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faganon here
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faganon here
lets have some gay sex experiences? I'll start

>be me when I was 14
>short tan brunette and skinny
>nobody knew I was gay
>I had a super tight little ass and a secret stash of super slutty clothes
btw I am now 18
>parents never gave a fuck where I went or when I came back
>always wanted to have sex
>started talking to this guy online
>met in person at a mall to confirm he was real
>20 year old buff gay guy
>we started dating
>I would always dress extremely slutty as a girl with him
>mini skirts and booty shorts with super thin tank tops and bras
>half my ass was always showing
>always went to his place to smoke and drink
>had a bunch of gay friends
>all were doms
>always said how they wanted to fuck me
>one day was drunk and said fuck it
>I started stripping for them all
>within seconds I had cocks surrounding me
>begin blowing them all while getting fingered in my ass
>had a little 3 inch baby cock
>they loved playing with it
>my bf starts to fuck me in the ass
>two cocks in hands and one in mouth
>they all rammed me hard as fuck
>one by one cumming on my face
>literally all night I was just passed around and fucked
got a lot more
should I tell more stories?
moar fgt
I was still 14
>all my friends college kids
>all in a gay frat
>invite me to frat party
>always turns into orgy
>naked buff boys everywhere
>drinking a lot
>guys drink alcohol thats poured down my back through my ass and off my cock
>I of course do the same
>party game where we see who can drink the most cum
they would all cum in a bowl that was frozen and save it for weeks
>drink literally the whole bowl
>everybody is already naked
>wearing a thong and nipple tape
>start blowing boys left and right
>they decide to make me the bukakke bitch for the night
>tie my limbs and spread all my holes
>they tease my cock and fuck my ass
>every second there is another guy cumming on my face
>cameras everywhere
>I showed up at the party at 12 and it was now 5 and guys were still lined up to cum in or on me
>everybody got their share of my cum covered ass
>I drank so much cum I actually gained 5 pounds
>I was in heaven
still have moar
Can we get pics of you?
You got a Kik? <3
No, but if you can find them you can have them.
Omg i love your stories, moar pls
New mission: Retrieve nudes/pics.

y/n? whats that?
File: fuckyou.jpg (22 KB, 291x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 291x400
the frozen cum is fucking disgusting. complete boner kill
also I've seen myself all over except for /b/ for some reason
obvi we thawed it out moron
My Kik is @cycnyg if you wanna talk sometime :)
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Mass Erect.jpg
5 KB, 205x246
>be me when I was about 9 years old
>Always sleep over at best friend's house
>always making up stories about pokemon and shit
>Re-enact the stories because we're kids
>Decide one night it's a love story
>I'm the girl, he's the boy and vice versa
>kiss his neck, play with his peepee
>This goes on for 2 years, getting hotter every sleepover
>eventually move accross the country
>haven't seen him in 11 years
>Still want to fuck him so bad
File: 1413777957448.jpg (49 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 720x960
>ITT: events that actually occured
>implying that makes it any better
I used to suck and fuck my brother when we were younger.

>be me, pretty young, pure and innocent
>one night have to sleep at aunties
>gay cousin is there (no one knew back then), hes roughly 5 years older than me
>suggests to my aunty i sleep in his room cause theres nowhere else to crash and everything is filthy
>agree cause fuck sleeping in dirt
>go to bed, everythings normal
>fall asleep
>some time later wake up, cousin is trying to put my hand on his cock, thinks im asleep
>grab it, its too big for my small hands
>dunno wtf is going on, decided to put his hand on my dick instead
>instant boner, he tugs me abit
>moves slowly under the covers
>gently slips my cock into his mouth, starts throating the whole thing
>cum in seconds right into his stomach
>confused and lost in the moment
>start sucking his dick, im pretty terrible at it
>start jerking him instead
>can tell hes close
>whisper for him to cum on my ass
>as i bend over and spread, warm semen trickles onto my hole
>he licks me clean

And that was my first and last sexual experience
>be me when I was 16
>boyfriend out of town
>go to spend day at gloryhole at frat
>do my thing and start to head out.
>get stopped by a guy i've fucked probably a hundred times
>says he needs a favor
>has a little brother who's still older than me that is gay but a virgin
>it's his birthday and wants to get him laid
>tell him of fucking course I would do it
by the way I was the frats slut. want to fuck? just send me a text
>so I dress up for our private night
>wear a baby blue skirt that doesn't cover anything with a hot pink thong
>baby blue and hot pink dyed hair and baby blue and hot pink lipstick
his favorite color combo
>head over to his dorm room
>he opens the door and I immediately shove him on his bed
>start to grind his cock and moan at him
>he slowly gets naked to show me literally the biggest cock I had ever seen
>he was literally 7 inches long and 4 inches around
>I told him I was his whore for the night and that there were no limits
>he bent me over and slid my thong down
>he shoved his cock in and started pounding
>about a minute later he was ready to cum
>I got on my knees and drank it like a good little slut
>i wasn't done with him though
>he was stuck in a daze
>he started telling me he loved me
>I put him on the bed and started eating his ass while he layed on his back
>of course he immediately had a boner again
>I lubed up more and started riding him
>I was told he liked dirty slut talk
i.e. you're the tenth guy I fucked today
he really liked the feeling of a used whore
>I lit cigarettes and burned his cock which he loved even more
>he was so big I could feel him poking my spine
>I literally screamed in pleasure
>he came in me three more times before he passed out on top of me
btw my kik user is bisecks
add me if you want to talk
File: Smashingly real.jpg (147 KB, 902x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smashingly real.jpg
147 KB, 902x768
>Be me again
>14 years old back in the day
>Go on trip to Europe
>visiting family for the summer
>Bring along new best friend
>We would sleep in the same room whole summer
>Thought he was straight
>One night he plays with my nipples
>Rubs them until they become numb
>Feels so fucking good my dick turns to diamond
>This goes on for weeks
>Never even hope to go further because fearing rejection
This guy trying to portray a complete male alpha
>Decide to stop masturbating for as long as I can
>To be fair he leaves me alone
>2 weeks go by, sex is always on my mind
>One night lying on my bed, dick sensitive as fuck
>He mounts me from behind
>Dry humps the shit out of me while rubbing nipples
>feel his giant cock between my ass cheeks
>forcing my face into pillow to reduce my load moaning
>2 milliseconds away from cumming
>he stops
>Ask him why he stopped?
>Says : what are you talking about?
>Faggot pretends it never happened
>Go to bathroom
>Jackoff with a force over 9000
>Cum so hard I feel it in my soar nipples
>Still wish he would have fucked me like a bitch to this day.

Just thinking about it makes me want to swallow his cock. FUCK
>pic unrelated
these are all fake lol you freaking wish m8
believe what you want
Doesn't matter, they make my dick get hard as fuck
All these stories are making me so horny except im imagining myself at my own age (19) not 14 cos that creeps me out
After reading all this geentext I am now 1000% sure I am not the slightest bit gay
Why does that creep you out? It wasn't my thing when I was younger but now that I am 19 it's one of my biggest fantasies to have been an underage sissy slut for a bunch of college guys.

At least I would have been popular
File: Its something.png (219 KB, 1024x841) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Its something.png
219 KB, 1024x841
have you had doubts? Because to be honest the most confusing part for me was being also very attracted to women... Then I learned the word : Bisexual. Fucking eyeopener man
It only creeps me out because i lost my virginity when i was 16 and i couldnt imagine loosing it at 14 thats all. Hey if you had fun thats what matters and by reading it, sounds like it was a euphoric experience
I ain't op brah (I wish). But I mean its cool, if it seems weird thats fine, was just curious
File: seinfeld_jerry.jpg (38 KB, 240x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 240x260
I always had trouble understanding what losing one's virginity is. Because my first sexual experience was when I was about 9, but the first time I was penetrated I was 14 and the first time I've been with a woman and had actual fullout sex was 17... So I'm confuzzed.
nigga u gay
Sorry bro got the id's all mixed up

See being bi i was always curious about cock but have always been with a women. But once i finally got with a guy i like both. Its weird tho because i had asked myself for ages why do girls get to be the dirty slutty ones.... got with a man and finally got to play the role of a slut and loved it
nigga no shit
Hey did you Kik me yet bro?
huh? i never got anything I don't think. whats ur user?
I love both roles, with women I'm dom with men I'm sub. I'll be whatever you want me to be basically

Read this and didn't get an erection,
So proud of myself.

If someone posts wincest or something similar I usually get insta boner
Are you @bisecks?

Yeah I got some of that, I'm not sure when I lost my virginity either. It's definitely gone though.
I have the same sort of role but i can not dom a man i dont know what it is, i can suck thete cock until there cum drips down my face. I can slide a cock in and out of my ass until im panting on the ground hungry for cum but i cant keep a boner fucking a guy i dont understand that
I think we would get along just fine
I get along with everyone but as long as you got a cock hanging in front of me, im urs until i have your cum ;)
>ITT A disgusting fat NEET posts his sexual fantasies
Not like I care, though. Keep going.
File: NIGGA.jpg (49 KB, 510x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 510x472
Straight guy here, only 1 gay experience, was good but not for meh..
> 18, at a gay friend's house, watching movies, pizza and regular stuff
> Alright, going to sleep, seperate beds and shit
> He comes with the question "Wanna measure our dicks? haven't done it in a while"
> I thinks "Wha..?" and says "Sure fine"
> He pulls his dick out I can see it's hard
> I pull my dick out, playing with it for a little, making it hard
> He takes the ruler and measures 6"
> I measure 7"
> He's looking at my hard dick saying "Wow it's so nice, I didn't know you were shaving.
> Then he says "Well, we are already hard, fapping?"
> Me "Sure"
> We start fapping, no porn or shit, gets a bit wierd
> thinks "fuck it"
> Asks him if her wants to try something
> He said sure, and grabbed on my dick, same as I did.
> He started blowing me
> I sucked him too, but it felt disguasting, didn't liked it.
> I stood up and let him keeps on sucking my dick
> feelsgoodman.jpg
> I cum in his mouth, he swallows it all
> he starts fapping and cums
> I go and wash the dick taste out of my mouth
> watch something on the iPad and go to sleep
that's it
>be me when i was 9 or 10 years olds..
>Go to a friend home to play Starcraft
>Suddenly girl talk begins
>Hey anon did u saw Andrea today...
>Yes anon i said i would love to fuck her
we were really young i dont even now how to fuck.. but i want to be mature
>he laid down on his bed and told me Hey anon show me how would you fuck her.
>Wtf no i said
>Haha u dont now how to fuck a girl
He trick me
>Ass up but fully cloth
>Dry Humps for 30 second and stop
>Now i will show how to do it.
>Well Ok.. he does the same
>Mum Gets home

we continued for a few month and even add one boy more.
we never literally fuck but we rub our cock over bare ass
Every single one of my experiences before the age of 14
I dont know about anyone else but if i dont feel slutty i dont get into it as much. If its a big cock, 8+, that i know will push me to the limit i have no problem being super horny the whole time and working for the cock
the we were 3 and we hide under the bed all naked and rub cock against our assholes.. we switch places..
Then some other guy on my class find out and its was really hard.. but then i find out that the guy who bully me fuck my friend but he really fuck him!
Posted this before but.

>be 8
>dad takes job in new city, move into neighbourhood with no kids my age. Closest kid my age is 13 and 14 year old down the street.
>see them hanging out on front porch ask if I can play with them.
>"no little kids allowed"
>beg to play with them, 13 year old had a really cool treehouse they hang out in. Rich kids with all sorts of toys.
>lonely as fuck
>say I can play with them but I have to pass the initiation first.
>go into tree house
>sworn to secrecy
>they take out dicks tell me to suck them
>start to cry, say I don't want to
>"then get out and don't come back"
>suck their dicks
>hmmm... not bad
>get to play in their cool treehouse now. They have an old Sega Genesis in there with a shit load of games.
>rule is I have to suck them off anytime they want
>be 10
>getting fucked regularly now too
>full on in love with the older of the two
>be 11
>dad gets promotion and once again move to new city
>angry as all fuck, heart broken, tell guy I love him he kisses me for first time, heart melts
>move to new city
>kids my age in neighbourhood
>make new friends
>none I have sex with
>chatted with other boy on internet, used my dad's digital camera to send him pictures of me.
>after awhile he tells me he's not gay and stops chatting with me
>heart broken
>so ronery
>be 15
>get girlfriend
>like her but not love her
>have sex with her but really just going through motions trying not to be gay
>be 16
>she takes me out for my birthday
>go to our make out spot
>start crying all of a sudden
>tell her I'm gay
>now she's crying
>says she kinda thought so
>tells me names of some other kids at school she knows are gay
>she's still my best friend
>be 17
>she introduces me to guy who is 23
>he becomes my new boyfriend
>be 20
>he dumped me because I was "too femmy"
>be 11
>Used to go to friends house all the time to play and swim in his pool
>always shower together afterwards
>one day he gets hard while were showering
>i start playing with his boner
>he dares me to suck it, i say no
>he double dares me, well now i have to
>quite small but very hard cock, im sucking away like mad trying to make him "feel tingly"
>eventually he cums in my mouth, but only a very small amount, might have only been precum
>i spit his cum onto my hands and rub it all over my card cock
>he sucks his own cum off my cock, says it tastes gross
>finish washing eachother then get out of the shower
>>he dumped me because I was "too femmy"
Sounds like an excuse because he didn't want to say his real reason for dumping you, but that's just a hunch. You'll find another guy, don't worry.
Shit that really happen

>be 12 cousin 10
>we play lego together
>he stay for the night
>like young kid we didn't want to sleep
>i don't remember how we did get here but he laugh when i play with his ass
>i grab his ass and play with it he does the same
>We did that a couple of time

>now 14 he 12
>i stay for the night at his house
>we play hide and seek
>i add challenge, i put my pants down and he need to touch my ass so he can win
>game go one we touch our cock
> go to sleep

>now 16 he 14
>long time no see, decide to play hide and seek life before
>he play with my cock and start sucking it
>i do the same
>try to fuck him but cum instantly

We did those stuff until 18. We saw each other last year (now 23) and fapped together but he doesn't want more.

I have a big urge to fuck a young guy but don't want to cheat on my gf. how fucked i am
>me 23, meet up with bi guy i knew
>we have a couple of beers play fifa
>his turn to play online
>whilst playing suck him off, trying to put him off
>get really into it, get really horny
>know i need to fuck his cock to be satisfied
>put on condom and back up to lounge
>guide cock in my ass
>slowly bouncing on it
>calling me an anal slut
>really thrusting deep now
>bouncing quicker and quicker
>feel him cumming in my ass
>he still wins game
>take off condom and clean his cock in my mouth
>play another online game an hour or so later and do it all again

one of my memorable bi moments, not my best but lots of fun
Got more ?
will post more later
Does anyone care if the story is with a black guy? Hope not because it is
Don't care just post more
>friend that i fucked tells me he has black friend and that he had a big dick
>bit skeptical cos hadnt been with a huge cock yet or a black guy
>tell him to give me a week or two. Practise every day for about a week
>meet up with friend suck and fuck him and tell him i want to meet his friend
>saturday night he comes over with friend, cool dude into playstation and have general interests
>friend says hes going to the servo say thats cool
>While out black friend asks me more sexual related questions
>ask him if he needs anything replies with a bj
>giggle at the answer and go out of the room
>Check phone, message from friend, car broke down blah blah hes 8 plus inches be ready he likes it rough
>get excited
>go back out into lounge room and his cock is out. Looks flaccid but still huge
>i just look at his cock and he tells me he is waiting for that bj
>get on knees ibfront of him and starting licking his massive rod
>sucking it trying to deepthroat it
>get it all the way in my throat. Calls me a whore i smile and keep going at it.
>tells me hes about to cum and let him cum on my tongue and face
To be cont.
Thread replies: 57
Thread images: 8
Thread DB ID: 17590

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