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Story time. Pic not related
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Story time. Pic not related

>be me
>young boy, growing up in ordinary home
>big sis, two parents
>ordinary childhood, kind of secluded from other family and friends
>spent most of my time playing video games
>one day I notice parents are fighting more and more often
>dad angry and abusive
>both parents yelling
>ignore it, it keeps going on
>eventually learn they are getting a divorce
>feel sad
>house starts becoming more sullen
>parents no longer talk to me
>always depressed, quiet
>keep playing games
>sis one day asks me how i'm doing
>says she knows I must be upset
>asks if i need anything
>asks if i have friends
>not really
>asks if she can watch me play games
>let her watch
>she starts playing too
>first time actually bonding in our lives
>we keep playing into the night
>its actually more fun when you have someone else with you
>she notices the time and says its really late
>says she needs to go shower and bed

Should I keep going?
cont pls
only if it ends with blowjobs or sex
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236 KB, 1280x1707

>says she needs to go shower and bed
>say ok
>later walk in bathroom to brush my teeth
>forget she's in there
>she's facing the mirror, towel around her hair, holding towel across her front
>i see her bare back and ass from behind
>she catches me staring in mirror
>turns around and shouts at me
>I go to bed
>can't stop thinking about her ass
>turn and toss in bed, can't sleep
>thinking about ass
>I wake up, go get glass of milk
>notice she's asleep in her bedroom
>walk in, its dark
>I can barely make out her silhouette under the blankets
>walk up to her
>sniff her hair
>slowly pull back her blankets
>can barely make out her leg in the dark
>she’s wearing loose shorts
>put my hand on her leg, move it up shorts
>can feel the smooth skin of her thigh
>she stirs
>opens her eyes, notices its me
>slaps me across my face
No, I'm already bored of your made up story
Share it with us
>I start crying
>she realises she hurt me
>I go back to my bed crying
>hide under sheets, trying to sniffle tears
>I think I fucked everything
>five minutes later, door opens
>its sister
>"anon i'm sorry i hit you, i didn't mean to"
>"its okay"
>"why were you in my room, anon?"
>tell her i was feeling depressed and lonely
>it was a cold night, storm outside
>tell her i was cold and scared of being by myself
>she says she understands
>asks me if i want to sleep in her bed with her for a while
File: ZqntHFO[1].jpg (39 KB, 500x634) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 500x634
>say ok
>i climb into bed with her
>she pulls blankets up over us
>pulls her arms around me
>its quite warm
>"i know your sad, i've been noticing. i'm sorry i hit you"
>"i wish there was something i can do to help you"
>we cuddle
>i tense up like fuck
>eventually she falls asleep
>can feel my crotch against her
>she's asleep
>start rubbing
>she's still asleep
>keep rubbing
>bust my nut
>feel warm drip inside my pajama pants
>smell bleach
>oh shit
>try to get out to change my pants
>her arms around me, can't move without waking her up
>i stay in my position
>fall asleep
>wake up morning
>bed smells like bleach
>still in her bed, sis no where to be seen
Keep going, op
pic of sis or didnt happen
File: 3ZGA3gT[1].jpg (178 KB, 666x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 666x1000
>go to kitchen, she's having breakfast
>she gives me weird look
>she knows
>tell sis thanks for letting me sleep in her bed during the storm
>"no problem anon"
>she smiles
>smile back
>feeling confident, i hug her from behind in the kitchen
>give her kiss on the cheek
>"oh..." her face goes completely red
>parents give me weird look
>sister and i keep playing video games
>mom and dad still fighting
>they notice we've been closer
>sister and i acting much friendlier towards each other than usual
>we're best friends
>act giggly and flirty towards each other
>one day dad confronts me
>grabs me by my ear
>"anon, i've seen you looking at your sister. stay away from her you freak."
>he slaps me around a little bit then goes to work
>mom at day spa
>sister finds me, sees mark on my face
>"whats wrong anon"
>say nothing
>"was it dad? why did he do it?"
>"its nothing don't worry"
>she tells me to wait in her room, she'll get something for me
File: xDtjhlR[1].jpg (175 KB, 1000x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 1000x666
>she tells me to wait in her room, she'll get something for me
>she goes to the bathroom, brings back some cream
>tells me to sit on bed
> opens jar of cream
>dips her finger in
>starts rubbing it on my face
>"does that feel better?"
>it feels sticky and cold
>"um not really"
>"are you sure"
>"yeah sis, don't worry about it"
>she looks me in the eye "let me try something"
>her face goes red, she looks trembly
>i know she's going to kiss me
>she leans in, kisses me on the face where he hit me
>"does that feel better?"
>i nod
>she leans again, kisses me again
>keeps kissing me
>she steps back
>"sis i like it when you do that, can you keep doing it. it helps me feel better."
>she's stunned
>tells me to lie back on bed
>i like back on bed
>she climbs over me on all fours
>kisses my lips
>"anon how does that feel"
>"um, it feels great"
>she takes my hand
>"this will feel even better"
>guides my hand down her pants
>i feel its warm
>some hair
>really soft, juicy skin. its wet, i can feel her pussy
>she's trying to smile, but trembling at the same time
>"does that feel nice anon?"
>i stumble out some words "y..y..yeah..."
Fucking redneck
>inb4 dad enters and fucks him up
bump for interest
inb4 dinosaur
>i stumble out some words "y..y..yeah..."
>I keep feeling her pussy
>she leans down and kisses me
>helps me take my shirt off over my head
>starts kissing down my chest
>my boner is extremely hard now
>”s-s-sis” I mutter out “are we going to have sex”
>she looks at me, face nervous
>i don’t think we can anon
>”why not sis”
>”you’re too young and your my brother”
>start begging
>she tells me no sex, but she will give me a blowjob
>she takes her top and shorts off
>pulls my shorts down, dick pops out
>starts licking my dick
>cum all over her face before its even in her mouth
>she coughs and splatters
>its in her nose
>”what the hell anon”
>she runs to bathroom to wipe herself off
>I lie on her bed thinking I fucked up
I'm calling bullshit on this story, they all sound the same.
having said that, continue.
/b/ - Random
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
>sis comes back
>tells me shows over, time to get dressed
>"please sis, no"
>"sorry anon, we can't do anymore"
>"why not"
>"because what"
>she sighs
>gives me a hug
>feel her naked boobs in my face
>tells me she'll show me something special
>tells me to lie back down on the bed
>on my face
>i lie on my face
>she sits on the bed besides me
>starts massaging my buttcheeks
>slowly sticks a finger in there
>"ow sis, it hurts"
>"does it feel good anon?"
>"no, take it out sis!" i wail in agony
>she keeps going
>"sis please stop"
>she pulls her finger out
>"want to try it on me, anon?"
>"no, sis"
this is going so shitty.... continue please.
This is the dumbest shit I have ever read.
Plz continue.
>sister pulls her finger out of my ass
>"anon I want you to try it on me"
>"i dont want to sis, its dirty"
>"come on anon, please!"
>i stand up, try to leave
>"okay, okay wait"
>i sit back down on the side of the bed
>sis still naked
>puts her hands my shoulders
>widens he stance
>mounts my lap and puts her knees either side of me
>"what are you doing sis?"
>"what does it look like dumbass, i'm doing what you wanted me to"
>"yes kid, i'm going to fuck you. now shut up."
>she lowers herself down on to me
>feel her slowly slide on to me
>my whole body tingles
>lost for words
>feels incredibly tight, she starts sliding up and down
> my whole body tightens
>feels like heaven
>losing virginity
>i lie back on my elbows
>she starts going faster and faster
>her hair is all over the place
>she's out of control
>my eyes go blurry
>feel my loins squeeze
>squirt my juice into her
>she looks at me, face bewildered
>"anon that was 30 seconds"
>i dont reply
>eyes blurry
>head groggy
>"ugh" feel my head fall backwards
>i pass out
>wake up, blanket over me, lying on her bad
>mom and dad home
>can hear sisters voice yelling too
>inb4 mom and dad join for family gangbang
>inb4 dinosaur
>dad bursts into the room
>mom and sister behind him
>sister clothed
>realise i'm naked
>mom is crying like mad, waterworks everywhere
>dad is apeshit
>"what the fuck is wrong with you boy"
>grabs me by my ear
>pulls me out across the corridor
>"what the fuck is wrong with you, how could you fuck your own sister."
>can hear sisters wails "leave him alone, it was my fault"
>sister and mom begging him to let me go
>cant even hear myself scream
>drags my naked ass out on to the front porn
>beats the crap out of me
>leaves me a bloody pulp on the lawn
>neighbours looking at me
>sister comes out
>gets on her knees sobbing heavily
>notice red mark across her face
>"anon i'm so sorry this is all my fault. i didnt mean for them to find out. i didnt mean for him to hurt you like this."
>look at her through swollen eyes, can barely make out her face
>face numb, can't talk
>"its okay sis, its not your fault" i stutter out
>walk to front door of house
>its locked
>hear mom and dad fighting from within
>we can't get back in
>"its okay anon, i know a place we can go"
>puts her jacket around me to cover me
>holds out her hand, i take it
>she leads the way as we walk down the street
>inb4 both
>dusk sets in
>the day is getting dark
>no turning back now, we've come this far
>still naked, hand in my sisters, she's leading the way
>we reach the edge of town
>old lighthouse by the coast
>cloudy sky above
>she knocks on the entrance
>old woman answers
>"anon, what brings you here?"
>"our business is our own"
>she lets us in
>gives us clothing
>prepares warm bath in old tub
>get in bath with sister
>"its okay anon, you've already seen me naked"
>"anon, i'm sorry. i didn't mean for this to happen to you. i didn't mean for any of this to happen."
File: frodo.jpg (32 KB, 240x101) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"our business is our own"
Mr Frodo?
>"our business is our own"

Okay Frodo.
File: intredasting.jpg (40 KB, 604x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 604x499
this has taken a turn for the unnecessarily complex.
In b4 dad is sauron
File: shirts-with-gifs.webm (179 KB, 610x862) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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t-shirts with gifs coming?
I'm so happy I'm not the only one.
Gg wp Frodo
How old are you in this story
>sitting in bath with sister
>stormy night outside the lighthouse
>disturbingly quiet
>feel scared
>look into sisters eyes, warm, reassuring
>"its okay anon, at least we still have each other."
>she smiles
>i smile
>she reaches out and holds my hand
>"i love you anon"
>i reach out and cuddle her
>feel safe cuddling her smooth body in the warm water
>door opens
>its the old lady of the lighthouse
>she's wearing a bathrobe
>drops bathrobe, reveals mangly wrinkled old lady form
>walks up to the tub, we make way for her
>she gets in, starts boiling in her own juices
>"anon let's play a game" she says
>"i dunno, i'm kinda tired"
>"nonsense, turn around"
>i turn my back to face her
>not sure what game old lady has in mind
>"tell me what letters i'm drawing on your back"
>feel wrinkly sweaty fingers scraping across my back
>"uh, i dunno... L"
>old lady doesn't answer
>old lady fingers keep moving across back
>fingers down my spine
>reaches crux of anus
>feel tingling sensation as old lady's fingers enter my butthole
>"please stop..." i manage to mutter outloud
>feel her warm breath on my back
>"please it hurts"
>"nonsense... quiet my boy"
>feel finger deep inside anus
>feel my prostate being palpated
>immense pain and stretching
>"please let me go" i start crying
>pain is worse
>sis grabs old lady
>throws her aside
>old lady's head hits side of tub
>she dead
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you sir should write midnight show's scripts.
File: image.jpg (44 KB, 635x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The fuck why would you have let the old lady in in the first place. What are you fucking French?
Someone screenshot for the love of god!
inb4 lameass song lyric punchline with words changed to fit this garbled mess of a wincest story.
>sister and i look at each other in shock
>"i didn't mean too... she was hurting you"
>"what have you done sis!"
>we stare at mangled hag corpse
>seems to be very wrinkly
>and dusty
>wrinklier and dustier than when we first encountered her
>notice skin is wasting
>accelerated decomposition
>her skin and bones start falling into dust
>putrid yellow stench
>hag corpse falls apart, remains fall into bathtub
>water turns into brown goo
>sister and i scream
>we jump out of the tub
>covered in old lady corpse goo
>"what do we do now?"
>"nobody will find us here"
>explore lighthouse
>find old storage room
>filled with tons of food
>we could survive out here hidden
>"anon, i'm tired we should get some sleep"
>agree with sister
>find nearby couch, but only one
>"you take the couch sis, I'll sleep on the floor"
>"anon, i want you to sleep with me"
>she takes me hand
>i look up into her eyes
>she holds my hand to her naked chest
>she smiles
>i smile
>i feel the brown goo on my hand stick to her skin
>she leads me to the couch
>lays me down on my back
>lies on top of me
>starts kissing
>"anon, i know you're my brother, but i love you..."
>"i love you too sis"
>making out on couch
>passionately kissing
>i feel myself get hard
File: hahaha.gif (136 KB, 120x90) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 120x90
lulz good one anon. tell it again tonight
You've never ejaculated straight up bleach before?
>That's it, I'm outta here!
Great srory
Probably the best story on /b/ in ages. Except the part where she turned into "old hag dust" LOL
>What does your sister look like?
Somebody screenshot the story pls.
Get tae fuck, this shit is gold.
all capped and saved.
Do you even 4Chan? the old hag dust made the story.
>she takes me hand
is this a ylyl thread?
File: fuckoff.jpg (26 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 259x194
Never /b/ on the road
Way ahead of you.
Will post when story is done.
File: 35395_2000483.jpg (28 KB, 322x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she takes me hand
is this ylyl
>find old bottle of wine
>start drinking
>get drunk
>keep making out
>fuck sister on couch
>rest of the night is a blurr
>wake up with headache
>sister sleeping on top of me, head resting on my chest
>"anon, what happened last night"
>look at empty bottle of wine
>"i don't remember"
>"anon, i feel different"
>she stands up, notice she looks wet, sweaty
>distended abdomen
>"anon, i'm pregnant!"
>"but how? we just had sex last night"
>we look at the bottle again
>"it must be the wine!"
>realise wine was magic, causes accelerated fetal development
>at this rate she could give birth at any time
>"anon, i'm not ready to have a baby"
>"anon please, i have my whole life ahead of me. i'm still young, i want to be in control of my body, i want to be able to decide when i want to become a mother. i want to become a mother some day but not just yet, i want to do so much more before settleing down. i'm not ready to have a baby yet."
>i nod my head
>"its okay sis, we'll get you an abortion"
>sister smiles
>"really anon?"
>"of course"
>we wash goo off our bodies, and find some old rags
>we pack some food supplies in a bag and leave the lighthouse
>"anon, where will we find an abortion clinic?"
>"we must head back into the town sis"
>as the sun rises we make the long trek back to town
>sun is burning
>legs getting tired
>mfw when cross the desert under intense heat, avoiding dangerous poisonous animals
>find old tree, grab branch use as stick
>finally reach outskirts of town
>"we made it!"
Kekked hard
best /b/ story I can remember we need more like this OP, instead of endless "rate this" and tranny threads
File: 300.jpg (22 KB, 237x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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myeeeah, maybe?
OP stopped trying
File: 1411146447490.jpg (8 KB, 255x204) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i'm here since start of thread and can't beg you enough to continue this pure gold thread

captcha : sweet contained
>realise wine was magic, causes accelerated fetal development
I fucking lost
inb4 gang bang the dinosaur
I shall lurk this thread
Just kidding, that last post, that was just a mere stepping stone on the stairs of greatness for this thread.
get rekt, bitch
File: dinosower1337.jpg (17 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 480x360
You guys know what it's time for.. Oh yes. We've all been waiting this long.
>>"we must head back into the town sis"
>>as the sun rises we make the long trek back to town
>>sun is burning
>>legs getting tired
>>mfw when cross the desert under intense heat, avoiding dangerous poisonous animals
>>find old tree, grab branch use as stick
>>finally reach outskirts of town
>>"we made it!"
This needs expanding upon!
Agree. And expanding must be done soon because I'm tired as fuck and if I miss the end of this god tier story I'll kill myself.
My anaconda don't my anaconda don't my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun

Lol u mad?
Thats unfortunate.. faggot
>sister reels over in pain
>starts having contractions
>"anon its too late, the baby's coming out now"
>lie sister down on the side of the road
>"its okay sis, just keep breathing"
>sister screams in agony
>watch as her vagina turns the size of a basket ball
>watch head start popping out
>"its okay sis, keep breathing"
>put my hands in sister's vagina
>grab baby's head
>start pulling
>sister keeps pushing
>pull out beautiful baby boy covered in mucous
>i hold him in my arms
>look at sister
>she smiles at me
>"anon, he's beautiful"
>"he certainly is sis,"
>i kiss her on the forehead as she lies panting
>rap the baby in some rags
>find jagged rock, cut the umbilical cord
>"where shall we raise him anon?"
>"not in the city, that's for sure. the people will judge us because we're brother and sister."
got your back anon wil post later when thread is over.
>drags my naked ass out onto the front porn
>onto the front porn
>front porn
>"not in the city, that's for sure. the people will judge us because we're brother and sister."
>decide to trek out into wilderness and raise son in the wild
>find wandering tribe of marauders
>they take us in
>we teach them ways of the city folk
>teach them technology
>they soon accept us as one of our own
>over the years our son grows and learns, learning the ways of the desert marauder folk
>son soon starts becoming curious about his origins
>wonders if there's live beyond our village tribe
>tell him stories about the city
>son goes to sis "mama, papa told me stories about strange men that live in tall buildings and use these magic device called computers. can i go there one day."
>"no son, it is too dangerous."
>"why mama?"
>"because, your father and i are brother and sister. it is frowned upon for brothers and sisters to have sex."
>"mama, can i have a sister so one day i can have sex with her?"
>"one day you will son, one day you will."
>i look at my wife nurturing my son, and smile at my beautiful family
>sis puts son to sleep
>we watch him in his cradle
>"isn't he a marvellous boy, anon?"
>"he sure is"
>go to sleep
>wake up
>find son missing
>left note behind
>"mama, papa. i have left the village to discover my origins. please don't be scared, i will make you proud."
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 313x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 313x286
This really got funky
Mucous? I'm going to bed. Fuck your story
>rap the baby
You are the stuff of legends. Thank you /b/ro.
>sis puts son to sleep

like my mommy put my doggy to sleep ?
File: 1398821270172.gif (2 MB, 350x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 350x300
>mfw this whole thread
>son goes to sis "mama, papa told me stories about strange men that live in tall buildings and use these magic device called computers. can i go there one day."

wanna read this thread Faggit
is OP on drugs?
> inb4 the son is someone famous
> inb4 this is some movie bullshit
> inb4 bel air, dinosaur, tree fiddy etc.
File: 1412327299537.gif (559 KB, 262x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
559 KB, 262x200
T-This thread is so retarded
i think we have reached the point where this is no longer a question to be asked, but is simply common knowledge. also gold story
This shit is golden
newfag detected
File: 1mrofftopic.jpg (545 KB, 748x543) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
545 KB, 748x543
extremly restless, gets bored so easily that they can never focus on any one thing for too long. awful at finishing projects as they immediately jump from idea to idea and can never fully commit. absolute shitheads at love, get bored of love, can never be pinned down. sharp with the toungue and will try for a good laugh sometimes at others expense. doesn't tend to get too moody however when something bothers them or they dont understand it they try to rush to the point and ignore any grace or class in explaining what they're doing. absolute lack of patience and only the most superficial knowledge of a lot of topics however they tend to talk as if they're experts.
OP please continue
inb4 every first letter of every sentence spells something out?
moar plz
Son is Justin Bieber
Inb4 son is moot
>confront chief of tribe
>tell him i must leave to rescue my son
>he says it is against the traditional laws of the tribe to leave the village
>he says i am welcome to leave, but i will be forever forbidden from reentering the village
>look at wife
>"anon, you cannot leave our son to die out there."
>look back at chief
>"very well, if that is the price to pay, then i shall gladly pay it."
>shake hands with tribal chief
>notice tear in his eye
>"anon, you are a brave man. the bravest i have ever met. may your journeys take you far. "
>sis and i back our belongings,
>ride out on horse into wilderness
>tracking for signs of son
>find footprints
>get excited
>"sis look, its him, its our boy!"
>sis gets joyful "anon, he must be around here somewhere!"
>we scour the area, following the footprints
>notice another set off footprints
>not human footprints, resembling paws
>find something out on the horizon
>i run up to it
>its slightly moving
>it looks like a corpse, but still alive
>vultures surround it
>i approach it
>"papa... mama... i'm sorry... i only wanted to ... see... if there was more...."
>with his last gasps his eyes roll backwards
>i reel over, holding back the tears and pain
>i hold my son's body in my hands
>no, this can't be happening
>why, gods, why!?
>i have never felt pain like this before in my life
>hear footsteps behind me
>sister is walking up
>"anon what is it? what did you find?"
>i turn my face around
>she sees the tears in my eyes
>she sees what i'm holding
>"anon... no... no"
>she falls to her knees, starts wailing
>she's pulling and tearing at her clothes and hair
>her cries fill the dark night
>soon the wolves will return
>make shallow grave for my son, so we can be on our way
>"i dont want to leave" says sister
>"we have no choice, the wolves will return"
>"there is nothing left for us, the village will never accept us back."
>"sis, you can't just stay here! you'll die!"
>"leave me here anon, i want to die."
I just got here and my reading skills are on par with a nigger, someone give me the rundown.
plz repost this tonight
incest into thrown out of house into spaghetty falls out and weird magic happens, jump some years into future, living in tribe outside of society, son escapes to find his past.

Started out as an incest story, it's now a great journey of self discovery, magic and love
It's the plot of 12 years a slave basically.
/b/rothers i'm with you.
from that point i could treat this thread seriously

>implying i did from the begining
so much thruth
>brother and sister have sex
>leave home cuz dad hates them
>they visit an old woman
>kill her
>fetus is growing rapidly fast beause of wine is magic
>give birth to a boy
>they go with a sandnigger tribe
>their son leves to find his origins
>he got rekt in the woods
>they cry
ima go play a game of lol, so i trust you guys and OP to keep this thread alive till i get back to catch up on the screencapping and storyreading
the author must be fucking high while writing this
my sides have reached the galaxy where this story happened
10/10 thread

would screencap
Going to sleep will pst the story again in the morning (I am assuming it's done)
This was Part I. Part II following soon - "The Revenge of the Sis-Fucker"

is op died ? i want more !
OP get back and continue or else you will got shot
<-- by her
This shit is pure gold!
File: 1409660658934.gif (2 MB, 240x135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 240x135
Going to sleep, want to see the end to this story that started shitty stayed shitty but is somehow interesting
>thank you based OP
>beg with sis to stand up so we can leave
>she refuses
>"please sis"
>"anon leave me"
>"the wolves will be here soon!"
>sis stops responding
>she may as well be lifeless, she's just sitting there motionless, bereft of life
>"my son.... my boy...." she whispers, as tears fall down her face
>"he was my son too, but we can't stay here otherwise we'll die too!"
>she's not responding
>she's lost the will to live
>i have no choice but to pack my things and head off
>keep walking through the sands
>hear the wolves howl throughout the night
>turn my head back to the horizon
>"goodnight, my sweet love"
>wipe a tear on my face, ignore the pain
>keep on trekking
>reach outskirts of town
>my town
>my city
>my home
>slowly make way into the town
>notice some familiar buildings
>notice some new ones
>remember the street outline of town
>find my parents house
>dead of night
>ring the door bell
>door opens, its mom
>"mom, i'm home"
>"omg anon, i can't believe its you, i thought you were dead!"
>she is excited and thrilled to see me
on the edge of my seat. hurry back OP
>lets me in
>she asks about my sister
>tell her full story of what happened
>she starts crying
>soon gets over
>i ask about dad
>apparently he had a heart attack and died after he found out i was having sex with my sister
>some guy walks out of my old bedroom
>tall blonde muscular german guy with glasses, wearing red tank top and gym shorts
>its mom's new boyfriend
>he greets me in thick german accent
>tells me i look flabby, i need to work out
>offers to take me to the gym next friday
>sure, why not
>mom makes me supper, tells me all the old bedrooms are now exercise rooms with gym equipment, so i need to stay on the couch in the living room
>cant sleep at night
>thinking about dead son and dead wife/sis
>hear mom having sex with buff german guy
>toss and turn my head in the pillow
>cant stop hearing their grunts and moms screams
>make cup of chocolate milk
>checkout latenight tv
>hey letterman's on
>got taylor swift on his show
>switch between channels
>find porno channel on cable
>start fapping
This pretty much sums up all of 4chan.
Ok thats the end of the story guys.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Hope someone screencapped it all
I wanna know the fucking end!
that was the end
Fuck you.
Anticlimactic story is antclimactic
Nice story man, thanks
what was your inspiration?

10/10 would filmatize
you fucking nigger
what a cliffhanger, will there be a part 2?
>experience several life shaking traumas including abuse, supernatural horror, death, emotional void
>fap it off

Spoken like a true /b/ro
nah nothing more to tell, sis is dead, sons dead.
but your mothers still alive
what made you decide not to have the brother die with the sister?
what is this? dragon ball Z?
surely mum and german bf threesome, and become happy three-way family
Can someone post the screen caps? I'm on mobile and can't cap the whole posts in one pic.

Plot twist; Siss didn't die, main dude finds out that the old lady resurrected and kidnapped her
too beta to compete with alpha german guy
Got it all anon
File: aqaqaqa.jpg (17 KB, 480x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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a great piece in the history of 4chan
Post em please? See >>576139226
why won't someone else end the story?
File: drink the bleach.jpg (35 KB, 640x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
drink the bleach.jpg
35 KB, 640x356
putting this in my copy pasta folder
will anon wish back his sister and son?
will another old lady die?
you will find out next time on dragon ball z!
File: 28-11-14png.png (1 MB, 6040x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 6040x1400
Oh I guess I will help my /b/ros
Btw, apologies for the shitty ordering of them
>Life at home is peacefull
>Feels just like it did before all of this happened
>Can't stop thinking of my wife though
>I'm seeing her in my dreams, calling my name
>"Anon, save me, save me anon, I'm waiting..."
>I realize something is wrong
>I never saw her die
>Realize wife might not be Pepsi after all
>I pack pack my things in the morning
>Mom sees me doing so
>"Anon, what are you doing, you just got here!"
>"Please Anon, stay, we need you here"
>I kiss her on the cheek
>I open the door
>Just as I'm about to step out i hear someone yelling
>Thick German accent
>Oh fuck not the gym dude
I've never loved an anon this much before.
this guy
Np. Nobody should miss out on something this good.
you missed one between 2 and 3

>I pause and look at him
>He reaches out a dumbbell
>"Anon, take this, may it serve you well on your journey"
>"Thanks, but i'm not really in the mood for any mad gains at the moment"
>He keeps on insisting on that i should take it
>After trying to say no for a while, i just accept it
>He puts the dumbbel in my backpack and i beg my leave
>I'm ready for yet another journey
fuck off, write your own story, leave mine alone

>suddenly big pink fucking wolf attacks me from behind
>I fall on my face
>getting up, looking the wolf into eyes
>he says "you left me there, anon"
>wolf long-jumpes me, savages me, my guts are outside
>I'm dying
>lying in a pool of my own blood, looking at stars in the sky
>story is kill

fucking story is done isn't it
i thibk anon's going for a surprise ending when he cleverly places 'front porn' into the story. i think our heroes bro and sis are actually characters of an alternate world where every place is another porn setting, bro and sis reside in their bedrooms where incest films are made and the parents routinely act out scenes from a marriage rape porno.
Don't let it end like this. What happened to the wife/sis? It's not 100% sure shes dead, please OP, continue
Posting in epic thread

Captcha: made dosurt
my story, my ending
Where is the screen cap?
where did the full screencap go? can someone repost it?
File: 1414421915477.png (1 MB, 6640x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 6640x1400
meow :3
will remember epic bread forever
>Captcha: sup ockstary
you got 8 and 9 the wrong way
I first rated the story 8/8, now I h8 it.
Kill yourself
I saved it, didn't make it
Oh my fucking god! Yes!
Posting in epic bread. Ending is kind of shit but the rest is awesome.
>T.h.e F.a.pp.enni.ng F.u.ll C.oll.ecti.on
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Amazing story. 56/59 would read one more time.
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