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Calling all walmart cashierfags. get in here....
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walmart cashierfag.jpg
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Calling all walmart cashierfags. get in here. share stories of the shit you deal with everyday.

>middle aged woman comes though my line
>puts 3 huge pales of cat litter and huge crates of bottled water onto my belt
>couldnt say anything to stop her in time due to other customers
>belt squeaks as it turns
>shits heavy as fuck
>i scan them all and place them to the side
>"uh....sure thing mam"
>lift them all.
>she pays the bill, rubbing the money together in between her fingertips for a minute like a jew. makeing sure its not stuck together or some bullshit
>not even new bills
>"you have a nice afternoon mam"
>pls respond
>dosent even reply. no thank yous or even acknowledgement
god damn it.
what a cunt i hope she gets old people aids
Wow, that sounds super rough man.
Did you cry?
i hope he cried, then prayed to saten that bitch dies of Alzheimers
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>be fountain guy at steaknshake
>happy hour is a fucking nightmare
>almost every day we get an asshole that orders at least 10 shakes
>we have to get half of our entire staff to work the fountain making this fucking huge order on top of the other people at the drive through

fuck the fountain
>end of my shift
>light off and closed sign at the end of belt while I take care of my last customer
>asshat comes up and moves the closed sign and starts putting his stuff on belt
>tell him that the lane's closed and this is my last customer
>looks at me and ignores me
>line starts forming behind him
>long ass line
>finish with my last customer
>say "fuck it" to myself and just leave

I honestly expected to get in trouble the next day, but I never heard anything about it.
You mean you have to make 10 shakes at a time. And I thought that the Holocaust was bad or genocide in Darfur or child Aids but you have to make 10 fucking milk shakes. Where is Amnesty International when you need them? This atrocity needs to end so this faggot can get back to jerking off to chubs on pornhub.
you dont know bad until you have to make 10 milkshakes at one fucking time
and here I thought children stolen from their families and sold into sexual slavery was bad, but someone didn't say something to you? Let's go picket the fucking Whitehouse because this fucking cum bacteria had his feeling hurt and can't watch My Little Pony without thinking about this injustice.
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go back to tumblr faggot.
File: 1364974050459.jpg (125 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And I thought this guys job was bad.
File: 1409170410878.png (1 MB, 688x946) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 688x946

>working 4 hour shift
>co worker calls in sick and manager asks me to stay another 4 hours
say yes
>working last 2 hours of shift
>need break
>lines forming
>call for help
no one shows
>people with carts full of shit keep showing up
>old man yells at me from back of line telling me i am slow and need to call someone
>i keep calling manager
>lady gets mad that im not bagging her stuff fast enough
>getting yelled at infront of bunch of customers
>start getting sweating,moms spaghetti
>40 minutes later my assistant manager shows up and i wave her down that i need my last break
>she was walking around on her phone this whole time
>im so pissed at this point that i just clock out and leave work

never got introuble for it
File: 1343142204050.jpg (21 KB, 300x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you guys notice when people switch tags
>2 nig nogs come though my line
>1 buying a shit ton of alcohol, the other has tons of juice
>one says to the other "you got money fo dat?"
>"im gonna need to see both your IDs"
>the taller one gives me his
>"im going to need yours too sir."
>the other dosent say anything
>"if he dosent have his ID i cannot complete the sale. sorry"
>"i know whats going on here sir"
>he completely chimps out saying the same things over and over.
>call the supervisor
>he agrees with me
chimps leave without buying anything. they kick the bottom of my checkout lane on their way out.
File: 1347594377560.jpg (37 KB, 533x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 533x524
That a bullshit policy and you should be kicked in the balls for enforcing it fuckwad.
>wanting to supply underage niggers alcohol
File: azn456.jpg (217 KB, 1024x729) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217 KB, 1024x729
i hear that, but its either enforce it or get fired. or spend time in jail. which i wont do for nignogs.
sorry son.

yeah I'm gonna have to say that that's bullshit that you enforced that. i've gone to the store with my gf and tried to buy alcohol (i'm 22, she's 20) and fucking walmart employees have done what you did because she wasn't 21.

but then again, niggers.
i guess it would depend on the situation. if it were me i would enforce it on obnoxious customers like that, i don't work at walmart but i work at a grocery store deli and i let people get a little extra for free sometimes with their food, or i undercharge a little. only if they're nice though.
File: dickintesify.gif (334 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah let's give the underage niggers alcohol.

Except it's the law and you can lose your job if you don't enforce it. They DO do "sting" operations...I knew a guy who got fired because of one.

but i mean like, if it's a young couple who's buying a six pack or a bottle of wine you're gonna not let them do it whereas you'd have no problem if the younger person was waiting in the car?
It's definitely a dumb policy, man, but you've gotta do it or lose your job. I know what I'd pick.
How the fuck would he know that
As much as it was obvious it was for both of them, that is a pretty bullshit rule. That's like me walking with teenagers and now I'm not allowed to buy smokes, it doesn't mean I'm buying it for them. What if the same thing happened, but the other dude really wasn't gonna drink the alcohol?

i mean there's a difference between two niggers going in and getting a ton of natty light's and a young couple going in and getting some arbor mist.

and i mean i think the rule isn't really even worth enforcing since, like i said, you could just have the younger person sitting outside in the car waiting or something.

at the walmart near my house though they have a security guard at the front of the store who checks people's bags. apparently a lot of people steal from this walmart.
I agree wholeheartedly, but it's not really the guy behind the counter that makes the decisions, it's the big guys up top; a good rule of the thumb is that stupid shit is almost never "stupid shit" that the employee made up to piss you off; rather, it's the law, or store policy.

I think that threads like these are just one giant reminder that you shouldn't shit on the cashier because the store policy sucks; take it up with the higher-ups if you have a complaint.
File: 1396890964124.jpg (7 KB, 225x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so le edgy funney maymay

How am I supposed to know if the younger person is waiting in the car? It's my job to make sure everybody in the party is over 21...It's not my job to inspect their car.
Wow OP she didn't say y-you too. How do you guys put up with that? Poor baby.

OP is a fag
Haha your story made me lol a bit

You also have cashier faggots that act like that op i never respond to them until they say something to me

I know that, that's why I'm saying that the higher-ups shouldn't even make as big of a deal about it anyway.
I think it should only be a big deal if it's a large quantity of alcohol.

It's both the law and store policy. Literally just had a class about this just last Friday.
i'll crush your bread, chips and buns.
you wont know theyre crushed untill you get home.
dont fuck with walmart cashiers son.
just worked for the summer.
>guy strolls in on his electric wheelchair (because lazy fat fuck)
>have to enter id because card isn't working (his dumb ass was switching it to Spanish and kept saying he was doing it right)
>from Louisiana (big surprise he's retarded)
>calls me brain dead, after I get his food stamp card to work
> I get 5 inches from his face,after all this bitching, and tell him to have a very fantastic night
>he gets pissed and goes off on how I am retarded because I work at Walmart
> tell him I'm simply working a summer job for school
> can't stop laughing because of how red he has gotten and it's so funny on how frustrated he's already gotten
>he then gets out of his electronic lazy chair to come around the cash register
>I'm done in 2 weeks anyways so fuck this
>people in line laugh because he's taking so much god damn time and they hate him too
> manager asks him to leave, and to not use the electronic wheelchairs if he is capable of walking on his own
> storms out, and never see him again

You're fucking retarded and have never worked in retail before

Well, talk to them about it...The cashiers are merely doing their job, and most don't want to lose their job and deal with potential legal issues over something simple like that.

It's really not a big deal...If you don't want to deal with the inconvenience, then don't bring anybody under 21 in with you. Simple as that.

middle aged fat women with short hair, pumped full of anti depressants

Its like standardized human domesticated cattle

Overnightmaintenancefag here. When we wax the floors, we put up yellow ropes with "caution, ask for assistance" and "waxing floors" signs so people don't fuck shit up. This landwhale came into the store one night, we were waxing the snack aisle and the next aisle that night, and she's riding around on her motorized shopping cart, (as landwhales do), and just goes straight into the aisle. Stripper on the floor and all, she just goes in, gets her fucking bag of doritos or whatever she grabbed, and leaves the aisle, leaving a fucking path of stripper on the floor all the way down one of the main alleys. We had just waxed that alley the few nights before. I stop her and ask "Didn't you see the signs?" She just goes "Up yours, asshole" and keeps going. Fucking shit pissed me off.
File: skywilliamslmq.png (821 KB, 674x760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
821 KB, 674x760

>saten alzheimers
>picks items off shelf
>pushes cart
>pulls items out of cart
>presumably putting items in car and carrying them in house

>suddenly cant lift items
fuckin cunts
Wait... so a Dad can't take his son with him when he goes shopping for a pary and buys a lot of alcohol?
Former cart pusher fag here, though was cross trained for the register

> be me
> just after black friday 2013
> get called in from the lot to do a carry out
>niggress and her nigress daughter have two whole carts, a motorized cart AND an L-cart full of shit
> get to their car
> it's a tiny ass fucking Infinity, two car seats in the back
> fucking really?
> start to put shit in the trunk
>ok whatever
>get like three things in boxes in then all the groceries
> still have two plastic kids cars, a dresser, a tv, a dollhouse and a kids guitar to go
> able to fit everything in the backseat, barely, except for the dresser and one of the cars
>ask if it's ok that I break open the box for the car and put pieces of it in the dresser, then younger niggress can ride up front with it
> do it anyway
> finally done after literally 30 minutes of trying to figure this shit out
> no tip (not supposed to accept it technically but I made minimum wage for slave labor, kind of nice sometimes) not even a thank you
> please don't fucking come back ever
> get bitched by three different people at for going ten minutes over my schedule
>Fuck Walmart and everyone who ever has or will be in their stores, customers and employees alike
exactry. unless the kids is clearly a child who won't drink
>You're not allowed to have a bad time or be annoyed since there are others who have had it worse. You can only experience something and speak of it if it's the worse thing ever and never happened before.
That is allowed. but if it is brother/sister(s) buying alcohol alone then all members of that group need to be of age.
I like to think of it as "you got your arm chopped off? Stop whining, people lose their legs all the time!"
BKmanagerfag here

>be me handing out food
>neckbeard at window
>ordered triplewhopper with cheese
>hand out order
>fat fuck snatches food out of my hand
>pulls sandwich out and starts tearing it apart
>"there's no cheese on my cheeseburger!"
>okay let me fix that for you right away
>take sandwich back
>tell employee I need it remade
>says he put cheese on it
>check it
>has cheese
>give it back to customer and explain it has cheese
>argues and says there's not layers of cheese between the patties
>tell him if he wants extra cheese then he would have to order it that way
>offer to fix it anyway
>becomes enraged and unable to communicate
>"this is the worst customer service I've ever had. Now you're arguing with the customer! I'm calling corporate and everyone. I'm taking pictures. You're in trouble anon!"
>tell him sorry
>flips me off and drives away

I fucking hate every fat fuck out there. Fuck all of you. Seriously. Die.
Not Walmart, but I got one.
>working in a tobacco shop in a small town
>guys comes through who I've never seen before
>tells me the owner lets him have cigarettes on credit
>tells me his life fucking story
>I interrupt and tell him I'm not allowed to give people stuff on credit
>"Why the fuck not?! Do you think I'm lying?!"
>Explain that it's not about what I think, it's my job
>"Man, that's bullshit"
>Leaves, comes back fifteen minutes later to see if my boss is in yet. she isn't
>Comes back a half hour later. She still isn't back.
>She finally gets in, and he comes right after her (he was waiting out front) and asks for cigarettes on credit, which she gives
>As he walking out, gives me this smug fucking look, like he beat me in a contest and says "See?"
>mfw I literally was not allowed to give people shit
They can actually get arrested for doing this you moron. FYI the police (may not be the cops per say but its for sure a government group) operate stings where they send people in with IDs saying they are to young or BLATANTLY have a second "friend" who doesn't have an ID. You fail those you not only get fired but you can be arrested for trying to sell booze to minors.
>arm is in a cast because I broke it
>guy tells me I have to pick up a microwave and put it in his cart because he "has a bad arm"
It reminds me of this great uncle I have that would never shut up about losing a finger in a bar fight.
"Oh you hurt yourself, probably not as bad as when my finger got cut off."
"Oh you lost your wallet, I lost a finger once."
"Oh you got mugged, did take your finger too?"
damn i hate those bitches.
>be unemployed
what i find slightly ironic is that people are getting annoyed and complaining about people on the premise that the situations "they" are complaining about have no basis in comparison to horrific acts and situations both past and present.
Was it his middle finger? Maybe they were trying to tell him something.
Oh my god. Fucking murricah.

At my store, they had a girl go in that was turning 21 in literally 8 hours...She was a pretty girl, and the cashier was a heterosexual male...She acted flirty and sweet talked him into selling it to her.

And it was a sting. And he got fired. And the police got involved. I think that case was kind of bullshit...But, point is, they don't mess around and there's no room for leniency when it comes to selling alcohol.
Oy vey! You mean you have to actually do your fucking job!?!
Filthy Jew.
It was like half of his pinkie. After awhile my grandpa (his brother) told him "you like bragging about your missing finger so much why don't you come over here and I'll cut them all off for you, if not shut up already."
I'm fat as fuck, and nothing but courteous to the people that enable my whale-like tendencies.

Although you'll be seeing less of me as I'm cutting out all fucking fast food.

(lel, good luck, fatty, I ain't got conviction, that's why I'm fat)
worked at a gas station in utah, a few people I knew got hit with those stings. Cops did them a few times a month min.
Not only is it forced automatic termination (if the store wants to continue selling tobacco and alcohol) it is also around 3k in fines + possible jail time ( for the cashier ) and around 15k + in fines for the store itself.
So yeah, no, I did not care if you were alone and 90yrs old you show ID.
I did not care if you were 90yrs old and with your 40yr old goldigging wiife who forgot her ID I refuse the sale.
I sure as hell did not care if you came in three times that day, or come in every day and are on a first name basis with me. You show ID every time.
Because I sure as hell was not going to go through all of that shit just so you can be a lazy little fuck, you know the rules.
>work in fraud department for irish bank
>literally all fraud we see in the US for Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Macys etc...
>learn that you dont need to enter pin when buying shit with card, just swipe and sign.

What the fuck america? Get your shit together and into the modern age
File: 1370049326011.gif (1014 KB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1014 KB, 400x225
> ex walmart receiver fag
> I'm taking boxes, put them on a belt and my 3 friends would sort them and put them on pallets
> I'm alone on a dusty, dark and dreary truck for 4 hours
> Store manager gets pissed that it takes us 4 hours to unload 2000 pieces in 4 hours after hauling ass, picking up spills like paint because the truck driver hitting the breaks too hard
> My nights not done yet
> Have to stock 7 pallets worth of pet food for 4 hours and if I'm not done, I get written up
> MFW I worked my ass off for $7.50 an hour.

I guess the only positive thing that came out of it was I weighed 165 pounds (down from 185 being 6 feet tall at 21yo) I looked and felt great
At least your a realist. High 5 m8
>check your privilege
Your grandfather sounds like an awesome guy,

>learn that you dont need to enter pin when buying shit with card, just swipe and sign.
What the fuck? That's backwards as shit.
File: 1397254299487.jpg (266 KB, 1435x1079) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266 KB, 1435x1079
>old people aids
I used to be a cashier for Safeway, shit sucks. Walmart is ratchet as hell though. I go in preparing to see some shit every time
>Go to Walmart at 10:30pm on a friday
>Shit is packed, 2 registers open
>In line
>The dude who just payed comes back to the cashier
>He demands money or something
>The half retarded woman half heartedly calls for a manager with no effort
>The guy gets pissed from waiting and leaves
>Seems odd. My turn
>She scans everything
>The total for some reason is only displayed on the credit card machine
>Give her a $100 bill
>She gives me $1 when I thought the total was $89
>I start to say something and I notice she awkwardly hesitates
>She's guilty
>"I gave you $100 and now you've tried to shortchange 2 of the last 3 people
>She immediately gives me my $10 bill
I know they don't get paid much but I thought it was funny because this woman was a 50 year old white woman wearing bug-eyed glasses trying to pull a fast one on everyone in line
A* for the coment
I hope you're not as bad as some people I see. Its ridiculous. I can't believe how many people come through ordering the menu and when they pull around their bellies literally dig into the steering wheels of their vehicles. Like how the fuck can you just let that happen? And the funniest thing about the obesity in this country is that the stereotype of someone getting a large diet with a shitload of food is beyond true.
thats one strong fucking table
ex walmart claims associate here...i started as a cart pusher

i have no words for the hell i have been through

That's just for credit...You need a pin for debit. I'm pretty sure they're changing that, though, so we'll soon have to use a pin for credit.
He was.
Too bad I don't have anything else to add to the thread besides that story, only job I've ever had was in a warehouse for assembly and shipping so I'm lucky enough to never have to deal with general public.
that is for credit, credit cards in the states don't have pins.
All debits can be run as credit too, though almost all registers ask the cashier to verify the name on the card with their ID or some bullshit that no one ever pays attention to ever.
Also, almost every store and every register is covered by several cameras here so you know... it's not like they wont have a shit ton of evidence on who dun goofed in no time.
File: 1409018996804.jpg (187 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 500x500
People get pissed because a meal at BK isn't $5 like it used to be. If I'm paying $10 for a burger and fries when I could buy 4lbs of ground beef for the same price, they damn well better make the burger right!
They did make it right, though. He was (seemingly) just bitching because they didn't do extra.

I don't really go to fast food places, though, last time I went to one, I worked there.
Not nearly so bad. I can still see my dick, but I get huffy and puffy and sweaty when I have to go up more than 1 flight of stairs.

I'll kill myself if all my care goes out the window too long, and I end up like one of those fucks in a scooter with more than half of their bodymass hanging off the poor machine.

Now I've seen some shitty pictures but the one takes the cake!
You guys can all go fuck yourselfs, it will be busy as fuck with 3 lines open with a bunch of you worthless shits just standing around with your thumbs up your ass.
>guy comes though my line and buys a shit ton of stuff.
>amount due is around $350
>he runs a sams club gift card though the debit machine, it takes off $40
>"remaining amount is $310 sir."
>he looks at me with shocked eyes
>his face gets red
>i tell him its a gift card. this makes him super pissed
>everyone in line is staring at me with questioning gazes
>imretarded.gif ?
>i tell him this is definitely a gift card.
>he hits the checkout counter with his hand cuzmad
>he looks in his wallet "OH i pulled the wrong card.. forgot they gave that to me! "
>i finish the transaction and he tries to be nice to me.
fuck you guy.
The burger was made completely right. It just didn't have how much cheese he wanted on it. It had how much the sandwich build is supposed to have. 2 slices. I even offered to make it with more just to satisfy his fatass.
File: 1376553639026.gif (1 MB, 275x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 275x208
> 22yo old me now
> Moving up in the company
> Dont put boxes on a belt anymore
> Lawn and Garden associate now
> I load bags of dirt into people who bitch at mes cars now in the dog days of summer heat.
> My only coworker was my ex gf who cheated on me who is also a noteworthy 5'2"
File: 84232688.jpg (33 KB, 369x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 369x520
>I was working as a waiter while I was in college
>one hour before Yankees game in a bar next to the stadium
>a guy walks in with his two kids
>he sits himself in a closed section
>I tell him that the section is closed but i will help him
>he orders a beer and food for the kids
>the beer takes forever because the bar is backed up
>he stands up and starts screaming at the table
>a cop at the bar sees him
>walks up to the table
>they argue
>MFW he tell the cop to fuck off..
>cop throws him to the ground and cuffs him
>i saw social services taking his kids after my shift was over
I don't and will never understand how people can become so angry about food. I can see being upset or unsatisfied. But to get to the point to be enraged is just beyond me.
File: 1382166118625.jpg (198 KB, 1106x746) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 1106x746
>average price for 1lb of beef is $3-$6 depending on fat/lean ratio
>forgetting the $1-$5 for buns depending on quality
>forgetting the $2-$5 for cheese depending on quality
>forgetting the cost of condiments ($2 minimum if you want cheap ketchup and mustard)
>forgetting the price for oil and potatoes or at the very least pre-made frozen fries
>forgetting to include the price of the soft-drink
nigga calm your ass down, inflation hits all sectors and you know it.
File: 1376553603304.gif (2 MB, 400x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x280
> year 3 at walmart
> promotion to electronics
> awesome.jpeg
> turns out it's not so great
> have to work electronics on black friday
> MFW people are pushing and shoving me and swinging fists at eachother
> shoulder to shoulder people trying to get xbox 360s
> fucking animals, that's all we are
> MFW I realize I am part of this pathetic excuse of the human race
The only reason child services came was because they had to, pretty sure cops cant just take kids with them.
I had this happen with my girlfriend one time. All it makes people do is go to another liquor store and have the other person wait in the car. you're a piece of shit.
The thing that fken sucks at Walmart is the price matching.
I don't wanna do that shit when there's 20 things to price match for one person and there's a line of 100% ppl that are not gonna price match
You shouldnt be walking with a bunch of teenagers, faggot.
I work at costco and it's pretty much the same here (work at one of the top 5 busiest costcos in the world), except we get paid higher with benefits and all.

What's worst is we get yelled at for never having enough carts in the front even though it's beyond our control (not enough cart pushers compared to customers going in, and most customers are lazy/rude as fuck so they leave carts scattered everywhere).

What's worst is some of the supervisors don't know shit about carts, so they yell at you too (the ones that have done carts before don't give a fuck if it's empty, they just go out and pretend to check).

Also cross trained to do everything, it's just that mainly the males push carts regardless
I've had that exact same story but as a customer. If you guys are charging 25¢ per slice of cheese it better fucking be on there. I check BK and Wendy's cause they always fuck up everything.

I seriously hate anyone who is too entitled to do their job. You want a better job? Get a better job, if not do the one your paid for you lazy retard
Yeah, but that still totals less than $20 and it's enough for 8 burgers.
That's bullshit. That seems like entrapment almost to me. Especially if he refused and then she kept flirting and shit.
>$1 for a bun
try 10c
>$2 for a slice of cheese or two
try $10/kilo and thats New Zealand super market prices, not bulk fast food price
>$2 for a squirt of ketchup and mustard
please its like $10 for 2L of tomato sauce
>price of oil
ceheap as fuck
>soft drink
literally 3-4 cents a fill

fucking retard
>working in college library
>at the checkout desk
>entrance is right beside me
>as you walk in the entrance, the first thing you see is my desk, then the main stacks
>nigger walks in
>looks around for about 10 seconds
>does a full xbox
>walks over to my desk
>ey man wher da books at?
File: 1392328783728.jpg (91 KB, 640x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 640x857
I did that shit at Target, lost 60 lbs. my lil brother too.
Stop dating children.

How exactly do you get an elephant to tolerate that?

i hate those fat cunts. they think whatever fat thing they're doing is the most important thing in the world right then. fucking fat ass cunts.
you drug it
Mom got arrested alot and once the cop left 8 yr old me at the docks with no way to contact anyone. This was a much better plan.
>Work at Marshall's
>almost every customer buys gift wrap
>almost every customer also asks for a fucking bag
>they fumble to put to the put the gift wrap in the bag, and on their way it continues to fall out
>I will never truly understand why they need a fucking bag for just a roll of gift wrap.
You sound like the kind of asshole that's never had to work a shitty job. Places like that have exact instructions on how much of what to put on each item. Usually the formula you're supposed to use is so fucking skimpy and cheap, people who work fast and don't try to measure shit will put MORE than they are supposed to on your food. Don't get pissed off because people do their job the way they are instructed. They're not going to risk getting shit from their boss just because they might have assumed your fat ass wanted extra shit without being asked for it.
yeah one thing about manual labour. it's like getting payed to go to the gym.
Dude. 7 pallets in 4 hours? Fuck you. I worked in losing for deutsche post back in highschool. You stack and load like 5 pallets an hour. That's including waiting time for the sorters to throw the packages down to you. Granted i hated fucking loading and you being paid 7 is horseshit. The Germans atleast paid me 10 an hour as a highschool kid in 05
File: 1372914707989.jpg (60 KB, 399x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 399x270

>living the american dream

Other nigga was buying juice.
It's obv but it isn't obv.
If they say they aren't together, then it's on their fault, not walmarts.
File: 1405909472407.jpg (17 KB, 247x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> be me 13-17 years old
> bag boy/ stocker at local hometown supermarket
> store manager is a complete bitch to everyone
> makes me bag her groceries, bring them out to her car every time she goes shopping
> turns out she never paid for the groceries for the past 20+ while she was boss
> store owner caught her
> she gets fired and arrested
> mfw her husband is the sheriff of our town

Fuck you fucking cunt flaps
old people, they do stupid shit like that

I saw an old lady in hobby lobby ask for a bag for the decorative gift bag she bought
Agreed, unless they're being total shitters.

I've seen pretty shitty kids, though.

>at Boston Pizza
>small group arrives, a woman that's about forty, two teenagers (I'm guessing they were dating) and a kid probably about eight
>kid's immediately acting up and being a shit, starts freaking out over those little insert-coin-and-turn things in the main lobby that contains some plastic rings
>constantly bugging his mother for spare change
>she only has a bit, but gives it to him
>greedily starts spinning it as the guide-person-whatever shows them to some spare seats not far from myself
>kid's still at the machines and mom calls to him to come; he of course doesn't and I think he replied with a curt "screw off!"
>mom gets up and drags him to the table as he's growling at her, though thankfully not screaming his head off
>forces him to sit down, to the point where girlfriend and mother (on the farthest parts of the table) have to use their legs to prevent him from escaping and doing dumb shit, all the while yelling about those goddamned rings while they order
>after they order mom says fuck it and takes him to the bathroom I think, presumably to discipline him
>the teens start talking and the girl apologises profusely for the kid's behaviour, meaning it's probably her family that went with
>he tells her it's not a big deal, they engage in idle banter for a bit before the mom comes back
>the food gets there and they start to eat; well, most of them, as the kid mostly stares at the boyfriend and starts grinding the blades of his butter knives together like he's gonna stab him or something
>boyfriend looks at him carefully as his mother tells him to stop, which he of course doesn't do
>boyfriend seems to have had enough and, in one swift motion, picks up his steak knife and has it no more than an inch from the kid's face
>kid's mouth is now in an "o" and he sits there, stunned, and shuts up at last

Admittedly perhaps a bit much, but pretty fucking alpha.
at costco people always want boxes (to the point where we actually run out).

And then the boxes end up all over the fucking parking lot (or left in the carts), so i never understood why the fuck they needed boxes in the first place.
>like a jew
i hope you work at walmart for the rest of your life and end up a greeter who can't afford to retire until they die at 98; like i hope you're stuck in that store for the next 75 years. of course, you won't last for more than 2 more years and there is nothing better in your future so that's good enough to seal your miserable life.

i assume you're white. of course you never went to college since you work at walmart, and never took history 101 to learn that all white people are actually iraqi--it was called something else before--and MUST be at least dozens of percent JEW; you bleached middle-eastern gimp.
It depends on the expense of living in your country. Like how much they charge for gas, electricity, rent etc etc. You get paid more or less but it'll still end up the same amount because -expenses.
File: 1372914503066.jpg (58 KB, 600x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 600x375

So what happened to her and her marriage?
You have fountains... that pour out milkshakes? while the rest of the world has water fountains.. you have milkshake ones.... the fuck.. death to america.
>ppl who reply to this
>unable to distinguish sarcasm
File: 1372914828789.png (329 KB, 397x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329 KB, 397x374
I live in the US guy. The deutsch post operates in the states under a proxy name. The more you know.
File: 1392328729872.jpg (238 KB, 640x1070) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238 KB, 640x1070
> 7 pallets is a lot of small cans of fancy feat my man
File: 1392330566191.jpg (76 KB, 537x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 537x720

>proxy name

It's called DHL around the world, fag.
File: 1372916353922.jpg (65 KB, 600x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>defending jews on 4chan
lmao I'm 18 and I have a nice part time job in addition to uni, I earn $39 / hour in some warehouse where I don't have to talk to anybody, can have earbuds on and listen to my own music and work completely independently

suck it
Fuck off nigger, the neckbeard wanted EXTRA cheese.
The sandwich was made completely right.
I work at BK on the specialty board, people ask to add cheese all the time and they pay extra, the same goes for a whopper... You get cheese but you need to ask for extra.
I swear it's not just old people. It's literally everyone that gets gift wrap. As if the handles were gonna make carrying this weightless object any easier to carry.
File: 1372923605233.jpg (98 KB, 600x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 600x375
File: Butter wut.png (87 KB, 304x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Butter wut.png
87 KB, 304x314
I hate self-righteous cunts who bring those fabric re-useable bags like their making a massive difference. Such a pain in the ass to pack.

>Really busy, busiest I had ever seen it.
>New job, first time having to work when it was this busy, doing just fine
>Next guy in line is one of these bag people
>Start packing it for him as fast as I can, still maintaining a conversation (its mandatory at my work to make conversation with the customer its meant to be the reason that we are different from the other grocery stores)
>Being a cunt doesn't really want to talk
>Starts being a cunt about my packing and speed (working full speed hopped up on caffeine too)
>Unpacks everything when im nearly done, starts doing it himself
>Packs like a retard, whatever not my problem.
>Have to wait for him to finish before he pays, uses his card.
>Swipes, doesn't work. Keeps not working.
>Apologise to him.
>He gets all fuckin mad at me, stores off with out his bags.
>Comes back "Im going to complain to your manager about you"
>Righto cunt, you'll have to wait its busy as fuck
>Oh its ok I'll wait.
>Manager comes up to me about 40 minutes later after the rush is over
>Hey what was that about, just becareful about people like that
>Im like its all good
>Shes about to walk away, "oh btw he said you put his produce stuff on the bottom and squashed it, watch how you pack stuff"
I worked exactly one day in retail during college. Jesus, how do you guys do it?

The headache inducing florescent lights, the annoying customers, the laughably strict rules, the shitiest shit pay.

As least a fucking janitor can sit down and listen to music when he wants to. Pays better too.
she was fired and went to jail because I guess she stole a lot of money too, her husband resigned from the force due to that incident being the laughing stock of the town. they got divorced and he moved away
Having worked a shitty customer service job before, I really enjoy to bully the assholes that give the employees a hard time while I'm going shopping as a customer myself. I never encountered a single situation as a customer where the employees were mean or bitchy. If somebody fucks something up, why not tell them in a friendly manner that something went wrong? How i hate people thinking they are entitled to treat people doing a service to them like crap.
File: 1399762130991.jpg (20 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whatever chav
>be an rshack fag
>boss wants fucking service plans
>who the fuck buys service plans
>must meet quota anyway
>fuck it
>buys fuckton of shit I don't fucking need
>doesn't meet fucking quota
>fuck me
I'm Norwegian
And he was promptly rewarded with a threesome with the girl and her mom.
you could make a whole bunch of burgers with the amount of stuff you're talking about
File: in oven.jpg (92 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
in oven.jpg
92 KB, 720x960
Dis jew mad mane into the oven.
File: 1372914633448.jpg (81 KB, 330x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I earn $39 / hour

Well at least tell us what you are doing there.
The mom was like two hundred pounds/ninety kilograms, though. Are you into miniature land-whales?
Back when I was crew at mcdonalds, handing out orders

>shitty car full of people, 4 or 5 people in a small sedan
>huge as fuck order, like 5 large meals and a bunch of extra nuggets and shit
>pass all the food over no issue, go to give him the second cuptray full of drinks
>super obvious that its gonna fall if hes not careful
>really carefully hand him the drinks
>make sure the tray is totally in his hands before letting go and turning around to grab something else for the order
>dude spills the drinks all over himself and his car
>he starts swearing a blaming me, I just apologize and say sorry I'll grab some napkins
>grab a bunch, apparently not enough, dude getting mad as fuck just swearing and blaming me
>looking him in the eye and tell him that he spilled the drinks on himself and I'm sorry about it, I'm going to give him 4 free drinks to replace them but if he keeps talking to me like that I won't give him anything and he can get out of the drive thru
>dudes gets mad as fuck, asks me when I finish my shift because he'll be there with his boys to get me after I finish
>laugh in his face and tell him I finish at 6am so I'll see him there
>close window in his face and he speeds off angrily
See him come through all the time still, never said anything about it and never came up as a complaint or anything. I guess he must have been fucked up on drugs or some shit at the time.
File: mypleasure.jpg (15 KB, 361x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>work at value village after graduation while looking for a real job
>at the time it was pretty lax
>work with a bunch of cool people my age
>store was full of all kinds of characters all the time
>one lady looks like a vampire in a ski suit
>other old chinese lady runs a vintage shop and picks up the new items every day
>she was always following the roll out rack as we were putting stuff out
>one time guy caught shooting heroin in change room
>anyhow, misc items on set price list
>anything under about $25 doesn't require any special procedure to ring up
>when I liked certain customers I'd charge them the bare minimum which was like 10 cents
>MFW there's people who furnished their entire kitchen for $2.50
>one time there was this mother who coached her like 15 year old daughter to compliment my shoes
>another time I wore full leather for an entire shift from stuff out on the floor
>that was a weird time in my life
File: op.jpg (59 KB, 430x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 430x539
BTW i'm black you dumb jew nigger.
>be shopping for new shirt
>don't see my size
>walk around the entire store for 10 minutes
>find no employees
>go to customer service
>see disgusting 30 year old meth addict with no teeth
>she doesn't understand my question
>leave and go to target
>find my shirt in 5 minutes
>pay for it
>no fucking wonder people like op hate their lives
>curious as to why op can't see himself for the piece of shit he is
>he is in his own habitat
I just got my first job in a hotel restaurant serving breakfast and dinner, I start in a few days. Is this the kind of thing I can expect /b/? any advice for a newbie to the service industry?

Yea pretty much. Fuck the government and the pigs that do this shit.


>under 21
>automatically a child

What if he was 21 and she was 20 you faggot? Die in a fucking fire you are the worst type of person
I fill up these pushing carts with different dairy products and when they're full I push them to the loading ramp and trucks come in all day and drives it out to the stores/supermarkets all around the region. Is good.
agreed, what a fucking retard .
File: 1355235837418.gif (2 MB, 200x222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 200x222
>Working in UK Supermarket
>Serving customer quickly and politely, no problems.
>Woman customer comes over with one bottle of Bailey's worth £18.
>Hands me £28
>Check to see if it was intentional.
>Continues to rant while I try not to laugh at her shitty NVQ level 2.
>"Would you like to make a complaint?"
>"Yes I would"
>Tell her to go to customer service by the exit and do so.

Served her dad next, dude was chill and polite.
mfw she never complained.
File: 1408526648955.gif (2 MB, 290x595) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Working with people, you will always encounter dicks, but all the more you are glad for everybody starting some small talk and being friendly. Don't be intimidated, this is just the worst-of. Just don't let entitled assholes get to you and always be friendly and try to do your best.
File: jim1.jpg (7 KB, 300x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 300x244
mfw i use the self checkout at walmart
I think I'll get some nuggets tomorrow.

Holy shit bro. Not my fault the last kid's father nearly destroyed your anus.
this reminds me a lot of a story my grandmother told me about my cousin
>they go out to eat
>some little shit is being a little shit at the next table
>the parents do nothing
>cousin is annoyed
>yells something like "SHUT YOUR GOD DAMNED MOUTH!" so loud everyone in the restaurant is silent
>continues eating his meal

apparently the kid just sat there stunned and the waitresses made sure my cousin wanted for nothing after that
I'll bite
>walmart cashier from Aug 2013 to Dec 2013
>supervisors put me in the express registers all the fucking time
>no belt, just a metal counter
>express - 10 items or less
>mexicans always come through with full shopping carts
>I explain to them that this is an express lane so they'll have to put their shit back in their cart and go to one of the other registers
>manager hears me one day telling this to someone and she pulls me aside and tells me we can't do that because some people might have a health condition so they can't stand in one of the other lines
>I try and reason with her saying if they can come in the store and fill up an entire shopping cart on their own, they can wait the extra five minutes at one of the other lines
>she says if she catches me doing that again, I'll get written up.
>as soon as she leaves, I do it again to several different people, one of them complains to her, and I get written up at the end of my shift.
can I play even though I work at Walgreens?

>old senile 4"0 woman walks in the store
>walks into my little back area of the register
>"excuse me mam you're on the wrong side of the regis--"
>She starts punching me hard for an old lady in the gut and whacking me with her purse, I walk back into the corner like wtf is going on
>she's complaining about something to do with her husband's coupons the whole time
>other employee gets between me and her
>she calms down
>she starts staring at me real weird
>"oh wait this isn't CVS"
>she walks out


>hurr im a douche and got called on it so ill just make a lame assrape jab
Don't be upset just because the niggers couldn't use different lanes, it's hardly a mission to get around that law.
When I was 19 and my gf was 17 I made her fuck off and buy some crisps or something while I got booze, Tyrone could have sent Jamal to look at friend chicken then check out at another cashier or had a customer between them
You faggots working in the service industry are fucking shitheads with bad customer service. I make it a priority to complain to your corporate offices. I nearly got some dude at Jack In the Box when he failed to give me ketchup. Seemed to me like they were ready to throw his ass out so they yelled at him and called me a kike when he saw me paying with a gift card I got from Jack in the Box after complaining. Really you guys are retards and provide shitty service and the least I can do is tell the corporate office how shitty their local stores behave.
Lol'd. Fucking old people man
this exactly.
Should have jacked her in the face
File: 3Dfeel.gif (97 KB, 498x594) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 498x594
Jesus christ.

I'm overnight replenishment at K-mart, and I get paid 9.25. The job still sucks, but at least the rate is "suitable".

>mfw my manager keeps putting me alone on garbage duty
>if i don't start garbage early, i will NOT get out on time, and k-mart doesn't tolerate late clock outs
>manager gives me shit anyway
File: 1406993083674.jpg (32 KB, 600x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> gettingg butthurt about jew cracks on a Chinese imageboard
Oh god I just started working at a Walmart neighborhood market it's Safeway basically.

I have a few but my most recent has pissed me off the most

>be 4 days ago, having to close
>it's about 11:13, 13 minutes passed closing time
>this white bitch who's on her phone taking her sweet time
>she get's to my checkout lane and just stares at me
>"Well are you going to put this stuff on the belt?"
>"Okay, just a second ma'am" Fuck it right she's the last one
>Try to make small talk with her and being nice
>She gives me the fuck off look and goes back to talking on her phone
>my CSM ask's me how much longer I was going to take
>I turn around and say I'm done just waiting on the receipt to print
>"Hey, hey!"
>I turn around and ask "Yes ma'am?"
>This bitch actually starts complaining about me turning my back on her for like 3 seconds to answer a question
>"You didn't even ask how my day was going!"
>"ma'am, I did but you where bu--"
>She cuts me off and tells me to fuck myself
>I snap and tell her "I've been wanting to do that for a while but you're slow ass shopping and kept me from it"
>CSM burst into laugther
>She storms out without her receipt with tears in her eyes

Not in trouble yet.
i've worked retail since my first job at 18, now working at home depot (making decent money)

i'm pretty much trained by this point for management but my stupid "i want to be an artist dreams" fucked me up, management in higher end retail do pretty well (Nordstroms/Macy's and shit like that)

dropped out of college but that's a whole other thing

but in fucking honesty 75% of people in retail or service industry are fucking lazy idiots and assholes

it's their fault most of the time their lives suck and they do a shitty job, then they complain because they don't live like the people on t.v. despite spending money like idiots. they don't want to do the fucking jobs they're paid to do (which aren't hard as much as tedious), if you didn't want a shit job you should have made better choices in life. seriously what the fuck.

yes companies are greedy fucks, who if you don't take care of yourself will take advantage.

yes some customers are assholes and shit stains. (i have plenty of stories)

but most of the time a shitty employee is responsible for issues in these places. you're not paid just to exsist mother fuckers, work, WORK! it's what they pay you for, even the minimum is more than some fucks do. i don't care if you've been stuck in a dead end job for 3 years, you still need to fucking try ass hole. 1 bad employee can fuck up the job of his/her co-workers backing up the store.

1 lazy asshole fucks it up for the rest and the customers end up giving shit to the wrong guy, because they don't know better. i see it all the time.

i fuck up at my job all the time, but i try really fucking hard to do a decent job and help people, that's what i'm payed for. if they just wanted someone to stand there like a fucking retard they would just buy a manikin and be done with it. yes SOME customers are cunts and shitbags, that's people in general, but i blame lazy fucking co-workers for more shit than blame customers.
man I hate that service plan bullshit. next time I go to the source for something and they don't ask me to buy a service plan I'm gonna give that fucker a $100 bill.
File: 1384224241504.png (108 KB, 211x241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 211x241
>be 1:00 in the afternoon
>go to walmart deli for food, for some reason
>food is complete shit sitting under a heatlamp, congealed, obviously old as fuck
>mfw they say it looks fine and won't cook fresh food

>be at walmart
>be 20
>try to buy rifle ammunition for a new .22 I just got
>they tell me I need to be 21 to buy pistol ammunition
>it's fucking rifle ammunition, idiot employee doesn't know state law
>mfw they think I'm working for the police running an undercover sting

whatever, I stole shit and they didn't gaf
Thanks anon, that's truly useful advice.
I'm prepared for entitled, rude people. It's the exploitative company that worries me.
>work at Holiday on overnights (local gas station)
>guy comes in around 2am
>asks for directions
>give directions
> guy says "you dont understand I have to get home i have a pizza in the oven"
>wonder to myself why guy is 15 miles away from home with a pizza in the oven
>guy gets pissed saying he needs to get home because theres a pizza in the oven and asks for directions again
>give him directions
>tells me im not listening
>I tell him to fuck off and that i gave him directions three times so he could get the fuck out and go eat his pizza
>throws the snickers display with Bettie White on it across the store full of snickers
>tells me to go fuck myself
>I help the next customer
man I can't wait to be old
im working in pilgirimages office as their webadmin/ graphics man. might post some greentexts if anyone interested because what happens here is beyond everything
>work for a large internet retailer
>people ask to speak to corporate
>you will never ever speak to corporate
File: 1408524699281.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1200
top kek

pic related
>Where my sides ended up after the snickers were slung
maybe someone told him you were a drug dealer and that was the secret code phrase to tell you.
Someone comes from a sheltered uppermiddle class household if they think buns can cost up to $5
in germany people have to pack their own fucking shit. all you do is scan and cash
I've worked fast food and I can agree with this.

I also get pissed when autismos on drive thru need the order repeated back to them more than twice to get it all.
Judging from this post:
this guy was in the UK where the legal age is 18, not 21 (kek) so I can understand why the policy is in place. Not being able to buy alcohol at 20 is fucking retarded, not being able to buy it at 17 is slightly different.
fuck those bags, my city just passes some bullshit law where stores cant give out plastic bags anymore so we either have to bring those stupid fucking reusable bags or pay 10 cents a paper bag

my friend works at da bk, he tells me that the burgers are pink when they come out of the broiler because of the ammonia preservative in them. Is my friend a giant lying faggot?
don't add any of your coworkers on facebook
don't try and flirt/date any of your female coworkers, unless they flirt with you first
don't try and be a hero because people will take advantage of your hard work (hey can you do this for me, ect)
don't be a suck up to your supervisor, and don't try and be too friendly either, keep it professional but do not go over the top with it
When you first meet your coworkers, shake their hand, smile real big, and look them directly in the eye. don't do a half assed job at trying to get to know them because you never have a second chance to make a first impression.
for 39/hour?

I'd laugh at your claim but ... it probably means you make a sad amount.

And that makes me sad. I don't like wage-slave society maaan :(
nigger are you serious? You could make so many burgers with what you've just brought up.
Bullshit. If it was a Safeway or Walmart you'd definitely get written up for that even if the customer is being an asshole.
>get a better job

So were you born stupid or is it from huffing glue all these years?
Hurhur fighting on the internet hur hur.
What's a service plan? Is that like a warranty or something?
im working in pilgrimages travel touroperator. im webadmin and graphics designer. have many funny ridicolous stories to tell.

>boss (christian false bitch) tells me to design gallery because their prev worker put over 3k photos from prev 20 years in bad way.
>i do design
>she agrees
>i prepare examples
>she says excellent
>im in middle of changing these 20 years into new gallery style
>she comes and yells its too difficult for her and tells me to change it back.

>she tells me to add some buttons on website
>i say ok and i add what she wants
>2 months later she yells its made by brainless moron etc etc
>she gave me piece of paper with directly drawn buttons. what they say and where do they link you.
>i do exact copy 1:1 on website, she says perfect.
>week later she comes out of nowhere corrupting my current task and yelling like a whore.


>told me to design animated map of how to get into office
>doing it
>she says perfect
>some time later she tells me there needs to be more directions and routes. she wants a 30km radius to be drawn on 300x300 pixel map. fml.

Did he look like he was on drugs? Thats all I can reason after reading this.
LOL That's fucking random

This is why i'll never work as a cashier anywhere.

I think i'll break down the place eventually.

Felt pretty good to be honest, I know that if my Ast. Manager found out I'd be fired for that.

The others ones are a bit worse but I didn't mind

>mama nignog and 3 little chimps
>I say good evening and all the other bull shit
>"yo, whiteboy jus do your job"
>her chimps start eating candy not yet scanned
>"Excuse me can I scan those real quick?"
>she gets really angry and says "fuck you cracker I ain't paying for dat chocolate"
>I put in the action code to call for my CSM
>continue scanning but slower
>All this time I'm trying to contain my laughter
>little chimps are screaming that I'm a faggot cracker
>I'm smiling pretty hard by now chuckling pretty hard
>mama nignog ask me why I'm laughing
>Two CSM appear to save the day, other people in the store are visibly annoyed by the niggers
>they're ask to pay and leave

plottwist I'm mexican
How the fuck do you put up with this?
She hasn't reported it, and I doubt she'll come back.

I don't really care in the end
Soft drinks are cheap as fuck. The fucking cups cost more than the drink.
that's just the pet food though.
This. So much this. I was a manager for a call center for a year. The amount of people that say "I need to speak to a manager" ok ma'am I am the manager "well I nee to speak to YOUR manager. Give me the number to the president of the company!"
Like they're actually going to be able to speak to the president of a company in japan...
i have kinda good money. but basically my boss is a bitch. she yells all the time at me and everyone in office, i had an arguing with her and i told i'm going out of here and she stopped me and became calm and polite in a second. she's believer but its a fucking illusion. its not how real christians behave
It's a bitch move though, should just act like you don't know people are together, like supervisors and shit can tell you that you actually were acknowledging when you weren't. Or you could just screw niggers over it's your call but it's kind of a dick move to be honest.
Dude, same. I was so happy when I quit that job. The managers are always stuck up dumb cunts, that want you to hurry, and praise you as being the only team capable of such physical labor, but at the end you're being exploited cheap, to increase there salaries.
>Be working morning of Dark Souls 2 midnight release
>Didn't actually know this since I never cared about purchasing new games asap
>Wandering around stocking things since it's pretty dead
>As I'm putting things away, hear somebody call out to me
>Turn around and see 7ft tall young bodybuilder in a skin-tight shirt
>What the fuck
>He calls out again and asks if we're releasing Dark Souls 2 for the midnight release
>Yeah, sure
>He gets all excited, leaving his face flushed
>Thanks me and leaves
>Midnight rolls around and he's right fucking there
>Unpacking Titanfall and Dark Souls 2
>He sees the Black Armor edition in my hands and gasps
>Says that's the game he wants
>Okay, sure
>Hand it to him and continue working
>He waits behind me watching the entire time
>Ask him if he needs any more assistance
>Wants to pay for it right then and there
>Lead him to the counter in the front and start checking his item out
>Dude gets progressively more sweatier as this happens
>He shakily hands me his ID
>Tell him I don't need it
>Thanks me and puts it away
>By this time his pits are visibly damp
>Flopsweat everywhere
>Hand him the game and a receipt
>Thanks me again and shuffles away
>Sometimes think about the autistic body-builder from time to time
mfw when u forgot to post you face
>>565190320 (OP)

I've been waiting for one of these threads. Some background first. I worked graveyard as a cashier for Wal-Mart for about a year being quitting. This was around Christmas of 2010 I think at one of the many SoCal locations. This is a bit long winded so I'm not greentexting it, buckle up.

Around midnight we start slowing down, as usual. I'd been on the registers for a few weeks at this point. First day was Black Friday, shit was crazy. This disheveled looking woman in a one piece boiler suit comes over to my lane. Imagine Jamie Lee Curtis if you fed her nothing but bread, water, and meth for a year then placed her in a boiler suit, latex gloves then wrapped a diaper on her head, no fucking joke this is what this lady looked like. First thing she does is inspect the checkout line, looking at the belt and the scan area. She then asks for the hand sanitizer next to me, I give it to her and she starts cleaning the belts. I give a look to my CSM who gives me the, 'just roll with it' look. Crazy lady blocks off the sensor for the belt and starts to line it with our plastic bags before loading her stuff on it. She's randomly look at an item and toss it back at me muttering something about it being soiled and filthy. It's usually a towel or shirt or something. And the whole time she's twitching, it was creepy as fuck. I catch parts of what she's talking to herself about. She keeps mentioning about "barnyard animal filth" and how "Al Gore wants us all dead".


Oh shit are you in Los Angeles? Im lucky the store I go to isnt part of those rules (its in the county but not the city) but when I do have to go to one I tell them no and just steal one of those handbaskets to carry my shit in. Fuck liberals and their retarded enviroment laws.
i have kinda good money. but basically my boss is a bitch. she yells all the time at me and everyone in office, i had an arguing with her and i told i'm going out of here and she stopped me and became calm and polite in a second. she's believer but its a fucking illusion. its not how real christians behave

lol doubled
Nah he's right you're a gigantic faggot kill yourself

Finally I start scanning the items and she watches me like a hawk. We pause every few minutes so she can look something over and either keep it or toss it. There was a small pile of towels and clothes behind the register when this was all done. Eventually she stripes off her gloves for a fresh pair and I catch a look at her hands. They're cracked and chaffed with what I can only guess are pussing scabs and I almost want to barf just thinking about them. Luckily she put on another pair. It's here she insisted on getting behind the register so she could scan her own stuff, I tell her that is not going to happen and she gets loud. She starts yelling at me about her crazy conspiracy theory BS. She calls me anti-semetic and claims I 'have no respect for the blue and white'. I'm horrified and tickled by how absurd this whole thing is. I finally step away and get my CSM whose already running over to me, she says to go on my ten minute break and I proceed to get the fuck out. By the time I'm back the lady is gone. CSM tells me after she got all her shit and paid she was escorted out by a tall black guy with some type of nametag on. I noticed him too standing behind her the whole time, just watching her. Luckily I never saw this lady again at the store, but I still want to know what her deal was. I'm guessing she was some sort of conspiracy theorist germaphobe, but who the fuck knows. Anyways, that's pretty much it.
Hahahaha, your mother tongue is not english. Are you from S.A.? Europe? Funny stuff
you ARE a kike tho. Are you going to take away a mans freedom of speech just because he's in the service industry?

Also gr8 b8 m8
dude, you got fucked, did the same job, worked 4pm-1am. with a good team, truck got done in 2 hours or less. it only took 4 hours if we were short handed. got paid 9.40 an hour. we only had to stock if we finished everything in the back room, which hapenned alot, one guy working water, two in recieving helping out, me in furniture. shit was easy.
Jew detected

Oh I have a good one for this retarded policy

>I'm 6'4, 25, built and have a beard
>me and my 10 year old kid brother go to the store to pick some candy up for him before we watch a movie together
>grab a beer while I'm there
>get carded when trying to pay
>dumb shit cashier starts accusing me of trying to get my 10 year old brother drunk
>won't sell me the beer
>manager sees, asks for my id too
>also says I can't buy the beer since obviously I'm going to share it with a 10 year old

So I bought the candy, we watched a movie and at night I shoveled a bunch of dogshit through their mailbox.

Seriously though, if you're working as a cashier and you're not in school you need to rethink your life. Plenty of other, better paying jobs you can do while you're young.
obviously trying to flirt with you
>Works at a fucking gas station
>Wonders why he has to deal with drugged up fucktards at 2 am

Funny fucking story though, I hate going to gas stations early in the am, theres always a few people out of their fucking mind wandering around. Last time I saw a crackhead smoking a cig right next to the gas pumps.
jidf please go
IT fag reporting in (not so relevant but hey)

>quiet afternoon, studying for my MS exams
>phone call
>"Anon, my computer has something wrong with it, can you have a look?"
>walk up to next floor
>big black bertha is sat at her desk
>"Can you see it?"
>"my keyboard is too shiny, i'm getting glare from the sun"
>lol que?
>she sits me in her seat and starts adjusting the chair
>"are you getting the glare yet Anon?"
>she then whines that "it took her months to set that chair how she liked it"
>I offer to replace the (matte black) keyboard with another, matte black keyboard
>unplug keyboard
>walk out to stairwell as everyone is lazy and takes the lift, give it a shake to get crumbs out
>check texts and emails on my phone
>walk back into office
>plug in keyboard again
>tell her I got the same model but in matte black so she won't have to get used to it
>she tells me how helpful I am and that she wouldn't be able to work without me there to "optimise her working conditions"
>there are no more glare issues any more
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10 cents, holy shit. The end is nigh.
File: 1403958373143.gif (3 MB, 360x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 360x441
MFW you forgot to post face while calling out someone who forgot to post face.
you niggas love your fucking enter key huh
yeah english is not my native lang. im from europe.
story for you:

>boss tells me to copy cassetes to the computer.
>after long arguing i finally menage to persuade her i need a jack-jack cable to do that and an cassete player.
>i record whatever she choose and it is really stupid christian shit like songs or fucking stories
>i try to save it in best possible quality
>she tells me to record it on dvd discs (30-50mb mp3 file) separately like the cassetes. 1 cassete - 1 dvd.
>i do what she says
>she takes some of record on tour
>did i mention cassetes are horrible quality?
>she comes back and yells at me there's too much bass in records and she couldnt listen to them
>i tell her its her fault because every player has equalizer, and i play some records on pc and there's no bass at all.
>she still yells i am useless and the cassetes are excellent quality and i am worthless.
Go to /fit/

We're all gonna make it, brah
yeah english is not my native lang. im from europe.
story for you:

>boss tells me to copy cassetes to the computer.
>after long arguing i finally menage to persuade her i need a jack-jack cable to do that and an cassete player.
>i record whatever she choose and it is really stupid christian shit like songs or fucking stories
>i try to save it in best possible quality
>she tells me to record it on dvd discs (30-50mb mp3 file) separately like the cassetes. 1 cassete - 1 dvd.
>i do what she says
>she takes some of record on tour
>did i mention cassetes are horrible quality?
>she comes back and yells at me there's too much bass in records and she couldnt listen to them
>i tell her its her fault because every player has equalizer, and i play some records on pc and there's no bass at all.
>she still yells i am useless and the cassetes are excellent quality and i am worthless.

lol double post again
>Rolling around Walmart because my MS means I get tired very quickly whilst walking
>Dumbass bigot employee won't let me operate the card machine in my mother tongue
>After he finally gets the card machine to work I tip my fedora and say "You Señor are a philistine"
>Snooty little shit leans into my personal space an says "Have a very fantastic night"
>Arms start flapping
>Boldly exclaim that he has less than average intelligence due to his current occupation
>Jumped up bastard says he is only working this job for summer
>Face goes red
>I won't let some kid embarrass me, not today.
>Use last ounce of strength to haul myself out of chair and walk over to the register
What other jobs would you suggest then for people in school?
As the guy he called out, I'm curious: Is his face the dolphin's face, or the little fish's?

drink nothing but water with every meal. milk and natural fruit juices occasionally.
you'll see the fat shed off quick. went from 145 to 135 in 2-3 weeks man.
but I also play a lot of soccer.

I think he was just embarrassed about purchasing Dark Souls for some reason.

That or he was really fucking aspie. Either way I doubt it was flirting because I'm not a dude.
strangely delightful post anon lol
No one suspects the bug-eye

> I could buy 4lbs of ground beef for the same price, they damn well better make the burger right!

Then why don't you?

Oh that's right. Convienence.

Fuck off.
You must be drunk or something

Stories are nice but I'm mostly laughing from the image of wherever youre from explaining all that to me packaged with an accent.
- Cashier at Fred Meyer
- Portland Oregon (already gay as fuck)
- Ring up all their shit and they say they brought their own fucking bags.. or Can i have paper instead
- Stop shoving your God damn coupons in my fucking face.
- stop saying stupid shit when I have no one in my line..such as " you look bored LOL"
- No not every fucking thing is 50 fucking percent off and no I dont carry the coupon you were too lazy to grab.
- Stop acting like before each shift I tour the store and see whats on sale at what percent for your convenience
File: 1402676634349.jpg (80 KB, 406x537) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 406x537
>Fat americans with electric chairs and shitstained pants in specially widened aisles.

>able to detect sarcasm in text form
Are you a wizard harry?
dem burgers aint no even burger boi

I used to teach old people how to computer for 20 bucks an hour, some guys I knew made websites, others did farm work. Pretty much anything seems better than cashiers work. I'd go crazy from the mindnumbing agony of hearing BEEP BEEP BEEP and reading out the number all day. If it wasn't for people stealing shit, the job would be done so much better by a machine.
mfw when you called me out for not posting face when calling someone out
no, actually i am sitting in this stupid office and doing nothing. boss is on tour in greece with pilgrims so i dont need to do anything. im from country of hate. i also have 1 gay dude in here who's 28yo retard. fucks sake many lols to tell
File: Bike-Messenger.jpg (62 KB, 604x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the amount of beta bitch assness in this thread is insane
>thw if i get a bitch to deal with i get them to sign there manifest and tell them to fuck off.

damn it feels good to courier
thanks for some common sense
/fit/ in a nutshell
How hard is it to say:

>"May I see your ID, pleae?"

Answer: not hard at all.

Do your fucking job and stop blaming others because you can't be bothered to do it when you see a set of tits swingin' in the wind.
if only I could be so grossly Judaistic.
File: 84258178.jpg (125 KB, 654x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>at walmart shopping at midnight
>see 2 young unsupervised nidglets aged 7 and 10 running wild
>older nigglet sits in the blood pressure machine and presses start.
>he cant get his arm out and starts to panic
>younger niglet asks, "you stuck?"
>old nigglet says "yea, im stuck"
>younger nigglet looks around and then punches older nigglet as hard as he can
>older nigglet still stuck. crying
>younger nigglet punches him a few more times and then runs
>happiest moment of my life
Pilgrims? What pilgrims go to Greece? I WANT TO BE ONE TOO
>country of hate

Stalin would be proud
Utah fag here. What city were you at?
>Working retail in Norway
>People are polite
>Get paid $24 an hour
>Laugh at Americans getting fucked at their shitty jobs
lucky sob

Story of my life, I feel your pain.

>IT Manager for telemarketing company
>cunts are cheap as hell
>use free dialer and everything is done in excel or on paper
>build custom CSM database system & front end zeroing paper use
>build VoIP calling system and centralised dialer increasing call rate by 30%
>build administration management system
> build tonne more shit
>built literally over 250k worth of shit if they were to purchase similar.
>bitching the whole way through from staff and management because they cannot understand how a computer works.
>get jack shit and contemplate life
>leave company to start own business
>called in to help new manager with few staff issues and to advise on some cabling stuff
>notice paper everywhere
>notice space in rack where dialer server was
>talk to chick in admin that was cool, back to excel everywhere
>almost cried when I left
Sounds like Albertsons/Jewel, its where I work as well, we have the same policy. And yeah, fuck those re-usable shit bags.
why do you need a break at all if you're sitting down?
just gonna pretend you didnt say that
Of orient
no im from poland.

i dont know, most clients are some old people because who even still believe? only 60-80yo pricks. there's really many stories, something ridicolous happens every day in here.
>dat translation failure
Know how I know you're a spoiled little bitch that never had to work growing up?
listen dumbshit. the policy is an attempt to please the law. if big business could get away with such a terrible atrocity as selling alcohol to 20yo then they wold. but this is the best they do, so that they don't get some fucking annoying congresswoman hitching and moaning.

so just shut the Fuck up and accept America's stupid fucking laws.
Welp I was close though, crank em out i'll read.
I got one.

> Be me, working at McFaggots for summer job
> mfw I'm only gonna be there for like 6 weeks
> Go in, know nothing about behind the counter or making food or anything
> "Anon why are you being slow?"
> Literally first job. Don't eat McFaggots so know nothing about the food
> Get shit from coworkers about not knowing stuff and being "too friendly"
> Manager pulls me aside
> mfw she's an over-empowered lesbo who dropped out of high school
> mfw this butch bitch tries to tell me about how to be good with customers
> ff a few days
> Last day til my day off
> Have really shitty customers all day, and am practically working all stations
> mfw I look over and see my manager playing Mariokart on a DS
> mfw it's rush hour
> Final customer of my shit comes through
> Really polite and friendly, no problems there
> Make them fresh fries because ours were 2 hours old (slow small McFaggots in back of Walmart)
> Manager bitches about how I should have served those
> mfw I quit on the spot (only a few days in)
> Go to corporate and tell them about manager and everything else I witnessed
> mfw they fire her and 5/8 of the remaining workers
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So you can't sell alcohol to parents who happen to be shopping with their children?
Neighborhood markets here don't close.
He could get fired, fined thousands of dollars and arrested to top it all off. No, it wasn't a dick move. Expecting someone to take that chance just so you don't have to be apart for a few minutes is a dick move.
mfw when you mention your face everyline.........
Its good thing in Norway everythings expensive as fuck ?
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Similar shit happened to me

>be working at Pizza Hut
>First and only question during interview was "Are you retarded?"
>Boss was incompetent fat fuck
>Lived in shit part of town so coworkers were niggers or whites that wanted to be niggers
>3rd day on the job and I was offered alcohol on my break
>not long after! I was offered pot
>money always being stolen from registers
>people spitting in pizzas for no reason
>worked there for 3 weeks and was already faster than everyone on the make table
>coworkers would leave make table during busy points and just not come back for an hour>place was awful
>4th week there, I'd found a new job so I just didn't show up for work

>mfw 3 months after I left, the place caught on fire
>mfw all staff was fired
Pleae continue
Asda in Leeds perhaps?
I've had that exact same excuse from people before but while working I a McDonalds

Anyway green text
>working at McDs
>rememberance day
>minutes silence for fallen veterans
>radio announces it and restaurant falls silent, staff stop and bow heads, most customers too, odd kid asking what's going on and being told to hush by parents
>random white trash woman comes in and to my till
>"I'll have" large order
>ignore her as mins silence, well known, widely respected by 99% of the population
>looks to other cashier begins complaining about being ignored
>starts shouting for a manager, he comes over and stands beside me, also silent and gestures to her to be quiet
>keeps raging and the moment the silence ends (signalled by the radio starting again) I apologise and explain to her....or try
>full on ape shit, customer is always right blah blah, screw the dead they fought for her rights
>I can't take it and snap, tell her to get lost and refuse service to someone disrespectful
> to manager asks for me to be fired and how could he stand and watch
>manager is a friend of mine, known his family for 18years (at that point)....
>"kindly fuck off and get out of our store you disrespect full cunt"
>she left in stunned silence
>supposedly she complained to head office....who must have backed us up
this is legit advice for anyone wondering
also, a lot of the times ghettos will have juice stores where the fucking beans will literally just squeeze fruits and sell it to you in cups for like $2.50/qt, if youre too lazy/dont have a juicer, shits pretty good too
>>2nd shift IMS

I dont do shit all day untill trucks come in

shit is so cash

Walmart Supercenter, 2000 W Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625.

4pm-1am ftw
jesus christ it must really blow dick to live in a small town
Hey shit for brains, .22 is also pistol caliber too.
that guy in the back... w-where is his neck?
File: 1393891845045.jpg (8 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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was not walcunt but mcfaggot worker

>hi how are you going
>>hi there can i get a medium big mac meal please
>was that with coke
>>diet coke
>sure that'll be 9.50 please
>>any chance i can get that burger on layby hehe
You could be a teacher's assistant depending on the state's minimum requirements.
Most office/reception jobs only require a HSD.
There are lots of decent jobs that require little to no postsecondary education.
All of this.

Also do NOT become involved with instore/restaraunt drama.

Seriously, shit will get you nowhere. Go to work, do your work, go home.
File: 1406014700420.jpg (26 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well i dont work at walmart but i do work at a grocery store as a cashier.
>old woman comes to line with tons of juice and laundry detergent
>she is in one of those chairs that has wheels and moves around and shit
>i ring everything up
>line now up to 3 people
>she tells me everything must be in its own bag and doubled
>mfw i already bagged it all and have to rebag now
>she then asks me to double every bag
>line up to 6 people
>she then asks me to tie a knot in every bag and put them on the arm of her chair
>says she cant lift them
>then how the fuck did you bring them to me
>line up to 12 people now and people getting annoyes
>this old bitch specifically would come to my line any time i worked and she would come in every single day and buy heavy shit
>always claimed she was shopping for her neighbor
>how could her neighbor be in worse shape then her
not exactly cashier but..

>at the fruits section
> old ugly fat 200 kg cunt waits for me to put fruits, namely grapes
>literally grapes from the same exact day, absolutely no difference, but I was carrying some other shit
>she just fuckin waits for me and blocks the way till I start puttin the grapes
>"you can take grapes from here, mam"
>"oh no, I want the other ones"
>"what's wrong with the ones already here?"
>"people ate from them"
wtf is this bitch talking about. People chew grapes and spit them back? fuckin picky cunt just stfu and eat the damn grapes

I also love these fat ugly old cunts who keep fingering the fuckin food and then I have to keep pickin it and throw theones with fuckin fingernails in them because they sit 10 hours to pick their fuckin food. They all are identical you fuckin bitch, just pick one and fuck off. Also these fuckin idiots who want half a mellon. Bitch, you're 200 kg, I'm sure you can stuff your fat face with 100 more grams
File: 1387175766345.jpg (10 KB, 210x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>place caught on fire
>staff was fired

Yeah, I bet.

sorry i was playing 8 ball pool on facebook.

okay let me tell you about my 1st day in here.

>coming to office
>noone's here
>waiting almost 1 hour like a retard and started thinking if everything's okay
>boss comes and says sorry for delay
>in office, tells me there is 3 older computers at back
>i am asking what to do with them
>she says try to merge them up to build up 1 better one
>i say to myself "what the fuck"
>from shit i build a pc with celeron 1,5ghz, 1gb ddr 200mhz ram and nvidia tnt riva 2 pro (oh god this gpu is kill). windows xp barely works on this setup but okay, i'm supposed to work with their website and in corel... on this shit...
>telling her pc is weak
>she says but you merged 2 older ones so it should have enough memory now.

>CEO's son works at company for work experience over summer holidays for a month, I'll call him lilshit
>fortunately not in IT, but in admin office, covering reception as his mother (CEO) thinks he needs people skills
>emails me every hour
>whines that he can't play games on Citrix system
>whines that he should have a better system because of who his mother is
>whines that he wants to play his new steam games
>whines that he can't install shit
>generic entitled 16yo with no life experience
>asks me random trivia like "when was intel founded" when I don't know he runs around saying he knows more about IT
>claims inprivate browsing will get around the web filters
>I caught him trying to break in to the server room, fortunately the security tag he stole from the admin office only gets him into the IT hallway, not the server room, office or kitchen
>always made claims like "I can improve the Citrix system's speed by 10%"
>I simply ignore him
>I make a folder of footage of him trying to break in and regular emails giving me shit
>one day CEO calls me up
>lilshit is crying and says I bullied him over emails
>we check his inbox
>"I deleted them because seeing them made me sad"
>check archives that date back 10 years
>I say I want to make a complaint
>send her folder with footage of him trying to break in to server room and all the shit he sent me
>"but I can improve systems, I learned how in school"
>I ask him if he can point out a Citrix server
>we go to server room
>he picks test bench machine that is switched off
>gets out memory stick
>runs a batch file called matrix.bat
>literally just green number scrolling on screen
>"now my script if improving Citrix"
>but that's a test bench that isn't on the network
>I also open batch file in notepad, it's just %random%
>starts sobbing
>"I-I just wanted to do work experience in IT mummy"
>she sacks him and apologises to me
>he spends rest of the day sat on the sofa in her office sobbing

Doubt me agin, fagit
If you're not smart enough to use different lanes to buy alcohol for your underage friends, then you don't deserve the hootch. Suck it up and learn to be subtle. It's a good skill for real life.
Im still laughing at the first line
Yes, more. What about your retarded gay coworker?
24krone to us dollars is $4.24.
yes, keke reminds me of most my clients and old bosses
>not understanding carlos
be 17
first job ever
pushing a pallet of dog food
see hottest girl in my life
dog food veers to left
smashes old as fuck lady into the aisle
"Im so sorry are you ok?"
she is visibly shaken, and dumbfucked
no reply
never saw her again
hot bitch laughs at face
her boyfriend shows up
they leave
>I work for a shuttle service/ parking lot near a major airport
>My lot is considered the high end lot, Mazerati (sp) in or valet garage as I type this out
> I hear horor stories about our customers on a daily basis but rarely see it myself
> attribute that to my build, facial hair and ink
> get radio call from female supervisor near the end of get shift to leave my shuttle and come into the office
> ok.jp
> walking through break room in back hear yelling man
> "I'm going to kill you, Fuck you cunt" etc
> open front break room door he looks over sees uniform and guy in it
> utter silence
> police show up
> the Fuck is going on?
> turns out the dumb ass left his bag at the airport and was claiming our driver have it to another customer (even if he did, their bags aren't our responsibility)
> manager won't tell cops what he said, I wink at him and let police know about that
> handcuffs
> moral of the story? Threatening people on airport property is a felony you fuckwit
fucking REKT carlos
I too live in Portland. I'm gonna go into every Fred Meyer in town and yell GAY AS FUCK until I find you.

Hint on which store is yours?
File: septicragebait.jpg (500 KB, 1600x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
500 KB, 1600x1600

That will be because Norway is a civilised country.
While murka is a nigger and spic infested 3rd world hellhole.
I worked with a guy that worked in produce and he would so rude to the customers on purpose and tell them to leave the store when they fucked with the fruit it was hillarious. I miss that place :(
or we could all just get a trust fund like anon!
>>walmart cashier from Aug 2013 to Dec 2013


>retarded gay coworker is 28
>cant cook, mom cooks him things all the time
>he's like a living skeleton.
>he's living with 3 other mates
>talks like gay (has gay voice)
>is quet and slow
>even simple things takes him entire day
>was putting photos on the website for 2 years, and now wants me to replace them with new gallery in 1 week.
>whatever happens i tell him to do that or i persuade him that my words/theory/idea is correct
>he's doing stuff on website but if i tell him this is impossible or something he listens
>he said several times that im stronger etc so i better do things like putting courtain back on window or something

one of funniest stories with him

>after i came here i noticed a hifi
>asked if radio works
>he and other worker said they dont listen to radio since long time
>i plug in this shit and turn on radio
>faggot says to volume down a little bit because he cant concentrate
>i ignore it and keep listening on current volume
>he once went and turned off the radio
>i took it and put on my desk and i never lowered the volume. listening whatever and how loud i want lol
>he does nothing now, listening and laughing if there's some ads or something.
>Work in a small bike shop over summer
>costomer comes in asking about electric bikes
>"I notice you have a fire extinguisher."
>mfw wat.jpeg
> "yeah, insurance requires it."
> proceeds to tell me the 'correct' porsedure for use
> thanks me then leaves
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