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Hey /b/ I thought I'd share a real cuck...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/ I thought I'd share a real cuck story for those of you who are interested/turned on by this kind of stuff.

>I was 16 and had a girlfriend who was also 16. Her name was Ashley.
>She lived with mom, two sisters, toddler brother and her step dad
> Her mom had long blonde hair and so did Ashley and her sisters.
> Me and Ashley had been together for a few months and around this time and had lost our virginity to each other.
>Her mom was suffering from depression.
>Ashley's mom was quite open and told her that due to her current state she did not feel up to having sex with Ashley's step dad.
>Ashley's step dad was a pretty cool guy and we had talked about music and stuff.
>Ashley's mom told her that her step dad was quite a sexually stimulated man and would be very frustrated if he could not have sex with her mom.
>Ashley's mom therefore asked Ashley if she would be able to have sex with her step dad instead when he felt the need as he preferred Ashley to the other sisters.
>Ashley felt pressured into this by her mom because her mom mentioned how his income provides the family with money and enables them to live and that they couldn't cope if he left her.
>Because of that Ashley gave in and agreed to have sex with her step dad, Steve.
>Ashley told me about it the next day and how she had to do it. She felt terrible.
>I felt quite strange and didn't like the idea of it at all. After all this was my girlfriend.
>Ashley pleaded with me that it was such a tough situation. She said I could break up with her if I wanted, even though she would be hurt if I left.
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20 KB, 538x327
>She said she had to do this for the sake of her family.
>I loved her so much and I could see that she loved me too.
>I didn't want to lose her and I didn't want her to be sad so I went with it and said it's ok.
>A few days after she told me the situation I decided to come over after school.
>She lived quite close to my house and I would often come over.
>I knocked on the door and was let in by one of Ashley's sisters.
>I headed over to Ashley's room and I opened the door.
>Right before my eyes I could see Ashley and Steve.
>Ashley was completely naked. She was in the doggy position with her feet on the floor and her hands pushing down on the bed.
>Steve was in his work clothes and had his pants down. He was thrusting into my girlfriend from behind.
>Ashley had a blank expression on her face from what I could see. She was just taking it and being emotionless.
>It was a very tough site to see. I was quivering.
>They didn't notice me open the door so I carefully closed it and waited outside her room.
>I could hear the sound of her ass slapping against Steve's thrusts. He was going quite fast.
>I decided to leave and wait in the lounge for them to finish. Ashley's sisters were watching tv and didn't really say anything to me.
>Eventually I hear a door close. I then saw Ashley walk into the lounge. She saw me and said a quiet "hey".
>"H-hey" I said back, in a quivery voice.
>She motioned her hand in a waving motion, asking me to come out of the lounge.
>I followed her out and she said to me in a quiet voice "I'm sorry about that."
>"That's ok" I replied calmly.
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533 KB, 635x471
>This would become a regular thing. Steve would sometimes come home early from work and fuck Ashley and/or he would fuck her later at night.
>Whenever I was over I would just wait in the lounge area.
>Sometimes I would accidentally walk in on them.
>Steve noticed me on my second accidental walk in.
> He turned to Ashley and she said "he's fine with it, keep going."
>Those words hit me deep. I felt hurt but I knew she had to keep the peace and go with it.
>Once Steve resumed fucking her I could hear her making quick whining noises. "Uhhh!" "Aaah!"
>These whines seemed to grow louder and more frequent on each occasion I heard them.
>Steve seemed to prefer doggy style over anything else.
>Me and Ashley would have sex on occasion. However sometimes she would feel tired after having fucked Steve and we wouldn't do anything.
>The fucking grew louder so I could tell when they were fucking before walking in so I'd walk away from the door and wait in the lounge as I always did.
>One time however I couldn't hear anything so I knocked on the door.
>I got no reply so I opened the door, only to see Ashley naked and giving Steve head. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail.
>I was standing at the room entrance and she carried on with it even though I'm pretty sure she knew I was there.
>I began to feel more weak and inadequate.
>She was clearly getting a lot of enjoyment out of Steve fucking her and didn't seem nearly as enthused with me.
>I ended up becoming quite fed up with it and had an argument with her about it. I tried persuading her to stop.
> She was stubborn and said she can't otherwise Steve will leave her mother.
>I felt lost for words and Ashley came closer to me and kissed me on my cheek and said "I love you, anon. Please."
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52 KB, 600x333
>Despite the situation I was still deeply in love with Ashley and felt very conflicted.
>Sometimes Steve would slap Ashley's ass as he walked by and I was just meant to go with it and not cause trouble.
>Me and Ashley would be watching tv together in the lounge. Ashley would cuddle up to me. Sometimes Steve would walk in and say "Ashley can I see you please" and she would leap up off the couch and leave with him.
>One day Ashley could see I was bothered and told me I could fuck someone else if I wanted.
>I told her I only wanted her. She seemed to be relieved and then her face seemed to be quite blank.
>The next day Ashley told me she was feeling quite sore so told me to walk with her slowly. I asked why.
>She told me Steve had been trying anal with her.
>I had never done anal with Ashley so this seemed to be her first time..and it was with Steve.
>This was the last straw for me. I couldn't deal with this anymore.
>One night when we were watching tv together Steve burst in the door.
>He had become quite aggressive and said in a strong commanding voice: "Ashley come, have the beads ready."
>Steve didn't give a shit about me and Ashley seemed to go along with everything he wanted.
>After they left the room I sat in the lounge and dwelled on things.
>After a while I decided to get up. I walked over to Ashley's room and opened the door.
>I could see Steve was straddling her already, penetrating her asshole. The anal beads were on her side drawer.
>I yelled "Ashley I'm leaving you! I can't deal with this anymore!"
>Ashley turned her head over to me and gave me a blank expression. She then turned back to Steve and said "keep going."
>My heart sank at her lack of emotion or caring. I ran out of the house and walked home.
>I never spoke to her again after that.
Damn if this is real then what the hell
Cool story
File: 1373846439492.jpg (32 KB, 434x393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd tell you you're a fucking failure but it would probably just turn you on
Please for the love of god be fake. Why couldn't you have just walked the dinosaur.
JIDF pls go
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
You had a GF but no brains.

Why didn't you take pictures or record him abusing her. Blackmail keeps his money coming in and you get the girl.
File: NONOYETAGAIN.jpg (83 KB, 346x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm gonna need a picture of this Ashley girl.
there has to be more about the after part,
Cmon OP!
I'm too paranoid about sharing actual pictures sorry. I just don't trust /b/. I know I sound like a fag.

Nothing much happened after except making eye contact with her every once and a while. I can tell you about her trying to get me to fuck one of the sisters if you want?
File: 1411849169688.jpg (599 KB, 1963x1419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
599 KB, 1963x1419
Should have accepted her offer to fuck someone else and demand either her sister or mom puts out.

Hell, why not fuck her in the mouth while he fucks her ass?

All in all, a shitty story.

I've fucked dude's wives without them knowing. I've had girlfriends who I THOUGHT cheated but they didn't. But if they would have, I would have been cool with it and not cared. I was able to find out by leaving my phone recording in her room one time. Was pretty epic. Anyway... Pussy is pussy. Fuck all the pussy you can before you leave this life. Nothing else really matters. Money, pussy and objects can be replaced. Your heart and soul cannot. Don't lose your heart and soul.

Also, why the fuck didn't you video tape this for your anon friends?

If Ashley is such a whore, I'm sure she wouldn't have cared.

You're a failure cuckold, OP.

Pic related. Some dude let his wife fuck a nigger and even busted open her cervix. He took it like a man. Women's eggs go bad, they need to fuck fuck fuck.
yes yes continue op.
It was pretty emotionally damaging at the time. I didnt really have filming it on my mind. If anything I tried blocking it out, but the thought just kept coming back.

As I was gonna tell this anon>>571092934
Ashley once tried to get me to fuck her sister.
She told her sister to pull down her pants and show me her ass and pussy. Ash told the sis to get on her knees. The sister started trying to undo my belt but I refused.
Hot story. Should have filmed them, then asked to join in though. Also, when forced to wait in lounge, raep sisters.
Not much to tell sorry. I didnt really want to mention it as it makes me feel weird and cringey but here it is. Once again nothing much to tell as I didnt do anything.
Holy shit...

Show me a pic of Ashley and a pic of her sister.

And show me a pic of her mom while you're at it.

Were they blonde or bleached blonde? This is important.
>The sister started trying to undo my belt but I refused.

Sounds like a hot family. You should have stuck with it.
all g
you delivered 7/10 story for me to read before sleep,
They were pretty open and nutty. I was 16 and semi innocent and full of legitimate feelings of love.
Would have been great fucking the sisters now that I look back though. I'd see them watching tv and one would sometimes wear a short white skirt and she'd kneel forward and I'd see her juicy ass.
File: passedup.jpg (89 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The sister started trying to undo my belt but I refused.
You've downgraded from "beta" to "omega" virgin fag.

Get the fuck out of this thread unless you have Ashley nudes.

You can't save this anymore.

If I were you, I'd get a girlfriend, but fuck Ashley and her sisters on the side.

Fuck, you're dumb.

I've fucked 24 women in my life. And I still regret the 7 that got away when I was still a virgin. They literally were begging me to fuck them and I refused. And now I regret it every single day.

Pic related. One of the pussies I passed up. She was a landwhale, but I don't give a fuck.
was a real situation so I thought id convert it to greentext for those on /b/ who get aroused by this kind of stuff. I didnt do it to piss anyone off. Ive grown up since then.
blonde. Not bleached. Kinda liek dirty blonde but blonde yeah.

You could probably only get landwhales
File: 1411846688314.png (19 KB, 125x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 125x150
Nah, I've fucked a few hotties while they were drunk.

Also, 2 skinny bitches were my girlfriend, but one had ADD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and dyslexia; the other had ADHD and bipolar disorder. They fucked up my whole life last year, but they were still a fun fuck.
Fakest story ever. Fuck off.
I don't know what to say OP. You ruined my day with this story. Fuck you for being such a fucking disgraceful human being
File: her.jpg (13 KB, 270x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 270x360
Dude, post a pic of Ashley... what do you care if we know what she looks like..

I just posted one of my chicks.

Here another chick I passed up.
Don't listen to this /b/ fags anon, they don't know what human emotions are.
If that story's true, it's really messed up, and i know it's difficult for ya. There's probably nothing a random person on the Internet can say to make you feel better, so i won't even try. But seriously, that fucker should pay, a) for fucking a 16 yo girl, b) for fucking your girlfriend.
Please, anon, say this history is fake.
File: t5QtC.png (23 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 400x400
this fucking story. it has to be fake for god's sake
File: another.jpg (10 KB, 199x271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Another chick I passed up. She practically was trying to blow me right infront of her family and begged me to take her into her room and I flat out just stalled and avoided it.

I wanted a perfect 10 (which I did later get), but now that I think of it, I could have had it all bot her and the 10.
It was legal in my country. 16 is age of consent
But, still. You should have taken pictures of them and fuck the life of the guy, somehow.

In my country 16 is the age of consent too, but if you fuck someone younger than 18 yo while you are older, is rape.
File: 1317241331671.jpg (6 KB, 198x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 198x193
There is no way this story is true.
7/10 The faggotwho wrote this is seriously beta.

this guy... what works for you doesn't work for me faggit. my heart and soul is loyalty and no bs between me and the ppl I love






what did her mother think? was she not around at all?

unless you live somewhere backwards, a stepfather having sex with a daughter when she is not an adult would get him in trouble.
she was mentally ill and depressed. She was desperate. They werent your typical family either.
Poorly written, bullshit story.
Why weren't they typical
Because of the mother's state of mind, the sisters were quite nutty, they would discuss stuff most normal families wouldn't.
Like sex and their bodies and stuff

Lol, it's not legal for a step-father to have sex with his wife's 16 year-old. There's a power dynamic and a court would lock him up real quick. Even if he's not married to the mom he lives there.

It was not legal. Report his ass.
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bubbles hammering.png
103 KB, 500x317
So op you with anyone now?
Dude 90% of people cheat.

It's fact of life.

Just get with it.
why did your gf not feel guilty about what she was doing? you said she started to enjoy it, that doesn't make sense to me.

also, you never mentioned any interactions with the stepfather or the mother, with all this going on, you'd expect some sort of conflict.. sounds more fictional to me.
I've been trying to find decent stories where the person being cuckolded doesn't KNOW he's being cheated on, despite the obvious signs. Does anyone know where to find a collection of stories like that?
File: 1234242455708.jpg (88 KB, 400x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP is a skelton!
umn yea is there a video to this?
thanks for the share OP <3
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