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Childhood gay stories!!!
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Childhood gay stories!!!

>Be me
>Be 12, already know a little about sex and masturbate regularly
>A cousin of mine comes to spend the weekend at my home
>He is 9, a little chubby. The ass was fat.
>At night, my parents are sleeping
>We are video-games in my room, I start to get horny because I haven’t fapped in a while
>”Hey, Leo, do you know what sex is?”
>”I have heard of it… Isn’t it that thing adults do that makes babies?”
>”Yeah, but did you know it feels really good?”
>”It does?”
>”Yeah…” My cock Is rock hard already. “Want me to show you? But you cant tell anyone okay?”
>I open my porn folder
>Show him a random porn vid. Standard stuff, girl gives head, then guy fucks her.
>Its obviously the first time he has seen anything like this. His eyes are as large as dinning plates.
>I take my cock out and start fapping. It’s about 4 inches and uncut.
>”What are you doing?”
>”Im fapping. Try it, feels really good.”
>He takes his cock out. it’s 3 inches and uncut too, but his foreskin looks a little tighter.
>”It really does”
>We are both fapping. It’s time.
I am jnterested
>”If you fap mine, I will fap yours. What do you think?”
>”Why would we do that?”
>”It fells even better when someone else does it. Trust me.”
>I grab his smaller cock in my hand. It is very warm. I feel his smaller hand on my cock and he starts to fap me. I do the same.
>”It feels really good!”
>”It gets better…”
>I start to fap him harder.
>We are fappin each other very fast
>”Im felling somethiiiiiii-“
>His cock twitches and thrusts his pelvis for a few seconds. There is no cum, but he definetly came.
>”See told you.”
>”What was that?”
>”That was and orgasm. Now that I made you orgasm, make me do it, ok? Just keep fapping me.”
>He starts to stroke my cock faster and faster, a bead of pre leaves my dick, meaning I am almost cumming. I am seeing stars.
>I cum, two weak spurts of cum leaving my cock. It’s the best orgasm I’ve ever felt.
Maybe I will tell you about the rest of the weekend later, but only if you guys give me some stories as well.
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No. J want to see if it attracts more
J don't thjnk jt wjll
Yeah probably not. I suppose the thread is dead.
>be 10. Best friend is too.
>late at night parents are asleep watching a movie.
>friend "do you want to practice sex?"
>sure. Already have done this with my brother before.
>sit on his stomach naked under the covers.
>"move up closer"
>slide up his chest grinding my hard dick as I go.
>I slide up to his face. He starts sucking on my dick.
>suddenly hear noise. Jump off and hide under covers.
>close call. We go to sleep.
>be 15
>friends younger brother is 12
>always figured he was kinda gay from the shit he was into
>he starts making advances on me out of nowhere
>we dry hump occasionally for some reason, but then he gets curious about my cock
>i whip it out and he goes wide-eyed and puts it in his hand
>starts stroking faster and faster, clearly doesnt know what hes doing but it feels good
>he says he wants to get on top
>fat ass over my cock and he lowers himself onto me
>how the hell did he take my whole cock in?
>friend is upstairs as his younger brother rides my dick
>do this for another 2 years
>He is 9, a little chubby. The ass was fat.
tfw I have an autistic cousin who fits this to a 't' and I want to experiment with him
You ever do it again afterwards?
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>tfw you are my cousin
fake and gay

any of you guys gay? or was it just an experimental phase
you got one thing right. It is gay. Good for you, captain obvious.
>be a long time ago
>best friend and I have been doing shit like this for a while
>we blow each other and fuck each other in the ass
>his cock was bigger than mine so I took the submissive role
>one night we are sleeping in the car outside and he lubes up my asshole and fucks me for a long while
>I imagine the car was shaking pretty hard
>he plows me and I moan like a slut
>he doesn't come but he definately has an orgasm
>I blow him a lot too
>we do this often
I have more if anyone wants
>when I was 15 my cousin and I were together
>we did a fuk on each others pussy
>the end
fucked him right in the pussy
>Be 14, sleepover with best friend also 14
>Stay up late playing vidya, find parents stash of alcohol
>Take 2 shots don't feel anything, see excuse to finally see friend's dick and b8
>Say "Wanna take a naked shot?"
>We strip and take a few more shots, sit and talk and look at each other naked
>Eventually watch porn, masturbate together (without touching) and fall asleep
>Never done anything gay before or since
>be 12 riding an atv with 11 year old cousin
>Hes sitting in backseat
>go over bumpy road
>feel him bring his ups as close as possible to my ass
>feel him get an errection on my ass
>I pull over and make him stand up
>too embarassed to stand up I grabbed him and forced him up
>see him with huge boner
>ask him if he ever fapped before and says yes
>tell him to unbutton his pants and show me his cock, bigger then what I thought
>order him to start jerking off
>I started jerking him off instead and made him cum
> forced him to lick it off my hand to clean up mess
>never speak about it till this day, pretty sure hes too embarassed to say anything
How did you started doing gay shit?
I don't really remember. This first sexual experience I had was with a girl who was older than me. She was in grade six and I wasn't even in kindergarten yet. We dry humped in this shed. Or if you want to be literal, I was molested as a toddler, so I guess my first sexual experience was that. Maybe that's why I did sexual things since before I could even read.
>be me, 7
>best friend, 6
>not sure how it started, but we started pulling our pants down whenever we were alone
>as we got older (between 7 and 12 years old) we started experimenting more and more
>this included
>pissing together
>comparing our dicks
>rubbing each other's dick
>swordfighting (we always had boners)
>rubbing our bodies together
>rubbing our butts together
>putting our dicks in each other's mouth
>spooning and putting our dicks in each other's buttcrack
>we did this every time we were together and alone or slept over
>when we hit puberty we stopped for a year or so, then
>that's when things really got fun
>yfw I am you also
Well, Here we go.
>Be 11
>Friend of mine from school are laying out by the river, in a tent
> We play some vidya in The tent on a small portable Tv
>Eventually we both get a little tired, and get into our sleeping bags.
>He's like, 16 but my parents would let me stay with him since he was nice.
>Wake up, feeling a bit of heat on my face, and something cold against my head
>He's sitting on my chest, no pants or underwear, his cock pressed against my chin, with his hand grazing my hairline
>"Hey... I wanna try something... But you can't tell anyone... Alright?" I nodded nervously and waited
>He smiles, he knows I know what to do
>He strokes himself for a moment before moving up further on me and slipping his throbbing, warm cock into my mouth
>He had pre already dripping
(Continuing in a sec)
I saw my preeschool friend get naked in front of me and I got hard.

thats about it. These stories make me jealous

>He smirked and kept thrusting, He was hard to take, and kind of hurt my mouth
>Eventually he pulls out and turns me over, telling me to bite into my pillow
>He slowly slides his cock into me, I don't wince or anything, I just kind of tighten up nervously
>He wraps his arms around me and keeps thrusting, his balls slapping against my ass
>Eventually he lightly bites my shoulder and gives one hard thrust before cumming in me, and falling over
>Slept great
I have more experiences I can post.
Post moar
God damn I love these threads
>be really young
>neighbor is a good friend, my age, has a younger brother
>used to play hide and seek and shit like that because young
>sometimes little brother would go to the bathroom or things and I'd "find" him there
>I liked it and tried to get him to do things like that every time I went to their house
>I'm not even gay
I've that with little brother

Well, this one was when I was 15. I've always been... Sugary. The same friend from before. We met up at a skate park as per usual, but this time, it was 3:00 pm, Instead of the usual 5:00 pm or early in the morning.
We had a little lounge we set up, since his dad owned the place. Huge tv, old couches, three beds combined to make one huge bed
Anyway, I was sitting on the middle bed since I didn't bring my skates that day, One shoe had a broken wheel axis.
I could hear them talking outside, hushed, but I could definitely hear them talking. I made my way to the window and slightly lifted it up, listening
He was trying to convince the other two to come in and have a little 'fun'. They were all Bi, but I'm just gay. I shrugged it off and went back to sorting through some DvDs, before they came in about 30 minutes later.
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I've posted this before, but here it goes.

>Be 14.
>Christmas Eve.
>We have some kind of family tradition where the whole family comes to our house at Christmas and New Years Eve.
>I fucking hate that.
>The time comes, and my family arrives at 8 pm.
>They're all downstairs having a great time, drinking, chatting and eating.
>Fuck it, Imma stay upstairs in my room playing Kingdom Hearts.
>I'm in my room, alone, when I hear someone knocking at the door.
>"Who is it?".
>"It's me, Charlie".
>Charlie is my cousin who lives in Maine. He was 16 at the time, white, curly/brown hair.
>"Can I come in?"
>"Oh yeah, sure".
>I open the door and he enters the room.
>I lock the door.
>"Soooo, whaddaya playing?".
>"Kingdom Hearts".
>"Can I watch you play?".
>"... Well, you're already here, aren't you?".
>We play and chat for about an hour.
>It was kinda hot, y'know. Mexico is fucking hot even in December.
>"Hey bro, do you mind if I take off my shoes and shirt? It's hot in here".
>"Sure, whatever".
>At the time, I was getting into the foot fetish thing.
>He takes off his shoes and socks. And also his shirt.
>He's now only wearing a tanktop and shorts.
>I take a glance at him, and I have to admit, he's hot for a 16 y/o.

Brb really quick, Imma make some coffee.
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>experimental phase
Why do people keep saying this nonsense? This shit doesn't exist, either you're attracted to the same sex you you're not. There is no "I'm straight but when I was a kid I took 30 cocks up my ass and loved it and sucked off my uncles with glee"
>/b/ like 7 or 8
>friend Chris was like 11
>played truth or dare
>thought it was edgy
he "dared" me to french him
>frenched him
he got hard
>dared him to take his pants off
>he dared me to blow him
>blew him
>remember him moaning and telling me to stop
>he moved away before we could don anything else
>tfw he is now hot as fuck and straight
>tfw i could have corrupted him and made him a sissy
who said they were attracted to them?, they were young... seems like they just did it for pleasure
>be me, 3rd grade
>at best friend's house
>his dad is always at work and his grandma basically ignores him and let's him get away with just about anything
>watching Sailor Moon on T.V.
>this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen
>dick gets hard
>my friend asks me if I want to go into his dad's room to watch tv on the waterbed
>"okay, sure why not"
>we get in there, fooling around on the waterbed when that Timon and Pumbaa animated series came on
>my cock is still really hard, playing with it underneath my underwear.
>suddenly my friend takes his pants off, I do the same
>I kinda roll on top of him and we touch our cocks together
>nothing much really happens, we just lie on top of each other naked watching cartoons
>hear a knock on the door
>peek out the window
>my mom's here to pick me up
>quickly dress myself again
>walk outside to the car, still really sweaty from rolling around on the waterbed
>mom asks why I'm drenched
>"the A/C was off"
>she buys it.
Oh god, moar
When I was really young I spent the night with my cousin, we slept in the same bed he was about 15 and I was around 11 or 10.. He put his dick in my ass while I was sleeping and was humping me. When I woke up and noticed he asked if it was ok, I didn't know what was going on and it kinda felt good so I said ok. I'm 18 and hes in prison... And I've held resentment towards him since I was around 14 for that. He went to prison some years ago and when he gets out im beating the fuck out of him.
sick dare bro

Oh....never mind.
1st time i saw a friend naked i was 7ish. didnt get hard, but since then ive seen all of my friends naked at one time or another, some of them 100s of times both hard and soft, after a while the nostalgia wears off and I didnt get automatically hard as much. thats my cool story hope u lieked
I hope he turns you into a sissy bitch, not saying I hate you, or that you've done something wrong, I just want him to tame your tsundere ass.
I never had a gay experience as I child but I used to get hard in the locker rooms in high school when I saw guys undressing. There were a few I always tried to get a peek at when they were in their boxers.

>They enter the room together and sit around me, and Andrew (My friend from before) Sat up behind me and placed a hand over my ear, whispering to me about what he wanted to do.
>I shrug it off and shake my head, before laying on my side "L-Let's just watch a movie.. It's getting kind of late."
> "Oh come on... It'll be quick.." Andrew wrapped his arms around my waist, before slipping his fingers inside of my jeans and pulling them down a bit
>He laughed a bit at me when he sees that I'm wearing panties
> I groan and lay my head against the other guys leg (Nate) And say "C-Come on... Knock it off.." He slips my jeans off and I sit up, covering myself
>Andrew turns me over onto my stomach, I hesitantly comply
>I feel him press his cock against my ass, kind of rubbing it against my cheek
>At this point, I'm really not in the mood, I was just hoping they'd quit
>He parts my panties and slides his cock into me quickly after he lubes himself up
>I give a small yelp and bite the bedsheets, before Nate pulls me up a bit and stares down at me, before slipping down his pants
>He had to be around 8 inches, and he had a really nice girth, uncut
>I'm starting to get into it a bit, I love sucking cock
>I lean forward and lick the tip, before I start sucking him off
> Andrew is cut, 10 inches. I liked Nates a bit more..
>He starts thrusting a bit harder into my ass and pulling on my hoodie's hood
> I moan, beginning to take Nate's entire cock
>They both get progressively rougher, and eventually Andrew starts to thrust much faster, and it hurts a bit
> I give a soft groan, continuing to suck on Nate's cock hard
>Andrew cums and pulls out, wiping his cock on my ass
>Nate places both hands on my head and presses me down to the base, and I slowly slide back up to the tip, before going back down on him
>He cums hard into my throat, but I keep sucking until he pushes me away, holding his cock in his hand.

>They both get up
i've sucked dick, but you're a fag
God damn my cock is diamond
Funny enough he stopped growing around 15. I didn't. He's about 5"6 and I'm around 6"3.

>Both get dressed, and I watch them both give a fist bump before walking out
> I kind of lay there, still overwhelmed, I kept swallowing, since I think he just came every last drop into my mouth
> I turn over and cover myself before going to sleep, they eventually come in and play some games on the floor
I'll keep going if you want more.
>be 8 or 9
>play little league (i hated sports, but my dad made me)
>hit the ball for the first time
>run to furst base
>the baseman is this adorable little twink boy (about a year younger than me)
>start talking
>next batter hits the ball and runs toward us
>i dont notice
>gets to the base and i realize "crap! i was supposed to run to second!"
>say "it was nice meeting you" to the first baseman, then get tagged out running to second

>come home
>dad asked what i was thinking when i didnt run to second
>tell him i met a really cute boy (i didnt even realize this was gay or sexual at all, but i used the word "cute")
>dad is furious
>beats me with his belt
>grounded for two months. have no idea what i did wrong

>im 24 now and im still scared to come out of the closet
stuck my dick in my younger brothers butt several times.
go on...
please do /b/ro
Yes please I'm gonna cum you glorious winged faggot
Is that how you deliver?
>8-12 years old with similarly aged friend about 10yr ago
>have him come over to my house all the time because he's poor as shit
>have a toy medical kit with a bunch of round and useless toy medical instruments
>decide we should play doctor, and I should be the doctor because I get better grades in science
>tell him to strip, he does

i know what you mean. i remember my 1st locker room experiences in middle school (grade 6). seeing and being seen by other guys/friends for the 1st time was pretty awkward. while showering pretty much everyone get hard at one point or another. I was one of the few uncut guys so i was kinda shy at first, but luckily i was one of the biggest and i got over the shyness in a couple minutes. some others wore swim trunks while showering, was kinda retarded imo.
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This is one gay fucking thread you faggots got here, you fucking gay faggots.
why ask? just do it
Back, sorry guys.

>After seeing him like that, I start to get kinda horny.
>And, it is fucking hot indeed, but I don't want to take nothing off of me so he wont notice my boner.
>We keep the routine for 1 more hour: I play while he watches.
>It's 10 pm already. Only 2 hours left.
>I'm starting to sweat at this point.
>Charlie notices.
>"Hey man, you hot in there?".
>I was wearing some jeans, a shirt and a sweater.
>"N-no, I'm ok".
>"Oh, ok".
>I play for about 30 mn, and I can't stand the fucking heat.
>"I'm sorry, Charlie. But Imma take off some clothes, if you don't mind".
>Also, I was being so nice and "formal" to him because this was the 2nd time we met.
>"Sure thing. It's your house and room after all".
>I take off my shoes, socks, sweater,jeans and put on some shorts.
>"You sure are tanned, bro".
>I was taking surfing classes at the time.
>"Y-yeah. I'm in a surf class".
>Another 20-30 mn goes by, and I have to go pee.
>I put on my sandals and go to the bathroom.
>Geez dude, peeing with a hard on is fucking difficult.
>When I come back, I enter my room and see Charlie sitting on my bed, kinda rubbing his cock through his shorts.
>He stops and quickly stands up.
>He grabs me and locks the behind me.
>"I'm really sorry dude, I'm sorry! Please don't tell your parents!".
>He was yelling at me.
>"Charlie, relax! It's ok!".
>As I say that, I sit down on my bed. I forgot about my boner, and he notices.
>"... Anon?".
>"Dude relax, I'm not going to tell my parents, it's fine".
>He just stares at me. I don't know what is happening.
>I try to understand why is he looking at me like that.
>I remember.
>Holy shit.
I'm hard.
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no story really... very young, learning sexuality. best friend at time tries fucking my butt and we watch each other jack off... at night i just tell my brother imma stick it in his butt, so he pulls down pants and in i go
I want to, but I can't. I'm pretty sure it's illegal
I did gay shit when I was young and I'm not gay now
Here goes

>be 10
>be in 4th grade
>be in crazy ass jesus school
>always taught that homosexuality was wrong
>didn't give a fuck about religion ever
>Hanging out with other friends in classroom
>all girls
>never really sexually attracted to them, they were just friends.
>watching movie, allowed to talk. Teacher went into labor
>Best friend Deja
>she sat on the other side of the room
>we were super fuckin close
>I mean really close man
>like her parents abused the shit out of her and i was always there for her
>she whispers very loudly
>"Oh my god anon, look at the note i found over here on the floor!!!"
>take note and read
>"I want to kiss anon in the mouth"
>"I just want a taste of anon's pussy"
>fumbles paper around, trying to close it up after reading it
>"what did it say anon?"
> "n-nothing.."
>end of day comes a lot sooner, feeling really nervous
>standing next to Deja in dismissal line
>"why would someone write this?"
>she shrugs, says she found it near her desk
>dismissal line leaves, so does teacher
>not paying attention to anything, just the note
>Deja grabs my face
>made out for a solid 15 seconds
>my face is completely flushed
>she walks out and leaves
>standing there, thinking to myself
>"nu-uh. Get back over here."
>I run to her and grab her

nigger your just bumping it for these fags
>he doesnt know how to hide threads
Anyone from the Chicago area trying to have fun? [email protected]

>do some pretty lame tame shit like tap his kneecaps with the fake hammer
>check his heart rate, etc.
>bend him over the bed and half-jokingly press the "syringe" tool up against his asshole
>it goes inside, he gasps
>I'm really curious now, what the hell is going on here
>syringe tool has a bulb on the end of the actual "needle" which was like thicker than a sharpie
>pull it out and he groans, looks at me and asks me to try with something bigger
>use the handle on the hammer tool, it's well-rounded so it goes in really easily
>tells me to move it around, I do so
>start getting really into it, notice his cock is hard
>grab it to inspect it while moving the hammer around in his ass
>soon, he takes a deep breath and the hammer starts moving on its own, like something is clamping on it as he climaxes
>freak the fuck out and pull it away as he dryfires

File: luz.gif (499 KB, 500x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 500x220
>Knows nothing about sex
>Has a porn folder
I smell a little bit of bullshit
>is 12
>have a porn folder
this couldnt be long ago. Underaged b&
File: 1407397080537.jpg (52 KB, 462x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 7yo me
>spend lots of time with my cousins (one's my age and the other is 5
>older cousin has to do chores
>lil cousin and me go outside to play and shit
>suddenly get weird idea
>bring him over to the side yard where no one could see from inside the house
>"you wanna do something fun?"
>"...let's kiss butts.."
>"it'll be fun, I promise."
>MFW my peepee is starting to get hard from talking about this
>"what if we get caught?"
>"we won't. It'll be really quick."
>start giggling like sissy faggot boys
>cousin pulls down cargo shorts
>give his ass a smooch
>MFW I couldn't stop laughing
>MFW peepee so hard
>MFW I like when he does it back
>pull pants back up after deed
>turn to look at him
>both laughing like crazy
>"and just imagine. when we're older like in our 20's we'll be able to kiss butts whenever we want.."
>MFW I'm almost 20 and remember saying that..

> I eventually put on my clothes again once I wake up, wiping my mouth
>It was really dark out, and I'm kind of scared of walking home
> I head outside, Andy and Nate don't notice..
> I fold up my hood and get out my mp3 player, walking out towards the exit
>Suddenly, Terry (Another skater friend of mine) Jumped out from around the exit and gives a playful "Ra!", before dropping his cigarette and rubbing it out
> Terry is like, 6'7, pale, dark brown hair
> I smile, shaking a little bit because of the cold
>"H-Hey..." He nodded to me as I spoke, before placing a hand on my back and walking me out to his car "I'll drive you home..." He says, climbing in
>I nod, staying kind of quiet
>I didn't know him very well, but he's nice.
>I sit down and he drives me home, glancing over at me occasionally
> He places his arm around me, driving with his left hand, I cuddled up against his chest
>We eventually arrive at my house and notice he was nearly out of gas
> I sigh and turn to him, brushing my hair out of the way
"You can come inside i-If you want... It's g-going to be really cold, and you don't need to sleep in your car again.."
> He shrugs and gets out, walking inside with me
> He sets his backpack down, and follows me to my room
>I undress to just my tank top and panties before laying down, covering up
>He does the same
>We listen to music for a bit, and I tell him I was going to go to sleep
> He nods, and I lay down
>Not much later, he taps me on my shoulder
> I can feel him against my back, chiseled body, so warm.
>"Hey... can you sleep?" He asks me, and I shake my head no. He wraps his arms around me, and curls his legs up, he was already kinda hard, his cock pressed up against my ass through his boxers
> I swallow as he slides my panties down
> He slides off his boxers and presses against me again, rubbing back and forth between my ass cheeks
"Mnh.." I gave a slight groan, leaning forward, He kind of hugged me, his cock prodding me
>I cover my boner with my hands as fast as I could.
>Charlie sits in the chair in front of me.
>"... Anon, d-do you want like... uhm, fap each other?"
>I froze.
>"I-it's ok if you don't want to! Forget I said that!".
>"... Fine".
>"I said it's ok".
>Charlie looks kinda shocked, but in no time he sits beside me.
>He pulls off his shorts, revealing his cock.
>I guess I stared at him for a while, because he said something.
>"Are you ok?"
>I take off my shorts.
>He starts to stroke my cock, and I do the same.
>We do this for awhile, until something happened.
>He got close to my face and kissed me.
>I'm not shocked, but surprised.
>I kiss him back.
>We're fapping each other while furiously kissing.
>"Charlie I... I'm about...".
>He suddenly stops.
>"...Why w-would you do that?" I ask.
>"Do you... want to do it?".
>I just lay there, with a hard on and saliva dripping of my mouth.
>Even I was shocked to that response. I've always been a shy kinda guy.
>"I've never done-"
>"It's ok, me neither".
>I really wanna do it with him.
>He lays down on my bed, completely naked.
>I take off the rest of my clothes, and get on top of him, facing his feet.
Every time you mention you were wearing panties, my cock gets even harder
I once hid with my friend in his closet and we kissed and touched each others dicks. He was 9 and I was like 10.
File: 1408130480213.jpg (31 KB, 331x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pls pls pls moar moar moar

> Terry rubs my shoulder and reassures me, "I just wanted you to myself." He says, I can hear him rubbing something on his cock, before pressing it lightly against my ass
His was the biggest, the most girth AND length, uncut.
> He places a couple fingers around my cock and pulls me back, pressing his cock deeply into me
>"A-Ahh.." I groan a little bit cause of the size
>"Too fast..?" He slows down a bit, but keeps pressing into me
>I Don't say anything, and let him keep going
>He starts slowly thrusting into me, rubbing my cock teasingly
>He brings his hand away, holding onto my leg as he starts thrusting a bit harder "Mmnh.." I bite my lip, he keeps going, his full balls pressing against my ass tightly
>He's so hard, throbbing intensely
>It's so hot, deep inside of me
> He presses in the full length, before he starts to pick up the pace, eventually giving a few harder thrusts
>I didn't think he'd finish as quickly as he did, but he quickly pulled me down on his cock, spurting his load into me
>I cum on my chest as he does so, and he gives a little chuckle, keeping it in
> He whispers good night, still keeping it in as he wraps his arms around me
I'm in love
bump. Also, someone archive this thread when its over please
I'm guessing it's dead now. Y'all have a great night and thanks for the stories!
Fuck, the panties guy story alone is worth saving

>She smiles and stops
>"I wanna do that again"
>I look at her and smile. " I wanna try it again"
>we go to the bathroom, they're open till 5:30 due to after school programs
>we go into bathroom
> lock ourselves into a stall
>awkwardly look at eachother.
>she takes charge
>She began to take off my clothes, I let her
>"anon, you know about sex, right?"
> nod
>"how about like, lesbian stuff?"
>Nod a little lighter, didnt wanna seem weird but god did I fucking love lesbians
>"well, lets try it."
>she undresses too
>we're making out in the bathroom stall
>she grabs my boobs
>follows lead, barely knowing what the fuck i'm doing
>thank you porn for teaching me nothing
>when suddenly, an idea sparked
>"Here, roll over Deja"
>she does
>I spread her legs
>Playing with her clit
>She nods
>Keep in mind she was a year older than me, I thought she was superior as far as sex
>Keep doing it
>"lick it"
>um what
>"lick me anon"
>Dafuq you nasty bitch you piss from there

gonna cont
bumping here too.
just read all that, and my raging boner would be happy to read more

>Begin rubbing tongue around her clit
>"a-ah... Shit...." She moaned
>She put her hand on the back of my head
>begin to finger her gently
>Continues to moan and fidget
>"keep going a-anon... I-im... getting.."
>hits her g
>her entire body lifts off the ground like some Chris Angel shit
>"oh my god are you okay"
>"KEEP DOING THAT" she shoved my head back down
>Continues to hit g
>"A-Anon!!!! i-i'm gonna.... c- aaaahmmmmmm!"
>She cums, holding my head down pretty hard
>sees the little bit of cum when pulling out fingers

I regularly gave my friends blowjobs from 6-10. For most kids it was just experimenting but I really loved it.

I haven't been touched sexually since I was 12.
please do
damn I miss fingering women
will deliver anon
>Be me @ elementary school mate's house.
>2nd grade 1988
>Both Home Alone
>Played Atari for hours
>Me goes to parents' bed
>take off pants
>friend follows me
>cpfrottage.jpg under the blankets
>cum with no sperm.
>keep playing atari.
>be me, ~11 with two friends ~10 and ~12
>im on the cumpooter minding my own business playing dumb games
>12yo friend gets mad at 10yo friend and sticks his thumb up his pooper
>10yo starts crying so 12yo takes thumb out and says sorry
>10yo demands justice, he must stick his fingers up 12yo's pooper
>im on the cumpooter like WUT are these faggots doing
>12yo agrees if 10yo doesn't tell on him
>10yo sticks his first and middle fingers up 12yo pooper and wiggles it around
>12yo squirms but eventually admits to liking it
>10yo soon after admits he liked it aswell, they begin fingering eachother's poopers for several minutes
>"hey anon you should join us!"
>im on the cumpooter confused as hell and weirded out, and decline their offer
>eventually parent comes in and breaks it up, friends get in trouble and i play the ignorant card

afaik they never did it again
I came
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>I start to suck him while touching his feet.
>He's sucking me.
>We do this for about 5 mn.
>Until, I feel something that surprised me.
>He'd licked one of his fingers and put it inside of me.
>It felt weird first, but the pleasure started to grow inside of me.
>Of course, there's no need to tell you that I was so fucking horny by that.
>I lick his feet while stroking his cock. By the time I was doing this, 3 of his fingers were inside of me.
>He stops, and starts rimming my butt.
>I can feel his warm tongue coming in & out of me.
>I get shivers, I'm about to come again, but I don't want to.
>I turn around, and we start kissing. I don't want to cum just yet.
>We kiss until the cumming feeling goes away.
>I am now ready for him.
>I put myself like in pic related.
>Grab his cock, and guide it to my asshole.
>Before I know, he's now balls deep inside of me.
>It didn't hurt at all. Actually, it feels fucking good.
>I start moving, while we are kissing.
>I can feel his cock touching my insides. It's so hot I think I'm going to melt.
>We fuck like this for about 5 or 8 mn (?) until hi says.
>"...A-anon. Wanna change p-p-position?".
>"No. I want t-to see y-your face and kiss... you".
>He stares at me and then he starts to move by himself. I'm not moving now, and he's doing it faster with every thrust.
>I'm about to cum again, but I don't say anything this time.
>Before I can do or say anything, Charlie stops and I feel his warm cum inside of me.
>That fucking nailed it.
>I furiously cum on his chest while kissing.
>Charlie lays down on my bed, and I lay on his chest. He's still inside of me.
>Things get kinda cheesy now. And he was only 16. I giggled now that I think of it.
>"Anon, do you... like... do you... DO YOU WANT TO BE MY BOYFRIEND?!".
>It was fucking stupid. Because he lived far away from my house, and I only get to see him twice a year. I think it was the mood, idk.
>We start kissing again for awhile. Then we get up and quietly go to the bathroom to clean up the mess.
>We kiss some more.
That's it. Every time he was at my house, he would take the opportunity to call me "boyfriend", kiss me and fuck. I'm now 20 and he's 22. He has a girlfriend and, she's pregnant btw. I kinda miss doing it with him.

Sorry for the delay guys, my internet is fucking with me.
Is this Nathan in Mesa, AZ?
wow I need this.
not at all

More stories with girls

>be me
>be 12
>obvious qualified sex expert
>Been friends with this girl Kate for 4 years
>live a state away
>play IMVU together daily
>hang out as much as possible, skype, summer visits, sleepovers, etc.
>She confesses her love for me
>Is a Lady's lady
>we date for a while
>stay at her place
>take many pics together, holding hands, walking, kissing, etc
>we kiss a few times
>things are getting intimate
>She starts frenchin
>feels cheeks heating up, I'm nervous with this shit man
>making out for a while now
>she pulls away
>"what's wrong Kate?"
>"anon..." she grabs my hand and places it firmly on her breast
>"I want you to fuck me"
>feeling confident, becoming a horny bastard lately anyway
>Both remove clothes, feeling each other up in the process
>she begins to do stuff to me
>what i've never had stuff done to me wha-OOOW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT
>"Oh anon!! I-I didnt mean to hurt you!! Im so sorry!! i-"
>"....Do it again."

File: 1403944939956.jpg (10 KB, 300x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Except it does exist. I used to fool around with guys and I'm not remotely interested in that anymore. It's not like I was ever attracted to them at the first place, it was just an easy way to get sexual gratification in youth when your hormones are raging like mad with frequent arousal and women aren't at that stage yet where they would be sexually active or feel the drive for it except perhaps a few rare cases when in the case of males once puberty hits your sexual drive skyrockets.

The whole born this way thing is mostly propaganda and bullshit. Most gay people are just sexual deviants who can't learn how to control their sexual drive and would stick their penis into almost anything to achieve sexual gratification, other males seeking the same are just more common and more accessible in comaprison to women.
Please may I have some more
>women aren't at that stage yet where they would be sexually active or feel the drive for it except perhaps a few rare cases

are you completely fucking retarded? girls go through puberty and gain their sexuality way before boys. girls start masturbating at like 8 on average while boys dont usually start till 11-13
>how the hell did he take my whole cock in?
which is why you are fake and gay
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>she hesitates, then smiles
>continues to nibble on my breasts and nips
>Strangely enjoy the pain
>She begins to play with my clit and pussy, just gently rubbing
>feels amazing
>"You can...uh.."
>"what is it anon? What can I do?" She smirks
>"Finger.. m-me.." hiding face
>She goes down on me and i cover my face
>begins tonguing me and playing with my clit, switching where her mouth decides to go
>grab breasts and squeeze
>She bites my clit gently
>gameover, I cum
>My back arched, my toes curled, my mouth was gaping, the sheets were clutched in my hands

how about a more recent story?
See this.
im not gay and even i feel sorry for you
File: 1408205933923.jpg (194 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yes please share
File: 1407278057731.png (81 KB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're an idiot who obviously has had very little experience with women and their sexuality. I'll leave you at that. I don't care about some studies that show when which sex peaks but womens sexuality and sex drive is quite a lot different from that of a man. It's just how thigns in nature are, men are driven to spread their genes and impregnate while women don't have this drive to sleep with as many men as possible.
>implying 60% of /b/ isn't 15-20 year olds
fucking homophobes
I actually have a whole bunch of stories like these, always liked guys but I refused my feelings because of how much gay stuff I did as a kid until about last year, still like girls though. Will post as AL, so you know it's my story.
>Be around 8 or 9
>Dads new gf and him hanging out at her house, I'm with.
>She has a daughter and a son
>Son is about 10-12
I forget how our playing started but it got heavy quick
>He starts to touch my dick, feels weird but not bad, have no idea what's going on
>Tells me to touch his
>Keep going, tells me to go down and lick it
>Remember liking the feel of it in my mouth so I always kept going
>Had to quit due to having to watch School of Rock
>Shit was a great movie
>Played footsies with eachothers dicks under a blanket above us.
>Got weird huge feeling to put his dick in my mouth
>Tried to but he had to keep pushing me away because it was too obvious
And thus begins my tales.
>be me
>starting age ~11
>both parents work so I go to my neighbours house every day after school
>he was that cool adult, I have no idea how old he was
>drove a sports car, seemed to live the life
>during summer he also let me swim in his pool to keep me occupied
>one day he convinced me to go skinny dipping
>kind of grew out of that but don't really think it's weird so go along with it
>this happens a few more times
>after one time I went into the shower to rinse off and he came in too
>uncomfortable as fuck but wanted to be as cool as him so I went with it again
>this continues
>until he tells me to touch his dick one day
>I had some concept that this was gay
>he puts pressure on me
>do it
>he makes me stroke him
>more escalation occurs until I am sucking his dick basically every day after school
>by now I'm ~12ish
>introduces me to anal sex
>used to sit me in his lap at his computer desk and lower me onto his dick
>this was like 80% of the time the rest of the time was on his bed flat on my stomach just taking it
>doesn't hurt but I don't really get anything from it
>don't stop him and don't tell anyone

By the time we moved away he was basically getting a complete blow job and ass fuck out of 13 year old me every day. He came in my mouth every single time and held my nose until I swallowed.
fuck you all
Alrighty, all aboard the SS I had to prove to my grandma I wasn't a lesbian

>be 15
>just got out of school, fuck yes
>invite three girlfriends over for a "slumber party"
>"Jesus anon, how'd you get these bottles of vodka"
> I didn't get ID'd, cashier was too fucked up on pain killers to care
>Start out slowly, little bit of vodka with Arizona Iced Tea
>begin playing drinking games
>friend Emily is straight up drinking out the bottle
>half hour later
>drunk as fuck
>Emily is into bdsm or some shit
>"Hey anon, whip her with a belt"
>Fucking genious, she'll be so pissed
>whips her
>"Ah, mmmm..!"
>laughing so hard with other friend
>"omg anon FUCK HERRRR"
>challenge accepted

File: 1399395069175s.jpg (3 KB, 117x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had to go find this
It's AL.
>Be 8 or 9 still, maybe 10
>Dad is still dating his squeeze, I come over to their house every time I visit dad
>Always kept going with the chicks son
>Never really washed down there but was cut
>Always had to clean off white skin before playing with each other
>Started stroking each other, blowjobs becoming more frequent due to my craving to suck him
>"Hey AL, you know the white stuff that comes out of your wee wee makes babies?"
>Thought he meant the skin, thought we could make babies
>Decided to get his "white stuff" out of him once he explained it to me
"He like bj's so I kept going, really excited now by new knowledge
>Thought I could make a baby if he came into my mouth
>He grunted a lot and I felt something warm
>Had to make it to my stomach somehow
>Get finished, watch tv, get weird feelings again and ask him if he wants to play
>"Nah not right now"
>Bastard I wanted that cock.
Don't ask just post! Im lurking
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Lawd yes
>be me, don't remember how old, but it was first grade
>girl across the street is 5 years older than me, only kid besides me that lived nearby (we lived in an old person town)
>so she's my best/only friend at the time cause she was the only other kid
>she learns about sex
>tells me all sorts of things about it and how you're supposed to do it
>we're swimming in a blow up pool in my yard one day
>she's talking about it again
>go to dry off in the bathroom
>didn't take clothes with me
>left swim trunks in the bathtub
>go to get clothes, she's outside the door
>looks at me like "wtf why are you naked" cause I'm still at that age
>"I forgot to take clothes with me, hey why don't we do those things you told me about"
>she says no
>I don't really care, cause again, at that age
>go get dressed

I asked her all the time about stuff but the most she ever did was let me feel her (lack of) boobs, I'm still not sure why she told me so many things about it when she didn't want to try anything
File: 1407552685879.jpg (34 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Take it as you wish. That's my life experience and lessons learned. I used to think I was gay but over the years as my sex drive slowed down from the constant hornyness of the teen years I realised that being "gay" was just fast route to extremely easy and however frequent I wanted option to getting off which was way more pleasurable than masturbation.

I really don't know, perhaps there are people who are attracted to men but even when sleeping around with guys most were in it for the quick pleasure instead of some affection.

Statements like mine are less common but mostly because they can't really be freely expressed. The homosexual community will never admit that it really is a bunch of sexual deviants with no stable relationships or monogamy, only with constant seeking of new sexual pelasure. And the traditional society in which many men have gone through that phase will never talk of it as I never do except in an anonymous place like this because it is an personall embarassment that you fell so low to become nothing better than a drug (sex) addict and the alienation that such a revelation would cause from your close ones and society.

There is definitely an experimental phase. It's sad that you never got to experience it.

Here is my story from when me and my friend were 10 years old.

We were playing catch in my front yard and after a bad throw from my friend the ball we were throwing bounced off my glove and rolled into the bushes in front of my neighbor's house.
There was a space between the bushes and the house so I slid in there to retrieve the ball.
This was also directly in front of my neighbor's basement window and just before I went to grab the ball the light from the TV in the basement caught my attention and I didn't mean to be nosey but I turned my head in the direction of the window out of instinct.
The curtains on the window were closed but the material was so thin that I could see right through them and I could clearly see the TV.
When I realized what was on the TV my eyes lit up in disbelief because I had never seen anything like it before but on the screen was a gay porno and I clearly saw one man sucking another man's dick on the screen.
I froze and my eyes were glued to the screen but I saw some movement in the corner of my eye coming from across the room where the couch was.
When I turned my head to see what had caught my attention I completely forgot about the porno movie on the TV. There on the couch were two grown men, completely naked, making out with each other and playing with each others cocks, and one of them was my neighbor. My neighbor had been married but his wife divorced him about two years earlier.
But I could not believe what I was seeing and I could not take my eyes away. The men continued making out and fondled each other when my friend came walking into the bushes and started to ask what was taking so long. I shhhushed him right away and pointed into the window to show him what I was looking at. He peeked into the window with me and he could not believe it either.
amazing admittance that you have absolutely zero clue what the holy fuck you are talking about
I've got one, but it's from when I was 16, so, I don't know if I should.
deliver anyways

We both just stood there and watched in amazement at these two men on the couch for a couple more minutes before my neighbor slid down onto the ground between the other man's legs and started sucking him off.
Neither me nor my friend said a word and just watched in amazement. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this before and I don't even think we had even had the thought of two men having sex together so what we were watching was blowing our minds.

Almost as if my mom knew what we were doing I heard the front door to my house open up and then heard her call out to me telling me it was time for supper.
Me and my friend both paniced but I managed to remember to grab our ball before me and my friend jumped out of the bushes together.
While I went to go eat my friend went home to eat as well but told me to come right over once I was done.
I felt unusually anxious to get over to my friends house and ran there as soon as I was done with my supper. I waited outside until my friend was done eating but as soon as he came out with me he suggested we go back into the bushes and try to see my neighbor again
AL again
>Maybe 10 this time
>Still oblivious to what the fuck sex is
>Keep visiting that same house
>We decide to be risky one day and play in every room around the house
>HUGE fucking house
>We end up dodging close calls, but always doing bj's, handjob's, hell we even watched movies with the whole family and we played with eachother while they were right next to us
>Don't know why but felt exhilarating
>End up downstairs under big pool table
>Things get heavy there, we take off all our clothes
>Rubbing on each other, rubbing dicks together, all that
>He tells me to wait, he get's dressed and leaves
>I wait
>And wait
>But I'm a horny 10 year old, I have no concept of time
>Sitting under there naked
>Dad and his friend come find me under pool table, apparently I was gone forever
>They ask me why I was naked under there
>Tell this cause the son told me to
>They were confused but didn't read much in it, I did have a weird imagination then.
>Go upstairs clothed to his room
>He starts touching my cock, saying sorry he forgot
>Too absorbed in cool new toys
>Fucking Star Wars pod racers, so cash.
>he came but nothing came out
wtf.. I thought that was just me.....
Oh do explain then. I've had sexual contact with men, slept around with many girls in early 20s and I am now married in a stable relationship. Now it turns our I know nothing of human sexuality and differences of sexuality between the genders. Enlighten me , I'm sure you've read some interesting articles and books that most surely are more to reality than my experiences.
Enjoy the ride, /b/

>Take belt, wrap it around wrist a bit
>"Oh Emmiiiiiiii"
>Emily is drunk and horny as fuck, she already started taking off her clothes.
>"Y-yes mommy?"
>Lose my shit, along with other friend
>Stop laughing, shit gets real
>Grab her by the chin "Get naked for mommy"
>"yes mommy, get my binky so I'm quiet like a good little girl"
>Oh my god she's into DD/LG
>she actually brought binkies and stuffies its so fucking cute
>grab her hair and pull her head up, kiss her and put the binky in her mouth
>pull her thong up a bit and her pants down to her knees, then telling her to lay with her ass in the air
>she obeys
>oh god its so hot
>Whips her across the ass with the belt
>She moans with the binky in her mouth, grabbing the sheets and blankets
>Whips again
>shes begging for more
>"punish me mommy, I've been such a bad girl"
>Other friend is masturbating to everything
>gently rub hand on her now bright red ass
>rub fingers across her soaked pussy
>she jerks forward, shes so sensitive, Its so fucking cute
>"Baby girl, eat out mommy's friend. Play with her too"
>"yes mommy, will you play with my pussy too?"
>"Of course." Pull the binky out of her mouth, she immediately starts eating out other friend

gonna continue


>be me at 16
>have a friend of the same age
>we've had a history of doing some gay stuff, we used to make out when we were kids, and lately we started sucking each other off, I even let him cum in my mouth a couple of times, swallowed it all
>we're in my room, just watching tv
>we start getting into it again, he decides to lay on my bed
>I grope his ass through his shorts, I nuzzle my face against his ass
>I pull his shorts and boxers down, ass was fat
>heart pounding, I grab some lube and rub it on my cock and against his asshole
>push it inside
>I can feel him tense up, he's so tight
>start thrusting, feelsgoodman
>give his ass a couple of smacks
>keep thrusting
>eventually get that build up in my balls
>go balls deep before releasing a huge load in his ass
>wait a little bit to make sure it's all inside
>pull out, he puts his underwear and shorts on
>go clean ourselves up

I still fantasize about it occasionally, it was nice.
Damn! I was SO hoping by the end of your story you were porking away on his fat ass or that you at least licked his balls and described a long melodic groan he made.
File: 1406478913460.gif (495 KB, 194x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This was the best thread I have ever ran into.
Thank you all
File: 1408413224937.gif (386 KB, 420x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT you're all a bunch of glorious faggots.

And that's cool.
I need to get up in the morning, but I know this thread will be gone by then. This has been a very good night and I love this thread

Thanks, Anon.


We're glad it was a good night for you.
Fuck can't believe im posting this but,
>be me around 8
>cousin is 8 also
>he wouldn't come to my house much cause our moms sorta hated eachother
>whatevs didnt give a shit
>anyways, we started expiermenting sucking his dick he sucked mine
>didnt really like it, was really salty from what i remember
>did this for a month, he came to my house 3 times in this month
>we would hide under my bunkbed the bottom bed was tooken out it was like a small crawlspace
>one time when we were doing this (sucking eachothers dicks, kissing) my other cousin around 16 girl saw us doing this
>we freaked out being 8 and thought we were going to go to hell for being gay and shit
>told our parents about this
>got spanked for doing this
>dont remember doing any of this again, we dont talk much and hes really socially awkward now

We raced back to my house and slipped back into my neighbor's bushes as quickly as possible. To our disappointment though, the TV was off, the basement was dark and we did not see my neighbor or his friend in the basement so we left the bushes.
I asked my friend what he wanted to do now and he suggested we go to his house and make a fort in his crawlspace.
I wasn't really thinking about the gay sex we had witnessed earlier, anymore, but when he said, lets make a fort, I got kind of excited by it and I had an idea of what my friend wanted to do once we got it set up.

We raced over to my friends house and told his mom that we were going to play in the crawlspace and as soon as she told us not to make a mess we raced down into the basement and entered the crawlspace together.
The had a bunch of big boxes in there so we pushed them all around us with only a little opening to get in and out and then we drapped a blanket over top.
Before going into our newly built fort my friend also grabbed a flashlight becuase it was going to be pretty dark in the fort.
As soon as we were in the fort together my friend was not shy and we started talking about what we had seen at my neighbor's house before we had to go for dinner.
We told each other how cool it looked and that it was exciting to see my neighbor and his friend completely naked. My friend then just came right out and asked if I wanted to show him my cock and he would show me his and I was all for it and this as this was what I expected us to do once my friend suggested we build a fort even though we had never done anything like this with each other before.
We both got kind of shy and blushed a little bit as we both pulled down our pants at the same time. He held the flashlight and shined it on my penis so he could get a really good look at it and then put the light on my cock so he could see mine.
>>how the hell did he take my whole cock in?
fake and gay
AL's 2nd to final story
>In 2nd or 3rd grade
>remember all the cool shit I did with the son and how I liked it
>I was itching for more for some reason
>Decided to make another boy my age like it
>I forget how but we just found out we were into this stuff
>We do some strange stuff, touching each other straight up in public, computer class, etc
>Computer class is where we had the most fun
>Everyone was so absorbed in it we'd sit next to each other and touch each others dicks
>Yes even whip them out and do it
>Sometimes he or I would go under the tables and suck each other off
>It always felt really good, and I loved having his dick in my mouth
>During recess one day
>Decide to make our lower regions tastier
>Secretly smear peanutbutter on our dicks
>We were able to get a few licks off in computer class but ultimately because we were making too much noise we were a "bid distraction to learning"
>Bitch I'm learning how to suck dick
>Get separated
>Get no chance to wash off dick
>Have to deal with peanutbutter dick for the rest of the day until I get home
>Covertly scrub it all off myself and my pants
>Never found out

>Lay Emi on her back
>other friend hovers over her, Emi begins eating her out like shes starving
>Other friend (Collett) needs to lean against the wall from pleasure
>fingering Emi and biting her thighs, hips, and occasionally clit
>she begs for more
>"Please lick my clit mommy.. It feels soooooo good"
>Well, she said please
>Run tongue against her clit,she loves it
>continue to lick her clit as I finger her, digging for her to cum
>Hitting her g like a pro
>she pressed her face hard against collett's pelvis as she toys with her
>Collett is a solid 8/10, we have a lot of sexual and emotional history
>"Be careful with her Emi, make her feel good."
>she obeys, and I push two fingers in, biting her whenever I thought she had to tone it down with Collett
>Rubs her clit fast, making her eventually cum
>"A-anon, I'm cumming!!!!"
>Proceed to rub her clit and finger her fast, she eats it up
>she made collett cum as soon as possible, like a good girl.

Next up, I get a special treat. Moar?
Well, men who identify as homosexual and frequently indulge in homosexual behaviour actually have differed neuroanatomy than that of men who identify as straight, as demonstrated in the studies of scientists such as Dr. Qazi Rahman. If you've ever enjoyed homosexual sex, then it's likely that you have deep-rooted biological differences when compared to the average heterosexual man. The reality of your sexual proclivities differ greatly from your rationalization as them simply being a few youthful indiscretions; an adequate knowledge of biology shows that it's far more likely that you're living a lie out of social convenience. I'm sorry.
At first I wanted to think, underageb&...then I realized just how long that shit's been out and I suddenly feel old. Christ I've been on /b/ way too long.
My sister kinda raped me when I was 5 or 6. But that's not gay.

Only gay thing I can remember sort of was some chinese kid when I was 4 or 5? At this point I remember I was learning how to spell my own name. In first year of primary school, we were all sat at one of those round tables that seats maybe four kids. At some point this chinese kid starts grinning wildly and I notice other kids at the table looking underneath, so I took a look under and saw he had a fully erect dick out of his fly showing it to all the other kids at the table. It was probably the first time I saw an erect dick and I was kind of disgusted. I didn't get it. It was only later that I realised it was sexual. But the image of his little yellow chinese hard dick and his stupid chinese grin always stuck with me.
based femanon

We looked at each others penis for about 2 minutes before my friend just reached out and grabbed my cock for the very first time and very gently and slowly began to slide his fingers all over it.
I immediately reached out and fondled his penis and we laid down side by side on the ground together with our pants around our knees and started playing with each others young penis. I loved it.

We fondled each other for about another 5 minutes before my friend rose up onto one elbow and looked down at me and asked me if I wanted to try what we had seen my neighbor and the other guy were doing. I knew exactly what my friend meant and I told him that if he went first I would do it.
My friend blushed when he heard this but started to slide down beside my body right away. With his hand still wrapped around my cock he looked at me and told me that we could not tell anyone about this and I assured him I was not going to tell anyone.
My freind seemed to have to gather his nerves but once he did he pointed my cock right up at his face which he lowered and took my cock directly into his mouth. He quickly pulled off after only about 10 seconds and told me that I had to do it to him now.
I had never even though about putting another boys penis in my mouth before but for some strange reason I could not wait to wrap my lips around my friends young hairless cock.
My friend slid upwards while I slid down until his cock was right in front of my face. Just like him, I had to gather all my nerve but when I did I quickly lowered my head and took my friend's cock into my mouth for the very first time in my life and I just held it there waiting for the taste and feel of that slab of meat to hit my senses.
Surprisingly there was not really much to it and having his cock in my mouth was not bad at all. It did not really stink or anything and did not have much of a taste.
AL's final story, unless you want a straight one as well
>4th grade now
>still loving this playing around stuff
>The friend I mentioned earlier and I start to get heavier and riskier
>Different classes now though
>Only time to play is during recess
>A lot of times it'd be accidental touching that set us off
>But once one of us was turned on so was the other
>We decided since we're both boys we can be in the same bathroom
>Use handicapped stall next to door (weird)
>Would rub our bodies and cocks on each other, always full pants off
>It was just blowjobs back then but damn they were good for that age
>Always stopped when we felt like we were going to "pee" that is the feeling of it when your that age after all
>One days he goes harder than normal
>About to feel something come up
>Suddenly loud knocking
>Get asked by some other kid "Why are there two of you in there"
>Scared shitless, pants around ankles, don't want to move, can't
>Guess this makes kid uninterested from no response
>He walks away, I pick up pants and we leave the stall one by one
straight one is fine
File: cg.jpg (349 KB, 1606x1432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349 KB, 1606x1432

>we pass out after that
>next day
>phone rings at 1:45 pm
>Holy shit I slept....7 hours.
>Friends left, got picked up, let me sleep
>"hello?" Exhausted
>"Hey there anon!!" Friend Amanda calling
>"Oh, hey. What's up?"
>"Can I sleep over tonight?"
>oh my god what have my friends done
>They know I wanna fuck her, she's 10/10 short redhead
>"Uh, y-yeah, sure!"
>Oh my god
>Spend next few hours cleaning up last nights mess, washing the pussy/vodka scented sheets
>Eventually Amanda comes around
>"Oh my gawd anon I missed chu soooooososooso much!!!!" She runs and Koala hugs me
> Holy shit its so cute
The night goes on
>Hanging out
>"Soooo, Emi told me you were drinking last night."
>"Oh, hahaha, yeah."
>"got anymore?"
>Oh my god YES
>"Yeah yeah!" pulls out suitcase from under my bed. "You can choose"
>Her eyes light up, she chose a bottle of UV \
>We drink, she pulls out the bud
>MY eyes now lit up
>and so did the joint
>drunk and high as fuck, she straddles me
>"What are me gonna do on the bed, anon?"
> obvious blushing is obvious
> she leans over and starts kissing me
>Running her hands up my shirt

I think that's possibly the difference between gay and straight. I'm bi, I've fucked men and women.

But with women there's always an emotional component, they're "giving up" something and after you fuck a female friend everything's changed.

Whereas fucking your male friends, as a dude, is just a bit of fun. A dick suck here, handjob there, maybe a fuck here. It's just a good time. Like having a meal, watching a movie, playing a game. It doesn't "mean" anything afterwards. You did stuff to eachother because you were horny.

BUT, maybe that's because I'm not gay? Maybe gay men actually attach a real emotional component to sex with other men. Or maybe it's just because women are overemotional and treat their vagina like an artificually limited supply of commodity in the sex market.
>A dick suck here, handjob there,
Old MacDonald sucked a dick, el oh el oh el
so wait, chicks in high school were banging each other all the time?
what the fuck
I have one.

>Be me in 4th grade
>New kid moves in
>He was really tall for his age
>About 5'8
>I'm like 5'2
>He moves in like 4 houses away so new friend of course
>we get to hanging out
>He was a 5th grader so I felt cool hanging out with him
>About a month in we get to know each other well and something happens
>"Hey anon, how big is your peepee?"
>>"What do you mean?"
>"Like is it big?"
>>It was like maybe 3 or 4 inches, no clue, but I say "Not to big, why?"
>"Let me see it"
>I obliged thinking this was cool or something
>He sees it and starts to suck on it
>I knew what sex was but didn't know what it felt like
>He tells me to do what he just did to him
>I gladly do so
>His dick was just a little bigger than mine
>Things get hot until he cums in my mouth
>I didn't particularly like it but swallowed anyways
>This shit goes on for days until he says "Can I try something new?"
>>"What is it?"
>"Just pull your pants off and turn around."
>Sticks his cock in my ass
>I mean, It just slipped in and I felt like I couldn't move it was so good
>after about 10 minutes he starts pounding my ass
>Then all of a sudden I feel him stop and it get warm in my asshole
>Realize his cum was in my ass
>Sit there in bliss for like 5 minutes and clean up
We did this for years but now we have girlfriends and don't really even talk. Definitely miss it.
stop wasting my time. fake and gay.

>so horny at this point
>"P-please Amanda.. don't tease me.."
>She smirks and does just that, running her fingers gently over my crotch
>oh god i'm so wet
>she takes off my pants
>"Wow anon.. you're so wet..." She runs her fingers up and down while pushing up my shirt
>sit up and she takes my bra off while kissing me
>"jesus fucking christ anon..."
>"your boobs are fuckin huge. My face fits in the cup of your bra"
>she put her face in the cup of my fucking bra
>Her entire face. It is a little small, but still. her entire face
>She comes back after I lay down and try to act cute
>I'm curled up cuddling a pillow
>She bites my ass
>"Im not done with you yet, anon"

AL's straight story then, final one
>Be 8
>There's this neighborhood bully/brat girl, was probably 12
>Not bad, I remember she had a tomboyish haircut and freckles
>She wasn't a bad girl, just socially weird
>One day her, her two sisters, a friend of mine, and I were all playing
>While they're off burning ants the girl comes up to me and asks me to follow her to "play a game"
>We go just around the corner into
>She tells me to stay still
>She kisses me with her tongue
>Achievement Unlocked: "Weirded out by a french kiss"
>Asked me how it was
>"I dunno"
>Her sisters call for us to play more
>She grabs my hand and pushes it to her crotch telling me to grab there fastly
>Sister getting irritable, we get out of our spot and play until they're distracted again
>She drags me to a different corner
>Tells me to grab her nipples
>the hell am I doing?
>Then tells me to get on knees
>She pulls down her pants and panties
>Tells me to lick
>I do it confused where her dick is
>She asks me how it is
>"ick it's bad, not good"
>If I remember right it -was- sweet just tasted like piss
>Sister once again irritable, comes looking for us
>Almost get caught, just looks like we're playing with rocks
End up next week finding a porn mag in front of their house on a windy day, looking back I'm gonna guess she just figured out what sex and stuff was and wanted to try it. Well that's all my stories that really happened to me in my life, if you don't believe em, sorry bucko.
Thanks anon. Great stories.
Sounds like my own terrible tale.

>can't be older than 5, maybe 6
>babysitter's house all day because both parents work, not in school yet
>babysitter has 12ish or so granddaughter who visits occasionally, usually ignores us kids or bullies us one
>one day I'm the only one there and she comes over
>Babysitter doing dishes in kitchen
>girl takes me from playroom into back spare room with a couch, tells me to drop my pants, close my eyes and don't dare peek
>me being a stupid naive kid, do as told, not even peeking
>hear shuffling, then feel her climbing onto couch above my crotch
>feel what honestly felt like rough sandpaperyness, probably light/shaven bush, rubbing against dingle-dangle
>she asks what it felt like
>naive reply, "it felt weird, like sandpaper or something"
>she seems a bit insulted, started to do more but heard babysitter finish dishes and start calling for her, panicmodeengaged.jpg and she redresses and tells me to too and to not say anything
>never anything after that, sadly

I'm pretty sure that's around the same point I figured out dryhumping masturbation though, and also part of what made me act like such a faggot in school pinching other boys' butts and such up till Middle School when that shit don't fly anymore.
I have another story not really gay. But still something.
>be me 14
>with 7 other friends all same age, at party watching youtube, playing games, normal shit not alchohol, cause mom was still there, asleep tho
>anyways we all sitting in living room talkinh about grills, mainly george foreman grills, they're thr shit
>sitting there listening and my friends comes to couch i was sitting on
>say im cold take the blanket he was covered in, share that shit like no tomorrow
>soon enough we are really close to eachother, couch is sinking in and creating black hole from hell
>legs together all hairy and shit, i like it was comfortable
>scared of boner cause baggy sweat pants and loose blanket
>then he gets invited to sit with some others
>looks way more uncomfortable
>he was inbetween two other guys looked cozy but not, in the middle i guess
>was left alone layed down stayed up all night talking still about grills watching gabriel iglacius, hes fucking hilarious, playing apples to apples cause friend doesnt have cards against humanity,
>oh well
>pretty sure hes gay, not sure i think hes hidding
>teh ned

You were sucking his cock. Somehow I doubt he'd have ended up the sissy to a fucking seven year old.

God, you faggots don't even try with this shit anymore.
please do conyinue
>4 inches
Was I the only 12-13 year old with a 5 inch dick
I think she fell asleep.
I hope not, loved almost all of these stories, hers being on my top 3
OP confirmed Fag
yay :)
/angelic choir
Is there any chance for us to see your face anon ?
>getting off to this post

am i going to hell
Hell no.

kek, get it?
We all are, most likely
...or tits?
A friend of mine would mention all the pussy she was getting. IIRC, she fucked her brother's GF, as well.

So, yeah, that was the impression I got.
File: what a fag.jpg (26 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what a fag.jpg
26 KB, 640x640
o face
I got a few.

>be in preschool so between 4-5.
>my preschool is badass, it's kind of like CHuck E Cheese's i.e It has arcade games, a bouncy thing that inflates and a huge jungle gym like thing that is basically all tubes, not sure what they are called.
>anyway talking to this kid about one thing or another nd he starts talking about sex and he convinces me to try it with him.
>we go up to the aforementioned jungle gym like thing and go into the and pull down our pants and proceed to lay on top of each other penises touching.
>I was on top.
>we basically just grind for awhile. felt good man.
>Don't recall ever seeing that kid again. I think he might have been someone there for the games and not someone who was part of the preschool.

that was about it as far as sexual experiences go until I was 13/14. Will post if anyone is interested. Might be a tad too old to be of interest though.
>he kept thrusting
How the fuck do you niggers not puke? I can't even stick my finger down my throat without a little bit of puke coming out
Holy hot damn.
And tits
Adorable. You look like a Lindsay to me.
And I am hard. Jesus Christ.
Holy fucking shit hawt

Jelly of those girls
go ahead and post them.
Thank you based anon, now I know how I'm supposed to imagine you. Also, nice tits
File: 4756-wh-why.png (90 KB, 261x234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 261x234
>cousin 4 years older
>always spent time together
>wrestled and shit
>dat manly smell
>never made me touch or suck his dick

Pfft I used to have a really bad gag reflex, I guess you do too, You get over it
>Popsicles and bananas
Not sure if anyone is reading my shitty stories but I got one more.
>be 12 or 13
>friend is 12 or 13 also
>he was my besfriend so he would come to my house often, vice versa
>anyways one time, we were really horny being pre puberty guys, puberty just hit so fap to anything
>had acsess to interwebz, first things first, we look up some porn
>being plebs we both watched it not waiting turns or anything
>took about 6.9 years to find a video we both agree on
>fap viciously pants to the floor, super close to eachother
>all you here is a chick fapping with dildo, and two pre teen boys fapping together
>middle of the fap seesion he asks
>"hey anon, have you ever even fapped before?"
>pretty much answers that
>i think he came, dunno maybe faked it cause really weird
>was hard to fap cause i was pressed against arm rest and legs are in triangular position or what ever you call it
>i came, well not really not jizz just pre cum
>we do this many times
>we stopped after a whilr till he would sit on other couch and watch pr0nz
> we not friends anymore cause he moved
>and we had a fight
>the last story i have, night guys
This is ignorant bait bullshit.

I've always identified as straight, but I've been hot since the day I turned 16. Always had guys hitting on me, most of the time more than girls. One night I ended up fooling around with a guy friend of mine. It was fun. But it was probably on the same level as girls making out when they're in college.

We made out a lot, I liked that. He sucked my dick, that was okay. He tried to get me to fuck him. I didn't, and I wasn't down. Inevitably I like the feeling of a woman's body more than a man's.

There's just something sort of raw and carnal about fooling around with a guy. It was really fucking hot. It's just, I wouldn't fuck him and I wouldn't let him fuck me. None of that made sense to me, I just liked the foreplay.

I might be a great candidate for the Devil's Threeway, we'll see what shakes loose as I get older.
alrighty. im already getting an intense nostalgia boner.

>be me, 9
>friend is spending the night
>playing with legos
>he tells me about how theres some guys that stick their dicks in other guys assholes
>he expects me to be grossed out
>im interested
>i ask him if he wants to try it
>he says ok
>we strip down and start trying to get our dicks inside each others assholes
>i think of stretching it out with our fingers
>i spit on my finger to lube it up and it goes in after a little pressure
>he says it feels weird but kinda good
>i stretch it out a little more
>stick dick inside
>it feels really weird
>in and out til i cum
>he does the same for me
>we put our clothes back on and i go get some of my sisters clothes and a cheap slutty wig she had
>we start dressing up as girls, he looks like a chubby kid in girls clothes but i look like total jailbait
>we suck each others dicks all night

his cum tasted weird, but you gotta hand it to us, we had the ability to cum at 9. i had a boyfriend from boy scouts that couldnt until he was 12.
im bisexual, have known since i was young, and i also had experiences with some girls when i was younger.

i also have more gay stories, ill post more.
My internet will be the fucking death of me

>lay back in bed
>she plays with me, gently stroking my clit through my panties
>aAH god its too teasy
>flinch out of pleasure
>she thinks its adorable
>does it again
>chokes on own spit like a fucking doofus
>"Oh my god anon are you okay?"
>embarrassed "y-yeah.."
>she gives me my drink and kisses my forehead
>i lay back down and she plays with my clit through my panties again
>oh my god the urge is killing me
>"P-please.. do anything you want to me"
>"anything?" She smirks
>Amanda takes off my panties and plays with my clit
>oh my god i got chills instantly
>she starts by just gently rubbing me and biting me everywhere
>in pure fucking ecstasy
>moaning gently
>"shhh, Anon... Hush your pretty little moans"
>She actually remarks on which
>"wow, you're so fucking wet. What a filthy little slut you are"
>"Y-yes ma'am. I'm a horny slut"
>She licks my stomach, dragging her tongue
>fucking tease machine
>she plays with my clit and fingers me
>she curls her fingers inside me upwards a bit, hitting the g
>oh fuck oh fuck
>"a-ah! J-jesus, fuuuck, Oh my god, k-keep on... hhhitting itttt.."
>She stops every fucking time i get close to cumming

Bit hazy but I've been lurkan suppose I can post mine.

>Be me, experimental at ~12y/o
>Same age boy David lives at the other end of the circuit we were in
>Go over to his house a lot, had a pool and a ton of cool fucking toys
>One night while watching TV he starts playing with himself under a blanket
>I get turned on, pull the other half of the blanket over me as I slide closer to him
>I start playing with myself too, fucking loving being this close to him
>I slowly and nervously reach over and put my hand on his cock
>He jumps, not knowing what to make of it exactly
>I start rubbing him, he in turn does it to me
>Both cum hard
>Lick the little bit of come off my hand cause I didn't want to get his blanket dirty
>Continue watching TV

Have another, will cont. if anyone wants
>be 16
>world of warcraft just came out
>have 12 year old brother
>his 12 year old friends come over
>they all want world of warcraft
>this one little cute boy always watches me play even when my little brother isnt there
>he always brags about his 'own pc' and watching porn
>kind of cute
>decide to watch porn with him when home alone
>he starts touching himself through has pants
>i pull my pants all the way down and start masturbating
>he doesnt
> till him if i have idea, ''il buy you world of warcraft if you suck my dick''
> he doesnt hesitate and goes for the kill
> starts throbbing on my dick
> lay down on bed
> tell him to fuck me
> he struggles to get his halfhard dick in me
> he fingers me with his cute little fingers
> starts putting his suprisingly big dick in me

your internet will be the fucking death of all of us, this stories are amazing
>Be 14
>christmas day
>11 year old cousin comes over
>we hang out regular and play vidya and shit
>on christmas i had just gotten halo 3
>we play until like 3 on the morning
>tired as fuck so go to sleep
>wake and cousin is literally rubbing his cock on me
>i get up and punch him and say "what the fuck are you doing you faggot"
>he starts to say shit like "dont tell my dad"
>i said i wont if you let me do it to you
>dunno why i said it but im glad i did
>tell him to bend over on my bed
>i start dry humping his ass and dick goes harder than diamond
>i tell him to stand up and take his pants off
>i stand up too and take mine off
>i knew what sex was its was 2007 and i had my own pc so i knew what i was doing
>i push him onto the bed and i slide his boxers down
>i was 6 inch uncut he was like 4 inch uncut and he was getting hard too
>i spat on his little butthole and squeezed my dick in
>during this he was moaning in pain or something
>i thrusted his ass for like 15 minutes and then i started to fucking jizz in his ass
>literally i had never blown so many loads before i thrusted hard with each interval of cum flying out
>it was fucking brilliant, never gonna forget that day
>Be 13-14
>Cousin 10-11
>Have cousin staying a few nights to get something fixed in his house or some shit
>This point in my life I was starting to realize I like guys more than I did women
>Get to be night
>Look over at sleeping cousin and start to touch myself because I was horny as shit
>Stand up and start to jack off in front of his sleeping face
>Move arm to grab his hand so I could jerk off with that
>Notice him start to move around
>Think nothing of it and continue jerking off with his hand
>Notice a grip to his hand now
>Look at him
>He was awake now
>He gets up and sees me with my dick out next to his bed
Fuck sleep. Bump
i shall wait forever
File: 1407828156148.jpg (150 KB, 633x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah it'd be great if you could finish this story in the next hour or so

>Fucking hell
>Shes still nibbling me a little
>licks my thigh
>Bites in
>Jerk my leg back "Ow!"
>pain feels amaze
>she looks really cute and worried "Aww, Im sorry, I just wanted to make you feel good anon"
>so fucking cute
>"Its o-okay"
>she gets back to teasing the shit out of me
>slowly build me back up
>its so frustrating but it feels so good and i love it
>moaning a lot, fidgeting
>she grabs my hips and pulls me close to her face
>blush level: 10000000000
>she wraps her arms around my legs and eats
>throws head back, shes hitting my spot like crazy
>I tense up
>"anon, do you wanna cum?"
>I nod, "Uhuh"

File: images (2).jpg (6 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (2).jpg
6 KB, 225x225

>Be me, maybe a year later
>Over at his house again
>He had a weird fucking bed like a bunkbed but the bottom was a big cabinet where he stuffed toys and his bed was on top
>We start jerking eachother normally now
>He tells me we should go in the dark toy-filled space
>Can barely see
>I go in first and he lies on top of me, we kiss
>Our dicks are rubbing eachother through our shorts
>He unbuttons my pants and my boner is just bulging, I want him to touch me so bad
>He puts my underwear covered cock in his mouth, moves it in and out, underwear gets wet on my head
>I almost want to cum instantly, let him keep doing it
>"I want to lick your milky!" He says, really childish for our age but I was into it
>He keeps going until I spasm and cum, the little bit leaking through my underwear
>Licks it up
>I return the favor but we almost get caught and I couldnt finish him off
>Spend quite a few days over the next year trying to suck him off
>Denied every time
>mfw, pic related

Only other shit I did with him was poke his butt with my boner through our swimming trunks in the pool. Moved away, too embarrassed to find him again.

Bicurious male, closeted due to fear.
File: Neko dreams.jpg (52 KB, 368x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Neko dreams.jpg
52 KB, 368x410

Thanks guys. Most replies I've gotten since that time I got quints on a YLYL thread.
Also I was bored and I used paint on a picture of me
Its a piece of priceless art
I call it "Neko Dreams"
unbuttons my shorts*

I wear pants 24/7 now so I almost never refer to my clothing as shorts
>>be 35
>>friends younger brother is 12
>>always figured he was kinda gay from the shit he was into
>>he starts making advances on me out of nowhere
>>we dry hump occasionally for some reason, but then he gets curious about my cock
>>i whip it out and he goes wide-eyed and puts it in his hand
>>starts stroking faster and faster, clearly doesnt know what hes doing but it feels good
>>he says he wants to get on top
>>fat ass over my cock and he lowers himself onto me
>>how the hell did he take my whole cock in?
>>friend is upstairs as his younger brother rides my dick
>>do this for another 2 years
>oh my god, well, here goes
>"Please amanda, please let me cum. I want to cum so bad, my aching pussy is begging for you to touch it. I'm so wet, I wanna cum. Please, I've been such a good girl"
>She goes back down, Shes fingering me, hitting my spot, playing with my clit, and digging her nails into my leg
>"I-I.. I'm gonna... g-...I'm cumminngggg!!!!!"
>Cum with the force of a thousand suns
>deathgrip on the sheets, Back arched like the fucking exorcist, eyes shut, desperate to catch my breath
>catch breath, she had my cum on her face.
>she covers her mouth and looks worried
>oh my god whats wrong
>she gets up and runs to the bathroom
>oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck whats wrong did my cum taste nasty what happened
>Shes puking in the bathroom
>She drank WAY too much
>"Oh my god anon, I'm so sorry"
>She feels so bad
>I hold her hair and rub her back
I put a hoodie on her and lay her in my bed, bringing her saltines, ginger ale, a trashcan to puke in, and napkins.
>I lay in bed away from her, so she can have some room
>"h-hey anon..."
>"Please cuddle me..."
> I turned over and cuddles her through the night
>"I love you anon."
>Blushing so fucking hard, smiling so much, cant breathe
>"I-I love you too amanda"
>pet her to sleep

You're fucking cute as shit. Trying to imagine you in panties is delicious.
I would probably have fucked you too
We need these threads more often, felt good telling people my gay expierences
>captcha readlele placed
>In 5th grade
>fairly popular kid, great at soccer, football, t-ball, tetherball, basebal, kickball all that shit
>good looking
>perennial principles list
>Have had plenty of gf's at this point including other grills that clearly wanted to share my milk with them
>hang out a lot with this other guy, mainly just some guy I didn't have any classes with but he was cool
>starts small where he'd rub me behind some of the trailers during recess and lunch and i'd rub him back
>got to the point where we would make out occasionally
>one day we go to the bathroom and theres 2 urinals next to each other
>both take a leak and he looks over and asks if i'm done
>starts sucking me off, never told me where he's learned this but felt good and I was already jerking off with pillows at this point so whatevs
>I suck him off sometimes too
>one day during the normal suckaroos, the most fucking autistic and unpopular kid walks in on him blowing me in the bathrooms
>I catch him and beat the shit out of him
>South central california public school, so fights are common so noone really gave a shit if he had a few bruises and of course snitching gets stitching
>he said he was still gonna tell everyone like the faggot he was
>he's such a faggot and unpopular that no one believes him for a second

God damn I wish I could've gone to the same middle school with him

Haven't had any relations with another guy since and im 21, but i'm fanatically into traps, just my fucking luck one goes to my uni, but hes a STRAIGHT FUCKING TRAP NO FUCKING JOKE, and am into open relationships.
Loved the story. But I must know, what of the aftermath! Did this ever continue?
>be me, 14
>meet nice guy at school
>hes a little feminine, but not trap material
>after being friends with him for a while i invite him over to my house to play video games
>he comes over, and we're playing mario kart ds in my parents shed that i pimped out
>i hit him with a blue turtle shell at the last minute, hes 3 feet away from the finish line and i pass him
>hes really mad and comes over to my hammock to punch me or something, but i pull him on top of me
>he resists at first but then he lets me
>hes on top of me, looking into my eyes, and he leans in and kisses me
>his lips were so soft, they felt like a girls
>he pulls back after a couple seconds
>"sorry anon, i dont know why i did that..."
>"dont apologize, i liked it."
>he looks at me like im crazy for a sec
>he walks back over and asks if im okay with him kissing me more
>i pull him back on to my hammock
>we make out for a while
>he moans
>"oooohhh, anon, i cant wait any longer! fuck me... please..."
>i say ok and we start taking off each others clothes
>his dick is 5 inches hard, foreskin is cute and tight
>i was 6.5 and cut
>his eyes get wide and scared at first, but then he gets this hungry look on his face
>he gets down and starts sucking it while stroking his own
>hes got skill, i cant practically stand its so good
>right as im about to cum, he grips the base of my shaft all weird and i stop instantly
>i get down and start sucking his dick, he didnt expect to get a blowjob
>i play with his foreskin with my tongue, stick it down and massage head under it
>he has this weird ahegao face, almost screams in delight
>he cums in my mouth
>his cum tastes wonderful, sweet and a little sour, not too much but just right
>"i cant take it anymore anon, i need your dick in my ass!"
>i am happy to oblige
>i pick him up and put him on desk, pretty easy since hes like 80 lbs
>he spreads his legs and ass, and i get my lotion and start fingering his asshole


Alright, not exactly the best writer so it might read like shit.

>be 13 or so.
>just entered puberty, you know that point where your dick starts getting bigger but you are still hairless for the most part.
>been hanging out with my new best friend a lot. Pretty much inseparable at that point. Friend is two years older, not that it matters.
>one day, watching tv with friend, It was the day that Looney Tunes Back In Action first premiered on Cartoon Network. (been trying to find out the day that aired so i could pinpoint when I lost my virginity)
>Friend goes to lay in my room because he pretty much lives with us at that point.
>for some reason I decide to go back there and I pretty much seduce him.

I'm going to stop green texting here because this is getting longer than I though.

My friend wasn't really down with it at first but he came around. After pulling my pants down and trying to go in dry and failing and hurting my ass in the process he ends up getting it in. He came, I almost came from it but didn't so he ended up finishing me off with his hand. So started a two (or was it 3? My memory is shit) sexual relation ship with my best friend. I never did fuck him, almost did one time but I did the same thing he did the first time and panicked and we never got back around to it. Not much more to it. Sorry, definitely not as well written or arousing as most of the posts here I'm sure. Had a lot of experiences with the dude a shame he had to ruin it by almost killing my brother in a drunken fight over a girl.
>>”Yeah, but did you know it feels really good?”
>>”It does?”
>>I open my porn folder
Great acting on your behalf
"hm, yeah, I /think/ I've heard of sex.
Oh this? It's just my collection of porn"

well. i'm crashing. I hope at least one person enjoyed my poorly written stories.
God Fucking Damn. Saved.
I love you for this. Thank you.

^Image name
ok. writing it.
amazing story, did you two continue seeing each other?
Totes cutie. I have hair like yours when I straighten it, but longer and dark brown.
>Cousin in hospital while I'm staying at relative's house
>Sleep in my cousin's room
>Have pretty close to no knowledge of anything sexual despite being 13 at the time
>no internet, cable, no friends to talk about shit with, never seen porno, etc.
>For some reason, I know what gay, straight, etc, means, though, because of insults
>Find porno in cousin's room
>Start watching it
>See the dudes rubbing their dicks while other dudes plow some niggress' ass.
>whoa why the fuck didn't i think of that
>Start doing it
>whoa what the fuck just happened that was boss as hell
>Start looking around cousin's room for more porn
>Find pictures of naked dudes
>Find them everywhere
>Under bed, in the dresser, etc
>Realize the porno had mostly dudes, too, sans the niggress
>Start to think my cousin wants to touch penis
>Think my cousin is gay
>I panic
>Then wonder if I'm gay for touching my own penis
>Eventually get over it and continue masturbating to nigress getting plowed
That's about as gay as everything in my life has gotten.
Actually, yes. I was kind of hoping not to tell it but... I guess I will now.

>wake up next morning
>She's laying there
>she looks so perfect when she sleeps
>wakes up when i move a hair
>"Good morning, Angie"
>smile, "Good morning Amanda."
>get up, make her breakfast to help the saltines sit a little better in her stomach
>greets me with hugs while I cook
>best feeling in the world
>she eats
>we cuddle
>She gets picked up by her dad
>text her
>we talk
>cleaning the awful mess we made in the process of texting her
>she goes to sleep that night
>"Good night, sleepy kitty"
>She doesn't reply, assume shes already asleep
>waiting for a text from her for days
>no texts
>no calls
>Shes never on facebook anymore
>go to her house
>"Oh, come in Angela"
>sit down
>offer me tea
>no thx
>"So um... where's Amanda"
>dead silence
>mom crying in other room
>The dad comes close to me. "Hon.. .Amanda died a while ago..."
>Hit me like a ton of bricks
>He sighed
>She went missing for a week.... She... She over dosed....

My heart is still broken. I still love her so much. I miss her
>>Then wonder if I'm gay for touching my own penis

I'm so sorry, anon. :(
Holy hell that hurt my heart.

I am so sorry for asking. You two sounded really cute..
It's alright, Don't feel bad. She had an awful bad habit... Most likely went with her junkie friends after she got picked up. She was in a motel room. It was awful...
Well there goes my integrity for the next week
File: 1405690723217.jpg (321 KB, 900x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 900x598
Awh fuck
Don't laugh, man. That was a serious issue for the whole 20 minutes it took me to care about it.

Just.. aww. May she rest in peace.

Thanks again for your stories.
Well, You've all been a wonderful audience. Thank you for reading. And thanks for the condolences, It's appreciated. A lot. I love you anons
Such sentiments are reciprocated
Have a wonderful life, anon.

>get dick all lubed up
>prod his little asshole
>"are you ready?"
>"yes, just stick it in already!"
>force dick inside his ass
>he moans, and i start going faster
>he starts stroking his dick
>im fondling his balls, and im holding his hand
>hes biting his lip, its super sexy
>he starts cumming all over his stomach, i wipe it up with my hand and make him eat it
>he likes it and is staring into my eyes, im staring back
>i ask if i can cum in his ass
>he nods
>blow my load inside his tight asshole
>he loves it, and he cums again while im cumming, his asshole is literally squeezing all the cum out of my dick like a tube of toothpaste
>pull my dick out, out of breath and covered in sweat, so is he
>he licks my dick clean while i jerk him off
>we cuddle on my hammock for a couple hours, making out and pillow talking

i think my mom knows her son had gay sex with his friend in the shed, when i went inside to get some drinks she couldnt look me in the eye, asked how we were doing out there and to make sure we didnt get into any trouble, and on the verge of tears, she asked "so... what happened to that girl you liked at school, honey...?"
i responded that i still liked her, and she just said she loved me no matter what choices in life i make. to this day she still thinks all my friends are gay and we all have sex, because EVERYONE KNOWS that LGBT people have no morals, so they have sex with each other all the time, no strings attached, and have gigantic orgies every couple weeks.
We love you Angela
for a 18yo 12yo means 6 years ago so 2008.
fuck, i feel old

>be 2
>have hot aunt
>she comes over, titties swingin', short shorts on
>she wants the d
>i make my move over to her on the couch
>mom in other room
>she calls me her baby - she's definitely wet for me
>go right for those titties
>she laughs at first a little, then gets quiet
>starts breathing harder, i've got them out now
>start sucking on a nipple, rolling the other around my fingers
>yeah, you like that don't you bitch
>she leans back into the couch
>slide my hand down her chest, down her belly
>she looks me in the eyes, a little scared, a lot horny
>i slide my hands in her pants
>i waste no time and right down her panties
>god she's so wet
>i play with her clit some
>then plunge right in
>she's moaning softly now, and breathing faster
>i can feel her tensing
>her hips rock forward, her head dips and she pumps her pelvis
>she came hard, now it's my turn
>i roll back onto the couch and pull her head down to my crotch
>i can tell she wants it, no resistance
>then she stops all of a sudden. i look around for that cunt of a mom trying to cockblock me
>but she goes ahead and goes down
>i grant her access to the goods
>"ohhh... ohhhh... wooks wike you need your dipey changed mister!"

>foiled again

i'm so sorry hon, how much longer after your encounter with her was this?
G-g-go back to reddit. My boner can't take your story formatting.
I know what you mean. I dealt with a similar problem. Just know that I loved your story
well shit this sucks, how long has it been?
Unfortunately, this is my closest childhood gay story.
>be 14 pure, looked at porn and fapped, but gay is homo yerk
>friends invite me to cinema and sleepover
>Time to bed, there is only one bed
>My friend put a CD with some relaxing music
>"I always listen to music for sleeping"
>I take my pajamas, he stopped me and say 'why don't get naked, i always sleep naked"
>he undress, disgusting hairy tiny dick
>i said no, i don't like it
> he said bullshit, like, "be free" or something
>I still keep my pajamas, i'm extremely prude btw
>During the night, he kept trying to wrap me with his arm and poking me
> I realized many years later he tried to sleep with me :o

Sorry for my bad story. I have others like this, like playing vidya with a friend "losers get to suck dick of winner" "ahaha nope you silly".
This is the first time I've EVER told anyone these two stories.

>me in sixth grade trading pokemon cards with a second grader
>i notice he has a boner and i ask him if he's ever played with himself
>i ask him to show me so we run into the little boy's room
>he's whips out his and i whip out mine
>we both start jerking and someone walks in
>he runs out to tell a teacher and we bolt and hide on the other side of the school
>older father figure (was a great friend when I was in sixth grade) has a daughter who's in 1st grade
>she's really cute with freckles and has nice eyes
>she sits on my lap one day and I get a boner
>i tell her to start moving her hips back and forth
>she wraps her arms around my neck and i lean in to make out with her
>she then asks if that's my penis she's sitting on
>i tell her no it's my belt
>i grab her hips and force her to keep going until i cum
>she jumps off and runs into her room and hides
lol. thanks, man. my dads actually cool with it, he lived with his gay uncle when he was 14 to 18. hes pretty educated on sexual preference, but my mom... oh, shes as far from educated on anything but the bible as possible.
she used to bring me to church and tell the bishop dude that he needs to talk to me about my sexuality, and hed just focus on my masturbation habits. like, "how often do you masturbate? how long do you masturbate? do you watch pornography when you masturbate? what type of pornography do you watch when you masturbate? how do you clean up when you masturbate? have you ever had sex before? what about with a boy? what about an older man?" and thats where i said "fuck you" and walked out. fuckin pastors and shit cant get enough white boy ass.

Couple years now. It feels like shes been gone for a long time. I get lonely when I think about her too much
I suppose I was fortunate to have never experienced something like that. My mom is pretty tolerant of sexuality considering she has gay friends, but I get the vibe that she would be less than satisfied if she learned either of her sons weren't heterosexual.
alright here we go

>be 13
>on holiday with friend of same age
>swim every day, then shower
>after a day or 2 we both cottoned on that if the other was having a "long shower" he was masturbating
>one day friend gets into the shower first and after 10 minutes or so i realise he must be masturbating
>i think that because hes masturbating in the shower, i can do myself on the bed
>so i get naked and start whacking it
>after a couple of minutes my mom knocks on the hotel room door and says that shes coming in
>i shout "not now im in the shower" or something
>being scared of my mom walking in on me i unlocked the bathroom door from the outside and went in
>pulled back the shower curtain and friend starts freaking out
>explain how were both fapping and i nearly got caught so i had to hide, if we both whack it in the shower thats not gay, its just us both hiding
>he agrees and says whatever, just no touching eachother
>this shower was one of those baths with a shower head at one end, so i tell friend i prefer to lie down when i fap, as he is standing anyway
>so i lie down between his legs, taking up the whole bath and keep fapping with my eyes closed
>feels nice having the shower rain down on my balls, my upper body is out of reach of the water however
>after another couple of minutes i feel something warm land on my face
>i open my eyes and WTF, my friend is cumming on my face
>i dont really care, it was so sexy, just lie there fapping and getting cummed on
>friend finishes cumming, looks down at me and laughs, then gets out of the shower
>so naturally i leave his cum on my face and finish fapping, felt so slutty
>so i finish up, wash the cum off my face, and out of my hair and get out

This was my first sexual experience atall, straight or gay
>be me
>be 14
>looking at qt boy in the shower after PE
>catch him looking at me
>quickly look away
>boy comes up to me during break and asks me to come with him
>we go down into an old part of the building not too far away from PE hall
>asks me if I was looking at him
>I freeze and start sweating and hyperventilating
>he says he was looking at me too
>still look shocked
>he kisses me
>looks at me afterwards and asks if I want to come over after school
>I say okay sure
>after school we walk to his house, talking about random things
>decently sized, multiple floors, not mansion though
>his room is on the loft floor
>we go in
>start talking more random things
>eventually he asks if I liked the kiss
>I really did
>he asks if I wanna do it again
>we kiss
>I feel my dick being adamantium hard
>I "adjust" my trousers (an excuse to rub it a little ofc)
>he asks if I wanna stroke together
>at this point I was convinced my dick was going to explode
>we get naked and start stroking ourselves while looking at each other
>came all over ourselves in like 5 minutes
>I went to get TP to clean us up
>after cleanup we were hard again
>naked kissing ensued with our dicks touching
>reached down and touched each other's dicks
>laid back down on the bed and stroked each other
>came 5 minutes later
>cleaned up again
>had to leave because dinner
>spent entire evening stroking
It sounds like you two really loved each other, like you a real intimate emotional relationship and you could be tender with each other.
i envy you for that, bro. my moms way too conservative to have any friends that werent straight bible thumpers. funny part is her sister is a liberal feminist lesbian. she heard i was bisexual and was also disgusted like the rest of her family, but she said i had to pick and theres no such thing as "middle ground" and i was just being a selfish man. she told me this at 16, first time i saw her in 3 years.
of course her girlfriend loved me, thought i was cute, like a puppy dog. i think thats why my aunt was so pissy, because her girlfriend was using my head as a boobrest every time we were in the same room. felt great. dont i have a wonderful family?
Guess I'll share.
9 at the time

>friend asks me to stay at his house
>he was richer than me, had cool electronics.
>got to his house and forgot pj's
>friend says its okay, we'll work it out later
>start play wrestling
>his big brother comes in (16) asks to join
>we say yes and my friend leaves to talk to his mum
>he strips down to his underwear
>he starts playing with his dick in front of me
>says he's really horny and to come in his room in 5 mins
>find my friend and tell him I'm just looking at something with his bro
>walk in to his room
>has his dick in hand
>walks to me and grabs my hand
>forces it on his cock
>its hot and idk what to do
>he pulls down my pants and puts his finger in my butt
>kinda hurts
>forces me down and slides his dick in my mouth
>says dont bite it
>cums in my mouth after raming it down throat
>tells me its good for me and to swallow it
>kisses me and tells me not to tell anyone.

this continued for a month then decided to fuck me, no one ever found out but I was pretty much raped. lol
You see, my family as a whole would be disapproving if I came out to them as anything but straight, so the best solution for me was to keep everything to myself. They all think I'm the best nephew/son/grandson, but that's probably because they know very little about me. They think they know me, but they really don't know shit.
trust me your family already knows you're a fag

trust me
"because EVERYONE KNOWS that LGBT people have no morals, so they have sex with each other all the time, no strings attached, and have gigantic orgies every couple weeks."

>Be me
>19 yr old bi/queer girl
>Have tons of gay/whateverelse friends
>Have fucked many of them and various friends we know, and had threesomes/4somes.

File: 1405915811238.jpg (1 MB, 4961x4961) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4961x4961
>be me
>be now
>ctrl+f the word "friend" and skim through stories to see if any of them are any of the gay shit I did with friends
>no mention of friends sister coming in and taking pics of us and then almost getting her mom arrested for getting her daughters camera developed
>no mention of lights-off naked hide and seek
>no mention of mutual masturbation and then seeing if stuffed crust pizza feels good around our cocks
>none of the stories posted involve me
>Lights-off ranked hide and seek
Do tell sir
lol. once my mom found out, she asked me if i was gay, i said "no, im not gay." she sighed, and then i said "im bisexual." and her face lost all color and she sat down and had another loritab. then the next day she told practically everyone in the family that i took it up the ass.
my moms family of course was all stunned, they wont fucking shake my hand or sit next to me at the table, but my dads family all said they knew already, the way i act and everything.
my mom tried to get my gay uncle put in jail cuz she thought he molested me as a child, but i came out and said "no, my cousin you love so much did!" which is half true, it was completely consensual, but they wouldnt do anything to him. hes a fucking theater kid, he sings and acts really good, right now he thinks hes too good for weed but in a couple years, hes gonna get some ecstasy at some after party, and hes gonna notice a couple things, 1) hes gay, 2) drugs are great, and 3) sex is great.
we fucked around when we were younger, but he completely denies it, cuz he thinks being gay sends you to hell lol.

lol, thats funny. ive fucked most of my friends too, i just dont let my family know it. half think sex is evil and something to be ashamed of and the other half thinks its great and they want to know every detail of everyone elses sex lives.
ive never actually been to an orgy, but 3somes are a thing ive done many times, mostly its been mmf for some reason but im cool.
ive helped a couple friends come out of the closet some, too. like, they ask me about how i knew i was bi and then i walk them through the logic process so they can find out theyre LGBT too, and once i had a friend who thought it would be easier to come out to his parents if he had a boy with him, so i was his fake boyfriend for the day. i was fine with making out, but his parents didnt want to see that too much.
so im definitely on your level.
>not taking pictures of your friends pussy with your gameboy camera and printing them out on your gameboy printer
not much to tell bro
3 friends get naked, turn the lights off and play hide and seek. While the person who's it is feeling around you'd try to get them to touch your dick.

Don't remember which one of us was artist that thought up the game but we were clearly geniuses ahead of our time. We only played it once.
ahahaha, god what a garbage person your mother is. my mom wouldnt give 2 shits if i was gay.

she does still believe i must have bee molested though do to all the gay shit i was caught doing with my friends
File: 1388570464808.jpg (166 KB, 469x552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 469x552
Is this just wishful erotica or the actual truth?

Take this shit back to /v/ where it belongs.
nice reading comprehension there, you fucking retard
>video games
Are you still here?
If so I wanted ask you if you are an atheist?
lol. the weirdest part was she would make me apologize to my friends parents sometimes. makes it hard to tell anyone sorry, i start thinking about how embarrassed i was as a kid saying sorry to my moms friend for getting naked with her son and playing doctor. i start getting anxiety and ive actually started crying for something stupid, like i spilled some water on someone.
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