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Where's the fucking wincest thread faggots?!...
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Where's the fucking wincest thread faggots?! There's some OC coming and I spect you'll enjoy it
Could you do a new caption for me?
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Hurry and get in here faggots, I'm not going to self bump very much
I just find these pics, I don't make them myself
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Nobody's got anything to throw in before the story starts?
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Wow that ones actually pretty good, I could actually believe it
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Maybe people will start jumping in, if anybody lurking has any stories to share, they're welcome
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Not even wincest but pretty funny
Learn to suck cock you cunt, because your not much good for anything else.

start plx
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I suck cock all the time, there wouldn't be much point in being OP If I didn't
Ok I guess we can start now. Has everyone here read the first two long ass greentexts of me fucking my cousin who came to visit from abroad for the Christmas season?
Please continue
>gets dick ready
Ok, i guess you haven't and a few other people here must not have either. I'll get the first one started. Everyone, let me know how you're enjoying it as it progresses
who is this?
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New phone, and I didn't save the intro. Pic is of a girl I found who has a huge resemblance to her. I'd say like 95%. My actually cousin just has a more bitchy face

>be me
>be 17
>only had sex like 4 times
>dad has been planning to have his sister and her daughter come visit from Romania for New Years
>it's now around mid December
>aunt and cousin arrive at LAX
>we pick them up after a long drive
>don't remember either of their faces (last time I saw either of them was when I was around 4)
>dad spots my aunt
>waves her down, walks over to them
>immediately notice my cousins super good looking (not in a sexual way, but just as an observation, I would never have though incest was ok then)
>5'9 or so, c cups, small waist, good hips, and good size ass
>when we get near them she instantly come to hug me and kiss me on the cheeks (as are customary Slavic greetings)
>begin to converse with aunt and cousin as we head out of the airport.
His name is Peter Parker, but he is better known as Spider-Man.
Hurry up faggot
Sorry, forgot to mention she's either 19 or 20 now

>most of the car ride home was my dad and aunt talking and me and cousin talking in the back
>not super interested in the convo, but played along to be nice
>blah blah blah about how Romania is now, asks me what I do for fun
>start taking about things I like to do in America
>turns out she's pretty cool and likes snowboarding and vidya like I do
>pretty basic get to know each other stuff
>she always comes across as kinda flirty in her convos
>not sure if it's her imperfect english or she's just trying to be nice (anon, your dad didn't tell me you got so good looking since the last time I've seen you. Shit like that)
>no shit bitch I was like 4
>get to dad's house in undisclosed California valley town 2 and half hours north of LA
>it's night now
>Elena (cousin) announces she's super sore from the plane and car and demands a massage while we watch tv and my dad and aunt are on the patio chatting and drinking
By the way, if you guys want to see this to its current state, you'll be here a while

>immediately decline and say that's stupid, I don't feel like it (I know, pretty stupid right?)
>insists and says she'll give me one in return
>decline again
>keeps begging and complaining about her back and shit
>give in finally and tell her I'll do it
>she jumps with happiness at her victory
>lays down on the couch with her hands at her sides
>her shirt is riding up just a bit so that her lower back showing
>put my hands on her back and start applying pressure to her back and moving about
>she instantly starts groaning when I put some pressure on
>now that I think back on it, it was pretty hot
>not paying attention much, just focusing on the job at hand
>"you're not doing it right anon" she interrupts
>bitch wut?
>"you have to sit on my butt, your arms don't give the same amount of pressure the way you're sitting"
>was sitting beside her hips until now
>think it's a little weird, but ok
>straddle over her and sit right on her ass
>shit was so soft I had take a moment to confirm with myself how soft it was
>start up again putting pressure on her back and rubbing her down
>about 2 minutes into it, I realize I've got a pretty good half chub going
>whateves it's no big, just continue and listen to her moan and groan for a whole longer as her shirt (and my boner) rise up steadily
>It becomes necessary to ignore her shirt as just rub against her bare skin
>wasn't really worried about touching her
>she's really enjoying it at this point when I rub her shoulders and lower back
>notice she sometimes pops her ass up and arches her back a bit and puts some pressure on me
>half chub slowly increasing in size
>start to give her more and more pressure in the spots I see a reaction from
>every arch of her back and pop of her butt I get a little harder
>start to feel a little weird
>hope she doesn't nice my growing erection
>been about 25-30 minutes now so I decide to stop after I see she's satisfied
>when I announce I'm done she slowly gets up
>groans on her way up
>turns right around and hugs me
>I'm sitting at the foot of the couch so when she hugs me she pushes me over onto my back onto the armrest of the couch
>"thanks anon that was so good, I feel so much better now"
>about to ask her to get off when I realize she feels really good on me
>the pressure of her body, her bewbs pushing into my chest, the scent of her hair, and the pressure of her stomach on my dick
>kisses me on the cheek and gets off
>damn I was enjoying that
>she sits up "ok" she says
>"go ahead, lay down. I told you id give you one too"
>O rite I fergot
>consider it for a moment
>aight why not
>start to lay down
>"wait, take off your shirt it's too baggy, it'll get annoying and in the way"
>bitch this is my at home lounge attire. How dare you
>take off my shirt and lay on the couch
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>Live free
>as soon as I lay down she straddles over me and sits on my butt
>she starts to give an amazing massage
>I'm talking the whole nine yards this shit is so cash
>pressing all the right spots on my back
>squeezing, rubbing, using her knuckles to get in deep
>I'm moaning up a storm the whole time
>hurts so good
>nothing kinky just a very good massage
>until she neared the end
>she kinda just stopped all once and sat up straight and sighed
>she then put her hands back on my back and started to rub so slowly and softly
>her warm hands all over my back were amazing
>with each motion she started putting her hips into it
>pushing up and down as she went up and down on my back
>started to feel my dick get hard underneath me
>when she finished she bent over and kissed all the way up my upper back to my lower neck so slowly that i had to anticipate the next one that came
>she gets off
>"hope that was as good for you as mine was" and give a little giggle
>get up and resume watching tv
>dad and aunt call us from outside to go talk with them bring then more beer.
>grab some for ourselves too (parents didn't really care as long as we were with them) and join them outside

Knock, knock. Is anyone still there?
Here in Brazil we have a saying: Cousin is not a relative. ;)
Yeah man, keep going
yeah i guess
That's sinful as fuck

>go outside and Elena sits down first and demands I come sit on her lap
>"I'm bigger than you and no that's stupid"
>she insists and grabs me and starts pulling
>struggle and flail my arms like a retard
>eventually give up and decide to just do it
>we go about a conversation with our parents
>the whole time she's got her arms wrapped around my stomach and nuzzling her chin into my shoulder
>pretty much cheek to cheek
>throughout she pokes and tickles me and I start to get annoyed
>this is the shit I do with bitches
>why am I the bitch here???
>tell her she's annoying me and tell her to stop
>aunt says to stop bugging and she gets upset and slides out from under me to get up
>I scoot back in the chair establishing a comfortable position
>"I'm just gonna sit on you instead then!"
>oh fuck bad idea bad idea
>was already thinking of the fact that id end up getting hard
>too late
>she sat down right on my crotch
>at this point I'm starting to get a little upset and embarrassed because I'm genuinely not trying to fuck my cousin or be sexual with her at all
>I know that I need to be cautious from here on in
>beautiful girl sitting on my lap, leaning back against me
>hope that this doesn't get bad soon
i am waiting for the fresh prince ending.
so far so good
>at this point I don't know if she has an agenda, the thought of incest if beyond me
>as the conversation continues she starts to subtlety push in with her hips into my crotch
>uhh ohh.jpg
>as she does this she puts more pressure on my by sitting down harder
>movement intensifies as time goes on
>eventually she take my hands that were on the armrest and wraps them around her belly
>tried to resist silently at but she just pushed harder and deeper into my crotch each time
>i give up this is too much
>boner is starting to intensify now
>there's no way she can't feel it
>allow her to take my arms and wrap them around her tummy
>her shirt is up a it's just bare skin
>super soft, super smooth, very warm
>it was pretty cold outside so it felt real good
>things went in like this for a while
>she rubbed my arms with her finger tips every now and not letting up on the hip movement
>at this point it was starting to feel really good
>I felt bad for it but my good feels were way stronger
>around 12:30 or so Elena announces she's going to sleep
>"I'm so tired from today, I need to go rest"
>we all say our goodnights
>asks me why I said goodnight
>"because you're going to sleep?"
>"yeah but I want you to come too!"
>"yeah common! I don't wanna go to sleep by myself!"
>my dad says to go with her and so does my aunt
>what the fuck you guys are you serious?
>"common anon!" As she pulls on my arm
>dad and aunt seem to think it's still just innocent even though we're 17 and 20
>"just go anon, they're visiting, they don't get to stay here long, be nice"
>but pops.....
>I get pulled away by Elena
>"hurry up anon! Stop being a baby"
>k fine
>I go to brush my teeth and complete other such pre-sleep activities
>go into the guest bedroom set up for her

By the way my dad's house had 4 bedrooms. 2 one one wing and 2 on the other. My dad and aunt were on one wing and guess who had the other

>lie down with my back to her
>even though the lights are off, a little light poured in from the window
>"why are you being so mean anon? Come over here..."
>I could hear her tone was a little upset
>turn over and see her beautiful bright green eyes looking at me with that puppy dog stare
>penetrates through all my defenses
>cute game too strong
>"Ughhh fine sorry"
>I scooch closer to her and she nuzzles into my chest
>we lay there for a few minutes not talking
>I've already got my eyes closed trying to sleep
>she puts her hands underneath my shirt onto my bare chest
>"you're really warm"
>her hands feel like heaven as they travel over my chest
>I'd had a few beers from outside so I'm a little buzzed and the sensation from her hands was making me tingle all over
>i pull my arm over her and pull her in more
>she responds by pressing up against me and wrapping her legs up with mine
>she's pulling into me now with her hands
>still rubbing up all over my chest
>start getting pretty hard
>she's got her legs wrapped in mine and is pressed right up against me
>there's no way she doesn't notice
>getting pretty close to diamonds
>she giggles
>"what that all about cuz?"
>whatever could you referring to madame?
>"what are you taking about?"
>she take her leg brushes up against my dick
>"I'm talking about that" she giggles again
>oh that
>"um sorry, you're kinda um...-"
>she interrupts me
>"anon I'm your cousin!" In the most mischievous way possible
>"well sorry if you didn't want it like that you shouldn't have made me give you a massage, and have sat on my lap, or made me sleep with you!"
>she giggles a little again and looks me at me with a really sexy smize
>"who said I didn't want it like that?"
>just then hear a loud clang
>footsteps coming in the hallway close by
>open the door
>get on the floor

Just kidding guys
>hearing her say that gets me to full diamonds
>she can feel it with her leg
>she smiles
>she starts pulling in
>holy shit she's actually gonna kiss me
>this is my cousin
>this is bad
>oh fuck
>she kisses me
>slow, soft, barley a peck
>comes back in does it again, it bit more now
>slowly starting to pull me in even closer
Lol I bang my hot sister on an almost daily basis and you guys are sitting there jacking it to fake pics with captions.
Damn. This is hot. as of this point I don't give a fuck if she's my cousin anymore, she's gonna get it now

>I kiss her back
>press up against her harder
>she lurches upwards and starts to open her mouth more with each kiss
>I slide my tongue in just a bit and she does the same
>we start getting more and more into it
>we start breathing heavier and grinding more
>she pushes me over and straddles me, sitting right on my dick
>I can feel the moist heat through her shorts
>she's not wearing any panties
>she starts grinding more and more as we make out
>I push her over and climb on top of her
>my shirt comes off
>back to kissing
>we're grinding and dry humping up a storm
>she's pulls of her shirt
>holy shit
>c cups as I said earlier
>she had the smallest pink little nipples
>the kind you just wanna bite off
>but I held off on that and just started to suck on them
>evidently she was super sensitive because as soon as I started she grabbed my hair and started pulling on it
>shit was cash
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shit makes no sense
Man, for instance: my wife's aunt and uncle are cousins. They have 3 healthy kids and nobody cares...
>I start pulling on her hair too
>start kissing down her tits to her naval
>she can anticipate what's going to happen next
>she starts tensing up
>as I go lower my hands go before my mouth and pull he shorts down
>as I'm about to reach her pussy I stop
>I can hear her breathing freeze
>I start to slide my fingers all around the general area
>not making any contact with her vagoo
>looks great btw
>the whole area is shaved and smooth
>pretty small pussy
>really light skin and clean
>slowly and slowly get closer her breathing gets heavier and heavier with anticipation
>after she's practically panting I take one soft lick from the bottom to the top
>I thoroughly eat her out
>after a while with just tongue I slip in a finger
>just the pinky
>I want to keep that shit as tight as possible for me later on
>I'm eating her out with more pressure on her clit now
>I can tell she's getting close
>I start sliding my pinky in and out faster
>I can feel her tightening in around it
>a few more seconds and I start to feel a bunch of pulsations on my finger accompanied by some heavy ass moans
>I had to cover her mouth because she was starting to get loud

>I stop and tell her to be quiet she's being too loud
>"sorry anon hehe, I'll try"
>"I think you need something to put in your mouth so you'll be quiet. Oh, actually, I believe I have just the solution for you"
>she giggles a bit
>"oh I think that's a good idea" she says as she pushes me into my back
>she starts kissing me again for a bit
>then starts to go down to my neck
>oh Jesus stay there for a while it doesn't get better than neck sucking
>she starts going down to my chest, to my stomach
>before she gets any lower she arches her back and sits up
>"lemme just take care of these" as she shuffles off my shorts
>the sight of my super hard cock coming out was greeted by a slight jaw drop

I'm not super big or anything, like 7, 7 and half at the most, but I guess she wasn't prepared for it
top kek
>she smiles and slides her hand up my leg
>she puts her warm hand on my dick and starts stroking
>I lay back and relax

>not only does she have a hand, but a mouth as well
>I was looking up at the ceiling enjoying her hand when I her warm wet lips hit the tip
>she lowers her mouth onto it slowly
>when she finally has the whole head in mouth her tongue comes into play
>I don't even comprehend what she's doing with it but she's doing a fantastic job
>she keeps going up and down each time going a bit deeper
>I raise her chin up a bit
>i want this bitch to look me in the eye
>damn she looks good suckin on my dick
>she gets up after a little more of this
>it's time
>she starts to crawl over me and sits right at the base of my dick
>she starts sliding up and down the length of my shaft
>holyshit holyshit holyshit
>my whole dick is throbbing
>she finally reaches behind her
>grabs the base
>takes aim
>she doesn't fire
>it's so slow
>the tip touches
>I start to go in
>the whole head
>the first few inches
>I'm going crazy the whole time, this is amazing
>I can't wait
>shove the rest of it in all the way full force
>she lets out a huge sign and collapses into me
>she's breathing so heavily
>pull her back into a kiss with her hair
from the south eh?
>I pull her down into me I start to slide in and out of her
>she's so warm and tight
>every time I pull out and push back in she lets out a breath
>I stop kissing and shove her face into my neck
>she's kissing and sucking on my neck again
>only makes me want to fuck her harder
>start going all out
>hard as fuck
>slamming that shit deep
>I push her off
>her behind her she gets on her knees
>I jam that pussy
>no mercy
>full power
>she's starting to get loud again
>nope. not havin it
>pull her up
>one hand on her mouth, the other goes to rubbing her from the front
>proceed to fuck her even harder
>what's this
>I sense a disturbance
>her insides start shaking
>she panting so hard now
>all at once she just starts to contract and pulsate
>my dick
>I can't take all this pressure
>it gets me like 10 seconds from blowing my load
>pull out
>turn her over
>she knows
>swallows the damn thing whole
>cum buckets upon buckets of into her throat
>swallows it all after gagging a bit on my dick

>totally collapse after all my hard work
>we're both breathing super hard
>end up going to the bathroom to clean up and throwing clothes back on
>before we go back to bed to crash she looks me in the eyes, gives me a kiss and says "let's do that again"
>go bad to bed and fall asleep

Ok guys that's the end of the first night. Hang on a sec and lemme get the next update started
I'm actually disappointed because you didn't use a bait n switch end.
Ok guys. Time for second one

>wake up after events of night 1
>turn to the side to see Elena asleep on my arm
>ow it's asleep
>try to pull my out from underneath
>she doesn't wake up
>turn over to check my phone
>past noon (don't remember exact time)
>fuck it's late
>get up out of bed
>be really groggy
>it hits me that I fucked my cousin last night
>fuck man I just fucked my cousin
>bad feels
>weird feels
>"should I feel bad about this?" I thought
>mind is in deep conflict
>walk over to main living room
>dad and aunt already up eating lunch
>"wow so finally decide to wake up!"
>"sorry dad, Elena would shut up last night"
>damn right she didn't
>normal lunch time conversations ensue
>Elena comes into living room maybe 20 minutes later
>"good mornings" from me and my dad
>aunt asks her why she slept so late too
>"I'm sorry, I'm like so jet lagged"
>good girl
>comes up behind my chair
>wraps her arms around my neck in a back hug or something
>"why didn't you wake me up anon?"
>kisses me on the cheek
>bitch my dad and aunt are literally a foot away from us
>"because you were jet lagged of course"
>felt pretty on edge the whole day around her and tried to kinda stay away
>dad could tell I was on edge
>"why you acting weird?"
>nigga I ain't
>"oh no I don't mean to be"
>"well act normal then" he says
>proceed with caution
>things end up going pretty normally
>we go bowling
>come back home
>go to sleep (separately this time)
>was half expecting her to sneak into my room that night
>was pretty relieved
>next day dad gathers the rest of us for a conference
>"niggas we fixin to head to the ski resort tomorrow morning, and I spect you to be ready to roll by 8 ya dig?"
>rejoice follows
>resort is up in Tahoe (squaw valley and northstar)
>if you haven't been they're both amazing resorts
>lodges and rooms at northstar village are amazing
>back to the event
>Elena and I are both very excited to snowboard
>aunt skis but not a lot
>dad doesn't
>aunt is going to teach dad to ski
>upon hearing this in the convo gears begin to turn in my head
>don't like the sound if this
>look over at Elena
>she sees me looking at her
>turns to me and winks
>I'm scared guys

Sorry about it being a little for now, but things pick up when we get to northstar so I'll just skip ahead there (nothing eventful happens the rest of the day as well as the drive on the next)
>upon arriving and checking in the concierge informs us we'll be a room with 2 king beds
>feel a bit relieved
>don't see a response from Elena
>get to the room
>real nice n shit
>get dressed for the slopes
>rent our shit
>get on the lift chair
>Elena and I get separated from dad and aunt fairly quickly
>aunt tells us to go ahead.
>dad isn't a quick learner when it comes to skiing
>we ride next to eachother for the most part
>the third chair up we decided to go off course
>she went ahead down a little drop
>I followed
>the drop came
>I fell pretty hard
>wasn't expecting it
>a little banged up and laying on my back
>she sees me and unhooks her board
>"Awww you're not hurt are you" in a sarcastic tone as she walks over to me
>"fuck you I wasn't expecting it!"
>"are you ok? if you're not I might be able to make you feel better" Still sarcastic as fuck
>"no, I think I'm-"
>she straddles me and sits down
>"what are you doing"
>"shhhhh I think I can hear you dad and my mom coming" she says as she laughs and takes off her gloves
>we're way off course so she's just being a bitch right now
>try to sit up
>she pushes me back down
>"you shouldn't move, you're hurt"
>literally wasn't even hurt
>"I'm not even hurt, get off"
Rio de Janeiro...
>she leans forward and lays on me
>her head is next to mine
>she starts kissing my neck
>oh shit
>her hands are warm and on my cheek
>I feel like I should be pushing her off
>I'm not
>she starts kissing more and sucking
>oh god this feels so good
>my hand goes onto the back of her head and I grab her hair
>I'm starting to really enjoy this
>start breathing harder
>she can tell I like it
>she switches to the other side
>fuck man
>start to feel bad about this again
>pull her back by her hair
>"no stop"
>I'm still breathing pretty hard
>you can bet my dicks hard too, there's no denying that
>"we shouldn't do this"
>"what's the big problem, just being a baby."
>"you're my cousin!"
>"yeah and you're my cousin? So??"

Mental backflips ensue. My internal
Monologue goes something like this

"Huh..... She's my cousin, but she doesn't seem to make a big deal out of it at all. Is it really a big deal?"

>she sees my confused face
>"stop thinking about it so much. I like you anon! We had a lot of fun when we were younger, now you're bigger, and prettier, and I like you more. And I can tell you like me."
>she slides on my hard dick to remind me
>"so stop making such a big deal out of it, I'm not here for that long anyways, so let's enjoy our "company" for as long as we can"
>she smiles
>goes back down to kissing my neck
>I take a moment
>maybe I'm easily convinced
>maybe it was really horny and that's what made me easily combined
>plot twist
>maybe I wanted to be convinced
>either way, I was convinced and it had stopped thinking about it
>returned my attention to her kissing my neck
>notice she's starting to work her way up my neck
>onto my cheek, into a kiss
>kiss her back, I guess I'm fully convinced
>we start to making out, slowly at first, then more, then with tongue
>we're making out pretty heavily
>she starts grinding her hips into me
>the coldness of the snow really contrasts with the heat of her body
>she feels so much warmer than she would in a normal temperature setting
>I'm getting more and more into it now
>I want to flip her over so I can't get on top
>push her to the side
>start to TRY to roll over
>my snowboards still on
>I'm struggling to try to turn over
>she sees me struggling
>looks at my feet and hips
>starts laughing hysterically
>well fuck you too
>still laughing
>fuck this
>I take off the bindings
>stand up
>pull her up too
>my back has been on the snow for so long
>it's not numb so is freezing
>whatever, I'm in the middle of something
>push her up against a nearby tree
>we're making out again
>I can obviously tell she enjoys my initiative
>she climbs up on me, wrapping her legs around my waist
>still making out, it's starting to get intense as fuck
>nips at my ear
>from lips to neck
>grinding on her pretty hard
>thank you tree for being the support I need
>I know the tree won't judge me for the wincest

I hope there are at least 5 people in this thread. Otherwise this is kind of a waste
Lurking :)
Dont worry anon im still here.
>I back up a little bit
>her back is leaving up against the tree
>her legs still wrapped around me
>look at her for a sec, she's pretty hard
>take my gloves off and start to unzip her jacket
>"you must be really hot" I tell her
>"we wouldn't want you to overheat now....."
>no objection
>she starts doing the same my jacket
>alright no big deal
>neither of us have jackets on anymore just long sleeves with nothing underneath (wasn't close enough for more than 2 layers. Northstar's weather is pretty mellow)
>such a nice resort though, still can't get over how nice it was
>back to making out
>our jackets are on the ground
>apparently she thinks this has gone on long enough
>she backs up
>licks her lips and smiles
>drops down to her knees
>gosh I wonder what's going to happen next
>it doesn't take long for pants to be dropped
>she pulls me underwear down with her teeth all while looking up at me
>my cock is ready
>the item in question is quickly inserted into her mouth
>oh fuck it's so warm

I don't you guys understand how warm it felt being so cold outside. The heat on my dick was literally so perfect I felt like I could just melt and die happily with my dick in her mouth

>"oh my god that's good"
>she's just going at it
>I really really like this bj

take it friend it's all yours
anon don't you stop now
>she's trying to take all of it down her throat
>oh my god please take it all
>she's good about taking it down her throat (not too much gagging, good about it keeping it down)
>the gasps for air she take after having it in there for a while at a time are like music to my ears
>better idea
>motion for her to get up by her shoulders
>she starts reaching for her pants in a hurry as she stands
>grab her hands
>that's it, just "no"
>she looks a little confused
>take her jacket on the ground (our jackets are soft shells btw so it keeps water from getting inside)
>lay it play along with mine making kind of a "safe to lay down and not get our clothes soaked" spot
>"here, lay down you back"
>she still isn't sure what I'm doing
>she goes to lay down facing me
>stop her
>turn her around
>other way bitch
>she lays down, her face looking up at me
>I get down on my knees
>see some realization hit her face and she knows what going on
>she makes a "hmmp" sound and adjusts her head so that instead of the back of her head touching the ground, the top is
>she knows exactly what's going on
>opens her mouth, ready to receive
>and in it goes
>I don't go to far in at first to see if she's ok with it
>then all the way
>I get it all inside her warm wet throat
>oh my god it's amazing

I'm getting hard just remembering how amazing it was right now
Lurkin' brah.
I am 5 people
>just stay there for a while
>forget how long I'm in
>she taps my hip with her hands
>pull out
>a huge gasp
>"oh my god... Oh fuck"
>still gasping for air
>"oh you're not hurt are you?? Poor baby" Sarcastic as fuck
>she laughs and opens her mouth again
>the invitation is accepted
>go back in, but this time I just fuck her throat
>going in as deep as I can every time
>grabbing her neck to pull it in even further
>man this bitch can take it rough I'm surprised
>doesn't complain just taps my hips every now and then when it's too much and more gasps come
>I've about had my fill of this even though it's amazing
>she sits up when she knows I'm done with that and turns around
>I feel like she's kinda relieved
>she leans on me for a little while she's catching her breath
>push her down onto her back again but this time facing me
>just kiss her for a while (I really don't make a big deal about it even if she has just sucked my dick, I never really cared that)
>I sit up after a bit
>her pants are coming off
>down they go and so do the panties
>waste no time
>my dick enters her with the full strength of a raging battalion of knights sacking the capital city of the kingdom on behalf of their one true king
>the heat
>oh the heat
>her throat was nowhere near as warm
>so tight and hot and wet
>can I just stay here forever?
>god this is amazing
>she seems to behaving a good time too
>the moaning commences
>not too loud at first but it increases in decibels soon
>we're only about a 100 feet from main trails
>can't be too loud you silly bimbo
>slap her on the face (not too hard, but hard enough)
>"shut up, people might here us!"
>"ow! Fine! You didn't have to slap me! or is that what you're into?"
>am I?
>no I don't think so
>she sits up and slaps me back
>it kinda turns me on
>wow I guess I am
>she sees the surprise in my face
>slaps me again harder
>damn that's pretty hot
>fuck her for a little while longer on her back
>the temperature is just as warm as when I went in
>pick her up off the jackets
>have her bend over in front of the tree
>she uses is for support
>and back in I go
>the way her as bounces looks amazing, so much so that I think I'll have her do the work
>tell her to just her in her knees in the jacket instead
>"just make up your mind already!" She says as she laughs
>"I just want to see you do some work is all"
>"oh I'll do some work" she says
>she starts slowly
>burying the length of my cock all the way in and almost all the way out
>her hips do all the work
>watching this amazing form artwork is amazing
>she starts to pick up speed
>her ass jiggles a bit with every push
>the speed picks up until she's just twerking on my dick
>her moans aren't too loud anymore
>goooooood she's learning
>she's still going at, turning her head every one in a whole to look back at me
>after a little while of that pulls off
>"here, you should lay on your back now"
>aaight den nigga
>do as I'm told
>she climbs on
>she puts it where it belongs
>enveloping the whole thing in the warm, wet, cave of wonder
>the holy of hollies
>she moves her hips up and down in and out, you know the drill
>she bends over me and starts kissing me as she does
>the warmness of her whole body really is the best part in the cold snow
>I can feel every detail of her as she rides me
>I feel like I'm getting close
>be 14yo me
>wake up early one day walk past lil sis' room notice she's butt naked spread eagle in bed
>nice little b size tits little wisp of pubes starting, instant hard on
>fap by her bed, cum all over the side of her sheets
>start trying to wake up early to check her out but she's always covered
>notice one day my one and only porno vhs is missing, spend next two days thinking parents will confront me
>find vhs in sisters room, she left off after my fave part
>keep trying to catch her nude early am before school, see light under her door and very faint porn noises
>hear her breathing hard, obviously masturbating to my porn
>fap and cum all over her door
>suck your dick under the water

doesn't even feel good
>"sit up" I say
>arch my back
>grab her hips
>start pushing her up and down as hard and as fast as I can
>I think I'm feelin it now Mr. Krabs!
>she's trying her best to keep balance using me as support
>she can barely take it
>the closer I get the closer she gets apparently
>she beats me to it
>"Oh fuck, god yes!"
>oh fuck man
>I think I know what's "cumming" next
>"oh my god fuck me!"
>I can feel her insides start convulsing and doing backflips on my dick
>everything is sneezing and pulsating
>she keeps going at this for like 10 seconds or so
>collapses on me
>"ughhhh oh wow, Jesus Christ"
>I'm not done yet though
>still going hard as fuck
>you think you're done just because you came
>big mistake bub
>you don't get off that easy
>she just fucking gasping now
>edging for the longest time right now
>I'm feelin it Mr. Krabs! It's coming!
>push her off
>she knows
>crawls down to my dick
>start vigorously bobbing her head on it
>"ohhhh fuck yeah" and there it goes
>I feel her tongue lap it all up
>she finishes it all and sits up smiling
>don't know if it's to herself for a job well done or to me
>either she take a deep breath and lays down on me
>we just sit there for a few minutes
>"well we didn't come here just to fuck did we? Let's go back and carve!"
>damn that's a good idea
>wait you're the one who started this
>fuck you
>she give me a few more finishing kisses and we get up and start putting clothes back on
>re-bind and get on our way
>have a really good rest of the day snowboarding
>don't even really feel bad about fucking her this time
>guess I'm cool wid it
>after the day is done and the lifts close it's about 6pm
>go meet up with dad and aunt
>have dinner in glorious Northstar restaurant
>head back to lodge
Alright, that was it for the 3rd story. Prepare for some more sinful and ungodly acts while I prepare the 3rd update

Some feedback would be great by the way
There will be no more mentions of Northstar resort and village in this, third update. Although I do think if you're a winter/winter sports person and you've never been there you need to make a trip there at least once in your life, I can't recommend it enough. Also before I start, if anyone has another high tier ski resort they'd like to recommend to me id love to hear about it.

Now then

>dinner wus dope
>the walk back to our room was pretty short
>after getting there aunt and dad decided to let us know they were going out do something
>think it was gambling or drinking, can't remember specifically
>they told us to get some sleep since we had a long day and we were going to squaw valley (another great ski resort) tomorrow
>aaight den
>they left
>Elena and I were left in the room
>sleeping arrangements were never established
>there were implications earlier that I would sleep with dad and Elena with her aunt
>nothing was ever stated or set in stone though
>"fuck, I'm really tired..." Was the first thing she said
>"yeah, me too. I think I'm just gonna take a shower and go to sleep"
>"ok I'll just watch tv until you're done, and then I'll take mine after" she said
Ima lurkin' kind anon
>that may have been an invitation to invite her to join me
>just brushed it off and went to the bathroom
>started the shower
>was about to get in
>went to lock the door
>lock it or leave it unlocked?
>images of Elena coming into the shower with me started to seep into my head
>her wet, slippery body glistening from the light
>all her nice curves being drenched in warm water
>her wet hair hanging down just covering her tits, letting just a bit show through
>thoughts of this persuaded me it might be a good idea to not lock the door....
>just in case
>get in the shower
>brush brush brush
>brush brush brush
>brushin everywhere
>time for washings of hair
>some shampoo gets in my eye
>not Johnson and Johnson
>the overwhelming pain engulfs me
>In that moment all I knew was pure terror and agony
>no pls
>anything but this
>desperately try to wash out and rub my eyes
>pain gradually subsides
>my body is left trembling
>I'm alright now, but the permanent scar in my psyche still exists today
>now and then I still have dreams of that night
>of that moment
>but wait
>the curtain slides back
>didn't hear the door open
>she probably opened it extra quietly
>gosh I wonder who "she" could be
>I was on the end of the shower with the shower head facing it
>the curtain opened from the other side
>I could hear someone stepping in behind me
>I dare not turn around
>a few seconds pass
>all I get are arms around my torso hugging me from behind and a head rested on the back of my neck
>i don't move or do anything
>"A-Anon-kun...will you let me wash you back"
>I make a huge nervous face and get all red
>"Elena-San.... I, I don't know, I would be honored if you washed my back! Arigato gozaimas!"
>"I've.. I've wanted to do this for so long Anon-kun!"
>"oh senpai! Please wash my back. I am ready for you!"

That would've been fucking funny. I wish that had actually happened and she had spoken in a shaky, shy voice.

>not really sure what I should do
>feel myself being pulled around
>get pulled around slowly
>as I get turned all the way around I see that what I though at first was Elena
>on the contrary it was a dinosaur who had gotten in the shower with me and initially opened the door
>upon realizing it was a dinosaur I panicked and slipped onto the floor

I had to toss that in there

>as I get turned all the way around I feel her arms gently go around my neck and pull me into a kiss
>I hadn't closed my eyes yet because I didn't realize
>all I saw were Elena's closed eyes >her hair on the side if her face
>all I felt were her lips on mine as they slowly started moving
Are you Serbs from Romania or what?
(You said you were Slavic; Romanians are Vlachs.)
> green eyes
I love green eyes, nigga.
Shit too cash; coulda fucked twice.
>closed my eyes and concentrated on the feels instead of the sees
>she knows I'm going along with it so she pulls me in a little closer
>we're pressed up against eachother now
>she's as wet as I am since we're both pretty much under the shower head
>as we make out I put my hands on her hips
>her smooth, soft, wet body was amazing
>run my hands along her hips
>along to her upper sides
>back down again
>my hands were painting a picture in my head of her hourglass figure
>it was so much better to feel everything and visualize it than see it with my eyes
>pull her in closer to me by her ass
>my hands go back up to her back >they rest there near her shoulders
>my little buddy is pretty hard by now and nuzzled between our pelvises
>She's putting a soft bit of pressure between us, letting up, and then doing it again
>I can feel it all from the base to the shaft
>our tongues are slip n sliding together now
>damn the warmness makes this so fucking nice
>her breathing starts to get a little hard
>she pulls back her head and upper back
>no words have been said up till now, mind you
>she just looks at me for a bit
>I stare back at her eyes
>god damn her glistening, deep green eyes get me that much harder
>"there was nothing good on tv sooooo"
>I actually laugh
>like quite a bit
>she laughs a bit too
>"so you didn't lock the door"
>"oh I didn't? That's funny, I thought I did"
>me trying to be smooth^
>she raises her eyebrow a little bit
>she knows I'm joking, but now she wants to fuck with me
>"well if you meant to lock it, I should just respect your privacy, I'm sorry anon.."

>she lets go of me
>turns around
>starts walking towards the other end of the shower, no doubt to exit
>grab her by her arm
>pull her back into me
>"sorry were you going somewhere?"
>"yeah I was just leaving"
>she pushes me off a little
>turns around again
>grab her again
>bitch who the fuck do you think you are
>don't you fucking walk away from me
>I'll beat the fuckin shit out you
>pull her back into me again
>"oh sorry I did it again, it was an accident"
>"then let go me!"
>I know she's just playing around and trying to get attention
>it's a little annoying
>still kinda cute though
>I let her go
>she looks kinda confused for a sec that I let her go
>she turns around again, more unsure than the 2 times
>starts the walk away again
>I let her get all the way to end of the shower
>she puts her hands on the shower door handle
>before she can open it I walk up and push her up against the wall and kiss her
>she's up against the wall and my hands are around her head just past the sides of her face pulling her into me
>I can hear her chuckle a bit and feel her lips make a smile
>obviously that's what she wanted >and I let her have it
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>write erotic novel
>get it published (easily)
>seriously, profit, you are good at this dude
Not many people actually know we're not slavs, everyone just always assumes we're slavic
>her hands go in between my arms and she holds the sides of my face
>she kisses me back and pulls my face in more
>she uses the fact that I'm pushing her up against the wall to pull her legs up and wrap them around me
>my dick is caught just feeling her soft insides on my shaft
>her fucking vagoo
>oh my god you can't be serious this is soooo good
>as we're kissing she starts pushing her hips and down to rub her sweet soft little flower on my shaft
>every time she goes up she's brushes up against my head and I can feel every part of her
>every time she goes down it sends a tingle down my spine and to the base of my dick
>the process is repeated SEVERAL times
>it's so hard to concentrate on kissing and tongue play while she's doing that, but i manage
>I'm breathing harder than she is at this point
>it's not helping that she's pulling me into her and practically sucking the air out of me
>have to pull my head back to catch my breath
>when I do, she stops grinding on me
>"did you just cum???"
>"haha no I'm just catching my breath!"
>"good because I haven't gotten to do this yet"
>she slides her hips up even more this time
>just past the my shaft and head
>pushes forward
>in one motion slides herself down so that instead of sliding past my dick, she pulls it with her and has it stuck at the entrance
>oh shit I wonder what's coming next
>she pushes herself down onto me
>my dick is slowly pushing past every inch of her
>even though she's really wet and slippery it's still a bit of a struggle initially to get all the way in
>we freeze right after I'm all the way in and we're just looking at eachother
>she's the one breathing hard now
>"you know this'll be out third time right?" I say with a little concern but half jokingly (like what if our parents catch us or notice us being like this)
>"the third time we'll have done this in such a short time"
>"oh yeah so??" She says with a smile
>"if we keep it up, at this rate, we'll be fucking like rabbits"
>"I like rabbits!"
>literally the cutest thing she's ever said
>totally naive to the reference
>just a simple statement to her
>I laugh
>she looks at me confused
>I'm starting to lose my boner because I'm laughing
>she feels it
>"hey!! Don't go soft on me!"
>she gives me a few hip movements to remind me of the situation I'm in
>I'm between a rock and a hard place
>and a vagina
>actually just a vagina
pretty good story so far
>she's kisses me again
>pushes up against me
>i put my hands on the bottom of her thighs so I can support her weight
>keep her stationary with my hands
>pull out from underneath and begin the onslaught of an attack that is my dick
>upon further, aggressive penetration the feeling was not unlike a small imperial fleet breaking through a massive blockade of rebel ships
>I felt the whole power of the imperial fleet backing me with each thrust
>they were pushing me to go on
>to break through
>the whole time she was kissing me or staring right at me
>this keeps up
>the relentless thrashing last for quite a while
>my arms are fucking dead at this point
>have to let her down
>have to bend over to catch me breath
>oh dear god
>I've broken through the rebel's blockade of small ships
>the base is within sight and I need only finish the job
>bend her over facing the side of the shower head
>now lemme see that booty work
>booty work
>booty booty booty work
>left cheek
>right cheek

>approach with caution
>as soon as I have contact with the entrance she pushes her self back >exhales with a huge moan

Now what happens is she arches her back upwards and takes her arm and goes under my face with it and brings it around the back to have her hand on the back of my neck/head and our heads are pretty much side by side facing the same way. If you guys can't visualize it, or I'm not describing it well enough, I'm sure I can find a picture of that same position, so just ask.
>squaw valley and northstar
I did some beautification work up there while working with the CCC.
Nice area
I really appreciate that, a few other anons told me similar things about my writing and I was really taken back. Again though, thanks a lot for the compliment
>catch her trying to return tape
>tell her its ok but we can't tell our parents, and to just borrow it when she wants to watch
>one day after school when parents aren't home yet she asks to borrow it
>she's watching it in her room with the volume up
>I pretend like I want to ask her something and barge in
>she's fingering herself with one finger and nearly has a heart attack
>I ask if I can watch too because mom will be home in 30 mins and I want to cum
>she's curious and agrees. She watches me fap while she fingers herself. I cum all over her sheets
>spend the next week doing the same, slowly going further and further. Weekend was hell but monday...
>fapping with sis, finally fuck her right in the pussy
>her cum crusted smelly sheets are a turn on for us both
>we make it a game to see how many cumstains we can put on the sheets before mom cleans them every 3 weeks
>we fuck for a few months before getting into our own relationships and growing up
we're both married with kids but every christmas I give her a new set of sheets in front of her husband and kids and she gets the same little grin she had when I'd watch my cum dribble out of her teen asshole all over her bed
>oh fuck yes
>perfect view of her tits
>that back arch too
>oohhhh girl
>pull back and re-initiate the invasion
>she pushes back into me with every thrust
>our hips are totally in sync and I can go as deep as so can, and as hard as I can't every time
>see the most priceless expression from the side of her face
>eyes closed, facing up, mouth open
>take my left hand and pull her head back by the roots of her hair
>she starts panting and gasping even harder
>take my other hand and bring it around to to her front and start playing with her there
>"oh my god, oh my god don't stop!"

>oh really? are you sure? because I was thinking about stopping
>fucking tard
>push her face first into the wall of the shower so I can get a better thrusting position (not pushed her but like placed here there)
>not tryna break that pretty face
>I've got my hand on the back of her head still which is against the wall
>the full power of the Imperial armada is with me now
>death star is primed and loaded
>awaiting activation sequence
>not ready for it yet
>I can still keep going
>but just barley
>"ooooooooohhhh fuuuuuck" (her)
>I'm not sure if you'd be able to hear us in the next room or not
>the constant thrusting, moaning, and gasping might have traveled through to the next rooms
>"oh my god let me have it anon"
>I'm going to take it away
>not gonna let her have it anymore
>but not quite yet
>Jesus Christ is she ever gonna cum?
>oh wait a sec
can someone archive this and post a link?

i gotta work and have no time to read this now
>with a huge gasp a disturbance is felt
>a disturbance, deep down, in my loins
>she tightens up
>oh god, everything I love about making her cum is getting me so close
>D-D-D-D-Dangeroulsy close
>just a bunch of exhales and moans of relief from her now
>I'm still pounding with the ferocity of a family of tigers attacking a pack of gazelles with the hopes of bringing back sustenance for their still growing young cubs
>god damn I've been edging for like the past minute and half now
>every bit of me wants to explode
>let go of her head
>pull out
>"fuck get on your knees!"
>nigga wut?!
>she gets down on her back
>pulls me down with her
>her back is leaning up against the edge of the shower
>the edge is angled, so she's at like a 45 degree angle
>could have been around 50 or so though
>I didn't have my protractor on me, unfortunately
>it was in my bag in the main room
>didn't want to ruin to moment to go get it
>but I was close to asking her or a second to go get it
>didn't though
>k but wait
>back to the problem
>what the fuck is going on??
>"fuckin fill me up! Common, I want you inside!"
>holy shit
>holy shit
>where did she learn such dirty english?
>remember this is still one her first times using English
>"what?? But, will it be fine?"
>"you think I'm gonna fuck around with you and not make sure I'll be alright??"
>well every time has been unprotected....
>maybe I should've checked earlier
>can't take it anymore
>I'll gladly accept the offer
>scoot up and lay into her
>the home stretch is here
>fuck I can feel the pressure building
>the volcano is nearing eruption
>"oh shit, please lemme have it! please!
>god I love it when she begs
>just the last few..
>the volcano erupts with the intensity of a supernova engulfing and destroying several of the inner ring planets unfortunate enough to be in its orbit
>"ohhhhh god" (me this time)
>pumping everything I've got inside her
>all her wetness mixing with what I'm dishing out
>god it's so warm
>so perfect
>"Ohhhh yeaahh, mmm fuck yeah" her again
>"Jesus Christ that was good" I say completely satisfied
>pretty much collapse onto her
>catch my breath for a little
>she's got her arms wrapped around me, breathing slightly less hard
>get enough energy to move off
>she gives me a long kiss on the way
>I think it was her way of saying "Job well done"
>pull out of her sit down for a little bit
>showers still going strong
>she just kinda laid there for a bit
>I see my cum plainly start to leak out of her
>gurl that creampie
>she takes 2 of her fingers and dips them in it
>looks me in the eyes the whole time as she lets it drip into her mouth and wipes her fingers on her lips letting it go in her mouth
>she drags her fingers down to her chin
>the sex appeal was so strong I almost got another boner just then
>words can't accurately describe the look on her face while she was looking at me and lapping all cum up off her fingers
>and her lips
>she licks her lips
>there just a little left on her lips and she licks it all up
>fuck man
>like fuck

Really though, I still get chills (and boners[I have one now]) when I imagine her doing it, pure fucking sex appeal right there

>I need a moment
>slowly get back onto my feet
>she asks for my hand to lift her up
>I do
>she doesn't say anything, but her cheeks get a little red
>damn it's so cute
>but why
>"I'm just gonna stay in a little while
longer and wash myself."
>maybe she feels dirty haha
>maybe you should, you cousin fucking harlot
>who would fuck their cousin like that??



>"want me to help wash you?"
>"haha no I got it... It's a little embarrassing to do in front of you" she says still blushing a little as she gives me one last kiss
>"alright, well I'm done anyway, I'm gonna go crash, goodnight"
>she giggles a bit "haha goodnight"
>leave the shower
>dry off
>throw some shorts and a t-shirt on and jump in the far side bed
>never see Elena come into the room
>feel asleep before she left the shower
no problem anon, thanks for sharing your talent!
That's it for this one guys, the 4th update is still being written, I haven't gotten to any penetration yet, but I'm enjoying writing this one quite a bit, it was definitely one of the scariest night of my vacation. I'll be able to post it very soon
When will you post again so we know?
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