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Wincest Thread Time.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Wincest Thread Time.
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Be honest, how far did you think this was going to go?
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shameless self bump
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come on guys, there's gotta be someone out there
me have no pics.
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No contribute, can spare a bump. Would love some green texts
Please continue.
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its the best way to say it
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fuck you
Die in hell
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>Be me 15 yrs old
>My 10 year old sister and I were wrestling one Saturday night
>Said I was tired
>Laid down on the couch to go to sleep
>5 mins later I feel something under the covers
>Something warm on my dick
>OMG shes sucking my dick
>Dad comes home
>oh shit! hide!
>He goes to bed, so we continue
>We make out and she sucks my dick all night
>I convince her to let me fuck her in the ass
>She went to the bathroom and brought some shampoo for lube
>Put shampoo on dick, and on her little tight asshole
>Slowly put it in
>OMG feels so good
>got half way in when she started making noises
>So I slid it in just a little farther
>Let it sit there for a min
>Slowly pump my dick in and out
>Ask her how it feels
>"I kinda like it anon, just go slow"
>Grabbed her small tits from behind, slowly pumping away
>I cam so hard

The end.
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Here's a good caption based on every wincest ever. "I'm your sister, and you're my brother. Oops I'm naked so let's have sex"
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images (27).jpg
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Communist Hijack
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Lurking in hopes of mother-son
my girlfriend has an incest fetish
Hot. Does she also have a folder full of mother-son she'd be willing to post here?
Wow, what a relatively unattractive group of girls.
so, is that dude the fbi? or is he being payed to advertise?
I'm bretty sure he gets payed every time someone visits the site. He gets ad monies
Last week, an anon told us he'd come back this week to tell us the story with his sister. He was supposed to go on a 10hour drive or something with her. Come on hero, tell us what happened.
this dude has to be a leo
bumb for the spirit of hope
No, she likes brother/sister stuff. I also have no idea if she has porn, she probably does tho
Then tell her to post or gtfo
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Sex with cousins is not wincest
Anyone got that google drive?
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It's close enough. We consider it wincest.
There hasn't been much greentext all week. It's good for me, I've been lazy about editing the story backlog. And you should really bookmark it.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
ty based anon
>be 16
>fapping furiously because I think I'm home alone
>suddenly 8 year old sister comes in my room asking to play video games
>sees my dick
>mom taught her that males and females were different, but she only knew about it being flaccid and had no idea about sex
>she gets really concerned and asks if I hurt it
>too horny for morals, tell her it hurts really bad and beg her to help me
>she sucks me off and I cum down her throat
>she has this thing where if someone's hurt, she'll mimic it for attention
>tells me she hurts down there too
>end up eating her out while she sucks on me some more
>continue to do this for six months before I get worried about her telling and stop
Just looked
Infested with ads.
Click on an image to enlarge, look at this 30 second timed ad.
Cant see that chan lasting very long
>Sister is 14
>I'm home from friends house, mom and dad went shopping
>Me and sis only two at home
>Walk into the kitchen and open the fridge
>Someone ate my last gogurt
>Pissed, run upstairs as fast as I can
>So angry over the loss of my gogurt, I barge in her room without knocking
>she must have not heard me come home

>Pic related, left kinda looks like her

>laying on the floor in just her socks, her long, sandy blonde hair worn down, fingering her sweet, hairless pussy
>Shocked, I just stand there with a blank stare
>Only been in there 5 seconds but already rock hard
>She finally breaks the silence
>"Oh my god! Anon get out you perv!"
>Leave and shut the door behind me
>Stand there trying to regroup what the hell just happened
>Shrug it off, go downstairs to smoke
>Some noobs in Halo, man it was my favorite game.
>Here someone coming downstairs, must be Aubrey finally facing me after an hour of isolation.
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If you have to ask after every second sentence you write, it's probably not worth sharing, you attention whoring faggot.

Plz respond!

>Sis finally comes down after an hour
>She walks by me to sit, awkwardly on the opposite end of the couch
>I catch a glimpse of her perky, B-cup boobs trapped in her shirt as she walks by
>Mouth almost starts watering, I can't believe it but I want to fuck my sister
>Sit there playing Halo while we sit in uncomfortable silence
>Finally, I speak up
>"Hey, I-I'm really sorry for not knocking"
>She looks over with a gaze that could bring a grown man to his knees
>"Yeah you should've! Especially when I'm changing!"
>Changing? The image was practically still burned in my memory, she was knuckle deep in her pink, soft pussy, with her other hand rubbing her clit
>Accidentally let out a laugh knowing how ridiculous that lie was
>"What? It's not funny!"
>"I know what you were doing, Aubrey. You don't have to be embarrassed. I even do it too"
>"Really??" She said sarcastically. She was a real jerk sometimes.
>"Yeah, everyone does you idiot." Naturally, I'd be a jerk back
Thats it? Its ogre?
>Fastfoward, 7pm now, mom and dad go out to dinner, leaving me and my sis for a couple hours
>Watching Ghostbusters, we both are shoulder to shoulder, sitting snugly under a blanket
>I can feel her smooth skin against mine
>I want her so badly
>Start to think of what I saw earlier
>get rock hard again
>Shit, what if she sees the bulge in the blanket
>I look over, her gaze is fixated on the movie, I should be ok
>All of a sudden, "Anon. What the hell is that?"
>"Oh, uh, it's, it's -"
>"Anon omg I can't believe you! I'm your sister, what the fuck."
>I'm embarrassed, but the feeling is overridden by my lust for her succulent pussy
>"Wanna see it?"
Still here?
Post faster cocksucker I wanna go to sleep
continue fag
Don't dinosaur walk on us now
>"I mean, since I saw you, it's only f-"
>Wow she seems pretty eager now
>I take my dick out of my pants, it's throbbing from excitement
>She just stares at it, doesn't say a word
>so I grab her hand and put it on my dick before she can pull it away
>She yanks it away, pausing with it on around my dick for a couple seconds
>"What the hell! That is sick!"
>So I grab her hand again, this time not letting go
>Put it back on my dick, start moving her hand up and down
>She looks at me with a smirk like she knew something I didn't

File: right.jpg (265 KB, 515x721) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>succulent pussy
>"Wanna see it?"
smooth as fuck
Keep going, I'm about to start something but when I'm done I'll archive the rest.
omg cmon!
>Be 19
>Be making a sandwich
>Be deep in thought about my cheese cutting method (left handed fag, never grasped the finer points of cutting cheese)
>14 year old sister enters
>Walks past me to the refrigerator and grabs Dr Pepper can
>Put can colder than the polar ice cap on back of my neck and laughs
>Jump out my fucking skin
>Spin round like ninja to grab can/kick ass
>Sister lifts up my shirt to put on bare skin
>Grabbing ensues, quickly turns into wrestling
>Shes giggling maniacly as I try to grab it off her
>Kind of awkward grabbing my sister on waist/torso
>Notice how light she is
>Notice how sister has hips/curves now
>Notice sweet little tan lines on waist above track pants
>2 of my 4 fingers on my left hand touch bare skin on her midriff. So soft.
>I suddenly feel very conscious of touching my newly developed sisters body
>Ohshit.jpg, think she notices
>Stops struggling turns round
>”whats wrong with you” with screwed up face. Sensing I’m getting awkward
>I feel myself getting red, hands clam up instantly. She can’t know I was checking her out
>I break let go say “Nothing” and turn around to attend to my cheese and half constructed sandwich
>Brain is screaming
>She stands for 4/5 seconds behind me
>Walks away
>"Okay, but if anyone every finds out, you're dead. Got it?"
>Agree, let go of her hand and she starts jerking me off
>It's not smooth at all, I could tell she hadn't done this before
>Still feels amazing having her hand around my dick
>She surprises me and leans over
>Swirls her tongue all around the tip of my cock, then takes it into her mouth
>She stops, I haven't came, making me much, much hornier
>She hesitant at first, but eventually she lets me slide my pulsating dick in her tight slippery pussy
>Feels amazing, so I start pounding the shit out of that pussy
>She's loving it, moaning uncontrollably
>I'm not sure how she knew, but I was so close to cumming
>"Okay pull out"
>Keep thrusting
>"Pull out, I said!"
>Ignore her, keep slamming my dick into her sweet little pussy
>"No, Anon! Quit!!"
>Too late, explode inside her, it's the best feeling of my life
>Realize I rape my sister
>Bitch shouldn't have eaten my gogurt
Just finished lurking, if you guys want, after sir "succulent pussy" is done I can give you guys one or two about my cousin who visited from Romania a while ago
nice story
At this point I’m a wreck, hands are shaking and my face is so hot and tingling that I know I am bright red, did she know I was checking her out? Could she realize that? I mean, she could tell when I got tense so could she kind of sense me noticing her? My internal monologue is whirring until I realize that I’ve finished constructing my boss ass sandwich… I’ll have to go into the living room, the living room where my 14 year old is sitting on her laptop. I decide against it. So I endeavor to go straight to my room to eat. As I go to leave I notice that the can, that fucking can Amy took out of the fridge is on the counter. She must have put it down as she left. I grab it and scuttle past living room door as a walk down the hall to the stairs.
yes pls
I banish all though of what just happened as I eat and watch TV
“Hey creep” I hear from the landing upstairs with footsteps coming towards my room, it was Amy.
Having devoured my sandwich I suddenly feel like I’m about so see it again when I hear her. She calls me creep all the time (something to do with me apparently being a ‘typical older brother, into internet and video games’) surely she doesn’t mean anything else by it?
“Hey creep” she says again walking through my door, she’s not looking at me as she walks in, looking down pre-occupied picking the nail varnish off her forefinger nail. She carries on picking at as she walks right over to my bed where I was sitting and sits opposite end with a little thud. Nothing is said, she carries on looking down at her nails, her ginger hair falling over her face a bit. My mind is racing the entire time, wondering if she knew.
“Whatcha doin up here?” still not looking at me
“Watching Friends, what are you doing here?” I try my best to fain big brother banter
“Well, dads watching Top Gear repeats, can’t be bothered to sit through another hour of that shit”
“I might go down and watch Top Gear then” seeing my opportunity to escape I jump to my feet.
“Orrrrr, we could WRESTLE” She says slamming her hands either side of her on the bed.
“Wha-“ I stifle my shaky voice as it feels like 90% of the blood in my body rushes to my face. I stop just in the doorway of my room and turn around dreading to look at her.
She’s not got a look of disgust on her face.
She’s just looking at me smiling. Like she’s winding me up.
“Come sit down man, I’m just messing. Don’t go down there”
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>Bitch shouldn't have eaten my gogurt
10/10 based anon
Even my dick is laughing
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inb4 mom's spaghetti
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Glad you enjoyed it !
Content that I’m off the hook I go sit down back where I was, Amy turns to me after 5 or so minutes of silently watching TV.
“What happened earlier anyway? You got all weird…”
My heart jumps up into throat, I freeze and stare at the TV saying nothing
“You were winning too, I was gonna stop. Promise” She pauses for a response. I say nothing
“For god sake Cameron” she says quietly with a sigh and comes to my end of the bed kneeling on the matress and rolling next to me, but not looking at me. Facing the tv.
“I’d get awkward too if I was holding onto you a biiit too long” She doesn’t break contact with the TV screen. Neither do I because I just don’t know what too say, I just feel the need to put space between this situation and me. I’ll leave, that’s all I think I can do. As soon as I fidget to leave Amy quickly snatches the hand I’d put down on the bed.
“What, you not gonna talk to me?” Is that contempt in her voice? I can’t get a read.
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Draw spiderman.jpg
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Shes holding onto my hand and I just turn to her, with no words. She’s smiling, she moves onto both her knees so the one hand she has trapped is between both her knees.
“Stay here” She says through her smile. I sink back into where I was sitting, head racing. My sister still on her knees on the bed, shuffles up so she’s straddling my one arm, then she lifts my hand and places it very slowly on her ass cheek.
I look up at her face and she’s only grinning slightly now
“Don’t get awkward” She says quietly.
Nature takes over and the feeling of her tiny little perky bum cheek gives my boxers a stir. I squeeze it a tiny bit, almost like she wouldn’t notice. She gasps a tiny little gasp and squirms
“That gave me goosebumps” She says with her eyes semi-closed. Anxiety isn’t subsiding, but I do now have a sense of disbelief too. I don’t know whether it’s the years of /b/ or the fact that I have had to nothing to initiate this, but I continue. I squeeze her little bum cheek properly while looking at her, the few strands of hair across her face lift up as she exhales. My dick is hard now, pushing against my jeans so hard it hurts.
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She puts her hand on my inner thigh and squeezes hard, so I squeeze her ass cheek hard too, she then puts hers slowly onto my crotch. I look up at her face and she’s now staring at her hand on my crotch with intent and fascination as she starts to awkwardly rub lightly over my jeans, I can’t feel shit because its so light. I edge my little finger and another finger just under the edge of her panties, the bare skin feels so soft. I get cocky and tug at the material with those two fingers and slide my whole hand underneath her panties so my whole palm is now cupping and squeezing her ass cheek.
Then a sudden noise from downstairs. HAHAHAHA! Dad lets out a roaring laugh. We both jump out of our skin! My hand snaps away from her butt and she recoils in momentary terror with the sudden noise. I look at her and she looks at me at exactly the same time with wide eyes and she exhales deeply and stifles a laugh falling onto the bed and putting her head on my chest, burying her head as she sniggers
“Oh my god!” She says as she looks up me. Determined to not let the moment die (I’m in full creep mode now) I un-button two buttons on my jeans, she wastes no time in turning her body and sitting up. She struggles with the other buttons, so I undo those too and go to lift my boxers open.
“Let me get it out” She says in a whisper, not breaking away from her stare, and get it out she did. My dick is raging so it popped out my boxers with ease as she tugged at the front opening, I enjoyed one second of my dick being out of its tight denim cage and in the open air before Amy took it gently in her hand.
>expecting us to share stories when he himself posts no stories of any kind
Top kek
nice trips m8
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I leaned on my one elbow, lifted up her tshirt and slid one hand underneath it and felt her soft warm skin, her little tummy was so toned and she had an outie which for some reason, turned me on even more. She stroked my dick slowly and awkwardly, she barely had her hand around it, and it was obvious she’d never done it before.
But what did I care? Groping her little body with my one hand I reached the edge of her bra, my hand being up quite high on her body now, her t-shirt lifted up to reveal the tight little tummy and waist I’d been groping, there were the little tan lines, and her cute little outie belly button. Her bra was a soft little thing, no lace or anything like that. I would later learn it was her training bra, my heart beating hard and pretty much in a world of my own. I reached underneath it to grab her breast. Her tiny little tit and sweet little nipple slid into my hand and she rolled her head slightly and run her top lip over her bottom lip not making a sound, but then went straight back to jerking me off, a bit faster now as I could sense she was getting turned on, her breathing was heavier and the pace had picked up in her strokes. She was very slowly subconsciously grinding her hips as she jerked me, all of this became too much and I could feel myself welling up, I was close.
“I’m gonna cum” I whispered under my breath as she beat me off
“Mhm” she uttered under her breath as she picked up the pace even more.
File: spidey46.jpg (9 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: spidey45.jpg (7 KB, 260x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My dick spasmed, my hips bucked and my bolt shot out across my t-shirt, she continued beating me off fast as I came
“Slow slow slow” I whispered slightly pained at the pace she was jerking my ejaculating dick. She slowed as the last little bit leaked onto her hand and it subsided. She continued her feather light stroke for another 20 or so seconds after I stopped cumming, then broke away, grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and wiped the cum from her hand while laughing a coy little laugh.
“Erm…” It felt like ages since I’d uttered a word, coupling that with the fact I was still coming down off of cumming I was a little a loss for words.
“Well, that happened” I blurted out due to having nothing else better to say.
“Eh... yeah” Looking down at her twisted up t-shirt, still on her knees on my matress. The mood on the air was palpable; I was in disbelief but couldn’t get a read on my sister.
Another laugh came from downstairs, this time both mom and dad, obviously some serious hijinks were going down in the top gear studio.
Best ending ever 10/10 Would read again
File: spidey44.jpg (11 KB, 260x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 260x194
If this post gets dubs spiderman will have a better chance to derail this thread
>it was obvious she’d never done it before
>I could tell she hadn't done this before

File: spidey43.jpg (7 KB, 262x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 262x192
“Okay” Amy rotated leapt off the bed, walk to the door and closed it slowly to make no noise. She walked back to me and slid back onto the bed with her knees back where she was but this time, facing me. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, slipped it over her head, bunched it up in one hand and put it by her side. Her little body now exposed to me, her ginger hair falling messily down her back and over her shoulder, she shook it so fell down her back neatly. I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed how she’d developed this last few years, she had hips now, a slim waist and was sporting 2 of the most adorable little tits in a white bra, the sight would have definitely made my dick hard, if I hadn’t cum two minutes previous.
I must have stayed looking a few seconds too long while thinking about it because she suddenly looked away and pulled the cutest little shy face, feeling confident and a little cocky in my role after being jacked off and getting a good grope in. I came over all dominant and got up onto my knees with the intent of pulling her to me and holding her, but as I did..
File: spidey42.jpg (8 KB, 272x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: spidey41.jpg (7 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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“wait-wait…eh..gross..” she points down to my semen sodden t-shirt and looked at me like I was stupid and shook her head with a grin. I take off my tee, fling it to the corner of the room and go to pull her too me
“wait, get another t-shirt, just in case” she holds up hers that she still has bunched up by her side.
I bounce off the bed fling the first t-shirt out my drawer onto the bed and waste no time in pulling her to me as I slide back onto the matress. Both on our knees, I’m still shirtless so as she sinks into my chest, the warm feeling of her skin touching me is so nice, she puts her arms underneath mine and wraps them round me slowly, clasping them across my back and hugging me tightly. She buries her head into my chest, resting her cheek on me. I love this, her warm semi-naked body is so close mine. I run my hands down her tight little curves, taking time to enjoy her petite littleness. I stop at her ribs and hold her gently as I flop down onto the bed taking her with me. She lets out the tiniest little squeak as we flop down.
She then shuffles up to face me and kisses my chin. Still a bit lower than me she looks up at me.
“You’re nice and warm” as she hunkers down and places her head in the gap between my neck and shoulder.
File: spidey40.jpg (12 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: spidey39.jpg (8 KB, 261x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The excitement had died down now, her soft breath on chest my was getting steady with mine as we lay there, and For all I was enjoying it, and for all I felt every /b/tard I’d ever came across in a wincest thread cheering me on, I suddenly had the realization of how fucked up this actually was.
“Don’t you think this is, you know…wrong?” I immediately felt horrible for saying it, the anxiety that the excitement had replaced was now bubbling up again from my stomach.
“I don’t know cam, I know it is. But I’ve never done anything with a boy before. I hate boys, they’re stupid. But you’re not, I trust you. I kind of feel like, I dunno, safe, with you. Like you won’t hurt me or make me feel bad about myself…aah that’s stupid” She sounded unsure of herself, we lay there for another minute or so in silence after that while I mulled it over.
File: spidey38.jpg (10 KB, 266x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 266x190
She’d always been shy. she got picked on for being ginger at school, even though she’d always been stupidly cute growing up. We’d always got on really well and had been close, but NOTHING like this before.
“Did you plan for this to happen” I calmly said to her as she continued to lay on my chest.
“No, but earlier when you held onto me, I liked it. I’ve never been touched up or anything by a boy, so when I felt you grab me, I kind of had the idea…” She paused “It kind of helped that you’re stronger than me too, I liked the feeling of you overpowering me” I could tell that, that last admittance was a embarrassing for her to admit. So I gave her a little squeeze.
“Alright, you don’t have to prove it” She said half jokingly
“No no, I-“ I went to explain, then she just leaned and planted a kiss on my chest.
C'mon keyhero this shit. I have to be up in 2 and a half hours and I could use the sleep.
We stayed cuddling and chatting for another hour or so, then realized that we should probably get clothed and show our faces before mom and dad wonder where we are. We throw on our T-Shirts and Amy fixes her hair in the mirror, pulling this sweet little pout she always does she’s looking at herself. As we walk out of my room she gives me a little peck on the lips then heads down to the front room
“Hi mum, what you watching” She asks, likes nothing has happened.

I stand at the top of the stairs for a second to give my brain time to think. Smiling, I put my face in my hands and can’t help but laugh a little bit. I can’t believe that just happened to me.

The rest of the day was spent in the usual manner, Amy went out to a friends house and I bummed around the house bored due to having no work for the time being (suspended from work, bullshit). I sat down to dinner with just my parents as Amy was still out. We usually ate dinner in the kitchen wit the little TV in the kitchen in so mom could watch I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here or Big Brother or whatever drivel was on TV that month, but not this evening. As we ate in the quiet with only the blare of the TV in the front room to break the silence I suddenly found my mind wandering. What would they say if they knew what happened today? What would say if they knew their daughter had been upstairs wanking me off, their son. What if they knew that I was the first person my sister had ever done anything sexual with? Part of me dreaded to think, the rest of me kind of liked the thrill. “Even if it doesn’t happen again. It’ll make a good greentext story” I think to myself as I polish off the last of my sweet potato mash. I help load the dishwasher with mom then sit in the front and try to sit and watch The Great Gatsby on Blue Ray with my parents, but my mind kept wandering.
File: All that shit.jpg (117 KB, 392x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
All that shit.jpg
117 KB, 392x500
I get to bed early and put on TV, browse /b/ for a bit then switch off the laptop to go to bed. No sooner had I switched it off and got into bed, did I hear the front door go downstrairs, it was Amy letting herself in. Mom was not happy with how late she came back apparently and I got to lie awake and listen to the lecture. 1AM rolls by and I’m blissfully asleep, until I’m suddly awoke (light sleeper) the sound of my door opening and soft footsteps, it was Amy, it was pitch black, but I guessed it was her
“What you doing?” I mutter as I’m still half asleep.
She don’t answer. She just crawls under the duvet and assumes the position of little spoon, with her head resting on the same pillow as me even though I have a double bed, I take the hint and wrap my arm around her. I pull her into me so she’s close and assume my role as big spoon. She’s in the same bra, but now, just knickers.
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 422x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 422x644
(Pic has like 90% similarity to her)

>be 3 years ago
>be 17
>only had sex like 4 times
>dad has been planning to have his sister and her daughter come visit from Romania for New Years
>it's now around mid December
>aunt and cousin arrive at LAX
>we pick them up after a long drive
>don't remember either of their faces (last time I saw either of them was when I was around 4)
>dad spots my aunt
>waves her down walks over to them
>immediately notice my cousins super good looking (not in a sexual way, but just as an observation, I would never have though incest was ok then)
>5'9 or so, c cups, small waist, good hips, and good size ass
>when we get near them she installs come to hug me and kiss me on the cheeks (as are customary Slavic greetings)
>begin to converse with aunt and cousin as we head out of the airport.
The body contact was enough, she felt so amazing, all warm and naked nestled in close to me, my dick engorged straight away and she could feel it
“So you don’t mind then” She whispered gently as she let a content breath out
“Doesn’t look like it” I start “What about dad? He’s up for work at 8”
“Set my alarm for 7” She says pointing lazily towards what I assume is her phone on the bedside “I’ll get up and go back to my room before anyone wakes up” her arm still outstretched, I find her hand with mine and link our fingers together. With one wrapped around her and holding hands, I couldn’t have been more content to drift back off to sleep. The sound of her sweet shallow breath sending off.

What is this, the fifties?
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>Bitch shouldn't have eaten my gogurt
Duvet and knickers

File: image.jpg (18 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Na fuck it I'm off. Bye
If you gays want the full story...
fuck you anon, was about to fap to this shit
Well... That is my little riddle isn't it.
pastebin com/SqntHUZJ
:( you ruined the game.

Enjoy gentlemen.
Sorry, forgot to mention she's either 19 or 20 now

>most of the car ride home was my dad and aunt talking and me and cousin talking in the back
>not super interested in the convo, but played along to be nice
>blah blah blah about how Romania is now, asks me what I do for fun
>start taking about things I like to do in America
>turns out she's pretty cool and like snowboarding and vidya like I do
>pretty basic get to know each other stuff
>she always comes across as kinda flirty in her convos
>not sure if it's her imperfect english or she's just trying to be nice (anon, your dad didn't tell me you got so good looking since the last time I've seen you. Shit like that)
>no shit bitch I was like 4
>get to dad's house in undisclosed California valley town 2 and half hours north of LA
>it's night now
>Elena (cousin) announces she's super sore from the plane and car and demands a massage while we watch tv and my dad and aunt are on the patio chatting and drinking
Gods among men, both of you.
Any new update on amy wincest?
Sorry it's taking a while, typing on my phone, stay tuned
File: Mom_Notson.jpg (303 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i win
I have an awesome wincest story but one part is missing...it is only a tiny part...still want me to dump it?
Disregard that.
File: 1.jpg (50 KB, 1024x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyways I will commence dump.
File: 2.png (25 KB, 911x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>immediately decline and say that's stupid, I don't feel like it (I know, pretty stupid right?)
>insists and says she'll give me one in return
>decline again
>keeps begging and complaining about her back and shit
>give in finally and tell I'll do it
>she jumps with happiness at her victory
>lays down on the couch with her hands at her sides
>her shirt is riding up just a bit so that her lower back showing
>put my hands on her back and start applying pressure to her back and moving about
>she instantly starts groaning when I put some pressure on
>now that I think back on it, it was pretty hot
>don't pay attention much, just focus on the job at hand
>"you're not doing it right anon" she interrupts
>bitch wut?
>"you have to sit on my butt, your arms don't give the same pressure the way you're sitting"
>was sitting at her up until now
>think it's a little weird, but ok
> straddle over her and sit right on her ass
>shit was so soft I had take a moment to confirm with myself how soft it was"
>start up again putting pressure on her back and rubbing her down
>about 2 minutes into it, I realize I've got a pretty good half chub going
>whateves it's no big, just continue and listen to her moan and groan for a whole longer as her shirt rises steadily
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File: 4.png (21 KB, 678x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now the next part is missing.
He jerks off in the shower and into her shampoo
File: 6.png (37 KB, 648x633) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 7.png (20 KB, 674x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Am I dumping into a dead thread?
File: 8.png (31 KB, 782x572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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keep it coming
File: 9.png (27 KB, 579x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 10.png (29 KB, 594x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah mang im here, im chilling since I cant sleep
File: 11.png (22 KB, 530x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It becomes necessary to ignore her shirt as just rub against her bare skin
>wasn't really worried about touching her
>she's really enjoying it at this point when I rub her shoulders and lower back
>notice she sometimes pops her ass up a bit and put some pressure on me
>half chub slowly increasing in size
>start to give her more and more pressure in the spots I see a reaction from
>every arch of her back and pop of her butt I get a little harder
>I start to feel a little weird
>hope she doesn't nice my growing erection
>been about 25-30 minutes no so I decide to stop after I see she's satisfied
>when I announce I'm done she slowly gets up
>groans on her way up turns right around hug me
>I'm sitting the foot of the couch so when she hugs me she pushes me over onto my back onto the armrest of the couch
>"thanks anon that was so good, I feel so much better now"
>about to ask her to get off when I realize she feels really good on me
>the pressure of her body, her cleavage pushing into my chest, the scent of her hair, and the pressure of her stomach on my dick
>kisses me on the cheek and gets off
>damn I was enjoying that
>she sits up "ok" she says
>"go ahead, lay down. I told you if give you one too"
>O rite I fergot
>consider it for a moment
>alright why not
>start to lay down
>"wait, take off your shirt it's too baggy, it'll get annoying"
>bitch this is my at home lounge attire. How dare you
>take off my shirt and lay on the couch
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Yeah I hope I'm not vigorously typing for like 1 for 2 people. Anybody else still here?
File: 15.png (19 KB, 553x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yes continue
cnt typ 2bsy fpn
just post everything faster, /b/ros. I'm still here
File: 14.png (24 KB, 724x424) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guys this post is 14

this is 15 >>563876963
yea man, go on
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Captain Popo to the rescue to save children from the evil Pete-O!
Alright I'll keep going
I'm here, fapping as I read

File: 16.png (18 KB, 510x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 510x343
damn dude.
best fuckin story ever
Came like a fuckin Elephant

Agreed, their faces look like ass
Dude this can't be fucking it I am fapping here furiously
bumping again..also, dubs
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There can only be one Popo
>as soon as I lay down she straddles over me and sits on my butt
>she starts to give an amazing massage
>I'm talking the whole nine yards this shit is so cash
>pressing all the right spots on my back
>squeezing, rubbing, using her knuckles to get in deep
>I'm moaning up a storm the whole time
>hurts so good
>nothing kinky just a very good massage
>until she neared the end
>she kinda just stopped all once and say straight and sighed
>she then put her hands back on my back and started to rub so slowly and softly
>her warm hands all over my back was amazing
>with each motion she started putting her hips into it
>pushing up and down as she went up and down on my back
>started to feel my dick get hard underneath me
>when she finished she bent over and kissed all the way up my upper back to my lower neck so slowly that i had to anticipate the next one that came
>she gets off
>"hope that was as good for you as mine was" and give a little giggle
>get up and resume watching tv
>dad and aunt call us from outside to go talk with them bring then more beer.
>grab some for ourselves too (parents didn't really care as long as we were with them) and join them outside
I'm camming
I never seen no bitch like this, hips can twist like a damn contortionist. condom on my dick, of course it is. this bitch don't know what abortion is.
>go outside and Elena sits down first and demands I come sit on her lap
>I'm bigger than you and no that's stupid
>she insists and grabs me to pull me
>struggle and flail my arms like a retard
>eventually give up and decide to just do it
>we go about a conversation with our parents
>the whole time she's got her arms wrapped around my stomach and nuzzling her chin into my shoulder
>pretty much cheek to cheek
>throughout she pokes and tickles me and I start to get annoyed
>this is the shit I do with bitches
>why am I the bitch here???
>tell her she's annoying me and tell her to stop
>aunt says to stop bugging and she gets upset and slides out from under me to get up
>I scoot back in the chair establishing a comfortable position
>"I'm just gonna sit on you instead then!"
>oh fuck bad idea bad idea
>was already thinking of the fact that id end up getting hard
>too late
>she sat down right on my crotch
>at this point I'm starting to get a little upset and embarrassed because I'm because I'm genuinely not trying to fuck my cousin or be sexual with her at all
>I know that I need to be cautious from here on in
>beautiful girl sitting on my lap, leaning back against me
>hope that this doesn't get bad soon
File: 9UbCvHL.gif (930 KB, 350x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
930 KB, 350x225
I hope it gets bad soon
type faste fgt
File: 1408355603229.gif (35 KB, 390x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1408602603054.jpg (161 KB, 489x710) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161 KB, 489x710
File: 1408597334051.jpg (197 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bump cmonnn i have community service in 30 min
whoops that wasn't wincest but srsly
Still waiting
Best material in the thread so far......
>at this point I don't know if she has an agenda, the thought of incest if beyond me
>as the conversation continues she starts to subtlety push in with her hips into my crotch
>uh oh.jpg
>as she does this she puts more pressure on my by sitting down harder
>movement intensifies as time goes on
>eventually she take my hands that were on the armrest and wraps them around her belly
>tried to resist silently at but she just pushed harder and deeper into my crotch each time
>i give up this is too much
>boner is starting to intensify by now
>there no way she can't feel it
>allow her to take my arms and wrap them around her tummy
>her shirt is up a it's just bare skin
>super soft, super smooth, very warm
>it was pretty cold outside so it felt real good
>things went in like this for a while
>she rubbed my arms with her finger tips every now and then not letting up on the hip movement
>at this point it was starting to feel really good
>I felt bad for it but my good feels were way stronger
>around 12:30 or so Elena announces she's going to sleep
>"I'm so tired from today, I need to go rest"
>we all say our goodnights
>asks me why I said goodnight
>"because you're going to sleep?"
>"yeah but I want you to come too!"
This post. I like it. MORE
Who says focus groups don't produce results?
File: 1310650820313.jpg (11 KB, 308x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 308x313
>"yeah common! I don't wanna go to sleep by myself!"
>my dad says to go with her and so does my aunt
>what the fuck you guys are you serious?
>"common anon!" As she pulls on my arm
>dad and aunt seem to think it's still just innocent even though we're 17 and 20
>"just go anon, they're visiting, they don't get to stay here long, be nice"
>but pops.....
>I get pulled away by Elena
>"hurry up anon! Stop being a baby"
>k fine
>I go to brush my teeth and complete other such pre-sleep activities
>go into the guest bedroom set up for her

By the way my dad's house had 4 bedrooms. 2 one one wing and 2 on the other. My dad and aunt were on one wing and guess who had the other
protip: your dad and aunt are fucking
File: 1393421954767.gif (775 KB, 265x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
775 KB, 265x215
was it.. was it the jews?
Kek'd softly
Seriously, hurry!
come on, man
>lie down with my back to her
>even though the lights are off a little light poured in from the window
>"why are you being so mean anon? Come over here..."
>I could hear her tone was a little upset
>turn over and see her beautiful bright green eyes looking at me with that puppy dog stare
>penetrates through all my defenses
>cute game too strong
>"Ughhh fine sorry"
>I scooch closer to her and she nuzzles into my chest
>we lay there for a few minutes not talking
>I've already got my eyes closed trying to sleep
>she puts her hands underneath my shirt onto my bear chest
>"you're really warm"
>her hands feel like heaven as they travel over my chest
>I'd had a few beers from outside so I'm a little buzzed and the sensation from her hands was making me tingle all over
>i pull my arm over her and pull her in more
>she responds by pressing up against me and wrapping her legs up with mine
>bear chest
File: download.jpg (6 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 259x194
Bear chest
finally. btw anon you sure you are not gay or sth?
still waiting buddy.

It's Sir Bearington
Hurry up ya fuck, im almost a-cummin
did slow story time giving me blue balls
fuckin lol'd
I'm reading this, though it could just develop faster...
inb4 walk the dinosaur
or UK? British people use those words. Plus you know...Norfolk, those shows all play in UK too.
>her hand starts to wander around my torso more avidly
>I can feel my dick starting to get hard
>pretty she can feel it too since she's right up against me
>the little giggle she lets out confirms it
>she backs her head out of my chest to look me in the eyes
>"what's that all about"
>whatever could you be referring to madam?
>"ummm what"
>"that" she said as she giggles and moves knee brushing up against my cock
>"sorry, you kinda like..."
>she interrupts me "anon we're family!"
>she giggles again
>she pulls her legs in close to me
>at this point I don't care who she is, I'm almost at diamonds
>she's rubbing her leg against it
>I start to loose my cool
>"you're the that's doing it you know, if you didn't that to happen you shouldn't have had me massage you, and sat on my lap, and had me sleep with you"
>"who said I didn't want it like that?"
>O fuck
>>"you're the that's doing it you know, if you didn't that to happen you shouldn't have had me massage you, and sat on my lap, and had me sleep with you"

I'm sorry but if I knew you in real life everything you've done in this story makes me want to punch you in the face
File: 1405336983949.png (546 KB, 514x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
546 KB, 514x545
File: 42367_01.jpg (212 KB, 1280x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212 KB, 1280x1920
File: 698.jpg (99 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck it, im not waiting any longer (not that I could). Im blowin my load.
File: F THAT IMMA LEAVE.jpg (4 KB, 127x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 127x120

>Can't control his load
>Has enough time to type a sentence about how he is going to do it.
>just then hear a loud clang
>footsteps coming in the hallway close by
>open the door
>get on the floor

Just kidding guys
>hearing her say that gets me to full diamonds
>she can feel it with her leg
>she smiles
>she starts pulling in
>holy shit she's actually gonna kiss me
>this is my cousin
>this is bad
>oh fuck
>she kisses me
>slow, soft, barley a peck
>comes back in does it again, it bit more now
>slowly starting to pull me in even closer

As of this point I don't give a fuck if she's my cousin anymore, she's gonna get it now

>I kiss her back
>press up against her harder
>she lurches upwards and starts to open her mouth more with each kiss
>I slide my tongue in just a bit and she does the same
>we start getting more and more into it
>we start breathing heavier and grinding more
>she pushes me over and straddles me, sitting right on my dick
>I can feel the moist heat through her shorts
>she's not wearing any panties
>she starts grinding more and more as we make out
>I push her over and climb on top of her
>my shirt comes off
>back to kissing
>we're grinding and dry humping a lot now
>she's pulls of her shirt
>holy shit
>c cups as I said earlier
>she the smallest pink little nipples
>the kind you just wanna bite off
>but I held off on that and just started to suck on them
>evidently she was super sensitive because as soon as I started she grabbed hair and started pulling on it
>shit was cash
Sorry I'm not bothering to check what I wrote or anything I'm trying to go as fast as I can

It was suppose to be "you're the one that made it like that, If you didn't want it then you shouldn't have....." Etc
Yeah we got it, please continue, holy shit.
File: sw.jpg (171 KB, 900x808) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 900x808
File: 1404298610943.gif (2 MB, 150x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 150x173
Keep it coming /b/ro
>I start pulling on her hair too
>start kissing down her tits to her naval
>she can anticipate what's going to happen next
>she starts tensing up
>as I go lower my hands go before my mouth and pull he shorts down
>as I'm about to reach her pussy I stop
>I can hear her breathing freeze
>I start to slide my fingers al around the general area
>not making any contact with her vagoo
>slowly and slowly get closer her breathing gets heavier and heavier with anticipation
>after she's practically panting I take one soft lick from the bottom to the top
>I thoroughly eat her out
>after a while with just tongue I slip in a finger
>just the pinky
>I want to keep that shit as tight as possible for me later on
>I'm eating her out with more pressure on her clip now
>I can tell she's getting close
>I start sliding my pinky in and out faster
>I can feel her tightening in around it
>a few more seconds and I start to feel a bunch of pulsation a on my finger accompanied by some heavy ass moans
>I had to cover her mouth because she was starting to get loud
C'mon hurry app maen
jesus Christ. you sure you're not a fuckin native slav too?
Jokes on you I just busted a nut, cya nerds
File: Qsface (3).jpg (13 KB, 450x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Qsface (3).jpg
13 KB, 450x272
> In my parent's basement.

/b/ likes to set their fantasies in realistic locations.
sweet Jesus just shut that frothy bitch trap before I slam a goddamn baseball down it.
>I stop and tell her to be quiet she's being too loud
>"sorry anon hehe, I'll try"
>"I think you need something to put in your mouth so you'll be quiet. Oh, actually, I believe I have just the solution for you"
>she giggles a bit
>"oh I think that's a good idea" she says as she pushes me into my back
>she starts kissing me again for a bit
>then starts to go down to my neck
>oh Jesus stay there for a while it doesn't get better than neck sucking
>she starts going down to my chest, to my stomach
>before she gets any lower she arches her back and sits up
>"lemme just take care of these" as she shuffles off my shorts
>the sight of my super hard cock coming out was greeted by a slight jaw drop

I'm not super big or anything, like 8, 8 and half at the most, but I guess she wasn't prepared for it

>she smiles and slides her hand up my leg
>she gently out her warm hand on my dick and starts stroking
>I lay back and relax
>feels good man
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>im not superbig, like 8, 8 and a half at most
Confirmed op for being a raging slavic homosexual
Do you live in the netherlands perhaps?mKnow somebody who fits this story

Captcha: buthope
yes actually that suits me fine sir.
>not only does she have a hand, but a mouth as well
>I was looking up at the ceiling enjoying her hand when I her warm wet lips hit the tip
>oh god yes
>she lowers her mouth onto it slowly
>as she finally has my whole head in mouth her tongue comes into play
>I don't even comprehend what she's doing with it but she's doing a fantastic job
>she keeps going up and down each time going a bit deeper
>I raise her chin up a bit
>i want this bitch to look me in the eye
>damn she looks good suckin on my dick
>she gets up after a little more of this
>it's time
>she starts to crawl over me and sits right at the base of my dick
>she starts sliding up and down the length of my shaft
>holyshit holyshit holyshit
>my whole dick is throbbing
>she finally reaches behind her
>grabs the base
>takes aim
>she doesn't fire
>it's so slow
>the tip touches
>I start to go in
>the whole head
>the first few inches
>I'm going crazy the whole time, this is amazing
>I can't wait
>shove the rest of it in all the way full force
>she lets out a huge sign and collapses in me
>she's breathing so heavily
>pull her back into a kiss with her hair
Still here buddy
Still lurking, keep going
>she lets out a huge sign and collapses in me
hope the sign didnt hit you too hard. keep going with the good work
How passionate. Go on.
>I pull her down into me I start to slide in and out of her
>she's so warm and tight
>every time I pull out and push back in she lets out a breath
>I stop kissing and shove her face into my name
>she's kissing and sucking on my neck again
>only makes me want to fuck her harder
>start going all out
>hard as fuck
>slamming that shit deep
>I push her off
>her behind her she gets on her knees
>I jam that pussy
>no mercy
>full power
>she's starting to get loud again
>nope. not havin it
>pull her up
>one hand on her mouth, the other goes to rubbing her from the front
>proceed to fuck her even harder
>what's this
>I sense a disturbance
>her insides start shake
>she panting so hard now
>all at once she just starts to contract and pulsate
>my dick
>I can't take all this pressure
>it gets like 10 seconds from blowing my load
>pull out
>turn her over
>she knows
>swallows the damn thing whole
>cum buckets upon buckets of into her throat
>swallows it all after gagging a bit on my dick
Holy fucking shit. Glad I stuck around.
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>totally collapse after all my hard work
>we're both breathing super hard
>end up throwing clothes back and going to the bathroom to clean up
>before we go back to bet to crash she looks me in the eyes, gives me a kiss and says "let's do that again" in sexiest way possible

That was the first night she was with me for the holiday. She came between the 10 and 15 if I remember right and stayed up until the 10th of January. So there's more stories for another time. Again sorry for all the typos and misuses it grammar, I was aiming for speed, trying to keep you fucks happy

Is that the end??
Yeah the end of the first night. More shit happens while she's there and I start to get more and more conflicted about her being my cousin and shit, but I can't type anymore stories tonight. I guess if I type anymore I'll just call them the Slav Diaries in future threads
>be 16
>hot as fuck day
>sister has friend and cousin over in the pool
>go outside to feed the dogs (actually to see sisters friend in bikini)
>she asks why I don't get in the pool
>say I'm busy
>tells me to stop being lame and get in, cousin agrees that i should jump in. Sister says nothing but has the face of death.
>fuck it. Cannonball into the pool.
>chase them around the pool with inflatable shark.
>sisters friend takes shark off me and gets on it
>her bikini has gone into her crack. Can see them round cheeks perfectly
>got wood
>try not to look and just swim while trying to get rid of and hide erection
>cousin swims underneath me and her ass rubs against my dick. Feelsgoodman.jpg
>she doesn't seem to realize
>sit in the corner next to the pool heater. Cousin soon sits next to me, close, but not too close.
>sister and her friend are busy playing volleyball or some shit in the pool. Tits and ass bouncing everywhere
>Cousin decides to join them. More bouncing.
>take my chance to escape before I blow a nut in the pool.
>go to my room, get undressed, wrap a towel around me.
>sit at computer and play game
>cousin walks in and asks why I got out of the pool
>say I had some stuff to do (like hiding my hardon) asks why she got out.
>she answers "to see why you did"
>oh okay, what about Mary and Jane?
>they're still in the pool, will be for a while.
>Oh okay, I thought I hear them in there.
>what are you playing?
-Okay I'm going to stop there and just say that she asked about it for about about 10 minutes instead of going into detail.
>she talks about how we used to always play crash bandicoot and Abe's oddysee
>still In her wet bikini she quickly sits on my lap
>what are you doing spiderman?
>I have no idea, I think I might need your help
>that's not what I meant
>oh, what did you mean? She says as she stands up to fix her bikini
>see dat coinslot. I got erection
>she sits on it, then stands up and looks at it. "Nice spiderman towel" she says.
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>this thread
Good shit OP, all archived in my Gdocs and currently working on a screencap.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
Continue please
Aaaaand done.
Fuck dude I gotta go back and proofread those if I ever post them again, but thanks
Refer to
>she sits on it, then stands up and looks at it. "Nice spiderman towel" she says.
Pretty sure it's a new troll ending like Bel-Air or Dinosaur.
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>no mercy
>full power
mah sides. My mind cannot contain the shear amount of awesome

>she's starting to get loud again
>nope. not havin it
mah nigga

>one hand on her mouth, the other goes to rubbing her from the front
>proceed to fuck her even harder

triple kill

20/10 if real
10/10 if fake
r8: fapped twice/10
this link is fukken gold
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>"it'll make a good green text story"
>doesn't use green text
I'll say.
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Does anyone have the continuation of this
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