's not finished, I gotta be in the mood. But it was about when I was 11 and I had a sleepover with two brothers who I had been friends with since I was way young. tldr I blew the younger brother while the older brother fucked me from behind doggy style on their bed. I initiated this too by asking about masturbation etc.

holy shit please type that one up or at least give us a few details!
When I was 10 I had two friends who were brothers 13 and 14. They lived down the street. At a sleepover once (sadly never happened again, dunno why) we ended up fooling around and I started talking to them about dick size and if they had sex, they said no so I asked them if they atleast masturbated and they admitted to it after some discussion. I asked if I could see how big they're cocks were the older brother was hesitant but the younger brother said sure and got naked right away and he was already at full mast. I fell to my knees in awe (he was uncircumcised and yes he was small only like 4 inches he was 12) I just sat there staring and he said "You could touch it if you want" so I just poked it and kinda patted it. "Can I taste it?" I begged, he said "Y-yeah" so I kinda daintily started kissing the head's foreskin, I remember him smelling good, just like skin, not bad. The older brother walked up to my right side with his pants off but he didn't say anything, I looked up past his pudgy belly and he was blushing and looking away. My eyes drifted down and I saw that he was bigger, even when flaccid. He was only a bit longer, but just bigger over, girthy, meaner, thicker, manlier, big heft balls, but just a wisp of hair. I reached over with my right hand and cupped he balls and he let out a gasp and said "we shouldn't be doing this." I said "Just pretend I'm a girl!". The younger brother, fuck it let's call him Cody and call the older brother Jake, these aren't their names but they'd probably recognize this story anyway.

part 1 of the 2nd of what I typed up.


1980 called, they want their ignorance back.

Anyway, lessee here. I've posted all my "firsts" (with a guy anyway), but I'll bump.

>be 19, married
>wife hot for mutual friend
>I just came out publicly as bi
>decide we should both have some fun
>friend comes over, we drink
>he gets really, really wasted
>all on bed watching movie
>I strip wife and start making out with her
>she's stroking his crotch
>I get one tit, he gets the other
>this goes on for a bit, then I fuck wife
>she motions him to bring his dick by her head
>we take turns sucking his dick while we fuck
>blow gigantic load in wife
>friend jumps in there, fucks living hell out of wife
>first time seeing wife fucking by another guy, weird feeling
>friend can't come - too drunk
>pulls out
>I immediately start sucking his dick
>he's face fucking me
>gets hard again, fucks wife
>still can't come, goes soft after five minutes
>pulls out
>I suck him hard again
>he goes back to plowing wife, another five minutes
>pulls out, goes to bathroom
>I fuck wife, blow in two minutes because insanely horny
>wife getting sore
>friend comes back, suck him hard again
>wife says, "no, I'm too sore"
>he doesn't care, grabs her ass and rams it in
>fucks her anther five minutes
>pulls out
>wife all, "I'm done, I feel like my pussy's on fire"
>friend goes back to bathroom, passes out on floor

Had another three-way with him, but he was sober and a bit of a homophobe, so it was basically just taking turns on the wife. Later on he loosened up and I had a three way with him and his girlfriend.
File: 1410599387561.gif (1 MB, 343x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 343x239
Oh sweet jesus, that sounds so fucking hot! I hope you are able to finish it!

Sadly I didn't have any friends at that age since i just moved from one country to this one and my neighborhood only had 4 other kids my age. One of them we hang out sometimes and his younger sister seemed to have an obvious crush on me; this other dude we only hang out 3-4 times,; and the last two were twins from a very religious family.
So Cody pulled me over back to hips pelvis and I caressed and kissed his boyish cock, the whole time I was groping and fumbling with Jake's cock lol. Cody said we should move up to the bed because it would be more "comfortable" yeah okay you perv. We got up and I took all my clothes off and lay on the bed, they both scurry on and are sitting on their knees on either side of me is Cody near my face and Jake at belly level. I coyly asked "what's next" and Cody slid his dick over to my mouth and put it inside. This was a big shock for me, something about it being in my mouth made me feel dirty, but I didn't move I just stared at him with it in my mouth. I started sucking on it like a slippery popsicle, up and down, in and out. I could take the whole thing cause he was so small, Jake started rubbing my chest and nipples it didn't really do anything for me but I didn't stop him, honestly I was much more enthralled with Cody. Cody pulled away (I guess he was close to finishing and got scared?) I then looked down to see Jake at the foot of the bed standing close to my hips. He said it's not fair he can't put it inside, I asked "inside what?". He replied "You." I said "Gross no way it'll be messy." He started begging and promising it wouldn't, it was kinda cute. I asked "what's in it for me?" he panickly replied with "Uh my toy lightsaber.". I said "Nuh-uh try harder." He shyly said "I-I'll suck on y-yours." I eagerly replied "Okay!" He pulled up my hips to him but I said hold on let me get comfortable. I got up and flipped over on the bed so I was on my hands and knees. He stepped back up to me and let his member rest inbetween my cheeks (I was skinny but I think my butt was a bit big, it's still pretty big today) the feels of his warm cock was enticing, I could feel him twitching. I told Cody to come kneel infront of me because I didn't want him to feel left out.
File: 140521158767.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2560x1920
Visit us to see nice naked teens!♥
the short of the long of it is:
>blew my friend in 11th grade

>years later have three-some with friend and his girl
>all of us drunk
>making out with his gf/both of us grabbing her tits
>my hand makes it's way to his cock, he's hard
>eventually suck friend (again) while I fuck his girl
>his girl sucks me while he fucks her

his dick is bigger than mine and we all get off on that
enjoy the HIV you sick fuck.
Anyone else?
You should probably kill yourself faggot

>kek CAPTCHA is lucifer
I don't know about you butni get the best out of both worlds. I dan either go fuck a pussy or a nice, plum, guy's asshole.
Still here and still hard.
>browse CL
>don't use NSA filters
>looking through all listings cos 22 year old horny virgin
>find trap
>nice tight ass
>big dick
>message him/her
>meet up in nearby park toilets
>trap is wearing school looking skirt
>start sucking on tits
>feel trap's big dick pushing against my stomach
>pull out trap's dick
>start stroking it
>can feel it throbbing in my hands
>trap pulls out mine
>it's smaller than trap's
>starts sucking my dick
>cum on trap's face premature, bj was too good
>trap eats it
>jerk trap off until I can go again
>get hard again
>turn trap around, pull skirt up onto his/her ass
>spit on asshole then again in my hand to lube my cock
>start fucking slowly until fully lubed then pound hard
>can feel trap's huge dick swaying up and smacking my dick on each thrust
>tell trap i'm gonna cum again
>trap pulls it out
>i cum on tits and mouth
>giggles, calls me a big boy
>go home, take 30 minute shower to wash ass smell off my dick
>dad asks me how my night was
First and only. Dialogue may not be entirely accurate, some hard to remember.

>Be me
>Be drug dealer
>Homo McGee calls and wants weed
>"Okay, I will swing by in a bit."
>Tell alcoholic girlfriend I gotta make a delivery
>She asks me to bring food back. We'll call her bitchtits after this.
>Drive to Homo McGee's place. He's one of my regulars and lives like 10 minutes out.
>Text him I'm outside, he tells me to come inside
>"What for?"
>"Sorry anon just looking for cash, don't want to make you wait outside."
>"All right"
At this point, it's important to note that I was stoned out of my own mind and hadn't fucked my girlfriend in a few days because she was disgusting and not showering.
>He says he know's he's got the money just misplaced it
>"want to hang out and smoke anon? I'm just chilling and watching some tv. I'll try and remember where I put my cash and pay you when you leave"
>he's shown he's trustworthy before so I give him the benefit of the doubt
>he's got a female roommate, a chubby 4/10 at best in just the right lighting.
>Asked where she's at because she hates me and hates that I sell weed to the gay guy she wishes was her boyfriend
>"shes somewhere with her family"
>Say I'll chill for a few and smoke a bowl with him.
>As soon as he lights up she comes back
>"Ugh this again? You need to stop that"
>He tells her it's fine and she storms off to her bedroom.
>He apologizes and I wanted to leave since she's pretty awful for me to be around, but was already sitting down and didn't really feel like getting up. Stayed and smoked
>Watching adult swim on TV, King of the Hill
>Suddenly he gets up and moves over to the couch I was on
>"Is it cool if I move over here anon?"
>"Your couch Homo Mcgee"
>He says nothing.
>I sense awkward tension coming from him, check my phone.
>See 4 texts from bitchtits wondering where I am
>"shit I was supposed to bring bitchtits some food like an hour ago, I gotta go. Can you get the cash"
Will cont.
File: 1414029995885.jpg (276 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276 KB, 1280x960
Bumming for delicious stories.
File: 1412775443809.gif (2 MB, 254x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 254x183
File: 1414032510756.jpg (1 MB, 3250x2287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3250x2287
another time:

>be on local camsite
>join a guys room
>fap to porn together
>he wants to do it irl
>i'm like ok
>he comes over immediately
>we talk awkwardly
>he says 'so we doing anything?'
>i say 'ok lets go upstairs'
>he lies down and shows me his dick
>i blow him
>5 minutes in he says 'ok i wanna fuck you now'
>i feel bad cuz i thought i wasnt good
>lie on my stomach
>he comes on top of me
>i give him lube i had in my night stand
>'oh, you're prepared, good'
>he rubs my asshole and his own dick
>he holds the head against my dick and asks 'ready?'
>he pushes, doesn't go in yet
>pushes harder, slips in deep
>i moan
>he fucks me for like 5 minutes
>cums inside me
>gets off me
>says 'that was good, i'll go now'
>he leaves
>i fap and cum
File: 1412479779214.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
Jeez, not even a handy while he fucked you.
>Actually anon I don't have enough. Was hoping I could smoke you out and pay you the rest soon as I can
>I tell him that's fine. He goes to give me what he has
>now extremely stoned, my body is telling me just to stay there.
>he comes back with some money and sits down next to me again.
>he knows I'm leaving because of bitchtits
>he's just kind of staring at me
>reaches over and grabs my leg
>I don't stop him though
>He asks me if I want a BJ, I freeze for a bit, think of going home to bitchtits and say yes.
>He takes my already hard cock and starts jerking me off.
>Before long he's licking the head and groping my balls
>way better at this than my slob of a girlfriend
>I barely understand what's going on and how it all happened but here I am with a guy sucking my dick on his couch
>he starts to deep throat my cock. Oh god
>His stroking and sucking are both perfection, his dead teasing is superb.
>Blast my load in his mouth
>He swallows like a champ
>Asks me if I'd like anything else
>"Nah...I'm good thanks"
>Leave and can't get it out my head
>go through drive through with boner, disgusting girlfriend wants wendy's
>get her a fish sandwich. Decide to blow my nose in to her drink, because fuck her.
>get home
>"Hey, where have you been? I got worried"
>"Was just chilling with Homo McGee and smoking a bit, sorry about your food."
>Listen to her sip her straw.
>Shower, jerk off about that night and go to sleep

Nothing since with him, was kind of awkward for a bit until I moved to a new city and never saw him.
i told him i was a bottom and i was only interested in pleasuring him
Nevermind then. Sorry about that.
File: 1412773282188.jpg (39 KB, 480x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Welp, this thread is going 404. It was worth it being up this late. All i have to say is that I had my fill and i am more than satisfied. Than you anons.
>Be 8
>Building tree house with friends my age and one older boy
>Gets dark and everybody leaves except for older boy and me
>We talk about girls and sex (I saw my first porno couple days before this)
>He asks if I want to feel good
>Say yes
>He takes my dick out and starts sucking it
>Feels good
>Ask if I can do him
>Says yes and pulls it out
>It can barely fit into my mouth
>Hear sister calling me
>Lick balls and go home

We continued giving each other BJs until I was 11
Goodnight to you too. May your dreams be filled with hot, erotic gay sex. And aftersex cuddling.
When I was at college, my roommate gave me daterape drugs, stripped me naked, sucked my dick and fucked me in the ass.

That would've been bad enough on its own, but he also took loads of photos then blackmailed me with them. He turned me into his bitch for our final semester, forced me to suck his cock and bunch of times and raped my ass more times than I care to remember.

He had a tiny cock so it didn't hurt too much but I'm wary of gays to this day.
Good night, sexy <3
File: Naamloos-2.png (138 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 350x350
Well, talk about... a gay experience.

[spoiler]Still, sorry to hear that.

>be yesterday ~2am
>good friend of mine staying over
>we're talking about shit
>talking about me going to the gym
>friend starts choking up
>wants to say something but keeps choking up
>pressure him for half an hour
>comes out to me
>turns out i'm his crush and he's worried about me loosing weight (he's into bears)
>he had assumed i was straight
skip ahead to 8pm
>both of us in my bed
>door locked
>lights out
>I know he wants to do something but he doesn't say a thing
>I go in for the spoon
>rock hard at this point
>he feels me and backs up
>do this for a while
>he takes off his shirt
>I want to reach over but i'm nervous
>I remove my shirt and he reaches over
>slowly reaches down my pants
>he finds my member
>strokes it gently and fondles my balls
>he slowly removes my pants
>he sits up besides me and starts to go down on my cock
>heart racing at a million miles an hour
>he's really good
>keeps edging me
>gets up and moves on top of me
>starts sucking on my nipple
>goes back down
>suddenly balls deep in my friends throat
>blow my load
>he swallows and cleans up
>i'm still hard and he goes at it again
>go till i cum again
File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 480x360
I would blush if I wasn't so tired.
Naamloos... Nederlander? ;)
Nope, American. Sorry.
y u use dutch filename
Got them here on 4chan. Can't edit them since I use a tablet.
>Be 5
>Hanging out with older brother
>"Want me to show you something?"
>"Lie down on the bed"
>I lie down on the bed
>He pulls down my undies
>Starts to kiss me
>Kisses me on the lips
>Kisses me on the neck, the chest, the stomach
>Kisses all around my cock and balls
>Puts my dick in his mouth
>Sucks on me for a few seconds
>Feels pretty gr8
>He stops and wipes his mouth
>"Now you do me"
>He gets on the bed and pulls down his pants
>Kiss him all over
>Suck his dick for a few seconds then stop
>"Keep going"
>I keep going for a few more seconds
>Stop and wipe my mouth
>He rolls over and pulls his butt cheeks apart
>"Try put your penis in"
>Climb on top of him
>Point it vaguely towards his butthole and flop forward on his back
>Doesn't go in
>"Is it in?", I ask
>"I don't think so"
>Keep pumping
>"Is it in yet?"
>"I don't feel anything"
>"I'll try to do it to you"
>I lay down and pull my butt cheeks apart
>He climbs on top and positions himself
>Footsteps coming up the stairs
>Game over
>Back to watching TMNT
>implying file name determines nationality

you're in a gay thread what did you expect
>>576467961 tfw my name is Jared
File: 1413814341829.gif (29 KB, 482x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 482x800
I did pretty much the same with a friend of mine...

>be ~10
>have one friend who comes over to my place almost every day
>play video games (empire earth, fuck yeah!) most of the time
>friend comes up with an idea
>google "sex"
>our daily video game'sing turns into porn surfing
>use a foreign site (porno.dk or something) in a language we don't understand
>keep clicking links until we see naked women getting boned in the ass
>mfw loading a picture literally takes 30 seconds
>open up pants, masturbate next to each other
>touch his dick, he touches mine
>rubbing our dicks together
>get idea
>tell him to get on his knees
>rub my dick against his butthole
>take turns pushing agains each others assholes
>never go further, shit's too tight, never think about lube
>continue dick-assholing and porn-watching for weeks and months
>add dick-sucking to our arsenal of fun
>tfw only dry orgasms
>end of summer holidays
>goes to a different school
>never see him again
>tfw my dick never touched another person after that

I saw that guy at the train station yesterday. All he did was smile at me like a fucking retard. I think he still remembers our adventures with the same joy I do. I'd do him again.

Yeah, it was pretty bad but I know some of the sick fucks here would enjoy hearing it.
I'm not attracted to guys at all but I always think the things he did to me mean I can never truly be straight.
He forced me to swallow every time I sucked him off. Also, he liked to jack me off as he fucked me, so that if I came, it 'proved' that I enjoyed it.

I had the last laugh in the end though. He got testicular cancer in both balls and had to have them removed. He actually tried to rape me one last time after that but he couldn't get his dick hard.
Out of this experience, the only thing I enjoyed was the satisfaction I got when, after about 10 minutes, in tears, he took his flaccid maggot dick out of my mouth and I told him he would never be a real man again. He beat the shit out of me, then sucked my dick while fingering my ass.

A couple of months later he killed himself. I didn't give a single fuck.
>says to me "don't tell anyone or we'll get kicked out, I don't need anyone thinking I'm gay"
>don't need anyone thinking I'm gay
File: 1348496842256 (1).jpg (82 KB, 571x515) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1348496842256 (1).jpg
82 KB, 571x515
Again sorry for making fun but I couldnt help it. Its good to hear karma bit his balls of, but I hope you are doing okay.

Have you told anyone?
i dress in girly clothes every now and then and i'm less gay than you guys, wtf
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