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Where's the feels thread tonight /b/?
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Where's the feels thread tonight /b/?

Let's get it.
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You actually just missed a fairly good feels thread, unless you were one of the posters wanting to continue it, of course.
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lets get another one anon...i need it
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Dang hit me right in the feels. Like I'm the only one in the world..making money.
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let us feel brother
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Fuck it, I need a good moping
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good stuff my friend.
fuck you I don't want to solve water problems in africa
It's been a long day, /b/.

Plugged my toilet this morning, some of you may remember the thread I made.

I woke up at 5:00 this morning as usual, studied as usual and went about my day as usual. I had a date with a girl, we didn't kiss and I didn't really feel any sparks. It was our second date and she never really does the initial contacting. I'll see her tomorrow for an unrelated event and probably never again.

I don't really talk to any of my friends anymore; we've drifted apart since our last year of school ended. I'll likely never really regain the connection I had with them. I've been talking to the only close friend I have less and less and I'm going to stop putting effort in to our relationship because she seems to be doing the same. I doubt I'll talk to her much in the future.

I have plans to go to Japan next summer, mostly to see a friend who was an exchange student here in Canada for a year; to see the girl I want to fall in love with. She knows that I'm going to Japan and staying in her city (Kyoto, most tourists go to Tokyo) and I told her that I wanted to see more of Asia too. I asked her if she wanted to travel Asia with me, and I mostly asked because I wanted to experience new things with her, share unforgettable times with her. She told me that as much as she wanted to, she had to spend next summer preparing for college. Studying; the works. I knew it was stupid to ask anyway, and now I'm reconsidering going to Asia at all because I realized that I have no future with her anyway, and my main reason for going in the first place was shallow and falsified.

It's been a long day and for the first time in my short life I feel completely alone. I feel like my life is falling apart around me and there is nothing I can do about it; like my loved ones are evolving and leaving me behind.
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im aloe too, brother. It hurts, in a world of billions of people, I' the only one thinking about me. It hurts

Damn man, that Kyoto situation sounds rough on you. Either way, I'd go to Japan for the experience.

Also, unless your friends and you are actually as close as you think you are, you'll probably end up changing a bunch of friends for a bit.
I don't think my friends and me are overly close, but they're my friends. The one that I considered myself close with I wasn't even overly close with, it's just that she would talk to me about our personal lives instead of just socializing and making jokes with each other.

But oh well. That's enough woe-is-me for tonight; I don't actually have anything worth complaining about going on in my life.
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anyone still here? am I the only anon still here? anyone still lurking, OP wbu? you still here?
i'm still here
fuck that show
fuck shit tier tv
fuck the idiots who watch it
fuck the sand nigger that can't speak english who made that quote

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I miss her so fucking much. I can't stop thinking about her, I can't let her go even though the relationship only lasted 13 months. It's been 2 months already.

I miss kissing her. Being woken up by her because she worked earlier than me. Cooking dinner with her. Smoking weed together. Going to see live music. The look on her face when I'd come over. Being awake at night next to her thinking about how lucky I was. Having her complain about work to me cuz I knew it'd make her feel better. All the road trips, get-togethers. All her little quirks and how she accepted mine.

Now she has changed her # number after my drunk texts/calls, deactivated Facebook, her Instagram is private so I can't see her posts. Why'd ya leave me Sarah? One day you love me and say you'll do anything for me, the next you've left me. Why? Why why why the fuck why.

Gonna go to bed, prob will dream about her like I did yesterday and the countless other nights since she left me.

Night anons.
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I'm here my friend
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I think I somewhat get that feel /b/ro. mine only lasted like three months, it was a long distance relationship, i didn't get to kiss her, or hold her, i never got to see her except for the times we would skype. i never got to wake up with her right there next to me. we never got to go anywhere or do anything together. i miss her, god i miss her so much. i've had many girlfriends, i've left lots of them, and a few of them have left me too, she was one of the ones that left. I've never felt like this before, she broke me. she was the best. apparently i was the worst, because if i were better, she wouldn't have left.
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just cause i don't want you guys to feel too bad all night. love you /b/ros, but i'm out, night everyone.
Fuck you guys
wait no, i have a bit more, so i can post those, but after, i'm goin to bed. only if you want, i mean, i don't want to upset >>570885051 anymore than i/we have.
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this is me. so much turmoil, so many changes, so much moving, and today it's like i'm used to it. always expecting something awful and just being okay with it. im at peace for the most part, not even distracting myself from all the shit and just dealing with it. but when i get into a safe spot in my life i stop preparing, i do get distracted by all the good things, then life throws me another curveball, and i dont even bother to swing.
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I am the person you replied to, and dude, fuck relationships, they are a waste of fucking time and almost always end in heartbreak. Heartbreak is the worst fucking feeling ever. and I totally get you on the last part of your post, my ex told me I'm amazing blah blah and all that shit when she broke up with me, even told me she still loved me a few days after and how "this is hard for her too". Fuck that shit.. why'd ya leave me then?
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i don't like to break people, i want whats best for her, i only ever wanted her to be happy. that's all i ever wanted, if i didn't want that, i wouldn't have tried so hard with a long distance relationship. but yeah, if i were great, and she still loved me blah, blah, blah, and the rest of that break up bullshit, then why would you leave? why? i feel you, and i'm sorry dude.
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save this or at least give it a read here before you go OP
I miss her. We called each other "butt" or "big butt" instead of babe and shit and enjoyed ourselves, smiled and laughed...

What I wouldn't give to hear her say "I love you big butt." one more time
not like bane did to bats, but like hearts, i don't like to break hearts.
I've been cheated on, dumped, and being divorced before. Some of these relationships had lasted for years, some almost a decade. None of these times have I regretted anything.

I've never experienced emotion after they're gone. I've never missed anyone, or longed after them. I've never been happier living alone.

Is there something wrong with me?

Well, breaking up with someone you love isn't easy. It's not that you stopped loving them, but it just isn't the same.

I usually go with the "its you, not me" tactics too to explain the unexplainable. But I've only done it once, but it felt terrible I'll tell you that.
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Ha I meant it's not you its me. I really don't know how I fucked that up so badly.
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>Old feels thread dies
>Think I'm free to lock up feelings again
>See new feels thread
>Going to be a long fucking night.
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for you man, just for you.
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This is so filled with shit it's sickening.
You know what? Everybody is normal. Nobody is special, and everybody thinks that everybody else is leading a sad and pathetic life, thinking they're all sheeple.
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i hope you guys are feeling all up in this thread, cause i'm almost out of shit. unless you want me to post a few relationship ones. and by a few i mean like i have maybe three or four ones about relationships, so, if you want.
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I guess ill post my baww folder
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hits me even more since thats my name
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paper cuts are a bitch tho
oh god man, you got me, i felt a feel.
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God dammit fuck these feels
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It is such an embarrassingly fake and cheesy story that there is no way it could have ever happened, even in a movie.
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I don't know what to do.

Yesterday night. I don't know what came over me. I started just feeling so heavy, so blasé, so uncaring and emotionless. I left my schoolwork on my desk and just went for a walk out in the dark. Not walking with any purpose.

And I just walked to campus. I don't know why.
And I walked in the forest and sat down by the lake in the grass like I used to do all the time at night last year.

And it all just caught up to me at once. I don't know. And I cried in the grass not caring about anything or anyone. It felt like a dream, to be honest. And I sat out there for hours. I don't know.

I had it in my head that I just wanted to tell somebody. That it was really important. That I'd cried out here in the grass to many times and I needed to do something about it.

I managed to find my way home by 3am. Passed out and everything.

I spent an hour this morning just trying to psych myself up to phone the student mental health services. I managed to do it. I broke down in the middle of the call, but managed to give her my ID number and she told me that my appointment is on Monday.

And I just don't know what to do. I want to cancel it. I feel like it's not going to end well. Maybe I'll be diagnosed with something and have to get my parents involved. Or maybe I'll just make more of an embarrassment of myself.

I almost want to pretend that it never happened.
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Ouch. Right in the feels.
File: 1405996437912.jpg (92 KB, 722x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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TL;DR, skipped to the end but still lol'd at his pitiful misery.
What if they're the meat on the pizza?
This is the attitude that comes with constantly talking about yourself, thinking about yourself, using "I" so many times. Being a narcissist is okay but inflicting it on others and expecting them to care won't work.
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I mean you're right it's completely unrealistic but my feels still fell for it hook line and sinker
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>She's so small, has to wear her ring around her neck

How fucking small was her head?
Maybe it's because when everything was over I realized I never truly loved them.
oh my jesus that caught me off guard, i laughed out loud imagining her head being the shape of a finger
Its 4 in the morning. Im going to bed. Goodnight /b/ros
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this one made me laugh...
The feeeels they burn. Fuck you anons I didn't want to cry today but you made me.
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>been talking with a girl for about 6 months
>she lives in another town, we only talk through facebook
>I only met her briefly irl
>really want to hear her voice
>phone calls make me nervous
>too scared to call
>she just went to bed, I mentioned calling her and she got exited but I was too much of a pussy to do it
>mfw I realize how beta I truly am
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This one really touched me.
File: 1407713672733.jpg (96 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is the anon still here that i was chatting with earlier in the thread, or did he clock out?
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File: 1298258764035.jpg (41 KB, 500x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: i'm out.jpg (568 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i'm out.jpg
568 KB, 1600x1200
i have lost. i just lost, i miss her. good night man. maybe we'll see each other tomorrow on another thread. goodnight everyone, i've had a blast sharing with you all. goodnight everyone.
File: 1411712488605.jpg (119 KB, 495x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 495x495
please, call her tomorrow. you can do it, dont think about it, dial her number and just talk. tell her how nervous you are, just please call her, you need it friend
lost what?

this isn't a fucking game.
Honestly, I think you've got a bit of a unique opportunity here. Your life is falling apart around you, but you can't do anything to stop it? Why should you care? If you can't do anything, forget about your old life, this is the start of new beginnings for you, anon. You've got the freedom to go out and make your life whatever you want it to be! Like in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty! Just go! You don't need anyone's permission! Go anywhere, do anything! You're free, anon! FREE!
I have to do something with my life, /b/. My social life is falling apart. Close friends of many years want nothing to do with me.

I'm leaving; I have to. I havve to get off this shithole before it sucks me in. All these stories just teach you how sick our lives are.

I'm underage b&; 17 years old. Yeah, go ahead, report me, doesn't really matter. Most of /b/'s userbase today is underage anyway. I'll be expecting a 30-day ban.

Please wish me luck. I love you all.
I dont know why, but that fucking hit me like a brick...
>feelings for a vending machine
is this gonna become a new fetish

seriously. The only things you will be sorry for are the ones you did not
i felt, like i did earlier, but harder. jesus, sorry for being tired and typing the wrong words. don't know what got you all up in a pissy mood, don't want to fucking know either, i'm tired, if i weren't i'd ask, but i am. so sorry for typing the wrong words. goodnight heaven, hopefully you aren't in a pissy mood when i wake up and get back here tomorrow, but if you are, i'm sorry. night man, night everyone else.
Good stuff, almost teared for them overlooked big bro feels
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i'm not. in fact i am smiling as i am typing these words. i feed off your emotional response to such a simple message.
I feel you man... I was going to go see my gf (now ex I suppose) in Russia but she seems to have found another man... and now I dont want to even think about Russia or anything... she really broke me about it and I have always wanted to go to Russia and learn the language, now I want to completely avoid anything about it...
Sappy shit about sluts is more along the lines of rage/cringe for me.

The last feels thread I browsed there was a picture, several actually, of a man about to die in a hospital bed, seeing his dog for the last time.

I lost it almost instantly and just bawled for a few minutes.
good luck man, I believe in you
hey \b\ro.
Just go ahead and learn the language.

my ex broke me too. She was the first girl i really felt love for.

She was the one who spend my holiday in sweden with me. A dream of myself was o go in swedens wilderness only with a backpack and stuff.

now i could also say @no i cant do this again without her booohooo@
but seriously.

ust do it. For yourself. Dont let a person not loving you step in the way of your goals and dreams.
You will find a better girl, maybe in russia .
Okay, I will
I'll conquer my phobia tomorrow after over half a year.
I've got to.

Thank you, /b/ros
people talk about themselves all the time, literally its hard to get people to stop talking about themselves

why is seeking encouragment from others or trying to find a common ground with others so bad?

Im not trolling, i honestly want to know.
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Jesus fuck.

My step mother is possibly the only person I can say I truly hate, but after reading this I feel obliged to like suck her asshole or something
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I just wasted a week putting myself out there in the world in a lot of ways, just trying to establish some sort of meaningful interpersonal connection with someone. I want friends, I want lovers, I want all of this excitement and fucking and god damned happiness that everyone else seems to get. I want to get into this great big exclusive club that doesn't think it's worth printing me a membership pass.

I can't. Not being successful at making friends or finding a girl... that isn't the worst part. Its when I get close, when it feels like a connection is near, and my diaphragm struggles to expand my lungs and draw breath, when my own heartbeat drowns out their voices from my ears, when I get that feeling just behind my eyeballs that tries to push tears out for no apparent reason, and my brain just feels like it's swelling.

It's not even self-doubt anymore, my whole body just isn't adapted to being a real human fucking being. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to take this shitty flesh vessel out there and MAKE FRIENDS and GO CLUBBING and GO SNOWBOARDING and PLAY BEACH VOLLEYBALL or whatever activities well-adjusted people are supposed to do?

My youth is almost at an end, and all of this shit is still a problem that hasn't been dealt with. I see people in their teens or early twenties, partying or talking or kissing or just fucking smiling, and I want to run up to them with a knife, hold it close to their throats and scream. TELL ME. TELL ME HOW YOU DO THIS. WHAT THE FUCK WAS SO WRONG WITH ME THAT I COULD NEVER, EVER LIVE LIKE THIS? WHY?

I use to be the same and I can tell you is don't force or rush anything you are getting your hopes up and expecting too much too fast take a chill pill smoke a fat doobie to the face don't try to hard and shit will find you live in the moment and don't dwell on the past/future too much change is scary sometimes you think you're going crazy but nope you're just human good luck /b/ro I believe in all you fuck cunts but you can't give up

~fellow anon on acid
Thanks man, it really helps, I just didnt know where to start on everything, I based many goals of mine around her and I ddint know where to start with my own

it really threw me off with everything.. but I will definitely continue these dreams, with or without her, it may take time though
You got the wallpaper too saying: whats hurts us most in live is the picture of how we think it should be.
I very, very much feel you.

Perhaps it's something to just do what makes you feel happy, instead of what you believe will make you happy. You know? Find something that makes you happy, and when you grow tired of it, look around for something new? If playing volleyball and taking with friends is something that you physically feel repulsed by, maybe it's just not for you-at least not in that high of a concentration.

But if you ever figure out the puzzle of how other people do it, please let me know.
Be happy with yourself. Don't depend on others to make you happy for you.

I've been out there, I've done those things, yet none of it has made me any happier after it's been over.
Right in the feels
This. Many times, this.
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definitely. It fucking hurts so much, but i'm ashamed to admit it. I don't even know what the fuck I have to be proud about
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I want to run up to them with a knife, hold it close to their throats and scream.

Uhhh, yeeee, maybe that has something to do with it man...
Fuck forgot to greentext whatever fuck it fuck everything fuck
what helped me was beginning to take a run every morning.
just getting exhausted, clearing my mind and stuff.

also just look for free online courses in russian language.
I am over her yeah but i just miss the warm feeling of loving someone.

its in general easy to get laid but to find a girl i can respect and which do not get m bored easily is the problem here.
any suggestions how i could find such a girl questionmark.
i havent cried this hard in a while
This picture just kind of pissed me off.

Dude tries to act all high and mighty like they "made the sacrifice" to be "cultured" and talks all sophisticated but then says "very nearly nothing".

All credibility of intellect dissipates in that moment; everything afterwards is obviously just a regular guy trying to sound high and mighty because he found a thesaurus

Fuck the "non-sheep"
My first thoughts were exactly that.. exercising and cleaning my brain out

sadly she was supposed to help me... but I have done other languages before so I think I can partially manage just need to start at square one

honestly man I dont know, I would love to find that answer as well, this ex and another ex basically did the same thing and found someone better, it seems to be a common thing now for me.. I will miss those feelings..
get another attitude.
if you got your own goals you are far more interesting for girls.
screw girls. do not change yourself for them. just go your way and there will be a girl willing to help you with your goals and stay on your side.

Just enver ever change your own goals and dreams for a girl. allow them to walk next or behind you, but never get yourself dragged by them.
I will anon, thanks, I will no longer put myself behind them, I will just do what I want and see if they follow, I kept telling myself I would but I truly will now,

it never seems to work out the other ways, time to change my ways
What is this?
This story may not be very significant to you guys, but it's very much significant to me. I'm the kinda guy that doesn't feel or acknowledge much emotional pain, and this is one of the few things that has ever really hurt me other than fleeting love interest squabbles.

Growing up, I had two siblings: a brother, and some thing that my mom insists is my sister, but in reality must be some type of demon sent to raise Cthulhu and bring about the apocalypse. I'll give examples of how insane she is in another post if anyone wants to know; suffice it to say It's a Timmy/Vicky relationship between brother and sister, with no fairy godparents ever appearing to make anything work in Timmy's favor until Vicky leaves to go to college.

Fast forward to 2010: my brother's hooked up with a 9/10 redhead (probably 10/10, but I'm not good at judging looks, and I'm kinda sorta gay anyway). The next four years are happy, in spite of an unhappy relationship with her manipulative mother. During this time, she teaches me to genuinely believe that having a sister around isn't a horrible thing. She eventually starts having health issues, triggered by the removal of her gallbladder. This prompts my brother to pop the question. I now call her my sister-in-law, even though they're still just beginning to make wedding plans.

About a week ago now, her mother died of a heart attack and she was the first to walk in and find the body (on the morning of the day they'd been planning to have me over for dinner of all the days it could have happened). I live in the same apartment complex her mother did, so my brother got me on the horn to let me know what's going on and that I needed to get outside and lend her a shoulder. Her mother wasn't a person to be mourned in the least (I actually replied to my brother that I would try to refrain from celebrating until his fiancee left), but the shock of walking in on the body of someone you used to love is pretty significant, so I got outside to find a bawling mess waiting for me. After a couple minutes she composed herself pretty well and was talking with her friends that showed up to try and keep her mind off of what was going on inside the building. After she dragged us all up to my brother's place to keep her occupied until he got home to spend time with her, the day continued on without me until it was time to make good on our dinner plans (this is how little her mother mattered to all of us: we kept our dinner plans after discovering she was dead).

Once we all got back to her place, she fed us and we sat down to watch some netflix while discussing movies my brother'd gotten her to watch. Eventually she popped out of the room to go take a shower while my brother and I discussed an upcoming con we're considering going to. When she came back, she joined in on the conversation while she brushed her hair out. To all of our horror, she brushed out what eventually amassed to more than a double-fistfull of lost hair.

I've been scared over a lot of things in my lifetime, but it's almost never been something completely out of my hands, or at the very least something I could intuit some kind of advice on to help out. This is the first time I've ever been scared for someone else's life and can't think of any way to help. I feel sick every time I think about whether or not she's going to be alright.
because wearing a suit is the definition of success and happiness
So your mother killed her?
No. Her mother died all on her own of a heart attack.
As scary as it is the most you can ever do is try. It's never up to you to figure out somebody's life for them, they need to be the one to make that step as well as the push. Just support her in this difficult time because obviously she's quite upset.

Honestly nothing that bad happened anyways. If the mom is as bad as you say then she should be fine, just an initial shock. My dad got into a car accident when he was 16 and the lady died, brains splattered against the dash and shit. He still gets sore about it but is alright, just kind of the thing we don't talk about all that much.

If he can deal with someone dying from his hands essentially I'm pretty sure she can figure out how to cope with walking in on a lifeless body that still seemed normal in most respective fashions. Life will continue on, and if this really is what drops her in life than it's just a shame. I hate to say it and sound like an ass, but I would think that maybe it's time to suck it up and move on. There's going to be a lot more deaths and she could've walked into a much worse situation.

Tl;dr just support her in this difficult time but don't worry about it too much; there's no reason she shouldn't be doing alright eventually.
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This is one of the saddest baww stories I've ever read.
shit, if this is true...

I'm gonna have to rewatch everything now
Jesus fuck. Only 2 weeks old.. I hate to say it's "nice" to see new shit in these threads but fuck man that hits hard...
Yeah, I felt the same way. It's kind of rare to see new stuff in these threads, and this one was horribly sad.
That shows you that you have to truly cherish only yourself in life if you want to be happier. If you don't want to be happy, don't go and complain about it when you aren't.
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I get the feeling its just me in this thread...
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These fucking leaks are bringing in so many fucking newfriends who think that /b/ is all about fucking nudes and porn.
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