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Does /b/ want to hear the story of how my...
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Does /b/ want to hear the story of how my stepsister and I fucked for about a year. Pic related shes a redhead.
Dude you a fucking liar
you can't fuck for a whole god damn year you would die of starvation or some shit.
Fuck off you pussy asshole cunt.
I take it you don't want hear the story
>not eating while you fuck
how srubdillyumptious of you
please do tell
incest is my trigger
God damn it son you're a good god fucking god I want you to be
You lost me at stepsister, got me back at about a year and lost me again at redhead.
Scrumdiddlyumptious? How does he do it?
Fuck these lot. Tell us your story, please!
> be me summer before sophomore year of high school
> move to new neighborood, don't know anyone
> im a beta virgin no confidence at all
>stepsister moves in with us she's a freshman 5/10 would bang
>never had siblings so it's weird
> dont talk to each other for about a month
In July about a month before school
> be us home alone
> watching TV downstairs by myself step sis is in her room
> go to her room see if she wants to watch TV with me she agrees
>watching some stupid BMX race
>get bored ask her about her sex life
>she's only been with one guy but he had a small dick
>she asks if I ever fucked anyone
>lie and tell her I have so I don't seem beta
> she comes over to the couch I'm sitting on asks if I want to play a game
> asks what game, she says the fire truck game
> dick starts to rise from thought of her touching me
>agree, she starts at my knee and moves up my thigh
>her hand on my semi hard dick now
Sorry I'll be typing slow I'm posting off my tablet
yes keep go pls

I wanna hear this
You're just jealous cause I've had sex for a year straight and you can't get anyone to touch you besides your father
Lost me at summer, got me back at BMX race and lost me again at starts at my knee.
I have an ipod touchscreen
> she starts to blush comments on how big it is
> says it's my turn
> im nervous as fuck
> slip hand under her shirt and work my way up her stomach to her b cups
> slip hand under her bra play with her nipples
> dick at 75% she's moaning
> she can't handle it anymore gets on top of me
> we make out while she grinds on my now rock hard dick
> 25 min pass still going strong
> hear front door open, it's our parents
>she jumps off me runs to the bat room
> I hide my boner with the couch pillow
nothing else happens that night fast forward to the next day
> mom's at work, stepdad is a truck driver and is on the road
> wake up have morning wood
> start jerkin it thinking about what happened last night
>there's a knock on my door
> she bursts in and I don't have time to hide my dick
>she asks what the fuck I'm doing
>I thought it was pretty obvious
>get an idea in my head
> tell her I was beating off and I needed help
> she gets this sexy grin on her face and starts heading towards me
go go go
Lost me at b cups, got me back at bat room and lost me again at sexy grin.
nigga dont even ask just cont
stop telling lies Boris stop this cunting thread
we want moar!
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009 - wY0Z5DI.jpg
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bumping so we dont lose the story
Hurry up you fucking ingrown toenail
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> she grabs my dick starts stroking it and asks how she could help
> tell her to use her head
>she smiles and starts sucking me off
>kind of hurts because her teeth are rubbing the sides of my dick
> dont care because blowjob
> it goes on for about 3 more min
> tell her I'm about to cum
>blow the biggest load all over her shirt and pajama pants
>make out with her even though she just gave me head
> my dick is still as hard as a diamond
>she stops asks if I have a condom
> tell her no
> can't fuck her with out a condom
> sadface
After that I took a shower and walked to the gas station to buy condoms. When I got home. She wasn't home so I called my cousin who lived like 15 min away to pick me up. Crash at his place for the night
> get home the next day around noon
>she's downstairs watching TV
> sit on the couch opposite of her
> she's wearing a loose fitting shirt with no bra under and some volleyball shorts
> I can practicaly see her nipples sticking out
> start to get hard thinking about fucking her
> trying to figure out how I'll bring up the topic
> say fuck it and just throw the pack of condoms at her
> she looks at me with that same grin
> says I have to wait till tonight because she has to trim the hedges
> mfw no sex
anyone still reading?
We all are still reading.

If you typed quicker, we'd be fapping
Keep going fagget
yiss go on

'tis so precious
yeah bra
Lost me at pajama pants, got me back at hard thinking and lost me again at the hedges.
>trim the hedges
Also Kek, she's trimming for you

so true. between 2 Posts of OP about 20 other threads 404
Will OP get any pussy? Stay tuned!
>touching her nipples
>dick at 75%

Fuck off. I get semi-regular sex and I'm at 75% over a fucking hug. It's actually awkward.
>Mfw how slow this is

Learn fucking sexual resistance fagget.
OP is talking about his stepsister, not his mom or grandpa.
File: 1414257079387.jpg (33 KB, 269x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Continue or this will become spiderman thread
ffs op post faster. my penis is dying here..
File: 1414144901204.gif (2 MB, 275x154) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 275x154

>anon goes to see relatives
>gives grampa a hug
>gets a boner
>he takes it the wrong way and comes on to anon
>anon gets raped by his old ass grampa
>[spoiler] and fucking loves it[/spoiler]
Op fapping to his own history
Be that night around 11 mom's asleep and stepdad still on the road
> in my room surfing the interwebs
>get text it's step sis
> tells me to meet her in the living room
>go downstairs she's not there yet
>turn on tv family guys on fuck yeah
>5 min pass hear someone walking down the stairs
>turn to look
>It's her looking sexy as fuck in her night gown
>dick automatically got so hard I got lightheaded from the amount of blood that left my head
>she wastes no time and gets on her knees
>She still hasn't fixed the teeth issue
>After 5 min of head she puts the condom on and spits on my dick
>gets on top of me and starts riding me
>it was the best moment of my life
>she starts moanin softly
>she speeds up and moans louder
>cover her mouth cause mom's room is right above us
>only fuck her for like 4 min cause virgin
>My legs start to shake
>bust with the force of Mount saint helen
she seems dissatisfied
>Don't care cause just had sex
After That it was awkward cause I couldn't get my dick up so I fingered her while watching robot chicken say goodnight and head to bed.
Again I'm typing slow as fuck cause of this bullshit ass tablet
one hell of a build up to be let down.
tell her i know how she feels.
Intrigued. Continue
Oh and fuck greentexting it takes to long
anymore OP?
lurkingfag here


File: 1414322281096.gif (823 KB, 301x214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
823 KB, 301x214

Lost me at 'Be me'
>>turn on tv family guys on fuck yeah
I kek'd
>not pretyping
>She still hasn't fixed the teeth issue
niggard just tell her that shes using too much teeth beta-fag! but do go on I'm intrigued
File: 1414344726808.jpg (10 KB, 262x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's all?
File: wubwub.gif (263 KB, 500x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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closest youll get
to lazy to take a new pic
File: image.jpg (5 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can work with that
Fucking this.

You faggots are dense.
File: 1412786682528.jpg (13 KB, 272x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1413781230692.jpg (18 KB, 275x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well that was anticlimactic
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>4 mins
>girls cum faster than that if you get em horny prior to fucking them
>it's all in their heads
>complicated yet simple
>don't think about it and you're already better than most in bed
>but what do i know im hung like a horse
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About a week passed and we hadn't fucked since that night. I was getting head on the daily though so I couldn't complain.
It's a weekday so we had the house to ourselves until six o'clock
wake up lay in bed for about 10 min
she walks in my room lays next me
don't even talk just go straight to making out
she grabs my dick through my pants I slip my hand in her pants and start to finger her and get her wet
when she's wetter than a water fall I reach over to my bed stand to grab a condom
next thing I know she's pulling out my dick and starts riding it
oh no
Can't get her off cause it feels to good
she's riding me so hard and fast and moaning so loud
she holds my arms down so I can't mover her off
I built up some resistance from all the head she's been giving me
she rides me for about 15 min
I can feel myself about to burst
tried to fight it but my dick won
bust a load inside of her
oh god no
she gets off me panting
I ask her what the fuck she was thinking
she said she couldn't wait I'm stressing over the thought that I just got my stepsister pregnant
can't sleep or eat for a whole month
I get so nervous when step dad's around
she gets her period
Giant sigh if relief
I still kept fucking her but only with a condom on
What more does /b/ want to hear. If anyone is still lurking
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some give this man a spiderman thread
File: captain condom.png (181 KB, 456x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
captain condom.png
181 KB, 456x331
i am just doin shit on the side constantly refreshing
tell me moar pls
Moar stories
More stories, but a picture wouldn't hurt
I have to get ready for work. Take the wheel skipper.
I would post a pic but I can't trust you mother fuckers. I can tell you the story of how I got her to cheat on her boyfriend
Thread replies: 72
Thread images: 17
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