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>What's the worst thing you've...
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>What's the worst thing you've done sexually to a girl?
>What was her reaction?
>What was your realationship to her?
>Do you still see her?
"Accidental" ass fuck.
Reaction? No idea, too much screaming to get a good idea
Nope, best way to end that one
Nope, bitch was a bitch
File: no-ragrets-1.jpg (60 KB, 535x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 535x477
>surprise butt sex
>pissed on her and made her drink it
>did the harlem struggle where you choke her on your cock untill she throws up
>beat the shit out of her
>choked her till near-passout
>spit on
>drowned her head in a filled sink while assfucking her dry
>verbally abused and degraded untill she broke down and started crying

>all with the same girl
>she asked me to do these things
>I met her through /b/
>What's the worst thing you've done sexually to a girl?
hugged one
>What was her reaction?
Hold her breath
>What was your realationship to her?
friend. actually, I probably got to know her because she was a friend of that girl I friendzoned (she got me to some concerts and a couple parties, and I wasn't a sociable enough person to differentiate that from hanging out with a good friend.)
>Do you still see her?
>every /b/tard sociopathic pervert's dream
Girlfriend, forced anal on her, doggy style and then I took it out and stuck it in, she cried, did not break up,
>anal rape
The Roman punishment of 40 lashes

▲ ▲

she didn't die btw
File: 1413415976677.png (19 KB, 125x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 125x150
>groped her as she sat on my lap
>she liked it
Right, now you're going to tell me you have skin.
File: 1398049779926.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 1280x720
I raped my girlfriend in the ass when she was drunk. We were experimenting with bondage. She had no choice but to scream and flail her legs but I held her down and showed no mercy.

She loved it after the first couple minutes. I could tell but she made a huge fuss about it and we argued for a few days but she ended up admitting that she actually liked it like a week later. We now do anal regularly.

>mfw she first started moaning
you fucking skeleton, maybe you should get all those lashes
Fuck her raw and unlubed in the ass at her parents' place in the room next to them. Door open.
>cried'n orgasmed
>yes, she's my fiancee
You are going to hell skeleton

I'll be honest I haven't done anything rude to any of my partners because when I'm famous I know they will write a book tittle "Abused by Anon" and "Raped and Raped He said he's sorry" so man i should have done whatever when i die they'll write whatever the fuck they want i can't stop them

worst thing i did i dated this girl for like 6 months broke up got her back for another 4? broke up then got her back again i think but like during our whole time together i would just constantly get off and she claimed she didn't have one orgasm.

but thats because i think she's autistic I'm pretty sure that bitch pissed my sheets in climax and didn't know it because she ran to the bathroom and cleaned her self up for like no reason idk i know i came..man her pussy clit hood covered my big old nose and it felt weird good riddance. she looked like pretty good and when we first started dating that pussy was like prrrfectly tight and all inside and smooth like a baby

know how a baby pussy looks like because i have a sister.

and I've been on 4chan since 06



did i say too much
Consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
She took it right in the pussy.
Your mom.
Yes, faggot.
Fucked a friend of mine (girl) in the ass and then went ass to mouth, and she didn't hesitate.

It was a god like feeling.
>What's the worst thing you've done sexually to a girl?
Mistaken her for elk, as she was wearing fur coat and I like to surprise sex elk Also this is in

>What was her reaction?
Fear. lots of reaction faces. But eventually woman
become submit. Very much like elk

>What was your realationship to her?
Rape daddy? Don't know the term for such
relationship, but she now follows me and talk
of love, I allow this so long as she acts like elk.
And know I will prowl for other elk

>Do you still see her?
No for a short time now, I left her deep in the
woods one night, she keeps scares off elk
with her musky scent. But for how long I dont
know, only that she is always following... somewhere...
And then you do it, and you're like...
"Well, I've done that... now I'm going to read some love poetry and find a nice good old fashioned girl."
And you do, and it's great.


fucked her on her couch while her autist big brother who lives with her walked in asking what we were doing

we were watching like ben 10 lol

or batman?

the older batman cartoons

anyway i kept fucking her fucking her just right there on the side of the couch

when i got home i looked at my white t shirt and it was all red

with idk what but it smelled like piss

what a bitch

idk that was pretty fucked that i just fucked her in the living room but..

i also fucked her while drinking a bear that was awesome i spilled some on her ass maybe idk she was like "oh anon ANON ANON faster faster"

>worst thing I've done to a girl was promise I'm gonna stay
File: Oct Fun (16).jpg (3 MB, 2736x3648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oct Fun (16).jpg
3 MB, 2736x3648
I got 2 here... see if you can beat them.

These are from a few weekends back with my wife

Used her like a whore.
Married her.
Kept using her like a fuck-sleeve.
Divorced her.
Waited until she remarried, had a house, a kid and looked happy.
Enforced my divorce decree on his job, their house, car, bank accounts. They're still paying me off!
File: Inside Peehole.jpg (3 MB, 3648x2736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Inside Peehole.jpg
3 MB, 3648x2736
Who needs green text when you got pictures.
Read the picture name
this anon knows.
Absolutely correct. Well, I didn't go reading love poetry, but yeah, what he's trying to say
/b/ro...fucking nice pics man - gave her a good seeing to huh
Tricked a 21 year old into a year long relationship when I was sixteen...took her like seven months to figure it out then she stayed with me a bit longer till we broke up.... dont see her anymore these days except in that one picture posted here every so often of her eatin egg noodle soup with her friend emma...im 21 now and sometimes feel bad about it because im pretty sure i hurt her emotionally a lot but eh hey i was a dumb kid who is pretty good at lying from years of being a compulsive liar .... shit in fact this is in all honesty the only truthful post ive ever done here on 4chin and well will be the only truthful post
Gf had head ache, didn't wanna do it, wait till she's asleep, start doing it, she wakes up, takes it like a champ
>Worst thing?
I told her to video tape her younger sister showering. Her younger sister was 15 she was 16 I was 17

>What was her reaction?
Hesitant at first but eventually She hid her phone in her bathroom and I got a sweet vid of her younger sister in the shower. Her and her sister were both hot. I fapped to the video right infront of her and she fapped next to me and sucked my cock. Super hot moment of my life.

>What was your relationship?
She was my girlfriend at the time

>Do you still see her?
Yeah we talk and text all the time. She's pretty much my best friend we've done a lot of sexual shit together. There's no one I feel more comfortable with about bringing up anything perverted. Shits so cash. Not to mention she's a 8/10 Asian fucking hottie now. We're no longer dating but like I said best friends.
File: Layer3.jpg (1 MB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1536x2048
It balances out all that hate. *GRIN*
Facefucked my gf and she didn't wanna stop because she knew I would get mad, she wouldn't stop crying for an hour , eventually made her vomit while gagging on my dick, never tried it again, I'm happy
you have no idea what peehole is, do you?


dude thats a cool story

but how do you stay friends with a girl you've fucked?

what you have stuff in common? really?

like what? why are you friends?

i don't have one female friend or male friend

"siri, find me a ho that is loyal'
>I'm sorry i can't do that right now

me :( you bitch
Oh, you'll notice I'm-
My meal ticket-
Thats a fuckin well treated pussy man, she a squeeler?
>out clubbing with mate
>bump into his cousin
>she be 4.5/10
>having no luck with the ladies
>beer goggles are go
>she comes on strong, mate "goes away"
>she asks about sex
>as joke, I say get naked now, in club
>she strips to bra and panties
>takes my hand
>walks out of club
>she gets down on hands and knees in street
>takes off her underwear and shows me everything and passers-by
>I go back into club and get her clothes and bag
>hail taxi, she naked
>back to mates
>fuck on couch

Quite. Talked dirty, too.
I once woke up in the middle of the night, still intoxicated at 2am, took her into the bathroom shower and gripped her throat tight while fucking her tight dry cunt. When I finished, she sucked me clean, was crying, blushing, and had that chest flush of girls who are in love...

And now, I have a nice girl and a whore's money. 'Murrica!
Just be an adult man hahaha once the feelings are gone you can be friends with anyone. So long as you think about it pragmatically
are u really bad at hugging or are u a virgin?
She took a shit and I asked her not to wipe and let me fuck her asshole. She said, "Okay" and bent over the bathroom counter and let me do it. After I came, she just pulled up her pants and left the bathroom. (Yes, she didn't wipe afterwards)

She was my friend's sister who I had slept with a couple times.
>>What's the worst thing you've done sexually to a girl?

Talked to one.

>>What was her reaction?

Ranges between uncomfortable pity to open disgust.

>>What was your realationship to her?

Social acquaintance.

>>Do you still see her?

>tried to kiss
>dodged and pushed me
>pathetic loser

yeah but why would you want to be an adult

and why would you want to be friends with anyone

you think I'm joking but I'm not

once the feeling are gone? friends? adult man?

called my ex fat, told the other she looked pregnant so i dumped her
well im still friends with the girl and still fucking her. She thinks it just funny even tho I do it to shock her. First time my mate bet me that I wouldnt dare call her a dirty whore while fucking her. and quite frankly I used a long time to do it. Couse this chick could easily break my nose with one punch. But I grew the balls to do it. And all she did was laugh and say finally fucking pussy. So I told her to shut up and shoved my dick down her throath. Second time I mouth fucked her and pulled an angry dragon. All she did was ask for tissues and covered her mouth and nose with her hands. Then 3 time I completely dominated her by making her do all kinds of shit. While I refused her to moan. The next day she mentioned toys... im still working on getting a proper wtf anon! from her.

dumped because she looked pregnant said I'm skipping towns

just in case she was

she wasn't though just got some chub from all the fuck she had to endure
call her fat dump her and say you're skipping towns lol

>anon! wtf!

then give her the old good bye fuck while she cries in a pillow or just you know in the middle of fucking her

just stop and say no

this doesn't feel right

and leave her

say you're skipping townz
im not doing it to make her stop fucking me. I just never seen this chick shocked nore scared makes me want to.

>Surprise anal sex
>she thought it was painful, started crying, then started to enjoy it
>at school, but she a whore
Eh, mine didnt enjoy. But that wasnt the point. >>575334185
Nice man, livin the dream
When i knew my gf was cheating on me i fucked her in the ass deeply then shoved my dirty dick in her pussy. Gave her a nasty ecoli infection. Her pussy smelled like rotting shit for the next three months, and i still think the other guy fucked her.
Short chick .. booty call... butter face awesomepink tits and pussy.. started fingering her in tye ass and she complained

I said i hate your fucking voice
i put my dick in her ass but before i put my left hand in her mouth and my whole right hand in her pussy ... i fucked her butthole for a couple of minutes screaming FUCKING WHORE I HATE YOUR VOICE IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING...
she looked at me like if i was crazy started to bite my hand...
Blood came out of her ass...
I pull out my dick... she started crying... 6 years later she still trying to contact me trough fb
File: reds.png (342 KB, 562x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342 KB, 562x600
Never intentionally had any desire to hurt / humiliate a girl.

>be me
>left a bar to local dinner to sober up
>met a hottie waitress, WAY to hot to work there
>fuck it, i hit on her.
>tell her im worried about driving home, live kind of far away.
>she says she lives close by I should come by, she gets off work in like 20 mins anyway.
>get to her place, instantly start banging.
>Shes super wet and freaky, lights are off.
>i get whiskey dick and tell her to go down on me.
>"annon i dont really wann...."
>push her head down anyway.
>shes giving crappy head, so i push in and gag her.
> flip her over , shes coughing, drill her ass.
> when we change positions i notice its more wet and less 'tight'
>lol oops went anal to vag.
>finish and hit the restroom.
>MFW blood all over my balls, and pubes, shit stuck on tip of condom
>smells BAD MAN

no man if you set it up like this

like i told you

you'll set it up so you can get her back anytime

even the next day

get her to drive you to an airport

then get her to pick you up

say you missed your flight
fuck her in the airport bathroom
say I'm sorry

repeat x9

she'll be shocked and scared

if you're a real man

>nothing you will do will prevent you from getting sex from her

but it's up to you she will stop fucking you eventually you gotta work on that mind control

set it up

if you set it up right she will never stop fucking you

why would you think she would stop fucking you after all that?

after you went through all that trouble to fuck with her head

no one fucked her like that


fuck her with her head under a car wheel so she thinks its gonna roll anytime

don't keep parking break on make the car rock a little so she scared on it accidentally rolling through her tiny scull

yeah! fuck!


dude nothing you can do can make a girl stop fucking you
> She asked me not to come in her mouth. But I did it whit great pleasure.
> WTF face but she swallowed anyway..
> GF
> Yes
>stuck finger in ass while fucking, made her smell it
>she didn't like it
>gf at the time
>nope fuck that bitch
>making out with girlfriend in grade 10
>I go down on her because nice person
>whilst having my tongue an inch or so deep within her vajeen I get the sudden urge for my ding dong to be in her mouth
>stop performing legendary oral
>climb up to her, she goes for a kiss
>proceed to go further up and shove my dick in her mouth
>mouth fuck her for a good 3 minutes, cum on her tits
>a week later she brings it up
>"I actually really liked what you did the other day"
>damn right she did
I regularly do shit like this to several girls. Lets see, my ex ex, I fucked her in the ass while still pussy virgin. Some time later I made her do ass to mouth and throatfucked her regularly til she puked all of this while videotaping her.
Did the same to a 16 year old little model when I was 34, minus the ass to mouth. I got bored with her before we got into that, but I do have a clip of her puking while deepthroating, and later that night I ass fucked her.

Lately..mm...an acquaintance of mine needed some money, so I offered 200USD for facefucking her and taping her. Shes a 22 hottie who does modeling gigs too and I figured she'll go for it cause shes kinda edgy. She was a lesbian lel. Anyway, she liked the first facefuck but 6 months after she needed money again. This time I went over the limit. I face fucked her, forced her to open her mouth and spit on her and made her swallow the spit several times, and made her lick my ass while wanking me before ass fucking her. She really tried to refuse the ass licking part but a couple of hard smacks and hard talking kinda showed her it was no game. She spotted talking to me afterwards.
File: 32wd3ozp.jpg (48 KB, 208x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 208x338
>she doesn't want to be fucked in the ass
>clenches butt cheeks
>throw half a bottle of oil on her ass
>she's insulting me but not struggling
>clench as hard as you want, you can't clench hard enough against oil
>fuck her in the ass

>one year later
>break up
>"you raped me"
>tells all her friends
>who tell all their friends etc

>I am now a rapist

And nothing of value was lost.
Truth be told anon fucked a dwarf and it died.
was on her period, got a mouthful of bloody dick.
accidental ass to puss.
shit in her bloody vag now.

left immediately, no goodbye.
Not even if the girl has the mind of a man but the body of a fucking porn actress. Ive never fucked anyone like her. Besides I know she has been fucked like this before. Considering when she talked about toys she refered to a bag she has with bondage and shit
>What's the worst thing you've done sexually to a girl?
Punched her on the face and belly multiple times, as hard as i could
>What was her reaction?
She begin to cry and scream at me, that turned me on even more
>What was your realationship to her?
Kinda love/hate
>Do you still see her?
No, she ended up cheating on me so i just stopped talking to her
Was she pregnant?
Too much oil ruins it man, half the fuckin point of up the guts is it bein a hard fuck

you gotta cut her finger off dude
But definetly gonna try it. All tho we are just friends so I highly doubt she would care if I left
dude she is a friend not gonna make it impossible to game with her again :P
An anon friends wife was passed out on wine we drank. Fucked her feet and hands. Was still so horny anon pulled her pants and panties and eat her. Finally anon fucks her and she wakes up cumming and loving it. Anon husband still doesnt know.
Nope, i wish

>Choked her out, blue face
>"Wtf, Anon??"
>No, just some snapchat

mind of a man but body of a porn actress man just like

you think i was joking about that driving to the airport and asking for a ride back 9 times huh

get her ropes dude teach her how to do knots

then tell her to make 9 ropes with as many knots as she wants to

then when she's done knotting the rope attach it to a stick and whip her

its the most romantic christmas present i can think of
nope, it's still tight as fuq with oil

all girls care if you leave, thats why they're girls

have her suck off a horse nothing like a little beastiality to spice it up

If this is true you're now my personal hero.
Care to elaborate on how you met etc.?
File: 14bc.jpg (71 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 960x720
took a girl's virginity, fucked her in the ass, then fucked her mouth in one night

>she never called again
haha I gotta do this.

its all relative to how big of a shit she took that day no?
Whats the worst thing?

I married her.

lets hope not hehe

oh yeah and give her a nickname while fucking so she is not herself anymore but a sexual object

objectify her even more
hit post too soon

"fuck buddy" (she wanted more, i wasnt interested)
>she loved it, begged for more, next day never called again
do i still see her
>she was working in a random starbucks i went into a couple years ago. she gave me free coffee

Virgin detected.
Anyone donkey punched their girl?
i slept with my cousin once
hmm not a bad idea. What tho`? I was thinking of posting nudes of her here aswell and show it to her.
Took her virginity. Put it in dry.
Cousin. True story.

call her Fido it was an dog in Italy that waited for his master for 14 years by his house after the master died

so no names in the bedroom call her fido

she''ll look up fido and see that it's a dogs name

that will turn her on even more

because she's your bitch now and even has a dogs name
>have a clip of her puking while deepthroating

Post it motherfucker.
would be freaking awesome if she actually went completely submissive. Constant power battle is annoying
>worst thing

Walked in on my gf getting her pussy licked by the dog. So I told her to let the dog fuck her, or Id kick her out. She was crying at first, but then got an orgasm from it.

>what was her reaction

She said she felt dirty as fuck


Lived with her

>still see her?

No, but I made her fuck the dog for a week. Any time the dog wanted it, he got it. One time his knot got stuck in her and he turned, so I stuck my cock in her ass. After that me and the dog DPed her all the time.
>i also fucked her while drinking a bear
>while drinking a bear
>drinking a bear

shit son you mad

Forced ex gf (gf at the time) to have pill abortion (take 3 pills and it breaks fetus down and you bleed it out like a very heavy clotty period over 2 days) fucked her 1 day into it bare back clotted blood baby fetus all over penis and all up my white tank top
True story, and shes a 9/10 she was 17 i was 19
Thread replies: 98
Thread images: 10
Thread DB ID: 17938

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