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Childhood sex experiences thread?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Childhood sex experiences thread?
>be me
>be 9 years old
>be at daycare
>think girls are weird, but interesting. only kids my age are girls anyway
>girl asks if I like anyone
>of fucking course not
>girl cries
>girl comes and finds me and asks me to follow her
>pulls down her pants / underwear
>tells me "this part feels funny when I think about you"
>touch it
>slimy, sticky, made girl make noise
>bad idea, wtf are you doing
>be me, 6 years old
>home alone watching tv
>pull shorts down to scratch ass
>dog comes and pokes asscheek with nose
>dog starts licking ass
>lock jingles
>pull up shorts and slap dog away
>mom walks in
>"what's that smell? it smells like ass in here"
>"i farted"
>20 years old and still disgusted by this moment
why do almost all people seem to have those? I have never had any sexual experiences as a child, not even in the slightest.
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>Be me, 3rd grade
>reading circle time
>sit in back row with cute girl in front of me
>her pants slide down a little so I can see the top of her buttcrack and her underwear
>I stick my hand down the back of her pants
>searching down, further, no fucking clue what I'm doing
>reach butthole
>rub it with finger till she squirms and leans forward
>inside butthole
>move finger around while she giggles
>pushing deeper
>"that's too much!" she says as she leans back to sit on my hand

>next reading day try it with different girl
>get told on by girl
>why do almost all people seem to have invented those
>and answered
all i have is that i used to hump everything when i was little
I got fucked in the ass by my uncle when I was six.

I have scars on my dick because I was fucking around with neighbor kid and he bit my dick.

Played truth or dare with my aunt who was a year older than me and fingered her.
>At summer camp
>Doing a lake exercise
>Have to work as a group to flip a life boat over and help each other climb back in
>Holding boat as girl climbs in standing on my shoulder
>She's wearing short tight swim pants
>They are too the side slightly so I'm getting a full view as she stands there for close to a minute
>She slips backwards and I get a mouthful of pubic hair
>Spit it out
>She either doesn't notice or pretends not to notice
>Be closet gay so trying not to throw up
I'm so happy I'm not alone...
I'm so sad it actually happened.. I was a fucked up kid, but not as fucked up as some of the other stories I've read
I like these threads. Best way to get reminded where I came from. Writing all the sex, I had before I turned 15 and sex was legal. Would fill a book.
>grade 1
>girl and i plan to meet each other in bathrooms:
>she asks to go to bathroom, then i ask a minute later
>go in washroom stall together, take down our pants, look at each other's genitals
>take turns peeing, seeing how it works

idk why we did that, but yeah.
I hope you know that she remembers doing that with you Jake
is being 16 classed as childhood?
kek. you have a 1 in an x(all possible male names from all cultures) chance chance of seriously freaking that anon out. I like those odds. Statistically you should have said "I hope you know that she remembers doing that with you, Muhammad."
I'd say 12 and under is, you're pretty much sexually mature at that point.
>nap/sleep time
>sneak up to girl
>touch her pussy
>most of the time girls were sleeping
>this one time this girl looks at me right in the eye

that's pretty much all I remember
>Statistically you should have said "I hope you know that she remembers doing that with you, Muhammad."
dont even know how old i was but when i was like..little idk i let my dog go hard on my arm lol. still freaks me the fuck out.
>Be 14, 2008
>chick hangs out with me all the time, pretty much a pseudo-GF but there was nothing between us, tho she always looked at me as if she wants the d
>One day she calls me asking if we want to hang out
>meet at playground by ourselves
>she hangs upside down on monkey bars
>her shirt falls down over her face
>she has no bra
>14 year old boner
>she pulls her shirt back up and notices, "Anon your pants..."
>I'm like "uh i gotta pee"
>I go into the woods behind the playground without her
>didn't notice she was following
>pull down my pants to pretend to piss
>suddenly hear her beside me "Is that a boner...?
>oh fuck scramble to put it away
>manipulative cunt says "I won't tell if you bring it out again..."
>bring it out again
>She touches it
>boner intensifies
>autist me is just standing there in shock
>while touching my dick with one hand she grabs my other hand it puts it in her pants
>snap back to reality
>finger her as she rubs me
>She bends down and fucking licks it, followed by a sloppy first virgin blowjob
>both get naked in the woods
>penis in vagoo
>almost cum in her but pull out and cum in her mouth
>we get dressed and leave, and bike down to wash up at my grandmothers house because she's gone shopping
>wash together
>more sexy time in bath
>getting out of the tub when eventually we hear front door
>fuck grandmother's home
>she gets dressed and I force her to climb out the back window
>realize she forgot her panties
>I just stuff them in my pocket

>grandmother says "Anon, bathroom smells weird"
>penis in vagoo
gtfo newfag
I once fingered a girl and she shit down my arm.
>grandmother says "Anon, bathroom smells weird"
pretty sure your grandmother knew
fak u
nother one

>meet girl on yabber.net - chat on msn for a few months, hit it off
>she's very sexual, more than me
>decide to meet
>have to take bus 40 minutes away from city, first time using public transpo alone
>she's waiting at bus stop with her mom
>we hang out in her room
>start getting hot and heavy after some dumb french movie
>suck on her tits, go for gold
>"i can't i'm on my period"
>she gives me my first bj instead
>when i came it was like half piss half cum
>ask "did you swallow?" "i swallowed -something-"
>go pee after, realize i should have done that before. lesson learned.
>doesn't matter, got head. look proudly at my lil dingus in washroom.
>eat dinner with her and mom after, awkward af
>never talk to her again. too pussy or something, sudden loss of innocence, other gay reasons.
> Me, be just born
> Doctor puts finger in my anus
> Jerks me off
I win
Moar ss! Please I need to fap and get to sleep I have work tomorrow.
>be around 6-7
>hanging out with friend in their play room (basically a room they had filled with mattresses and toys, etc.)
>lets play burger
>lay ontop of each other, suddenly dual boners
>feels pretty good, start dryhumping each other
>we both remove pants, frotting intensifies
>neither of us really realized this was something sexual
>didn't know about cumming/wasn't able to cum yet
>stayed like that for like 20 minutes

we "played" with each other for like a year or so, usually frotting (without either of us actually knowing what it was, just felt good), played doctor n shit, pussied out when asked to blowjob, heard about tape worms during school lol

>tfw this made me insecure through teenage years, especially since gays were looked down upon, and like i thought of myself as not gay
>grandmother says "Anon, bathroom smells weird"
she knew
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le stw.jpg
4 KB, 150x200
File: selfie.jpg (43 KB, 352x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ill contribute - i had more sexy adventures between the ages of about 6 and about 11 then between 12 and 24...possibly a sign that they damaged me in some way. I have a load of them so I'll just cram them into a few posts, as they aren't very long and I was too young to remember proper plot etc.

>be about 6 I'd say
>don't remember if this was the first time nor how or why it came about...but it's the first time i remember
>was friends with neighbourhood girl my age
>she says she needs to go to the toilet
>i say ok
>tells me to come with her
>reluctantly agree
>crammed into this 1mx1m toilet room (it's literally just a toilet in this room)
>she's sitting on the toilet
>i'm standing with my back against the door
>I say I want to get out
>she begs me nooo don't - i won't be long
>her knees are squished against my thighs as she sits, feet dangling above the floor
>I think she's going to quickly wee and then we can go play
>mfw she starts shitting
>i cock my head to the side and make a concerned face like a confused puppy
>think it's a little wrong - but funny nonetheless
>then the smell hits me
>start dry retching - feel eyes begin to water
>almost vomit
>she flushes and I open the door and burst out
>mum walks down the hall and sees us both leaving the toilet together
>I know im in trouble
>we keep walking outside to go play
>dad calls me in to another room
>mums gone straight to tell him
>what were you doing in there anon?
>honestly don't even remember what I said
>didn't get in trouble, just said I shouldn't do that
>allowed to go play
>everything turned out ok
more inc
stop lying Jay

she cropped on you? sicko
>this is 4chan

I have an experience, but every time I think about it the experience feels like a dream.

>be somewhere around 6 yrs of age
>only kids around my age was our neighbors they were all girls
>I always go over after school and just play with this one girl named Jackie
>one ay she says we should play mommy and daddy
>wtf is that shit
>she tells me she saw her mom and dad do something and she wanted me to try it with her
>she tells me to take my clothes off
>she takes hers off as well
>she tells me to lay on top her
>i lay on top of her and
>she tells me to move my body
>just move my entire body and up down like moving cheese across a cheese grater
>nothing happens
>she puts her mouth against mine and *kisses* me
>we stop after like 10 minutes
>she says we should get married
>get dressed up and go home
>every time i go over to her house we hold hands the entire time
>one day she just up and moves away
>havent heard from her since

I didn't even boner during all that. She was really nice though and really cool.
>Be 12
>Home with teenage cousin
>Everyone else is out
>I hear moaning coming from mom's room
>She's on the bed
>Watching porn
>Invites me to come watch with her
>I sit down
>We talk about things while we watch - mostly about how most guys aren't really that big and how most of the girls are totally faking orgasms
>Lesbian scene comes on
>We both get quiet
>She doesn't say anything
>Just leans in and kisses me
>I decide to try kissing back, just because
>Feels good bro
>We make out for the next hour
>End up turning the porn off and fingering each other in the shower stall
>I find out it's because she squirts
>Shower off afterwards
>Feel drained and tingly
>Head to bed early
>Never talk to her about it again
>She never acknowledges that it happened
>be me
>around 11
>started to learn about touching self around 10
>in cousins house for barbecue
>a lot of our cousins and family friends are there
>all this meat goes through me, need to shit
>go to the upstairs toilet which is right across from my cousins room
>in such a rush forget to lock door
>cousin, about 14 at the time walks in as I am wiping
>my dick was about 5-6" at 11, 8" now
>stares at my dick for the longest time, feels like eternity
>quickly pull trousers up and go downstairs
>enjoy the barbecue until cousin asks me to help her with her computer
>have forgot about what happened so I go without thinking
>in her room I can see there is nothing wrong with her computer
>go to leave, she's locked the door
>"anon, show me your thing again"
>she pulls down my trousers and gets on her knees in front of me
>at this point I've seen enough internet porn to know where this is going
>11 year old dick is diamonds even though she is my cousin
>"anon are you getting hard"
>starts jerking me off and progresses to licking my dick while staring at it like a child on his birthday
>"can you cum yet?"
>"whats that"? 11 year old me can orgasm but not cum
>"where a white liquid comes out" lel
>she runs over and closes curtains and pushes me onto bed
>takes off her underwear leaving her skirt on and sits on top of me
>dick is now officially the hardest thing on our planet
>slowly puts it in her and says to "not tell anyone"
>rides me for about a minute before I spasm and orgasm, still no nut
>she climbs off, thanks me and i pull my trousers up and we both go downstairs

Haven't been able to look at her the same way since and she knows I remember it all, I kind of want to dick her again and have fapped to that memory a lot.

Another with same girl

>be about 6 or 7
>same girl is over
>go to my bedroom to play
>in my room with door closed (normally doors are left open in my house)
>listening to the radio up so loud it was distorted on this little boom box
>for some reason I take off my fluorescent green shorts with a velcro fly (just a little detail i remember)
>take off shorts and underpants at same time
>standing there dancing with my shirt on and my tiny cock out
>we are both just jumping around being idiots for a couple of minutes
>mum opens the door
>I immediately jump back into my shorts
>it was pretty fucking deft for a 6 year old but the god dam velcro sound made it really obvious
>mum and dad give me another talk

another one

>be about 7 or 8 maybe
>At same girls house
>she has a 2 story cubby house outside
>go in there
>get completely naked
>lay on eachother
>no idea what we are doing
>don't really know if we achieved penetration per se
>i remember preferring it when she was on top - i didn't have to do anything
>i remember fucking loving it
>remember how much we would lose our shit when her dad would come out and call out that my parents wanted me home

This happened basically every few days. We would just mess around in the cubby house. I wish I had the knowledge to have asked her to suck me off or something, didn't even know that was a thing.

I started doing odd shit with other kids - and looking back it was pretty deviant and could have spiralled out of control.
Bring it up the next time you see her and see how she reacts

>be in 5th grade
>sleep over at neighbor's house
>he's a year or two younger than me
>we stay up all night playing video games
>right before we go to sleep
>he puts in a movie
>"American Pie 2"
>Part where they start showing tits
>he asks me if I'm horny
>I say no and go to sleep.

Never think anything of it until years later
......either your prostate is broken or you're a faggot liar

going for latter
>be adult
>huge pedo
>go onto /b/ and write fake stories about children fucking
had a threesome in a closet of an apartment suite with nobody living in it, when i was about 6 or 7.
and quads...nice
Everyone ITT. /thread
Threesome and quads, youre in for it.
>fuck grandmother's home
commas man. I managed to read that line out of context and got completely the wrong idea
Well I did once put my penis into my grandmother's home and fucked it in the vagoo.
>> 572290869
> 2014 and calling apostrophes commas
No, I meant commas nigger.

>fuck grandmother's home
>fuck, grandmother's home
File: 1384292454490.jpg (155 KB, 439x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>calling commata commas
plenty of awkward sex stories
>be me 9 years old
>on friday nights my female cousins (one older one younger) would come over to play while the adults watched football
>sister and older cousin listening to music
>me and younger cousin sitting on bed looking at books
>i'm in boxers and a t-shirt and she is in a nightie
>she says "hey want me to give you a massage?"
>i say yes
>she takes my shirt off and starts rubbing my back, feels fucking good man
>she starts grabbing tickling my ass
>we are both giggling like maniacs
>she tells me to turn over
>i have a boner but turn over anyway
>she starts rubbing my legs
>moves over and straddles one of my legs
>grabs my dick through my boxers and pulls it through the fly
>starts grabbing and tickling my dick
>we are both laughing and it feels great for me
>she is dry humping my leg
>suddenly she puts it away and continues the massage on my arms and chest

pretty weird memory to be honest. it turned out later on that she was molested by her dad (he used to strip his daughters down and use baby oil on them) so that might have had something to do with her behaviour.
>be me
>really young, like 4 or 5
>In the bath with my cousin
>Both male
>Suck each other off
>wtf were we thinking?
a girl humped me and I told her to stop and she wanted to be my girlfriend and I told her yes and she broke up with me a day later and I'm not gay
Also, I have into a fucking a lot of girls and boys when I was a children myself and I am still a virgin because I just rubbed my penis and never entered in there wholes
File: 1392984473337.jpg (636 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
636 KB, 1920x1200
wouldn't believe you if something similar didn't happen to me.
>be I think 10
>girl I liked rejected me last year
>all of a sudden she likes me for some reason
>fine by me
>wasn't sexually active yet
>she told me to rub her pussy
>wanted to look, but she didn't want that
>can remember fingering her 3 times
>at my home, at a friends when playing hide and seek, and in the car when my mom went shopping
>she told me she had sex with someone a lot older

all i remember
also had gay experiences with a guy around 10 - 11, but we both agreed this was practice for when we did it to a girl lel
Ikr what a cunt. Everybody who is somebody knows that they are called apostrophes.

no lie. maybe it's because i used to hold in my shits as a kid.. went like 2 weeks one time. anyway, hasn't happened since.
File: 1388130929821.jpg (120 KB, 515x515) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 515x515
>being this new
>be me
>7 years old
>go to mcdonalds
>get some weird as fuck vibrating kangaroo with my happy meal
>later at home
>let it vibrate on my arms
>feels funny
>put it on my belly
>goin deeper
>putting it on my tiny underage pussy
>suddenly feel huge urge to pee
>feels different then usually
>piss on the floor
>vagina is sensitive afterwards
>tfw i had my first orgasm
I've never heard of someone actually pissing when getting the sensation of peeing.
When I was 8 years old some horny teenage chick on the school bus used to jerk me off and I didn't know if it was wrong or not, but she said "It will help you in the future," so I didn't complain or tell anyone.

One day on the bus though we sat away from everyone else and she told me to lick her pussy and so I did, and then she told me to meet me in her backyard across the street from her house the next day.

When I got there she brought some other chick and they both took turns doing whatever to me and I didn't know it was sexual or anything.

After an hour they got caught and I never saw them again. I didn't know wtf happened other than it felt good.
>End up turning the porn off and fingering each other in the shower stall
>fingering each other in the shower stall
>fingering each other

so she fingered your butt?
>Be 7-8
>playing with girl friend. Go behind car park sheds. Watch her pee.
>Later on get her to raise her top and pinch her nipples.

>Be 9-10
>Find dads porn mag
>wtf is this?
>Have the hots for a girl
>One night get her into school fields
>Get her to pull down panties
>Rub my dick against her vag

>Other girl I have hots for
>Try to have sex with her in my bedroom
>Won't let me
>But lets my jack russell dog lick her vag. What a bitch.

>Jack off dog. Feel weird.

>Be 13-14
>Be at all boys school (fucking parents!)
>Get shown magazine called 'Dog instructions'
>Back dude. White woman and a GS dog sexing.
>Borrow mag and fap
>Mag gets confiscated by teacher.

Been into animal sex ever since.
across the street from my house***
File: laugh.jpg (19 KB, 619x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw she starts shitting
>autist not realising its a story from a femanon
Do you have a pile of shit inside your skull? Where in that story does it say anything about the person being a guy? Schmuck.
me, my step-sis and her bro used to all mess around when we were around 7 til we were 11. never had actual sex but did try sticking it in her a few times
File: Baelish - Oh yes.png (1 MB, 1132x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baelish - Oh yes.png
1 MB, 1132x1080
>me and this girl are smartest in class
>we always finish tasks early and get to play on the shitty computer
>one day I ask her to show me her vagoo
>she pulls down skirt to show for a second or two, and giggles
>ask her again
>she does, giggles more
>teacher interrupts but not caught
>for next few years she's my pseudo-gf (too young for anything serious)
>she moves and I never see her again
>add her on facebook like ten years later
>she looks exactly the fucking same, even has small tits
File: 1410191153375.jpg (540 KB, 1043x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
540 KB, 1043x1200
>be me 12 years old
>staying at grandmothers with female cousin who's 7
>she takes off her clothes and wants me to look at her/touch her
>I know it's wrong because she's my cousin and I freak out
>close my eyes and run away

the end
Oh shit. I read this whole thing as if it was your mom not your cousin. Oh me oh my.

Post her picture.
Getting your cock and balls stroked is fingered. This is sleeping with a girl 101.
found the 12 year old.
> be in primary three
> sit opposite girl called Louise
> she tells me to look under table
> i look under table
> mfw pants pulled down, skirt pulled up, spreading vagina
> 2nd time I've seen vagina in life
> instaboner
> teacher calls me to desk to get homework
> still have boner
> Louise laughs
few years previous

> hangin at my grans
> be 4
> girl next door asks if I've ever seen a flower
> say no
> girl shows me vagina
> mfw my 4 year old boner
> touch it
> feelsgoodman.jpg
A lo, there was trips.

lol no
File: adachisouji.png (250 KB, 481x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors my age
>tfw only child
>tfw only childhood experience with sex was masturbating at age 7 or 8 to my cartoon/anime crushes

I'm not asexual to real people and can only get off to fan fiction and doujins and thinking about my character crushes fucking me into oblivion.

Feels...kind of good.
Pic related.
so you're a huge flaming faggot? welcome to /b/!
  ▲
▲ ▲
New Fag cant triforce
its neurologically impossible for male humans to cum and pee at the same time. something to do with the parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system.

you have problems
File: 1411189557040.jpg (6 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 225x225
Yeah, you could say that
I am pretty gay, either way

Meant to say I am NOW asexual to real people.
Fucking autocorrect.
>about 11
>male cousin a year younger than me is sleeping over
>"lets play truth or dare"
>proceed to ask each other really sexual questions
>one of the dares involves me doing a joke pole dance
>head to the bathroom and wear the bathing suit i know my stepmum leaves there
>proceed to pole dance
>offer to suck his cock
>almost did it but chickened out, only briefly licked the tip
>as im walking back to the bathroom to put back the swimsuit, i brush against the doorway
>my dick reacts to this slight physical contact my cumming all over the swimsuit
>panicking, my 11yo mind decides the best course of action is to throw it out of the window (we lived on the top floor of an apartment)
>fast forward two weeks later; i visit my stepmum/dad again (parents were separated so only saw him every fortnight)
>swimsuit is back in the bathroom
>never know what exactly happened
>Everyone ITT. /thread
gtfo b8
are you heaven? you have the colour of heaven.
File: Shinjidisgust.png (354 KB, 795x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354 KB, 795x427
>be 5-6ish
>at kid who lived in units across the road room
>watchin something on tv
>nigger has a fucking goosebumps tent thing
>he is about a year older than me
>asks me if i want to have sex
>i say no because I wanted to watch tv
>he says I can be on top so I can watch
>tell this motherfucker no and end up leaving as he gave up
>mfw I almost had gay sex
> Be 20
> Living in apartment block
> Babysitting for some cash til I can get more hours at work
> Awesome kid, his 7 but I let him play fifa (kids scary good) til when his parents are out
> Get more hours at work, can't babysit him anymore
> His parents ask the 15 y.o. girl opposite my apartment to babysit
> Weeks later coming back from a late shift, his parents are on a anniversary weekend
> Hear crying coming from a bush outside our apartment block
> Creep over to bush and look behind it
> See the bitch, pants down sitting on his face jacking his bleeding dick
> Instantly get pissed, kick her in the shoulder and cradle the kid in my arms back to my apartment
> Call his parents and get them to come home early
> that bitch girl comes clean, her parents send her to live with her grandmother
> Grandmother died 2 weeks ago, the bitch is living here again

TL;DR Life is unfair
Is the neighbor physically attractive?
Don't let your hate toward her cloud your judgement.
>snap back to reality

I can't be the only one that was expecting spaghetti at the end
File: Thewildyouth.jpg (56 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 600x600
>be about 6-7
>finally sort of make friends at school
>one weird kid who everyone hates, tells me about condoms being demons and shit like that
>tell me how he has an older friend who plays sex with him and shows him his penis, and how white liquid comes out
>decide to hang out after school with him
>go to his older friends house, that kid mustve been about 16
>he asks right away if we want to play sex
>still not sure what sex is, and white liquid coming out of peen, have to see that
>we all get naked and he makes us jerk him off
>friend takes my penis in his mouth and tells me not to start peeing
>feels warm and get the urge to piss
>more weird shit happens but suppressed memories...
>he came all over our little bodies, and my friend was laughing but i felt pure regret,
>innocence lost forever
>went home told parents, and completely blew up, had talks with his parents, police, teachers etc.
>never saw the older guy again, and parents dont want me to be friends with weird kid

looking back now, i think this event is the cause for all the fucked up shit to come later in my life, been through the juvenile system for sexual deviancy
Honestly she was a tall lanky girl, she looked around a 7/10 though
File: 1412294898947.jpg (73 KB, 432x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 432x686
>Be me about ten years ago
>Wander into forest behind cuz im a stupid kid
>get naked because of crazy heat.
>see big ass owl on a branch
>Ask it questions about sucker i had in my mouth
>Big ass owl counts to three and bites my dick off
>MFW i still dont know how many licks till i reach the center of the tootsie pop.
Pics of her?
>14 year old girl hanging upside down on monkeybars.

So you both have downs, or was it just her ?
File: frisbee.png (408 KB, 576x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408 KB, 576x590
at least you got to hit her

You said she was sitting on his face. In which way? No pants, pussy right at his face or pants on, her whole bodyweight crushing his head?
made me chuckle
She was riding his face, why should it fucking matter?
Because this is my fetish, you twit.
>be 14
>be grill
>be hanging out with older step-brother in basement bedroom
>parents asleep
>brother drinking nasty plastic bottle vodka
>ask if I can have some
>brother says too young but looks the other way
>feeling good
>just sitting around bullshittin' with bro and getting first buzz
>bro asks if i want to sneak out with him to go see friends
>i go get ready still drinking dank koolaid and vodka
>head back down to bro's bedroom
>party was cancelled. fuck cops.
>big bottle of vodka almost gone
>both of us slurring a bit and laughing
>start getting tired and lay on broanon's bed
>bro anon asks if I want to watch a movie
>i'm cool and say let's watch porn
>broanon gives weird look and says go ahead kek
>i google up some xvideos
>we're laying there just watching the video in complete silence
>seen bro anons arm moving under his blanket
>slide my hand up skirt and down into my panties
>I'm soaked
>I'm drunk

>rub clit. too drunk to care.
>bro anon asks if this is turns me on
>afraid to respond. say "i dont know"
>broanon asks if he should check.
>say "if you want"
>broanon slides hand up my thigh and moves panties to side
>be soooo horny
>broanon puts finger inside me (not virgin)
>broanon start fingering me very very well
>get too horny, take off dress
>bro anon sucking on my tiny bewbs
>reach down and grab his dick through his jeans. he's soo hard. he's still fingering me. almost cum right there.
>broanon pulls his pants and undies off and puts my hand back on his dick
>broanon picks me up and we move to floor
>first 69 ftw
>I cant take anymore foreplay
>i turn around and get on top of broanon
>slide dick inside me
>feel full
>he takes me by the hips and start moving me back and forth on his cock. I cum within 10 strokes.
>we keep going hard for about 2-3 more minutes
>broanon says he's gonna cum
>i tell broanon to cum in me
>i want it so bad
>he instantly explodes inside me
>lay on his chest for 30 min with him still inside
>go to bed and never talk about it again
>be 10
>Girl neighbors
>same age
>tell me about sex (anal)
>they say they over heard their parents
>we mess around in their wood play house/cubby house thing
>we sex
>feels good.Jpg
>take turns with each sister
>they randomly up it and move
>4 years later I have herpes
>find out their step-dad was deported
>he raped them
>I got herpes
>lol no
It is a very mild disease, just a minor skin condition. I can't blame anyone for wanting to protect themselves from it, but it is blown waaay out of proportion in society. It's not AIDS or cancer, for fuck's sake.
>be 7-8
>finds uncles porn mag
>get wierd sensation
>end up trying to fuck the porn mag
It's not dangerous, but it's permanent and really uncomfortable when/if you get a partner.
Such a envious beta, this 7 yo kiddo won
Similar to a story of mine
>be in kindergarten
>get in trouble one day
>get sent to timeout
Just some table in another room from the class, unsupervised
>a girl was at the table
>she tells me to look under the table
>flashes me her ass
>she instructs me to do the same
>flash ass
>tell her to show the other side
>she said she doesn't like too
As if this is a common event for her
>eventually she does
>internally jizz buckets
>tells my to show mine
>whip out my inchworm
>end of that day
>next day sent to time out
>tell a random girl there to look under the table
>says eww and screams
>tells on me
I ended up not getting in trouble, just told not to do it by my teacher and parents
>be 14
>have my first gf
>over at her house
>day b4 broanon gave me a condom
>gf-chan knows about the condom
>laying on her bed, making out
>gf-chan slides her hand down my pants, squeezing my dick
>i squirm
>"anon, did.. um.. you wanna have sex?"
>gf-chan has big tits, volleyball player butt, and is a huge nerd = me being rock hard
>gf-chan gets the condom
>she kindly asks if i know how to put it on [lol cos i didn't] so she put it on
>she slowly sits down, guiding my dick into her
>she grabs my hand and puts it onto her hip, and my other hand on her boob
>rides me for about 5 mins before i bust a nut
>?? we're still dating, just not as awkward ??
His dick was bleeding because she stuck her finger in his urethra, it got infected and he had to have surgery on it.
> He totally won
Reads better when you say Physiological...
he did what you wanted to do.
> be me at age 5
> have new neighbours
> neighbour's daughterss are 9 and 7 years
> meet and greet the neighbours
> girls come over to my house to play
> go play at my room and mom is in the kitchen
> go to the porch where the big tree blocks the view for anyone to see the porch
> 9 yr old let's call her jasmine insist on playing mom and dad
> 7 yr old let's call her ruby is our play daughter
> jasmine makes ruby go back to their house and get a blanket
> she starts kissing me the moment she leaves after closing the door on the porch
> she tells me this is what moms and dads do
> I go with it
> next day we play the same thing and sends her sister to go pick up a doll
> she pulls down her underwear from underneath her dress
> pulls downs my jeans
> grabs my cock and tells me this is what mom's and dads do
> she is a bit taller so she leans against the wall of the porch and tells me to put inside her
> feels like Heaven
> she starts give me blowjobs on the porch and we fuck standing up
> one day mom let's a sleep over happen
> she sleeps on my bed I take the floor cause feminism
> around 2 in the morning go on top of her and wake her up
> she is 12 and I am 8 and my dick actually gets hard now due to premature puberty
> we fuck for 25 minutes and tells me I a good daddy
> she moves on with her life after age 13 no more sex because she has a boyfriend fucking her
> I sexually touch ruby now because jasmine is gone
> ruby sucks my dick
> shit was so cash
> I ask her how she is so good
> tells me her big brother whose 20 now makes jasmine and ruby fuck his dick
> date ruby around age 13
> break up later
> jasmine is 23 now and has two kids and sometimes tries to talk to me because she sees me drive around in my jaguar XK
> she got disowned by her parents for being a whore
> ruby is doing good but still a huge slut
> and I jack off constantly and sleep with gf and her best friend now
File: jay4.jpg (23 KB, 500x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 500x300
Alright alright, it was just a bit of piss
I find it sad/ridiculous that everyone was just 'meh' about the whole thing, and by your story seems like no punishment was given out.
Girls will be girls I guess?

Highly doubt whoever posted this but it's p hot
Why do you ask stupid questions?
File: WP_20140705_011.jpg (183 KB, 918x1632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 918x1632
> be me
> be about 4 or early 5
> have friend that parents take turns babysitting us
> mom leaves to go to the bathroom
> we are alone
> tells me to pull my pants down and offers to do the same
> I say no
> he persuades me
> I see a quick flash and then hear my mom coming back
> my curiosity is aroused
> start inspecting each other whenever we are alone
> start kissing
> lots of teeth clanking
> he makes me touch it
> starts touching me
> I learn to orgasm
> we play wedding sometimes and then start touching each other
> no more teeth clanking
> ask to put it in me
> we try it standing up
> doesn't work
> hear his mom calling us back inside
> never see him again
in December shortly before my 6th birthday his moms car slid into a train. Him, his mom, and two of his three siblings died. I was devastated. I dont remember much of that year. My mom started taking me to a kindergarten classmates house to play. We started dry humping every time we had a sleep over. We were both the smartest kids in our class and got along great.
> Mom catches us once
> never see her again
> be home schooled
> start fantasizing about raping the girls in my ballet class
> be 7 start hearing voices
> think its Jesus
> meet dad for the first time
> tells me Jesus isn't real
> never tell anyone about the voices
> meet the neighbor girl across the street from my dads house
> start playing and dancing at first
> a lot of slutty outfits
> want to try something?
> uh sure
> I dont think were supposed to do this
> its okay I saw it on Nickelodeon
> ice broken
> started more effective dry humping
> started eating each other out
> be 9
> she moved
> Last experience till I was 14
Well the police forced her parents to send her to live with a relative, since she came back the landlord is forcing her family to move out. The landlord got fined for some shit reason because it happened on his property.
Seriously? The landlord gets in more shit than the girl did? That's some justice right there....
File: 1390754663258.png (177 KB, 779x548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 779x548
>I'm going to leave now before you claim me a legend..
someone save this shit
I will never forget it. We've never mentioned it since it happened over 7 years ago but it is still the hottest sexual experience of my life.
File: 1391610091514.jpg (68 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 1024x768
i almost believed you're not a neckbeard niggerfag
Absolute topkek.
Source on this picture? Any clues on where to find more?
moot is a faggot
>be 6
>get molested by friend's sister
>be 7
>grab older sisters tits
>"you're doing what"?
>never speak of it again
>be 12
>try to penetrate dog
>shit dick
wheres that pic from? looks like a girl I know
File: 115877628.gif (459 KB, 500x236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
459 KB, 500x236
>be 8
>playing at friends house
>his niece falls asleep on couch
>grope her butt
>got caught
>older sister falls asleep in her room
>see her pussy in shorts
>put kool aid bottle in her hole
>she knew, never told anyone
File: 1407813082350.gif (2 MB, 200x113) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 200x113
I know what he means
it's a thinner, hotter sperm, that's more liquid-like, and is clearer

I used to cum the same way my first few times
>be 19
>babysitting friend's siblings
>his young sister sits in my lap
>my shame
>go home, fap, cry
Damn nigga you fukt up
4/10 Try harder
File: 1411914690989.jpg (13 KB, 389x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 389x343
File: 1407157467388.jpg (12 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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confirmed for chronic herpes jew
>autist for implying there's girls on 4chan.
>he used to strip his daughters down and use baby oil on them
I wonder if she liked it.
>be 18
>no actual sexual experience

feels bad

this child is new, jus born into this world
Not even kissing? I "played house" with a chick my parents were babysitting when I was maybe 8 or 9 and she was about 10 or 11. Just an excuse to kiss each other really.
File: 1310875806521.jpg (61 KB, 512x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 512x384
>be 20
>still not even touch vagina or anus
>kissed only 1 girl but after kissing she slaps me in my face
>precocious puberty onset at 8
>be me in 6th grade
>11 years old, a few months before my 12th birthday
>several of us talking in class about our dicks
>buddy says his dick is 4 inches long
>three other guys says their dicks are about that size
>feel embarrassment and pressure to conform
>i say "i guess that's big"
>inwardly thinking that seems small
>go home
>measure dick with yardstick in closet cause lol don't know where a ruler is
>awkwardly trying to measure dick
>straighten slight upward curve of dick out
>dick is 8.75 inches long
>first time i ever knew my dick was big


>be me
>in between ages of 11 and 13
>be 5' nothing 90lbs
>8.75 inch dick
>suck my own dick just by bending over
>increasing difficulty of doing so when i get taller from 13-15 leads me to totally abandon doing it
>can no longer do so
>dick is same size it's been since then
>28 now
I remember things from kindergarten.

one thing I'd do with girls was convince them to take off their clothes, and then we'd hug each other while lying down.

one time I was caught doing this. my parents were notified, but I don't remember suffering from it.

these days I've come to a certain understanding. that in primary school, teachers wanted to put me in the "special kids" class because of my behaviour during the previous years.

not long after that, my mother divorced my father, and she refused to let him see me or meet me. that leads me to think that he may have been the cause of me urging girls to get naked.

he may have done the same to me at home, in secret. and my mother must've put these pieces together.

File: 1412179365046.jpg (51 KB, 543x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 543x415
>doesn't even have sexual experience as an adult
File: 1411678490844.jpg (244 KB, 1936x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244 KB, 1936x1936
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
File: 1408795950591.jpg (46 KB, 300x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 300x286
age of 5 and knowing how to kiss and having boners?? 0/5
her name wasn't sarah was it? i had the nearly same experience
Fuck her, she clearly needs some attention. .. Dont be a selfish fuck
>be me 12 have neighbor that's 20 something total hero bro I worshipped
>parents let us hang out because I'm loser with no friends
>mostly me watching work on his car n shit
>my birthday comes and he tells me he has a special surprise
>gives me 5 of his old hustlers and a joint
>I'm embarrassed because not sure what to do with the joint
>dude bro laughs n says he'll show me later
>parents let me stay over at his place, they did all the time
>I bring the hustlers n joint and he shows me how to smoke up
>he starts going through the porn and just takes his cock out n starts strokifreaked despite being high I'm freaked out but bro is like no worries all dudes jerk together
>um ok
>then he leans over and starts stroking me and tells me to stroke him
>um ok
>I'm awkward hard now, feels good but I'm super confuse
>then he tells me to suck him like the porno whores... um what
>he says it will feel amazing and he will do it to me
>he never did feelsbadman.gif
>we kept hanging and half the time he did shit to me
>I never really like it but I loved hanging out with him when he wasn't pushing sex
>fucked up I guess but when you don't have friends your world view changes
>I'm almost 30 now and have only been with chick's so I guess it didn't mess me up
Lurking this thread way to fucking much

> TL;DR Life is unfair
> referring to how a kid was raped and didn't get justice served
> Not everyone wants to be a pedo like you

How did you not end up preggers?
I guess I wasn't ovulating at the time or just got lucky. I've often fantasized about if I had gotten pregnant. I have no idea why I think that's hot. It would have been a nightmare
Not with that punctuation it wouldn't.
Whole pile of these Ill post a bunch

>be 11 or 12

>Female cousin, me and older sister are out playing after dark, other kids asleep already
>we are too busy to go inside to pee so we go to top of property and pee on asphalt driveway by road
>I see my cousin and sisters bush as it comes out
>we do this for years until my younger siblings are allowed out that late

My older cousin was so hot, tall and athletic but now she's a 50 year old pill junkie, has a swollen hand like Ron Perlman in "Hellboy" FFFUUU

>9 or 10
>walking on beach, come across lady sunning herself naked,
>stomach the size of a whale
>my babysitter sees me looking a tells Mom, Mom is cool with it, nothing else comes of it

>years later 14 or so, the girl is watching me while family is on vacation
> I missed school due to flu and have to catch up in summer school
>we take walk on beach, she jokes with me and points to a rock and says "What organ is that shaped like?"
>I dont get the joke and she says its shaped like a bum
>I get flustered and blush hard
>she asks if I want to go swimming and said I did but I'd have to go get my suit, she says lets go up the beach where its private and quiet
>she has freckles everywhere, legs and between her breasts, just like my 1st GF, also have a fair sized boner
>she asks about any "special friends" etc
>I tell her about my first GF, V. she knows her and didnt know we went out, she asks how far we went, got my first kiss by her fireplace and had sex on her trampoline in the backyard after dark
>We swim for a while and my boner goes away and she walks me home

>I cook myself some dinner and she phones home to say where she is (shes 21 and still lives at home) and that she'll be home soon
>I take a shower to clean the salt off me and she walks in and undresses too, and gets in with me
File: dancing_dog.gif (1 MB, 320x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x328

I think you should post a pic of yourself, at least of your body, even if you are fat.
>be 11
>night at my cousins house, aunt wants me to bathe
>she forcibly gives me a bath
>tfw I clearly know how to bathe
>try to hold back boner when she's scrubbing me
>can't tell if molested
>be me
>6 or 7
>me and the neighbour kid see his brothers laptop with loads of pron on it
>decide to see what its like
>both get naked
>get 3 inch hardon
>start sort of hotdogging him
> do this for like 5 mins then stop
> never talk about it again
File: smug.jpg (11 KB, 300x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 300x250
>be in year 1 (UKfag)
>getting changed for P.E
>guys and girls dressed together
>sit with best friend (male) and some girl
>start touching each other privates
>i fingered a girl in year one

how does it feel knowing some of you faggots have never even kissed a girl at 18+
what if it's not only smellz?
>be 13-14
>have first gf
>didn't know she's way too experienced for a 15 year old
>go swimming in local lake
>take her back to my house
>both strip naked to change clothes
>play truth or dare on my bed
>end up getting naked again because duh
>start making out
>rock hard, can't help it
>girl grabs dick and strokes it
>she puts it in
>holy fuck what is going on
>she's on top so I'm just laying there like wat
>she finishes and I'm just laying there rock hard still inside
>minutes go by still no cum
>she gets up and puts her clothes on
This guy.
I kissed my mother's ass, top that.

>she asks if she was the only one and I dont answer
>I tell her I used to give Bjs to a kid up the block from me for a year or so, she asks if I enjoyed doing that and I said I did
>she asks if there was anything else, and I told her about the male teacher I was having sex with in the school annex building and at his house, she asked if he forced me and I said he didn't, I ask her not to tell anyone, including her father who is principle of that school
>we sit a while on the couch, TV on but not really watching
>she excuses herself and goes down the hall, to the bathroom, I hear her call out for me to come down too
>her voice is in my parents bedroom and she is undressing and wants me to do it
>she showed me how to eat pussy after I told her how I got my nickname "Johnny Quiff" in the yearbook (eating gf out in back gym storeroom, and some kids spread rumors around
>we have sex every evening for 10 days until parents come home.

>two weeks later she tells me she is moving to Australia and have sex a few more times

H. got married, moved back to Canada and we actually had sex a few more times when her husband had to go back for a month to settle his fathers estate. She was pregnant with her first child at the time
pic sauce?
>9 years old at daycare

9 year old kids dont go to daycare, dipshit, theyre in school

fucking liar
>Be me, about 9 years old
>Cousin a year younger about 8 and her smaller 5 year old sister come over
>Be in my room when the 8 year old suggests we play "house"
>Playing shitty house in bedroom and guest room
>5 year old says that I'm the daddy and 8 year old is the mommy
>Tells us it's bed time
>8 year old crawls in bed under the sheets and 5 year old goes into thd guest room to "sleep in her room"
>mfw what no way
>rewind to past year, I've already been watching porn because older cousin put porn on TV one day when we were alone and I looked at it on the daily when I got to use computer
>In spooning position
>I pull down her pants and pull mine down too

I love stories about dinosaurs!
>When I was ~6 I used to give my mom foot massages.
>I really just went under the blankets and worshipped her feet. I would suck on her toes and lick her soles.
>She never said anything and always let me do it.

I got my first "girlfriend" at 7.
>She was 8.
>The first day we made out and swapped candy m2m in front her sister and my brother/sister.
>She went as far as rubbing my dick through my jeans that first day.
>one night go to the movies with her
>in the middle of the movie she grabs my hands, puts it under her shirts and on her b-cup 8yo tits.

Oh how I wish I could go back.
someguy shoved his dick in my ass when I was a kid, I thought we were just playing. Don't think I got penetrated, but definitely molested
>be around 8 years old
>go to cousins house so she can babysit me
>big tittied Russian
>she talks to me about what I watch on TV
>i know the porn channel and watch every now and then when parents are sleeping and I sneak to living room
>she asks if I want to touch her boobs
>oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!
>she begins to undress me while I am entirely consumed by her gigantic tits
>don't realize I am standing nude with an erection the size of a AA battery
>she begins to slowly lick and play with my asshole
>begin to pee on her tits
>start crying and apologizing over and over
>hugs me and tells me it will be alright
>carries me to bathroom and we shower together
>suck her boobs while she rubs my tiny dick
>get out of shower
>close the door
>get on the bed
> I'm screaming like a dinosaur while my tiny dick is in her glorious tits

I don't think you know how cup sizes work.

You have to account for the sample bias of present 4chan users





Eh? She developed early. I remember her vividly telling me she was a 32B.
>dick is diamonds
>I start rubbing my dick up and down in between her ass cheeks
>reach around and start rubbing her pussy (shittily of course) running my finger up and down the slit
>she starts twitching and moaning a little
>5 year old comes in and says it's morning
>I say no no it's still night
>run fingers along pussy more
>we stop, pull up pants
>we continue to play without "sleeping" anymore
>they leave
>smell fingers
>it smells like piss
Do you still work there?
Alpha as fuck
i know a girl who was a D cup at 9. She started precocious puberty at 5. Parents have put of hormones now so her tits have shrunk back to saggy B cups. She's now 12.

12 with saggy tits. How cruel.
even if you wanted to do could done what you did had
>be 9 y/o
>finds the wonderful world of redtube
>see's pics of girl sucking dick in a taxi cab
>invites friend round to play, shows her the pictures
>she doesn't understand
>honestly I didn't understand either, I thought it was a battered sausage
>friend goes home later on
>sees more porn
>decides it would be really cool to get one of my large crayons and insert it in my vagina.
>freaks out
>learns that I can push crayons out without using hands

there were a few other things I discovered earlier on that most other grills in my life, but this was one of em'.
when I was ten me and a guy friend would jerk each other off.....same age one day I let him put it in my bum....also would give his older bro hand jobs and blowjobs
Some do. They go to daycare after school. The daycares are usually close to the school, or are within the bus zone. The parents usually do it because they don't have enough time to get their kids right away.

I know this because I had to do it until the first 3rd year of junior high because of how busy my parents are.
File: 1412313789528s.jpg (3 KB, 124x116) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 124x116
Be 35 years old

Molest my 5 year old daughter

Make her lick my dick



>be 8 y.o.
>sleepover with neighbor who is 10
>we're talking about random shit
>we're playing
>fucker pulls down pants and starts jacking me off and asks me if I know what he's doing.
>confused as fuck but feels good
>asks me to do it to him
>fuck it
>by the end of the night we're sucking each other off while he fingers me
>slept over as often as I could for 2 years until my family moved away.
>Used to fuck me in the ass every time he could
>was only homosex experience I've ever had
>never been with a dude since
>miss him
>be me
>be 10
>dog humps my leg for the first time
>red interior penis pops out
>felt like a scientist because of this discovery
>had to show it to older brothwr
>older brother was with hia friends at the porch
> "big brolook! I made a diacovery"
>picks up dog and slide thw foreskin down
>no reaction from them
>pull foreskin back up and down again
>expecting them to be awed as if i pulled a rabbit out of a hat
>cpntinue pulling foreskin up and down because they might be too amazed to understand the mechanics of my discovery
>dog penis squirts milk
>i shout "omg! I turned her into a girl
>one of big bro's friends puked
>i cried because i broke the dog and turned h into a girl.

All in the name of science
>Me 8 years old
>13yr old male cousin from out-of-state stays for summer vacation
>Basically a free babysitter while parents have to work
>Hit it off pretty well, seems smart/kind, look up to him
>One day tells me to come into parents bedroom
>Tells me to lie down on bed
>"What do you know about your pee-pee, anon?"
>Wut. Really embarrassed but tell the truth and say nothing really
>"Well you know, I found a way to make it feel really good"
>??? curiosity peeked, ask how?
>This parts a blur, but we end up laying side-by-side naked on the bed
>"This may feel weird at first, but we're going to make each other feel really good"
>Proceeds to reach over and gingerly stroke my penis
>Squirming because the feeling's so intense
>Orgasm after a couple of minutes, but no cum b/c 8
>"Was that good, anon?"
>"Do you wanna make me feel good too now?"
>Nod again, I reach over and start stroking him
>He starts breathing heavily, moaning
>Feels weird seeing him like that, but knowing I'm making him feel good too is nice
>"I feel it anon... I'm gon- I'm gonna cum!"
>Huge spurts of white stuff all over my hand and his dick
>Shocked, feels like I did something wrong
>"It's okay, anon. It's a good thing. You'll get it too when you get to be my age. You made me feel really good"
>So many feelings, but tell him that he made me feel good too
>Tells me we can do it as much as I want when my parents are gone but to NEVER tell anyone
>Do mutual jo throughout that summer, got more stories if interested

I don't remember being this retarded when I was 10. But then a stream of shit I did came rushing back and I remember being MUCH more retarded when I was 10...


Interested. GO OOOON.

This thread still alive. Amazing.
> be me
> be 7-8 year old
> me and my friend at school fooling around
> "pull your pants down anon, i want to see it"
> being confused but still pull my pants down
> he pulls his pants down and starts to rub against me
> im like wtf!?!? but it feels good so i dont resist
> i start getting scared that somebody will see ous and i stop
> he tells me to go in while every body else have school brake
> brakes start andi sneek past teachers and go in this small room
> he tells me to do the same thing again but on the sofa in the room
> we both cum but nothing comes out because of the premature fags we where
> he ask me to put my penis in his anus and ride him as a horse
> i try put its hard, he starts to move and make sounds like a horse
> we did it a couple of weeks and stop
> we where still good friends after that but now a days we go to different schools and have never talked sense we where 10 ( im a 15 newfag )
i have alot of more stories like that, i had a fucked up child hood but im totally fine now tho.
sorry for misspelling shit.
>14 yr old virgin
>does vag to mouth just before cumming

>all this meat
underage b&
Underage b&
shoulda lickd her ass clean, ya fag,
File: 1411883394409.png (861 KB, 960x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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o plz anon thats easy
  ▲
▲ ▲
File: 1407966662305.png (285 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285 KB, 720x720
>be 15
>need to stay with 9 y/o f
>she wants to play with me
>don't know what game she wants to play so i just sit and listened to her
>she get up from bed and just undressed herself
>I was like "What the fuck is she doing?" But then i said that she need to dressed up
>she didn't want to
>she said that she want to see my underwear
>I said that I won't do that so she did that by herself
>I didn't know what should i do so I just stayed and watch what is she doing to me
>she saw penis for the first time
>she was like "what is this? Can I touch it?"
>Saddenly she touched my dick
>then she turn back and i saw her vagina
>slowly scrubbing it
>she yelled
>I was scared a little so we end like this

I think that she will be a great bitch.
>be this fag
>make a story up
>tell everyone you have a 8" dick
nice try guy
>Me 6 years old, my brother 3
>Bathing together
>We start biting each other
>He bites my dick
>>572329396 cont

>About a week later, basically doing mutual jo everyday since
>At it again, now we jerk each other off at the same time
>Still laying side-by-side, but this time I ask him something
>"Hey big bro (parents encouraged calling him that, he seemed to like it too), can we try something?"
>He seems pleasantly surprised
>"Sure anon, what do you want to do?"
>"Can we touch pee-pee's while we make feeling good?"
>He repositions himself on his side, me still laying down
>"Okay anon, do you want to do it softly?"
>Mmhm. Nod slowly.
>Gently brushes the tip of his cock with mine
>Feels warm and wet because of his pre-cum
>Gently slides the head of his cock up and down my whole dick
>Start stroking him again with the head of our dicks touching
>When I stroke towards me our dicks rub a little more and it feels really good
>"Oh god, anon. That's really good... you're gonna- I'm gonna cum!"
>Cums all over my dick, shuttering the whole time
>Oh god, it's so warm and sticky and nice
>He collapses back down and just lets his cum stay on my dick for a bit
>After some heavy breathing, he reaches over and starts to stroke me
>With his cum all over my dick, makes it feel soooo good
>Slides up and down easier, and makes a nice sound
>I feel it, building up. Still squirm everytime.
>Orgasm so hard I can feel my urethra contract. Felt like I actually ejaculated
>Lay there and recover for a minute
>"So anon, why'd you want to do that?"
>"So I can cum like you big bro!"

Did further stuff along the line if people are still interested. Just for heads up, I'm not gay but I definitely think this experience has made me have a fetish for mutual jo
>lived in the country
>Two girls moved in next door when I was 6
>Oldest was a year younger than I was
>They're the only ones to play with within 4 miles of me
>We're all playing with their sit-n-spin in their room
>It's hot, so I take off my shirt.
>They're hot too, but don't want to take their shirts off
>So I take off my pants. Now they take their shirts off.
>Younger one is still too hot, so we convince her to take her pants off
>Eventually, all three of us are in our underpants
>playing on the sit-n-spin.
>Their mother comes in, sees us, kicks me out of the house
>Never allowed to play there again.
>I don't get to see them again for years.
Years later, a buddy of mine has the younger neighbor in his car. He's showing all his buddies how she's willing to give him head on command.
I get to talk to her at a party - yeah, she remembers the sit-n-spin incident. Her mother never let her forget.
MFW, her mothers reaction is why she slutted out in the first place.
She blew me that night too.
Gotta love teen rebellion.
Why the gay stories though...
File: 1408876374400.jpg (60 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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best one so fucking far
Because people on 4chan like to pretend their homosexuals to be edgy.
No daycare in russia i guess.
>be 7 year old me
>my stepdads friend, anon, has a daughter of same age as me
>Deseray was her name
>She came over one day
>Chrones riddled mommie was all who watching us all day
>We start playing a game where we take turns being teacher and student
>Student would be "bad"
>Teacher would lead student by hand to bedroom
>pants and undies off anon
>Bend over bed anon
>Ping pong paddle spankings
>I thoroughly loved it giving or receiving
>recently remember this happening
>so that's where my fetish comes from
>MFW creepy guy with spanking fetish
I like my stories to have an at least one male per 1 female ratio
You're using jokes from The Big Bang Theory, dude. But I'm laughing anyways.
> be me in kindegarten
> have crush on this girl
> my asshole friend likes her too
> they sit next to each other
> one day all of a sudden he ask's her to go under the table
> I can see him unbuckle his belt
> she start to touch his 4 year old wiener
> traumatized for life
More like sexperience! ;-)
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