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>Times you were caught masturbating
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>Times you were caught masturbating
>be me
Still hasn't happened. not that anything would. Wifey doesn't give a damn as long as i give it to her regularly enough
>be me be 14
>mom and grandma go to store
>ALL RIGHT! I got at least 30 minutes
>go to computer in living room and completely take off bottoms
>take a few minutes to boot up and find the nastiest lesbo scene I could find
>*bubble guts* oh no i gotta shit
>quickly run to bathroom which lasts a good 30 minutes of shitting
>i still hear the hour porno very loud going off
>hear the door open
>i quickly run and shut down comp by holding power button
>mom and grandma pretend not to see me naked
>mom and grandma proceed to put up groceries
>mom says she's going to get McDonalds she will take ABOUT 10 MINUTES just so i know
>they leave and I finish shitting then stay in my room for the rest of the day
nice any more?
I got plenty but that was my worst/most embarassing one even though they didn't make a big deal about it & just ignored me for the rest of the day

>be me be 24
>fapping all night last night and all day this morning
>found new porn star so thinking bout fapping all day in my room
>totally forget mom said last night to be up early because relatives were coming so i can fix their computer
>headphones on so can't hear front door open but hear the footsteps near my door
>quickly go under covers and get all red faced
>cum tissues all over floor
>barely audible moaning & groaning from porno
>smell of a loser that's been jerking off all day
>mom opened the door and quickly shut it
>she closes door and i akwardly clean up then open door and wave at relatives then go in shower
>once i'm all done I fix their computer

My uncle makes fun of me for jerking it all the time since he fucks my aunt like daily but w/e I'm a guy

lurking 10/10 /b/ro
Are you thin could I jerk you off
>be me be 19
>at college parking lot
>just came from stealing my cousin's panties from laundry basket
>was running late so couldn't stop & fap had to go to class
>start fapping in truck thats a POS
>turn off truck so dont ruin battery but no air conditioner
>fapping is really making my hands sweaty and my dick is flopping everywhere
>sniff panties then put over dick and fap like crazy
>so hot i open door nobody is around i parked at the far back of parking lot
>*GASP!!* from a female's voice
>i turn to look in horror as another female college student was on phone and sees me fapping with my truck door open with panties around my dick
(my pants were still on just pulled down)
>she starts talking about a creep jerking it in the parking lot
>i see the shuttle bus coming so i fap super hard and cum into panties them throw them on the truck ground and run to shuttle
>she's looking @ me the whole time
>she doesn't say anything but i keep apologizing for no reason and telling her
>be me
>used to let dog lick my dick
>parents gone
>get naked for sexy time
>on parents bed with dog licking cock
>leave some clothes on living room floor
>hear front door open
>hide in parents closet at dog runs to front door
>accidentally cum on the clothes in there
>dad is looking for me
>he actually enters the room I'm in
>thought i was going to be stuck naked in this closet forever
>hear dad go upstairs to my room
>fuck yes
>run into living room to get clothes
>heart is racing
>get clothes on try to act casual
>sit down on couch
>just sitting there waiting for him to come down the stairs
>tell him I was downstairs (where I never went)
>breathing super heavy
>he didn't say anything and all went back to normal

I imagine he knew something was up, but never said anything
>i don't know what she saw i wasn't doing anything

>i wasn't doing anything i promise

>starts walking towards class and she goes another way and I never see her again

Kept those panties for like 2 weeks. Fapped into them every possible moment I could cum. They were my bitch

I was figuring of somehow sneaking them back in my cousins dirty clothes but it'd be too risky I just threw them in the garbage dump (but out in the open just in case a sicker fuck wanted them)

My dick is thin Does that work?
I didn't get caught but I was super horny out of my mind yesterday and did something embarrassing but holy shit masturbating will never be the same. I wanted to do more than just beat off so I lubed up, took the hose off my vacuum, propped it up turned it on and stuck my dick in it. The fucking thing made me cum in like 45 seconds and it's like a semen demon cause it just keeps sucking and I had a hard time turning it off cause I was in the middle of cumming. I'm not joking, shit is incredible.
LOL holy shit that is the worst

I've been caught a few times with my dick out of my fly and just tried pulling my shirt over but the whole time they are talking I'm heavy breathing red faced and hoping my shirt doesn't have a tent where my dick is

One time it was even at schoool and my teacher asked me to walk up to solve something. I just kept telling her no I don't feel good I'm too stupid I don't know the answer etc.etc...... until she finally just picked another student

Later she talked to me why I was acting so weird. I told her I was just really shy and didn't like to be picked on because the kids will make fun of me. I got lucky though cuz she never called me up @ the front of class again
I bet that would feel good BUT

not gonna lie I tried that once on my hand/leg and it hurt like a motherfucker the sucking. I wouldn't even want that shit near my dick

Unless you were using a low suction vacuum I'm guessing

Otherwise you'd have a hard time getting it off, the pubes would hurt, and there'd be a ring around your pubic area
This is a general story

>Be 16
>At friends house bored
>we are sitting around watching tv
>My friend turns on some porn
>This is actually good
>Boner is rising.webm
>Turns out to be a Tranny
>Still Faps
>look over at friend beating his meat hard
> friend looks at me making eye contact
> Kinda akward but fuck it
> He moves closer to me
>Starts reaching for my cock

nonono- don't finish the super hot tranny jackoff story FUCKING GREEN TEXT IT FAGGOT
>why the fuck would you Continue? at the WORST PART

fuck, you jerked off in class?
mine has a suction control slider right on the front of it so I can control it that way, and at max it doesn't have the suction of like some professional shit. Didn't hurt in the slightest.
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>13 years old
>just discovered masturbating about a year prior
>masturbate all the time
>before school
>after school
>before bed
>every shower
>dont even masturbate TO things anymore, just do it to do it
>judge judy comes on tv while im jerkin the salami in the living room
>start watching judge judy
>parents and older brother stroll through the front door
>hand in dick, judge judy on television
>dont even pull pants up, waddle to my room
>didnt finish up

I still get shit about it to this day.
When I was 17 my mum left to go to her friends house so I decided to fap but she came home early and I didn't hear and my room is right next to the top of the stairs and she say me while I was going full boar pants down steel hardon. We just ignored each other till the morning.
File: 1365922596637.gif (594 KB, 220x227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Judge Lewdy
>not liking that sassy MILF

0/10 taste
>be me
>13, horny at friends house
>go to restroom to fap
>his grandma walks in
>"uh, i was adjusting my pants. thats rude
>get kicked out of their home for life
>Friend grabs my cock and starts jerking me off
>Playing around while he does that with foreplay
>I grab his 7 inch cock and start jerking him
>He tells me that he wants me to blow him
>Think what the hell and go for it
>Start sucking his cock he face fucks me
>Tells me he is going to cum keeps going
>Lets out this amazing moan and cums in my mouth
> Then he jerks me off and then lets me finish on his body
>Then hear a noise upstairs at his house
>Parents are home
>Fuck Fuck Fuck
>Door opens friend runs to bathroom
>i throw my shirt on with cum still partially on chest got pants on
>Talk to them for a bit
>They go away
>First time having fag experience
>His Parents never found out till he comes out 4 years later
I used to fap quite a bit in class when I was in middle school. This class was my English class and the reason I did it here was because it was easy

My English teacher was "artsy" and we had all sorts of covers and blankets and all that shit to be "comfy" when we read. She even let us not do anything the whole day & skip class (sorta) to go outside and read the rest of the day

She was sorta like a hippie and adored reading. I had a cover over my desk and a blanket just in case and would pull my penis out and fap with a book over. Easiest when she would read in class or teach because I was in the back and everyone obviously had their eyes to the front glued to her

We called her Ms. Tits

She had like D cup tits. Her name was actually Ms. Teets so it fit

Plus she was about 27-28. One time she had her bra showing (she dressed conservatively) and you could see aeroleae but as soon as it happened this bitch cunt named Leanne pulled her to the side and told her
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last bump
wtf is aeroleae and how often did you fap in class?
lmfao thread gon die but funny ass picture

Thanks /b/ro

happy fapping

Man, fuck Leanne.
Stupid fucking cunt.
>be me
>be 19
>still not caught masturbating
The brown/pink area circle around a woman's (and guys) nipples

I didn't do it THAT much like everyday. It was just during English class and mostly when the majoirty of kids were outside reading or when she was teaching something and they were all paying attention

I would fap thinking about her tits. They were very jiggly. Too bad she was religious and soccer mom-ish. She was single though. Like it was obvioius all the male teachers would hit on her

For the whole school year I prolly only fapped it....like 40 times in class. That's not a lot when you consider there are like 9 months of school
did you like this ? this was my first time doing green text story>>571886818
>Be 13
>Downloading fap material from Kazaa
>Trying every keyword I can think of
>Finding some good stuff
>Dad walks in
>Alt tab instead of close
>"Hey anon, can you search for movie?"
>"Okay sure"
>Hoping he leaves and comes back when it's done
>No such luck
>Stands behind me and leans in over my shoulder
>I contemplate ripping out the power cable
>Can't get to it without ducking under his arm
>"Are you going to download it or what?"
>Brace for bad time
>Tab back to Kazaa
>Try to clear the search bar before he reads the last search
>Search files: RAPE
>10 seconds of uncomfortable silence
>He punches me in the back of the head
>No more words spoken
>Start downloading his movie and he leaves
>No more eye contact for a while
yea it was pretty hot....

but i was kinda hoping you were going to get caught with his dick around your hand or in your ass

Knowing people got caught gets me hard as fuck which is why I like these threads

I'm stroking it right now
holy shit

same thing happened to me but with my mom. remember in Kazaa when you were downloading something you coculdn't hide your DL

It would all show up in the DL bar queue

So one time I'm DLing beastiality videos and my mom wants a movie. She tells me to DL it and I say Okay.....but she doesn't move. She says she wants to watch it tonight hurry up

I say OKAY MOM! and tell her i will DL it later. She says "DL IT NOW!" and I DL it then she wants to see how fast it will be

I tell her like an hour. She says no she wants to see how fast. I say maybe 2 hours I will have it ready

She then gets the mouse and cliks the DLqueue tab and sees something like "blonde whore fucked by 2 dogs" or some shit

She closes the "X" tab and tells me to get off then tells me to do my homework. She said she was going to tell my dad but didn't. When he came from work he said "Where's the movie?"

But my mom said the computer was acting up so we couldn't DL it today
>live with mom and moms friend
>it's moms friends house and ber room is right next to mine
>moms friend always takes me to bus stop
>one morning school doesn't start untill 10:30
>have to walk to bus stop at 9:30
>mom's friend has to be at work at 8:00
>wake up at like 8:30
>turn on tv and find something to fap to
>use spit as lube
>jack off as loud as I can thinking I'm home alone
>wash hands
>when I leave the bathroom I see mom's friend in her room "sleeping" (i hope)
>my face was never redder
>quietly get dressed and walk to bus stop

There's no fucking way she didn't hear that shit, but for some reason I still hope she didn't.
Do you still live with her/see her?

Also what kinda noises were "as loud as I can" ?

Like were you grunting or did you turn the porn way high or what? Or was your slippery hands and your foreskin making fap noises?
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Thread images: 5
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