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Bes morrowind moments? Here's mine:
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Bes morrowind moments? Here's mine:
>Walk up to a town near imperial fort, bc no mounts in game
>like the town and decide to live there
>tfw no money
>friendly citizen offers me to live there
>live in the basement and spruce the place up, put my drugs (moon sugar and skooma) on the table, stack my coins on the table, candles, the rest
MLG Indian Gamer League #1: >Dudes got a ballin dark elf wife. My hero is lonely
>Murder guy in his sleep
>Declare his wife and house mine
>sell drugs to everyone in town
>become rich af
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>not posting Skyrim stories
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I've got lots of these
>walking to vos for some guild job

>get attacked by cliff racer
>get attacked by cliff racer >get attacked by cliff racer
>get attacked by cliff racer >get attacked by cliff racer
>get attacked by cliff racer get attacked by cliff racer
>get attacked by cliff racer
>never gave back that guy the ring from seyda neen
riding a silt srider
Dying b/c jump scrolls from that flying nigga. Still got that baller hat tho.
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got a lot of them
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>be a generally good-natured dunmer who tries to help ppl
>invest in the bee & barb in riften and befriend bersi and his wife
>vampires attack riften at like lvl 9
>kill vampires, but bersi's wife is dead
>throw her body into the river so i don't have to see it.
>this is how i treat my friends
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>Fight Almalexia for the first time
>Fight until I'm very near death
>Run out of room, heal myself with potions, enchanted items
>Go back in for round 2. Nearly die and flee again.
>Leave room again. This time, just heal with items as all potions are consumed. Need to rest to heal completely.
>Resting also partially heals her. Fight, use enchanted items, rest, repeat.
>Finally kill her, read journal. The battle had raged for 31 game days.
>Most epic boss battle in my video game career.
>be thane of whiterun
>live happily with my wife Lydia whom I've modded to be less homely
>after some time she becomes pregnant
>She thinks its too soon, but I talk her out of abortion. She looks at me and says
>I'm sworn to carry your burdens
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fuck yeah Lydia is best waifu
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my sides
Ahhh memories
Fuck taht scroll
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>Fortify ___(stat)___
because skyrim sucks.
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is that why Morrowind is being remade in Skyrim's image?
>be me
> start game
>decide weapons are for pussies
>punch things in the swamp till fist fighting is 100
>discover from my training that even tough enemies have very little stamina
>and when your stamina is stuck at zero I just punch till you die
>waltz into vivec
>bust my ninja shit on the guards
>mfw you can beat the game with no equipment
>mfw I have no face
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>bro rents the game
>watch him play a few missions
>play it myself
>rent the game for a week
>do missions around seyda niin, killing people, stealing stuff, buying stuff
>finally get to a mission that has me going to another town
>head towards the other town
>my brain gradually explodes with the concept that the world is HUGE and I've only been playing in one small part of it

Probably the best high fantasy game I've ever played. I'm spoiled by modern graphics but that storyline was second to none.
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the end, apparently
Anyone else kill that orc chick and loot her house in seyda?
they are remaking morrowind in skyrims graphic engine.
morrowind gameplay sucked. but the story is amazing. its dark and challenging. skyrims story is watered down so 12 year olds can keep up. skyrim starts really strong but looses itself endgame. dark brotherhood quests suck. boring main quest. i am a big elderscrolls fan, but skyrim became so boring didnt finish. after 90 hours i knew the game couldnt get better anymore.
morrowinds expansions are perfect. blood moon(become a werewolf on solstheim)the atmosphere omg, i got the chills when i think back when i was exploring the frozen island.
Tribunal, story about gods killing eachother, the darkness, the violence, the greed. masterpiece. i never knew i could get so much feels from a game.
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My best moment was meeting a 7/10 in line for skyrim at midnight tease saying Morrowind was her favorite. Should have kidnapped her right there, but needed dat skyrim. Thus was in Trenton and she was not black.

In game
>be at telvanni mushroom house
>crave more slaves than a pre-empire dunmer noble
>trek to nearest slave camp
> slavers get trogdor'd in face, custom fire touch spell
>charm only female khajit s back
>mushroom kingdom becomes furry utopia.
>spend rest of day leveling destruction on rooftop flinging fireball all day.

Also can we just talk about the clouds in the game I mean my god pic related
File: shit fucker.png (2 MB, 1634x1048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shit fucker.png
2 MB, 1634x1048
>be like 11 or something
>new character
>all decked out and shit
>been playing all day
>head to mages guild
>get fortify acrobatics spell
>cast soul trap on self
>cast soul trap on self
>step outside
>travel across the entirety of the map
>every 2 milliseconds is a new loading screen
>cliff racers watch in awe as i majestically teleport across the sky
>5 minutes later
>all traces of life have disappeared
>i have ascended beyond that of god
>there is no hope for me, all is lost
>i blink for a split second
>open my eyes
>standing on top of a building
>there is no way to get down without damaging myself
>get out healing spell
>character keels over
>a lone cliff racer stands over my now lifeless body
>reload last save
>"Ah yes, we've been expecting you. You'll have to be recorded before you're officially released."

Fucking cliff racers.
Fucking kek.
damn dude, shoulda put a ring on it
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The one thing I hated was that save button... Skyrim and Oblivion fags have it easy... saves everytime before entering a new area... not in the land of Morrowind!
Still tho, my all time best top games I've ever played. Downloaded it again a few years back on PC before Skyrim launched. Got all HD textures and such, still not the same...

Pic is of some guys making Morrowind in the Skyrim engine... looks good but by the time they finish the next game will be out... cunts are slow


fucking kek'd
Guys making Morrowind in the Skyrim engine.
damn i love this game.
jesus christ, how did you get very far being a complete pussy?
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There were no waypoints back then.
File: 1413301322841.png (128 KB, 292x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>building the town in morrowind expansion
>crazy guy runs out from the blizzard and wont leave
>have to fight him or kill him
>fist is so low i cant even punch him
>get my ass kicked for like 10 minutes before i kill him
>regret instantly

im pretty sure if you kill him he fucks with you later on to
lies, you can't save until AFTER you are released. also, auto saves. nigger.
My dad bought this for me when I was 7 years old. It was one of my first xbox games and shaped my mid-childhood. Anyways.

>playing first character ever, made lizard man because thats fucking cool for a 7-year-old
>dad sitting next to me basically telling me which buttons to push and how to use both joysticks to walk.
>Ah yes, we've been expecting you..., answering his questions and taking hours choosing as if it would decide my entire fate.
>finally get out, god knows what class I ended up because 7
>walk out of seyda neen, feeling like a bamf lizard, ready to go murder shit.
>kill a mudcrab with a sword my dad made me buy
>exploring bittercoast, slicing mudcrabs
>granted killing them was so goddamn frustrating because it took like 6000 swings of my sword.
>fuck, mutherfucking cliffracer
>critical danger!
>somehow ended up surviving through this by running at mach .00000001 to a abandoned ship.
>think jackpot, im gonna be so fucking rich
>make it to end of ship after finding one fusking ash yam and a couple of common shoes.
>see a skeleton, maybe he'll have something cool
>pick up iron sword or something
>'oh well, time to go'
>turn and try to move
>swivel and try to jump
>more stuck
>jump, swivel, jump, swivel, jump crouch swivel jump jump jump run crouch run crouch jump
>stuck like a nigger in jail
>burning tears of desperation
>"god, just let me out of this and i swear i'll never pick my nose again"
>finally give up, tried for as long as a 7-year olds attention span will allow
>turn off xbox, dont touch morrowind for another year.

one of my fondest memories.
there are no auto saves in morrowind mate...
resting, waiting....
Yeah, that's right, isn't it? I guess the correct quote there would be:
>"Stand up, there you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?"
Or something like that.
I blame my bad memory on all of the hard drugs that I've never done.

Also, this.
Again... its Morrowind... The only way to save is to actually go to save option... trust me on this... Died many times only to realize an entire day of playing gone... broke many Xbox controllers doing this.
File: mudcrab.jpg (288 KB, 612x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also did any one you used the Merchant Mudcrap in the North? The nigga was a talking mudcrab that had on him like 1000 gold and would buy all your items at 100% value. I would sit at him for hours selling him my gear waiting 24hours for his inventory to reset then selling more gear. Good times.
Please don't make me play this shit tier game..... I haven't even touched Fallout 3 in a while. My hard drive can't handle more shit
Are there any mods which make the running speed faster?
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Thread images: 24
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