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I tried this thread yesterday and it got...
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I tried this thread yesterday and it got quite a few replies with some good stories and some pictures.

I'm curious if anyone has any personal experiences to share that include any of the following:

1.) Have you ever had sex with or fooled around with someone inappropriate, like a friend's girlfriend or friend's wife, a friend's mother, a mother-in-law or sister-in-law, a girlfriend's or wife's friend or relative?

2.) Have you had a girl cheat with you because you have a big dick?

Greentext stories will be appreciated. And details about your sexual encounters get you extra points!

> Pic related: A picture of a MILF with cum on her face that gets posted on Facebook and then her son sees it and she realizes it and is asking for help removing it.
In an attempt to bump this thread and get some replies, here's a picture of the woman in that shopped photo in the OP.

Btw, there were some really erotic stories shared yesterday, so it'd be cool to get some more stories and pics posted this morning!
Another attempt to get some replies!
hey op
While not the type of response and story I was looking for, it is a reply. Thank you!
Ill give ya a bump too op as im allways down for a story
when I was 14, I was in some kind of Punk group. One evening at a lake a woman hit on me. She was 24 and that evening we had sex. Had no idea what I was doing and did not even find her attractive. I just recently came to think of it as a bit pedophile and weird.
bump 4 OP fggt
Thanks for the replies! I actually have the entire thread from yesterday screencapped, but the thread was live for several hours and probably had a couple hundred replies, so the text on the file is really small, and after trying to Zoom In and expand/enlarge the screencapped file several times, I get an error stating, "Drawing Failed," and the file is no longer viewable.

Any ideas/suggestions as to what else I should try to Zoom In and enlarge the viewable area of the file, so that I may then screencap smaller portions and then upload the greentext stories from yesterday? Btw, I'm using XP and am opening/viewing the screncapped file with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.
I fucked my girlfriend's friend, twice. It sucked because she was awkwardly standing still and moaning like a gorilla the whole time. Couldn't even finish the job. No regrets, but I ain't doing it again even though she wants it.
Care to elaborate on this story? If she was letting you put your dick in her and she was moaning from what you were doing, what was the problem when it came to making yourself cum? Btw, is the girl attractive? What's her body like? Big tits? Fat ass? Tight body? Thick? Is your dick big? Did she comment on your size? Is your girl suspicious of you and her friend? Are they good friends? Have you cheated on your girl with anyone elese?
I used to work with a married girl and fucked her a few times, she fucking loved it at first but when she suggested leaving her husband and living with me I called the whole thing off. Felt powerful man
By the way, I knew I had included a 3rd category in the thread yesterday, but I could not think of what it was. Now, I remembered what it was.

3.) Have you ever blackmailed someone in to letting you fuck them or having them suck your dick? Specifically, have you ever caught someone cheating on their husband/boyfriend and then threatened to tell on them if she did not fuck you/suck your dick? It would seem to be especially hot if you were to have blackmailed your mother-in-law or a friend's mom in to fucking you or giving you a blowjob.
I'm sure it is a powerful feeling, and while I started this thread because the thought of these scenarios is extremely arousing to me, I know that this shit is incredibly immoral and I am tremendously bothered by thinking about how something like this would affect the person being cheated on.

Care to share more of your story? How did the affair start? What did the girl look like? Big tits? Fat ass? Is your dick big? Did she comment on it? Did you ever almost get caught? Did you know/meet the husband?
ok well I'll start from the top

I used to work at a store (started there at 16, was assistant manager by 19), the store expanded and needed new staff so the owner got a load of girls in thinking it would boost sales. One of the girls was a complete slut, she had started on the Monday and was sucking me off on Friday night.

So there was Anonette, she was kinda fat, not huge but did have huge tits (like ridiculously big, G cups or something) and was under 5 foot tall. She was married to this complete melt called Dane, he worked in a supermarket and is probably the most boring bloke I've ever met.

So anyway Anonette was very jealous that I started seeing this other new girl straight away, she would sort of joke about it on the walk home (we lived close together). I knew she was insecure because of her weight and her clearly regretting getting married at such a young age, so to cheer her up I said that I would have chosen her over the other one if she wasn't married.

This set something off inside her head I think, after that we would always flirt together and stuff, we actually got on really well when just shooting the shit too.

This went on for a couple of months until one night we went out for a drink with everyone at work.

I will continue this so it doesn't 404
so we left at the same time and as we got closer to home, I can't remember exactly what was said but we ended up kissing in the rain. She was all over the place about it saying no-one had ever kissed her like that before and it was really romantic etc etc, I was just annoyed I kissed a fat girl and didn't get a blowjob out of it.

So this went on for a couple of months at work, the odd kiss and fondle in the staff room, but nothing serious ever really happened because she was too scared in case people found out, and I lived at home then and didn't want me parents to see me bring home a fat girl.

Then at the christmas party when we were pissed she kept on asking me to go outside with her and she would put her hands down my trousers and joke about getting caught. Well I really didn't want to get caught with her husband and my boss there so I cooled the whole thing off and told her she needs to honour her vows and forget about me

So the next couple of months nothing really happened, fortunately I am very easy to talk to and laid back so work wasn't awkward at all and we carried on as friendly as normal

True story

> last Friday in school standing by my locker ready to leave
> next locker is hawt /10 dance squad girl
> dressed in slutty dance squad uniform for tonight's football game
> She is texting and turns around walks into me
> She looks down at me, grunts and slightly pushes me out of way and walks off

That is alll I can think of as I ride my bike home.

I masturbate furiously all weekend thinking of this.
you are /b/
so a couple of months after that it was my 20th birthday and four of us went out to Canterbury to a nightclub on a Friday (this was a works thing, my real night out was the saturday)

basically as soon as we got there, we went back to the old ways and were just dancing and kissing each other for hours. My two colleagues had actually left me there and got a taxi home (cunts) but in the end it worked out in our favour.

When we left, we hopped in a taxi (big spacious 7 seater taxi), we were kissing and kissing, then all of a sudden she starts to undo my flies and says "it's time for your birthday present" and wow as soon as she said that I got so hard and she started sucking me off in the taxi. Even got her massive tits out and my cock just got lost in them. ( I have a standard nob btw as you asked, it's about 7 inches and normal girth)

At one point we stopped for a piss and the cab driver, some indian bloke, congratulated me.

So we had to get dropped off about a mile away from our houses as we run out of money (meter taxi). Right by where we got dropped off though, was this old folks retirement home. I took her by the hand and led her round to the back and asked if she wanted to do it.

she pulled her shorts down, faced the wall and stuck her ass out. I bent my knees slightly and moved up into her. It was surprisingly tight, but predictably very wet and warm. I went at it for seemingly ages, she was screaming as I thrust into her. She told me not to cum inside her so I asked if she would finish me off, she took my cock in her mouth and swallowed every last drop. It was without a doubt the best orgasm I'd ever had at that point in my life.

When I put my trousers back on the only thing going through my mind was how fucking soaked they were, she even apologised and said she has never cum so much before. you can imagine how good that was for the ego.

so after all that we had a couple of meetings, eventually she tried to be with me but I turned her down
File: 1405479590354.jpg (14 KB, 277x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 277x450
I'm still here. Thanks for the posts! And sorry for not replying sooner, but I got distracted for a few minutes. Please continue.

Also, do you have any pics of this girl/any girls you've fooled around with that you could share that won't compromise your privacy?

> Pic related: A photo of a female with some huge tits that I just found in one of my pic. folders, who I'm guessing may have similar tits to the girl you're describing.
This is a great story, Walter. How old are you? How old is the girl? Had you been touched by a female before this experience? Do you think you have a good chance of getting in to a relationship with this girl? And do you tip generously at restaurants?
File: anonette.jpg (53 KB, 428x586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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glad you liked it, yeah her boobs were similar to that girls, maybe a little bigger but a lot less nipple.

pic related, it's her but it's the only one I can get as we aren't in contact anymore (our fling was years ago now) so no tits sorry.
'scuse me, do you two know each other?
That's really cool that you actually have a picture of her! Do you know if her husband suspected anything between you two? Do you know if he was a nice guy to her? Have you had sex with lots of females now? More than 10? Have you ever cheated with another girl who was in a relationship?
As of now I'm fucking this 31 year old married chick, my best friends ex., and a side chick all while I have a gf.
Captha: Lucknow urkturi
No, I'm pretty sure I don't know him. I was just referencing a line from The Big Lebowski, when John Goodman's character 'Walter' is telling Jeff Bridges' character 'The Dude' what his plan about something is, and it's a fucking ridiculous plan, and The Dude responds to him in a completely serious tone and says, "That's a great plan, Walter." I think the line is fucking hilarious! As is the movie overall.
Ehh, I'll shoot.
So anyway, this new neighbor moved in a while back and all, we were all cool and shit. Turns out she liked me and all. {pointless but she told me that she liked me while drunk then we talked and stuff] but anyway, she'd bring me over every now and then to smoke joints. Eventually we smoked up with her mom.
Talk more with the mom who'd be a 8/10 for a few weeks. Smoking joints, eventually find myself with my hand on her leg while watching a movie..
How do you post this and not share some fucking details with us? Please elaborate on this situation you currently find yourself in. Are the females attractive? Big tits? Fat ass? Tight pussy? Is your dick big? Have you almost been caught by anyone? How did the affairs/relationships start? Do you have any pics you'd be willing to share?
First off, I don't have a big dick. Ain't gonna lie about it. Doesn't do me any good, and my ego is big enough as is.
Anyway, yeah. I've been in "relationships" with 2 different girls that had boyfriends at the time, and they weren't one time things. I would greentext some stories, but I'm about to pop into bed since I've been up all night. But I will give a short summary of the girls and the situations.
First girl: 5"1" at the time, black hair, chubby, and probably a 6-7/10 in my opinion. She was one of my high school friends,although I didn't know her boyfriend since he went to another school, and we used to ride the bus together almost every day. Lived in small town USA, so we had to take a bus to another school for specialized classes, in this case, I was in Culinary arts(call me fag if you want, i can make a mean crepe and I got pussy) with her. But I digress. We always flirted a lot casually, and I tickled/fondled almost all my female friends(seriously surprised i never got charged with sexual assault). Well, anyway, one day we're riding together on the bus, and while I was tickling her(inner thigh) she got horny, and I proceeded to just kind of rub the outside of her pants. She unbuttoned them, and I fingered her. We made out a lil bit. That was it for a while. Continued to fool around. Eventually ended up banging her at a football game, and she gave me a few blowjobs in the changing rooms. Good times.
Second girl: 5'4", ginger, fit, 8/10. "country" girl. Not really my thing, but she was smokin'. Actually felt kind of bad about her. She went out with one of my friends for a few years, let's call him Ron. We almost always hung out with our older friend, let's call him Pat. Well, Pat could drive, and we couldn't. So we basically just went wherever he wanted to. There was a car show in town for the 4th of July, so we all went to it, the 3 of us plus Ron's girlfriend.
well unfortunately she got pregnant shortly after we had sex (it's definitely her husbands not mine) but an old colleague of mine who knew about our affair started a rumour that it was my kid. So their marriage nearly broke apart because of it but luckily she managed to sort it out and he (I think) doesn't believe the rumours.

Yeah he was a nice guy on a moral level but a bad husband in that he never really gave her any attention or anything and spent most of his time drinking in the pub. Plus he was a complete bore with no interests.

I've slept with over 10 girls I think, had a few one night stands in my teens. Had 4 proper relationships though so I only really count them.

Yes I slept with one other girl who was in a relationship, and that was actually with my friend BUT before you think I'm a bad guy (I know it sounds bad lel) it was more of a laugh than anything. He was only with her for sex, had no interest in an actual relationship and I ended up going back to her house one night and sleeping with her. He found it funny and it was good banter at work.
>Good friends with co-worker at some retail joint.
>Learnt she always had a thing for me. I was a bit Blasé about the whole thing.
>Fast forward a few months.
>She's going out with a mate who works at the same place.
>I talk to her a fair bit. Vent to her etc.
>Beta me feeling like shit one night.
>Text her. She comes picks me up, and go to her house.
>Eat, watch a few movies.
>End up laying in same bed watching Tropic Thunder.
>End up getting frisky.
>Place laptop on bedside table.
>mfw I think I know where this is going. Don't stop anyway.
>End up fucking. Although it was more passionate than just plain sex.
>Lose track of time.
>Finish. Go to sleep.
>Wake up. She takes me home. The end.
From the sounds of this story, it seems like it's likely relevant to this thread. Please proceed!

Also, please try to provide some details about the females and the encounters. Big tits? Fat ass? Tight body? Thick body? Tight pussy? Also, do you have a big dick? Have you been complimented on your size? Or hurt a female with it?

Also, how old are you and how old are the females? Is everyone involved single?
She now lays on the couch with her legs on my lap; balls drop out of nowhere, push her closer to the edge of the couch, we're now spooning with my hand on her waist. Then eventually she grabs my hand and slips it into her pants with my fingers in the cooter, start doing my thing.
Eventually we fuck the movie and head to her room to boink and shit.
I have a bit of tidbits of said friend and mom if anyone's still here?
Blasé might be the wrong word to use. I just wasn't terribly interested in that kind of thing at that point.
but if you want to hear a real good story I can tell you about the time I fucked my sisters daughter if you want?
yuh nigguh
I'd say the friend was 18ish, a bit stocky but hell, what do I care. Just more pussy. both have close to same size tits, decent asses, and all. Her mom's just a tease, but when we're in bed she's pretty dope of a woman.
shit. She'd be 18, I'm 21, the mom is idk, why do I care. probably 36 or something.

Anyway, yeah, no. We pretty much went to bed and all, while said friend slept in the room next door. Fingered her, ate her out. she came and and got onto my lap to tease me, decided I was thirsty so I left to get a drink in the kitchen.
To skip a lot of boring shit, a group of like 5 guys started trying to start shit with Ron's girl, and he was being a little punk ass bitch. I wasn't about to let a group of dudes beat up a chick, so I stepped in and said the most badass thing my 17 year old self could think of. Don't even remember exactly, but it was some kind of cliche bullshit like "Better back off before someone gets hurt." Anyway, it made her panties instantly wet, and she was all over me, hugging and stuff. Ron wasn't really pissed 'cause his girl and I were friends already, and he actually thanked me for standing up for her. So, few days later, I get a text from her asking if she can call. I say yeah, sure. We talk for a bit, and she says she's in the bath tub right now, thinking about me. She says all this seductive shit like, "I wish you were inside of me instead of this dildo.." and other shit that made my dick diamonds. She said she was home alone at the moment, and I wasn't about to miss an opportunity. So, I call up Pat and see if he can give me a ride to a girl's house so I can get some pussy, and he says "as long as you have about 7 dollars for McDonalds." Shit, nigga, 7 dollars for pussy is a steal. Anyway, we went, we ate, I fucked her, and we kept fucking for about a year. We tried dating for a bit after her and Pat broke up, but she just wasn't my type mentally.
Aaand sadly, that's a wrap. I can't believe I still typed out that much trying to be concise. Whatever. And for the record, nah, I never had any other cheating experiences. Currently 24, married, and happy. Although my past experiences with taken women have made me a lil paranoid with mine, but whatever.
Cheers mates, have a good'n.
>we kept fucking for about a year
Not straight, obviously. I meant we kept fucking over the course of a year. Stopped shortly after I graduated from HS, partly because I got into college. But that's a story for another time.
Sorry, I'm a stickler for my own mistakes. Hate seeing that shit.
Thanks for the story! I have to ask, why did your colleague try to tell on you? What's that about?

This sounds like it's a really fucked-up story; and, also, likely a fictitious story. However, since you mentioned it, if you'd be interested in telling it, please do!

Please continue and provide details! From what I gather so far, you fucked the mom, what about the girl you originally met and was hanging out with? Also, are you around the same age as the girl (18)? And is the mom attractive/sexy? Is she single at this time?
Good thread OP. I have a ton of big cock worshipping and cheating stories from when I was younger. I'll see if I can get my work done before this 404s.
Wake up next morning, mom has class or some shit. Go downstairs to watch tv and smoke a joint. Friend wakes up, asks what I'm doing.
> "Fell asleep watching movie lel'

Anyway, smoke up with her, and she gets all comfy and shit, so she cuddles up to me. Shes still in morning clothes so loose tanktop and all while cuddled up to me.
"I can see your tit lol"

For some reason she got into it and started teasing me as well, and then we do the fuk.
then a rock hits the window. boner deflates, and its the mom. leave and wonder what i did. i came a thousand suns thinking about that. still go by there to smoke up and boink too with both of them. they don't even know lol
Not quite relatives but I am currently fucking the two daughters of the family that lives a few houses down from me. I am 45 and started fucking the 20 year old first. I am now fucking the 18 year old too. I think they both know what the other is doing even though they play if off like they don’t. They are both very hot but look somewhat different. The funny thing is they fuck about the same.
Welp, as far as I know, the mom (who seemed sexy yeah for a few weeks anyway) did have a bf and all; if they were when we fucked and all, i didn't know. But still succeeded. The friend just came from a relationship, so its not like we cared and all.
Well the married chick. I got to know her because I was in love with her younger sister(she's a close friend but won't fuck me cuz I'm a slut) she's going thru a separation, so she was pretty down one night. Invited her to a bar get shit faced drunk, end up going back to my place to fuck Havnt stopped since. We fuck Maybe every other week since she has kids and work she's pretty busy.
She 7/10 big Tits nice ass but kids Havnt done her body any good.

My best friend just broke up with his gf few weeks ago. She's usually DD when we go out as a group, she gets wasted and I'm the only other guy that can drive stick. Drop everyone offsets she feels sick and wants to go back to my place. Knock out with her in my bed. Wake up with her hand jerking me off we. Still pretty drunk so can't cum. She's not the best fuck but God I can't get enough of her tight pussy. 8/10 petite body little perky Tits and great ass.

Side chick has the best body of all of them but her feelings towards me turn me off, she's always telling my how much she likes me while I'm fucking her.

My gf has caught me plenty of times but never "cheating" just chatting up females and flirting. Pic is my gf

My Dick is about avg. Just shy of 6 inches but as I've been told it's pretty thick don't know the measurement but but my Dick but I'd say like the mouth of a vitamin water bottle
detecting so much autism in this thread
Fucked my best friends girlfriend with him in a 3 some.
Later that night fingered her when he was out of the room.
>why did your colleague try to tell on you
oh it was nothing malicious, that's just what we do for a laugh in England, put people in awkward situations and see how they squirm out of it. I wouldnt have it any other way

>This sounds like it's a really fucked-up story
well I wasn't 100% honest, she's not really my sisters daughter, it's my adopted sister. My Dad took her on when he remarried and she's a lot older than me, her daughter is only 2 years younger than me.

So we were on a family holiday, and I hadn't seen her daughter in years, since we were kids. We always got along, the funny thing being her boyfriend was there as well. We got closer and closer as the holiday went on. One night when we were watching TV she cuddled up to me on the sofa.

At this point, bearing in mind I've always considered her to be my neice, my sisters husband took me to one side and told me to stop what I was doing. I was literally furious m8 and nearly punched him, it was after all her who was coming onto me and I had done nothing wrong.

so after that I thought fuck it don't tell me what to do m8 and I started the grooming process. I was 20 at this point I think and she was 18, but she was clearly very naive and I knew how to play girls like this.

When we came back from holiday we stayed at my sisters house for a couple of nights, we had a little party and my "niece" had a massive row with her boyfriend, of course I was there to save the day. I told her what she wanted to hear like she was beautiful and it was completely his fault hehe. Once again though Sister's husband ruined things by changing the sleeping arrangements so we were in separate rooms instead of the big pile of sleeping bags with loads of us in there as planned.

File: download (7).jpg (2 KB, 160x119) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (7).jpg
2 KB, 160x119
I have no idea if it was because of my dick, but I have had a girl cheat on her bf with me. Here's the greentext:

>Be 18
>Not really good at chatting up girls, but I'm not completely autistic and so managed to get one to take me back to her room (closer than my own - both students)
>Tells me to be quiet
>Don't really know why but hell why not, probably her flatmates
>Start fucking
>6, maybe 7/10 face, 10/10 tits.
>Drowning in tits
>She's wet as fuck (was a retard and went in unprotected)
>Love it, slippery as hell
>Realise that she's REALLY fucking wet.
>Go for inspection
>Blood. Fucking. Everywhere.
>Turn lights on
>My dick, her pussy, smears up and down her body
>Even a fucking blood handprint on the wall
>Start freaking out
>We clean up as best we can, realise I have a fucking cut on my dick.
Anybody who has had a dick wound knows how much they bleed. It didn't hurt at all but was bleeding like hell.
>Ask if I can go clean up in her bathroom
>She says yes, but only if I'm really fucking quiet
>Curious now: ask why
>"My boyfriend is upstairs"
It turns out she hated the fucker because he spent all day playing vidya and ignoring her awesome tits, and I was the second guy she'd fucked with him in the fucking house
>MFW I realise I've just fucked a slut, totally unprotected, with BLOOD everywhere.
>Take 10 minutes in bathroom to process all of this.
>Both of us agree to get tested, but it's like 3am so have to wait.
>Get back into bed with her; she's changed sheets and cleaned up a bit.
>5 minutes later, she's running her hands down my body again.
>WTF you crazy fucking bitch
Turns out the blood turned her fucking on. Or the danger, or her bf being upstairs, or something.
>Meh, why not: she was an awesome fuck - bit crazy but that's fine.
>Actually use condom this time.
>Go get tested in the morning, both tests negative
>MFW I get a text a week later asking if I want to go out, and we end up fucking again.
need this story!
Also have another one, just happened yesterday.
>Be me at school, reclusive cause I don't like the other students.
>Outside for mandatory coffee and cigarette
>8/10 chick asks for a few drags. Slim body, perky tits, and tight.
>"Well, this is weird, but ok"
>Talk the whole class change break
>Decide to skip last class
>End up in my room, on the bed talking with each other
>turns out she's in one of my classes, I just don't bother noticing
>we start fucking and all, knowing she secretly liked me for years
>eventually rubbing her out, with her jerking me
>I get hungry, make dinner for her and I
>Not even like, 4 minutes later of stopping
>my dad comes home from work
I might be entering a situation like that. I'm gnna be twenty this Sunday and this girl in my speech class is twenty two. We have been talking normal but all the sudden yesterday she starts talking differently like complimenting me a lot saying how I'm so funny and silly and that she likes being around me. She is a short Asian woman, I'm a manlet of 5'7-8 but she stands to my chest level. She always wears low cut shirts and I would say she has the bigger part of c cup breast but you can tell they are firm and they jiggle like crazy. We've gone out and eaten a few times already nd I went to her restaurant where she served me. So heres to hoping for a profitable outcome

>new friend notices my dad.
>looks shocked/surprised.
>go out for a walk around the area to talk about her ex
>tell me that my dad's her distant relative
>eventually later in the day laugh it off and whatnot
>end the night cuddling with my Brock's rock between her ass while watching the northern lights
>didn't go to class earlier today
so after it was over, me, my Dad, her and her boyfriend all headed back home (she lives with her Dad whilst her Mum lives way up North)

Me and my Dad took one car, she was in the other with her BF, but when we stopped at a service station for something to eat, she said she wanted to ride with us as she doesn't get to see us often and wanted to say goodbye properly and that she'd see him at home. Obviously I knew this was bs and she just wanted to ride in the back with me.

To make it even more obvious she said she was bored and wanted to draw on my arm (for all her naivety she was very artistic). When she took my arm she placed my hand right on the inside of her juicy thigh, it was at this point I knew it was going to happen so I thought fuck it, think about the consequences later. All the time she drew I gripped that thigh firmly to let her know I was on board.

After she finished drawing she started texting me so my Dad wouldn't know what we were saying. We planned to meet up that night.

oh my fucking God m8 was that the best fuck I've ever had. She didn't have a slim frame, but she was a dancer so it was the perfectly toned, curvy body. Nice tits on her, and legs and ass like a Brazilian m8 what a fucking bunda she has. Don't think I've ever cum so much in my life.

Afterward I felt really bad because even though we're not blood related, she calls my Dad Grandad ffs, this was basically incest. I got really lucky though, because it really turns out it was just mega sexual tension that got relieved and after that one time we were happy to call it quits and never tell the story to anyone.

I haven't even seen or heard from her since so it's win win. Wow what a body on her though, shame it's a forbidden love.
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National Park.jpg
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>Pic Related
I started dating the girl towards the end of high school and into college. As the relationship progressed so did my relationship with her mom.
-Eventually, one day while on vacation with their family, everyone was out of the room except for me and her mom had come back in her bikini.
-She knew I was in the room but she decided to take off her top and laid on the bed and asked me to "work the knots out of her shoulders". I was surprised at her being topless but didn't think much of massaging her.
-Eventually she was telling me to do it harder and work lower and I found my way into her bottoms and one thing led to another and we had sex.
-The sexual relationship ended up continuing after that as well
Thanks for the post and the pic! If that's really your girlfriend, she's fucking sexy!

Does your best friend have any idea you're fucking his ex? Would he be upset if he found out? Have you fucked her more than once? Does she know your girlfriend?

Do you have any other pics you'd be willing to share? Of any of the females?

Are you going to elaborate on this story? How exactly did you get two sisters, both around 20 years younger than you, to let you fuck them? Do you have a big dick? Are you married/in a relationship? Do you now their parents?

So, have you only had sex with/fooled around with the girl and her mother the one time? or have you fucked/around with either/both of them on more than one occasion?
Also, should this thread 404, i've got quite the stories so should I see a thread like this later today (8:05am) I may just be around
I'm a pretty large dude (6'0", 300lbs, mostly fat but pretty strong for a fatty) and I had this fuck buddy that was a twig compared to me, but damn she was good, anyways

>be me
>be 3 years ago
>be seeing this chick I met on some weird social website
>talk about random things for 30 minutes before going into sex
>says she's only into older dudes (she was 2 years older than me)
>convince her to give young dudes a try
>it works
>pick her up and within 5 minutes in my car she's blowing me while I drive to a secluded spot
>fuck till no end
>it hits midnight when we're finished
>agree to do this soon again
>after a couple "sessions" she gets a boyfriend
>see her a month after they're dating
>she says she kinda misses my dick
>Bitch gon' learn
>touch all of her soft spots and get her in the mood
>she sucks my dick for a while
>tell her I can't cum and we need to fuck (said as I was about to finish)
>she agrees without a second thought
>cum on her face and take a photo

They broke up like a year after, and we fucked a lil after that, shame she dropped off the face of the Earth, oh well.
Well, her mom's a tease really. like, she'd be wearing a loose top and doing mundane things like bending over doing misc shit for me to see then I'd know. Happens a bit. And the friend lives else where, so should she be around she'd pick me up for the usual shenanigans. And no, not at the same time. Family friend and all really.
In class so excuse Bad grammar
Work at a restaurant
Manager so relationships with servers are frowned upon/fire able
Chick with boyfriend is totally slut but is really hot
Always flirting and asks me to come over after closing
Go over and as soon as I walk in we start making out
Go upstairs (townhone her parents bought her and she has just moved in)
Get naked in room with no bed and start foreplay
She makes weird sound while kissing and I can't stop thinking about it
Can't get it up
Everyone now calls me Ed for erectile dysfunction

lol'ed, but sorry bruddah!
Reminds me of this porn video:


The woman isn't attractive at all but seeing her stood there washing the dishes or something, then seeing how she reacts when the guy starts touching her is so awesome. You can see her go from confused by the touching, to accepting of it, to enthusiastic, and before long she's sucking dick and bending over for him.

Love clips like that, yet can find almost none of women being seduced online (aside from the Woodman clips - they're different though.)
So, who's in that pic? The girl and her mom? Or are they sisters? Or is that just the girl you dated and a friend of hers?

Also, please do tell more details about the relationship you had with the mom. Was she attractive? Big tits? Tight body? Tight pussy? Did she like your cock? Did you get caught/almost get caught? Did anyone suspect you of fooling around with the mom? Was she married? What did she say to you about you and her daughter after you two started sleeping together?
>me, cousin, his gf at my place after night out
>his gf asked where bathroom was
>said I'd show her upstairs
>she sucked it and swallowed it
>felt terrible ever since
>was epic BJ though
Please do check back and try to contribute some stories! By the way, are they stories of your personal experiences? Or stories that you've read/been told about elsewhere? Are you alluding to yourself having a big dick and having had women want to fuck you/cheat on their husbands/boyfriends with you because of this?

Whatever the case, please do try to post some of the stories you have to share! And pics would be a nice thing, as well!
File: asdfasdfasdf.jpg (65 KB, 1020x690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 1020x690
Anyway, breakfast then off to class, so for now peace my /b/ruhs. Until next time!

Also, just for the hell of it, have an OC creepshot
She's gotten a bit on the chubby side but thank you she's got a gorgeous face too. and no I don't have anymore pics. Stuff like that is dangerous in these kinds of situations. Lol.
Does my bf have any idea? Doubtful but he doesn't like her hanging out with "his friends" would he pissed yea. Probably wouldn't talk to me for a long while.And yea we've fucked a few times now. And she also knows my gf.

Most of the girls I cheat with I'm straight forward about shit with. Ex: I have a gf, not gonna leave her for you, don't catch feelings, etc.
They always catch feelings.
I'm like 6/10 but chubby. Alpha mentality tho. My friends say it's my arrogance and over confidence that draw in girls
File: new orleans.jpg (63 KB, 604x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
new orleans.jpg
63 KB, 604x453
The pic is of her and her mom and I include another in this post. The mom does have really nice bare tits and despite being a mom and married she has a fairly tight pussy (or at least for my cock it's tight).
-She really took a liking to my cock and the sex and we would start doing it fairly often at her house when her husband was at work and my girlfriend and her brother were out. My girlfriend's brother did, however, start suspect something when he came home a few times and found me there I thought it strange considering my girlfriend wasn't home.
-And once that suspicion took root he tried at every chance to catch something and he did which led to the breakup of me and my girlfriend but...I still do have sex with their mom but they do not know that
Will do, Captain! And yes, they'd be all personal experiences, as a fellow man would not fib these encounters of oddities. Avg. dick size, 5.5; nothing special-- however still do find women coming on to me every now and then.
I am single and retired military. I keep myself in shape and run every day. One day I was running and the 20 year old asked if she could join me. I have some universal equipment at my house and told her she was welcome to use it. She came down the next day to use it, ask to shower afterwards, came out of the shower naked. She has a smoking hot, tight body. Yes I have a big dick. It is very thick and about 10 inches long. She had a hard time at first handling it but can’t get enough of it now.
>Be 17 and heading to friends house. He's not home from college yet but his mum is.
Wait inside as she does housework.
Get a good look up her skirt as she vacuums.
Touch her buttock as she empties the wastebin.
She got angry and indignant and I couldn't hide trouser tent.
She goes upstairs stomping around.
Come down with just a bra and strapon.
Tells me its either that or she tells her husband, my mate and my parents.
End up lying on my back on dining room table as she puts a fuck ton of lube on the strapon.
Hooks my ankles on her shoulders as she pushes it in my ass. It does hurt but keep my raging stiffy.
Halfway through, get the most amazing handjob ever, none since have come close.
Cum so hard most of it misses me and ends up on table above my shoulders.
She slips out and spanks me.
No resistance, still stunned.
She bates on sofa.
Goes back up and gets dressed again.
I dress and awkwardly wait for mate to come home.
She continues to clean, including my cum.
Uncomfortable afternoon at mates house playing MegaDrive.
Go home and have huge poo.

Nothing ever said again.
7 inches is quite a bit above average.
OK, I'm gonna have to ask you to please tell more about this story. As for that pic, the mom is seriously young-looking and attractive and the daughter is really hot.

So, how did the son/her brother end up catching you and the mom? Did you get caught in the act? If so, how fucking awkward and uncomfortable was that and how the fuck did you exit it in that moment? Also, how old was/is the son/brother? Were you two friends before this? Did he try to physically confront/attack you in any way? What did your girlfriend say to you after finding out? What did she say to her mom after you guys got caught? What did the mom say to you after getting caught? Was the mom married? If so, are they still together? And do you have a big dick?

Also, more pics??
>be 12 or 13
>having a BFF of the same age
>invites me to his house to play vidya
>there's a 25~ year old woman who is his sister's nanny
>quick introduction of her person, she also lives in their house

fast forward 2 years

>friend is out of the town with his family
>nanny calls me and asks if I can fix their lagging mac
>coming to their house to see this mac
>porn, porn is everywhere
>says it is probably her husband or something
>blames him
>3 days later asks if I can join her at the theater, she has tickets and everyone's busy
>ok why not
>went to the theater and back home
>says that I'm a great guy and she is happy someone finally shares her interests

fast forward half a year

>me, BFF, his sister and nanny are at the market after watching some movies
>she buys resident evil
>asks if she can watch it in my house, they don't have a dvd player
>me and her at my house alone, watching resident evil
>she's on the couch and I am sitting on the floor in front of her legs
>starts touching my shoulders, neck and my back
>says it's alright I need to relax
>she gets on the floor near me, unzips my pants and starts blowing me
>not even hard at first, I'm in a shock, but keep enjoying this shit
>came in her mouth

She later became my little sister's nanny and was near me almost every day. Caught me masturbating once. She sucked my dick 2 times after this. Guess I could fuck her, but no actions were made that way. She quit this job after a year, never seen her again.
There's also a story about how I've seen this BFF's mother naked, but it is too short.
>be me
>be 24
>started post grad at uni
>in my class there are a few cool people, become friends with this one girl who likes a lot of the same shit i do (nerdy stuff, we both play pokemon on our phones, dr who, etc)
>she starts becoming more and more friendly to the point i notice its a little odd
>she often texts me out of the blue, but i know she had a boyfriend of some years
>one night chatting on fb and we somehow got to sending each other messges about nerdy shit into talking sexual stuff (seriously, i dont remeber how but im pretty sre she initiated the segue)
>she sends me a photot of her in her panties
>shes about a 6.5-7/10, i chuckle and fisrt she tells me not to get too excited about the undies photo, but after conversation tells me she has to "take care of herself ;)"
>talk more and more on fb and in person, become closer and she still talks about her bf frequently but is still very flirty
>at one point she says she cant talk because "she's busy ;)"
>ask how and she reveals she's masturbating
>ask if i can see
>she goes on cam for me over skype and she agrees to show me her schlicking so long as she can watch me wank
>camsex initiated
>she cums twice just from watching me fap
>later on we meet at uni and she waits until we're alone and suddenly kissses me
>we go into disabled toilet in building and she sucks my cock for a few minutes before I fuck her, first she takes it from behind then she rides me while i sit on the toilet
>cum inside
>we fuck a few more times before she decides she cant cheat on her bf anymore
>still friends
good times.
it's really not though, they lower the average to make men feel better. Same with Women's breast sizes. Most blokes I know are either the same size as me or bigger, I rarely meet a guy with less than 6 inches
>be me, 18
>best friend, M who is 16, had pissed me off flirting with and trying to fuck my gf's, but they all shot him down
>he starts dating this 7/10 somehow, R who is also 16, who starts flirting with me behind his back (like, after she heard I pierced my own nipples, she asked to see, so I showed her. Then told her it was only fair to see hers in return, which she did)
>get a call from her one day saying she had family drama going on and she wanted to get away
>ask if M knows, she says yes, but call M anyway to get his approval to pick her up and entertain her (he couldn't drive yet and was busy)
>pick her up and bring her to my house to avoid spending money at the bowling alley (only thing to do in my small town)
>go to man cave, this sweet barn in my backyard I built that had a couch, TV, A/C, everything)
>Within ten minutes of playing a game on PS3, R starts making out with me
>At first, I feel guilty, since it's my best friend's girl, but decide M had tried to do this to me and continue
>Fuck her good and hard. We both smoke cigs after
>She keeps it a secret from M surprisingly, but starts talking to me about leaving him for me
>Tell her I can't do that to my friend, since he'd have to know
About a month later, M, R, R's sister and me threw a party in a hotel room since I could rent one and I fucked her sister too
>One evening at a lake a woman hit on me. > that evening we had sex.
>did not even find her attractive.
Sounds legit, what are you still 14?

And on this day, the M.E.A.T-man was born..
Was around 17 hanging with my best friend and his sister (14) and 1 other guy, at their dads place (sick apartment with great view) while he was out of town.

We were just chilling playing smash bros etc when we decided to put on a movie. Best bro's sister comes in from other room to watch, sits next to me. during movie starts slowly moving her hand onto my crotch trying to feel my dick.

I kinda resisted at first pushing her hand away but when I got hard I let her touch.
I feel her bro's and his friends eyes on me so I go to bathroom and get rid of boner, when I came back I sat somewhere else.

Later that night when sorting sleeping arrangements her bro makes her sleep in the loungeroom with him and gives me and other guy his room, I was pretty pissed coz I wanted to fuck her bad, she was and is hot as fuck but nothing ever eventuated after that because I'm still close friends with the brother.
I got the reference, don't let these uncultured neckbeards in on it next time.
I'm hung like a fucking horse; 8.5'' x 6''. I've measured it about half an inch bigger in both length and girth when diamond.

Lost my virginity at 14, and the rumors started shortly after. Girls, their older sisters, friend's girlfriends, etc... They all wanted to confirm it. This was 17 years ago, so no SMS of picture messages, or I probably would have fucked even more teens.

>be 18 at the time
>best friend since I was 9 was in a serious relationship for 3 years; he plans on proposing in the near future
>at his massive graduation party
>he is a richfag and lives in a literal mansion
>been on the outs with him for months
>only reason I was at the party was because he had sent the invites before we had issues
>felt I had to show up since we were best friends for nearly a decade
>spend the majority of the party avoiding him
>his girlfriend finds me outside and gives me a massive hug, much more friendly than normal
>she is slightly buzzed, and hot as fucking hell, have to give my best friend credit where it is due
>she starts rubbing my cock through my jeans
>she asks me if the rumors are true
>I ask how she hadn't heard about this yet, my cock was essentially who I was in high school
>best friend told her it was a lie, as he was terrified what she would do if she found out
>after her groping me I can see why he was nervous
>flirting, light petting, and she hints we should go to my best friend's room as it was the only place off limits during the party
>we sneak in there and I hit it raw
>cum inside of her, tell her to wait while I go get a towel for her to clean up
>find best friend, told him our friendship was over and I left him a parting gift in his room, but he has to get there ASAP
>leave and never speak with him again

He deserved this, trust me on that. I somewhat did him a favor, as I heard he broke up with her a day or two later; she was a gold-digger and a whore.
File: xmas time.jpg (77 KB, 434x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
xmas time.jpg
77 KB, 434x560
>Pic Related (Brother censored)
The brother ended up coming home way earlier than he was expected to and he walked in on his mom bent over her bed and me standing behind her, fucking her. I wouldn't say it was awkward but I don't know how to describe that moment. It was just a surprise to have him walk right on it it.
-We were friends before it and he was 20 at the time. He did try to confront me but funnily enough me being naked kind of held him off but when I got dressed we got into a shouting match and I ended up leaving.
-My girlfriend was pissed for obvious reasons and started making it about her and like "oh so I don't satisfy you enough? is my mom that much of a better fuck than me" and yeah she broke up with me
-The mom is married and they are still together. The mom didn't even stop talking to me afterward we still kept in contact and like I mentioned we still fuck.
-My dick is about 7 1/2 inches and pretty thick.
>hung like a horse
You're full of shit, 24"-36" length 3"-7" girth
You're hung lile a human.
That's awesome that you got the reference. I love the way Bridges says that line; it's fucking classic! I guess it likely shows an idea of my age; 39, actually. How about you, are you actually close to my age? And, fyi, I am aware that I'm considered an oldfag for this fucked-up place. I don't give a fuck!
You haven't beaten the guys that are in their fifties and on here. You have the potential with these kind of threads to become one of the old racist perverts.
You measure your friends' penises?

Most people won't admit to having a penis under what is perceived as average.
OK, first off, thanks for the story. However, this seems somewhat unlikely to be entirely true. What the fuck did your best friend of 10 years do to you to deserve to have some awful stuff like what you described done to him? You can't just mention that part of the situation and not elaborate on it; so please do explain what happened to put you tow on the outs.

Also, while there weren't cell phone with cameras 17 years ago, there are now, so if your dick is legitimately that big, prove it. The dimensions you're describing are seriously fucking big. Also, assuming your dig is even moderately big, what was it like fucking this girl? Was she impressed? Did it hurt her? Did you fool around with her again after that? Why/how did the best friend not want to try to kill you? Literally.

And since you mention that it was common knowledge that you were packing in high school, you must have more stories about girls wanting to fuck you because of your size. Did you cheat with lots of females who had boyfriends? Did you ever get to fuck any older women because of your big dick? Any older married women? And have you ever been cheated on?
this nigga
File: en.jpg (26 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 480x360
Yes a girl has cheated on there BF to fuck me, funny enough 3 girls.

>First one started in high school, obvsly the word spreads if you have a big dick around girls if you fuck one of them, and then the girl i acctually had a crush on, cheated on her boyfriend to fuck me, to later then ignore us both and move somewhere else. sucked

>chick number 2 met her at a graduation party, I had no idea she had a boyfriend, fucked her, she never talked to me again and i was always wondering why, met her boyfriend like 6 months later and he litterally wanted to kill me, squeezed my hand pretty hard when he introduced himself so i realized something was off, but later he came back and appolagized and said she was a whore, chick 2 is the best fuck ive ever had in my life, short petite girl, horny as fuck was unbuttoning my pants on the dam bus on the way to her house.

>Chick 3, wasnt sure if she wanted me or her boyfriend , fucked her in a hiking cabbin, is that what you call it? House in the woods. A good fuck, loved doing weird shit, but I had to stop when she asked if she could fuck me with a dildo, but she loved all that hardcore shit and getting sagged on the face. Ended up going to her boyfriend said she couldnt have an only sex relationship with me. notevenmadthough lol

>pic related, its chick 2
Timestamped cock?
Why would you want to see some kids scrawny penis?
>the stories that are posted on here are false.
While I may have the potential, I actually have good morals and tremendous compassion and respect for others (other good people, at least); and I genuinely value and appreciate being able to have a clear conscience each day and not having to worry about lying and covering up shit that I've done. I've actually thought about starting a thread like this several times, but I felt too much guilt to even post and ask for stories. I used to be a cheater and once I started cheating on my girl, it was like I felt like I was tainted and that it didn't really matter if I kept on cheating and fucking other girls, because I had already tainted myself and ruined the honor that comes with being faithful. However, even when I was a cheating piece of shit, afterward (often, like, literally, seconds after cumming on/inside the female I was cheating with), I felt tremendous guilt and I hated myself for doing what I was doing. And I have genuinely changed my ways and have worked to become a better, kinder, more-respectful, more-respectable person. As in, having gone years without doing anything sexually unethical or potentially hurtful to anyone.

Sorry for the long rant there.

With that stated, Donny, shut the fuck up!
He hooked up with both of my sisters, and he fucked one of them. We agreed we would never touch each other's families. I had found out about it half a year before the night I explained via green text. My sister told me the truth, as she felt as if she had betrayed me and was feeling very guilty.

I'm married and no longer a man-slut. Besides, my wife browses and would recognize my dick immediately. Believe me or not, it doesn't impact my life one way or another.

His girlfriend let out a literal gasp, compared it to her forearm, and was drenched the moment she saw it. She said she didn't think they could be that large, and was genuinely concerned.

"I don't think I can take all of that..."

She became even wetter, after I went down on her, and she got off. I used some baby oil to make the penetration easier, too. I went slow, inch-by-inch, and she was biting into my shoulder the entire time. It took a while but I was able to bury my entire cock inside of her, and then proceeded to tear it up. She was sore, had some cuts due to stretching, and was in a daze by the time we finished.

I never spoke with my best friend or his girl again. He didn't know what I had done when I told him to go to his room, and he probably felt guilty for ruining our friendship.

I posted yesterday, briefly, about fucking one of my mom's friends. I have some errands to run but I'll post more if there is interest.
Thanks for the story and the pic! If legitimate, that girl has some nice-looking tits! Got more pics?

As for your stories, they were pretty hot. How big is your dick? Do you get complimented on it often? How many girls have you been with? Have you fucked any older women? Any married women?

As for #2's boyfriend, was he a big guy? Were you worried about him whooping your ass? You say he literally wanted to kill you; what prevented him from doing something to you? And how did he even find out about you and his girlfriend?
Yes, I ended up fucking a lot of girls that had boyfriends. As soon as women discovered sex they always wanted to try something that large.

As I said, I fucked a friend of my mom, but I always preferred girls younger than I was. Her friend was married, and the affair lasted a while.

To my knowledge, I have not been cheated on.

Really have to run errands now though, just wanted to answer the rest before I left.
There is definitely interest! What the fuck happened with you and your friend's mom? Was she impressed with your dick? Did it hurt her? Sorry to ask about this so much, but it's part of the fantasy.

Also, why would you not want to have sex with the girlfriend again? And you literally did not speak with/see your best friend or his girlfriend again?
File: 1232141.jpg (482 KB, 530x1470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
482 KB, 530x1470
Unfortunately only have 1 pic of her , but its legit. (but cant rly prove it I guess)

>Dicks 18 cM idk how long that is in inches
>Im half black so I kinda only got dick genes, not even that dark, so alot of girls compliment it seeing as Im white with a black guys dick. Blessed i know.
>Been with like 8 girls. Im pretty shy nowadays I used to be more muscular but I quit lifting due to school. But im hoping to increase the number.
>No I havent, but I would want to fuck a milf or mature , idk why, fetish of mine.

>#2s boyfriend wasnt huge i was more muscular for my size but he was 2.meters long and im 1.80m so he was alot taller, but he was a fit guy, wasnt worried about getting my ass kicked being as fit as i was at the time + having friends around. I think he didnt do anything because of the girl i was with at the time, he was good friends with her and she kind of liked me, so i guess that kind of stopped him. he found out because he called her and the dumb bitch answerd the phone and said she was in my hometown, (its like 20 min drive between our towns) and since he had heard rumours from people she was talking alot to me, he assumed she was at my house, and she admitted it later.

>found a pic of girl 3 in my folder though, I have yet to get a girl send me a pic with tits + face, theyre all pussys
i gave finger to my friends gf when he was on the toilet, ha!
Sure. I messed around with my 1st cousin when I was younger. Sort of fell for her. This was when we were kids, before either of us understood the extremity of the taboo. Once that became apparent, I looked into it and saw that it made no sense.

"Too much genetic risk, mutant babies." This has been quantified and is a lie, do a quick Google.

"God says it's wrong." Nope.

"Eww. It is *just wrong*." ...

I also don't care that much what people think. She did. She quickly distanced herself as the disapproval/pressure became obvious and to this day won't even admit anything happened. I know her memory isn't that bad.

I can't even relate to her as a cousin, we just sort of ignore each other. TBH, we are nothing alike and would be terrible for each other. I wouldn't want a relationship with her. It happened so long ago it shouldn't bother me. It does, and the reasons don't make a lot of sense to me, but apparently we're just supposed to pretend like we're complete strangers for the rest of time.
File: 1410881871086.gif (2 MB, 400x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x242
>My ex fucked my then best-friend as well as two other dickswabs while we dated.
>We broke up after I told her I wanted to try again.
>ultra-beta, biggity biggity bitch boy
>insisting on wasting too much time with her. >She starts fucking new guy.
>hit my limit
>happily bail into a world of Fallout and vodka
>one night she calls me cuz shes having a hard time about some shit or another (I dunno it was so long ago and I really don't care about her)
>come over
>we fuk
>even lets me put my finger in her ass
>choking, name-calling, etc.
>best sex we ever had
>afterward, she letmeloveyou.jpg
>I hahahaohwow.jpg, whyumadtho.jpg

felt great man
So I have a good friend that is the brother of my best friends fiance. Alright so one night I'm at my good friends apartment with his girlfriend the three of us just chilling getting drunk. My friend ends up taking a couple of xanax but still wants more so he sends gf to get more from an apartment down the hall. Well while she is gone he ends up passing out on the couch. I want a cig but it's fucking cold outside so I sit at the kitchen table by the window looking at funny pics or some shit on my phone. She walks in sees he's passed out and like if it wasn't a thing decided to sit on my lap. Were both drunk going through my phone my hand on her thigh I ask her if we should watch a movie so we could go to the couch. She agrees but while I'm sitting on the empty couch she decides to sit next to her sleeping hubby. I'm like "for real? You're going to do me like that?" She smirks gets up an while walking over to my couch takes off the hoodie she was wearing and straddles me and we start making out passionately grinding on me loving all the attention I'm giving her petite body all the while my friend is passed the fuck out not three feet away. Through her shirt I undo her bra instantly she lifts her shirt up and pushes her perky Lil titties in my mouth. I'm thinking I'm gonna fuck so i start to unbutton her pants telling her i can't wait to taste her but out of nowhere the gets off me saying this is wrong and that she's gonna shower and go to bed. I'm sitting on the couch like what the fuck just happened? She's in there forever but when she done I tell her to come back to the couch she says no and have a good night. I ask her if the bedroom door had a lock she says yes I tell her she better use it. Again with that smirk. Wait like two minutes chugg a few more beers and my hands is holding the doorknob. I turn and it opens. "Boyfriend is that you?" I respond no. I hear "good ". I get into bed she under the covers so I pull them and she's buck ass naked.
The 18 year old starting hanging around a few months later. I knew what she wanted right away. I kind of guess she had talked to her sister. She it fit like her older sister but a little curvier. She was not as forward as her sister, I had to approach her. After the third time coming to my place to work out, put my hand on the back of her neck and starting kissing her. Our clothes came off quickly. She was freshly shaved, which I love. She was already very wet. She cums very easy during oral just like her sister. She was very tight. It took a while to get my cock all the way in her. She is in college and I fuck her about twice a week as her schedule allows.
Start making out again kinda dry humping as I'm still dressed. Start kissing sucking nibbling on whatever is on my way down to get freshly shaven pussy. Eat that snatch like a pro I guess she really wasn't used to receiving head because at first she was somewhat reserved holding back her excitement but by the time she was cumming she was biting pillows trying to be quite while humping my face. Don't know how many times she came but got to the point where she was trembling and told me she couldn't take it anymore. Start using again and tell her in going to grab a condom out of my car. Before she even had time to answer we hear the bathroom door which is right next to the opened bedroom door close. We both give each other Wtf looks and jump up and check the hallway. He's in the bathroom. I turn to her and say "you owe me a nut" put my shoes on her the fuck out of there
>1.) Have you ever had sex with or fooled around with someone inappropriate, like a friend's girlfriend or friend's wife, a friend's mother, a mother-in-law or sister-in-law, a girlfriend's or wife's friend or relative?
I slep with girlfriends of others, wives of others and everything between. I would not have done it if I was related or knew any of their respective partners.

>2.) Have you had a girl cheat with you because you have a big dick?
Yes. I sleep with mostly Asian. Some of them love it and openly ask for more, some love it but can't admit it and some hate it but still come back for more.

Will greentext if anyone's interested.
The 20 year old is about 5’8 with this jet black hair. Nice B cup tits that fit her thinner figure. She came out of the shower naked the first time. Not that I haven’t thought about fucking her but just didn’t think it would happen. Kind of thought it was a dream. Not much was said we starting kissing. She went right to her knees and pull my shorts down. I was so glad I showered earlier. I think she was a little shock by my size but she did a pretty good job for a young girl. I took her to my bed and ate her pussy for a long time. She came over and over. I licked her ass which she really like and said no one has done that before. It took a little while to get me cock in her, she was very tight. We fucked for another hour or so. She let me finish in her month. She swallowed most of it. She is in college like her sister and comes down 2-3 time a week as her schedule allows. The sex varies from a 15 min quickie to an all-day fuck session. Summer was great because we fuck more.

Fucked my buddies girlfriend when I went and picked her up from her job, in his Challenger. He was in the middle of a game of Madden, she was pissed he didn't pick her up and she was like "Anon, wanna fuck?" and I thought it was just a joke and I said "yeah, okay" sarcastically, she reached over, grabbed my cock and was surprised at the size.

Now she cheats on him regularly because of my cock...

true story.

I blackmail her with pics all the time, threatening to send them to her boyfriend. I don't do like, mean shit with em, just say "You know I have those pics, and you really wouldn't want steve to see them..."

I've gotten some fucking crazy sex off of that, she thrives off that shit. Literally had her come over one time and we gang banged her.
Yes, there is interest in more stories! How big is your dick? Do girls comment/compliment you on your size? Have you had girls want to fuck you because of the size of your dick? Have you been caught/found out about with any married women/females in relationships? And I wasn't asking about nor alluding to incest; just asking about sexual encounters with females who were in relationships with people you knew/were related/close to? Like a girlfriend's mother? A friend's wife or mother?

With that stated, please share stories about some of your sexual encounters.Also, details will be appreciated! And if you have pics you're willing to share, please feel free to post 'em!
So that was the first time inappropriate actions were had between us. Not to mention my best friends fiancé(sister to my friend passed out on the couch) getting curious/jealous when she finds out about that incident. That's a whole other thread right there Lol
This story is pretty fucked-up, but really fucking erotic! You're gonna have to post more about this chick and your encounter with her. Btw, how big is your dick? And what exactly did she say when she grabbed it? After she grabbed it, did she start sucking it while you were driving? And did you fuck her on your way back to his house while your friend was playing video games and waiting for you guys to get there? If so, was he suspicious about anything after you guys got there? Has he suspected anything since then? When is the last time you fucked her?

Also, got any pics you could share? Or her or of your dick?

And have any other girls commented on your dick or wanted to fuck you because of your size?
prove it.
lol, note :

90% of anons posts in this thread are fictional writings of romance novelists
>related/close to
no, fuck no.

>have pics you're willing to share, please feel free to post 'em
No, but anyone posting amateur Asian girls get's a high five

>chinese architecture student
>met her in sports group at uni
>invite her to party with some local chinese
>supposed to meet up at my place before for drinks
>other group of friends go straight to party and calls us
>we get ready by taking a shot straight up
>she pretends to faint
>sitting opposite sides, yet still she 'lands' on me
>kissing, fucking for hours
>during she screams out "if my boyfriend saw me he would kill me!"
>idc, fucking weirdo

We kept at it for years after that, she's definitely the best I've ever had in bed. We still talk but she's married now to what then was her bf.

She always kept measuring my dick, comparing it to shit. At her school she would text me pictures of shit that also was ~20cm. She would also ask me how horny I was, but she would ask me how many cm my little friend was.
Well, please feel free to elaborate some more about both situations! Did you end up fucking this girl? What about his sister? Are you alluding to you having fucked his fiancee and his sister? Do you have a big dick? If so, how big? And does the friend know about either his fiancee or his sister?

Also, do you have any pics you'd be willing to share? And what are the girls' bodies like? Details are good!
> 8" cock, kind of fat but built
> visit my friends out of state two or three times a year
> friend's wife is H-O-T with gigantic GGG titties that she always catches me staring at
> sleeping in their guest room
> wake up and hear the floor creak
> she puts her hand over my mouth and reaches down my and grabs my cock
> she whispers, "oh my god... it's SO big..." and starts jerking it
> so hard i'm like a diamond phallus in a tight leather jacket
> she can't stand it anymore, shoves my dick in her
> start to protest and say "wait, we can't"
> she puts her hand over my mouth again and says "shhhhh you'll wake Joe"
> her tits are smothering my face and she's struggling to not make any noise
> feel her legs twitch and her stomach contract
> she's cumming like crazy
> screams out "OH FUCK"
> I start cumming inside her
> she jumps off and cleans herself up a bit
> her husband turns on the hallway light
> Calls out to her and she puts her finger to her lips and blows me a kiss
> she tells him she stubbed her toe on the way to the bathroom and wanted to make sure she didn't wake me
> i'm sitting there with a hard-on, covered in sweat and jizz and pussyjuice, flabbergasted, starstruck, confused
> pull the sheet over me and pretend to sleep

that was five years ago. he's still like my best friend, and she hasn't done it since, but I can't even look at her straight.
I can't post pics of her, she has a pretty distinctive tattoo and piercings on her tits and I know for a fact her bf, and a couple of our mutual friends shit post on /b

The whole story went like this since you asked. So, we were hanging out, and playing Madden. He beat me and I really didn't feel like running it back and playing another game, so he hopped online. He ended up playing some asshole who was shit talking on live with the Chargers, he was using the Pats. Anyway she called and needed to be picked up. He looks at me and asks "You wanna go pick her up?" and at the time I had maybe 1/4 tank left in my trans am and told him no. He was like "Take my Challenger" Said whatever, didn't really like his girlfriend, she was straight up a massive bitch.

spacing to save your eyes

Anyway, I drive like 20 minutes to Rochester (we're in michigan) and pick her up from her stupid ass job at famous daves. She's 100% full on pissed I'm driving. So she gets in and starts going off. She's not made at me, she's mad that he's playing games again. etc etc bitch girl shit.

She then as a joke was like "I don't get laid, do you wanna fuck? I'm tired of this" and I'm like "yeah... okay" and I say it like a twat 100% sarcasm. and I'm not some beta, etc... I work out regularly, and I consider myself attractive, but I wouldn't think my buddys girl would fuck me.

She straight up was like "You think I'm kidding" reaches over and starts grabbing at my cock. she's literally handful of soft cock and balls from my shorts. I get hard pretty damn quick. I'm about almost 9 inches long and I'm fairly thick, about 5.5 inches almost 6. So her face literally ignites. and she says "oh wow" mind you.. most girls don't have reactions to big cock, at least not me, the only reactions I've had is being stopped mid fuck because it hurts.

She takes it out of my shorts and she said again "oh wow" and she said the lamest fucking joke "I don't know whether to suck it or feed it a peanut"
>met a girl in feburary or whatever the fuck the month is called
>fucked her several times, she got da bf tho
>oh well
>fast forward to last week, she be playing
>meeting up tomorrow

mixed feelings about this, can any oder btard help me out here?

i really like her, but not the thought of her beeing a cheating little slut

addendum: its pretty good sex

so she starts sucking my cock as I drove off... He has tinted windows, and if you've even been in a challenger it's stuffy in the front but you got plenty room in the back if you move the seats up. We stopped in the parking lot of a family restaurant and fucked in his back seat. It was 12 at night, and we weren't really worried.

After that I didn't hang with my buddy for 2 weeks felt really douchey, but she hit me up on facebook asking to hook up again. We've been fucking and I have pics of her sucking my cock, and taking it in the ass.

Again not posting pics. you can call it fake, etc, Idc like I said, not putting her shit out there. I will when her bf finds out... pretty sure he's going to try and fight me and probably fuck my car up. I'm 100% sure I can take him, it's what he'll do to my car what I'm worried about.
File: IMG_0082.jpg (43 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 480x640
My buddies sister (my best friend's at the time fiance) we actually were together it took forever for her to leave him but now they're back together again. Really long fucking story. Have yet to fuck my buddies girlfriend but whenever we're alone and tipsy well rub up on each other make out, finger, got my d sucked once. Pretty much everything but actual penetration. Oh both girls have very similar bodies tight and petite.
File: DCIM230045.png (672 KB, 401x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
672 KB, 401x718

really? lol normally I don't feel like proving myself, but this is the only pic I'm uploading.

At least I can't be traced back to this image
That story was really fucking erotic! Thanks for posting some details. I definitely understand you not wanting to post any pics that could you or her recognized, but you mention having pictures of you fucking her in her ass, could you post one of those pics that wouldn't show anything that someone might recognize? After reading your story, I can't help but want to see a pic!

Also, do you have any other stories about girls being impressed with your size?

If that picture if of one of the girls in your story, she is fucking sexy! If so, who is that? And do you have more pics?
See this post>>570574795
that's her

I have tons more stories, but I can't post em. got stuff to do.
Is this the girl you fucked in your buddy's car while he was playing video games?? This girl is fucking sexy! Those tits are seriously impressive and she looks like she's petite and that's a ridiculous combo!

This girl is the one who was really impressed with your dick? And whom you have picture of sucking your duck and being fucked in the ass by you? If so, you are a lucky mother fucker!

>aunt that is younger than me when I was younger too

>roommates ex-girlfriend while the ex-girlfriend is staying over to rekindle so he can rekindle things with her

>my ex-girlfriend while my girlfriend is still in the house, while I pretend that my ex and I just friends

>my friends younger sister (we were both underage)

I think dats it, but I would have to really go through the laundry list to be sure

serious as hell man. that's her. I always thought she was hot, I'm a big titty guy myself, but she's too much of a bitch. I mean outside of her obviously lust for cock, she's not someone I'd want to get involved with. She's good as a cum catcher and that's it.

Anyway see ya later OP... I see your threads quite a lot... I'll try and post in them the next time I see it. I'll just say "Car guy" so you know it's me.
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