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> what's the worst thing you've...
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> what's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
>what was her reaction
>what was your relationship to her?
>do you still see her?
Worst thing I've done to a girl is fuck your mom without a condom 9 months before you where born.
same fucking threat every fucking day
that was like a totally wicked sick burn bro
I had missionary with her for the sole purpose of procreation
>be me with gf at the time
>gf and sister lived in abusive home and took gf over to my house.
>fucked gf for a while on brothers bed.
>she starts crying and her Pussy gets tight
>turns out she is crying because she left sister home alone with abusive sister in law.
>fucked her till I came and went to sleep.
unoriginal cunt
>kiss her on the cheek
>return the kiss
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Okay fags. This happened on sunday ill greentext it.
>had a girl over who wanted to be fuck buddies
>we had some killer sex a few times over the weekend
>sunday night we had us some sex
>MFW i got her to climax with my dick
>not even 20 minutes after we're watching key n peele
>she flips me over and starts giving me a BJ
>but i wasnt feelin it
>but i wasnt in the mood for it ya know?
>couldnt nut
>after about 20-30 minutes i was fuckin diggin it but i knew we were gonna get nowhere
>so i asked her to stop
>she was offended
>kept tellin her that i just didnt wanna, and as much as i LOVED it, i didnt wanna waste her time
>was perfectly happy chillin
>she made me take her home
>sent me a text later
>"you fucked up"
>shes still texting me but i doubt im gettin any more of that poonanny
>MFW sex still was fuckin awesome
Somebody's got to do it.
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>be 17
>be me few years ago
>grill 7,5/10 16lvl
>fingering and rubbing pussy
>its so wet thats my finger slips in to her ass
>her reaction was like pic releated
>what are you doing anon?
>contiuned to rub pussy
>pretending that nothing happens and she was ok with this

still with her
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sold a girl to my coke dealer for an 8 ball
i savagely anally fisted a girl while she chewed on my ball sack
I wanked over a girls face while she used a vibrator on her pussy. She was insisitent that I wait till she started cumming before I shot my load. She loved it.

She now acts like I don't exist.
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made a homeless lady suck off my dog for a cheeseburger
you could have gotten a lot more. Why would you go for the bare minimum, a measly 3.5 grams. Man, you faggots really know how to get ripped off
ask her to come on your face while you shove a vibrator into your ass
>tied girl up
>gagged her
>created a paper cut out of my name
>poured molten candle wax over paper
>girl has huge permanent burn scar of my name on her back
She is my ex.
Where were you over here?

Hitted a girls ass with a wooden ruler till I cut her. Fucked her while she bled all over my bed.
Haven't seen her for over a year. Was a french exchange student.
Got blowjob from girl while she was crying.. Lol shit was pretty cash
Yeah, I got confused and asked her to come on my ass while I shoved a vibrator in her face. Conseqeunces have never been the same.
>ex hated rough sex because she was raped
>even though she said she hated it she always came when i fucked her hard
>one day she came over to hang out
>one think leads to the next
>we go to my room and i start eating her out
>start to slide my dick in her pussy
>she tells me to go slow
>i start slow
>about 10 minutes later i cant nut
>i start speeding up
>she starts to tell me to slow down
>this triggers a harder fucking boner
>start slamming her pussy as hard as i can
>she starts crying and hitting my chest
>i come as hard as 1000 galaxys during the big bang
>she tells me to get off her
>i pull my dick out and its covered in her cum and blood
>dated for about a month after that then parted ways
still the best pussy i ever had
You fucked up because you were watching that piece of shit show.
I lost a bullet vibrator in my girlfriend's ass a few weeks back. She cried and panicked and I acted like I knew what the fuck I was doing and got it out by pushing on her pussy wall
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>tall gangly girl from chem living in the dorms in college
>she had a UV lamp in her room that she had to use daily and had her own room, everyone else lived in 2s and 3s
>everyone thought she was retarded (she was socially retarded as fuck)
>she was good at chem and I never went to class
>I always acted friendly with her, she had a crush on me and we would copy her notes in her room
>one day she was wearing a dress long when I went over
>she said she thought I was using her and asked me if I liked her
>I fucked her hard in her hairy cooter and came in her bellybutton
>I lead her on that we were dating now (for a week or two until people found out)
>I flat out denied all of it and never talked to her again in class or out, straight ignored her
>I admitted to anyone who asked that I used her for homework help and she was upset about it, everyone believed me
>got a C in chem for the semester
Well then i need to tell her to fuck off, she wanted to watch it not me
greentext fag
>I was a retard and could barely construct a coherent post

Well done anon, you tried and that's what counts.
Thanks anon. Almost missed one.
She wasn't crazy about it.
>let my best female friend get tripple teamed by some nerdy metal heads while on shrooms
>two of them finished in her mouth
>she threw up the next morning and could taste cum

I don't feel bad about it.

>not just telling her you were edging for a monster load later on
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>gf asleep in spooning position wearing just a thong and a light t shirt
>gently rub the pus
>feel slight wetness
> slide penis in
>wakes up
>"what are you doing..no stop"
>i wrap my arm up around her to stop the struggle
>and whisper "no" to her
>i feel niagra falls on my dick, she secretly loves that shit but she don't know i know that
>i stop at this point
>she turns around and tells me to keep going, just like before
>i ask "so you want me to now?"
>make a point of getting her to admit she wants it
>shits cash

NP. I mean it's not like this is /r9k/
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>implying OP wasn't premie from fetal alcohol syndrome
So moral of the story is, if a guy isn't into it, then he fucked up and the girl is justified in denying further relations. If a girl isn't into it, then the guy is a total dick for denying further relations. Equality ftw.
I accidentally rammed my dick really hard into my ex's ass, she was crying and annoyed at me
My current gf seems to like everything I try, no matter who rough or degrading. Should marry the cunt
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thanks for your input friend0, I'm tickled that you were insecure enough in making your observation to capitalize and punctuate; it would be a shame if your meritorious critique were as ineffectual as your shit story :^)
Fucked a girl in the ass with a condom on
Took the condom off and put it on her face
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>be 17
>with ex, trying to think of where to go out
>laying on couch
>one thing leads to another
>begin fingering, fondling, and grinding her (shes wearing a tight short dress so easy access)
>parents walk in
>abort mission flawlessly without getting caught
>the boner is still strong
>later make excuse to go down on the basement, something like "lets check on your sister's pet Guinea pigs" or some shit.
>go downstairs
>she bends over to open the cage.
>begin to grind her ass
>no rejection
>work my way from hotdogging to slamfucking her ass within a minute
>go a good 30 minutes full speed with no mercy
>almost ready to blow
>weirdly didn't want me to cum inside. fear of leakage when we go out
>pullout instead, immediately loose urge to cum
>"that was really crazy anon" with a sexy smile

she was a little masochistic. I did that kind of stuff with her a lot and she actually wanted stuff like rape talk too. I do enjoy the being dominant but I'm not sure I'd pull it to that degree with many other gfs.
Still pretty tame though
I nutted inside a bitch just because I felt like it but I lied and said it was because I was drunk. She got plan b so it was all good
this was back when I was 14~

>be a teenager horny as fuck
>knew this fatty girl who I knew was into me, 5/10 if you're generous
>take her to the movies a few times, get her into me
>fast forward a few weeks, I get her to suck my dick, after this she starts hinting me that she wants me to ask her to be my girlfriend
>shes really needy
>everytime we meet she sucks my dick, at the mall, at the park, at friends house w/e
>after a month or two of this I take her to my house to fuck her, but for some reason I couldnt get it up
>few days later i "broke up" with her

>she posted some gay poetry about revenge on myspace and all friends we had in common still hate me to this day
>run into her recently, shes fatter and uglier

overrall i think it was worth it
Well done anon, you tried and that's what counts.
also, convinced the same girl that semen is good for your skin and she covered her face in that shit from 3 condoms we used earlier that day
Shoved a feather duster up her ass, and made her cluck like chicken.
greentext it
i know you, where are you from?
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Not much going on in that braincase, is there
forced her to finger herself when she was 8

(was my sister)
broke up with my ex, held her as she cried, then while she was crying asked her to suck my dick and she did. It was beautiful.
i kissed a girl on the nose once
This guy

hmm two-way tie, with two different chicks

she begged me to cum on her face, i am a strong shooter and bam nailed her with a full strength splooge right into her eyeball. she cried, rinsed her eye out, eyeball kept crying. wasnt mad at all, thought it was funny. i told her my sperms are nibbling at her eyeball like it was the outside of her egg, freaked her out thought she might go blind, she was smart too even though she half-believed that bullshit. found out that tears are a major turn-on for me

slammed my thumb into her butt no lube while i came fucking her doggy style. first reaction was just wondering if i was into that. i said naw you just like anal play so i was improvising. second time i did it she got all mad and shit because i was being mean to her butthole. she had severe intestinal pain afterwards made a huge deal about it, went to doctor and she was just constipated bigtime. maybe the first time she got to poop beforehand so wasnt so uptight about it
same person?
we need ore green text's in here anons
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>2014, talking about wincest
>NOT greentexting
>Be out on town with mate
>Bump into his cousin on separate night out
>she be ropey 4.5/10
>evening goes on, not had much success with the ladies
>beer goggles on, cousin looks acceptable
>she comes on strong, mate "goes away"
>tells me she wants sex when we get back to mates house
>be in two minds:
>be male, want sex
>be realistic, she aint great looking
>as joke, say I will if she gets naked now.
>she strips to bra and knickers in club
>takes my hand
>walk out front
>she gets on hands and knees on pavement
>takes off underwear and shows me (and passers-by) everything
>get massive boner
>walk back into club and get her clothes/purse
>hail taxi, she naked
>get to mates house
>fuck on sofa
File: ohyou.jpg (13 KB, 366x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP claiming ID

>no, it's not
But i beat that pussy up like a motha fucka.
So im sure she will be back soon
Pics or it didn't happen. I'm sure someone here will wank over it or at the very least, add captions to that shit.
fucked my neighbor's 30 y/o girlfriend when I was 18 while he was at work, damn near broke her back and she loved it
>she was out with their dog
>I just finished working out and I went outside to catch some sun
>say hi to her, the dog approaches and I approach it to pet it
>she notices how huge my biceps are and comments on them
>I smile, ask her if she wants to feel them
>next thing I know, we're in their kitchen, making out
>kinda scared because her boyfriend is a tank
>eventually start fingering her, make her orgasm
>starts blowing me, tries to deep throat but my dick won't bend down like that
>lift her up and put her on their dinner table, and slide my dick into her throat
>start pounding the shit out of it
>she starts slipping off the table due to the force my my dick as it half-pulls out
>I keep going
>she's like halfway off the table, trying to stop herself by gripping my abdomen
>keep going
>her back is bending under the table, at like a 60 degree angle
>1 final push and I cum down her throat
>her back is basically broken
>help her up

she absolutely loved it
we've had sex like 20 more times since then.
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Be me, 19 years old

>Get drunk as fuck with firends in a bar
>This ugly hippie chick is hitting on me
>Be me, average good looking guy
>Going for this hippie girl
>Fucking in bar's female bathrooms
> She says ''Surprise me''
> I stick a finger up her ass
>She says surprise me more
>Put two fingers in there.
>She likes it

Next day i thought i had AIDS when i thought how disgusting she was.

isn't it the hottest fucking thing when they cry in a sexual context


you should break up with her if you cant make her cry
Wish I did. Fucked up at the time, and didn't think about it. Definitely next time.
> what's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?

Came inside her

>what was her reaction

None, she was asleep

>what was your relationship to her?

Don't know her name even.

>do you still see her?

Sure as hell hope not.
>gf and I about to break up
>at a field party in the middle of fucking nowhere
>gf pretending I don't exist
>see gf feeling up other dudes
>have dudes tell me gf is feeling up other dudes
>have chicas tell me gf is feeling up other dudes
>I try to talk to gf
>gf implicity accuses me of trying to rape her in a bush ?
>later find out gf gave rando dude bj on way home
>gf tells me with a straight face the next day that none of it ever happened

4 years later and several new vaginas encountered, I am still butthurt
why the fuck do so many edgy retards think that letting a girl make her own sexual decisions is a bad thing
This reminds me of a story

> me with ex a while back
> she was laying sideways on her brother's bed
> i was standing in front of her
> nice bj
she was ugly as shit but she gave awesome blowjobs... have you noticed that fatties are always good at giving head? is it because they eat a lot? lol
> i was about to cum she asked me to finish inside her mouth
> i pull out and cum all over her face
> most of it got into one of her eyes
> afterwards her eye was as red as it gets (just one)
> someone knocks at the door: dinner time with her parents
> le red eye full of cum, her mom figured it out but laughed about it
story time

>be in college
>know girl, friends for 2 years
>she decides she wants to be more than friends
>not relationship, but wants my D
>never really saw her that way
>get drunk at party with her
>she tells me she wants to fuck
>like now
>she's clearly wasted, I'm not exactly sober either but damn she's hammered
>go back to my room
>makeout, clothes start coming off
>reach for condom
>even hammered, she remembers she's allergic to latex
>god dammit
>clothes back on
>walk her back to her room
>get non-latex condom
>her roommate asks if she's okay, she's clearly falling everywhere
>tell her roommate she's fine, she's with me
>go back to my room
>clothes off again
>ask if she wants to do it
>she's practically passed out in my bed at this point, can hardly stay awake she's so drunk
>manages to say yes
>we fuck
>finish once
>she rolls over
>ask if she wants to go again, from behind this time
>she lifts her ass a little, doesn't say much
>I'm still hard, go again
>she's not really responding to it anymore
>can't finish, she's clearly waaaay too drunk
>put blanket over her, sleep on couch
>next morning
>she comes out to find me
>doesn't remember anything from last night
>doesn't remember getting non-latex condom, doesn't remember having sex
>she says she's mad
>just mad that she doesn't remember it, because she wanted to savor the first time we had sex
>"do you want to have one you can remember?"
>we fuck again, both hungover
>we proceed to be friends with benefits for the next 3 months, until we both start dating other people
>still friends to this day

and that, my friends, is how I didn't get kicked out of college
I can, but only when I get inside her head and insult her personally, anything I actually do to her she loves
Maybe I should try doing that while fucking her next. Nothing is better than the girl crying while fucking
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okay faggots here we go
>be me 17, gf 16
>relationship is long distance and we are staying in a hotel half way between us
>had three bottles of wine I stole from moms
>having nice night in drinking fucking wine and watching shitty movies
>gf is kinky as fuck but I dont really know it yet
>one bottle of wine spills all fucking over and we finish 3/4 of the other one
>initiate sex
>after some foreplay we get to fucking
>really getting into it, she wants to try assplay
>try finger or two out and she likes it
>wants more
>fuck her while hairbrush stuck in her ass
>she asks if we can try the top of the wine bottle
>grab spilled bottle believing it was empty
>stick in pooper
>she leans back while adjusting her position and i hear the liquid move in the bottle
>she looks at me, "the bottle wasnt empty"
>pull out bottle
>wine and small chunks of shit all over bed sheet
>mfw cleaning lady had to do something about this

we ended up being able to laugh about it later on, but broke up a year or so later.
Fingered her after I'd had hot sauce on my fingers.

Reaction was screams
Well done anon, you .. eh ... made a post and that's ... eh ... that's what counts. But you know ... eh ... keep it up, there's no reason why you shouldn't ... eh .. you know ... eh ... do the stuff that ... eh .. you know, what normal kids, ... eh ... not that you're not normal ... eh .. you know ... eh ... well done anon, well done.

dumbass, chicks love blowing a guy while he is watching tv, playing a video game, or on the phone. they fucking looove it. you should've just let her keep going until she cramped up, if you didnt cum she would've just blamed herself and then tried to please you even more

you dont understand women too well
File: 1339689394449.gif (955 KB, 400x285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dodged a bullet
File: 1412492323541.jpg (27 KB, 469x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i want to try this with jalapenos

I left this thread and found it on the front page still so I came back; is this really all you've managed to come up with? Why bother even replying?

do it bro. give pain and humilation a try its fun
ghost pepperz

>Came in her bareback when she told me not to.
>She was pissed and tried to slap me.
>She was a hooker.
>All the time.
>dress long
no kidding. Probably wouldn't have gone for it with a rando, I just knew she was into it and was drunk enough myself to not really notice how drunk she was until too late
File: 1.1bert.gif (474 KB, 127x139) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
474 KB, 127x139
What the actual fuck? This is literally what happened to me when I was 15! Like, step for fucking step. Except I kept her on for two years, her sucking my cock 3 days a week at my demand and not actually having to fuck her fat ass. I mean, this is fucking intense!
nice quads bruh

hot chicks give awesome bjs too, you just only fuck ugly fatties so thats what you assume
quads. tits or gtfo
See, in the 90's college girls took responsibility for their drunk decisions and you never would have even thought of the word "rape".
>be 16
>show gf /b/
>ends up on gore thread
>she be like whut, u havin' many giggles?
>one thing turns to another
>fuck her right in the pussy
>eat doritos and drink mountain dew

accidentally thrusted into the wrong hole.
No more sex for a week.
>be 16 year old me with gf at the time
>watching football with her and her step dad only a few feet away from us
>she says she's cold
>so I do the gentleman thing to do and give her my jacket
>says she's tired so she lays her head down on my lap
>mfw when she unzips my pants
>your dad is right fucking there I thought to myself
>starts sucking my dick
>I wasn't even horny
>so I had to make it funny
>the team was about to score so I timed my finishing perfectly
>dad isn't looking
I slam her head all the way down and cum straight down throat yelling SCOREEEEEE
done it
the only one assuming things is you :P
i'm not 15 anymore, i've fucked fatties and hot chicks, and in my experience fatties are always really into bjs

She didn't make a decision, she was fucked up on shrooms and vodka. She was being a massive bitch to me the week before so when she jumped on someones bed at a house party and kneeled down to catch her bearings I didn't step in when some long haired omega lords started flipping her skirt.

The rest is history.

Green text that rape fic pls.
> what's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
>what was her reaction
Lay there like a dead body.
>what was your relationship to her?
>do you still see her?
Only at Christmas and on birthdays.

because they have nothing else to offer and are compensating

Nutted over her ass and used my fingers to push it all inside her asshole.

It was incredibly hot and she didn't really care.

Following that I moved up to licking/fingering her ass during foreplay and continued until we broke up.

Still good friends.
File: 1382541352129.jpg (9 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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most 9/10 and 10/10 are shitty in bed cuz they got attention throu looks

i prefer 6/10 and 7/10 cuz skill ;)
Been on both ends of that spectrum m8
>shagging belgian slag like a fucking jackhammer
>whisky dick keeps me from cumming

>Seducing bashful girl who'd only had sex with one other guy before me
>Takes ages of fooling around to finally get pinis in vagoo
>Cum in like, 30 seconds
turns out she was really happy I came like that because her ex could never finish inside her, still kinda fuckbuddies
I fear you mistake the nature of this thread...
Fingered my gfs asshole when she was passed out drunk. not once, but twice. Jerked off into my hands the first time. She has no idea. idgaf, i like her butthole. She doesnt like buttplay, hence i have to wait till she passes out drunk. Don't regret it.
>took responsibility for their drunk decisions
see that only works if you can make real "decisions" when you're blackout. She can't really consent if she's literally passing out in my bed, now can she
the face that the guys made the move doesn't make it non-consensual edgemaster

I'm a dude

> She says ''Surprise me''
> I stick a finger up her ass
>She says surprise me more
>Put two fingers in there.

My sides.

my gf is a easily a 9/10 or 10/10. she really likes sex, but i've had a few who were better in bed but didn't look as good. I guess you just can't have it all
File: w7LVD.gif (925 KB, 370x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
925 KB, 370x208
>started dating this girl, solid 8/10
>shes really innocent and naive, so am I
>decide to try anal first time
>no lube no spit no pussy juice, nothing
>trying to find the butthole in a dark bathroom is like playing darts
>can't hit the target but I keep throwing anyway
>finally hit that sweet spot, so tight, a little grainy
>blast off
>start pounding
>somethings not right tho, she isn't making any noises
> I ask her if it feels good, no reply
>I pull out, dick comes out all candy coated
>mfw blood everywhere
>mfw she passed out from the pain, bent over the bathroom sink
>mfw I cant ungreentext
I didn't want to offend you. You know we all think it's wonderful what you've achieved. I just want to be supportive and assure you that we all understand how hard you've had to work at this. I've got no desire to diminish your efforts and I think it's amazing what someone with your obstacles has achieved. Make no mistake, I'm not patronising you, I'm behind you 110%. I think you can really achieve whatever you want, no matter what everyone else says. That stuff doesn't matter. You're just as good as anyone else.
Are you me?
I was 15. Was walking to Dairy Queen when visiting my grandmother. Saw girl I had seen in school. Start talking. After a little bit we're making out on her front porch. I want to do more. Tell her we need privacy. We get her dad's car in the driveway. In the back seat. I get her panties off and fuck the dog shit out of her. I was in a phase where I always fucked a girl until she said stop. She was a virgin. She had no cherry to pop. So No blood. She didn't know to tell me to stop so I go for like 30 mins and start getting paranoid her dad will check on us. Nut again. I give in and quit due to paranoia. She was pretty loud. Said goodbyes.

Fast forward to school. She is in LD classes. I fucked a retard and did not know. If it got out would not get any normal pussy ever again. So I ignored her. She was persistent. I told her she was retarded and I'd never fuck a retard. I told her this in front of many people. She was crying and slunk away.

Still feel bad. She was sweet. And a good lay. I did enjoy it and it did happen. Never spoke to each other again.

Is her name Steph and are you from Colorado?

when my grandma would come visit she would always end up sharing my bed and sleeping in her fucking granny panties.

One night while I was rubbing my dick on her panties she fucking woke up, i was so stunned all I could say was " GODDAMNIT WOMAN GO BACK TO SLEEP"

I rolled over and fell asleep after that, we never spoke of it.
>the face that the guys made the move doesn't make it non-consensual edgemaster

No you autist, the fact that she was incapable of giving consent makes it non-consensual. As in she was so out of it she didn't even know she was being fucked and can't remember it.


How do you guys even produce this much semen?

I nut once and feels amazing. Nutting twice is a real struggle to get to and doesn't give much. Thrice is just absurd and wouldn't be pleasurable.
File: fml.jpg (18 KB, 185x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 185x170
Shit man you knocked her out with your dick
For real though you should probably use lube next time

Come on man.. it's like you're not even trying.
you're accountable for everything else you do while fucked up. memory impairment is irrelevant as long as you're capable of some sort of intent. thats the way people deal with consent in the real world, rather than among stupid SJWs on college campuses. hard to tell whether that was the case in your story though.

thanks, that's really heartfelt, everyone here is so friendly :>

you should come over and play battletoads sometime, send me a PM and we'll talk about it more

probably should of thought of that before she imbibed more alcohol than she could handle.

>implying it was rape

Im an actual fucking rapist, you wanna know about rape? I got you- that shit you did was not rape, it was drunk fucking
>be 22
>dads a director or something
>drive BMW
>like going to the beach
>always see girls there with boyfriends
>making out
>its absolutely disgusting
>one day just get pissed
>kill like 6 people
>I am the supreme gentleman
Yeah man that was like 8 years ago now. And honestly I haven't tried anal since
>i have a fetish for older women
>i seduce and have sex with my ex gfs/fwbs/friends moms
>i make them say and do horrible things that have to do with my friends/ex's and so on.
>for example i made one of them print out my friends picture and have her mom put her head beside it and give me a handjob onto her daughters face
>they do it
>they feel weird after it but not for long
>they love it during sex
>i still fuck most of them on a regular basis
>most of them are older asian women
File: very-good-sir.png (82 KB, 304x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 304x305
pics or it didnt happen
> be 19 with gf of 2 years
> she had a lot more kills than I did\
> she's into some kinky shit, I enjoyed most of it
> she asked me to choke her while we had sex
>wasn't sure how i felt about it, but did it anyways
> she keeps telling me more, so i started squeezing more
>she passes out
> I look at the situation and decide to finish
> abouttocum.jpg
> I get over top of her to cum on her facr
> she wakes up as I'm cumming
> first thing she says when she wakes up "I hope you didn't get it in my hair"
> didn't cum anywhere but
first she was just on shrooms, then on shrooms and vodka, now she was totally passed out, make up your mind edgy faggot
welp then my life is shitty
OP is asking a bunch of fat kids who live with their parents and wank their hog-mini three times a day about sexual experiences?
>Fucked girl in the ass when completely plastered and couldn't cum. Made her finish me off with a blowjob even though she protested. Later told all her/my friends about it.
>she still followed me around like a puppy dog and kept trying to fuck me.
>she was some 5/10 that I would fuck when I was hammered and we shared a circle of mutual friends
>no I haven't seen her in years
You sound just like a dude I know, are you british?
Stop lying you fucking cunt. I want to hear your butthurt. Stop pretending my sarcasm was just a wasted effort. Admit I scarred you deeply.
No interest or just scarred from that?
fucked my gf in spoons position while she chatted to her 11 year old sister who was sitting on the edge of the bed. sister didn't noticed cos i went real slow
a lot, i fucked my gf, then went and fucked her best friend in the ass, next day without showering i went back to my gfs and she sucked my dick and i fucked her again. and i have a kid that they both dont know about.
oh also ive had sex with another one of her friends in her bathroom while she was in the living room drunk. woot
File: 1347013466685.gif (2 MB, 264x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 264x324
>Fucking some chick i met at a bar days before
>fucked 4 times total
>5th time fucking her, piss drunk, balls deep in
>Feel to the urge to piss
>Holding it in
>Minutes go by
>Still holding
>pull out, roll her over, grab her hips and yank he up
>Plowing her doggystyle
>The urge to piss cannot be compared to anything
>Fuck it
>Start pissing inside her
>Still pumping
>The pleasure of piss/sex is insane
>Literally cum
>Stop thrusting
>Frozen in piss orgasm pleasure
>Pussy is filling up with piss
>Pull cock out
>Piss and cum all over her mattress
>On my knees, cock in hand, still pissing
>Literally pissing on this girls face as she's sitting up to see what the fuck is happening
>Screams and yells at me
>So drunk and tangle in piss blanket sheets that she falls off the bed getting out, whacks he head on the nightstand
>Left right away.

Never seen her again
>how does this work
>do i type like this
Scarred for sure. So much blood. And poop on the penor... Not a big fan
> what's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
>not make up some bullshit that involves the word sex, but no actual experience of said event.
>mfw fedora lord keeps calling me an edgy faggot

I made it as clear as possible that she wasn't in any condition to consent by implying a need for me to step in, I'm sorry you and reading comprehension go together so poorly.

It must really affect your every day life.

Yeah strangulation is always a bit tricky, there's always that fear you'll crush something or damage their heart.
>be 19 @ a party of a friends ex
>friend ex wants to fuk
>hes there but dont care
>i fuk her, it goes well
>i get up, take the worlds biggest shit and clog her toilet
>toilet is full of shit and brown shitty water
>peace out and leave the party
>never see again
I remember you
Man I don't like that shit, not into it, but to be honest it was worth all the additional kinky shit that I got to try with her because since that gf I haven't met anyone that would do half the shit she would.
Telling you my first time here /b/
>Go to a party
>some qt3.14 girl that studies with me apperently go as well
>she's with girlfriend, tho
>have fun with friends, getting high, getting drunk
>ask 9\10 /fit/ friend to take away the gf as I talk up to qt3.14
>other girl is 7\10 so he didnt take too much of a bullet, tho he could've got a 9 that night he's a good mate.
>ask girl if she wants to do some shots
>she's lightheaded, says yes
>next thing I know we're making out
>handslip to her vaggo
>she almost moans infront of everyone
>takes me upstairs
>feels alpha spirit taking over me
>lift her (I might not be as fit as fit friend, but I have enough muscles)
>body slam her on bed
>rip her shirt off
>fuck her hard, lift, fuck her on the wall
>she moans hard, pretty sure 6 guys already noticed
>always loved outdoor porn, so I get a little harder knowing people might know
>she slaps my face
>thinks it'll be kinky to slap hers
>slap the shit out of her
>she cums, think she liked it sexually, but it probably didnt felt good as I see my handmark
>we stop fucking, turns into bj
>I make her DP me and I cum in her throat
>she coughs up cum
>put my cloths on, open the door, go by a room next door, see 15 people eavesdropping
>give a smile
>leave party

and this is how I lost my virginity.
no, but is the british guy you know called jack? he fucked the jackhammer girl too. I think she fucked like, 4 guys when she stayed at our hostel. We called her Shara (share-Sarah)
>go out to bar with girl
>were just friends but i stay in her bed
>she passes out in bed
>reach in, finger her but till i feel a turd
>stop... still remember that poke
>havent seen in years
no. im in phoenix
why are you asking? you know somebody in a similar situation?
>be 19 now
>seeing girl at my uni campus
>go over to her room
>do the sex
>nut in 30 mins
>finish inside her
>was leaking all over her bed
>i laughed
>I said i want to go home now
>she walks me downstairs and manages to lock herself out (keys are the fob ones)
>call up campus office, say they will be over in 30 mins to let her back in
>i wait with her for 5 mins
>say "im going now, im real tired"
>"okay anon:("
>apparently the office didnt come over for an hour
>i slept like a motherfucker
>she got back in her room at 2am
File: 1411872944782.jpg (55 KB, 550x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 550x296

> be 20 (in college)
> sex with GF in my dorm room. Doing it doggystyle
> ate too much wings a few hours earlier
> Oh fuck this is going to be bad.webm
> accidentally poop a little and it lands on her foot
> scramble for a verbal excuse and tell her this is a fetish I always wanted to try
> she's stunned by says ok, and acts supportive.
> 7 years later in the same relationship, and still have to shit on her feet occassionally cause it's too late to tell her the truth
>made gf cry while fucking
>she was molested as a kid
>needless to say it scared her
>gf bf 2yrs
lol i hope this is real
File: iXATejJ4TvHp.gif (4 MB, 330x271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 330x271
I got quite a few gents...

>be me
>be 19--24 now
>pick up 7/10 waitress at Texas Roadhouse by leaving my number on the receipt
>i go over her house a lot and she blows me everytime
>blowjobs are 4/10 at best but she swallows so shit is pretty cash
>no sex tho--she is tiny and i am 6'4 with 7 inch cock--she is afraid it will hurt
>i tell her next time we need to have sex
>she agrees
>i penetrate her and she starts to cry from the pain
>apparently has rape flashbacks
>begs me to stop and i don't
>fuck her so hard she starts to bleed
>continues to cry
>pull out and nut a 6 roper with the force of 12 gauge shells from a Mossberg 500 directly into her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair
>her head goes back and to the left
>pic related
>get my things and run out of her room
>block her on iphone
>never speak again
>fedora lord
says the guy who feels like a badass for not protecting milady from penises

if you change your story enough maybe you will sound cool
fucking kek

Forced my gf to fuck me one last time when she dumped me, i had her head forced into the pillow the whole time, she was sobbing so hard her whole body was shaking

Only see her when i run into her around town, she still hugs me when she sees me
File: 1406244293067.png (12 KB, 483x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 483x384
> fucked a girl dry in the ass
> no lube
> she was bleeding
> I came
> I left
> stains of red, white and brown everywhere.
My ex loved blowing me while I was watching a movie.
She loved blowing me.
She was addicted to sex.
Sex with her was always guaranteed and there was a lot and it was great.
To bad she was a psycho.
Still miss the sex though.
>mfw fedora lord doesn't realize he's an idiot

Mate it's just common etiquette to stop your friend from being fucked while they're incoherent. Gender has nothing to do with it.
In this case I just chose not too.

That's amazing.
alpha as fuck
That's true, but all of the details required to make you sound like an edgemaster are not automatically implied when you tell a story, you turbo retard.
>tried to fist a girl w/o permission
>didn't fit, hands too big
>asked me not to cum in her mouth
>she doesn't like the taste
>"mine doesn't taste bad, i watch what i eat"
>still please don't
>cum in mouth anyway
>girl gags
>washes out mouth
>"see, it wasn't that bad, right"
>"yeah, you're right"
>pulled up pants and left

she was a chick i would fuck when i haven't had any in a while. not the kind of chick any of my friends will ever know about

i got married a couple months ago, she got engaged (or married, who the fuck knows or cares) yesterday (per FB)
More stories

>Meet girl from tinder
>8/10 pictures--4/10 in real life
>takes me back to her sorority house
>we start to fuck
>sex is terrible
>can't ride me
>will try to move whenever i fuck her
>won't sit still
>make an excuse that i don't feel well
>go to the bathroom to plot my escape
>actually have to shit
>had mexican for dinner
>take a massive upper decker in the sorority's only bathroom
>go back in and she sucks me off
>block her on tinder
>never speak again
>wonder to this day if they ever found it

Hahaha, there's no fucking way that's true.

>My ex loved blowing me while I was watching a movie.
>She loved blowing me.
>She was addicted to sex.
>Sex with her was always guaranteed and there was a lot and it was great.
>To bad she was a psycho.

Sounds an awful lot like an ex of mine... Well, exactly, really.

And yes, I still miss the sex as well.
File: images (8).jpg (8 KB, 352x143) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (8).jpg
8 KB, 352x143
I like you. Your classy ;)
What details, oh fedorad one?

Of course they found out, you can't just upperdeck and expect to get away with it.

You're probably an urban legend by this point.
>in love with my own cock, can self suck, can multi cum (not multi orgasmic), regularly eat my own cum for fun
>get to know neighbor up the road
>shes 27 5/10 a bit fat and not that hot, thinks I'm cute though
>one thing leads to another and I am up at her house and banging her
>she doesn't know I am 16
>pound her senseless, in the zone no talk of how we'll finish yet
>pull out and cum once on her tits, wow nice load
>go back in and she's goin wild saying wow fuck me again this is amazing
>cum in my mouth, pull out cum again in her mouth
>deep kiss she kinda pulling away swallows most of it obviously not feeling the whole me wanting my own load thing
>go back in again 'fuck how many more you got!'
>last one baby kaboooom cum deep in her cunt
>That was amazing, fuck I am not on the pill though and im ovulating
>be 16 and stupid 'yeah im out, don't care'
>forget about it for a few months then suddenly remember 'oh shit, I should ask'..
>go back, nope no baby
>mmm can my boys swim?... Hope so.........

Crazy in the head, crazy in bed.
she was only worth an 8 ball lol
ew... you got DP'd? faggot
Current gf is a lot better.
She is sweet and not a psycho and sex is great.
But she is not addicted to sex like my ex was and she is not as crazy in bed.
Love her and would never leave her but miss the sex.

Story 3

>meet a girl at a bar
>intoxication level over 9000
>she insists i go back with her
>have her text it to me as proof
>get back and we start to fuck
>she cums and starts to suck me off
>falls asleep
>try to wake her up
>is in hibernation
>i have no idea what to do
>have blue balls
>start to jerk off
>cum on her face
>grab my things and walk out of her aoartment
>block her on iphone
>never speak again

Noticing a common trend here?
No fucking way. Same fucking thing happened to me at 15.... wttffff
File: edgy.png (130 KB, 450x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 450x300
>where born

You're doing god's work anon.

I've taken three upper deckers in Tinder girls bathrooms--I've made it a tradition
I gotta ask - What state was she (psycho ex) from?

It may really be a small world after all.
> what's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
Once I shook hands with one after fapping without washing my hands, unintentionally. It's simply because washing the hands after fapping is not a habit of mine.
>what was her reaction
She didnt notice
>what was your relationship to her?
GF of a friend
>do you still see her?
No. It's not his GF anymore.
yeah, some fag keeps making shit up
Not from the states at all and I was her first.
Don't think you know her.
File: 1412537619765.jpg (81 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 640x640
>be 21

I currently have 26 girls blocked on iphone
Dang. I thought you might have had the same psycho ex before I had her.

Sounded like her fucking carbon copy, down to every detail.

>I did this with a pocket knife and toothpaste
>she has a scar of my name on her chest between her boobs
>she wanted it
>that was 5 years ago
>still together
17 years old.
Out with friends.
Go to strange woman's house.
She is like 40. Has wrinkles.
She is completely drunk.
My friends peace out.
I am alone with drunk old chick.
At least I think I am.
She gets friendly.
Getting blowjob.
She's a pro.
Wants to fuck.
Go doggy style on living room floor.
Almost done.
5 year old little girl sits up on the other couch.
Says "Mommy, don't you love David anymore?"
I am done. Want to run away.
She says we have to clean up first.
Go to bethroom.
Turns on light.
Oh shit there is blood everywhere!
She is on her period.
Want to puke, but 40 year old milf is washing my cock.
Get cleaned up.
Peace out as fast as possible.
No car.
28 degrees farenheight.
No coat.
Run 1/2 mile to pay phone.
It is 3 a.m.
Call mother.
Need a ride.
Freeze for an hour until mother gets me.
Next day friends thought it was hilarious.
>raw dogged my ex gf and blew it in her ass.
>she got off on it (literally)
>ex gf
>started fucking her again a few weeks ago after not seeing her for 4 years

i know it's not really that extreme, but that's the worst i've done. also it was probably the best thing i've ever felt in my entire life
What the fuck did you just say about me you little bitch and all that crap
The crazy thing was.
She was 15 at the time and she never had sex before.
I guess she was a natural or she just learned from all the porn she had watched.
This was 2 weeks ago

>Broke up with GF of 2 years 5 days prior to this
>Had random girl i wanted to rebound fuck
>Refused to kiss her at all
>She starts to cry
>Convince her to give me a BJ
>Leave the hotel while she is asleep
>Insta block on FB and SMS
>No common friends, all is good
Visit my family and slept with my cousin she was 20 y I was 36 y
File: sunitastones.jpg (15 KB, 269x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 269x212
Bum raped a masseuse.

> She couldn't run to the cops because she was giving topless massages

> I needed a rapid boost to my self-esteem. Completely dominating a woman, thus knocking all women off their pedestals, did just that for me.

She cried a little.
I was a client.
No. She no longer offers "Tantric Massage"

I told the story here once. And someone saved it a pastebin 66ErjQ9v

Pic related
that shits funny right there
YeS, because it's their fault if they say no and they're forced to have sex anyway ?
Go to bed, Cale.
Be me 15
Post vid of playing with girl ass
2 girls start talking to me
One offered to fuck but in school #whynot I fuck her she cums she finishes me of and swallow we said goodbye that's done with the other meats me at a school football game
Get freinds car she sucks me off and rides me I finished on her face
File: image.jpg (94 KB, 630x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 630x420
>Be a 25 year old gym junkie with solid size
>Friend and I hired a tiny Asian chick with DD tits.
>took half a Viagra each because we were drunk as fuck
>aim of the game was to kill her with our cocks
>mate fucked her first
>she showers and beckons me in
>sucks me, hard in 5 seconds
>here it comes
>throw her in at least six different positions
>cock is actually hurting from being so hard
>lay her on her side, ready for the K.O position
Ride one leg, hold her other leg in the air and slide my cock in whist she's on her side
>fuck her like a maniac, slamming in as hard as I can into dat tiny Asian poon
>her face screws up in pain
>screams words I'll remember to this day:

OOOH! TOO DEEP! TOO DEEP! In that fucked up Asian accent.

>I lose it and start laughing
>she has tears in her eyes
>bouncer driver that came with her charges in
>sorry mate, bad angle
>he leaves, I try to fuck her doggy but she's too hurt now
>tell her I want my money back or suck no condom
>she sucks me and I bust in her mouth

>MFW I probably wrote off a hooker for the night with a six inch dick
>MFW I had to pay $160 to get the gyprock in the wall repaired because the bed head slammed into it too hard
>MFW I will remember her stupid Asian scream for the rest of my life
> she hated jizz on her face, always made a point to aim for her eye
>nope, she deemed us incompatible and left
File: nut.jpg (22 KB, 407x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 407x355

Story 4

>meet another chick
>crazy Jewess, but solid 8/10
I've learned one thing in my life and that is Jewish girls suck cock like none other and fuck like a possessed demon
>we go back to her place and fuck
>the most weird sex i've ever had
>she's riding my and licking my nipples
>hasn't shaved her pussy in months
>bites my armpits
>literally bites my nutsack
>pull out and cum in her pubes
>do this two more times
>after the third time i text my buddy and tell him to pick me up
>he says hes thirty minutes out
>she wants more
>goes down on me
>sucks me like i've never been sucked before
>i'm talking basketball through a garden hose, F1 tornado suck
>sucks me completely dry
>every drop of cum
>i tell her i need to go to the bathroom
>walk straight out into my friends car
>block her on iphone
>never speak again
File: ohio_rape.png (391 KB, 400x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
391 KB, 400x533

Most cases of college rape are as valid as that related to this pic and this link.

You don't often see a rape victim pushing her attackers head into her pussy.

nigga you dumb
lol thats definitely not my name. I live in arizona
It's hard not to when she's a Jew.
File: I'm the scatman.jpg (145 KB, 819x728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I'm the scatman.jpg
145 KB, 819x728
Good for college rape - most rapes do not occur in colleges.
Seeing as colleges are only a states thing ;)
told her I loved her.
Held out for a long damn time too, went a 16 months with this bitch without saying it lol. She did anything for a taste of my cock.

what did you do after?
> Be me 18
> In Advanced chemistry class
> one day chick I hardly talk to sits next to me
> 7/10 body, 4/10 face, 10/10 ass
> Weird but whatever
> From then on we start talking
> Start playing the "nervous game" in class
> she always initiated
> finally one day during shitty educational movie
>playing nervous game
> Getting heated
> in the darkness she finally goes for the kill
> grabs my dick through my jeans
> in retaliation I reach into her pants
> she protests but my erection says otherwise
> Feel absolutely soaked panties
> she pulls my hand out and looks around
> "If you want more you are going to have to wait until after school"
> After school
> drive to secluded area
> get shitty blowjob, make her cum by fingering
> begs me to fuck her everyday
> get together a couple times and fool around
> never fuck her
> lead her on thinking I'll date her
> stop talking to her all together one day
> She becomes super depressed
> All her friends hate me
> If anyone asks I never did anything with her
> Kind of regret not plowing that pussy
Random girl starts teasing me in class, we fool around, I get bored stop talking to her and she hates me
> Having sex with gf in missionary position.

for the sole purpose of procreation?
File: 1406614670420.jpg (62 KB, 554x603) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 554x603
>be me, first year of college
>meet some qt3.14 asian chick at coffee shop on campus
>start hanging out
>fuck a lot
>she's into fetish shit
>no pun intended
>she's into scat
>anyways here's what happened:
>at her house on a weekend, as usual
>haven't fucked in like 2 days
>"anon I want to try something different"
>start rubbing her vag
>literally leaking pussy juice
>she's the horniest than I've ever seen her
>"o-okay anon... can you poop for me?"
>she blushes and starts laughing
>"just kidding"
>i'm confused as fuck
>kind of curious
>"sure i will"
>she fucking unzips my pants and turns me around
>pulls down my underwear and opens her mouth under my asshole
>"take a dump in my mouth anon!"
>sudden urge to shit
>fucking 9 inch turd right into her mouth
>turn around
>fuck her mouth with my shit in it
>shitty mouth fuck engaged
>she falls to the ground twitching and rubbing her clit
>she starts ejaculating somehow
>jump onto her
>start fucking her mouth
>cock down her throat
>shit caked to the sides of her gums
>cum down her throat
>shit was cash
greentext this story plox
Repeated auto erotic asphyxiation has a long history with triggering heart murmurs and causing heat attacks.

BDSM isn't something people should just do on the spur of the moment, the amount of people who drive after blacking out during rough sex or attempt heavy physical exertion is insane.
it's literally impossible to cum and piss so fast after the other let alone at the same time and continue after

fuck you
> stop talking to her all together one day
> ...
> Kind of regret not plowing that pussy

You're actually a coward.

She struggled with emotional attachment, and you took it as a sign of weakness. Unable to tell her the truth, you took the coward's way out and did one thing: You did nothing.

I hope you watch your mom die.
Hey ben
On phone which makes green text a bitch, sorry.
I had this ugly Asian bitch who somehow knew when I was drunk and horny with no pussy around who would text me and we'd hang out and fuck around, because she knew I wouldn't do anything with her sober. One night, I told her I thought she was special and that I loved her and fucked her hard in the ass with no lube, then in the morning told her to get the fuck out of my house and never speak to me again. Blocked her on everything I could think of, but she'd still come to my work with her mom and order pizza real awkward like.
I have a few that are pretty bad, I'll keep posting since I'm out in the field and bored as fuck
I go through this fucking bullshit with my wife. If im not down, its the fucking worst, im damaging her confidence, yadda yadda.

If she refuses, it's just because i push too hard and ought to get over it.
You know it's not autoerotic if you're doing it to someone, right?
And sure, if you let them pass out all the time. Some choking won't hurt their heart at all
I don't understand how my sides flew so fast
Or you know..she was fucking butter faced,
it was high school get it where you can get it
File: supremegentleman.jpg (99 KB, 1300x731) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 1300x731
dating a real cunt for over a year..
>know we are going to break up sooner or later
>go to visit her at her dorm
>she has a urinary tract infection, painful
>I slap on a condom and fuck the shit out of her anyway
>she cries, bleeds, and screams for me to stop
>cum hard
>she can't sit down straight because the pain from the infection/being fucked like a dog

>broke up the next day

>worst thing i have ever done with a girl?
had sex with her
feels bad mam
File: 1412610614813.jpg (313 KB, 1064x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313 KB, 1064x1600
maybe you should call your mom and tell her you love her anyways
I slapped the fuck out of a girl once, I don't remember why, I think I wanted her to hit me back or something, I'm pretty fucked up, she cried though like a lot, shit was not even a bit ok really.
This, your cock actually has "valves" that close off while you're pissing or cumming.

>friends 7/10 blonde chick with c cups and a natural tan
>at huge ass scene party
>the usual scene crowd, drain pipes and fringes everywhere.
>3-4 metal heads with long hair and camo shorts
>they've been chatting and drinking amongst themselves all night
>started following chicks around the house trying to make conversation
>cool.jpg these guys are just doing their thing
>started drinking in the afternoon
>it's about 1-2AM and I'm hammered sitting at a kitchen table having a drunken DNM with this half pinoy chick and enjoying my buzz
>blonde friend is staggering all over the place, drawling slightly
>takes off her shoes because chicks just do that
>starts rubbing her feet on the carpet saying they're sore and that it feels good
>see's the bed
>the bedroom she's in is visible from the part of the kitchen I'm sitting
>it should be noted that normally architects try to avoid building houses like that but the owners designed it themselves
>she starts jumping on the bed, is laughing and the metal heads go to jump on the bed with her
>she has to stop and gets down on all fours
>dry anal sex with girl, she kept saying no and begged to stop
>she cried and kept begging me to stop cause it hurt, i kept pounding till i finished in her
>sometimes, yes
>GF into BDSM
> more stories than i can remember
> grab hair, start hitting her in the face.. she likes it
> back hand her face, she masturbates
> worried i'm going to leave bruises
> get my belt, start whipping her legs
> tells me too soft, i whip it so hard it leaves a hug e welt and a bruise that lasts a week.
> I grab her head and fuck her mouth ... doing it really hard
> pull it out, ask if it's good.. she chokes out a yes
> i fuck her really hard she vomits
> drag her to he bathroom... make her kneel on the ground
> she asks what i'm doing
> i slap her in the face (hard) and say shut the fuck up
> i make my dick soft.. and just wait and think about water running and stuff
> eventually i manage to piss a little bit on her breasts
> then a big amount comes out and i piss on her face and in her mouth
> soon as i finish i slap her in the face and say your a fucking disugusting hoar
> fun night
>Farted on her face while getting head
>She gagged slapped my leg and started sucking again
>Yes we are married
>ice dildo
>she moaned, i think she was into it
green text?
File: image.jpg (22 KB, 218x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 218x265
Captcha his shaved
> in hs, had a girl a year younger had a crush on me.
>i had no interest, she was a 4/10 art best.
> bored one summer day, get her number from a friend.
> she rides her bike over to my house
> we fuck around and I end up taking her virginity
> still horny, we start again, this time i go for her ass.
>blow my load in her used-to-be-virgin asshole
> give her a towel to clean up, and send her on her way
> she rides her bike home, 3 or 4 miles away.


>fucked virgin in pussy, and ass, then let her ride a bicycle home, literally butthurt.
the angry walrus.. chick was sucking my cock like it produced the air she needed to breathe. right as i was about to cum i grabbed her by the hair and shoved it in for the deep throat and as she gagged i pulled out of her mouth and rammed the tip of my cock against her nostril and came with the force of 1000 suns up into her sinuses.. she reeled back and choked and gagged and let out a beastial scream as cum came flying out both her nostrils....

so therefor "Angry Walrus"
Congratulations! You're a rapist. There is no defense for you.
Best female friend

You suck
File: 1.jpg (150 KB, 610x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 610x800
>fuck greentext

When i was about 13-14 i tricked my first chick into a threesome with my neighbor. Lied to them both that the other wanted it. Neither of them wanted it. Was amazing for me. Probably not so much for them. Never spoke about it with them afterwards. Dont even remember neighbors name now. Slept with neighbor a few times and then as soon as she would leave I'd fuck my chick without washing up. Always thought it was such a turn on.

I've done it to my current girl too. We split for a while but were still fucking. I took it as a chance to go out with other girls without her knowing. I got lucky and one of them lives right around the corner from her so id fuck this new girl and then go right to my gfs house and fuck her still wet from the first one. Gets me off man.
You magnificent bastard
Do me a quick favor and kill yourself.
What? She knew what she was getting into the moment I started chasing her.
Not very bad, but very fun!

When i was 16 i found out that my girlfriend had cheated on me and wanted to get back at her. So i floated the idea of a 3some, luckily she agreed. She chose hr best friend who was way hotter than herself, score!
Anyway the 3some comes around a week later, and i make a concious effort to just fuck her friend and not even touch my girlfriend, im absolutley loving it. Im fucking her friend while my girlfriend is just making out with her and trying to get more involved. Eventually the climax comes and im gonna cum, so i tell them and they both kneel on the floor infront of me waiting for my load in their faces. Yet again, i ignore my girlfriend and cum all over her friends face. My girlfriend seemed mortified afterwards that i didnt even touch her atall and just had my way with her best friend.
Yeah I get that, I was using an extreme example but yes some choking will injure their heart and doing it once can fuck people up if they were born with a heart defect of some kind. Holes, strange beat pattern, etc
Doing it more than once a week over a month can do the same thing.

Is just sitting there staring at the bed, obviously trying not to puke and get her bearings
>she rests her head against the bed and one of the metal guys jumps onto the floor and starts trying to look up her dress from behind
>he tell his friends what color underwear she have on and they laugh nervously
>she just kinda mumbles an acknowledgement
>he starts trying to move her dress so he can see more of her ass as the other two move around the side of the bed
>the shortest one then reaches out and starts touching her ass
>fuck I suck at green text stories
>the 4th guy sitting in front of her just reaches out and brushes her dress straps off of her shoulders so when she sits up it falls off so she's in her bra
>she sorta looks down and notices her tits are out before he leans in and starts kissing her
>the other two guys tried to close the door but the hinge was fucked so it was still half open and gave the pinoy and I vision
>the metal head kissing her starts taking her bra off while the other three feel her up
>after they've managed to get her thong off one of them is sucking on her tits, one if fingering her while the one in front takes his cock out and pushes her head onto it.
>She probably sucked the tip a bit but wasn't all that energetic so he started fucking her face while holding onto the side of her head rhythmically
>next thing the one fingering her has his cock out too and is rubbing it against her ass trying to get inside of her, the 4th guy is just standing in the back.
>from what she can remember the two behind her were fucking her in turns trying to get it up her asshole but she was too tight and unlubed
>be me
>be 15, desperate to lose V because all my friends had
>been talking to some girl I knew, knew she had a slight crush on me
>go to shitty party in the middle of October (I live in the UK so it gets cold as fuck around that time)
>host girl decides to move party outside
>Chat to crush-girl
>end up fucking her on host-girls driveway in front of the family car
>really cold but I don't care because I'm drunk
>go home feeling like a fucking boss
>wake up to a text from host-girl in the morning saying that I'd left a used condom stuck to the front of her families car
>I had to go back to pick up my speakers which I had lent her for the party and the used condom on the front driveway
ITT: God tier hilarious youtube videos

not warning her when im cumming when she giving a bj and makin her swallow.
sne dick pics to two girls. one has not said anything, and I don't see her anymore (unrelated to said pics). one who was in another state stopped texting me all together. no fucks were given
>I'll wrap it up
>one of them was about to cum so they spun her around and let him blow into her mouth
>other guy turned her onto her back and started fucking her pussy after pulling her legs over his shoulders
>guy who hadn't cum sat up next to her head and started jerking himself off into her mouth while playing with her tits
>last guy finishes inside of her and they sat around for a bit longer then left in the 4th ones car
>she couldn't remember most of it the next day
>has a hang over
>mfw there was what looked like cum hanging out of her mouth

Sorry for the shitty story but it's actually hard to write, too many unnamed people.
Haha, this is typical UK story.
>be me
>last year
>girl i've been fucking for few weeks
>during a party to her place
>take her to the bathroom
>starting fucking her in the ass
>sit on toilet she sit on me
>puting one finger in her pussy while fucking her in the ass
>two fingers
>three fingers
>looking for something better
>find hairbrush
>put hairbrush in her vagina while fucking her in the ass
>during the whole time friends knocking on the door to use the bathroom
>see the hairbrush everytime I come to her place (she is a friend now)
>oww memories
>be me
>had party slot ready to go twenty toes
>tell fellow /b/ro at party to hide in closet
>start railing sloot in bedroom
>flip girl over for doggy style
>/b/ro in closet gets the signal
>pull out for a few seconds
>/b/ro slips it in
>sloot unaware of the old switcheroo being pulled
>sneak out of room quietly
>go outside and around the house
>/b/ro is still railing party slut
>knock on window to get whores attention
>guy who is supposed to be banging her is now waving at her through the window
>me and /b/ro then bail and have a hearty laugh.
All of my friends nicknamed me driveway after that, and host-girls parents act as if nothing happened.
>had sex with my best friend
>she had fun and we both came
>then i was just a friend with benefits but now were more
>sure do we are getting married in 6 months
Nice switch trick

No offense but I named you parking lot.
This is brilliant, you evil bastard
did she die
None taken, I'm used to it.
this is genius. hope this is true
Is this the virgins creative writing thread?
File: 1.jpg (46 KB, 768x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 768x628

I've heard of this before.. Houdini is what we called it. Never actually believes someone would be stupid enough to fall for it unless they were wasted or something.
>with best friend
>we fuck all the time
>pussys small as fuck, near unfuckable
>I'm not huge but apparently it still hurts
>we're on YouTube and 50 shades of Grey trailer pops up
>she wants to try bondage (along with every other dumb bitch who's read the book)
>fine, we fuck and I tie her up
>get the bright idea to cause her a bit of pain
>get in missionary position
>put her legs together
>she has huge thighs, so in this position I can barely see her pussy
>force my way in there
>she cries
>still fucking
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 408x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No idea what happened here
>stretched a girl's pussy to the point my head fit
>She screamed a lot but we snuggled after
>I was her son
>almost every day for 18 years
>didn't cum on guinea pigs.
For fucks sakes.
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this never happened..
muh sides
Reads like a bad first porn fanfiction
Got sauce?

Around here, that's called 'Friday Night'.
was that it or is there more?
File: reallycap'n.png (63 KB, 202x113) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> surprise butt-sex.
> looked at me with fire in her eyes like she would kill me, and then it faded the longer it happened.
> girlfriend
> yeah, yeah.

> mfw she asks for more the next day.
>Can't ungreentext
File: 1406510141151.jpg (43 KB, 789x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Trying to justify why you're here

Kill self
damn this thread is STILL active
Those are some shit squats.
Killed her
>I make her DP me

Why is it that we're accountable for everything we do while drunk, except sex?

If I get hammered and punch someone/break a window, it's still my fault. I wouldn't sue the bartender for letting me get that drunk. I'd get arrested or whatever because it'd be my fault.

Meanwhile, a chick *knowingly* gets hammered, wants to have sex while she's hammered, and then it's the guys fault. What?
>meet needy girl on crappy website, 2007?
>meet up in park first times
>jacks me off first time
>bjs next five times
>always leave immediately after cum
>sucks at bjs but i got off on the fact she did it knowing id leave asap even tho she wanted me to stay but was afraid to say no
>one time see her parking her bike, wait till she walks to meeting place
>pick up bike and place it somewhere else and during the meet steal her keys
>act surised when i walk her to her bike and its 'stolen'
>tell her were gonna be romantic and rent hotel (lolwat)
>she pays
>fuck her finally
>leave in the middle of the night make up excuse of having to go to my gang they need me (lolwat2)
>leave her crying in another city shes not used to in a hotel
>meet up one last time
>tell her im breaking up with her
>she says im a dick and walks away crying
>i go towards my bike (was 17) and stupid bitch thinks im coming towards her
>"lolwat just getting my bike"
>she runs away crying even harder
>by that time I stole all her stuff she carried (wallet, mp3 player, phone, tobacco, weed,..)
>she keeps hassling me for her stuff, tell her its a certain adress but my old gang boss lived there and id be afraid to get it back and if she went hed kill her (lolwat3)
>kept being a bitch and stalking me
>blocked her for a while on everythig, then unblocked her and pretended to be my own little sister telling her I died of cancer and that I told my sister to talk to the stalker bitch because she was the love of my life
>invited her to my funeral
>stupid bitch went to a funeral of some person I dont know
>no one know who she was and sent her away eventually

No Idea why I did that. Still unsure how I feel about it.
/b/ feels hilarious about it.
Raep story?
Does my uncle count as a girl?
if so I came all over my wall in my bedroom when I lived at home after every fap. After a while I started using a small ladder to reach new heights as I paintedthe whole wall behind the door yellow.
>told dad it was a glass of milk
>didnt believe me
>uncle painted it after I moved
>havent seen him since.
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