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I just posted this a second ago and it got...
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I just posted this a second ago and it got fucking deleted:

I thought about making a youtoob video about this, but I thought I would run it by you guys first. This is just a short summary/collection of my ideas regarding this whole feminism/feminismh8 and a bit about Anita Sarkeesajew

Instead of wasting time hating feminism, and calling it stupid, If you really want to punch those Feminazis in their proverbial cooters you should be advocating men's rights, and the social standards that us guys are held to.

Men are not supposed to cry, except for in extreme circumstances. Even if they do a crying man will not yield the onslaught of attention that a woman would receive.

I'm not sure what you guys were taught as kids, but every girlfriend I've ever had (even ones with jobs) I always picked up the tab for dinners, dates and such. Don't get me wrong, I like doing it, but if you knew about some girl paying for everything on a date you'd WTF, wouldn't you?

People say the easiest thing to be is a white male, that's wrong as fuck. The easiest thing to be is a white girl. Especially a pretty white girl. All the time, people come to my house to try to sell me shit (magazines, cleaning supplies etc) and there are these carpet-cleaning promotional people. I have turned away many of them, while it was cold outside, during a rainstorm you name it. I told them I have no carpet. Until one day, it was raining and cold as fuck and the pretty white girl carpet cleaning slave said "It's cold and I've been walking for hours can I please clean your carpet" You bet your goddamned ass I let her in. Made her some cocoa too. Would I, or you have done that for an average white guy? Probably not.

Men are 4 times more likely to kill themselves.

We're all taught we're supposed to be this strong, confident, non-emotional badass, and when we aren't or don't feel that way we don't seek help. That whole stigma, where men don't ask for directions? It applies to other things as well.
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I don't have any figures on this next bit. Just a little personal experience. When I was seventeen, I lived away from my parents at a house with some friends. They had a party and were giving me Bacardi 151 ( I had never been drunk before). There was this ugly fat 23 yo slut who was there, and my roommates kept trying to get her to do stuff with me. She said I was cute, but she wasn't interested (fine by me). Later that night she comes into my room, and gets into my bed with me. I can't remember what happened honestly. I just know we had sex. At the time I was alright with it because that's how I lost my V-card but looking back on it. Fuck that, would have rather waited. And by law, because I was a minor that was statutory rape. that's honestly how I feel about it. And I can't tell anyone how I feel or else I'll get called a faggot or something. As if people would care anyways.

I don't hate feminists, I just feel offended by them because they insinuate that my life is a lazy river ride where I get candy the whole way and it's fucking not.

As far as Anita sarkeesian goes, she has a fucking degree in sales, she understands that when you sell something you have a target audience, and you cater your product to better suit the needs of that market.

If you're going to sell a videogame to a bunch of white males, you put a pretty girl in it who needs their help because that's what we've been trained to believe is our job.

All Anita is doing is getting you all to rage and be butt hurt. Every time you watch, comment or do anything that involves her or her blog or whatever, you just make her more popular.
So, (first of all, mods are gay) let's talk Ebola.

For ages, racism has been around and it's a known fact that the leaders of 'wealthy' countries want to put an end to this. More people (black, white, yellow or whatever) means more motherfucking money.

Of course racism won't stop, because pride etc.

But what if, a serious virus like ebola whiped out the differences we have? Not that it does, but hey - world leaders aren't the smartest people (or so history tells us).

Is ebola brought to Europe and the USA to re-unite us all as one race? Having feelings for each other?

>Black Joe tells White Billy "Muh Grandpa dieded of ebols"
>Billy tells Joe that his grandmother died of ebols
>Dem feelings

Who's feeling muh thoughts?
honestly mods why did you delete this?

It's true and I'm not being an asshole about it.

What the fuck honestly? I thought this was fucking 4chan

This isn't a thread about ebola

It's about men being treated fairly. and support

are you fucking retarded? fucking read my shit asshole
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Thread is still here! yay.
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Gotta keep this shit alive

for my /b/ros to read.
Stop being a emotional faggot. People can never be equal because everyone is different. We should be held to different standards, men and women. tldr get over it you pansy and fuck feminism.

You're such a pansy you can't read for five goddamned minutes to support your fellow man.

I'll see you at the testicular cancer support group

I love you.
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I would like to see conversation about this. It makes me laugh that a mod deleted it. the people running this site now are utter faggots. let them be mad. keep posting.

mfw mods delete thread- 2 seconds its posted back up
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/b/ros /b/ros /b/ros
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My bumping muscles are getting sore
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you gotta fight
for your right
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hot chix
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There was a shit tone of these threads but this one has to many of them words!
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There was a shit tone of these threads but this one has to many of them words! fffffffffuuuu capcha!!!
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I has stuff you migh tlike OP.
I only have a few tho.
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Ill appreciate anything you want to post /b/ro but I want to know what you think about dat shit home

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graphs and shit are my favorite.
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fuck yeah, graphs!

I forgot that one too. women don't get drafted.
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this is pretty tl;dr but it's a good read nonetheless.
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mhmm, the draft and the custody battles are what make me pretty pissed.

if you make a yootoob video make sure to do your research cause they'll pick and pry at anything.
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>Posts something
>Gets deleted
>Posts it again

You dense motherfucker.
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this one makes me giggle.
women are just sex toys and baby factories.. you give them money so they don't cry that's the only simplification i have.. anyone wanna share?
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you don't want to sound stupid, right anon?
Now you're sounding as stupid as the feminazi's.
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Good read OP, cheers for sharing your thoughts.

Hope more will read it.
i like this thread
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a few more left.
lol who cares? Men have had it good for how long? Freaking CENTURIES! Women have been getting the shit end of the stick since the beginning of time. All they want is some equality. That. Is. It.
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I like you, anon.
They already have equality, buddy. They want more, they want vengence.
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Low quality bait m8
feminazi detected
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last one I got, ima just lurk till thread 404s.
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