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Your experience with horse girls
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Your experience with horse girls

Post stories
choose one
Umm... Met a chick who was really into horses, got her to cheat on her BF, came in her vag, came in her mouth, took her ass cherry and came in her ass buncha times... Now we don't talk.

Is that what you meant?
Horse girls are cray cray
>came in her vag, came in her mouth, took her ass cherry and came in her ass buncha times.

Your cock is an endless source of cum, Or full of shit
Not in one fuck session, dipshit.
But have extremely good core tension
I'll make it short, fucks me while her college roommate is in same room watching. Roommate was watching only because she was a faithful bitch to her bf.
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That's hot. Did roommate say anything? Was she fingering herself or just watched like a moron?
>be 16
>have 15 year old cousin who loves horses
>always got on great
>she comes around one day
>wearing jodhpurs
>mess around
>have play fight
>I let her win
>ask her how her horse milo is
>replies he's ok and says I should ride him one day
>don't know how
>ill show you
>procedes to straddle me and rides like fuck
>she feels me get mega hard under her
>continues anyway
>cock still in pants and on the verge of cumming
>she giggles and climbs off
>you'll never get to fuck me anon
Bump for interest. What can you tell me about horse girls?
I recently met one and we have more and more contact. Tell me what I have to expect.
Can you really generalize all horse girls?
anon's horse girl story
>be me, 21 in college
>roommate is best friend
>roommate has slutty sister younger sister, actually fucked her once but thats another story
>shes in college too, comes to visit us one weekend
>brings friend, its horse girl, we will call her D
>D is about 5'2, reddish brown hair, solid D cup tits but a 5/10 face
>we have more people over as we usually do on the weekends
>party gets going, we are more of a pregame house as everyone inevitably moves to a frat later on, us included
>getting drunk, talking with D alone in the kitchen
>she is already completely trashed
>party is clearing out
>tell her we should get ready to go
>she grabs my hand as i go to walk away and says, "wait do you wanna see my boobs? under my bra though."
>i just gave her a skeptical look and said, yea sure
>she shows me

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part 2

>figure this girl is gonna be easy to fuck.
>been a while and i was pretty drunk so i didnt really care. i dont have standards anyway, just weight limits
>we walk to frat house, bullshitting on the way, holding hands cause shes drunk
>shes being extremely slutty and putting her hand in my pocket and in my crotch
>at this point i had no filter and told her that i was going to fuck her tonite
>she laughs and says "good i was hoping"
>we get to party, lose her in the crowd, dont really care since she was staying at our place
>shes so drunk she steals some sorority girls drink, who was dating one of the frat guys who owned the house and D got kicked out
>i watch her get kicked out and follow her out and tell her id walk her home.
>roommate and his sister stay behind

My best friend growing up sister was a big horse girl. Tall. Dem legs. Ass for days. About 6-7 years older.

One day I worked up the balls to hardcore flirt with her. She flirts back. Next weekend I spend the weekend at his house. He falls asleep while I'm gaming in the game room. She doesn't say a word. Just walks out nude and crawls in between my legs. Pulls out my dick and starts sucking.

"Anon you're huge"
Well are you gonna ride me or what?
"I thought you'd never ask".

We fucked basically any time I was there. Never wore condoms. Always made me cum in her. I joined the army right out of HS (I started fucking her in like 7th grade).

Haven't seen her since. She's married now
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lol wut
Yes. I've never met a sane one. They have nice asses, tho.
kenan and kek'd
Yeah they have. Where are you from? Most girl here are horse girls
I'd imagine.

They've got to have the right combination of rich family to afford that, fucked up family life to have the free time, and just a bit of normal craziness to spend that free time on horses.
sorry not pretyped going as fast as i can

part 3
>the whole walk back we are basically groping eachother
>we get back to my place, go inside its completely dark
>i have her against the front door, making out and squeezing her tits
>she stops and says, "wait i dont know if i can do this, [your roommates sister] really likes you."
>tell her who cares she doesnt have to know
>continue making out, pull her panties down and start fingering her against the door
>she stops me again, "wait.. what would you say if i told you ive fucked 13 guys?"
>getting frustrated, "i dont care"
>continue probing her pussy
>"wait, what would you say if i told you i was only 17?"
>since turning 18 i had never fucked minor.
>fuck it. i was rock hard. "i dont care"
>i take her upstairs to my room

One of my ex was practicing equitation
I used to spank her ass with her crop
shit was fun
Sometimes life can be full of suprpises. And pleasure.
>get to my room and she runs and jumps on my bed
>i was standing, taking my shoes and pants off
>she turns around and lays on her stomach and says, "come here"
>i walk over, my dick was practically busting through my boxer briefs
>standing at the edge of the bed she starts mouthing the outside of my underwear
>i could only take about 10 seconds of it before i pull my cock out and pushed it into her mouth.
>by far the best head ive ever gotten
>never met a girl so enthusiastic about sucking cock
>while she slurped on my dick i pulled up her skirt and started fingering her pussy again
>she moaned on my dick and let out these heavy warm breaths on it
>i began fucking her mouth and slapping her ass
>she tried to say something but i couldnt understand her so i pulled out and said what?
>she was holding my dick, breathing heavy and said, "we need to fuck"

I'll second that they are all crazy.

They like riding horses because they are essentially controlling a big powerful creature with their legs.

Like men
Yeah I've got plenty of stories with my friend's sister. Just on iPhone. And lazy.
Not gonna lie, this makes me a little bit hard
Your story made me hard. Thank you, I like my cock to be hard.
this is hot.
I'll remember this one.

>Hey, I think we do have something in common.
>Like what?
>We are both controlling a big powerful creature between out legs.

Bam. Lol


fuckin america
well I'm all ears and all fap if you want to greentext a story here.
in texas 17 is legal.
chicks on FB that have animals as their profile pics or a pic of them and their fucking horse as profile and/oder title pic are insta-noped for me. All horse girls I've known so far are in some shape or form idiots and/or fucking insane.
Met ex when I got onto uni polo team
Had great sex
Fast forward two years
Live together she's gone crazy
I left

That is my experience with horse girls

I did whip her ass many times and make her put her jods on in bed
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continue anon
At least you had some fun. That's something.
>judging people by their social media profile pics

Alos don't all girls love animals in some way?

>i said ok roll over and turn around
>she does as shes told and pushes her pussy onto my cock, it was tighter than i thought but so fucking wet and warm
>i went to fuck her but she just started doing it on her own
>i let her go and just watched
>after a little i pushed her head into the bed and started fucking her hard
>she was moaning and biting my sheets
>i grabbed her hair and pulled her up to me
>i took off her shirt and bra and grabbed her tits hard, pinched and pulled her nipples
>she was moaning really loud and i said get on top
>she couldnt even say "ok" without breathing heavy
>i took the rest of my clothes off and laid on the bed
>she got on top facing me and began grinding her pussy on my cock
>i pushed up into her and she leaned over top of me
>i sucked on her tits while she rode me
>she worked her hips so fucking hard i thought my dick was going to break off
>i began fucking up into her
>i felt i was getting close so i sat up and pushed her onto her back
>i pushed my cock and she immediately started had orgasm
>i let her pussy convulse around my dick while i went slow
>when she was nearly done i started going hard and grabbed my head and stuck her tongue in my mouth
>i pushed away from her and grabbed her throat
>i was fucking her as hard and as fast as i could while choking her
>she had this look like she didnt know what was going on but she couldnt help loving it
>she was so loud and i knew i was going to bust
>i told her i was going to and she said to do it and she just said "inside, inside"
>i busted 2 ropes in her and pulled out and finished on her stomach and pussy
>i fell back onto my pillow and we were both just breathing heavy as fuck
>she started playing with my cock with her feet
>then we heard the front door slam
>she quickly grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom
>she ended up sleeping on the couch thank god
>she gave me her number but i dont talk to her
>havent seen her since i think her friend found out
nice fantasy you got there, anon. took you long to come up with? fap to it much?
Thread replies: 45
Thread images: 6
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