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Wincest stories, pls post
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest stories, pls post

> be me
> stay at parents house, run a little website buisiness while in school
> they head down to florida where its warmer
> homealone.jar
> dicking around doing whatever I feel like, no clients
> around 9pm, after ive mad some shitty microwave meal
> door bell rings
> open it, its my sister
> she comes inside and hugs me
> surprised, I thought she was with her boyfriend
> her boyfriend was spending time with his family, she came home to spend time with us for Christmas
> tell her that dad and mom are away
> "Oh"
> call parents, tell them that sisters staying at home
> "Okay anon watch her, be her big brother"
> whatever
> she takes her bag upstairs to her room
> I return to mine
> she unpacks, takes a shower
> goes to sleep
> i lurk on here until Christmas Day in the morning, then fall asleep
> next day, wake up later at like 8
> take a shower, put on some clothes
> head down to make breakfast
> sisters already made some breakfast
> "Thanks sisanon"
> head over to out shitty tree to grab a candycane
> find present, adressed to me
> its obviously from her
> ask her if its from her
> "Santa"
> open it, box of chocolates
> feel bad for not getting her a present, so I share it with her
> also give her like 50 bucks

Shitty place to stop but I need time to type
You may have one bump
bumpity bumpity
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bumpity bump

you may have another bump
she spends the day hanging with her friends, goes shopping, whatever
> Im off today too
> playing Dota and CS:GO the whole day
> lunch, dinner, sleep
> next day wake up, shes not home
> note on counter
> she went to get some stuff from her dorm
> I make myself some eggs
> spend the day helping clients fix their websites
> grow sick of microwave shit, eat out, and buy some healthy veggies
> return home
> finish day
> she comes home, opens the door with her keys
> "Hey broanon"
> "Hey"
> she goes to her room and does whatever
> asleep
> next two days, she justs sits on her phone and laptop on tumblr and facebook doing shit
> shes not a crazy feminazi though
> and nexflix
> using so much bandwidth
> ask her when shes leaving
> "a couple days anon"
> next day
> wake up, look for a couple clients
> sister says shes going to leave
> okay
> goes to shower
> minding my own buisiness when she walks in my room with just her towel
> "Broanon can you help me with my hair"
> shit is knotted as fuck
> k whatever
> go over, take a comb and start mowing through the knots
> "Ow that hurts"
> she grabs her hair, and while going so the half the towel slips a bit
> reaches down to grab it and her ass bumps into me
> feels really good
> boner.cpp
> cant help myself
> try to tuck
> miss, fuck up, dicks stuck like a tent
> she turns around, looks at me, ashamed
> looks down at my pants
> looks back up at me
> gets really redfaced
> its so awkward
> I leave she gets dressed quickly now
OP, please pre-write before posting, everyone is just going to bitch about it. I suggest deleting thread, pre-write and make a new thread when done.

Curious to story though. How old were you and your sis?
Naw you're a retarded faggot

Waiting for op to write is the best part.
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Ah good sir, I am looking for good porn of this genre like what Mless had before it turned to shit. pls respond.
I dond care, but just wait.

> help her bring her stuff down
> shes about to leave
> shes pretty cute
> fucking dick
> shes just about to leave
> "Bye broanon"
> hugs me
> as shes doing so, my dick bumps into her jeans
> she definately felt it
> she whimpers
> she bring her hand down
> grabs it though my pants
> its fucking raging
> leans in really close and whispers in my ear
> "I love you, broanon"
> she kisses me on my cheek while I bring her inside
> shes moaning
> carry her up the stairs
> to her room
> bust through, throw her on her bed
> "fuck me"
> take off her sweater
> tank top underneath, her boobs glorious,
> you can see her tits, shes hard
> she take off her tank top
> they're perfect
> she rolls over and grabs the frame while I slide off her pants
> her ass is better
> I drop my pants
> they hit the floor
> everyone walk the dinosaur
>nobody saw this coming
This is why I have trust issues..

too little effort m8

not enough details, didnt leave us enough cliffhangers or anything

Go read storybro and learn how to greentext
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Wow, OP. That's incredible and original
How about i tell one then?

I have a gud-un

>So maybe four years ago, i was 16
>Had a younger sister, 14 at the time, i think her birthday was the next month, or two more. Doesn't really matter
>What matters is that she HATED ME
>God fucking DISGUSTED with me every moment of the day
>I couldn't even talk to her, it was astounding how much she disliked me
>Took every oppourtunity to shame me infront of our parents, quip at me at the dinner table, kick me when she was forced to sit across from me, and general rudeness
>Personally i don't think i did much of anything to cause it
>I was always nice to her when she was younger
>Always bought her food and treats
>Yummy ice cream and sodas when i went to the store.
>I was the best brother she could ever have most the time, but at 13 she just stopped liking me in a big way.


>So as is the way with siblings, we pretty much didn't speak to one another
>She had her friends, her school life, and i had my friends and my school life.
>I walked into my room, got on the floor, slammed the door, and listened to the dinosaur for three hours when i got home.
>She did the same, but with fresh prince
>Normal sibling ignoring one another i guess
>Then dinner, more hate, and back to life again
>This was a full year of that. From her at 13, to her at 14.
>Minimum interaction
>Almost zero, because we didn't have to.
>Then our parents decided "Woop de doo" we're going on a romantic honeymoon to make our marriage work or something
>Fucking cruise trip or something for a week
>I don't remember what it was, but you can believe i hated it
>Not really the freedom part, i mean i would have the house all to myself
>Could invite women over
>All that
>But i couldn't
>Because supposedly i was old enough to "Take care of my sister"
>As if she would let me

>The parents just do the normal "Smiling" it'll all be alright thing
>And just go ahead with it anyway
>Deaf to the cries of my little sister about how she can't go out with her friends because she needs a ride (the parents just tell her to ask me)
>Implying that went over well
>I could hear the kicking and screaming from my room
>She was a total brat
>Plus i knew the next week was going to suck because my parents asked me not to bring any women over to the house
>And my little sister just gave me that look
>That fucking glare of evil, eyes into my soul
>We all know it
>If you have siblings at least
>It says "I'll tell if you do"
>Little bitch
I can tell this is gonna be awhile

k m8 im reading storybro and its some great shit

also cont

>Whatever happens, whatever preparations are made. We end up standing there at the door waving goodbye to our parents
>Good ol wednesday
>Then the car vanishes
>Our smiles dissapear
>We both stomp off to our respective rooms
>Don't talk to one another for three days, i shit you not
>Zero interaction
>I'd see her around the house making food, cereal, whatever
>As the older brother i was responsible for making sure she had dinner and i did
>I mean i cooked her a acceptable feast every night
>Not that we sat down together at the table or anything
>She would show up, grab a plate and leave to her room
>No words
>No thank you
>Until saturday
>until Saturday
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facebook posts
Anyone got the seccond half of that cousins story from earlier today? first half here http://pastebin com/qntg76u5 many appreciations.
>Saturday was our first verbal interaction
>Wasn't really a thank you
>maybe in some language
>You'll see
>My room bordered the bathroom, so i could hear showers go on, off and doors open and close.
>Around five at night my sister always took a shower, took thirty or so minutes of hot water, turned off the tap and left
>So i waited five minutes after i heard the bathroom door open again, and i popped in for a bit of a wee
>Was fondling my crotch on the way there and everything, had to pee real bad.
>Opened the door
>Not empty
>Bathroom was practically full to the brim of embarrassed sister
>She was just on the toilet naked, hadn't dressed yet.
>You know, the usual
>She was trim, not much excess fat on her body.
>Practically nothing in the chest department, A cup maybe
>Blonde hair, down to her shoulders, eyes as wide as saucers.
>Couldn't see her crotch, not that i was looking
>I was staring the shit out of her face in surprise
>She screamed
>First thing i'd heard her say in days
Anyone interested in a true story i witnessed 7 days ago in croatia?
yes, please.
10/10 top lel
keep going, fun read

>Thing is, this is the part of every incest story where you suddenly realize the sister is attractive or something
>Not really here
>She looked like a general 14 year old girl, she hated me, and she didn't have tits
>Why would i like that anyway.
>I was embarassed more for myself than she was i think, i didn't even knock
>What a dick i was
>I just barred myself in my room again
>She was still screaming
>Something, over in the bathroom
>Knew i could hear probably hear her or something
>I gave her thirty more minutes until i couldn't stand the urge to piss and went and did it
>She caught me on the way out of the bathroom though
>Fully dressed of course, but she was pretty cute
>She tried to shove me
>Like actually shove me against a wall
>Not that it worked
>She was a flimsy little twig compared to me, so i just stood there as she struggled for like 2 minutes trying to shove me
>And gave up
>Her words
>I guess that's communication.
when the fuck you going to tell us about your mom and dad's vacation? Seems like your telling everything else before you get to anything resembling win faggot
it's all about the build up faggot. stfu and let them tell the story.

whoa, no way!
build up? Fuck the build up, I bet you watch porn for the plot and acting too don't you , you raging homo!
>Be 8, sister is 6
>Be playing vidya in my room, mom down the hall giving sister a bath
>Gives her one of dad's t-shirts to wear when she is dried off
>Sister runs into my room to watch me play mario kart
>Keeps doing cartwheels and twirls, totally naked under that shirt, so much flashing
>Get boner and lose focus on vidya, stop playing
>Sis tucks her arms into the shirt and crouches down so the whole shirt just slides off of her
>Sis now totally naked and jumping around the room
>I give her piggybacks and touch her butt a few times, too nervous to do much more
>She ends up staying in my room naked all day
>Parents call us for dinner, she rushes out naked and even sits at the table naked until mom makes her get dressed
>So hard that day

God, she was an exhibitionist back then...
stfu and let the story continue!
Fine, I'll get to the good part for you.


Get your rocks off to that, virgin.
cunt in you
>I told her
>and continued
>"Dinner's ready in an hour"
>Then walked away
>I can't imagine the faces she was making behind my back
>I made some pasta, with some hot dogs and chilisauce
>IT was actually my personal bachelor specialty, and don't tell her i knew this
>But she loved it
>I called her down
>She responded a couple minutes later, appeared from a shadow, grabbed a plate from the cupboard
>I offered to pile the food on for her, but she ignores me and does it herself
>Then she sits down at the table
>Doesn't say a damn word
>But she sits there
>I shrug, whatever
>Pile my own plate and sit down with her.
Well... Me and my friends were at the beach, and some 2 older guys with a younger girl probably 13 stayed at an apartment across ours, we basically looked at each other balcony and window, so we saw them one day at the beach...

One of them was her father, by the way she treated him, and the other one ABOUT THE SAME AGE as the father was called by us "the uncle"..

Creepy ass dude.

> While the dad was looking they both behaved normal, but when he didn't look wierd shit started going down, but the thing is the father was not suspecting nothing.
> Example: The dad was taking a little nap in the shade, the girl comes out of the sea, and the uncle was a bit joking arround and started drying her titties with a towel.
> Everything trough joking, when she leaned aside to grab another towel he smacked her ass and smiled.
> She was 8/10 for her age.
> Even my friends noticed and were like wtf.
> Fast forward to tomorrow, they are again close to us, not allot happened since the father was up most of the time. But in one instance when the father was going to buy some food, the girl and the uncle were laying down and she was teasing as hell, first she climbed his back and started rubbing his shoulders, later she pulled his shorts with her foot a few inches and let go with a smile.

cont.. sry didn't prepare, and fuck you.
>bone my sister


>We don't say anything, but somehow dinner has changed to sitting down at the table once again
>Maybe she missed not talking to me and kicking me under the table
>Which she does, once or twice
>Until i manage to capture her foot with mine, since i decide to be teasing today
>Just clasp it with all my toes, and she can't escape
>She squirms
>Squeals something
>Knocks her bowl on the floor
>I have to clean up a mess
>And she just leaves
Have you ever considered pre typing the story? I mean really, I'm sure you're familiar with how these threads work by now.
Holy fuck this story made me cum barrels!
fuck off newfag
>comma spaces
>raging homo

fuck off newfag
That makes zero sense... Way to go dipshit
fuck off newfag
Hey, fuck you budy.
Its nit my fault your story fucking sucks

> Later that day, as we were basically next to them (i was very interested at this point), the father was fed up with the heat and wanted to go back to the apartment, but the girl and uncle wanted to stay, she joked around how the uncle will teach her to swim.
> I don't know how big of an idiot the father must have been and wtf was going on altogether, but he actually left them 2 alone.
> They didn't touch much, but they decided to go for a swim.
> Nothing suspicious when the uncle said to pack her things they are going on another beach.
> Spidersence.rar
> As my friends were all in the water, no need to explain where i'm going.
> Perfect.rar
> If noone knows, in Makarska, Croatia, there is a normal beach, than a couple of rocks and shit, probably 200 meters long, and than a nudist beach.
> In those rocks, there are mini beaches where coules go to take a nudy bath without anyone being able to see them..
> Its very hard to get down there.
> I see him showing to one of these paths, you have to very carefully not to fall down.
> He goes first, and i get closer, a bit hard to see them at this point, but i see him grabing her ass as he helps her down.

cont. and fuck you again.
>Fast forward to the next day, when im taking a shower
>Im just minding my own buisness soaping up my bits when i hear a bang
>Some kind of crash
>I realize the door is probably open now
>A shout in my direction
>I peek around the shower curtian and just give her a straight face
>she runs
>Just fucking bolts
fuck off newfag
>Not knowing why you're newfags
So , you , think the , way , I type , is not so, good , see.. if , you can , read this, , you fuck, in homo ., dick , suckin , fa,,ggo.t , FUCK YOU. the story sucks balls , and so do , you!
Oh how I love classics
nice job

I'm enjoying both of these stories, please continue anons.

but mine sucked ass I dont even know how it sucked that much ass like wtf I put dat effort into my wincest greentexts and some newfag comes and gets all the fucking karma like wtf m8
Christ, I should have never left tumblr.
>I bet I've been here longer than you dicktits.
Making such a huge deal out of it, your sis seems like a giant fucking dramaqueen
Yes pls. Falah. Dime pivo
File: 1407722798547.gif (442 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm starting to like this story really well, hope it ends in parents coming in the house to see them fucking like animals on the couch.
You reddit bitch, go away your greentext sucked ass
>Christ, I should have never left tumblr.
Or, don't get on 4chan between the hours of 9 am - 2 am eastern.
That's how I personally know you're new here.

> I waited a few minutes before going in, didn't want them to notice me..
> I climbed the rocks like a fucking pro.rar! Nah cut my fucking leg, but fuck it.
> Went around a bit, sneaky as fuck, find a spot like perfect, i can take peaks at them, with enough time tor react if they look at me.
> The uncle starts tickling her, as she tries to put the towel on the beach, and she was like noooo stop it nooo, and laughing like crazy.
> The boner in uncles shorts is clearly visible, and by her as well.
> She ignores it.
> They can go into the water a few feet without anyone seeing them, anything further will be visible from the walking area.
> he goes in till his waist, she follows him, grabs his hand with "its coooold" and gets close to him, leans on his dick.
> She can clearly swim, but he offers to teach her.
> He puts his hands under her, one under her leg and the other under her boobies (already showing some titties)

>I was just going to step out and let her see, its no big deal and it would make her feel better probably
>She was already embarrassed enough, and it's not like i had anything other guys didn't have
>As you could tell i was pretty mature and nonchalant about the entire thing
>But then i was pretty worried i just traumatized her for life or something by saying sure
>Like that wasn't what i was supposed to do
>I finish the shower, with the door open, pop out, get dressed and dried
>Nobody's in the hallway
>I hear music
>Loud music down the hall
>Obviously my sister locked herself in her room and is traumatized, so i walk over and knock
>Have to knock like, thirty times
>Takes her a full minute to turn off the music and come over to the door
>She doesn't even open it
>Just demands "WHAT" through the door
>So i respond back "WHAT"
>Until she opens it
>Not that i need to see anything, i get a whiff
>I'm not a virgin, i know what girls smell like, i know what girls after sex, or after fapping up a storm smell like
>It's instantly obvious why there was music on and the door was locked
>I give her a sideways look and say "Oh, sorry i didn't know you were doing that" and turn to leave.
>She obviously saw me sniff the air
>As i turn away she yells at me
>and then changes the story to
>Yeah we know sis, we know.
All little sisters are like that
You should'a said Bronon.
yours is a lot better than the other one so yea
Alright, busy now you've really made me upset. I'm gonna go to 9gag b/c they're actually cool and funny there
you literally could not be more of a newfag if you tried
>shit is knotted as fuck
>so I yanked the dog out of my sister's pussy
>sister bled out and died
>buried sis
>kept the dog
>the end
My sister is 16 and I'm 19. I've watched her grow and she was never a whiny bitchy little dramaqueen, just generally sweet and really down to earth.
> Was hard to see, but he used the situation pretty good, had his finger between her legs.
> Some time later she complains that she got tired, and wants out..
> He carries her out of the water, and on the tower, they are both laughing.
> He gives her a sneaky kiss on the cheek
> I amused they didn't do anything like this before, if they did, there would be much more action by now.
> His boner is surely visible, he layd down on his back, and she was just staring at it, while drying.
> He looked at her, and asked need help?
> She said okey, he took the towel, and started drying her, first the titties, that hands, stomach, legs.
> As he moved up her legs she was like ignoring him, with her head back enjoying the sun (She was sitting with her hands back, and knees bent.)
> He started going up her ties..

Con't? I'm a bith for stopping here.
>>>www reddit com/r/SpideyMeme

>So now i realize my sister just probably fapped to seeing me halfway through a transparent shower curtain
>This makes way too much sense
>Probably one of those ways she deals with it is hating me all the time, or pretending not to like me
>I knew way too many girls like that that i just ended up together with later
>I realize I'm mentally comparing my sister to past girlfriends
>Uh oh
>Past girlfriends bodies on sister's face boner
>The only problem with that entire situation is that there's no real way to start that out
>Im not sure i want a relationship with my sister
>She's a bitch
>Plus i mean, she's really young
>Feels confused man
>I decide to think about it while making dinner
File: 1398813824910.jpg (51 KB, 400x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hurry up bro good story is good

good story is too long
No! Don't continue, just spaghetti all over the floor as you walk the dinosaur in bel-air faggot!
is anybody archiving this? I'd love to read the rest but I really need to get some sleep before work.
Well, I'm over-generalizing. Mine are like that, at least.
cool story so far, need more
pls continue

> She was just sitting there, as he put his hand on her pussy. (clothes on)
> And started drying it.
> She smiled and let him do it for a few seconds, than stopped him.
> He said okey your turn now.
> She just took the towel and started whipping him.
> Legs too, and than stopped
> He said, you missed a spot.
> She laughed and said i'm embarrassed.
> He said don't be no one is here.
> She said ok, and started whipping his dick.
> He seamed to enjoy it.
> Is it enough? She said
> He said, well if you don't want to do it anymore, than don't i got a better idea.
> She asked what? And put the towel down.
> He asked her what her and her boyfriend like to do when they are alone.
> She flushed, and said nothing much, he is shy, doesn't even like me to touch him there. showed on his dick
> And he asked and you like to do that?
> She said, yea, it's fun to look at his reactions, and laughed.
> He said well give it a try
> She replayed no waaaay, and layed down laughing like crazy.
> He asked what are you scared of?
> She said, nothing!


>hmm this might be interesting
>highlight OP's ID
>look for the last post of the story
>read last line
>everyone walk the dinosaur
Once looked down my plunger cousin's shirt and saw her nip. Inspired me to write this, which some kind anon saved:


They called it legendary not me.
Is this werid, that I get te joke in the picture?
True story bro.. but fuck you guys, i'm out...
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File: 1329586184990.png (52 KB, 318x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God fucking damn it it seemed so genuine for a moment there. The grammar was just that right level of shitty that I thought "Maybe this guy's a foreigner or some shit." 8/10, OP
File: 1407434901333s.jpg (3 KB, 125x93) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All my fucking autocorrect.
File: 1406020750580.jpg (40 KB, 510x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>get your rocks off to that, virgin.
My sides exploded when o read that.

>Halfway in, she arrives
>I didn't call for her or anything
>She just claims "She wants to help"
>And she does
>I tell her what to do and she helps me cook a feast of some kind of frozen assortment of fishsticks and macaroni and cheese.
>Not that its wierd or anything
>Or that im waiting for her to throw scalding hot pans at me or4 something
>She doesn't though
>Just helps
>Until the fishsticks are done, and she's pulled them out of the oven and set them down
>"So... uhh... how did you know... so that mom and dad don't ever find out"
>She tugs my shirt as she says this
>I tell her the truth
>"Mom and dad probably already know, don't worry about it"
>She shrieks up like some kind of bird
>throws feathers all over the place squaking and screaming and runs off screaming something about "NO THEY DON'T, THEY DON'T KNOW I'M BROKEN"
>Well dinner's ready though
>She's not coming back
File: 1407774983108.jpg (30 KB, 400x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Becareful with Hanako Hisao Kun
>>throws feathers all over the place squaking and screaming and runs off screaming
i fucking love harpies
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bless this post.gif
233 KB, 225x198
>throws feathers all over the place squaking and screaming and runs off screaming something about "NO THEY DON'T, THEY DON'T KNOW I'M BROKEN"
god damnit holy shit i fucking lolled.
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/ksg/ please go
Did she also spew a lightning-based attack at you for 1d8 damage?
>She's not coming back
I guess thats the end of this story.
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File: 1407434823150s.jpg (3 KB, 125x89) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no finish!!!
File: 1371847868744.jpg (92 KB, 640x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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please cunt in you glorious anon mouse
hoping for happy end to all this
File: 913864134.jpg (66 KB, 599x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>well, there's a serious problem in my sister's mind it seems
>She thinks fapping is dangerous, or that she's broken or something
>Which is just
>Yeah its probably my job as brother to fix before she gets some kind of crazy stigma or something
>I turn off everything burnable in the kitchen
>I track her down to her room
>Bang open the door
>Didn't even have it locked but i bang anyway
>She's just there curled up at the base of the bed crying about something
>"Spill it, broken, what do you mean"
>She just mumurs something
>can't fucking hear a word
>She like jumps three feet when i say that
>I guess i said it pretty mad
>"I'm broken alright, and you could tell and now you don't like me"
>You kidding
>I tell her i haven't liked her for like two years now because she's been such a bitch
>She wails out something else
>"no im broken because im not normal!"
>"I'm broken because i like you"
>I figured that out
hurry it up! before we 404!
File: mffmf.jpg (40 KB, 500x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 500x357
still there?
Type! Type like you've never typed before you glorious faggot!
File: <_>.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 1280x720
mah balls
File: 1398813731823.jpg (21 KB, 272x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 272x200

>I tell her its alright
>"That's better than you hating me as a brother"
>I lean over and haul her up to her feet, give her a kiss on the cheek and turn around
>Start to leave
>She yells again
>i laugh out "Yeah i know"
>Tell her dinner's ready though.
> "Santa"

lying cunt
Bottom line, typical night in Arkansas
It's me :D
That's how we all feel
File: 1398814490098.jpg (26 KB, 477x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 477x345
File: 921864912.jpg (81 KB, 536x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 536x398

> family
> fuck
oh thats the end though. i gotta go
File: 1407613069130.jpg (32 KB, 368x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 368x450
God damn it anon type you glorious motherfucker, my balls are ringing like Christmas bells.
I love you. great end.
File: 1398896967156.jpg (35 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 480x360
If my iPhagone had an F5 key...
Nice story, fucked up end.
I normally rape anyone who's that big of a cocktease to me
SHIT, good whilst it lasted, cheers man
Jokes on you. I already finished.
You fucking cunt
ayu lmao

Did not you ever give her the big bro D?

> little sister
> 4chan's anti-drug
File: basedjon.jpg (180 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180 KB, 1920x1080
>be me
>stay at my cousins house after parents die after radioactive incident in japan
>i'm 7 and she 15
>cry about dead parents
>she suck my dick

feels good man
>be 22
>living with uncle in houston
>family from austin comes visit
>qt 18 yr old cousin comes along
>get drunk and smoke blunts all night
>me, male cousin, and female cousin all wasted
>cousin starts making move on other cousin
>I watch
>she's reluctant at first but gives in
>start watching them make out
>he pulls out his dick and she's stroking it
>they don't seem to mind me being there
>I move towards them with cock in hand
>she starts blowing me while cousin eats her pussy
>we both cum in my cousin multiple times
>we pay for her abortion
>we fuck every chance we get now
fuck off newfag
Also, if anyone is still looking for a decent wincest story, hit this post:


No dinosaurs. No bel air. You will have to understand a little bit of /b/ history tho for the "colorful" jokes to make sense. If you were around in 2008, you'll get it.

Writing style very similar to little-broken-sister anon.
Femanon here
>Be 13 and home alone.
>Mom is in hospital after giving birth to my baby brother.
>Dad is working late shift.
>Perfect opportunity to taste daddy's whiskey.
>He won't notice if I take one sip.
>He probably won't notice two sips either.
>Before I know it, I'm lying on the couch, head spinning, telling jokes to myself.
>"Knock knock."
>"Who's there?"
>"R.U. who?"
>"R.U. Drunk?"
>Try to watch movie on tv but fall asleep apparently.
>Next thing I know is daddy carrying me up the stairs and into my room.
>Puts me down on my bed.
>"Let's get you in PJs."
>Daddy takes of my shirt, pants and panties.
>Think it's kinda odd him seeing me naked for the first time since I was 6, but don't really care.
>Daddy sits down next to me and looks at me.
>I almost fall asleep when he kisses me on the lips.
>Feels a bit awkward but it's better than being spanked for drinking his whiskey. A lot better.
>Daddy starts kissing me lower. Neck, collar bone.
>Daddy kisses my boobies.
>They're still small but they're there.
>goose bumps all over.
>Daddy's kisses go further south.
>Wide awake now.
>Sticks tongue in my belly button.
>Feels funny between my legs.
>Legs go apart automagically.
>Daddy lies down between them.
>Starts kissing my pussy.
>Holy crap!
>Start feeling horny.
>Spread legs further and pull up knees.
>Daddy is licking pussy know.
>Feel myself getting wetter.
I believed in you!
>Start grinding pussy into his face.
>Daddy starts licking and sucking my clit.
>Grind harder and start moaning.
>Daddy sticks tip of tongue into me, then licks and sucks clit again.
>Feel something strange happening to my body.
>Electricity and chili pepper but much better.
>Legs twitching.
>Now know it was an orgasm, but didn't know what it was then.
>After some time legs stop twitching.
>Feel happy and sleepy.
>Daddy gets up and pulls me up to a sitting position.
>Daddy pulls out penis.
>He doesn't say anything but I instinctively know what he wants.
>Open my mouth and he pushes his penis in.
>Start sucking. Daddy slowly fucks my mouth.
>After a while he takes my head between his hands and starts moving it back and forth.
>Suddenly taste warm seawater.
>Don't like it very much.
>Daddy holds his penis in my mouth so can't spit.
>Swallow and suck on his penis some more.
>Daddy pulls penis out and gets on his knees.
>Wraps his arms around me.
>Feel safe and happy.
>Next thing I remember is waking up from the sun peeping through the curtains onto my face.
>Headache like never before.
>Turn over and fall asleep again.
>Next time I wake up there's breakfast in the night stand.
>Don't eat, but drink the juice.
>Get up. Still naked.
>Take shower and get dressed.
>Go downstairs.
>"Hi daddy"
>Daddy doesn't look at me.
>"Hey hunny."
>"Sorry about your whiskey."
>"Yeah, well, let's not tell mum."
>"Okay daddy."
>Rest of the day was awkward.
>Never talked about it.
Pasta with hot dogs and chili sauce? Bro, fuck the wincest, tell me exactly how to make that
Tits or gto
fuck off newfag
>wasn't going to have kids.
>after this, want a sweet horny little daughter.
File: 1298796241074.jpg (591 KB, 438x2242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
591 KB, 438x2242

pic with timestamp?
this is the only reason I want kids
This so fucking much, but I've always wanted a daughter. I'd be lying if I said this is the first time I've thought about this shit right here. Holy shit.
>Not noticing sarcasm when you see it
Doing my part to prevent the 404
not incest/10 go fuck your sister and post story
yeah i do too. i bet no one else does, idiots -_-
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 262x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1407434376741s.jpg (3 KB, 125x99) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x99
Fuck you anon, there is a special place in hell for people like you
File: prostituyente.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 1280x720
Oreimo again
File: 1407532699390.jpg (49 KB, 500x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 500x334
Bump??? Did bread die??
I have some wincest from when I was growing up. Posted it here once and got fucking banned from /b/ for two weeks. Not quite sure wtf happened there, so never posting that again.
File: 404 no.jpg (34 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
404 no.jpg
34 KB, 500x375
What a faggot
dont be a bitch, share it with the class anon
dont post pics and you should be fine. maybe it was a mistake. MODS are people too.
File: 1391162494190.jpg (105 KB, 750x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 750x600
OP!!!! Where did you go?
He needs to get his ass back here I'm bored again

well shit, I was going to get those thoughts of my daughter out of my head, but then you go and throw them back in my face.

Thanks, femanon :)
Come on man we want more!!!!!!!
cmon. i need a decent story here.

ALSO WHY are the ONLY good porno stories on /b/ about WINCEST!? OR being a FAGGOT and sucking some guys dick? are these the only levels of kinky you guys can do? its pathetic
>saying you want more from OP after having saved thread
have you had your autism diagnosed yet? its pretty severe
>Hasn't read the magically lewd sleepover adventure
Didn't post pics. Girl was underage, but then again so was I at the time too.

Basically, I fucked around with multiple cousins over the years. Pretty much every time we had a family reunion of any kind, I'd latch onto whatever female cousin I could find who was anywhere near my age and we'd go off to play. Play eventually turned into various types of sex games.

Never had sex with any of them. Always just stuff like show you mine, show me yours kind of stuff, as well as touching each other, etc.

If they didn't catch subtle hints bringing up sexual stuff in conversation, easiest way to start it up was to just say I had to pee. Then as I got up I'd say "you can watch if you want". Inevitably, curiosity would win out and they'd want to watch. When I started to pee I'd tell them they can aim it if they want.

If they "aimed" it (easiest way to get them to play with my dick) the games would inevitably begin. If they just wanted to watch and not touch, once I was done I'd say they got to see mine so it's only fair if I got to see theirs too. And the fun would start...

You want a good non-wincest erotic story? Look up Jason and the Youth Group. Not fully porn but its got titties. And it's nowhere near as gay as it seems hen it starts out.
Got caught up in work and didn't have the time to post until now....
Fucking diabolical. I love it. Have to remember that one.
eh fuck it, not gonna green text, but I fucked a 3rd cousin (same great-great grandparents). Dated her, too, for a while. We fucked 5 times.

Nothing special, both lost our virginity to each other. I was 18, she was 15.

She's one of the two women on this earth that bring out my beta mode. This is gonna sound so poetic and gay, but when I first met her (16 almost 17 and she was 14) I literally thought she was a Goddess brought down to earth.

We dont' really talk about our past, but it comes up once about every 8 or 10 years. Haven't fooled around since then, bot mostly because she's usually dating someone.

She did admit that I was "grandfathered" in and might play some day if she's single. I'm 40 now and she's 37
Dude, women never get to aim it when they piss. I swear they must all fucking secretly want to be able to do that, at least once in their lives. The idea wasn't born of any particular genius on my part, I was just a horny little kid who tried out different ideas until I caught onto something that worked like a charm.

what are you doing here

I work in IT, /b/ helps me get through the day dealing with retarded people (my users)
I don't think most people would consider third cousin relationships incest.

my wife is insanely jealous about it. I'll talk with other 3rd cousins, and you'd think I was trying to fuck all of them.

So if you ever fuck family members, don't tell your spouse about it, or *every* family reunion becomes hell on the drive to and from.
fuck off newfag
sage pls
> be like 16
> still get those weird random boners while asleep
> be asleep
> have random boner
> feel my shorts being messed with but so tired I just let it happen
> a little more awake when cock is taken from shorts
> to nervous to look who it is as they stroke my cock until its hard as a rock
> feel something tight and wet slide over my cock
> I moan into my pillow hoping to surpress it
> they stop and I finally look
> its my goddamn sister
> she looks down and smiles then continues riding me fast
> cum so fast and fill her whole pussy
> go back to sleep
> wake up later
> dick is out, wet shorts
> fuck that wasnt a dream
What happened after that?
File: 1406526175320.gif (4 MB, 230x307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 230x307
I hate jealousy. My wife is stricken with it too. Jealousy and honor are the two reasons im not fucking who i want when i want...
great story anon
I live right in the middle of arkansas, this should happen to me right?
You mean it hasn't?
finish the story nigger
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