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I took 250mg of DXM about an hour ago. Ask...
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I took 250mg of DXM about an hour ago. Ask me anything.

I will provide insight on what I feel and when I feel it; a trip log, if you will.

>yes, this is my first time
>yes, I understand I won't trip balls with such a low dose
>yes, i am a worthless waste of space
>no, i do not have anything planned

Trip Log Entry #1
>7:40 AM
>don't feel anything yet
>when i put my hand on my knee it felt as if it was vibrating, but I could tell I was sitting still
>nothing really spectacular yet
>will update when I feel something
bump, still feel nothing
Trip Log Entry #2
>7:55 AM
>music is starting to sound different, can't really describe it
>I have a hard time looking at something, then looking away
>as if my brain is taking longer to process what I'm seeing
>still, nothing spectacular, will update when something new happens
have you ever had other psychadelics?
Whats dxm
Are you with friends?
What are you generally doing atm?
Is there food?
Is there water?
Is there alcohol?
Is there a tripsitter?
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Stuff you get in cough syrup. Pretty degenerate.
Like Mucinex DXM im pretty sure, you take like 9 and get fucked up according to what my old drug dealer said
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dxm isnt psychedelic u faggot, go fuck yourself and die off this planet you motherfucking piece of shit.
No, nothing before. Haven't smoked weed in about three months, either.


Trip Log Entry #3
>8:00 AM
>my head is weightless
>i can no longer feel the keys on my keyboard unless I focus on feeling them
>i have the constant feeling as if I have to yawn, but don't end up yawning
>I feel happy without a reason
>i'm liking this so far, will update when I feel something else
If you're doing strong psyhadelics, especially for the first time it's very smart to have a tripsitter.
I only like this thread cause that pic is my background right now.
Would you really consider weed psychadelic?
>lurking in other threads

Babby's first dissociative. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/dxm/
oh.. and dont eat anything. trust me..
No, I have never had CEVs/OEVs on weed, and overall weed doesn't do much to me anymore, which is why I took a tolerance break.
Can it kill you
>i have the constant feeling as if I have to yawn, but don't end up yawning

Haha I know those feels.

I hope you don't need to piss... it took me foreveeeeeever
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Be sure to take a drink once is a while, you have music on right?
>Friday sep 5 trip log diary entry #1
>subject is beginning to feel like a faggot
>subject no longer can tell the difference between head and ass
You don't need a tripsitter, as long as you're not a moron
If you take an extremely high dosage or take it with acetaminophen/anything really, you can OD and have serotonin syndrome, lesions, and even death.

I have to piss now, should I try?

I hear everything tastes like cardboard on DXM so I probably won't.

Trip Log Entry #4
>my head feels heavy, but also weightless
>i'm having a hard time preventing it from tilting to one side or the other
>i'm going to try standing up after I type this line
>i twisted my body as I stood and it felt like a rollercoaster
>i had to sit back down immediately due to the fear of falling down
>i can feel my breathing
>like, I can actually feel it, if that makes sense
>this is great, I'm going to go try to piss now, I'll update when I get back

Also I really enjoyed chilling on a mattress in the lounge room listening to Iacchus while my mate played video games.


Check it out
File: 1409577923565.jpg (24 KB, 624x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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250 mg of dxm isn't really much of a dose
I dont know man, psychadelics mess with your mind man. I'm usually very rational and can understand stuff well. But that shit all changed when I paddo's for the first time.

I had around 3,5 each roughly as long as a finger. Now i'm a drug rookie so i dont know if this could be considered ''much'' but i was completely fucked up. Couldnt think straight, couldnt understand a fucking easy game and when i was talking about stuff I was able to finish a sentence before i forgot what i was talking about.



>yes, I understand I won't trip balls with such a low dose
is it possible to meditate in the condition you're in now? that vibration thing sounds similar to forced REM while meditating.
When I used Paddo's*

My bad
Did OP died?

Nobody in my house is awake right now, or else I'd try this

I'm finding it hard to keep my eyes closed and completely relaxed, i'll explain it in this trip log if I can.

Trip Log Entry #5
>8:18 AM
>completely forgot about adding a time to the last trip log
>went to take a piss
>had to walk about 200 feet
>i felt as if my body was in an autopilot mode
>like, I was controlling everything, but I was just spectating the actions that I'm making
>missed the toilet completely at first, but recorrected and it went fine
>i can't be fucked to retype lines because of my numerous spelling errors
>look forward to a lot of mistypes from now on
>motion blur is more apparent, I can see it now
>music sounds wonderful, it's like nothing I've ever heard before
>I can no longer stand without swaying
>will update when I feel anything new

Look at this shit, i completely forgot how to reply, it looks like I just copypasted the post number. I don't even remember typing any of that.

This is great.
are you starting to have trouble with Captcha's OP?
It took me at least three tries to get the captha right, and they were all numbers.
do you feel in control?
Trip Log Entry #6
>8:25 am
>i'm laughing at literally everything
>everything is hilarious and I don't know why
>i feel as if my field of view is marginally higher than normal
>music keeps getting louder as I turn it down
>what the fuck

By the way, I spaced my doses out, for anyone that was wondering. Took 125 at 6:45 AM, took the rest at like 7:15 AM.
I don't know, I feel as if I'm in control, but I also feel as if I'm watching my body do the actions that I want it to from the inside, as if I'm spectating myself.
How long is it supposed to last?
Up to 6 hours on the first plateau, I believe, but it usually lasts around 4 for most people, from what I hear.
what was it that contained the dxm you ingested?
Happy tripping
Pills, I took Coricidins, which I hear is really retarded and shouldn't be done due to the chlorpheniramine maleate (took me like a minute to type that) that is metabolized by the same enzyme as DXM or something like that, but oh well. It was all I could get my hands on that didn't have acetaminophen/guaf/etc.

Trip Log Entry #7
>i feel blurred vision even though I'm not moving
>i can taste the air
>i have a heightened sense of smell
>i smell like shit
>don't have hot water so I can't shower so I'll have to deal with it
>this video had me laughing for a good few minutes and I don't know why
>im feeling overall really great and happy
>will update after I look at

Fuck these goddamn captchas man, I swear they're out to get me
So you're doing this all by yourself? That can be pretty dangerous. I heard of some guy in my university who took this and he started seeing spiders everywhere. He was running around his apartment with some aerosol spray and a lighter and he was "killing those spiders" with fire. Luckily one of his roommates walked in just in time and calmed him down.
I hear this happens only if you take DPH/high doses, but since I'm on the low plateau I should be fine. I have people I can wake up to call 911 if I need it.

this is the most interecting thing I have ever watched, I'm going to finish watching it before I post anything else, pleas bump until I get back

fuck typos i don't give a shit anymore

and captchas ate cunts
File: 1410484979415.jpg (375 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375 KB, 1920x1080
Do pictures look different? How?
I can find more detail in pictures, it's as if I can tell what the artist was thinking when they made it, but I can't put my their feelings into words. I just can't find the words to type no matter how hard I try.

to answer your question, yes

Trip Log Entry $8
>8:45 AM
>cognitive functions are impossible
>i can't feel my face, or any part of my body for that matter
>five minutes into aforementioned anon's video I had to turn it off
>some freaky shit happened or something I don't remember
>i yellled "WHAT" and woke up my roommate
>he's pissed but I don't give a fuck
>this is exciting
>i want to do something but I don't know what

Suggest things for me, /b/ros.
Trip Log Entry #9
>8:52 AM
>everything is interesting
>i've spent about a inutes looking at my hand attempting to count all of the lines
>i lost count at 12
>i can't even read the captcha
>i dont know how im going to post this
>if you can read this im doing okay
Bumping for interest in op's psychedelic adventures
Wash your hands
Trip Log Entry #10
>8:57 AM
>i managed to close my eyes
>i felt as if my view of darkness was pinched and pulled away
>as if a tablecloth was picked up from your face and pulled away at a fast speed
>there were two white lines running up and down my visio, kinda like TV static if the antennae is broken
>bright flash of light at the bottom half of my vision
>my vision of light faded away and I was back into darkness
>got scared
>open my eyes
>everything seemed out of place and I elt as if I was falling as soon as I opened my eyes
>this is some freaky shit but I love it
>look down at my clock
>5 minutes have passed
>i only closed my eyes for a few seconds I swear
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Gotta go but gonna keep the thread on auto to read when I get back
don't die op
take a cold shower op it will be fun i promise
>stand up
>i can't stand up
>why can't I stand up
>eventually able to stand up
>it takes literally all of my focus to move my legs and walk
>i can't even grab the doorknob to open my bedroom door
>somehow make it into the bathroom
>turn on the faucet after bumping my hand into it twice
>the instant my hands touched the water I got a chill down my spine
>(don't have hot water in my mouse)
>i felt as if I was really getting clean
>the soap smelled so good
>looked up in the mirror
>"who is that"
>it doesn't look like me
>well it looks like me but I don't recognize how I look
>go to dry my hands
>no fucking towels hanging up jesus christ
>hipe hands on shorts
>come back
>typign on a wet keyboard now because I didn't get all he waqter off

Any more bright ideas?
ill try my best

no thanks
Watch this
listen to this, and transcend into reality
File: 1410120792813.png (55 KB, 198x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 198x228
Last post now cause I decided to watch a bit more
hope not having a link here doesn't fuck op into another dimension
i watched your post waiting for the link to come up

I was trying to count every time I heard "yaw" but I lost count because it happened like three times a second

What the fuck did I just watrch and why did I watch almost the whole thing
theres more where that came from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzfgPipoeNI
i hope you don;t die from this
This is probably one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life
I felt real emotion while wtahcing that, but I can't pin the emotion I was feeling. I was scared, I was happy, I was enthralled,

I was.
this makes me want to cry
i don't know why
but I just can't watch it
but its a good cry
i want to watch it
I can feel what they are saying in their words but I cannot understand them
Lay down flat on the floor and just lay there. Don't distract yourself, turn off cell phone, tv, pc etc and just lay there. Turn off the constant jabbering inside your mind and just appreciate laying down, thinking of nothing. Whatever comes up into your mind just let it happen, a sound from the streets or a though inside your head. After doing this for some time go for a walk outside. If you feel that you get bored while laying/sitting down, try to investegate the feeling of being bored. You will see that it is a very shallow feeling.
The best way to robo-trip is to take ~125mgs (half your dose) then drink 2-3 beers, then take the rest, 125mgs. DXO+DXM
I can't lay down because I have fleas on my carpet floor, but if I sit in my chair they don't bother me for some reason. I'll try laying down in my chair.

I also realised I haven't done a trip log in a bit, so here we go

Trip Log Entry #11 or something idk
>i cannot feel my heart
>it is not beating
>but if its not beating i would be dead so im not that freaked out about it
>i tried to eat a dorito
>at first i couldnt taste anything
>then i got a hint of cheese
>then it went away
>i'm hungry but i don't want to eat
>water tastes really good for some reason, but it tastes of nothing at the same time
>the breeze of my computer fan on my leg feels like an orgasm

I wonder if I can fap while on this shit, I bet it would feel great, I might go try it in a bit
Of course you can't see DXM's true potential unless you dose 600mg or more, but what I always found fun with those low doses was trying different astral projection/out of body techniques to see if I could make my mind meet the DXM in the middle, if that makes sense. Have fun, OP.
Don't bother. It'll feel empty and mechanical like you're watching someone else get off.
oh my god i wish you would have posted sooner
i couldn't get hard to save my life and i got so pissed that i punched my dick without thinking
it felt great for a second but right now im in a world of pain
oh my god what the rfuck
kek, sorry bro. Yeah if you even get hard on DXM it's only about as hard as a sponge and if you do manage to get off it just kinda feels like you got a dick full of novocaine that just shot powdered jizz. That's DXM for ya..all the carnal, earthly pleasures become blank and absurd. DXM makes your mind transcend that kinda stuff.
For you OP <3


Hey OP, close your eyes and try to understand where all of your thoughts are coming from. Like, where do they emerge? What is "it"? That source of all of your inner world?
File: 1408584573432.jpg (182 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182 KB, 800x800
Damn, oh well. Now I'm really curious as to what DXM can do at the other plateaus, I might try going to 2nd/3rd plateau in a month or so. (Not with CCCs of course, I kinda don't want to die.)

Thas was absolutely beautiful, thank you. I love you

Trip Log Entry #12
>9:42 AM
>i feel as if my vision is clouded but I see perfectly fine
>it is very hard to read text
>it is very easy to close my eyes and daydream random scenarios in my head
>i feel as if I can be god in my mind
>music has never sounded better
>i cannot physically be bored for more than a few seconds
>everything and everything makes me think and wonder
>i am at utter peace and I am happier than I ever thought I could be
>it is very hard to type but I will keep typing on
>i feel as if the world revolves around me, and it is a great feeling
So where are you getting your dose of DXM from?
I drew a blank when I tried thinking of that, it was as if my mind blocked me, it's as if I've put up some sort of mental barrier, I just can't think of that right now for some reason, even though I really want to. Every time I try thinking about that my train of thought stops, but I do remember what I was thinking about. It's weird.

I died laughing at that, thanks.
File: sp-215_1z.jpg (288 KB, 1275x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288 KB, 1275x1600
I'm retarded for doing it, but pic related.
Was asking because I'm curious. How many tablets did you take?
OP, try this video. I watched in on shrooms, was great. Have a nice trip.

File: what the fug.png (937 KB, 1279x1023) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what the fug.png
937 KB, 1279x1023
ive been listening to music the whole time but im only on the third song
what the fuck
also when the hell did winamp get a virtualizer
its great

Thanks, a remix of one of my favorite songs and a great animation
I can't tell what's going on at all, but I like it
I get an overbearing overtone of the feeling that this animation is trying to portray that humanity = animals, but that sounds like something a hippie would say.
Then again, I'm not in much of a better state of mind right now.
that felt like I watched an hour long movie

Log coming soon.
Trip Log Entry #13
>10:05 AM
>i feel as if i am "used to" the high
>dont get me wrong, im still pretty fucking blasted
>but I feel as if the feeling is familiar to me, as if ive felt it before this, even though I know I haven't
>i still feel really good
>i still feel really happy
>old music sounds new to me
>im considering playing a video game but im not sure i could even if i wanted to
>i don't want to forget about the trip logs, though, so I don't think I will
>i might play something low-tier, like a flash/java game like runescape or something
>i want some nostalgia

bretty gud, thx
anyone else lurking? ill keep posting my trip logs regardless, just wondering
still lurking

Yeah i never kinda got it fully... I think this is some critics towards screens (television obviously) kinda brainwashing us, technology destroying the environment, etc. So yeah a bit of a hippy message, but God, these animals dissociating in colorful parts, I love it
still here, not for much longer, gotta sleep soon
File: 1310940607690.jpg (217 KB, 718x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217 KB, 718x534
You still there OP ?
>weed doesn't do much to me anymore

Yo yo lurking bro,
Good to hear from you again. I had to finish some college shit but I here @ start of the thread.

Hows the trip going? Also take off socks if you can
But i was here*
Lurkin like a mother fucker
I'm here, some shit went down, i'll type it out now

>what is tolerance
Good luck wwih the capchas bro
I had a farm growing at one point, easily smoked 1-2 grams daily for probably 3 and a half years. I only had two tolerance breaks, both 1 week long when I almost got busted (yes, almost busted twice).

I never once failed to reach a level of being high that I haven't reached before, I don't believe in tolerance for cannabis smokers at all.
Trip Log Entry #14
>10:25 AM
>hear a knock at my door
>it's my old roommate
>she is christian, anti-drugs
>"i've brought some of your stuff with me, i figured i'd help you out"
>she was supposed to help me tomorrow
>(i'm in the process of moving out of my old roommate's house)
>have to unpack a car full of my shit
>wtf i don't remember having any of this shit
>"what should i get out first?"
>"get the stuff that's in the front seat"
>"the front passenger seat or what?"
>she gives me weird look
>what the fuck did i just say
>walk out without saying anything
>finish unpacking car
>say thanks, goodbye
>fucking sprint for the door to come back in
>end up tackling the door
>my wrist slams against the doorknob
>slam the door closed after fiddling with the knob for five minutes to get in
>come back inside and listen to music like nothing happened
>i forgot a bag of clothes in the car
Hahaha, interacting with people trying to not let them know you're high
I'm limited to an eighth a week due to my budget I set, and divided the weed into a pill container equally for the seven days. I noticed I was getting less high as time went on, even though I was smoking the same amount every day. That's when I decided to stop for a while. (Not to mention I had to find a new job when I moved, so I had to stop smoking, regardless.)
File: 1410271511960.gif (743 KB, 389x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
743 KB, 389x495
been here all the time anon! pretty cool thread
right im off now OP, happy trippin peace be with you
top kek
i had the same thing with acid! kept looking at the ground while talking to my friends, wouldnt dare look them in the eyes.
man they should give oscars to people tripping balls and trying to act cool
ty <3

I'm pretty sure she knew, but didn't care. She didn't leave until I went inside the house, and I heard her laughing the whole time. Then again, she might just be thinking I just woke up, as I didn't usually wake up until noon when I stayed with her.

I hope I never have to go through that again, although the work wasn't that bad, there was a lot of heavy stuff I had to pick up but it didn't feel heavy at all to me, everything felt weightless, including myself. I actually didnt mind it, now that I look back at it.

cya, and thanks for sticking around and listening to my gibberish
Trip Log Entry #15
>10:48 AM
>the motion blur is gone, but replaced with blurred vision
>i can hold a train of thought for as long as id like
>i decided to try to think of as many things as possible at once and see where my mind takes me
>I started off thinking about how cars worked
>ended up thinking about why English is called "English"
>still haven't found and answer, so I'm going to try thinking about it again
>be back soon

If anyone has any video/audio/game suggestions, now would be a great time to pos tthem.
>everything felt weightless, including myself
>including myself

I hate this sensation.
England -> Land of the Angles (a former german tribe)

No idea where the name "Angles" comes from though
Great game, easy to play while high: http://www.alexanderocias.com/loved.php
I absolutely love it; It's not total weightlessness, I just feel like my body is a shell and im just floating in it, like a peanut or a pistachio.

I now know what a nut feels like, and nuts seem to have it pretty easy..

I believe "Angles" refers to something of "Anglo-Saxton" descent, but I'm taking about the language, though. How did someone create all of the phonetics for "English?" How were words even created, how do languages even work, and all that.

I'm scared to go to that link for some reason, just reading it is making me scared for some reason. I'll try it out in a sec, though.
how did i manage to accidentally backspace the 5 in the reply to >>568287214

>that low does though

It doesnt even get interesting until third plateau.
angle as in the place in german
see this for more info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atI-JPGcF-k
you don't need one until third plateau, which this guy is no where near
>ended up thinking about why English is called "English"

Anglo became english
I didn't want to go all-out my first time, I wanted to make sure I liked the feeling before trying to go higher. After this, though, I'm sure I'll go for the third next time I try it.

This is the hardest fucking game I have ever played, and it is scaring me for some reason, so I cannot play it.
forgot the link
Haha, i was wondering which post you were referring to... The game can be a little scary, but in a good way I think. Concerning language, maybe I have a little bit of an insight.

I read a study about how babies when they're babbling are actually trying out all possible sounds of the human voice, then they lose those that are not from their mother tongue (that they recognize).

And monkeys do the same, and they have a form of simpler language, based ononomatopoeias (they use a sound for birds that sounds like the birds for example). So this is kind of the basis.
DXM alone cant kill you. If you go to third or above you have a chance of getting permanent psychosis. do you even drugs?
i have a s3 back cover with that image printed.

>love mini in the box
You didn't take enough to hurt you. Just dont do it agaim anytime soon
>The DXM faq
That's fucking mental.

No, I usually don't even into drugs, but I did as much research as I could before trying this out. I couldve sworn that somewhere I read that 2g+ of DXM could cause brain damage/death.

I only plan to do it once a month/every few months, I hear that it's unsafe otherwise. If I do it again, though, I'll make sure to get a tablet/pill that only has DXM in it.

I read most of the Erowid FAQ before even considering trying DXM.
The third plateau is a completely different experience that the first, so don't just expect intensification of first plateau effects because the third introduces intense and unpredictable cognitive distortions, sensory deprivation, tracers/trails/morphing and near complete loss of fine motor skills, and that's in addition to amplification of the effects you feel now. Stay safe OP and don't forget a sitter if you exceed 8mg/kg
ITT: some faggot takes a low recreational dose of dextromethorphan and posts about it on /b/ as if anyone would care.

Quit feeling so self-important just because you're into drugs. We've all done them, they're not a big deal.

Oh and by the way-- it's all your fault, why are you doing that with your face, she knows, and this is why your dad said that to you when you were younger.
Alright, thanks for the tips.

Trip Log Entry #16
>11:15 am
>i notice i'm paying more attention to my grammar, but I'm too lazy to correct it most of the time
>cognitive thinking is getting a little bit easier
>im starting to be able to feel parts my face again
>everything still tastes of nothing
>my blurred vision is gone
>I feel heat around my eyes and still have a hard time registering what I see
>when i move my head it feels like I'm making a trail with it
>going from sitting to standing and vice versa is still a problem
>captchas are a little easier to read
>nothing but smiles
Go do some drugs or something, then, faggot.
>5/10 for making me reply
il be taking 600mg later and drinking to that also.. try me later rookie fag
Sounds like you'll be having quite the day, have fun.
File: 1398397782047.jpg (36 KB, 649x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 649x387
i will!! il post this pic on /b/ in a few hours. use this codeword. JABRONI and well continue this conversation later
So aside the blurry vision, no cool visual effects ?

Never done DXM so I'm not quite aware of the effects/doses
Trip Log Entry #17
>11:29 AM
>standing and sitting is still hard
>heat/blurry vision is gone
>brain still takes a little bit of time to recognize new things I look at
>taste has come back, somewhat
>field of view seems slightly less than it was a few hours ago
>i feel as if my eyes are scattering a thousand times a second, even when they're still
>music still sounds great, but not as great as it used to
>still feel really good, though

I'm going out later today, but if by chance I catch you, I'll be sure to hop in your thread and say hi.

No open-eye visuals, but somewhat mild closed-eye visuals. If I could describe it, it's like being very drunk and very high at the same time but slightly different, I'm sure it'll be something more out-of-body in the higher doses, though.
I've already had much more than my fair share. 2 years clean here. I've done more shit than most people see in a lifetime, and I can tell you, taking drugs doesn't make you any cooler or more interesting. Yeah, yeah, that might sound like the typical ATU propaganda "Drugs aren't cool! Just say 'no!'" but that's not what I'm saying. It's fine to do drugs. Just don't pretend like you're doing anything noteworthy or that anybody but you gives a shit. I mean, who are you writing your "trip log" for? You think anybody really cares what you experience on a low dose of dex? Are you trying to feel like you're doing something important, something that might have an effect on anyone but yourself? The truth of the matter is, you are so consumed by your ego that you need to feed it by doing something "alternative," like enter a state of psychedelia, so that you can feel like you're giving some sort of meaning to your existence, and so that somebody might care. If you were true to the art of psychedelics, you would transcend your ego and feel no need to have your experience validated by your anonymous online friends.

You're nothing special. Now go play outside.
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Why do you feel the need to flame this guy like this ?
Maybe he just want to share, exposition is not always just about validation.
File: 188.gif (170 KB, 300x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wow this is still alive ... Well done OP you have delivered

I'm doing this trip log mainly for myself, so I can look back at this experience in the future. I'm archiving it every few minutes just in case it gets deleted/404s. I know I'm not cool for doing drugs, and everyone does them, and I'm nothing special, and I could have made this a journal instead of posting this online, but to be fair, why not post it online? Everyone is going to forget this thread existed in a week, you're not going to care, I'm not going to care, nobody is going to care. I'm just posting here in the off chance that someone is scrolling by doing nothing, bored out of their mind, and wants to know what someone else is doing and can watch them act stupid on the internet for a little bit before they continue scrolling to find something else, just like everyone else has done and will do until the internet doesn't exist.

tl;dr, nothing really matters in the end, including your posts. And to be honest, going outside sounds like fun, thanks for the idea.

I literally just listened to that song; not the instrumental/remake, though. This version is great, too, though. Thanks.
look up the different plateuas and suck

how much do you weigh, consume, how long ago did you eat, tolerance?
File: 1402434387203.gif (2 MB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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are there any animals nearby?
Try to interact with other species like cats or dogs and see how far you can understand what they want and what they like, for example being petted.
Its always intersting to see their ways of telling you what they want you to do, since they cant speak.
>not doing dph
Have you realized that, even after taking awesome drugs, you are a shitty person being on /b/ failing at conceivably everything
( depending on how much you took )
And not nature'ing it up liek a mofo and having a awesome positive trip, instead of a subdued shitty self controlled trip?
>Have you realized that, even after taking awesome drugs, you are a shitty person being on /b/ failing at conceivably everything
>( depending on how much you took )
>And not nature'ing it up liek a mofo and having a awesome positive trip, instead of a subdued shitty self controlled trip?

>0/10 not enough garfield
>an-hero faggot
>Around 240lbs/108kg
>240mg of DXM exactly
>Haven't eaten since I got up at around 6 AM
>No tolerance

There's chickens and birds outside that walk/fly up to me when I come out, I think I'm going to try that, thanks.

>i don't like spiders

-Slow jerking motion-
Trip Log Entry #18
>11:51 AM
>suddenly feel slightly cold around my extremities
>my face feels smaller for some reason
>field of view feels stretched, still
>standing up and sitting down isn't as hard as long as I do it slowly
>still feel great
I swear I've been listening to music the whole time this thread has been up, but I'm only on the 4th track of my playlist.

Stop listening to Metallica then... I used to listen to Metallica... until i realized the importance of time management.
Trip Log Entry #19
>12:00 AM
>go outside to spend time with whatever animals are out there
>there's fucking nothing out there
>sit outside for a little bit
>wireless headphones, listening to music and chilling with nature
>the breeze feels absolutely wonderful
>think of heading in
>tiny-ass bird lands in front of me
>cocks its head at me
>starts walking away and looking back at me after every step
>"i think it wants me to follow it"
>follow it
>it flies a few feet, stops, keep looking back, repeats
>eventually make it over to a rock in the middle of the yard
>bird looks at rock and looks at me repeatedly
>pick up rock
>wireless headset cuts out, loud screech due to it disconnecting
>i flip shit
>tons of bugs under the rock
>bird takes a worm and flies away instantly
>i was used
>run back inside
Birds are dicks.

I'm not, see
Is it like in random mode maybe ?
Trip Log Entry #20
>12:08 AM
>suddenly have splitting headache at the top of my head
>its only in one area, though, so it's not that bad
>cognitive functions are slowly returning
>standing up and sitting down is a little easier
>still getting "brain lag," where it takes me a second to realize what I'm looking at
>but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before
>I think i'm starting to come down

No, shuffle/random mode is off, i just watched it go to the next song in order. I do have loop on, though, so maybe it's just looped around to the 4th track by the time I paid attention to it. That's more than likely what's been happening, but previously I was way too high to notice. I'm staring to come back a little bit, now.
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236 KB, 1920x1200
I'm assuming you are in australia, cos its 2am where I am..
Don't worry scavenger birds are dicks.
You have to think of your trip like a memory. more you focus on the wrong, the stronger the negative feelings are. sounds obvious right?
most people don't actually practice positive affirmation while high. it's super important.
I advise going inside and putting the most relaxed music you have, but put on a really intricate visual display and just blank out.
I'm in the USA, I meant to put PM, mainly because I'm still pretty high.

Yeah, when I focus on negative things I start thinking negatively and feeling negativity, but its surprisingly easy to start thinking about positive things again, as well.

That sounds like a good idea, though; I've been listening to fast-paced music this whole time, but the slow parts in the songs have been just as interesting as the fast parts to me. I think I'm just going to chill out for a while and enjoy the rest of this, I'll still be posting logs and trying new things, though.
Chill out you say?
Change of plans, everyone, something came up. I have to move the rest of my shit today or else my old roommate is going to throw it out. This may be the last time I post today. If that's the case, then I thank everyone who has contributed to this thread in any way and gave me ideas to try, and overall made my first trip a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I'm sorry I have to leave so abruptly, but this is kinda serious. I'll leave you with my last log, and thanks again.

Trip Log Entry #21
>12:22 AM
>standing and sitting is no problem whatsoever
>no more headache
>tiny bit of brain lag but barely noticeable
>taste has returned
>still feel great
>still happy, even though I'm not looking forward to moving my shit and dealing with my old roommate
>i'm going to remain happy today if it's the last thing I do
>i advise everyone else lurking to do the same
>this was a great experience and I can't wait to try it again
>thank you /b/ros
Have a nice day Anon ! You're gonna get a good night of sleep tonight !
loved the thread, ty anon
awesome thread dude! cheers for sharing
was fun with you, OP! Good luck with everything you do today. Cheers
do more faggot. 250mg isn't shit.
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