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So can we continue this self cringe thread?...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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So can we continue this self cringe thread? I will start with some of the stupid beta shit I've done

>be in 9th grade
>meet some cute girl who seems kind of into me
>I'm really fucking in love with her
>used to dream about future together
>I eventually decide I want to ask her out
>instead of telling her face to face I wrote a note
>I don't remember what it said exactly but I mentioned love a lot
>gunna give it to her but too beta
>put it in her pocket tell her to wait til she's home
>get a text 1 week later
>1 week
>I think you're cool but I'm interested in someone else
>feel tears in eyes and extreme sadness
>why Kim?
>say ok I understand and avoid her as much as possible

Got kicked out of the school at the end of the year for being an edgy cunt and spraying a security guard with a water gun.. Go to nigger/fuck up school and start to be cool because don't wNa get picked on.. Earn respect from negroes and am accepted as one of them cuz they dig my style plus I'm naturally good with words so I was constantly kicking ass in rap battles.. See girl a year later when I'm cool guy and she tries to talk to me. I blow her off and say my buds are waiting for me.. It felt good knowing I was on top in the end.

Tl;dr used to be a huge faggot beta bitch but became cool guy at the end
Will tell more dumb shot I've done
>be 16
>meet girl online
>she's qt Asian only lives 20 min away
>talk to her for a while and develop cyber feelings
>literally filling Facebook statuses with gay I love you shit
>eventually we go out and I smash and all is good
>4months in I find out she's cheated on me
>confront her and she breaks down
>tells me she loves and won't hurt me
>believe her and kiss her
>kissed her
>stay with her for 3 more months until I snap out of it
>still feel like a bitch to this day
>be in 8th grade
>edgy hardcore kid
>used to carry razors inside sweater sleeves and shit
>had massive crush on girl
>she's a cunt
>like literally vegan atheist feminist cunt
>I'm in love
>become friendly and make up a fake gf
>tell her fake gf broke up w me and act sad for sympathy
>shit continues for like a week
>she eventually snaps and shouts "ok I get it!!"
>never felt so small
>realize what a fucking loser I am
>deep shame to this day
No lurkers?
Im here lonely anon
>be in 9th grade
>before I met Kim I knew a girl named nathaly
>she's cute in nerdy/dorky way
>kind of flirty every now and then
>we have PE together so thin shorts
>she used to sit on my lap and wait for me to get hard
>one day decide fuck it I want to fuck
>ask her if she's dtf
>says ya why not
>we go in porta potties by track
>stand there and stare at each other for like a minute
>I'm too pussy to make first move
>she says maybe it isn't a good idea
>I immediately agree and get the fuck out of there
>I'm sorry nathaly if your reading this
Never leave me anon
>Got kicked out of the school at the end of the year for being an edgy cunt and spraying a security guard with a water gun.. Go to nigger/fuck up school and start to be cool because don't wNa get picked on.. Earn respect from negroes and am accepted as one of them cuz they dig my style plus I'm naturally good with words so I was constantly kicking ass in rap battles.. See girl a year later when I'm cool guy and she tries to talk to me. I blow her off and say my buds are waiting for me.. It felt good knowing I was on top in the end.

That's the bit that made me cringe.
It gets worse
>middle school
>still edgey hardcore kid
>I used to sit alone and shit to look antisocial
>people think I'm weird and invite me into friends group out of pity
>I sit there for like 5 minutes
>they talk about music
>shout "fuck you guys and your commercial bullshit" and storm back to my depressed little corner
>be left alone forever
I'm here forever
I feel sorry anon ;(
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Should I stop??

>9th grade
>in honors English class
>teachers goes on to talk about our plans for the future
>people raise their hands sayin the same bullshit as always like I wana be a doctor or whatevs
>I sit there looking smug as fuck
>teacher notices and asks what about me
>Freddy spaghetti in 3..2..1..
>literally say "there is no future because the new world order is going to kill us all fucking sheep"
>everyone just stares in disbelief
>crush says "really conspiracy theories?"
>bell rings and I run out
>so much cringe still
Hold me
If only I could go back and tell myself to stop being a little bitch
moral of the story: blacks have an air of alpha about them, they even encourage alpha behavior among white betas. they might be racially handicapped, but their manly ways sure keep us whites from softening. to everything there is a use
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>be 9th grader
>have crush on girl from English class story
>I tell my buddies because I'm obviously retarded
>they start to tease me about this girl
>I tell them to stop it because she might hear
>dickhead friend yells "HEY DIANA"
>she looks at him
>cut him off and yell "BACKPACKS"
>he tries again and cut him off again
>fucking backpacks
>she knows what he's trying to say
>she kind of gives me a wierd look
>pity all over her face
>never speak again

Anyone gunna share??
I'm not white doe
Ayy lmao
wat are you den? gook?
>be in 10th grade
>crush on 10/10 qt
>she's legitimately a nice girl
>sit next to her on scroc bus
Scroc is vocational school for hs credits
>everyday sit next to her
>everyday more in love with her
>give her my sweater, she lays on my shoulder on bus almost daily etc.
>always has bf issues
>some dude asks about me and her cuz he likes her
>I kinda say I'm in there already even though it's not even believable
>he tells her
>friendship forever destroyed
>she calls me a year later and asks me to bring her mcdonalds
>drive to mcdonalds get whatever she wants
>says thanks and never speaks to me again
>this one actually still hurts deep
>why lupe?
I said ayyy lmao dude that should be a clue
So should I let the thread die?
That's your choice.
You got it buddy I'm a dirty beaner
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Hiiiii heeeaaaveeen

I like heaven
>being this new

Quit asking and start posting.
I guess I'll go until there's nothing left to share

>attending nigger school but friends still back at old school
>visit buddies after school at band room
>5/10 girl with a fat ass starts talking to me
>dat ass is hypnotizing
>she has fucked teeth but seems nice enough
>get her number start talking and sexting
>meet her after school next day and we hold hands and stuff
>go in for a kiss
At this point I was less of a fag and actually got laid every now and then
>she kisses me
>worst fucking kiss ever
>she's literally just moving her mouth and tongue around
>probably was a virgin
>plus her mouth tasted like pizza and Gatorade
>throw up in her mouth a tiny bit
>she asks wtf that was
>I say nothing sorry I gotta go
>never call her back
>she eventually tells my buddies what a perv I was because she hangs with some of my friend group
>I don't even give a fuck because the only thing she had going for her was dat ass
Fuck you heaven suck a dick
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I like you to
This ones kind of painful

>be 16
>just broke up with Asian qt cheater
>my bros decide I need to cheer up
>go bike riding to beach
>I hate the beach because I'm fat and self conscious
>agree to go because my house is depressing
>the ride there is awesome and we come out in a recording of tosh.o where they're running on treadmills to raise money or some shit
>bump into some chicks from our school
>one of them is a real sweet girl name Valerie
>she remembers me and we talk because we used to be friends
>exchange numbers
>I text her later that night tell her she looked good
>cannot stOp complementing her because I'm stupid and sad and want to be loved
>end up coming on way too strong and she just stops replying completely
>I text like twice more in the next few days
>finally say "hey u mad at me or something"
>no reply
>"Did I do something wrong if so I'm sorry"
>"I just been going through a hard time I'm sorry if you hate me now"
>still no reply
>accept that I ruined that friendship and move on
>I'm sorry cupcakes
I guess this is now just an apologies for shit I did thread since no contributors

>be 14
>really hate this kid named Muhammad
>no reason really, probably a racial thing
>nigga looks like original Peter Parker from old Spider-Man movies
>everyone calls him Peter Parker cuz of me
>fuck with this kid all the time for literally no reason
>one time walk up and say hey Spider-man what's that behind you?
>he turns to look and I drop him on the ground in front of everyone
>they just look at me like wtf is wrong with this kid
>I walk away
>I look back on this and feel like a giant asshole
>Muhammad I'm sorry nigger
Dude WTF
>>5OP I'm lurking, these stories are so fucking stupid it's incredible. Keep 'em coming.
>I like heaven
Everybody wants to go there but nobody wants to die.
I know anon I know
>2 months ago
>in college classes
>qt rocker chick sits next to me
>Asian kid in front of us starts hitting on her automatically
>I'm just sitting there watching this kid spaz out
>seems like a beta tryna turn his life around
>I am proud at first but then I realize how bad he is
>I'm literally choking back laughter the whole time
>chick starts talking to me to buffer awkwardness
>turns out we have tons in common
>Asian kid visibly saddened by our chemistry
>at the end of class he asks her to lunch at a burger spot
>she's trying hard not to hurt his feeling and tells him her and I agreed to study in the library already he says ok and leaves
>she asks me to smoke her out when he's gone so we go to my car to find a spot to smoke
>Asian kid sees us leaving in my car
>make eye contact
>sorry Kevin
>be 8 years old
>in after school program because my parents didn't have time for me
>I'm a real fucking dickhead at this age
>girl named Judy in my class
>she's kind of annoying and has deep voice
>me and friends having insult battle with her and her friends
>have best insult I had ever had at this point
>say"Judy looks like booty"
>this would start something horrible
>literally everyone called her judy booty until 8th grade
>I may have deeply scarred her and didn't even know it
>I'm sorry Judy
>10th grade
>im a stoner
>have crush on girl I've known since 5th grade
>we were in honors classes since then and became pretty good friends
>I'm madly in love with her
>start talking to her more thinking that'll make her like me
>eventually get the balls to ask her out
>she just stares for a minute and begins to completely tear me apart
>"you think I'd get with someone like you?"
>I'm shocked I had never heard her this way prior to this
>"I'm going to a university, you'd be lucky to flip burgers for a living you fucking stoner"
>cue single teardrop
>walk away and drown my sorrows in alcohol and weed for a few months
>fuck you Brianna
So I guess the Lurkers are gone I'll finish up here because I like venting. Enforce the thread dies thanks for listening guys

Dude, did these all happen to you? or are you copy pasting from an old thread?

If the first one, then you bump into way too many narcissistic cunts, I suggest not talking to women.
>Be 17
>at a party
>getting really fucked up off jagger bombs
>having an awesome fucking night
>making new friends left and right
>ask girl to dance
>she tells me later
>night goes on
>for some reason in my drunken state I thought if I was pushy she'd dance with me
>keep asking throughout the night
>my new buddies tell her to dance with me
>eventually as the night came to an end it became apparent she wouldn't dance with me
>I go talk to her tears in my eye
>what's wrong with m? Why don't you want to dance?
>she's completely confused
>new drunk friend comes to back me up
"Ya dance with him"
>she just says no and walks away
>new friend looks at me with tears in his eyes too
>"you don't need her man, fuck bitches"
>We start shouting "FUCK BITCHES" "FUCK BITCHES"
>within 20 seconds the whole party is chanting "FUCK BITCHES"
>I cried
These are all my life man didn't even change names. I'm kind of glad it happened it made me realize that I was a faggot and I needed to change
This ones short

>be in 9th grade
>fine ass girl sits in front of me
>friend next to me
>girl was talking about her thong she had that day
>friend pulls her belt loop so he can see but sits back before she sees
>she turns and dickhead friend is pointing at me
>just look at him and back at her
>"I..like.. Thongs?"
>everyOne is looking at me
>blush and just start doodling on my paper

Sheesh, I always assumed all women were cunts but wanted to believe it wasn't true...

>7th grade
>have crush on new girl in class, Jess
>my best friend has the same
>other friend finds out
>tells her
>later on in the week
>all sitting at table together, doing craft or some shit
>Jess at same table
>other kids talking about who should go out with who
>someone asks Jess
>"oh I don't know" tries to avoid subject
>someone says "how about anon?"
>Jess: "Eww yuck"
>everyone laughs
>I die a little

here's another:

>9th grade
>have huge crush on another girl
>dream about her
>build her up in my mind as this goddess of cuteness
>can't talk to girls
>look in phone book
>find her address
>send her a love letter, keep in mind I've never even spoken to her in person
>this should work well
>never hear from her
>call her house (what the actual fuck)
>ask her if she got my letter
>so what do you think?
>"umm, I don't really know you"
>"oh, okay....see ya"
>Never speak again, avoid like fuck at school

I don't talk to girls anymore...

Suzie actually died not long ago too, when she was like 21 or something.
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>be senIor year
>not beta anymore but every now and again it sneaks up
>8/10 girl in computer class
>I'm acting all confident and she's kind of digging me
>we talk for like 2 days and I start liking her and I'm pretty sure she liked me
>were in class one day when she asks me to kiss her
>I stared at her like I was potato
>she says this is your chance
>I lean in and spaghetti
>I end up kissing her cheek and blushing like a schoolgirl
>she automatically says aww and then and there I realize I fucked up
>she disregards me as serious and moves on
>I am a lonely anon
Be honest bro.. You killed her didn't you?

Why must women hurt us

Nah, cancer I think

Yeah I just don't bother anymore, it's too late for me anyway.
So thanks guys that felt good I'll just let it die now maybe I'll do this again in another thread hopefully more people join in
Fuck dude, I'm a slow reader, them feels.
Ya I cry myself to sleep every night man
I guess op will answer shit while I wait for the thread to die
Dont do that shit. thats not healthy
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I usually get super rekt on drugs and alcohol cry and sleep my existence is a sad one

Captcha: works drincur
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>Be me
>4th Grade
>Sat behind this girl I had a major crush on
>Sit next to this popular guy, we'll call him Greg.
>Sometimes talk, but not really
>One day we talk about some stupid 4th grader shit and this question pops up
>"So who do you like anon?"
"Oh, uh, I don't really wanna say, haha"
>He proceeds to spend about 5 minutes trying to convince me
>I tell him, and he says he likes her kinda too
>Conversation ends.
>Fast forward about 10 minutes, and I see my good ol' pal Greg talking to my crush
>All of a sudden, they both turn around and look at me
>I play it cool and act like I'm doing my homework
>"Hey, Anon... is it true that you like me?"
>Continue looking down and writing about nothing
>"Hey, Anon, did you hear me?"
>She eventually turned back around and we never talked

I cringe evr tiem
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I've got more if interest
Op your stories are riveting. I wish I had that many beta encounters packed into my life
>be today
>random story
>misspell shit
Yes man I been waitin all night
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>be me
>12th Grade Senior Year HS (circa 2010)
> I was actually a "cool" kid
>hung out with big group of "cool" friends
>I was really quiet in "cool" group
>had a few close friends in group
>i am genuinely good-looking 8/10 m
>mysterious but not faggy(really)
>so many girls apparently wanted my nuts
>I put pussy on pedestal
>so many Qt's thought I was hot stuff
>i wasn't a douche like the 'other guys'
>would be sort of flirty with girls, but never got any more than making out
>was so insecure about myself
>still am
>friends little sister who was 16 has huge crush on me
>friends sister is 10/10(seriously all guys wanted to fuck her)
>no one ever fucked her
>she wanted me and gave me all the clues apparently
>one time on halloween I made out with her and grabbed her ass
>she wanted me more and wanted my cock
>stopped talking to her
>didnt talk to her for a month
>her mom emailed my mom asking why I stopped talking to her
>avoided her and friend at all costs
>other hot girls wanted me but I was still attached to friends sister
>turned down virgin pussy for hope of friends sister
>friends sister hooked up with 2 of my best friends
>i dont care anymore
>worst greentext story I have compiled to date.
Fuck you I'm on mobile
That's not even all man I'm just tired of writing for tonight
You're so fucking delusional jesus christ
just wanted to say Im lurkin this thread. See if I cant find any thing worth telling.
Hey anon don't be mad at him because he's attractive.. Some of us just aren't lucky man
Do you hate yourself anon? You should

Captcha: linedie sadness
could be worse OP

>be in 6th grade
>crush on the new girl
>decide to write her a letter and ask her out
>write the note, draw her a really stupid picture of a car for some reason
>throw it in her desk tray on top of her books before we head to lunch
>come back, see guy with note
>too focused on not being seen by anyone, threw the note into the wrong tray
>guy opens it up and proceeds to make fun of me in front of the class
>new girl laughs
>ends up dating same guy a few months later
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1412034328555 (1).jpg
58 KB, 500x458
>Be me
>5th grade
>Make telescopes out of my hands
>Have 1 telescope looking at my homework
>The other looking at a girls boobs
>She looks right at me and my hand telescopes
>Move the telescopes pretending like I was actually just searching the room
kek would totally hangout with.
I am
I'll just be going now...
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>stupidly obsessed with girl in high school
>beta faggot who doesn't know shit about how to handle bitches
>she's a major bitch but anyway
>text her pretty much every
>have had spaghettio'd conversations about me liking her at least four or five times
>she secretly fucking resents me but I am always in denial
>haning out with her at book store/coffee shop
>she goes to bathroom
>leaves her phone
>unlock it, have known her passcode forever, she never changes it, too stupid, some anime shit word
>go straight to her notes
>password for her Twitter and her Gmail account both there
>I log into her Twitter account from my phone which she is surprisingly ok with for a while, then I just kept it secret when she wanted it off. Also logged into her gmail periodically, she never knew that
>Get adventurous, snooping and shit
>Manage to hack into her iCloud account, access uploaded photos, nothin good unfortunately
>Did have access to a tracking feature though
>Found app that lets me add an iCloud account and track the phone connected to it
>mfw I silently stalked her for at least a year. Shit came in handy a few times
File: 1396808359491.jpg (247 KB, 535x741) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ive got so many
>be me
>6th grade
> cute girl named stacy johnson in grade
> sweet blonde girl
>all guys thought she was hot
>this was 6th grade
>best friends had sleepovers and talked about girls
>where I first learned about sex during this time
> talk to stacy on AIM
>everyday after school
>if you dont know what AIM is then GTFO
>everyone would be on that shit all day
>was so addicting checking to see if peeps were online and then chatting
>heart would race when stacy would log in
>dont even remember what 6th grade me talked about
>had no idea what anything was
>make fake AIM account
>say I am a different kid in grade
>I say that I am a kid in our grade named Chris
>make stacy believe im chris
>First experience being 'anonymous'
>start asking stacy sexual questions (i didnt know what sex was at this point anyways)
>ask about her period(again i have no clue what the fuck)
>keep asking her weird puberty shit
>she gets weirded out
>she signs off or blocks me(pretending to be chris)
>next day at school, she confronts chris(who was also a friend of mine)
>everyone is weired out and wondering who was asking her about her period
>like the dumbass I am, I came clean and said it was me
>social outkast
>loss of friends for rest of year (few weeks left in school year)
>didnt matter because my family moved across the USA that summer
>made all new friends
>never looked back
Lmao hand telescopes were the best man

I was involved in... This...

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0haCoqQV3I
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqkrPRCz38c

I'm in the credits. More than once.

Every now and then I get drunk and watch the whole thing. I challenge anyone to try to get through it all.
If it's you then you'll know my name say it.. Op doesn't afraid of judgement
wHoA, that's deep
i am not delusional, just really self aware and perceptive. i am overly self critical and dwell on stupid shit.
occassionally I AM have suicidal thoughts, but i know I would never actually do it
You are a psychopath and I love it anon teach me your ways
>Became nigger
You think this story is a success?
Hate this bitch now. Finally out of that hell
File: 1412191308988.jpg (27 KB, 404x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 404x404
>Be me
>10th grade
>Go to this girl I likes house to hang out
>She wants to go to the park with her little sisters(age 3 and 7)
>We hang out at the park talking and stuff
>Get done and decide to go back

I do Parkour and Free Running

>Stupidly try to impress her by doing a roundoff backflip
>After I land, I feel cooler
>Literally, there's more of a breeze or something
>hfw my jeans ripped in the crotch
>hfw I was wearing those type of boxers where your dick pokes through
>hfw I flash her and her 2 sisters midflip with my dick
Please tell me you at least got laid
>go to class last week
>have to present something in front of my class
>room is hot
>realize I'm next in line to present
>room is even hotter, red face
>go up to present, start to talk fast
>start thinking about odd shit, like how i sound when I'm presenting
>start to talk faster, voice gets sort of shaky
>on the last sentence of my written down presentation, my voice just stops, and i choke for a split second
>finish my project and sit back down awkwardly
what the fuck, not really that bad, but i feel stupid and embarrassed, i dont usually get that nervous and shit in front of people
File: 1410681115631.gif (1 MB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x200
>be virgin NEET
>meet grill online
>she just wants to fool around and be a slut with me on cam and shit
>get mad and block her because I'm a beta faggot and had feelings for her, while she had none for me

It gets worse. I've met another girl recently and the same thing is happening all over again.
Didn't become nigger at all actually I was just super cool.. It helped that I was a druggy and shit.. Graduated as student rep for my district and met a senator so shit was cool
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Dude is that her??

I fucked the chick at the start with the drumsticks, but that was unrelated to the 'project'.

She was okay.
A ghost put it's dick in your mouth trust me
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>10th grade
>Ask girl I have a crush on to dance
>took some convincing but she agrees
>Wasn't sure how I pulled that off
>Have a history of being very awkward
>Fast forward
>Asks me if I bought my ticket yet
>Be a poor fag at the time
>Parents didn't have the money and I didn't have a job
>I have a bad habit of not being able to lie to girls I like
>She starts to get pretty mad but assure I got it covered and not to worry
>Every thing seems to be ok
>Didnt run into her the next couple days leading to the dance
>Honestly should have saw this as a red flag
>Team up with my good friend to sneak my ass into the dance
>manage to find her on the dance floor with some of her friends
>She looks shocked I am even there
>tells me she got a different date for the dance
>Spent the rest of the night feeling like shit sitting alone in a corner

Looking back I should have just brushed it off and asked one of the other girls there to dance. Oh well live and learn.
Stop being a faggot and roll with it anon.. Relationships are overrated
>druggy and shit
>shit was cool
>I was just super cool
Highest of fives good sir
Not much to it, here's another of several of my failures with the female species
>befriend qt girl, B, in 8th grade
>hit it off really well with her over the following summer
>this is fuckin sweet
>it's obvious we both like each other quite a bit
>both christian at the time (both atheist now) and both socially awkward, so things didn't really go anywhere, didn't even hold hands. Never really went on dates either, just nice hangouts
>School starts, 9th grade, B's friends (one of which is bitch from previous greentext, let's call her A) start thinking they're losing her to me
>B decides that we can't hang out anymore, at this point I've admitted that I like her. I refuse to leave for a while, trying to make sense of why she doesn't want me, they just give me silent treatment
>quietly brood over facebook posts, my only source of contact with them for a while

Also, managed to steal a photo of A and one of their other friends, C, in underwear off A's phone during church camp so that was cool
What's your point buddy? I'm sorry that people didn't want to hang out with you man but that's not my fault.. U seem bitter
making up names (A, B, C)
do you think anyone you know is going to see your story and recognize you at 4:50 AM on 4chin
Post the pic man
Yeah in the background, guy in foreground is me. She's pretty goddamn cute but damn she's a bitch. To me at least, she has some sort of personal hatred for me
This guys in Cali
Idk. Wouldn't feel comfortable with it. She's not 18
Do I know you
>Be in grade 12
>there's this grade 10er chick I've known for years that acts like she really wants my D
>She hangs with me all the time for the past three years since Grade 9
>I like her too
>Been too fucking beta to ask her out, but I want to
>suddenly she asks me out
>be a beta fuck "n-n-no i'm busy"
>go home
>play video games and cry
>few days later found out she gave up on me and is fucking another guy
What's her name?? Or what area if you don't wana give name she looks kind of familiar
Dude idk what area are you in
Be a bro and don't ruin my life even more by spreading this shit please
>> i was maybe 18 when my then goddes from the internet let me visit her. she had a boyfriend, didnt know before. was deeply in love.
>> they made a party for my visit. 2 cunning guys, crazy as shit. their 2 hot gf and a disgusting chubby (love beautifull chubbies tho)
>> downed a mug of 0.4 to 0.5l after filling it with a vodka and a tequila bottle to pour faster.
>> passed out. whoke in the morning. still drunk as shit. only thought: i wanna die!
>> ran into the lake and swam to drown in the middle. cold as fuck. instincts kick in, i retourn.
>> bf from my lovecrush steals 150€ from me. they put me to the train station.
>> notice im still fucking drunk. give me over to the police at the train station.
>> they put me into a sober up cell.
>> get asked stuff i cannot answer. who where they. tel number. poorfag no mobile.
>> can give you her napster name and emaill..... when im home...
>> family drives over 250km to get me after 10hours in the cell

(short intersection bc 25min anon dies)
[oh damn i forgot my hymn on is death. something like:]
>> some die young some die old some happy some sad, what a drag
trying to say one anon lost might be too much.

damn... was too late to begin with...
life and death. all part of nature. some younger some older. some happy some sad. what a drag

maybe you like those lyrics?
i saw him years ago in arambol. back then he was performing MUCH BETTER!!
could be a hymn on anon, whe are averyone

>> the next year i fell for a bauty of 24, me 19.
>> we met in a club. sat in her car after and flirted. listened to the romantic melancholic cure
>> where touching each other by "accident"
>> this went on for a couple of weeks
>> we met. started holding hands... whatever
>> could talk about sex and fetishes but nothing too close happened
Dude from one fucking faggot to another.. I got your back..
File: 05_nietoperz.jpg (120 KB, 726x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 726x620
>> one night in the club when i tried to get farther she blocked me completely
>> i sat like a zeta in the corner. heart thrown away and crushed.
>> i went outside, away from the door sec.
>> sat down with my back at the building. whipping like some authist.
>> pounding my back harder and harder into the wall (cont. if thread doenst an hero)

inb4 emotime... we where back then part of the goth scene. no emos jet

>> a couple of days in teen depression. all was numb. didnt realy remember what happened
>> came back home. fell down onto my bed, still wearing shoes. couldnt move anymore
>> tried to cry. numb. it started to evolve into a waking dream with paralysation
>> i dreamt walking all the way down the train tracks at some station i know
>> to a corner where the driver cannot see far. no train coming
>> i think: lets try if i can. had massive blocks to put my neck onto the tracks.
>> minutes pass. i overthrow the block. try different positions. from outside the tracks just the neck
>> left and right side. in the middle of the track.
>> i have to wait and freeze. finally a train comes.
>> i am scared to be seen. hide in the bushes
>> watch where and how the light reaches.
>> later another train comes. i have the perfect place and setup figgured out.
>> lay there and see the train approaching. time slowes down. thoughts running.
>> my life passes. i see all the people involved. what they say, think, how they react, and what they tell their people
i had this same shit man
>Childhood friend
>everyone respects her
>one day grow balls and say i have feelings for you
>Cunt Don't ever talk to me again
>hold true to it kept my code of silence
>few years pass
>adds me on shitter book all
oh i'm sorry anon please forgive me blah blah
>i fall for it a second time same shit thinkin
>ends up never replying spaghetti hard
>remove from facebook
>curse her and hope she burns to death
>consider killing myself
>learn she has cancer
>laugh all night re reading it
>feels pretty good
>it was the first and last time i ever felt any emotions for another human being
>> time slows even more down the nearer the train comes. you know that turtle arrow stuff?
>> i see my familys reactions. what they think when remembering me. at the burial.
>> my most loved girl. way befor the first story. i messed up with 13. well kinda understandable
>> at that age. basically i was asked if i want to go with her. though deeply in love i said no.
>> girls are disgusting and shit. i still had hope for weeks and was listening to "by the stars and the moon" from i guess seal
>> saw also her and her unhappy future. what if she would have been my girl?
>> train further approaching. see everything in the lights of the train. like on lsd. no drugs back then though
>> i see feel and understand that the whole universe is just made to die. sadness overwhelms me
>> i still can not move a mm. lie on the bed and can clearly see my hand and the part of the pillow i am lying on
>> for the whole time this movie happenes in my head.
>> my head gets cut off in slow mo from the trains wheel.
>> i can see everything. my beheaded corpse bleeding. blood flying through the air from my neck
>> the trains wheel, i feel the wind and how my head slowly bumps onto the ground and back up.
>> it finally comes to a rest short after the train carryieng coal or whatever is gone
>> i still have 2 minutes of conciousness before i black out.
>> as a stump on the train tracks. the moon is glowing. it is a beautifull cold night
>> many stars. as it gets more quiet i see some animals and insects creaping around.
>> coldness enters my scin. i just have one thought left: "why so long? when will it finally be over?"
I have feelings still anon and so do you.. It's ok to cry anon we all do just let the pain do it's job
Thanks /b/ro. I'm curious as to if I know you, wouldn't be the first time I've run into someone on here from my area but it is a suprising thing indeed
fucking mc d and no word from her after? what a self righteous bitch! wanted to know if she still owns you. answer yes

>> ever so slowly everything faded out. got darker. i entered nirvana and there was nothing.
>> oh so empty and cold. like the universe after the heat death.
>> no there is no bar at the end. its gone you know? through time to watch it again
>> so my mind got bored after a while and became part of that emptiness too
>> after this i was crying one tear of total sadness and it took me a while to realize that i could move again
>> you cant believe how happy i was when i noticed it.
>> "fuck still here" and i tried to cry more sadness out of me. but it was impossible
another time
fairly recent
>see 7.3 on shitbook think oh what the hell
>flirtin n shit
>tell her lets meet up
>thinking to myself nope maybe i should run away and say nope never did regret it badly
>end up getting sucked on not off
>grossed out
>she wants to fuck nope smelly bad nope
>tell massive lie to escape
>stalked me for a few days came over once
>broke it off after that morbidly disgusted with myself

Maybe i do
I try my hardest to suppress them and forget them just like memorys they only serve to bring pain and suffering later
I wish just in this thread the people in my stories would read them.. They would know who they are and who I am.. It feels good to get it off my chest
alright I'll contribute with such betaness you won't believe it's true

>be me
>been dating this grill 6 months (ldr)
>cheats on me
>forgive her the next day cuz I'm so in looooooove
>doesn't want me back
>I move 150 miles for her because I still believe we're meant for eachother
>I move in with her dad (big place) because she fucking invited me
>I live with her dad for the summer, never really seeing her because she's with her mom most of the time
>fucking with lots of guys while I jerk off to her
>we just mainly argue over whatsapp
>finally I realize what a total cunt she is and move back

She also asked me as her date to a concert because her best friend was out of town
I went

I don't know how long it takes for me to not feel like a bitch about this
Pain causes growth man try to be more positive.. Positivity attracts positivity
Is her name braya
>ends up dating same guy.
This is why I hate society.
Also, another greentext of my pitiful existence, then one more after this, maybe two
>first crush, 5th grade, cute af Cambodian girl Kayla
>tell Hannah, "shh don't tell"
>"hurr okay I won't"
>walk outside for lunch and play time
>every one of my fucking friends including lil miss Kayla already know
>proceed to cry rest of lunch, best friend teased me and is no longer best friend, he is also sadface after the destruction he has wrought
>I now struggle to trust other dudes yet somehow continue to trust bitches
>move on to 6th grade, Kayla moves away
>chillin with mix of old and new friends
>ayy m'lady
At what point in the story did you stop being a faggot?
File: SANY2443.jpg (388 KB, 1085x1135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388 KB, 1085x1135
You know what? I'll add something.

This is a picture of myself that I took just over a year ago.
I think if my friends read these posts, I would no longer be allowed to be friends with them
How can positivity grow if all the world has to offer is negativity through my eyes i only see a colorless miserable shithole world with the same fate as everyone else no matter what i do or don't do i die
I loved her anon with all my existence and I was nothing
Archive this shit, the ride never ends.
Lmao this makes me think of the time I bought Alexa chicken mcnuggets. Fuckin waste of my money
Like two weeks ago bro you should quit being a faggot too.. Best decision I ever made
Poor Kevin :(
Ayyyyyyyyy lmao.. I used to watch map but never went this far.. What made u do it bro?
File: 3XUYZ0o.gif (2 MB, 358x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 358x258
>be 14
>like girl
>friends convince me to ask her out
>omigod so nervous
>how do i even get her on her own
>see her in a crowd of people walking between classes
>grab her shoulder
>dont wait for answer
>fight or flight instincts kick in
>run away
>run the fuck away
Your friends are dicks bro.. I'd still be your friend man.. I'm pretty sure ur buds have done beta shit too at least you can admit it
I don't know why.

I'm sorry :(
This one is awesome.
File: TPhoto_00025.jpg (28 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 640x480

Loneliness and an apathy for doing anything normal.

Pic related is me now.
That's true anon but not enjoying your life won't stop death at least you get to feel something at least for a little bit before you're nothing again
Okay continued
>Gaby is hot, like 9/10 hot and smart and athletic and artistic, her and one of my good buds have been together for 3 years now I believe. Lucky bastard
>in love
>one day text her asking Will you go out with me
>do this maybe three or four more times throughout middle
>she also fucking hates me, somehow puts up with my bullshit for three years
>one day we are dared to go on a date
>friends quietly stalk us, nothing happens of course
>also got invited to the mall by friends a couple times, they would say they were in one store (lie) and be hiding in Target the whole time.
Surprised I never went on a shooting rampage

Thats what you get for dating a mexican maid.
Dude I know I saw him the other day and he refused to even look my way.. Kevin was cooler than the chick anyway
So did she ever say anything about it or did u just hide when u saw her
Are you a grill>>571791481

no, but I she must be a cunt also
>be 16
>abusive parents so constant misery
>have friends but only really care about this one girl
>i go to her house after school to get away from my home life
>she's beautiful, i am super dependent on her, i am literally miserable unless i am talking to her
>one day walk up to group of friends with her in it
>she's died some of her hair a funny shade of ink blue
>i say i like it, she sort of grunts
>i say laughingly, but it does kind of look like you lost a fight with a biro
>she punches my arm, seems genuinely annoyed
>i ask why i deserved that
>so loud everyone hears
>awkward silence as she turns her back on me to talk to other people
>everyones looking at me
>world is falling apart
>tears welling up
>just walk off and dont talk to any of those friends ever again
>completely alone for years afterwards
>no motivation to bother with school or work, fail exams and get fired
>parents kick me out of the house
>no friends
>live on street for 6 months in winter

true story. can't believe i let one girl getting pissed at me ruin my entire life.
Dude your face looks so smooth.. Like a. Baby with a moustache
i heard from a third party that she said no. i didn't really expect a yes. other than that no she never mentioned it.
No i am a man
Why does everyone hate u bro
I could go deeper with gaby shit but meh
>10th grade, I think
>during 9th grade I always saw this 10/10 girl walk past me but never talked to her, always wanted to
>she shows up at a local youth group I attend
>I jump onthe chance, get to know her, being autistic fuck all the while mind you
>she's so perfect, also two grades ahead of me
>fastforward, we're super close
>my brother has also gotten to know her now. He's 7 years older than me
>she tells me she likes him
>I admit I like her, she's cool with it but feels are not mutual
>promise to stay close even if her and brother date
>doesnt fucking happen obviously
>theyve been dating over a year now
At least we're still friends. Just not nearly as close as we once were, and never will be.

That's the strangest and most flattering compliment I've ever received.
File: Efrimhope.jpg (58 KB, 433x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 433x670
>be 14
>at a Halloween party
>All of my year 9 friends were there
>they have a sleep over thing after the party
>i'm not invited and they didn't tell me
>they're going trick or treating with their mum in the car and then back home
>sneak into car
>nobody notices I'm even there
>about to start
>mum suddenly gets a fright because Jason Vorhees is in the car along with cartoony Frankenstein and company
>tells me what for, tells me to go ask my mum if I want to be at this thing
>kids around me are gawking, and pretty angry (as I would find out the day after at school)
>I'm so ashamed I run back inside, wait three minutes and run back outside and tell them no
>feel like such a beta
got more if anyone is interested
She was beautiful man I'm not over exaggerating when I say 10/10
File: uwat.jpg (10 KB, 345x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 345x311
>be me in 11th grade
>chasing the same girl for two years
>she used to like me, but then I started liking her and she was turned off
>finally decide to deal with this never-ending friend-zone
>at a mutual friends party
>go into a room to smoke, pretty drunk at this point
>go all beta and say how i've really liked her all this time
>she breaks down and starts crying, saying how she's liked me aswell and it's weird how it never worked out and says it's all her fault
>i comfort her, saying it's not her fault, she shouldn't blame herself etc
>in my betafag mind it feels like we've reached a good emotional conclusion and we can become a couple, fuck, have kids, settle down
>mfw when she goes out of the smoking room and starts making out with the first guy she sees, which happens to be the most beta cringy guy I know.
Ya that's cheating Asian girl from earlier story her dad was loaded

Holy fuck man.
Dude that's just how they are.. My best friend is constantly pissed at me she's even fucking like walked away and shit but she always comes back so we can talk shit out..
At least she didn't tease u man
I dunno man, must be my whiteass beta aura. Couple stories incoming
>meet cynthia in chemistry
>cool gal, 8/10
>we actually met the first time at my friend's quincenera a bit before chem together and we danced, barely even knew each other but it was fun night
>start gettin the feely feels
>suit that I had to rent for being part of quincenera performance has one day left on rental
>wear it to school
>ask cynthia to movie
>"im not allowed to date"
>9 oh okk tthats cool hhs
>she dated a senior the year before
Stayed good friends for a while, haven't really talked to her in a while
Does gabby have a son if so we definitely know the same people
>be on school trip, hiking through atlas mountains
>set up camp for the night, we decide to sleep outside the tents to look at the stars
>me and my buddy are the only guys, the rest are all girls
>one of them rests her head on his chest and tells the others he makes a great pillow
>they all crowd round him to cuddle up to him
>i am awkwardly left about 2 metes away by myself, they've taken all the mats so i'm just in a sleeping bag in the dirt
>no one even notices for hours
>when they do someone is like 'where even is anon'
>'oh yeah he's way over there, by himself'
>'well did you really want him over here?'
>pretend to be asleep
>cry a bit
nah i texted that bitch and stuff, she ignored me i even showed up at her house when i lived on the street she just shut the door in my face.

dunno exactly what it is i did to offend her so much i guess i never will.

How far'd you get?
Reminded me of one man just for u

>be 15
>parents religious so put me in confirmation class at church
>horny teens everywhere
>girl from my school named jade
>she's a qt
>I start flirting all day and the bros in my group wingman
>I start to really like her
>fast forward 3 months
>were on retreat in woods
>her and I get close
>her friends ask if I like her
>spaz out and say no I have a gf
> I didn't have a gf
>her friends tell her and she never speaks to me again
> I still wonder what if
Your welcome bae ;)
Cynthia pale skin acne ass for days??
I dont think she does, unless they got busy and I somehow never heard about it lol
>summer before senior year
>at small party with most recent group of friends
>yeahhh we're gonna get turnt ! !1!
>we play beer pong, sorta fun
>everyone getting drunk, except me
>drinking as much as I can but having little effect
>C winds up with her shirt off, red bra, not bad lookin, small tits tho
>we play spin the bottle, decide kiss on lips is too much so cheek instead
>if land on same person second time it's lips
>lol no one plays correctly
>alexa dont want no kisses from me fuck that
>I keep feeling sleepy, losing balance, lay on/next to alexa
>A and C yell at me, shove me off her, no complaints when my friend John does same exact thing
>I call them out on it
>"cause john isn't creepy"
>oh I see
>fake friends v4.0
>spend rest of the night (from like 2 to 7 or 8 the next morning listening to Brand New and snooping through Alexa's phone while everyone was knocked the fuck out
Fuck my life
Maybe someone said some shit about you to her
>being called creepy
>feeling like you did absolutely nothing to deserve it

i know this feel. two girls i knew at school used to sing Radiohead's Creep at me for no reason. they thought it was funny, but its actually not that fun to have people sing 'you don't belong here' at you every day.

god i hated being a teenager.
Damn sounds like you missed a good chance.
Kinda pale but not much acne, shes tallish, skinny, brown long hair

I have so many stories like this its saddening, I just remembered two more
This isn't healthy bro I dare say you are more beta than me.. Please tell me you grew into a beautiful butterfly
Cuz your a creep, your a weirdo, what the hell are you doing here? You don't belong here... You . Don't. Belong. Here..
Maybe it's a different girl.. What crowd do you usually hang with
File: IMG_20140604_041527.jpg (850 KB, 1920x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
850 KB, 1920x2560
Yeah I feel ya bro. I could get kinda creeperish in the past but no worse than other friends who were never chastised as much as I have over the years. Think it has to do wth my looks, have been told I look creepy

I'm a shining example of beta faggotry and I am not proud of it, and unfortunately I am still a hairy caterpillar

Maybe 3 minutes.
You fellas might appreciate this. Some mild justice for this bitch.

>Be me in S2 (Dunno what grade that is in US, I was 12/13 anyway)
>Chubby, not hot. Wasn't a loser but not popular either
>Have huge crush on this girl called Heather who decides to talk to me
>Dat ass
>Text her every day, she texts back. Seems really keen.
>Even exchange letters, I confess my undying love for her, she tells me I'm 'sweet' and that when we're 'older' we'll have lots of fun
>School dance comes
>I wasn't going to go but I decide to last minute
>She ignores me all night
>I text her afterwards asking what was up
>She proceeds to bitch me out telling me I ruined her night and that she was only ever playing with me for her own amusement and that I meant nothing to her.
>What in the fuck?

Fast forward to when I'm 16/17 - this episode among others made me get really into lifting. Had sixpack by this point, in popular group, just dumped my smoking hot girlfriend (another story anons)

>Talking to other girl friend whom I suspected wanted the D
>She tells me she's with Heather
>Unsurprisingly Heather wants to talk now
>Asks my forgiveness
>We start texting and shit, talking on MSN literally every night
>She has a BF but he is nowhere near as hot as I was
>She tells me this. Tells me she'd fuck me and dump him for me
>We start some sexting, she starts telling me all this shit she'd do for me, now she likes me for real
>I meet up with her a few times, we make out, (I was virginfag at this point, not that confident)
>Some fingerbanging action and Handjobs
>She compliments my cocklike hell
>Tells me she want to dump bf for me
>I text her one day out of the blue telling her she's a piece of shit and that I could do better than her
>MFW She hates me to this day for it
>MFW she's still with that boyfriend who she cheated on with me

No motherfucking regrets. Not that exciting but I get some satisfaction from it.
Remembered one
>be in hs
>two fine ass girls talking to me
>Val and her cousin dalia
>we would have sexual convos and play nervous and stuff
>one day they decide they want to know how big my dick is and hand me ruler
>I go to bathroom and measure and come back
> 8 inches hard
> we don't believe you anon
> I try to convince but insist on me taking dick out
> eventually I do becaus was promised handy
>as soon as dick is out they call attention to me
>whole class sees dick
>I run out of class
>I ran so far away
>I couldn't get away
Shes not really part of my group (which I barely contact now) but I would hang with the nerdy/cool kids, most of them are or were on the tennis team

>8th grade 2nd semester
>moved on from gaby, mostly
>new obsession=yazmin
>target acquired
>we're pretty great friends, find out she actually liked me at one time, I was too late
>start mirin
>at disneyland for marching band end of year field trip, she acts very sweet to me
>soon after she giving me cold shoulder
>8th grade graduation trip, I hang out with her and asian qt friends, no other friends at this point
>she is sickened by the sight of me
>lameass field trip
>over the summer we argue or some stupid shit
>stop speaking
We eventually made up and I was one of her main dudes in that quincenera I mentioned
At least you can draw
Fuck you I just got that sing out of my head after playing sleeping dogs
Why not

>Be 15
>Meet girl through friend at birthday party
>cute, 8/10, big tittays
>We hit it off, so much in common
>Become best friends
>Grow feelings for her
>Way too beta to do anything about it
>She gets a boyfriend, stoner tool
>Still really like her for months
>Once managed to get a hold of a thong of hers and almost tickled my sinuses with it
>FF one year
>She has bad relationship with parents
>Gets kicked out late night
>Asks to stay over at mine
>My parents like her so it's cool
>Comes round
>Watch movie
>Falls asleep on couch
>Sat there alone debating what I'm about to do
>Creepily pull down her panties
>10/10 cute little pussy
>Start fingering her a little and putting my face near her crotch
>She starts to wake up
>Pretend to be asleep
>Wait a few minutes
>Go to bathroom and jerk like never before

I was a total sex-pest when I was younger. I regret doing it, she never found out but we no longer speak. I alpha'd up once I hit 18 and now things are great, but I have a few experiences like this one that I just can't forget.
File: hahahahhahahah.jpg (11 KB, 161x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 161x185
>my dog ate my homework productions
Thanks lol, I'm not too great but it's a fun form of release

>qt asian girl angie, one of yazmins friends in 8th grade
>shes so adorable
>amazingly talented in all forms of art. Music, visual art, all that shit
>sweet girl, always nice to me
>decide to ask her out one day
>a minute later
>"the thing is, im not allowed to date"
>bros tell me she told them she sees me more like a brother than bf material


that bitch is fucked up
Tfw you realize the song is about running away from the song because it gets caught in your head too easily
File: image.jpg (22 KB, 266x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>was like 14
>not that beta, but pretty retarded
>7/10 nympho friend wants me to help her hook up with another beta
>I do it, they kiss and stuff, but guy is too faggot to go beyond that
>she calls me later that day
>I'm playing civ II
>fuckin love civ II
>she tells me the guy was lame
>i don't care, i'm playing civ II
>she says she wanted someone hornier
>just reply "uh-huh", too busy playing civ II
>she asks if it would be weird for two friends to hook up and maybe fuck
>i am focused on civ II
>so fuckin focused i just reply
"yeah, it would be weird, huh?"
>she insists, saying she thinks it would be so hot if we two got together
>but civ II, man
>fuckin civ II
>i basically repeat that it would be weird
>she sounds sad, ashamed, and hangs up
>mfw i stop playing and realize what just happened

No more Civ for me. That shit is evil.
File: 1411015505509.gif (2 MB, 300x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x226

And they never made anything again.
Ya bro why know her??
Made me consider suicide bro I was deeply in love and she was so sweet to me before this it hurt man
Different girl but I'm pretty sure I know this chick man was she like in avid and shit
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Nice, civ is pretty fuckin sweet tho


>mfw reflecting on all these stories makes me realize how awful my teen years have truly been
Now I understand the look of pure pity my therapist gave me when I told him about half of these stories

If she was cute, on the tennis team, mexican, kinda short, then yeah I most likely know her, especially if her last name starts with an L
Just read this entire thread.. Holy shit girls are fucking cunts. Is it really that hard to not be a cunt??
Dude bullshit aside what city are you in I doubt we went to the same school but you just described her though I never knew her last name
Apparently so anon bitches are bitches
Merced, and if you we're talking about the same valerie, she happens to be Alexa's older sister
My sides are in fucking orbit
Cousin named dahlia looks kind of Asian but she's not?.. On a side note I've officially been awake for 41 hours
Ok one more greener
>meet cute girl Courtney when she comes over to my house after school with my younger sister, they were friends
>become friends with her
>have a lot of common interests, personalities match great, shes nice, witty, kinda chub but athletic enough, not unhealthy
>damn ur fine
>she confronts me, "I just want us to be friends"
>awkward smirk from me, busted
>months later, she admits she liked me shortly after rejecting me
>have avoided/missed several chances to get with this girl and I intend to take th next one I get
Be a butterfly Kenny or are you Shawn
Got more of this of this if interested

>Be me
>beta faggot
>have some really cool friends
>i'm in some political shit ( we go and spread good news n rumors about the local mayor and get paid)
>2 girls there , both are solid 8/10
>we talk everyday n shit
>fell in love with one of them,lets call her Laura
>get friendzoned , at this point i m sad as fuck
>try to escape friendzone, confess my fellings to her and she hugs me
>still talk to her on the phone
>she tells me about another guy
>7/10 , he s tall
>she begins to talk with him
>they start talking and dating
>one day she tellse that i m too sad for her and she procceds to date that guy and loses her virginity to her
>she still makes fun of me for being sas and browsing 4chan
Idk if thats a reference or guess at my identity but neither of those are my name

Also I dunno about the cousin but this valerie
I'm 20, University. Halloween. Get invited to a series of parties, first two was with my gf and her two gay room-mates. Was actually awesome party, lots of cool people, drugs, good music, etc. even if I was the only straight guy there. Pretty sure there was circle jerk going on in a room behind a locked door but nobody fucked with me. GF told me don't do drugs blah blah so despite piles of coke on the tables and shit I didn't do anything. Party winds down, she gets tired and wants to go home, take her home and head to another party I heard about. Dropped a tab of acid on the way there. Arrive at party seriously peaking out, mad awesome 'like in a movie' party. Super hot girl from a town like 8hrs away is there, friends of a friend, thinking of moving to this town. She is on acid as well, and dressed as Snow White and super hot. Friend tells me she is a bit of a slut but cool. She totally wants to fuck me while we are peaking on acid, and I chicken out. See her a year later at another party, I had broken up with my GF by then, made my move, but my buddy jumped in and warned me she had mad STD so I bailed. Should have fucked her Snow White ass when I had the chance.
Reference bud I guess only I'd understand sorry like I said 41 hours.. It's a diff girl but she's cute shoot her digits?
Would if I could but I dont have em, sorry
Damn dude she's cute why don't you hit on her.. Catcha feels like ur answer

Captcha: was slister
> be 17 senior year
> emo as fuck
> listen to Thursday brand new taking back Sunday etc
> parents in midst of divorce
> use me against each other
> sad panda
> pity panda
> tell girls story of sad life to try to get hand jobs
> doesn't work
> at party of crush
> ask to use computer
> ok anon
> search msn messenger chat logs
> crtl+f anon
> find her talking shit about how I'm a pity party and just use sad story to try and get girls to like me
> said I'm good looking doe
> fml
> girl got herpes in college and knocked up by nigger
Ha nice captcha. She was cute but she's at berkeley now, plus id never be able to get with her especially with alexa as her sister
You'd be surprised I would have went for it
Delicious karma. I
Hope that the bitch that fucked over my high school life winds up in a pool of misery
File: 1410424743437.jpg (31 KB, 292x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>constantly kicking ass in rap battles.
oh my sides!
Man after all the miserable disappointments ive dealth with my entire adolescent life I've pretty much given up hope. In addition to courtney theres a pair of super qt little asian sisters that I think might be interested in me, borderline too young but man they cute, pretty only the younger one would be willing to put out tho

She wasn't actually that hot but had something about her. Nerdy with glasses and got really hit after high school. But ironically her parents gor divorced and she went on a online fucking spree to lash out. Bitch got herpes and a mixed baby.
Sounds like she got what she deserved. Wonder how she's handling life now
It was great man the niggs would be amazed at how easily I dissed them
i don't really have any cringe stories because i was always too much of a beta faggot to actually initiate contact with grills. here is the closest thing i have:

>be me, 7th grade
>skip first period cause i'm so cool
>sitting on bench waiting for first period to end and 2d to begin
>9/10 qt crush shows up out of nowhere

to put things into perspective i was crushing hard on this girl for 2-3 and was having dreams about her for another 1-2 after that.

>she notices me
hi anon
>she's just standing around
>pat the bench next to me and ask if she wants to sit
nope, not really
>freeze internally
>"are you sure?"
yes quite sure
>"are you sure you don't want to sit down"
>bell rings
bye i'm going now
>she leaves
>say hi a few more times throughout the year
>never man up to actually talk to her
>transfer school the year after so whatever
>be me
>last night
>log into pof I made a few weeks ago
>Get drunk and messege some 18 year old grill with the scene look going on
>"hey ask me if the abominable snowman has called? NOT YETI"
>she messages me back
>she informs me that my best friends sister used to baby sit her and she's also my moms' friends' daughter
>Don't respond
>delete pof account

I see her post a lot of Harry Potter shit on Facebook. I smashed one of her high school best friends a few years back (terrible experience). And she spilled the news about the herpes.

I was a fucking tool in high school. Pity party galore to try and get sympathy sex from girls. It worked with the insecure non popular ones. But no one that's really notable. Now I'm good. Settled down with an awesome girl and all the popular cunts in high school got fat and work a Benjamin Moore paints.

Funny how the world works for the betas after high school.
OK first green text so no hate pls. Yes, I am newfag.

>Be 15 y/o me
>At party, lots of alcohol and get wasted in like 1 hour
>Can barely stand at end of night
>Lurking around this 7/10
>Don't really have a thing for her
>Eh, why not
>Us 2 alone, she says she never liked blondes
>Idk why she says that but ok
>"Well that's great because I'm not blonde"
>Seemed like a smart thing to say at the time but was drunk as hell
>She immediately leaves and doesn't talk to me for rest of party
Goodnight guys got class in 2 hours wana catch a nap maybe tonight I'll come back a little earlier so the thread can be more full
Seeya man, nice sharing some stories with you. Thanks to all the other anons who may have read of my awful life
Holy jesus
Here's another one

>be me
>grade 6
>walk to an from school everyday with this grill that lives down the street
>been crushing on her for 2 years
>one day in class she says anon I want to talk to you about something important after class
>class ends and we meet outside the classroom
>"anon I like you"
>so I spit my game and say "oh"
>then turn 360 degrees and walk home
>she ends up moving a few months later
>hit her up on FB after high school
>no response
>a few weeks later I get home from work and she's hanging out with my best friend as they end up fucking
>hanging out with my best friend as they end up fucking.
Why do most of these always end like that
>be me a two years ago
>kissless virginfag, no experience w/ flirting or talking to guys
>first time traveling alone
>at a restaurant on my own ordering some food
>ask waiter for wifi password
>probably misunderstood and starts to introduce himself
>me: "no, the wifi password"
>waiter continues to introduce himself
>me again: "no, the wifi password"
>finally gets it and gives me the pw
>brings me food with bill immediately
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Jesus Christ, man.
Are you a grill?
there are no girls on the internet
Exactly my thoughts
>be 16
>summer break
>family is "cursed
>has a single mom that hasn't had a date in years
>I've never dated anyone ever
>Didn't care
>Get told constantly to clean room
>disregard parental unit for video games
>Mom comes home with some ching chong
>Ching chong brings their kid
>7/10 punky/emo vibe but pretty chill
>let's call them "Yu"
>Mom orders me to clean my room again before going on date
>yes mommy dearest
>play video games with Yu
>it gets dark outside
>realize mom might be home any minute
>Begin cleaning room, start with closet
>Yu is in the room too
>We keep talking
>Yu gets kinda close
>Yu tries to kiss me while I'm in the closet
>"Anon, are you ok with this?"
>not sure what Yu meant
>"Anon, you do know I'm a boy, right?"
>start scrambling to push Yu away
>in some horrible series of unfortunate events, Yu trips over some stuff and falls over in a very painful way
>Disregard cries of agony.
>Must atleast clean closet before mother gets home
>too late
>MFW I'm sorry momma
>I never meant to hurt Yu
>I never meant to make Yu cry but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet
You're wrong, sorry
Saw it coming from the start though
/mu/ in a nutshell
tits or gtfo whore
>We start shouting "FUCK BITCHES" "FUCK BITCHES"
>within 20 seconds the whole party is chanting "FUCK BITCHES"
>I cried
just LOL
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