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Incest thread: Post stories and pics
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Incest thread: Post stories and pics

i wanna see some stolen sister nudes?
Yeah that would be good too

Get it done!!
I hope this takes off. Here is my story.
>Be New Years, 15 years old sister and her friend 14
>At Grandmothers like every New Years
>Do the normal New Years, watch ball drop, some fireworks etc
>Gram goes to sleep, we stay up. Drink Gram's beer
>We hang out and eventually someone suggests Truth or Dare
>Boring at first, a lot of truth questions, Ever seen a dick? Ever kissed a girl? Etc
>Drink more and get braver, start with Dares
>Eventually we all end up in our underwear, then my sister dares her friend to take off her bra
>Fuck Yeah Tits!! First real set I've seen
>More truths, some dares. Sister and I both touch and suck on friends tits.
>Then my sister dares her friend to touch my dick
>Again Fuck Yeah, first time having someone touch my penis
>She pulls it out right there, my sister yelled "What right here?"
>I got a handy, don't remember how long, I came over her hand and the floor
>My sister watched the whole thing, I cleaned up with my tshirt
>Truth or dare ended there, we stayed in our underwear, watched a movie and went to sleep
bump for interest
also copypasta
I know I over use it, but I needed something to bump this thread.
sadly, i have no stories...
Other than that story, I would creep on my sister when she was sleeping. In the summer she always slept topless and would keep her door cracked open to let our cat in and out. I always got up before her and would look in. Sometimes I got lucky that she was laying on her back or facing the door.
I seen my mom's pussy one time
bumperino for intresterino
What as you were pushed through it?
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We also watched porn together a few times. If I had actually pushed my luck I think I could have done something with her.
Ned flanders?
No not really one time me and my mom we're staying in the same room together and and she went to take a shower i was using my laptop and when she came out her towel fell off and i see her hairy pussy and i played off like i wasn't looking at all i have some other stories with me seeing her tits and pussy some more.

13 with 12 yr old cuz
We were wrestling in back of car, my hand ended up in her crotch area. She inhales real fast and kinda puts more weight on my hand. Pretend to wrestle more but she's really grinding on my hand. Cousin has first orgasm jockeying my hand. We dont talk about it. One more incident. Want more?
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yes please
File: 1012604111.jpg (287 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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go on.
requesting real incest porn. preferably sisters/ twins.
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long story short, not REALLY incest but
>sis comes home for holidays last year
>have gotten dog since shes been hone
>we have always wanted one as kids
>rooms are side by side
>can hear her getting fucked like a bitch late at night
>fap like crazy
Dont know if this counts as incest, but when i was about 12 i went on holiday with my mum and sister. Well somehow i forgot to bring my bag full of clothes, so after a couple of days my mum said i had to clean my clothes and wear something else. She ended up with the conclusion that i must wear my sisters clothes for the rest of the holiday as we couldnt afford to buy me more boy clothes, and hopefully it would teach me a lesson about responsibility. So i spend a good 5 days dressed up as a little girl.
LOL OP you crazy
dont think this counts lol
It isn't much but when i was about 14 my cousin who was 12 were in the back of a car hanging out with one of my other cousin but he was in the front.
So she took my hand and placed it on her thigh. So i started to slowly rub her thigh going further and further up until i was at her panties. At this time the other cousin wanted to go inside so we all ended up going inside. Apparently she didn't know we were cousins at the time and was later told by her mom. Since then she teased my by changing infront of me and a variety of other things. Being a horny teen i would sleep creep considering we slept in the same bed alot only got to feel right about her pussy. Never ended up fucking her since i was always a virgin when she teased me. But now she has a boyfriend so she doesn't tease me. Will probably end up fucking her later in life.
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Best i have
>Watching movie with parents and sister
>me and my sister on couch
>parents on ground
>she starts to rub my dick with her foot
>grins and smiles at me cuz she knows i like it
>ended up spending whole night with her
>didn't do anything cuz i was a beta faggot
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Good thread to post my question

Done litter incest roleplay. Mom son. Bro sis

Don't think I will enjoy in real life

Will I?

Pic related
File: 1412453310356.jpg (13 KB, 272x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did tons of stuff with my sister, I've even posted pics of her here. We started doing it out of boredom when I was 16 and she was 15. Ask me anything I guess
What did you do to lead up to the first time?
Who's that top right bitch, would have meaningful relationship with/10
post pics

Dont have them right now, but probably someone on this thread saved them?


Playing with her tits
Had party at her house after her parent renewed their vows. I'm 16, she's 15. No adults around. After party I go to sleep in her bed ( other than the one incident nothing ever happened and we were super close.) I guess I rolled over and I swear accidentally grabbed her tit. We both pretended to be asleep and kinda went back and forth "accidentally" touching. She slowly backed her butt closer and closer until we were basically grinding. ( we haven't spoken a single time through all of this.) After a few min I got brave and stuck my hand on her pussy and she didn't resist, so I kept going. Few min after that she pulled her panties down and said "just do it". So I started having sex with her. It was really hot. I think the taboo of it made it amazing. Missionary has never felt so good. When I heard her start to cum I knew I didn't have time left but I wasn't going to ruin her orgasm so we came together and just played there. After that, even with how amazing it was there was no going back to a normal relationship. Haven't spoken to her in 12 yrs.
File: m3gd6Vr.jpg (15 KB, 782x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Post pics?
playing with her tits? You just walked up to you sister and grabbed her tits?
Be me 17 cousin is 16. She lives far but came down for the week. Second day in me and her were messing around. I ended up on top and went for the kiss and she kissed back. Ended up that whole day making up and fingering her. Last day she gave me a hj. We still talk and next time she comes down she wants to fuck.
Why should we care?

She was hanging out in my room a Sunday night, we were reading some shitty erotic stories and the sexual tension got a bit high. I asked her and she said yes.
File: 1413497483761.jpg (45 KB, 260x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because you are posting on an incest thread, so I assume you are into this kind of stuff
File: fuck.jpg (23 KB, 360x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>only child
File: cb9315.jpg (8 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does doing stuff with your step siblings count as incest?
not for me, i have a brother
Fair enough.

Carry on then.
incest leads to OLD ONES and NECROMANCY
most ive done is fap to my aunt, found nudes of my sis once.

bump for interest
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>Be me
>Be 13
>Go at aunts home
>She has a 11yo grill
>Both of them treat me like shit...

Bah, im too lazy to post the full story again (i posted it a few months ago, but didnt save)
Anyways, she ended up giving me a blowjob, lol
What idiot named it incest and not pumpkin.
File: 3YvuO7V.jpg (15 KB, 477x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i came thanks
not incest but that's hot

After that it was just awkward silence, we knew that what we had just done was bad, so we went to sleep without saying a word.

Then the next day I got to play with her pussy, but she freaked out, lol.
I was 13, my sister was 7, I'd came for the first time 1 year before th . So I'd jack of every night, but I was curiulous of how a vagina felt, we were spending the school year with my grandparents, it was late about midnight, I snuck into her room and woke her up, I starter rubbing her pussy to see how it felt, I liked it so I pulled her to the edge of the bed and pulled her pants off and took mine off, I tried to get it in but couldn't so I covered my dick in oil and went to pounding I loved it, I'd never cum so hard in my life, would do it again if I could keep her from telling anyone
File: 1413503656339.jpg (25 KB, 500x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But I have a cousin and we've fooled around once and had about 30 seconds of drunken sex another time. Shit was so cash, I came in three strokes.
fuck you you fucking nigger cunt
> be three weeks ago
> be at the bar with friends, sister tagged along because nothing better to do
> we all get #rekt
>2am me and sis decide to go home, but friends decide to stay out
>get home, bring sister to room to smoke a cig before sleep
> I sit on chair, expect her to sit on bed
> she sits on my lap instead
> start kissing her neck, saying "we shouldn't do this"
> she turns in, we start making out like high schoolers, I'm grabbing her tits, she's grabbing my cock through my pants
> get naked, fuck like animals
> she is whispering "please, big brother, cum in me"
>cum with the force of a thousand suns
> cuddle for the rest of the night

We talked about it the next day, apparently we had both wanted to fuck each other for a while, but was to scared of what the other would say. Still fuck casually every now and then.
>be me, 14 years old
>sister is 12
>she asks if I'd had sex yet
>lol wat
>ask her where she heard about it
>says her friend told her
>she says she want to see a penis
>asks to see mine
>I say no
>she begs
>pull down my pants
>she stares at it
>suddenly, boner
>we hear our mom coming upstairs, so I put it away

That incident started us doing stuff together and eventually we fucked when we got a little older.
fuck it OC here we go
>be younger idk what age, sister is in her teens (she is older)
>we argued like siblings do
>one time she got mad about some shit, and said she was better that me cause she could pressed her tits together
>She totally did just that
>I tried to mimic to no avail
>She had B cup
This happened a few more times in arguements

>one night in bed i hear her call to me from the next room
>Go on and ask what
>She asks if i have ever been to a girls privates
>no i hadn't, i'm like 10 at the time
>She pulls down her night pants and tells me to lick it
>Say i want to see her boobs
>Shows me but wont let me touch (touched them only once before)
>go down to lick pussy
>Lick beside bush and say was that what you wanted?
>Had no idea what to do
>she said yes and kicked me out
>never had any sexual shit with her again
that is incredibly hot. more like this specific one?
gr8 b8 m8, i r8 you 8/8
Whenever I babysit my 6yo niece I have her suck my dick and I tickle her kitty and eat her out. And I passionately kiss her and we cuddle. We both really enjoy our secret playtime.
Believe it if you want, or don't. I'm the one who gets to fuck my sister.
How do you get her to do it?
Where are my spidey /b/rethren?
>Be me, around 13 years old
>Always knew I was different, I liked to watch things suffer
>Pretty fucked up, like to torture small animals, mainly lizards because there were shit loads
>People usually avoid me, think I had that "going to murder everyone" look, they weren't wrong
>Incredibly horny phase, need to get sum fuk kwik
>Beta faggot so no girl would willingly even talk to me, no way was secks going to happen consensually
>Me being as fucked as I was had no problem with rape
>Mum is a pill junky so thought I could just swipe a couple of her pills (think they were xanex ) then feed them to winner of rape
>Only problem was deciding who would be winrar of rape
>Had some pretty fucked up thoughts of defiling sister
>she about 6 at the time, thought that feeding her pills, rape, she would never know
>decide to go through with it
>Just tell her to take the "medicine"
>has like 3
>she's out
>You know that feel you get when you plan something and it actually goes to plan! Feels good man
>Undress her
File: unnamed (2).jpg (16 KB, 271x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unnamed (2).jpg
16 KB, 271x186
>forgot pic
Any helpful hints on how to find out if a relative/step sibling would do things and not tell anyone?
The first time I got her to do sex-stuff I just told her stuff like "I've got a fun game that'll feel good to teach you". Now she knows we can do stuff when we're alone so when we're left alone she'll just start kissing me or ask if we can do stuff, it's great.
File: 1413503551082s.jpg (3 KB, 125x83) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Abandon thread
Well not really, moar?
Just don't make it weird. Approach them as you would any other girl. If you get them in that subconscious mind set they will react accordingly. Only after it has gone down with they think about the fact that you're related. And as you are going in for it, and you can tell they are liking it, put up a small refutation, like "I don't know..." or "this is wrong", they will then usually take the opposite side of that debate and push it farther
Hi :^)
Umm hi
>still 14
>mom goes away for the night
>in my room at computer
>she stands there for a while
>I finally ask what she wants
> "Can I see it again anon?"
>I tell her no, it's wrong, we'll get in trouble etc
> "please, just for a minute."
>I start to get hard
> "fine"
>I take it out
> she says "it's big"
>It wasn't, I was 14, but it made me super hard anyway just having a girl look at it
> "can I touch it anon?"
> "s-sure."
>She reaches out and as soon as she makes contact, I cum
>Oh shit
>sister turn bright red and runs out of room
>I clean up
>we don't really talk for a few days
I really really love Obama, thank you for monitoring the thread :^)
>She reaches out and as soon as she makes contact, I cum
Yeah...I was 14 so whatever. First girl that ever touched it.
A lot of times she'll sit on my lap and grind on my crotch, it feels so good.
Well I can't prove it but the ban was for posting non nude preeteens
Finally talk about this after not thinking about it in years and now I'm horny as fuck. /b/ros, should I reach out to her after not talking in 12 years?
My dad's ex girlfriend comes over with her daughters to stay a week or so. At the time i'm 15, one daughter is 12, almost 13. The others are 7 and 4. We all go out and go boating one day, to the beach another day, etc. Every night we come home and usually watch movies. Most of the time my dad and their mom escape to their room, I sit on a big chair as the girls either share the couch or make their beds on the floor. The oldest girl always ends up in my lap before the first movie is done.

Anyways, as the week goes by, we kiss/makeout and do some touching (through cloths). At the end of the week, they sit us down and explain to us that we are half siblings, my dad being her dad. There is a big cryfest as she never knew her dad and i'm like wtf dad you could of said something sooner (not really, just in my head).

I figured that, that was that. But nothing changed, she still crawled into my lap every night and wanted to make out and I got a blow job by the end of the week they stayed with us.

They ended up going back up to where they live, but would visit us occasionally, we would go up there and sometimes she would spend the summer with us, but story for another time.
>but story for another time

When the fuck are you going to find a more appropriate time to share this story?
Well i was in my room, just jerkin off, and my sister walks in, i quickly try to hide but yep, she saw me, she just kinda looks at me, and i look back, she walks over closer to me, still silent, then she asks, "You wanna try", i immediatley knew what she was talking about, i took off my shirt and she took off hers, we got into my bed, pants already off.... And so it began...
What about now? I mean, my dick is hard right now so it think this is a good time.

Goddamn anon details
Wow, it's like everyone in this thread os tryong to blueball me, fuck
Fucked my 16 yo cuz when I was 23. I tried to tell her we were 1st cousins, she didn't believe me. lolo. years later she told me she got preggo and got an abortion.
it happened when i was 14 my cousin who was 12 stayed over for 2 weeks

> playing truth or dare late at night in the basement
>we both end up in our briefs
>dare him to stroke my dick
>i start to get hard and he stops
>dares me to take off the underwear
>dare him to suck it
>he says he's never done it before
>tell him ill return the favor
>he sucks me for a couple of mins then i pull him off and remove his briefs and start to lick and suck him
>start to slowly rub his asshole, he moans
>i lick his balls and move my tongue to his asshole
>i dare him to let me fuck his ass
>he nods and i start to finger his ass
>i get up and tell him ill be right back, i run upstairs to the kitchen naked and grab some olive oil
>i go back down and pour some on my fingers and put them back inside him
>i lube up my dick with the oil and place it at his asshole
>i push and the head plops in and my cousin grunts and shouts owwww
>i tell him to try and be quiet and slowly push more of the dick into him
>once i was completely inside him i let him get used to it, and started to stroke his dick
>i started to pull out and push back in till i got a good pump going
>he moaned as i pulled on his dick and came all over his stomach
>i kept fucking him for about 5 mins and unloaded into his tight hole
>i pulled out and moved my mouth down to his asshole and tongued his hole and sucked my cum out of his ass

we had more fun for the rest of the 2 weeks
>Be grounded
>Couldn't go out with my Girlfriend
>Parents were out.
>Went to sister's room.
>Sister reiterated my disappointed disposition.
> ''Maybe I can be your Girlfriend tonight?''
>Mom/Dad would never found out.
This is another time...
Well, by the next summer when she comes down things start out a little awkward, mostly because she is calling me brother now, instead of using my name, which just made it seem like a girl not a sister. Things start our pretty similar, we sit close, even fall asleep together a couple times but nothing else happens.

2 Summers later, i'm 16, almost 17 and she is turning 15. She had made friends with another girl who is 13 in our area and this girl like worships her. So she is staying all summer and invites her friend over, so basically at this point I have two girls living in my house, more specifically living in my bedroom, they are suppose to sleep in the living room but never do. My dad assumes its fine because one of the girls is my sister.


So like a week into this setup, I walk in on my sister and her friend watching porn, they don't even bother hiding it when I come in. Sit down on the edge of my bed watching with them as they had occupied the chair in front of the computer, eventually my sister comes over and sits on my lap and starts grinding on me, then they turn it into a game taking 60 second turns trying to make me cum, which takes basically no time (teenage guy) so I cum during my sisters "ride" and as a result of "winning" i have to make her cum, end up fingering her and rubbing all over her body until she does. My dad gets home from work shortly after all this wraps up. Nothing much happened the rest of the day, except me walking around hard because again i have two girls sleeping in my bed with me.

Next day no summer school, my dad leaves for work at like 9 in the morning and her friend wants to play the game again, we do. Once again I cum on my sisters "grind" except this time since I knew I had more time , i stripped her naked and fingered and ate her out, which was super hot with her little friend watching, by time my dad had got home from work that day I have no idea how many times I came, but it was a great day.
go on.
File: winning.png (1 MB, 3610x4360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3610x4360
story from a thread a few days ago
By time her vacation with us was done, the three of us had all had sex with one another. I got a great lesbian show and I have no idea how many condoms I went through. Its becoming the end of her vacation and so my sister is leaving.....

The next part is how I became a pedo and not incest related...if you want to know I can post it here to.
I got a short story of what started me wanting to fuck my cousin like crazy warning nothing really happened

>3 years ago
>be 18
>at family gathering easter I think
>at that age dont hang with the adults still like that whateves
>rough housing with the little cousins about six of them ages 4-12
>not the youngest ones thats fucked up
> oldest other than me 12 year old cousin blond starting puberty just got braces off looks pretty good
>get tired from playing with kids sit down
>oldest staddles me still rough housing
>say im too tired im done
>she bounces up and down wanting me to play
>look at her and she smirks at me
>shit does she know what shes doing?
>throw her off playfully before massive boner

Thats all thats ever happened but ive been obsessed with fucking her especially lately since puberty has done her a favor
>be me, 11 or 12
>my cousin (always been cute, she's 18 and hot af now though) was like 9 or 10
>summer, at grandfather's beach house. Me, cousin, and other cousin (her little sister, who didn't know what was going on bcause she was playing on neopets or some shit the whole time) in back room watching some kim possible and american dragon; adults all in another part of the house
>me and my cuz were teasing each other and stuff
>cuz suddenly takes off her shirt, straddles me and gives her best impression of lapdance
>I had no idea why so I went along with it; figured she must hav seen something on TV that gave her this idea
>rubbing her body on my lap and seeing her tiny tits made me rock hard
>then the little bitch leaves me hangin and gets off and puts her shirt back on
>kept trying to lift her shirt back up afterwards but she wouldn't let me
>tldr: one of my fave childhood memories, wish we could have gone all the way, would have loved to see her lil puss
why not? this thread is already damned
Thank you
no parents? aunts? uncles? cousins? grand parents?
you were just spat into reality?

or you not quite sure of the definition of 'incest'?
I got the best bj of my life from my cousin. I was 25, she was 19 and in town for a few days visiting my aunt who'd just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I hadn't talked to her in at least a year when she called me out of the blue and told me she was coming down to visit.
My aunts house was nasty as fuck and roach infested so she asked if she could crash on my couch white she was in town. We were close growing up so I didn't have a problem with it and she had a bunch of hot friends in town I knew she'd be visiting as well so I thought I might have a shot in getting some kind of action.
She flew in and spent most of the day with auntie and then came by that evening.. She wasn't bad looking the last time I'd seen her but when I answered the door.. Damn..
We spent the first night just hanging out and shooting the shit.. Nothing crazy. Definitely noting to make me think she wanted my balls in any way, shape or form. I had to work the next day and was a little disappointed when she texted me to tell me that she was staying with an old friend that night and not to wait up... I guess by then I'd already been fantasizing about fucking her and it was obvious at that point just wasn't in the cards.
The night before she left her friends threw her a party for old times sake where she proceeded to get fucked the fuck up. Since I wasn't invited to this gathering, I was in the process of getting shit faced myself with some friends at a bar before getting a very hard to read text from my cousin asking me to pick her up from her friends place.. 20 minutes later I was escorting a very drunk cousin to the car and on my way home. Cont...?
>She asks if i have ever been to a girls privates

Any ideas or tips to have sex with my older sister? Home alone? Pool? Anything?
File: 1412822599955.jpg (38 KB, 475x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 475x360
Did I hear spider man?
Did she ever say anything? Did you two ever talk about it?
It wasn't until the car ride home that night that I realized that she was into me. Saying shit like "your such a good guy, why can't other guys be like you? " that and she was looking at me like she was about to tell me to pull over right then and Fuck her. I got hard just seeing her look at me like that...
We got back to my place and before I could ask her if she wanted something to drink, she had taken off her top and pants and was on the couch with her arm covering her face.

That fucking body.... I was as hard as a fucking rock.
She took her hand off her face and started to ask me something when her eyes immediately were diverted to my raging hard on.
I panicked for a second thinking that I'd got it all wrong when she smiled and told me to come here.
I to this day have never been so turned on in my life..
She pulled down my pants and started sucking like nothing I'd felt before.
Then she pushed me on the couch and took my pants off. That's when shit started to get crazy.. She was going crazy on my dick.. And when I thought it couldn't get better, she started licking my ass.. That is the first and only time since that a girl has done this for me.. It was fucking amazing.. She sucked me off for another minute or two after that before I came in her mouth.. And icing on the cake.. She swallowed that load like she loved it...
After that I went down on her and then tried to Fuck her but after a few minutes of that amazing pussy she stopped me and apologized. She said it was just too weird for her.. But then proceeded to suck me off again.. I never understood that but I didn't complain...

She left the next day and we've talked a couple times since then but I can tell she feels bad for what happened. I however do not! Shit was amazing.

Sorry about grammatical errors. I'm on my phone and don't feel like proofreading.
go on..
why has nobody posted nudes of their sister yet????
So my sister leaves for back home, its still summer vacation for a few more weeks. Her little friend never leaves, she lives at my house for like 2 more weeks. My dad had to know I was sticking it into her, but never said anything until like the week before school was set to start. So I am screwing this 13 year old, several times a day I even ask if she wants to be bf/gf and she says she isn't suppose to have a bf yet but still wants to have sex when we can. Okay with me.

So this girl starts having lesbian fun with some of her friends (on the side, this isn't including me yet). Except, maybe because my sister used to shave herself, she only likes bald pussy.

So she starts fooling around with these girls (mostly 8-10) that she is babysitting for (again she is 13, turning 14 by this point). Anyways, she starts calling me over on the side and we would fuck (I dont know at this point she is sleeping with these kids) until she says I eat her pussy so much better then the others.

Which of course peeks my interest. So I ask what she means and she embarrassingly tells me what she is doing, at the time i was like, wth, but when she was telling me some of the girls names - mostly the 10 year olds that I had seen riding around I kind of new by name, they were flat as a board but really cute, like the girls that would likely be out of my league in 5-6 years.

So I tell her to invite me over and maybe I can help. Soon she is inviting me over to like the 4-5 preteens she is babysitting and some are embarrassed to have a guy around and some don't want me involved but are okay with me watching and even giving tips, which is fine as if nothing else the older girl is always willing to let me fuck her or get a blowjob. But a couple of the 9-10 year olds don't mind and soon its like pedoheaven.
>be there weeks ago
>still fuck causually every now and then
File: 123.jpg (1003 KB, 1920x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003 KB, 1920x2560

found them
Dayum big titties
File: image.jpg (11 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 259x194

Not a surprise I started by playing with them huh?
File: 1.jpg (76 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright, I've got a pretty awesome wincest story for you guys. True story btw.
>be me
>have hot as fuck 17 year old sister
>we're pretty close
>pretty much best friends
>always hang out together and do stuff together
>we share a bedroom cause poor family with small house
>first day of 9th grade (I just turned 15 during the summer, not held back)
>sister in 12th
>first time in years we're both at the same school
>see all the guys flirting with her all the time
>she plays along but I can tell she's not really into it
>fastforward 2 months
>popular 12th grade guy comes up to me
>asks me if he thinks my sister is into him
>I tell him I don't know
>he asks me to find out
>tell him I will
>at home with my sister in our bedroom that evening
>mention what happened at school
>she laughs
>says she knows he's into her
>looks at me playfully as she says that she's not interested in him
>don't think much of it
File: 2.jpg (113 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 1024x768
>few days later
>at school
>guy approaches me again
>asks if I talked to my sister
>tell him yes, she's not interested
>he disappointedly thanks me for finding out
>tells me I'm lucky to have such a hot sister
>I tell him yeah I guess I am
>he laughs
>some stupid autistic kid in my grade overhears
>tells everyone that I am a 'sisterkisser'
>at first everyone ignores him like always
>then somehow it starts to catch on
>everyone calls me sisterkisser
>next week
>sister finds out
>on the way home (she drives me to and from school) she asks me what it's about
>tell her it's cause the guy who's into her said I'm lucky to have a hot sister
>and I agreed cause I didn't know what else to say
>she laughs
>not just an amused laugh, more of a playful laugh
File: 3.jpg (249 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB, 1024x768
>me, sister, and the guy who's into her end up all being friends
>just friends though, she's still not into him
>few days later
>11th or 12th grade girl walks up to me after school
>tells me my sister has pics of me on her phone
>shows all her friends telling them she has the cutest brother of them all
>sister comes up
>overheard our conversation
>said 'well I do'
>other girl laughs and walks off
>go home
>it's starting to piece together
>start to think my sister is into me
>at home that weekend
>really loud
>about to go to bed
>sister is already in bed but still awake
>have an idea
>tell sister the storm is kinda scaring me
>she says it's scaring her too and I should lay down with her in her bed
>turns out she had the same idea as me
>close and lock bedroom door
>get into her bed
>she looks at me and says 'anon can I tell you something?'
>I say yes
>interrupted by huge crash
File: 4.jpg (228 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 1024x768
>Spider-Man crashes through the wall and swings into our bedroom
what happens then?

It was obvious with the pics bro

still 2.5/5
pls. respond anon!

what happened after?
The Moar of it is that basically until I left for college (which was seriously the hardest decision I have ever made was to move away from that) I was on a regular basis fooling around with 6-9 girls ranging from 8-15.

A couple of the older girls she would babysit got babysitting jobs of their own when turning 13 and would invite me over. I loved not having to use condoms with the girls who hadn't had their period yet and all of it made me see things in a new light.

Whenever I would come home from college for summer, winter or spring (live in florida so thats where everyone already goes for spring break). I had a hard time not making friends with my old high school friends because there was always a neighborhood girl who still remembered me that I could fool around with. So I had some fun coming home, more then most people did.
File: 4ixIXBa.jpg (188 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 1024x768
>be guy
>have older sister
>she's a lesbian
File: 1234.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2560x1920

dude, tell some more stories. prefferably from those baby sitting jobs
Best story

She's 15 in those pics, it would count as cp
You lucky bastard,
Hi I'm Angie. I'm 16 and live at home with my mom. Dad left when I was like 4 and since then it's just been me and Mom. I have memories of being about 2 and being molested by a female babysitter who was 15. I don't have many memories of what she did to me but I know she never hurt me and what I do remember was done in a very loving way: the way she would kiss me, cuddle me tight, nurse me on her breasts. I remember being between her legs licking her and that she would gently touch me down there and lick me. When these memories came into my mind a few years ago when I was about 13, I wanted to know more and I asked Mom about when I was little and did she get me babysat. Mom confirmed that from the time I was about 10 months old to about 2 years old she had a girl who was 15 and her name was Karen babysit me while Mom was working nights. So here I was, lying on my bed with my hand down my panties masturbating as I recalled the memories of how Karen my babysitter would lick me and breastfeed me and kiss me and have me lick her when it dawned on me that if Karen had been babysitting me since I was 10 months old and the only memory I have of her molesting me was when I was like 2 then had she been doing it to me the whole time since she first sat me? The thought of that had me wetter than ever as I fingered myself to a shattering orgasm. So here I was at 16 and since about the time I had turned 13 had fantasies of being with little girls and showing them love the way it was shown to me.
My opportunity came when passing Megan's house who lived at the end of our street. I had known Megan for about 2 years as she was a friend of my mom's. Megan trusted me I guess as she stopped me and asked if I would be interested in babysitting her little girl Renee. Renee had only just turned 1 and when Megan asked me if I'd babysit her on Saturday night as the other babysitter was not able to. I jumped at the chance. so here I was sitting in my room so looking forward to Saturday night. I cancelled my plans with my girlfriends and told them I was going away as all I wanted was to finally be alone with Renee and show her love as I had been shown. I started fantasizing about her growing up with me babysitting her and turning her into my little-girl lover. As Saturday night approached, I dressed in my favourite little black bra and panties. I put on some light make up and did my hair and picked out a black knit 3/4 sleeve black cardigan as I knew it would be easier to be able to breastfeed her by simply undoing a couple of buttons and pulling my bra cup down. I then decided I would wear my dark blue denim mini skirt and black leather knee-high boots. It was one of my favourite outfits and of course I had to wear a pair of tan pantyhose. Why the pantyhose you ask? Well see in my memories of being babysat and molested by Karen, I remember she used to nearly always wear pantyhose when she would have my face between her legs and I guess for some reason she loved having me lick her through her pantyhose. Not that I'd ever tried this since with any other girl, but it sure turned me on when I'd fantasize about sitting on a little girl's face and having her lick me while her tongue was pushing the seam of the pantyhose into my pussy. So I slid on my tan pantyhose and skirt and knee-high boots and said goodbye to Mom as I headed for Megan's.
I think I nearly ran all the way to Megan's, I was so excited. I knocked on Megan's door and she opened the door and invited me in telling me I was pretty early and she wasn't quite ready. I said it was cool and she showed me around her house where everything was and told me that Renee was sleeping in her crib at the moment as she took me up to check on her. Megan let her sleep and we talked as she put on her make up and then I sat and watched TV while she got dressed. I was nearly dying waiting for her to hurry up and leave so I could be alone with little Renee, and then all of a sudden Megan appeared in the lounge room saying, "OK I'm off. If you need me phone me," but she said she wouldn't be back till the earliest midnight. Here it was 5 PM as I waved Megan goodbye as I locked the front door and ran around making sure everything was locked and blinds shut so I wouldn't been seen or disturbed. I gave it about 30 minutes in case Megan came back for something.
anon does not deliver!

did u get autograph of the guy?
did u have to pay for new gyprock?

so much of this story I want to know.....
I then went into the nursery and stood next to Renee's crib with one hand squeezing my breast and my other hand down the front of my pantyhose and panties wanking myself watched Renee sleep. I couldn't wait no longer so I leaned into her crib and picked her up and carried her into the lounge room. Once there, I sat on the lounge and laid her in my arms as I watched her sucking on her pacifier. Looking down at her in my arms had my heart start to race and I must have startled her as I was moving my hand down my pantyhose to have a wank when she woke up crying. I rocked her in my arms saying, "Ssshhhhhhh ssssshhhhh it's OK," and cuddled her trying to calm her. I slowly undid my cardigan and pulled my bra cup down and removed her pacifier and placed her lips to my nipple. She took my nipple in her mouth and slowly started to suckle. The feeling that came over me as I breastfeed her was amazing, and my hand went straight down my pantyhose and panties searching for my pussy. I rubbed and fingered myself as Renee nursed, and pulling my hand out coated in my juices I took her mouth of my nipple and spread my juices over my nipple and placed her mouth back there to suckle me. I breastfed her a while as she sucked my juices off my nipple and then my hand went searching inside her diaper only to find her wet and dirty. I stopped breastfeeding her and fixed my bra and cardigan and carried her to her nursery and laid her on the change table. I removed her diaper and wiped her with some clean towelettes and ran a nice warm bath and bathed her. I kneeled next to the bath as I washed slowly around her little bottom and all around her little puffy baby pussy, feeling all around with my fingers, gently stroking her for a while. I then removed her from the bath and dried her and carried her into her her mom Megan's bedroom and laid her on her mom's bed. I stood over her totally in love with her wishing so much she was mine.
>be 18
>15 year old cousin
>cute little blonde
>she knows I smoke weed
>asks me to give her some for her friends
>"I'm not giving you shit. I'll sell you some."
>Says she has no money
>I call bullshit, but she says she doesn't have squat
>"What else can I do?"
>"How about a blowjob?" I half-joke.
>"Eww, you're disgusting!... OK."
>She acts reluctant but she's an energetic little cocksucker
>Start trading weed for blowjobs

We did that for a while, until I stopped smoking completely. We fucked a few years later.
I wasn't sure where to start and as she seemed restless I thought I'd give her a pacifier to suck on. So I went and got it and I had this idea. I lifted my skirt and put her pacifier down the front of my pantyhose and panties and and rubbed and inserted it in my pussy coating it in my juices and then removed it from between my legs I then placed it in little Renee's mouth for her to suckle but not before giving her a very passionate little tongue kiss first. I watched her suck on her pacifier not sure if she really liked the new taste it had that she wasn't used to as I then started to remove my clothes. I got myself naked and then decided I'd put my pantyhose back on so I could finally realise what it was like to have my pussy licked through my pantyhose just like my babysitter had done with me. As Renee lay there sucking her pacifier coated in my juices, I gently lay over her on the bed and started kissing down her cheek and neck and onto her chest stopping to lick at her tiny little nipples and then kissing her tummy where I stopped and parted her little legs and gently stroked her puffy little lips. I got down between her little legs and spent what seemed like hours gently exploring every little inch of her pussy with my fingers and tongue. I started to suck on her and I looked up to see her cooing in delight and almost giggling. She seemed to be loving what I was doing as I sucked and gently licked every little inch of her soft puffy little slit while gently stroking her little bottom with one hand and fingering myself with the other. I came so hard I must have sucked or even bit down on her little pussy too hard that it caused her to cry just a little. I stopped and gently stroked her pussy with my fingers while I came up to remove her pacifier and kiss her tiny mouth.
Maybe it's because you're using Orbot you stupid fucking faggot.
I spent a while kissing her and lay with her in my arms as I regained myself after my orgasm or should I say multiple orgasms. Until this point I never truly realised how wonderful it was to be with a little girl and I truly was in love with her.
We bathed together. I breastfed her in the bath while I masturbated us both and then got us dressed and I fed her in the lounge room. I gave her a bottle that her mom had left for me and then she had a little sleep while I nursed her in my arms. Realising it was now 10 PM and I didn't have much more time, I took Renee back to her mom's bedroom and undressed her and laid her on her mom's bed, and then taking off my clothes leaving on just my pantyhose I sat on the bed between her legs and spread her little legs and licked and explored her little pussy some more whilst masturbating myself. I then spread my legs and slowly sat over her little mouth and as soon as my pantyhosed crotch touched her little mouth a jolt shot thru me and I couldn't believe it when I looked down to see she was trying to lick and suck on my pussy.
I held back my orgasm as I let her little tongue explore my pussy, and then as I sat down a little further she started to suck on my pussy and that was it I exploded in a massive orgasm covering her little mouth in my juices. I struggled to stay up so as not to crush her little face with my weight as I came and came in her little mouth. I regained my composure and sat up off her and then lay over her kissing and licking all my juices off her little mouth. I held her so tightly and felt like I could cry I was so in love with my little girl. I decided to bath her again and got us both dressed and cleaned up her mom's room and made sure I left no trace of anything that her mom could find. I sat on the lounge with Renee in my arms watching TV and just before midnight put her in her crib and kissed her little mouth passionately and then left her to sleep. Megan came home around an hour later and we talked and had a cup of coffee and she asked could I babysit from now on. I'm so happy I was finally able to realize my fantasy, and walking home I couldn't wait till the next time I could take care of my special little girl.
Need advice

Should I ask my cousin if she likes me/if she's been flirting with me?
We went and saw a movie with my brother earlier this summer and we went to the gas station to get some candy and pop before we went to the theater. Just her and I went in and after we checked out she said "Grab your stuff, babe" and a month later, her and I went to see a movie with her boyfriend, our other cousin, and some of her friends, she picked me up and we stopped by the gas station again before heading to the theater. This time, before checking out she said "Are you ready, pumpkin?"

Then, about a month ago, she was over at my house to pick my sister up. While my sister was getting her stuff ready we were playing with our cat. She was baby talking to the cat and said "Oh, you're so cute!" and I jokingly said "Oh, well thanks!" and she replied "Well you too."

Also, last December during our annual family Christmas party, I was sitting between her and her boyfriend (who was playing games with my male cousin). She made a pucker face and said it made her boyfriend squirm. We both laughed but he wasn't paying attention. She made the same face then leaned in and kissed my cheek. She went in for a second time but I put my hand up.

I'm thinking of messaging her on Facebook and saying something like "Hey, can I ask you something private?" and then saying "The past few times we've hung out, it almost seemed like you were flirting with me, am I wrong in thinking this?"

What do you guys think?
>What do you guys think?

don't ask that....
be alpha....
flirt with her....
We rarely see each other and the last time I messaged her, I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime soon and she never replied. Should I ask again or would it be too weird because she never replied the first time? What should I say?
Wait if you've posted pics of her here before why the fuck would you simply state it's cp and not post it now?
>>cum with the force of a thousand suns

and the spaghetti fell out
Okay, one such story she babysitting a girl Katie who was 9, Beth answered the door after ordering Pizza (really she had just called me to bring it over) and said she forgot she didn't have any money.

I pretended to get pissed and said I was going to call the police for prank calling and they would get in trouble, Beth offered to give me a blow job for my troubles if I promised not to. So like right at the front door she gets down and starts blowing me right in front of this 9 year old girl. She would like run away then run back out of curiosity then run away again.

So she gets me right on the edge and asks Katie if she has ever seen a guy's dick before and starts showing mine off to her. She had already been blowing me for several minutes so by this time im ready to cum, she finally convinces Katie to touch it, which soon as she does I cum all over her hand, which disgusts her, but Beth tells her that its really a sign I find her pretty and I tell her it is.

Anyways, I zip up, Beth takes Katie to clean up her arm/hand and we all eat pizza. Katie being young and naive doesn't seem to ask why I am not leaving already, which is fine. We start watching some movie (honestly can't remember) it was mostly so Beth could get Katie in her lap and start "playing" with her (they had already been playing together quite awhile).

Eventually I get to watch as Beth strips Katie and starts licking and touching her all over, I start stripping Beth and watching her rub Katie. Beth convinces Katie to play a game where we touch (which quickly turned into licks) and she guessed who it was. So we take turns molesting her for like 15-20 minutes.

We get a lovely little daisy chain of licking going on. Then me and Beth start to fuck as Katie watches, we get her to "try" it, but she was (for this time) to small, but I got to rub my cock all over her for awhile and push in a little. <ran out of room>
just make comments on her facebook and shit...
nothing too out there...

then fb message about a photo or something....
"like wheres that"
just get her to reply
Well, I mean, we live in the same city, it's just that our family only gets together like once or twice a year. I don't really want to make it public so that's why I would rather just message her. We've talked about alcohol before, should I message her and be like "Hey, how much vodka do you think I'd need to drink before getting drunk?"
I'm all about your stories right now lol. keep them coming anon
<cont> Beth teaches Katie how to give a blow job, so for the next 15 months I have 2 mouths and 4 hands on me, the end result is giving Katie a mouthful of cum (which she made a mess of). So we all head upstairs get into the shower together.

There is a lot of touching (in the name of washing) going on. I end up fucking Beth in the shower. To make her not feel left out, both me and Beth take turns eating out Katie in the shower.

We dry off and head back to Katie's room, things start to heat up again, it feels so dirty to be in this bright pink room, clearly the room of a little girl and molesting her in it. Then I see a set of headlights and realize Katie's parents came home early. So Katie stays in her bedroom and gets under the bedsheet (naked), Beth quickly gets dressed and I run out the back. I wait for her parents to get inside and get in my car (parked a house away cause you never know) and her parents were none the wiser.
15 minutes not months, reread that, I fail at typing. but i think you get the idea :)
So i am the only one here to fuck their mom. Huh
Me, 24 in America, and my cousin 31, in Colombia. I flirted hardcore with her always since kids. Eventually we kissed one day. It was beautiful. Then we got drunk that night at family get together. We went home and dropped off her kids and mom. We said we where going to continue drinking at pool hall and play. We went to a hotel and fucked for hours. I didn't even ask if she was on pill or anything. I just have her a creampie. Found out she's operated. Awesome. Next day wake up as if nothing. I wondered if it was a dream. We spoke about. Asked if it was the alcohol. We fucked again that day. I guess it wasn't the alcohol.

Pic related. It's her.
Don't ask her outright if she likes you or anything like that. Be subtle when leaving messages but when you get a chance to be with her try to flirt or find an excuse to touch/hold/tickle etc her
go on...
I'm working on it bro
>So i am the only one here to fuck their mom. Huh

probably. just saying.
I feel for you anon.

I hope you made lots of friends.
OP won't Deliver
I will

>Still asleep
>Rip her undies off
>Hard as stainless steel
>Remove my own pants
>Inching closer to that p00n
>All-of-a-sudden a noise is heard from behind me

I was 18 and never had really thought of my sister sexually before
>be living at home going to local college
>had a girlfriend still in high school I had been seeing for almost two years
> doing homework one night
>sister is 16
> we talk casually about all sorts of stuff
> one day she comes in and is asking about relationships and stuff
> she's not had a boyfriend all her friends do
> conversation continues, basically she wants confirmation she is pretty
> she is but not like the hottest girl in school by any means
> I tell her she is a very pretty girl and someone will ask her out soon enough
> she says thank you and gives me a hug and leaves
> a few weeks later she is going to a party, got into a routine of getting my approval before going out
> does this make me look Cutts etc.
> always say yes
> she gets braver and starts getting my approval for all sorts of stuff like bathing suites etc.
> at this point I was actually pretty happy she was modeling like this for me but I wasn't like beating off to her or anything
> time goes on and now I'm 19 she's 17 and junior prom is coming out
> she dosen't get asked which I'm actually surprised by because she really is pretty, idk maybe she was really shy or something.
> one weekend my parents are gone and she asks if she can have people over
> sure
> we have a kickback, some of her friends and a couple of mine
> dosent last all night my buddies crashed on the floor in my room
> a few girls passed out downstairs
> my sister is upset because singl
> we are drunk talking, once again seeking validation
>one thing leads to another we make out and I end up fingering her.
These posts are too slow. Must post faster anons, for the fap.
>Be fapping
>Wild sexy images appear in my head
>My cousin suddenly appears!
>GTFO I say, but she doesn't listen
>Puts my penis in her vag
>I come.
>I open my eyes
>mffw my cousin turned out to be real
Cont pls
I'm 21 and my sister is 17. She is really touchy/feely and clingy with me, but not my other brother. She is way too nice to me and a bitch to everyone else. She always wants hugs and randomly squeezes or touches my ass, stomach, chest, thighs and wheverever else just out of nowhere. Recently she's had a thing for biting and licking as well (I was walking around shirtless and she started her playful shit and was squeezing my chest and licked my nipple). I try not to reciprocate so much on the touching, but we play wrestle frequently and things usually get borderline awkward (for me). I swear she does things like push her tits up against me, or grab my upper thighs, just to get me going. She has to know of the raging boner I get every time. I tickle her tummy, and there usually ends up being some accidental boob touching. Today though she somehow ended up on top of me on the couch, strattling me. Felt really weird. Her hands were on my upper legs really close to my hard dick and I had my hands on her shoulders.

Is this normal? How do I figure out what the fuck is going on
Next morning
> oh shit what have I done
> about midday my sister sits on the couch
> I say " he I'm sorry about last night that was really inappropriate"
> she says" no, it was my fault"
> some silence
> she says " why didn't you like it"
> I say" no no, I didn't mind it "
> disappointed face
> "I mean I did like it, why wouldn't a guy like that, did I do a good job"
> she says " yes I haven't had anyone do that in like a year"
>" it's just not good we shouldn't do that again"
> her " I wouldn't mind if it happened again"
> wtf. Png
> now I'm insta-boner "are you serious?"
> her "is that weird"
> "yeah kinda, but it's just a, we really shouldn't do that "
> " I won't tell anybody"
> long silence, long pause, move in for a kiss
> one thing leads to another
> cloths off touching and shit
> I ask her if she wants to have sex
> "no I haven't done that yet"
> disappointed.jpeg
> this went on for several weeks, make outs blowjobs etc.
>one night she comes home from a party pretty wasted
> I was out drinking as well sink was pretty drunk myself
> comes into my room, start making out
> she tells me she wants to have sex
> are you sure?
> yes I want you to take my virginity
> oh fuck yes. JPEG
> we end up fuckin in my room bare back
> I even came in her
> luckily no pregnancy
> regular sister boning all summer
> one time even my dad caught us.
> he came home early and my door was open, he basically got a view f my ass as I fucked her missionary
> he thought it was my gf, didn't even realize be caught me pounding his own daughter

Anyway, she gt a boyfriend that next fall so we stopped regular sex

We fucked many times over the next couple years but it eventually stopped
File: 1392767247803.jpg (128 KB, 1458x997) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 1458x997

>Is this normal? How do I figure out what the fuck is going on

put your dick in her and report back
File: 1398363685143 (1)a.jpg (103 KB, 1000x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1398363685143 (1)a.jpg
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File: 1407466312278.jpg (96 KB, 818x1043) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's Rene descates time faggot
There is no such thing as ''real'' incest porn, since incest is illegal almost anywhere in the world.
File: clara.jpg (30 KB, 322x855) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Go overseas for a year to live to with my dad for a bit.
> I was 16, my step-sister was 13.

> We got along well, chatted... sometimes she'd come into my room and we'd play playstation.
> One day, we go to this party together and I am trying to pick up one of her older friends.
> roadtonowhere.png
> I see her looking really uncomfortable.

> Go back home again. We chat on MSN messenger fairly regularly.
> She tells me about how she hates in when her boyfriend is fucking her and he pulls her hair.
> One night she gets drunk and flirts with me. I tell her about Oblivion and my bosmer thief-archer. She listens for some retarded reason. We get back to flirting. #soshitwithwomenstarttalkingaboutwoodelves
> her: "I want you to shoot your arrow inside me"
> massivetremblingboner.jpg
> I flirt back a little, jokingly. Pretty sure she is either playing games or leading me on.
> Blow my load into her imaginary pussy a.k.a. a hockey sock that night

> Fast forward a few years
> I go back to visit again. I'm now 22, she's 19 and legal.
> Last night, I'm in my room, she's upstairs in hers. We are chatting on messenger.
> She tells me how she's always had a crush on me. That when she'd go into my room to play playstation, she'd secretly hope I'd close the door behind her and make her suck my dick.
> She tells me to come upstairs. I tell her to come downstairs.
> anon: "I have a surprise for you if you come to my bedroom"
> She tells me she's going to bed then.
> Women
> I tell her I'll be up in a minute.

pic related; not her, but close

File: 1413649721052 (1).jpg (113 KB, 917x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1413649721052 (1).jpg
113 KB, 917x1107
File: 1413503865391s.jpg (3 KB, 125x92) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x92

> I sneak quietly upstairs and walk to her door. It's closed.
> I'm shaking, if she's just fucking with me I'm fucked - she'll have me under her thumb forever.
> She's alright looking, but REALLY fucking petite and with tits too large to match her physique. The potential of putting my cock inside her has me at half mast already.
> I hold up my hand to knock on the door but out of the corner of my eye, I see my dad in the kitchen. He sees me.
> I play it like I turned the wrong direction and meant to go to the kitchen for a snack.
> Walk to the fridge, surreptitiously tucking my semi under my trackpant elastic. Grab some ham then sit down to eat it.
> Chat for a bit, hoping he'll leave and I can sneak into my sister's bedroom.
> We play like five games of chess and I'm too sleepy to do anything.
> Haven't talked to her since.
>Post stories

Growing up I had an older cousin. She used to come stay with us every summer.

On about the 2nd day of her visit one year, she was excited about starting puberty and showed us her pubes. She wanted to see our "stuff". I was a couple years younger and had nothing. Very beta. It seemed dirty and wrong. (WTF was I thinking?)

Whenever we travelled, she and I slept in the same bed because there weren't enough rooms to go around. Now I've hit puberty.

As we sleep together I'm wide fucking awake. I start inching my hand over. A fraction of an inch an hour. Touches her leg. And up.

I do that for a few nights in a row. No reaction positive or negative.

Eventually one night I get my hand under the panties. Just the waistband. Never got near the Promise Land.

Next day my mom takes me aside and tells me we have different sleeping arrangements. She apologizes telling me they should have figured that shit out and not put us in the same bed at that age. Damn.

Driving back home we're in the car. We had been giving each other massages for a couple of years now...her idea. We're doing massages in the car and I work around to feel her tit. My turn, she works around to feel my cock (briefly).

Nobody cums. Nothing ever said after that.

True story. Not a great story, but a true story.
File: Spidy BITCH.jpg (24 KB, 325x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Spidy BITCH.jpg
24 KB, 325x235
>I hear the whoosh and crash of Spidy through glass.
>As fast as light, he is already behind me
>Sticks me to the floor on all fours leaving one hand free
> picks up my sister
> I get to watch him Fuck my sister in various fashions
>with free hand, decide to yank it
Worst part is spidy took Viagra before hand: his dick now a massive 20' inches(she is only 38 inches tall)
>With sister spilt almost completely open from anus to mouth, spidy turns to me and drops my sis
File: index.jpg (7 KB, 238x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 238x212
------------------------------A MESSAGE FROM ANONYMOUS LEGION--------------------------

This is it. It is over. This is the end of your disgusting parade of shameful, abusive imagery. As a member of Anonymous, it is my duty to defend 4chan from the villainous scum like you people. Pedophilia must end.
The following is illegal and/or not allowed on 4chan:
1. Child pornography
2. Abusive pornography
3. Animal abuse
4. Loli
5. 'TYFTT'
6. 'TYFTA'
7. Teen threads
8. YLYL threads
9. LOLCAT threads

Anonymous is doing all that it can to stop these crimes, but you can help too. Report these threads to make for a better 4chan.

We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We are legion.

Expect us.
Im not sure I want to. I just want to figure out if that's what she's thinking. The closest I get is wanting to just straight up grab her fits when we wrestle

I don't know what that means.
Cousin who is 13 sleeps over at our house on a Sunday. She was home schooled at the time, so she wasn't going to public school. Next morning on Monday my sisters go to school and it's only my cousin, my mom and I at home. It's the morning, my cousin and I are sitting on one couch and my mom on the other. My cousin is playing a game on her phone and I'm watching TV.

My mom falls asleep on the other couch. My cousin is still playing her game. I decide to put my hand on her thigh. She doesn't say anything. I start moving my hand back and forth rubbing her thigh. I move my hand a bit down her thigh and continue rubbing. She continues playing her game. I move my hand down further. My pinkie is now barely touching her pussy and she doesn't say anything.She is wearing shorts.

I get the courage to put my hand over her pussy. She keeps on playing her game. I start rubbing it. I start moving my hand towards the top of her shorts and slowly work my hand into her shorts. She still doesn't do anything. I move my hand down her to her pussy and I'm now rubbing her pussy through her underwear. I can feel a bit of cum starting to come out. I move my hand up to the top of her underwear and put my hand inside them.
So /b/ is this gay now or is this just some good bait? Kids thinking anon is a cool club? Nothing wrong with loli and nn teens.
Give yourself a hand job, it's pretty much the same thing
>Expect us.

suck my cock
>suck my cock

I mean that the good way.
File: th (1).jpg (12 KB, 223x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
th (1).jpg
12 KB, 223x300
i can't be the only one that saw this.
Saw what
>Any ideas or tips to have sex with my older sister? Home alone? Pool? Anything?
Liquor, drinking contest.
> Be 16, have 15 year old sister
> Wake up one morning and start jerking.
> I hear everyone in my house getting ready for school and work, hear my sister get up and stop at the top of the stairs. (You can see into my room from the top of the stairs)
> Hear my mother shout my sister to see if she's up, she replies she'll just be a minute
> Notice my door is slightly open and my sister has just been watching me jerk off for about 2 minutes when my mother shouts her
> Shit my self and put my dick away, she goes downstairs
> Think nothing of it apart from slight confusion (why would she want to watch me jerk off?)
> Finish jerking off
> Turns out she only went to school to sit an exam then came home after three hours.
> Start jerking off again thinking it's only me in the house
> She comes into my room wearing hardly anything while I'm jerking off asking for 'paper to revise'
> Quickly turn porn off and cover myself up before she sees anything
> Give her paper and she leaves
> She keeps my door fully open thinking she'll come back in a sec when I start jerking again but I get up and shut my door
> She slams her door and starts crying (Her bedroom is right next to mine)
> I'm not attracted to her at this point so think she's just being a bitch/trying to ruin my alone time
> Now I am attracted to her, biggest regret of my life was not fuking her
> She moved out at 16 and I haven't spoken to her since
I'm not a saint but nigger, that's fucked up
File: caughtbymother.jpg (756 KB, 2200x3200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
756 KB, 2200x3200
Sister is god-tier wingman.
File: mom,nomoresex.png (531 KB, 1583x3529) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
531 KB, 1583x3529
I had sex with my step-sister. Does that count?
Good enuff
File: sistervacation.png (286 KB, 1590x2652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
286 KB, 1590x2652
Close enough. Post story.
Fucking obviously. Call her up. Don't make it weird. Invite her over for dinner, cook for her so it's more intimate than restaurant. Then you know, catch up over alcoholic beverages, etc.
Its happened twice more since then, so how else would I put it?
Appears to be missing a large chunk of the story, and the most important part at that. Blueballed.

My Dad was on his third wife at the time and this one had a 14 year old daughter (I was 16). Her name was Brandy.

She didn't have very big tits but her ass was to fucking die for. Porn star ass at 14. Total bubble butt and tight as a drum. I was a nightmare of hormones and I had never been laid at this point so I was perving her constantly. Stealing panties and jerking off into them, trying to look under the shower door, etc.

Our parents were off getting drunk so we were left alone in my step-mom's big ass empty house all day long. She would cuddle with me all the time and I had to really fight the urge to just go for it. Once she sat in my lap while I was playing Sim City (SNES version) and I got rock hard. I knew she could feel it poking her in the ass but she didn't leave.

Shit got real one day when we were playing Nintendo and sitting on the couch under a blanket. She had on sweat pants and a tank top with no bra and her nipples were hard. I pulled my cock out under the blanket and started stroking it, hoping she wouldn't notice. My breathing got all heavy and she turned and looked me right in the eyes. "I know what you're doing." She said. "I do that, too."

I reacted all wrong. I was ashamed and scared. I told her she was gross and I took off.

Later that night I went up to her room. She was in bed, laying on her stomach reading a book. I patted her on the ass, just kind of good natured-ly, and when I did she tensed up. Her ass got rock hard. I was impressed. "Do that again." I said, I put my hand back on her butt and she flexed her ass muscles again. Now I'm totally squeezing her ass and we both know it but we're playing along. Eventually, I just go for it and pull her sweats down. She covers her butt with her hands and laughs, but I get a full on view of her gorgeous ass and her little hairless pussy from behind and I turn into a fucking crazy person. If she wasn't into it I might have become a rapist that night. Scary thought.
File: .jpg (68 KB, 720x1134) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 720x1134
gf thread was full, so I'm just leaving this here. be jelly, you faggots
Spiderman! Spiderman! Bah na nana na spiderman!
You try fucking your sister who you've had the hots for years, Then when she's about to cum, begs you to cum in her. You will blow fucking buckets
No fucking way! Do you ever wonder what your dad would have done if he noticed it was your sister?
These kind of threads makes me wish i had a sister instead of a Brother...
> making up

I grab her wrists and pull hands hands away and she just takes a breath and holds it. She has a winestain birthmark on her right ass cheek. It stands out against her pale skin and I will never forget the sight of it as long as I live. Here, almost 20 years later, the thought of it still makes me hard.

I started fingering her and she was already ready to go. All I'd done at that point was finger girls and a gotten a couple of handjobs, so this was uncharted territory. She was majorly into me exploring her body but she didn't come that night. I ended up jerking off on her ass because I was too afraid to fuck her (this was during the era of big time AIDS and teen pregnancy fear).

We fool around when the parents are gone (usually I come on her ass but once she clumsily jerks me off) but never seal the deal until one afternoon when I come home from school and she is in the living room naked. She's laying face down on the white carpet with her legs up in the air behind her. I can tell from the scent in the air that she's been playing with herself waiting for me to get home. She looks up at me and says "Mom and Dad went to Reno for the weekend. We can do it as many times as we want." Still the sexiest thing anyone's ever said to me.

I fucked her for the first time right there on the floor, no condom. I don't think she was a virgin (thank god, no blood on the white carpet). She helped me get my dick inside her. I was way too excited and came way too fast. Afterwards we cuddled on the floor under a blanket and then got in my Dad's bed. I put on one of my Dad's VHS porn tapes (which she had never seen before) and we spent all weekend fucking. We tried to do everything on we saw in the porno, but I couldn't get my dick in her ass even though we tried like three times. I remember she used her Mom's back massager on her clit and told me she'd been doing it since she was eleven.
This thread will be fucked by

When the weekend was over, I remember we washed the bedding and to cover our tracks, we did all of it in the house. We got a big thank you from step-mom when she got home.

We fooled around for about a year after that, sporadically, but we never had a weekend to ourselves again. She was my first for so many things. We stopped everything when I moved out and she got a boyfriend. Eventually our parents divorced and I didn't see her for years until I ran into her at a Walmart of all places. She'd gained some weight (has a kid now) but she still looked good and I'd fuck her again in a heartbeat.
sauce on 3rd girl?
Haha idk he is pretty chill but I think that would of been a disaster.

When he told me we were caught it was with a sort of of "I'm supposed to be mad but nice job" sort of attitude

I'm pretty sure he got a good luck of my sisters vagina/asshole. Probably masturbated to the thought not even realizing it was actually my sister
Anyone else notice these are all copy-pasta'd and then tailored to fit the wants of the poster? Such b8.
File: dady1.png (82 KB, 860x695) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 860x695
story I saved, not exactly happy but Ive fapped to it.
File: dady2.png (79 KB, 791x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 791x681
File: dady 3.png (72 KB, 862x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dady 3.png
72 KB, 862x640

As for me never anything serious which is a shame because my sister is hot.

Most that ever happened is the off comment, one time she said I had a great but, she complimented my leg muscles recently at the pool (keep in mind we are in our 20's now)

But nothing really beyond what you could say is minor flirting.
the story above should be great for our faggit friend.>>574888597
Have a good look at this asshole
>You try fucking your sister who you've had the hots for years, Then when she's about to cum, begs you to cum in her. You will blow fucking buckets

Oh I would have too.

Your story just isn't believable. what the fuck was it you said she said? "Blow your load in me like the splash from a fucking orca a sea world" or whatever the fuck it was.

That's when the spaghetti fell out.
Is she your twin by any chance?

Uh oh i might be caught
Sasha And Pasha. Twin sisters who fuck each other. You're welcome.
Relax there was a guy with a twin in a thread... There were similarities in context and tone. I'm not catching anybody. Was just wondering if you were the same guy. Apparently not. He wasn't a douche.
I'm not a douch!

I was worried you were someone I might have known IRL. It was probably me I posted about ti before had a really long conversation with someone about it last week on this board.
Then post the pics.
bumping a very good thread
File: middleone.png (745 KB, 827x648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
745 KB, 827x648
well if your the guy im thinking of it was probably this one

Shes in the middle, last time I was on my phone so the crop was different.
Now name the show.
File: Ice-Cube.jpg (65 KB, 608x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 608x468

>Muh Nigga

Figures id find you here
Wow. That's fucked up. Lol
Guess you didn't get drunk and hang out yet.
top kek
ib4 404
As awesome as that would be I cant see it working!

I wish we were close enough I could play that off but I think it would be a disaster lol
Yeah I know. Last weeks plan was better. But I was drinking and I'm tired so logic sucks at the moment. In my world your twin sister has gotten a mental flash that her brother desperately needs to get fucked and she's on her way to save your life with the healing power of sister pussy. (But I'm a little drunk)
bumping before 404
yeah bumbing more stories
>your twin sister has gotten a mental flash that her brother desperately needs to get fucked and she's on her way to save your life with the healing power of sister pussy.
Top /Keks/ hopefully in the coming months you'll see my positive results, or horrible disaster story.
File: 51085374.png (30 KB, 922x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 922x409
will post the first 5 greentext of my folder, maybe more if thread isn't dying
File: 81230247.png (91 KB, 1870x483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 1870x483
File: 85962359.png (54 KB, 720x985) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 720x985
File: 98742283.png (28 KB, 908x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 908x362
File: 66077802.png (144 KB, 1104x889) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 1104x889

someone have more greentexts ?
File: 81661604.jpg (597 KB, 2436x4138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
597 KB, 2436x4138
File: 87079014.jpg (2 MB, 3630x4902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3630x4902
Screw it. This is a throwaway. But I'd love it if you do do it. Let me know what happens. Glhal13@yahoo.com
(You probably won't but throwing it out there. ) send the other pic you posted as proof it's you.
File: 08454726.png (1 MB, 2558x2730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2558x2730
I got another one saved on here somewhere.

Disclaimer I'm going to post 2 stories, they aren't mine I've saved them:
>Be in high school
>at party with my friends
>Sister is their playing beerpong
>Kinda Slutty
>her and her friends start distractions
> Ass, kissing, tits
>My turns up
>they are running table
>Girls in their bikinis
>So used to distracting alst teams my sisters rips off her top and grabs her tits
>Everyone is shocked
>They are pretty dope tits
>I look right at her, make cup
>Say "Doesn’t work on me stupid"
>Her and friend go into overdrive mode
> Tits, pussy making out everything
>crowd going wild
>Me and partner win
> Alpha as fuck

And i got to see her naked+ lesing out. It was a good day.
Alright /b/, I've never told anyone about this so feel special

>Be me, 10, spending the night at cousin's house. boy cousin is 14, girl cousin is 12.
>Neighbor boy also spends the night, he's 11
>Me, girl cousin, and neighbor boy all sleep in the same bed.
>After a few minutes of staring at the ceiling, I see my cousin sucking off the neighbor boy.
>I think it looks fun so I tell her to do it to me.
>mfw she actually does
>After a while, we hear footsteps outside the door so we rush to go back to "sleep"

File: 1364767228131.jpg (74 KB, 677x782) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 677x782
second story I think 2 parts disclaimer not me:

Eventually she had this shit boyfriend; he wasn’t mean he was just a shmuck. Like a lazy bum. I never knew what she saw in that guy.
This was in college and we were hanging out because she was upset and talking about how she needs to find a guy like me. I sort of shrugged and said I’m available LOL we both sort of laughed but I guess that planted the seed. As time went on she became flirtier with me, she would change in front of me
Anyway when we finally had sex:
> Me and her were gym buddies
>Go to gym work out compliment progress etc.
> one day we were both really late for work
>we had to take showers, at her apartment
>seen each other naked several times.
> Since she broke up with boyfriend things had changed a bit.
>more flirty more/openly sexual.
>We don’t have time to take turns showering so we are both using the bathroom at the same time
>she is in the shower. Taking for fucking ever.
>glass shower I’m trying not to look but I keep glancing
>look at clock
>" get the fuck out or I’m coming in"
> "no asshole I’m almost done"
>another few minutes "fuck it, I’m already on warning at work"
> strip down, get in sort of pissed
> she sort of playfully yells no, I say then get out! I will face a way, I am now erect.
>It gets quite we are both awkwardly washing ourselves, our asses are basically touching
> At some point we face each other, looking right at each other, I have a hard on, it felt like an hour.
>it just happens, we start making out. Hands everywhere
> We leave the shower soaking wet, almost slip on the tile, right onto the bed drenched with water.
>Hours long fuck and cuddle session from pent up frustration.
> Needless to say we both called out sick.
Eh, I had 2 incest moments.

1st one was when I was like 9 or 10. My cousin and I were forced into a bed together. I could feel his right shoulder going up and down mine. I checked under the covers and saw he was jacking off. He said he'd jerk me off if I did it for him, so we did.

The second time was when I was 15. In a car trip with my sister, she fell asleep with her arm around my waist. I grabbed a blanket, put it over us and jerked off on her hand.

Sometimes I'd pick up her room for her and cum in her panties.

Yeah I did this all the fucking time, sort of slowed down once I was 17 and became sexually active, then I had real girls to chance instead of jerking off to my sister
File: 1413085454130-2.jpg (204 KB, 1000x967) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204 KB, 1000x967

>A few weeks pass by and I go back over to my cousins.
>See girl cousin again and ask her if she wants to "play" again.
>She agrees and we go back to her room.
>She pulls down her panties and sits on my face
>mfw she had some weird thin disc shaped shit stuck in her ass
>Switch positions and then she's sucking me off again.
>After a while, we stop and she says that we can't have sex unless we're married, according to her parents.
>We then dress up and have a fake wedding.
>Shortly after, I try to fuck her, but I couldn't get a boner.(too young, I guess)
>We still did oral to each other until her mom found out after a few weeks.
>Girl cousin tells me we can't have sex anymore.
I have a few moments
First I was too young to realize but my under who was 12 I was 6 would offer to play truth or dare. Eventually let to us sucking each other. We would do this everytime I would visit for some time. He would beg his sis/my mom to let me sleep over and we would suck each other's cock all night.

I'm straight but man was kinda hot. I used to wonder what he would say now if I asked him. We are both in our twenties now and hes married so doubt that would work
uncle not under
Ask if he remembers sucking each other's dick. Then tell him you want to continue the tradition by putting his wife on a spit. Fun for everyone.
Sounds like the time a neighbor kid took me to his closet and he sucked me off and made me do him. Same ages as yours. I remember it tasted bad but felt so bomb when he did me.
sometimes I get the feeling Gay incest is more common than regular incest

IDK why. Seems like a lot of gay dudes had sexual relations with cousins (which I personally dont count) or weird shit with uncles/ older brothers.

IDK just my take.
Got my cousin to have a three some with me and my wife. Bump for interest?
Cause dudes fuck anything. We have no standards especially during puberty. Fat girl on the bus. Boing. Fat boy on the bus. Boing. Bus driver. Boing. Empty bus. Boing.
Even if your straight. Wait what someone wants to do what now?
One of my experiences with my sister. Not the first one or the last, but I liked it:

>Be 1 year older then my sister. Both over 18, her almost 19, still no boyfriend or I any girlfriends.
>Spring arround easter, but still very cold outside. 1 month before my sister's birthday.
>We go with the family, my dad and mom to visit our grandma for Easter, in a rural area/village.
>House has two free rooms, one with two doublebeds, one with a double bed.
>Last room was very cold, had no heating in it, so my parents proposed I should sleep with my sister in one bed and they will share one as well, in the same room.
>Everyone agrees, we eat some easter food, drink some wine and get ready for bed.
>Since it's cold we get a thick blanket, so heavy it's almost like make out of ciment!
>Sister wants to sleep at the wall because she's cold, I take the other spot.
>We go to sleep, more or less, due to the wine I doze off a few hours.
>Wake in the middle of the night with her pushing her back towards me, now we were in a cuddle position but she was arched a lot. Her head was almost at the wall but her ass was pressing against my penis.
>Now I'm horny. I dry hump her a bit, she responds. Then I work my hand over to her belly then go down towards her pussy.
>She lets me, I begin to finder her over her pajama. Doing this for about 5 minutes, I could hear her breathing heavy.
>I put my other hand over her breasts, she has no bra. Now she likes it more, she get's closer to be and we are spooning.
>I get bald and try to work my hand under her pijama, under undies. She won't let me. I "negociate" to rub her over her underwear, I could feel her pussy lips.
>Damn this get's me hard! So I remove my hand from her breast, I get my pants down silent and try to get her's as well.
>At first she just pulls them up again, we do this a few times and as we do it, I rub her more and more. She gives in and whispers to me "just my ass, do it quick".

More to come...
please make a .rar with everything
File: 22373962.png (448 KB, 1609x3964) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
448 KB, 1609x3964
File: 54828906.jpg (849 KB, 2758x1586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
849 KB, 2758x1586
File: 21054729.png (563 KB, 1020x4907) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
563 KB, 1020x4907
File: 03787251.png (456 KB, 2630x2282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456 KB, 2630x2282
>be me
>three months ago
>Me, wife, cousin, step brother, friend , and friends gf
>at river, drinking, smokin swimmin and Shit
>start talking about who can hold their breath the longest
>end up having an underwater pussy eating contest
>I go down on wife, friend goes down on his gf step bro goes down on cousin
you got a pretty chill family anon
im slightly jealous
yes, always
do her anon
use a condom though
things might happen
He isn't that chill.

He caught me and my gf once before still in highschool and was not happy.

His exact words were "if your dumb enough to get caught your not ready for sex"

But his time i was 20 "nobody was home".

We didn't even know he saw or was home until we were done, my sister took a shower then went out with some friends. I came downstairs and my dad was in the garage doing some dad shit.

And I was like uh oh hi dad you're home. He said yea, "remember what I said about having sex"

I was thinking oh fuck he knows "yeah... Don't get caught"

He says " at least close the door what if your sister or mother had been home"

"Uh ok yeah sorry dad I had no idea"
"It's disrespectful if you get your own place do that but not in my house. Where is *gf name*. She can't even say hello?"

"Sorry, she left like in said we didn't know you were here"

I got away with murder basically
>girls get bored everyone decides to go home
>Me, wife, and cousin get home
>Me and wife decide to get in the shower
>showerin, she starts jackin me off
>have a little bit of fun and get out
>ask her if we''re ever gonna have that threesome she promised me
>she says yeah we just need someone to do it with
>I ask about cousin
Anyone still lurkin?
should've gave her the d anon
of course man
does anyone have the link to the two dark haired sisters that was on motherless?
No. Fake and gay.
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