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>Be me, a 26 year old hog hunter
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>Be me, a 26 year old hog hunter
>Leave the swamps of Florida because fuck swamps
>make a decent amount of money hunting hogs for the local farmers
>move up to Appalachia
>Fucking beautiful up here, outside of Asheville
>Well, it was beautiful until some hippies decided to release a shit ton of fluffys into the mountains
>Start trespassing on neighbors’ properties as well as mine, fucking up our gardens
>Mayor of our little town calls together a town hall meeting
>Casually suggest we over rewards for those who bring in these fluffys, dead or alive.
>Mostly everyone agrees minus a few hippies. One actually runs out crying
>fucking hippies
>Go and buy a Ruger Mini 14 because the caliber is much better than the FAL that I used to hunt hogs with, I can actually
>First things first, need to capture one alive to use as the basis of a scent for my German Shepard named Buddy
>Fucking love Buddy
>Take a 69 cent can of “sketti” and open the top
>Place the can in a clearing and wait in the brush
>Sure enough, a pack of about ten show up
>I distinguish the smarty out of the pack, flanked by two toughys , one red and black with the other purple
>How the fuck did they come up with these colors
>Sight my rifle, and begin plucking them off one by one
>The red and black toughy drops to the ground first
>I have half of the pack down before they realize what the hell is going on.
>These fuckers have to trot over the grass, slows them down by a good amount
>Two are left; I sprint about 20 yards to catch the smarty
>Whistle to Buddy and point to a lime green one trying it’s hard to get away
>Buddy takes off and snags it in his jaw in about 7 seconds, by 10 he’s shaken it to death.
>”NU NU, LET BABBEH GOW!” The little fucker shouts at the top of his lungs as he dangles by his shit brown mane
>A swift punch to the gut makes him shut up
>Throw him in a dark bag, he him have an anxiety attack by being in a dark place.
>Go around, pick up the bodies of the other fluffys, gotta make a living somehow
>Make it back home and empty the bag in the basement where I have cages set up
>The only live one is bawling, being surrounded by his dead pack has traumatized him.
>Pick him up by his mane
“Listen up faggot, you’re about to earn your life.” I tell him.
“Nu, Nu NU NU!” He shouts.
>Throw the little rat against the wall, I swear I could hear at least one rib crack
>Buddy begins to growl, tell him to check his shit
“Wan go howme, miss mamah.” The little shit cries.
>Looking back, I figured this was a weak smarty, most of them don’t resort to crying for “mamah” that easily
>pick the fucker up and bring him to buddy, stick him up to Buddy’s nose
”Pwease… pwease no owies”
“Where are there more of you?” I ask.
“Big mowuntain, a nice, fwat top” He squeaks
“Thanks fuck face, I think I know which one.”
>Throw him in the cage as he screams about his owies
>Start loading cages in the back of my car and wait until night
>Four cages in total, four cans of sketti
>Drive to the closest hiking spot, which seems to make sense. People from the city come out here all the time and leave trash, which attracts the little shits.
>Takes two trips and I’m a bit out of shape, the ascent is about thirty minutes, the descent is about 20
>Get cans of spaghetti with some cheap marina sauce set up in the cages
>Night time falls, rig the cages to all close at one with the pull of a string
>Slowly, they start herding up to the mountain top
>Holy shit, there are at least 30 here
>Cages are able to hold about seven standard fluffys, two sit on the outside, hungry
>String is pulled, signal for Buddy to take out a fluffy while I grab the other
>Buddy shakes one to death while I slit the other one’s throat
>The fluffy’s screams are drowned in blood, I love it
>the others in the cage don’t seem to comprehend what is going on, they’re too into their spaghetti
>As I lift up two cages, they begin to cry over the spaghetti spilling through the crates
“You stupid fucks, do you not realize what’s going on?” I nearly shout at these idiots.
“Mista, where awe you takin us?” One of them has the balls to ask.
“You’re mine now.” I growl. Buddy seemed to growl with me.
>Get the cages back to the car, fluffys crying and shitting all over the place.
>Have to get that shit cleaned up
>The descents take a bit longer than usual, having to carry two crates of these rats
>All the time they ask the same stupid shit
“Mista, I miss my mamah”
“Mista, awe you ouw nu daddeh?”
>If I wasn’t on planning to make money, I would have shot them all in the cages
>Finally slam the last of the cages down, crushing one of their little legs in the process
>Driving home, blasting tunes at a louder volume than usual to drown out the crying
>Finally arrive, in the darkness of night take them down the basement
>Line up the cages along the walls and open them
>They start to emerge, minus the mare with a broken leg
“Listen up you little shits, you’re going to breed for me” I commanded. They looked up at me and stared stupidly at me. I had read about special terms that they use.
“Special huggies” I say.
“Nu mista, nu want speciaw huggies” One boldly clams.
>Quickly snag it by her neck and hold it up in the air for all to see
>Take out my knife and slit her throat, drop her to the ground and watch her squirm around, getting blood all over the place
“Anybody else?” I ask. There were no responses.
>Fast forward a few days, have my own Fluffy Pony breeding ground
>Mares sleep in the cages, three to a cage; this is their space for breeding space
>Colts sleep on the outside of the cages, not much worse than the mares
>Read somewhere that every group needs an example of what happens to bad behavior
>Choose the mare whose leg I broke
“Laura, come here.” I shout at her.
>She’s beyond broken, she listens to my every command and almost never cries for “sketti” anymore
“Laura, did you make bad poopsies?” I ask her, pointing to the steaming pile of shit away from the uncovered drain where they’re supposed to go.
“Nu, it was Wywe” She said, pointing to a colt named Lyle. I looked at him and curled my finger. Instead of coming to me like a good colt, he ran into a cage. I do not tolerate such bullshit.
>Go over and grab Lyle by the neck and take him over to the “No-no noose”, two nooses I tied in the basement to discipline the fluffy in trouble along with Laura. I wouldn’t want them to suffer alone, that would be abuse
“Nu, nu pwease daddeh!” He shouts.
“I’m not your fucking daddy.” I shout back.
>Tie noose around his neck and let him dangle while I grab Laura
>She doesn’t even give a shit anymore, maybe I should just put her out of her misery
>Let Lyle go after he looks like he’s going to pass out
>After I undo Lyle, I let Laura go and drop her
>She cries out in pain as she lands on the back part of her spine
“Mistah, I cawn’t move mi leggies.” She cries as she tries to move her hind legs. This, along with the leg that hadn’t healed correctly, makes her practically immobile.
>Pick her up and bring her with me as I head up the stairs to the sound of the others crying
>Get outside, grab a hammer and some nails that I use for pinning up targets
>hammer her to a thick tree out back behind my house
>She slightly whimpers as I drive the nails into her two front legs but doesn’t feel a thing when I drive them into the hind ones.
>Run inside a grab battle rifle for experimentation time.
>Head back outside and take aim
>Her torso is completely shredded by the caliber of the bullet; all that’s left on the tree are the limbs
> Her head is a few feet away from the tree.
>Take the remains and put them in the meat grinder for the special sketti sauce

So should I continue or are we not doing this today?
Did we tell you to stop?
lurking, haven't seen this kinda thread in awhile
Keep going, this is entertaining and makes me wanna kill bronies
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wtf is a fluffy?
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It's a long story, bronies thought up the idea of having my little pony be a real thing and fluffies are what they thought up. Produced by Hasbio, fluffies were meant to be an extension of brony fantasy but then we here at /b/ found out about it and thus fluffy abuse was born
It's an extremely annoying bio toy that Hasibro created after they saw the success with My LIttle Pony. During the development process, PETA broke into the lab and released all of them into captivity, causing them to breed out in the wild
>Two months pass, mares have given birth to foal
>Total of 32, decide to Roman things up a bit
“Alright, I need to see all of the ‘bestest babies’” I said, despite the fact I hate using that term or saying anything else in their idiotic language.
“I have a special task for only three foal, I want you to choose who gets to go.” I say. When Roman Legionaries acted poorly in battle, it was up to the commanding officer to decimate the unit, or kill one out of every ten.
Usually, the killing was done by fellow soldiers, but I wouldn’t trust these foal to shit by themselves, let alone kill.
>Suddenly they all start jumping up and down, excited to hopefully be chosen
“Oh oh oh Dada I wanna go!” They all shouted.
>Stomp foot on the ground.
“Shut the fuck up and choose!” I shout. Suddenly, they all huddle.
>After 5 minutes, they were able to pull themselves together and choose three foal for the mission
>Two male, Alex and Johan, and a female named Roxy
>Lead them up the stairs, a rare sight for any fluffy pony, with the last one being Laura to ever get to leave
>Upstairs, I lead them to the kitchen
>One buy one I pick them up and place them on the counter next to the grinder
“Whee! Upsises!” They cry as I gently place them on the counter
>Fortunately for me, they seemed to have chosen some of the fatter ones.
>They all stare into the grinder as I power it on
“Dada, what does this doo?” One of them, Alex, I believe, ask.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” I say as I grab Johan and Roxy by the mane and throw them into the grinder
>Alex shrieks as he sees his fellow mares thrown into the grinder
>Grab him before he has a chance to react, throw him in as well
>he lands ass first, so he shrieks as he goes down
>Finally have enough meat for my special sketti sauce
Sorry that this is taking so long, I didn’t think people would actually be interested in what I wrote
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This makes me mad, I like the story and want it to continue but you gotta pretype this shit OP. Pic is of favorite short comic to come out of these threads
Sorry about that, I'm finishing up soon
>A week passes
“Dada, where awe my fwiends?” Was the common question among the foal. I never answered them.
>Slowly start feeding the Fluffy mixture to the foal
>They love the shit out of my “special” sauce along with the sketti, it’s all they’ll eat
>The original fluffys I captured seemed to sense something, they stay away from it
>Doesn’t matter, this new generation is what I need
“Babies, would you love it if I took you out when you’re ready?” I ask them one day.
“Yea dada!” They all answer in unison.
>All the meanwhile I’ve only been hunting about three fluffys a week, my plans require that I keep a plentiful population.
>Thankfully, the hippies protesting has stopped most of the hunters
>Fluffy’s have now taken over most of my town
>Starting to show up in Asheville
>I hear that the local homeless have found a way to gather fluffys at an incredible rate
>While I don’t plan on dressing up and leading them to Sketti Land, my plan seems foolproof
>Another month passes
>I start locking the colts and mares into more cages that I’ve bought, keeping them separated from the foal
>One day, I take an older colt and throw him into the center and watched as the foal devoured him
>Feeding them their own meat has driven them insane, and they now attack any fluffy that they see
>Place a GPS tracking device on what would have been the smarty had his brain not been strung out from cannibalism
>Release them into the wild
> After they feast, I follow them and collect the husk of the fluffys to return for an award
>Repeat the process a few times until I have 4 more packs, eating about each pack consuming about 100 fluffys a day
>Often times I’ve seen vomit near the half eaten corpses, signaling that the fluffys don’t even eat to satisfy the hunger, they eat purely for pleasure
Go to sleep Alex :^)
someone screen cap this. I'm on my phone
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confirmed tiny horse breeder
>I relax for a few months, taking in rewards and playing with Buddy
>Finally, all I hear are reports about cannibal fluffys; they’ve completely cleared out my town plus most of Asheville
>Take the old and broken down fluffys in my basement and throw them in the grinder
>They don’t even cry as they go down
>Prepare a massive vat of the sauce, leaving just enough of a clearing to prevent anything from escaping should they fall in
>Go out into the clearing behind my house and dig a massive pit
>In the pit I place a metal cage and light a fire on the inside and watch it grow
>When the fire is nice and hot, I bring the large vat of “special” sketti sauce out and I place it on the fire
“Din Din!” I cry as I grab my Ruger and head for a spot I have prepared in the trees
>On my GPS, I see them all converge on my position
>One by one, I see them fall into the boiling vat
>I laugh as the idiots fall into the vat, boiling them alive.
>The smell only tempts the others
>Once I see that the sauce is overflowing, I being picking the stragglers off. They don’t seem to care that the fluffy next to them explodes; they only care about the sauce
>That mother fucking sauce
>Finally, I run out of ammo and leave my tree
>I walk with my knife out, picking up rabid fluffys and slitting their throats, a chore I have grown to love
>after the rest have either falling into the fire or fallen into the vat, I take a moment to collect myself and then head back to house
>I’ll collect my reward and my hate after the vat has cooled

Sorry that took so long, I posted this halfway through because I didn’t want to write out this entire story without anyone liking it
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referencing this one? I like where this is going
Yea, that's what started me on this whole Fluffy abuse thing
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You did a good job OP, I dont know how to screencap this but I'd like to add it to my collection if someone else does post it here
It's just a copy of those Touhou head things. How do you not know this, they even talk the same and get abused.

err.. interesting story. had no idea about fluffys.
I .. think I've had enough internet for one day.
It is a copy of those, but simple backstory is more efficient than just saying "Ohh, it's a copy of that obscure thing that happened years ago" and needing to explain more
This makes my dick rock hard
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Sometimes doing one thing has completely different effects from what you'd expect
sad shits
I have a gore fetish so...
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106 KB, 621x801
Hey guys whats going on in this thread
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Fuck off where trying to enjoy this shit just filter and hide faggot
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Just like the good old days now, have you been waiting to use these again?
>dumping sfw
>on /b/
Why would you do that?

Typical Heaven... Always the dickhead as per usual... I'm yet to see one that hasn't been a sad cunt
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Nah I been busy man, bought a house and shit
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Because you could totally view this at work
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I think he's whining at me, not you
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Stop saging with gay pictures faggots
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Hey that's pretty cool, good to see you're doing good still. Really shocked to get you in a thread again, but now that I have all the images I wanted I don't mind the dumps anymore. You do you anime guy
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anyone have that webm of a dog getting dildo fucked?
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Don't worry I will

I also got banned for something unrelated - both me and the other Larry - for a while, which meant I couldn't use my pass. I don't like filling in captchas when dumping
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Thats even worse, have you ever even touched a real woman or sucked a real dick like a man? Faggot
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What do you think we are, animals?

Well sorry about you needing to fill in captchas, it is kinda nice to have the thread last a bit longer though
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I have not sucked a real dick like a man
my horrible secret is out
I am forever ashamed

I got my pass back now so I am posting at optimal speed
basically... yeah.
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Post real bitches faggot, Hentai is even fucking less arousing then cheese pizza
and thats at the lowest,
p.s. you can suck my dick , extra protein=extra gainz
n-no homo
Why do you do this anyway?
Does it hurt your feewings
File: 1391136507341.jpg (411 KB, 964x2018) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ohh Congrats then, what do you do when there isnt a fluffy thread to derail though?
File: And (251).jpg (88 KB, 673x950) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
And (251).jpg
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Don't you worry bout my gains bro I got that shit covered

Lurk and post as per usual
Sometimes when I get bored I drop And bombs on YLYL threads or fur threads

Why do you get so upset when I post kawaiidesu animu grills in your thread?
Does it hurt your feelings?
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No you're just a fag who has to ruin all the fun
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Your tears sustain me
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Heaven who was the artist for most of the stuff you first posted. On mobile.
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all these pics are done by an artist named "And"
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You're the best
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summed /b/ up in one post m8
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Awesome story. Very well done. Many internets to you my good anon.
I believe I've heard tales of a product that Hasbro/Hasbio designed to help deal with the over population of Fluffies, Go onto fluffybooru and look up "biotool" and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's kinda cool.
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