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ITT: We share stories about fucked up shit...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: We share stories about fucked up shit we did in high school.

Posting my story next.
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When I was 14 or 15, I had a health teacher that was probably in her late 20s early 30s. She ALWAYS fucking hit on me even though I dressed like a scene faggot back then. I was one of those kids that were cool with just about everyone in the school. Well one day, I decided to fill up a big ass water bottle with my Dad's vodka and bring it to school. I was in her class and I was passing it around to like 2 of my friends in that class. She loved me but hated those kids. She then intercepted the bottle while my friend was passing it over to my other friend and she smelled it. Sent my two friends to the office and kept the bottle on the window seal behind her desk. I guess she told the principal that she smelled vodka on them and they somehow disposed of the bottle on the way to the office. After class she gave me back my bottle and told me "Don't get caught with this". So I just got drunk the rest of the day and that alcohol thing turned into a huge ordeal. There was like hearings and shit about it for weeks after. No more than a few days after the day she sends my friends to the office, the health teacher fucking friended me on facebook and told me to come over. Fucking alpha ass 14 year old me told my Dad to drop me off at her house. I told him it was my friends place. When I got in, she busted out wine and gave me a fucking hand job. She told me to lie about her giving the bottle back to me so my friends dont get her fired. I ended up having to go testify to a police and my principal and I was like yo she did give the bottle back to me, it was mine, not my friends. Cuz fucking bros before hoes. She ended up getting fired and I ended up being suspended for 2 weeks. I never really said shit to my friends that went to my school about the handjob until a few years later. I didn't want that to turn into a huge problem.
we used to hang around with one semi-retarded girl, from the retard course and she let us play with her boobs, some friends make out, i have some fantasys but never did anything more than enjoy her huge breasts

LOL was she just special ed? Or full on retard?
In 8th grade I sat in the last row in home economics. Ms. Reynolds was a smoking hot blonde teaching. I fantasized in my head of fucking her across a desk in class. Started rubbing my boner through my pants. Did it long enough to where I busted a load in my underwear.
>mfw fresh batch in my pants
>mfw had to go all day of school with fresh batch in my pants
>mfw I have no face
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How did you bust just from rubbing it? lol
generally busting a nut involves rubbing your penis.

perhaps you should look up some information on masturbation?

I'm not sure about you, but I grab my penis, move it up and down, and tense my whole body when I masturbate. If I was sitting at a desk with my hand in my pants just rubbing it, I wouldn't be able to blow a load.
>be me
>be 15
>have very fucking hot tall business teacher with massive tits
>she always wore slutty clothes
>had her for registration every morning since year 7
>start going in early every morning to watch her put some makeup on and take photos
>she usually leaves to make coffee and it takes her like 10 minutes because there was a queue of other teachers
>asked her if I should go make her coffee so she can prepare for lessons
>skip to the front of queue because I say im making coffee for the principal
>realise I have 8 minutes before she expects me back
>head to disabled toilet and fap
>cum in her coffee and mix it with finger was hands
>head back and noticed I was 5 minutes late oh shit oh shit
>"anon why did you take so long?"
>"uh the queue was longer"
>she tastes the coffee and makes a weird face, finishes coffee
shall I continue? I have more stories

Hell yeah bro.
Please do
Continue please
we peed on a rag and threw it on this girls face
switched from phone to pc so i can type easier
just letting you know im here
I didn't do anything particularly fucked up, which is probably why I went to a good private college and now have a high paying job. Faggot.
>Every day i would cum in her coffee pretty much
>Eventually end up coming in at the same time as her, a good 40 minutes before the other students
>she asks why i come in so early each day
>say i have to catch up on other work etc
>40 minutes to watch her and do stuff
>After i gave her the coffee i still have like 30 minutes
>i still have 30 minutes to do stuff
getting to the better stuff now
>she has this cream on her desk that she puts on her face literally every day before she puts her makeup on, its a big bottle anyway
>every friday i would come in 10 minutes earlier than her and cum in her cream bottle instead of her coffee
>she wonders why the bottle lasts so long lel
I pretty much get to watch her put my cum all over her face
Please continue!!!!
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You faggots just got out of highschool a few months ago and already want to talk about shit you did during highschool?
>7th grade
>skipping sports class
>get dared to piss in bottle
>decided to become even cooler and throw it out the window

>teacher comes in raging and makes us each do 100 squats
>later found out it landed on my head teacher's head
>even later before I left school actually found out the whole thing was sprayed on the principal's curly head

I'm 21 been out of high school for like 4 years faggot.
>from 15 to near 16 stick to just cumming in her coffee and lotion
>around 16 notice she started to come in like 10 minutes later, not sure why
>she starts to seem really upset every day
>we have developed a strong friendly relationship seen as we have like 30 minutes to talk about stuff like music etc
>ask her why she's been so upset recently
>her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend
>they were in love or some shit and she feels heartbroken
>pull up a chair and sit next to her and comfort her
sorry about this being slow but I dont wanna miss anything out
>tells me she's never been in love before this and feels completely defeated, breaks down and cries on my shoulder
>being the sick fuck I am I can see straight down her top and can clearly see her nipples
>starting to get a boner so im trying to hide it
>"why are you moving around so much anon?"
>completely ignore her and just hug her so she can see behind me and not my crotch
>then I get up really fast and turn around
>later that day thanks me for caring and sends me on my way
im guessing you guys want me to continue so I will
File: beach1.jpg (65 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pls moar
Do it
File: 1389020307097.jpg (110 KB, 450x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Type faster you fuck
>i move closer to her so i can sit directly opposite her every day
>we start to make inside jokes together and just become really good friends
>sometimes ill buy her coffee in the morning and she would lend me one of her cd's or vinyls
>Of course i was still doing everything with the cum
>She made a deal with me that she would buy me a vinyl if i bought her some of the same lotion she uses all the time because i told her i had the same one (i obviously didnt)
>looked up a better more expensive lotion online and bought it
>spilled a quarter of the lotion out and came in it daily at home
>she got me my vinyl and asked why the lotion was taking so long
>said it was being delivered or something
>when i had came in it enough times to make it look full i mixed it up and gave it to her
>there was a lot of cum in it and she never noticed and enjoyed putting it on, probably because i told her it was more expensive
>i told her we should go get some coffee in a morning instead drinking the shitty school coffe
>she said its not exactly allowed for a student to meet with a teacher outside of school
>keep pushing it on her until she agrees
will cont
Not really fucked up but here we go
>Be me
>Be 15
>Sitting in sexual education with my entire class
>Teacher shows us a video clip
>Video clip was of teenagers changing a dirty diaper of a one week year old
>One girl snickering behind me
>Says "Anon would no what that looks like, he had about five kids"
>Never had sex before in my life
>Stood up and slammed my chair into the side of her head
>Got excluded for assaulting the girl
>Worth it
>Came back after a few months
>Everyone avoided me, including the little friend group I had
>Still totally worth it.
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pls do continue but for fucks sake, hurry the fuck up.

are you fucking single finger pecking this greentext out or what?
I pissed in all of the soap dispensers so everybody could wash there hands with my glorious golden liquid.
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Keep going faggot
Bumping for interest
I skipped class once...and I wasn't even sick.
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 460x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That is nice. HJ from teacher.
Class misbehaved and pissed off the teacher so much she had a nervous breakdown in class. Killed herself after quitting a month later.
File: FwmxuhGmq6XNSjdR..jpg (56 KB, 358x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Total loser in HS
> Worked at Domino's. Worked most Friday / Saturday nights (Why not? nothing else going on)
>First week end after school is out, Deliver to house. Wow hugh party going on, looks like everyone from HS is there.
>mfw, Had no clue there was a party
> look at name, fuck its one of the mean bitches at school, call her Jan
>Walk up to door, start asking around for Jan
>”She's in the kitchen, dude, gimme one of those pizza's asshole”
>Escape, find Jan in Kitchen
> total is $98 and she gives me a $100 bill
> “No tip for the geek Jan?” asks one of the guys hanging out with her
> Jan gives me a look, whispers something to the guy and they both laugh
> “You want a tip Anon?” Jan asks
> I am very uncomfortable and just want to leave so I turn 360 degrees and start to leave
> Somebody grabs me “You forgot your tip asshole”
> I am spun around to face Jan.
> She pulls her pants down, and turns around and bends over and says, “Here's your tip Anon, you get to kiss my ass”
>Who ever is holding me grabs my hair and forces my face into her ass and keeps telling me to kiss it
> Folks are yelling and laughing, I see flashes as folks take pictures
>Finally let me up and I start to walk out.
> I hear somebody yell, “look he has a boner!”, More laughter, a slice of pizza hits me in the head, people through shit at me as I leave.
> I drive off and park a few blocks away
> I fap
> Afterwards I just sit there crying for a while
> Finally get back to Domino's and boss is pissed I was gone so long
yeah sorry i was getting some food, anyway
>walk to the coffee shop with her which is like 5 minutes away from my school
>buy her coffee and talk about music and her home life
>find out shes been single for a good couple of months now
>she says shes looking for a young nice guy and kinda smiles at me
>I forgot what i replied to her here but whatever i said she laughed
its your choice whether you want to believe from here on or not but fuck it im gonna say it as it is
>she starts to look really exhausted some morning and i tell her i can give her a shoulder massage if she wants
>remember we literally have 40 minutes of being completely alone each morning
>Obviously she says yes and lets me give her a shoulder massage
>she sits and slides her dress and bra things just off her shoulderso i can massage
>it makes her top come forward a little
>i can see her tits again and tell her ill be a sec while i get the lotion
>obviously i bring my own because i dont want to use the come lotion
one time I dated a really religious girl. like goes to church and youth group every week and wouldn't even kiss her boyfriend on the cheek in public. I think I asked her out a week after meeting her and a week after that I took her virginity in a forest behind a grocery store across the street from my school.
who's on the pic?
dude you shouldve owned and shoved your face in that ass and ate the fuck out of it. Turn the tables around.
Nigga she complemented you.
This sounds like what happened to me when I lost my virginity. Turns out I'm a nymphomaniac now.
More like you have low self-esteem and an extreme desire for attention.
That's actually really sad...
I was/still am so beta it hurts
"Jan"s Yearbook picture from 2007

I was a total basement dwelling /b/eta and just wanted to get the fuck out
Okay that's nice
That's Jan? I'm even more dissapoint in you anon. She bent over for your face and you didn't indulge. it's ok you were young. Maybe next time tho right?
>i rub the lotion on her shoulders for a good 5 minutes
>get a very hard boner during this and i try not to poke her back with it
>i ask her if i can massage her back a little
>she doesnt say anything and just pulls the back of her dress down a little
>im freaking out right here because im fucking rubbing lotion on my teacher
>boner is fucking rock
>slowly move further down her back putting the lotion on
>shes smiling through this and letting out some small moans every now and then
>when i get just above her hips and almost to her ass the 15 minute bell rings
>have to stop as students will be showing up now
>she sighs as i help her put her dress on and thanks me
>she asks me if i can do this again some other time
>fucking yes i will
will cont
This cant be real wtf
Bullshit, the hot liquid breaks down the proteins in the semen and it turns into a solid lump.
She would notice a fucking rock of spunk in her coffee
Hurry up Anon
At least it's entertaining.
im here gimme a sec
A friend of mine was in a prank war with a Jewish kid.
Jew does donuts in my friends front yard.
My takes to the next level and uses lighter fluid to burn a 20ft tall swastika in Jews front yard.
>mfw he got arrested for a hate crime
i got drunk with my teacher, broke into the school and peed on another teachers desk
This is great
hurry up faggot
i used to smoke with my chemistry teacher every day before class start
Don't let this thread die
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Nah it's Kyrie
If this is fucking dinosaur I'm going to kill myself
i lived in a small neighbourhood when i went to this school so yeah
>this was on a friday so on monday the next week i come in at she kinda backs off from me
>she doesnt let me make her a coffee and doesnt speak to me for the first like 10 minutes or so
>i ask her whats wrong
>"nothing anon, just finish your work that you're here for"
>i walk up to her and kneel down so im the same height to her because she's sat
>i put my hands on her arms and ask her whats wrong
>she breaks down and pulls away from me
>ive never heard her swear before, she's crying and looking down
>"what the fuck is wrong with me why am i doing this with you"
>i just stare at her kinda in shock
>she mutters something about kid and love etc
>she tells me to get away from her
>half way through her sentence i grab her and hug her hard
>she doesnt let go for like 5 minutes
>tell her everything will be okay and telll her i feel the same way for her
>she just says "i know" and keeps weeping
sorry watching suits
not dinosaur, this is important to me i guess
jesse listen to me, that was the past.
that black man is not my little nympho
For some reason I'm more inclined to read the rest of your story thanks to that reply.
Stop messing with my brain, demon
will lurk till end
Not letting this thread die
File: HereICum.jpg (108 KB, 600x782) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah, but you can be MY little nympho
I have to leave for work in 10 minutes. Please hurry.
y-yes sir
hurry the fuck up faggot. suits can wait
lmao "ok"
>In 3rd grade, my class was "different"
>It was the dream-team of all the 3rd grade classes.
>the best kids were there, well-behaved etc
>but one day, one of us had this idea
>we'd play "Hump Tag" at recess that day
>Instead of running up and tagging someone, you'd run up and hump them
>almost the whole class was in on it
>we even had different modes: Kiss, Grope, and Moan (if you moaned hi-yah 5 times, you wouldn't be "it")
>mfw the valedictorian of my class after I transferred districts reminisces about "playing tag with your crush at recess"
holy fuck, you lucky little shit
if you're reading this Ms. Pissanos, I always loved you're fake fat tits
Don't let it die!
hurry the fuck up
how old were you when this happened?
Come on, man
File: 1401664701494.png (182 KB, 442x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Listen here OP, it is high time you deliver this story. Is this understood?
Didn't he say like 15 or 16?
I like dick
tits or GTFO
Anon you fuck
>from this point on were pretty much in a secret relationship
>i was 16 and i 100% thought i was in love because she was perfect and she was just so nice
>we decided to meet for the first time on a weekend
>we go to a restaurant and get something to eat
>The waiter was old and asks her if its her sons birthday referring to me
>She says yes it is and smiles and goes along with it
>we eat and they give me a little birthday cupcake and she sings happy birthday along with the staff for me
>i let her have the cupcake out of thanks i guess, of course i paid for all this because i have a weekend job
>we leave and get in her car
>"im suddenly really tired, son" she giggles at me and i go along with it
i think i just hit 17 or nearly 17
sorry everyone
Our whole cross-country team acted like giant faggots all the time. Showering naked together, comparing junk, borderline molesting the middle-school kids.
Good times.
Posting black ritual dances while waiting for OP
post faster
yeah almost 17 for sure
im keking hard
Gym class freshman year a few buddies of mine had a condom in the locker room and found a bottle of hair conditioner and put some conditioner in the condom so that it looked like cum and put it in this nerdy sohpomore kid's folder. From what I heard a guy that put it there had the next class with him and said "Ew Russell why is there a used condom in your backpack" and everyone looked at him
File: 1389550578306.gif (2 MB, 344x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 344x459
I went to rehab and then got sent to boarding school where I tried to manipulate my family into taking me out by writing a suicide note in blood and hanging myself.
where are your from? usa, uk?
the suspense is too much
dont die
stay alive! post what you can!
bump for story time
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
>friends parents go out of town
>friend throws party
>show up, drunk sloots everywhere
>one semi hot girl is all over muh dick
>force feed her a few shots
>go upstairs
>she immediatly passes out
>look around room
>take nearest sharpie
>draw dick on face then shove in pooper
Still ended up fucking her when she woke up.
File: head.jpg (16 KB, 293x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 293x253
just fyi this isnt near the end yet there is still quite a bit more
>we go to a really shitty hotel
>i was just really happy to be with her i guess
>we get there and she asks the woman a the desk for a family room, says her husband will be here later and so we get 2 beds
>she keeps playing along with this mother/son thing that i didnt really think of until she started doing it, it was really hot to be honest
>we went to our room and she sat down
>i awkwardly sat down too and she just stared at me for like a whole minute, not in a threatening way or anything, its like she admired me, idk how to explain that look, it was just beautiful
cont really fast
We got dat bih moovin
Bumpin for story.
Better post faster then, faggot.
>she admired me
omg i can't breathe
she wanted you to make a move dumbass
id rather you post longer stories and wait longer than read short stories 1 at a time
also lurking
and fapping, great story
Just watched it, Kirito Wins
fuck you anon stop ruining the bump limit
File: image.jpg (153 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I also chipped her tooth trying to tee one up while she was unconscious..
this will die before he finishes
Fuck this story man good job
Oh yeah and johnny black is death gun
moar boar wants moar.
File: 1405240030759.gif (15 KB, 1036x772) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 1036x772
Bump. I'm lurking here.
>implying that's not a large part of the pathology of nympomania
I guess no one read my greentext?
Ops story
learn how tro greentext faget
didn't read...
someone screen cap everything and post at noon tomorrow. i need to see this and i have to go literally now. the only time i am busy and something good is posted
File: Penguins.jpg (760 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what greentext?
>Freshmen year
>Tell a kid I wanted to fight him and was gonna kill him with my fists
>Get suspended out of school for whole week
>Be Middle-Eastern
>Come back to school
>Everyone asks if I really threatened to blow that kid up
I feel that this is bait. He is making us uncomfortable with impatience.
whats your email anon?
Yes, hurry.
Im getting to it
got it
>she didnt say anything to me and stared at me
>i could tell what she wanted or at least i thought i could
>i got up and walked over to her
>i kneel down in front of her like i did at school
>i go along with the mother/son thing and it sounds really beta when i think about it now but it aroused her at least
>I just tell her im going to massage her back and add mother to the end, she doesnt say anything and just smiles, i start to take off her dress and she helps me, i ask her to lay down on the big bed and she just goes along with it, smiling.
>i take my top and bottoms off so im left in boxers, she looks over and just giggles then looks back
>i think im in love right here and i dont want to leave
>i go to put the lotion on her, i start at her shoulders and the back of her neck
This thread is about high school faggot
top kek
File: Koala.jpg (763 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
763 KB, 1024x768

Yeah, it will likely be dinosaurs or some stupid shit, but he needs to get on with it.
oops, my bad.
Thought this was a cont of an earlier thread today
why are you so full of shit?
ugghhh hurry up and finish
Giving up on this thread soon. Hurry the fuck up OP.
isnt bait
stay or dont i dont really give a fuck i just thought some people would want to hear it
was going to watch this anime
loch ness monster
srsly, is this real? i wouldn't mind if it isn't. just tell us the truth.
Always feel like OP takes forever because has to think up the story

I will believe you this one time anon.
rub my dinosaur op.
>be me junior year
>gonna fuck my bitch, put a condom in the pocket of my flannel shirt
>go to school, wait all day
>girlfriend had to leave, no pussy today
>stayed out late, past midnight
>get a nosebleed
>unbutton shirt and use to stifle blood
>get home tired as fuck
>throw bloody shirt on the ground and go upstairs
>wake up the next day and go downstairs to shower
>get out and remember about my shirt
>go to pick it up
>its gone
>hear "Anon? Can you come here?" from my mom
>go to see my mom
>she turns and looks at me and holds up the condom
>"Whats this?"
>say my friend put it in my pocket
>she doesnt buy it
>says she's disappointed, gives it back
>never talk about it again
i really don't have any fucked up stories from high school...most people were afraid of me because i made a bomb threat in 8th grade (middle school). my name never really got out there but everyone knew who it was.

that was closed to 15 years ago now
>isnt a bait
>was going to watch this anime
I am now 100% positive that you're just writing down your mediocre fantasy
what a bitch
she should be happy you at least use a condom
sucks m8
did you ever get pussy though?
here comes the dinosaur
This may take a while.
>middle school, had very few friends.
>fat, geeky, loved video games and fantasy books, and RPGs - paper and dice, not gaming
>oh yeah, this is 20 years ago
>dialup modems and chat rooms, bitches
>got bullied so much in 7th grade my parents pulled me out and homeschooled me for fear I'd snap and go shoot up the school
>I demanded to go back to school, parents said okay but 9th grade is when you can go back
>get done with 8th grade nearly a full year early, take classes at community college
>summer of high school, get contact lenses
>grow out hair to lower back length
>get job with uncle's construction company, I'm the low man on the totem pole so I'm the one running heavy shit everywhere
>first time doing cocaine
>first time doing speed
>first 20 hour workday
>guys on the crew are former ex-cons
>almost every single one treats me like little brother
>take me to the gym
>teach me how to fight "with honor"
>teach me how to fight dirty as fuck
>all the while giving me 200lbs of cement to truck from point A to point B on site all the time
>grow 6 inches and put on 40lbs of weight
>don't think anything of getting slammed by 100lbs of wood in the gut on a daily basis
>learn how to spar with filipino ex-con who got put away for manslaughter - threw a punch and forgot he had a knife
>they taught me how to hotwire a car
>taught me how to truly fuck shit up and not get caught
>also taught me how to talk to AUTHORITY - IE, parole officers and cops
>and they fucking loved my uncle, who gave them jobs that paid actual wages instead of ex-con wages

nope my bitch girlfriend left me that week and started dating some burnout
I have some stories that would sound so fucked up, but to me it's just funny. I was in a rehab school for two years, I saw some shit. Stories are never as funny online, though.
this is better than the stupid teacher "story"

>went to school
>took out a semi automatic rifle
>emptied the entire clip into student and teachers
>took out my semi automatic pistol
>shot some more people
>heard police outside
>shot self in head

That was my first day back to school after Summer.
cont dude
And how did that make you feel?
if the bottle was big your teenage load wouldnt even make a noticeable difference especially if you were only ejaculating in there every friday while she used the cream everyday. You obviously didnt enough cum to disperse anyways if you were cumming in her foodstuffs everyday
try us

A little dead inside
dude cmon
Any pics of teacher, OP?
i remember this vividly because its probably one of the best experiences of my life so far
>I rub the lotion down her back
>she was really warm and smooth and i guess i didnt want to stop but obviously i wanted to do more
>i keep massaging her and keep going down
>she moans as i go lower and by now i have my hands on her ass
>she stops me there and turns around
>shes laying down and im off the bed so my face is pretty much above her pussy
>she just doesnt say anything at all and takes me and puts my head on her
>idk how to make it sound how it felt but i just ate her out and it was amazing
>i didnt make her cum straight away because i was a total amateur
>she stopped me after about 5 minutes of moaning, the moans were so hot
>she gets up and lays me down on the bed facing up
>she doesnt say anything again and just pulls my cock out
ive changed a lot since then
let me just type my story instead of making me reply to your shit please
I would imagine empty
Like there was a void in his head that needed to be filled.....
Like an important chunk of him was missing
Like there was a hole that couldnt be fixed
I am waiting.
I think some of the most fucked up shit I saw was kids (including me) being tackled by six adults, they'd carry us to a room with only a wooden bench, and lock you inside. They also used to roll kids up in carpets and put them in the closet, but that was before I got there. I saw somebody cut their artery open with a piece of glass from a window they punched out, and one time some kid shit on the ground and smeared it all over the wall. All of it doesn't sound too funny, but when I tell the stories in person everybody laughs. What a great time that was.
>sex ed class/health
>cpr certification
>pushed down on the chest of the dummy too hard and the head fell off

>teacher shows us variety of contraceptives
>condoms, dental dams, sponges, bc, etc
>hands condoms out to the guys in the class
>friend who is an upperclassmen asks if he can taste his cause it says edible and banana flavored
>teacher says go ahead
>rips package open sticks it in his mouth
>rolls it around in his mouth
>swallows it
>didn't like the latex after taste
i will fucking kill a small puppy if you dont end this soon. i dont even care anymore i just want to see the end
Stale Pasta is stale.
interesting, go on anon
knew a guy from Mass that swore a tard at his old school brought flavored condoms to suck at snacktime.
i call bullshit, probably bait
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One day, there were free oranges in the dining hall, so naturally me and some other guys grabbed a few. We went back to the class room, and started a fight, throwing them across the room at each other, splashing them on the walls.

The room smelled like oranges for weeks.
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>inb4 walk the dinosaur
File: 1407596646324.gif (913 KB, 230x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This isn't what you're getting at but it happens in a highschool so fuck you.


>Be highschool social studies teacher
>Have near Kim Jong Un authority
>Mixed class, some assholes, some asians, some stoners, some nerds, jock, you know highschool.
>my third period class is IB
>IB is nothing but really nerdy white kids and asians
>literally the most boring class to teach ever
>get bored like second week in last september
>decide to have some fun
>I start grading the asian kids on a curve 10% lower than the white kids
>after about a month the asians pick up on this, say nothing, but you can tell their pissed.
>this is getting boring at this point, so I start adding questions to tests with complicated and large words that esl kids can't understand.
>refuse to answer questions during tests
>asain parents come in for teacher interviews
>tell each one of them individually that I don't think their child should be in IB, and that I think they'd do better in the regular stream
well if you actually put some efford in it and greentexted some of it in detail, im sure everybody here would get some lols from it
you are a bastard
OP, take your time and let it all out, older brother anon is here for you.

It's really cool that you had this relationship with a teacher, she must have had huge demons about fucking an underage pupil. She deserves to be in jail the filthy slut. Post pics and let me bust my load onto my screen, only then will I be happy and this burden will be off your chest forever. Unlike my cum, which will be on her pixelated tits
Continued from
>my parents are loving the whole working thing - I'm not rattling around the house getting in trouble or being bored
>I'm working my ass off and learning shit they probably wish I wasn't
>at the end of the first six months my uncle has put me nominally "in charge" of a crew, which means I'm their bitch and do what I can to keep them on task
>usually involves getting beer for them at the end of shift and running food, doing supply runs and bitch work for them, then reporting all clear to my uncle
>clincher of why they loved me: one day Ramos, more-or-less-foreman forgets his daughter's birthday, crew is stuck at site, realizes he didn't get birthday present
>daughter is 14, like me
>says I'll get her a teddy bear, little bitches love that shit
>I laugh
>everyone's head turns to look at me
>Ramos says the fuck is wrong with you boy
>remember Ramos did time for giving someone a glasgow smile and putting the guy on dialysis by stabbing him in the kidneys with a piece of REBAR for dissing Ramos' wife
>say she's 14, I don't think a teddy bear is what she wants
>convince Ramos to give me money and I'll go take care of it for her
>all the other guys in the crew cough up $20s and laugh at me saying it'll be worth it to see me punk Ramos
>met Ramos' daughter three times, each time she was wearing a shirt with a horse on it and cowboy boots
>I pick Ramos up every day from apartment complex in the middle of sucksville ghetto in the truck
>go call my oldest nerdy friend, who is a girl, also homeschooled because of Tourettes and VERY religious parents
>nerdy friend's parents own horse riding school and farm
>ask if I could buy a year's worth of horse riding lessons for $100, girl who has always wanted to ride a horse
>nerdy friend begs her dad, uses "daddy please"
>daddy sells me what comes to about $2,000 worth of riding lessons for $100


Big Freshman Day Comes
>get dropped off at school by my work crew in their giant truck
>inb4 mass seppuku
File: osama.jpg (466 KB, 908x752) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sophomore year
>history class
>sitting next to my friend, call her Kat
>Kat had mental problems for the longest time (ex. poor memory, confidence issues)
>my history teacher knew this but kept on asking her to answer history questions
>history teacher is Mr. Roberts
>i thought this was just a way to make her memory improve
>realized it was just straight up bullying when Mr. Roberts constantly asked her questions that nobody in the class could have answered
>"Kat, at this rate you'll fail the class."
>says that every time
>i work with Kat to make sure she at least passes the tests

A couple weeks later
>first test in the class
>see Kat hand in her test, she looks pretty confident about it
>right when she hands it in, Mr. Roberts starts to do something to her test
>I hand mine in
>when I hand in my test, I saw that Mr. Roberts erased half the answers to Kat's test
>Everyone gets their tests graded and handed back
>I get a 80 something
>Kat apparently failed hers
>"Kat, I saw Mr. Roberts changing your answers."
>Kat doesn't believe me at first

More weeks later
>Another test
>Kat takes a picture of her scantron before handing it in (that was her idea)
>the scantron she got back had completely different answers on it
>as expected, she failed the text
>gets called to Mr. Robert's offic
>Kat come back and she tells me that if she gave Mr. Roberts head every week, he would give her an A.

some time later
>we follow Mr. Roberts to his home
>unhinge the bolts on one of his wheels
>a couple days later we have a new teacher, Mrs. Simmons
>find out from her that Mr. Roberts got in a car accident and is comatose

needless to say Kat and I laughed for a while
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Low-quality Bait.jpg
18 KB, 600x600
Uncle Drew.
>be sophomore
>be friends with Marty
>sit at the back of class, in the middle row
>Marty, sitting at left row, sprays ruler with deodorant and lights it on fire
>throws it at Neil sitting across
>Neil does the same
>shit escalates and Neil grabs his axe and lighter and makes a flamethrower
>fucking warzone and I'm sitting in the center the room
>teacher catches them
>whole class turned into gorillas screaming and throwing shit
Just curious, how many /b/tards are actually i/b/tards? I'm one
niiiice fuck that guy he sounds like an ass
>im rock hard and she grabs my cock and just starts blowing me
>still not saying a word, just doing it
>i still cant believe whats going on and she just smiles and continues
>she stops and lays down next to me with her hand still on my dick
>she says "come"
>signal for me to get on top of her
>i move above her, she still had her hand on me
>she holds it and pushes it inside her
>it felt amazing, i didnt last long but it was perfect
>i told her i was about to cum
>she stopped me and layed me down and started blowing me again
>she let me cum in her mouth, she let me fucking cum in her mouth
>i guess she swallowed it and just laid next to me
>we were both exhausted and i just whispered in her ear
>"i love you"
>"i love you too"
i can just give the rest briefly if you like cos some of you want me to finish
anyway cont
OMG this colour gamma reminds me of my deep dreams that i can barely remember. fuck. i wish i could see that sky from that perspective
File: 1402706686792.jpg (23 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be Junior year in high school
>Have a small gathering at my house with two friends and friends qt girlfriend
>Sister buys us some kind of shitty flavored vodka
>Marshmallow, Caramel, and Birthday Cake I think
>I personally don't drink because reasons but will gladly help my friends when they do
>Friends gf decides to get white-girl wasted
>She ends up having the bottle of marshmallow in her hand the whole night
>Later on she is getting super drunk along with her bf
>I'm just chilling while watching tv and making food because they won't shut the fuck up about how hungry they are
>See friends gf run to me and wrap her arms around me
>"Anon? I think I fucked up..."
>She gives me the cutest face i've ever seen her make
>"You love me... right?"
>I really do like her a lot, but I'd rather not get between my best friend and his gf
"You are super drunk right now, I'm gonna take you too the bathroom okay?"
>Suddenly she grabs my face and screams
>I rush to grab he nearest thing she can puke in
>It happens to be a small metal pot I put napkins in
>I rush back to her and see he flopped on the couch, passed out, slightly gagging with her eyes shut
>Shit I gotta do everything
>I prop her up and hold her head and let her puke
>One gag
>two gags
>And boom goes the dynamite
>She pukes into the pot thankfully
>I'm holding her at an awkward angle with one hand holding up her hair and head at the same time while the other is holding the pot
>I'm losing grip
>Suddenly my hand slips
>Her head collides with the metal pot and a loud *CLONG* can be heard for miles
>Fuck that musta hurt
>I lift her head back up and see a nasty red mark
>Hold in my urge to uncontrollably laugh
>Once all that is well and done I finish the food and set it on the table
>Then I realize that everybody is passed out now, so food is wasted
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Got out, fuck diploma. I'll take certificate. Fuck CAS and HIs.
I was pretty thuggish in hs

>be me, sophmore year
>my friend bought some liquid shit from spencers
>on the bus to school
>he gives me like 3 of them
>we roll them towards the front of the bus as discretely as possible
>all of a sudden there are a couple of pops and some fat kid vomits all over this cute blond chick who is absolutely mortified
>probably ruined that fat kids life
>the camera's on the bus were there for looks, lol, not actually filming

also I handcuffed this foreign kid to the bus pole and dropped the key on the floor near him once

bunch of people saw me do it(he didn't because he was focused on staying balanced) but it was too funny so no one narc'd
anyone still lurking?
Yeah, keep goin
I am, but not for your shit story, you absolute faggot
continue, quality poster
fuck you faget just post it
Fuck. ignore the end part. Got ahead of myself

>go to tack shop, buy what riding / horse care tack I can with the rest
>find the cheapest horse plush toy I can and wrap that up, have sequence of presents to open ending with the envelope of the horse riding lessons
>come back, hand it to Ramos, and say tell her she has to open them in order
>hand him a year's bus pass that I bought with instructions on how to ride the bus from their apartment to the farm (20 minute ride if done right)
>Ramos gives me this look
>says did you get the teddy bear
>no, I got her a stuffed horse
>Ramos relaxes and says yeah, that's better, she loves horses

Next day:
>Ramos isn't there on site, calls in sick
>crew is like, oh fuck man, what did you do?
>tell the crew what I did, suddenly they're laughing their asses off
>Ramos gonna kick your ass if you put your name on any of it, man
>I suddenly panick wondering if I did, don't think I did, but fuck, I was in a rush
>Ramos shows up at 5PM in formal shirt and hat
>walks right up to me, puts his hand out and says, "You made my daughter cry and call me papa for the first time since I went in"
>crew is turning around and moving like bat out of hell for beers because nobody makes Ramos cry
>Ramos is crying
>Ramos says "If you ever want to take her out you do her right and I give you permission to date her, but you better treat her like a man"
>I shit you not, three crew member heads pop out from behind bulldozer like Moe, Curly, and Larry with bulging eyes
>I shake hands with Ramos
>Ramos fucking HUGS me

Think that's the day Ramos stopped riding me like a bitch? Fuck no
>after that Ramos rides me like a rented stepmule and starts teaching me how to dodge things like knives and how to take guns away from people

>by the time summer before freshman year arrives I'm tall enough and strong enough that I can buy beer without being carded
>I go home and do computer work at night
>ride horses every week
Just finished this past session. I'd rather forget the whole experience, even if I did decently. IB was in the same school as the regulars. Just goes to show that a bar of gold in a mud pile is still muddy.
Nooooo. The auto-refresh is taking longer. Threads gonna get pruned.
fucking IB
horrible classes
aced them all but god damn did i hate those teachers
I'm reading
This is some heartwarming shit, pls cont
keep it up get to the horse cock in your ass
Bullshit. Barely anyone gets all 7s
File: MFW Yeah, all gud.gif (2 MB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
MFW Yeah, all gud.gif
2 MB, 250x250

I went to get beer and this thread is still alive. I'm stunned.
This is awesome dude
continue please
I'm really enjoying your story and sounds credible too or you must have insane writing talents if you're making this up. Either way post more
Why does this kinda feel like the plot to a movie... lol
This is a good thread, that's why!
almost left because of the faggishly slow progress of the teacher story, stayed for this
File: 0565667973.gif (4 MB, 384x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 384x216

>around early November I actually start changing scan-tron answers on 2-3 most dickish asian kids.

Hiram Ng is the most annoying fucker ever, he's super stressed about going to an ivy league school, and has been working his ass off in my class because it's weighing down his option,...however because i'm fucking him over, his grade isn't moving at all, and he's getting SUPER frustrated.

> as November comes around I take the class to the computer lab, have made an "online" test for the last midterm instead of scanton using the textbooks faggy website.

>boost everyone but Hirams test up by 10%

>fail Hiram by 30%...(he actually got something like a 97)

>Post results a week later

>things go WAYYYYYY better than expected
>this little fucker flips his nuts, and all of a sudden I have a 5'5 skinny asian kid with bad skin screaming at me in the middle of my class, basically calling me on everything I've been doing for the last 3 months. Says I'm a racist peace of shit blah blah

>I send his ass down to the principles office faster than you can say supersayan

>meet with my boss after work. He asks if I'll still allow him in my class/ what I think his punishment should be. (Is absolutely clueless his complaints were justified, didn't even come up in the meeting) I say fuck no; he's been disrespectful all year, get him a three day suspension.

>Year ends on a high note. (Obvs he fails my class cause he can't write the final)

>Last semester I realize he isn't around the school anymore

>Ask a kid I'd seen him hang out with where he was.

> Turns out his parents lost their shit when he was suspended and sent him to live with his Uncle in Hong Kong.

I think I ruined someones life...this is why I became a teacher :)

both of you niggers better make new threads if this dies too soon
>have enough work experience to qualify as a foreman on a construction crew - AT 15
>6'1", hair down to mid-back, went from pudgy 135 to muscled 175lbs, can deadlift 200lbs of concrete without a thought
>have hookups to cocaine, speed, weed, anything I want
>have markers with a crew of ex-cons who think of me like their smartass little brother and who haul me into bars with them at the end of the work day
>buy my first car, cash, from Ramos' brother-in-law, who is a mechanic
>can't take the ball fringe out because Ramos put it there himself, but I own a fucking maxed-out 1969 Nova 2-door outright
>can't drive it until I get license in a year
>it's the project car for Ramos' family
>ride horses every week with Ramos' daughter, who is drop-dead gorgeous Mexican-Italian chick
>with all of this in the background, I go back to school

First day at school
>nothing happens. Nobody recognizes me.
>was bullied by guys and girls
>take the same nerdy classes I took before
>take advanced everything
>go to PE and laugh to myself as I see the kids who bullied me sucking ass at climbing the rope
>do the marine-corps rope climb one of the crew members taught me
>ring the bell, slide down, go back up, ring bell, slide down, go back up, ring bell, slide down by the time the worst bully in middle school got halfway up the rope

This was a good one:

>at boarding school
>already gave up trying to get out by resisting
>making it look like I'm working their Alcoholics Anonymous program
>get privileges, aka nobody has to watch me at all times
>I get to walk the dogs
>Bringing the dog back to the office
>Look in to conference room
>Kid lying face down, blood all over the walls
>I was just trying to walk dogs
>Run back to the journalism room to get a camera
>Went to the office and told them I needed a picture so I couldn't put it in the "defiant kids" yearbook spread
>They didn't think it was funny
>Had to sit facing a corner for a week
>Had to take off my shoes
>Needed to raise my hand and wait to be acknowledged to get up
>Couldn't use condiments
>Plain oatmeal without sugar is disgusting
>Didn't even get the picture of the bloody wall
>Not worth it
didn't really do anything fucked up other than calling this one teacher Frank.
she didn't like to be called Frank
If this story is true, I hope you get terminal brain cancer and die slowly.
Still lurking for teacher story, come on
now that i think about it, it was pretty much the same routine from here
>the monday back at school she was horny i guess, she would blow me and i would eat her out but we never fucked in school, she wanted that to be special
>we changed places that we went to stay at until eventually we just went back to her place
>she generally seemed kinda down and upset for a while and i didnt know why
>i was in a relationship with my teacher that id known for like 4 years
>by the time i was 18 we were in love
I hate this part but im going to tell it as it is
>she has 2 sisters that she hardly ever sees because they dont live near her, anyway
>She calls me and asks me to come over to her place
>im happy because im in love and i get to be with her
>i go over there and she's crying
>(bear in mind i cant exactly be seen with her in public because as i said its a small neighbourhood and rumours will spread)
>i got there and she was in tears, looking completely defeated
fuck i dont know if i can continue this
i don't know why i can't remember much from high school...most of my shitty days were earlier. but heres a few shit tier ones

>kept calling 1800/1900 numbers for hot girls/sex talks on the payphone at work
>usually two or three times a day
>a couple weeks later the phone was getting monitored hardcore by the lunch monitor

>usually got 2 study periods every other day my junior and senior year
>usually found my way to the computer lab because everyone else was "studying" or just chilling with their friends
>be back in the days when Yahoo Chat was booming
>all i'd do inside and outside of school was Yahoo Chat - it was my life
>one day go to computer lab
>try to open up yahoo chat
>along with practically everything else that wasn't school related
>glance over at comptuer tech guy's office
>fatshit assclown
>he's monitoring everyone on a screen
>decide to have a little fun and hack the system so i could go into chat
>goes on for a few days unnoticed
>finally one day he remotely closes all the pages i'm on
>i bring up word
>start typing that "i know what you're doing in there and you think you can stop me?"
>he runs out and starts yelling at me "Don't do that again!!"
>he's fired at the end of the week due to budget cuts
>we used to hang around with one semi-retarded girl, from the retard course and she let us play with her boobs, some friends make out, i have some fantasys but never did anything more than enjoy her huge breasts
nice copypasta
God I wish more teachers were like you in HS making a real difference in this world.
Keep going.. Please.. I already fapped
bait is shit 2/10
not all 7s just 6s and one 5
still sucked dick
that will be an epic reveal of the troll
Please do
>summer break
>be from 20k ppl town next to 500k ppl town (like 20 miles)
>big party
>get introduced to girl
>she likes me (until now, not explainable anyhow)
>added me on fb, i accepted
get msg from good old friend from big city
>she is from big city also
>he tells me he has friends doing some cocaine with girls older sister and sisters boyfriend, who is into cartel
>well thats none of my business
>get approached by neighbour
>works for the fbi
>So, anon, i came across the fact you just met girl, how´s it going
>skip skip
We want you to get closer to her, in order also to become trusted friend of sisters boyfriend, so you can introduce an undercover cop to him.
>i was underage that time
>did as i was told
>huge shit goning down, bout 25kg of cocaine and another 500kg of meth get busted, sister and bf get shot by swat, neighbour gets his shit for asking me as an underage kid, cartel finds out
>went under witness protection
>last year of hs living in a protected household 2k miles away, got an armoured fat car to drive, noone knew my parents or stuff like that
>he must be son of a cartel lord
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One time I was one minute late for class
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
frankly thats strange
captcha: particular orange
bump for teacher
>no greentext
>didn't read
How big dick do you have anon ?
Wtf is wrong with you ? Continue
>How big dick
Bump for ending, come on you can do it.
Alright, I will post a funny story of high school.

> Be me, Paul, and a guy we called Squirrel.
> All go to hickbilly school in the middle of nowhere.
> In Ag class. Another guy named John who kind of hung out with us had small Toyota pickup (2 Wheel drive)
> Get idea to all lift up the rear end of his truck and move it across the parking lot
> John comes out after school and thinks his truck is stolen
> Finds truck, he is confused as to how it got to the other side of the parking lot
> Wash, Rinse, and Repeat for a number of days
> He finally catches us and calls the sheriff
> Deputy comes out and gets all of us in the principals office
> We can tell the Deputy thinks this is pretty funny after John tells his story
> Deputy asks him, ' Did they break into the vehicle?'
> John says no.
> Deputy says, 'It is not a crime then.'
> John and Principal are visibly upset
> All three of us laugh our asses off afterwards

Sadly John was killed in a car accident not to long after we all graduated. He was a decent hardworking guy who did not deserve to die at 19.
File: andrew-jackson.jpg (204 KB, 1023x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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please continue
>about week one the worst fucking asshole who bullied me in middle school realizes who I am
>thinks he's untouchable because his dad is friends with local cops and mayor
>mom is local lawyer
>friends are all rich kids from up the hill, think they're hot shit, football players, etc., etc.
>starts smacktalking me in class
>calls my long hair faggot hair
>says he could kick my ass any time
>just give this kid a long look; two years ago he would make me piss myself with fear
>after working on a crew with guys who did time for rearranging people's faces with screwdrivers I have zero fear of him
>look at him and say "you're a worthless piece of shit now. You were a worthless piece of shit then."
>walk away
>feel the presence behind me
>turn and slam his hand into the concrete wall and shove my elbow into his gut
>kid doubles up
>his friends start coming at me, I do the defensive thing and curl up in a ball on the ground, then do the damage I can to knees like I was taught
>teachers come in and haul off the friends
>bully tells me you're dead, I'm going to kill you in the parking lot after school
>look at him with plain flat eyes
>administrator helps me up and says maybe it's too soon for you to come back
>I shake my head and say no, it's always going to be like this
>I'm not running from this kid again
>administrator says well, you need to call your folks to let them know what's happened
>go to office, make call
>go back to class
>rest of the day shithead and his friends try to trip me
6s and a 7. One fuckin mark away from a 7 in chem sl. Two core pts
Don't let us down now fagget
Dude im reading no other faggets story besides yours come on and finish im getting impatient.
okay i got this
>i run to her and hug her
>i ask her whats wrong
>her sister has cancer
>her fucking sister has cancer
>i dont know anything about this sister
>one of them has like down syndrome or some shit and was kinda being looked after by the sister with cancer
>teacher only left because this was a better job than where her sisters were from with better pay
>their parents are dead so teacher would send money over for cancer sister to look after the other
>anyway, she tells me she doesnt know what to do
>i just say everything will be okay while i figure out wtf is going on
>idk if it was a few months or not but cancer sister passes away
>im with teacher when she finds out, were waiting for the news
>she looks completely dead, like shes just given up
>tells me shes going to the uk, to bury her sister
>tell her im going with her
will cont
This is like a sweet 80s high school redemption movie
not really, she looked like a Frank
this shit is awesome, continue, and hurry up
make a new thread if you must before this gets pruned
fucking sucks man
i got a 6 in chem sl
wait, she's british?
Way better than the teacher greentext
Another one
>be 15
>at a party, weird people there
>my friend says it's ok they're chill
>end up with some guy forcing me to suck his dick
>jizzed in my eye, that hurts like a bitch
>decide I don't like the part
>walk to the nearest city
>five people mistook me for a prostitute
>lost my wallet
>ask random guy "have you seen my wallet?"
>"No but I just got back from a massage parlor"
>go to his apartment, he's 23
>my friend fucks his friend
>they're distracted
>find all the alcohol, cigarettes, and money
>leave as fast as humanly possible
>walk home
>my friend is limping from losing her virginity
>I still have jizz in my eye
>no situation has ever contained less dignity
My chem teacher even called it. He predicted me at a high 6.
no wonder this isnt funny
>Be sophomore year
>Always late to class because of a medication I take always makes me groggy and hard to get up in the mornings
>Always excused from these tardies because good guy dean understood
>One day heading to first period 15 minutes late.
>Just as I'm about to sit, 7/10 asks me why I'm always late to class
I was embarrassed about mentioning my pills for some reason so I never did.
>"Uhm.. well I just like to take it slow" and then I wink at her
>She laughs and blushes
>Take my seat and have adrenaline rush the rest of class.

Nothing too exciting just a moment of slight smoothness
her parents got divorced and her dad moved to the uk with 2 of the kids
they used to visit her all the time until he died
>Be me
>Be 40 year old neckbeard
>Post fake stories about fantasies
>Take ages to reply thanks to q-tip shaped fingers on single digit hand
>Story will actually end with a dinosaur getting walked
>Laugh because think my life holds meaning

"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
teachers predicted my friends and me all wrong
thought we were dumb since we slacked off
didn't know we actually knew what we were learning
wait are you a chick or a fag?
lurking in the meadows oblivinan
I'm hoping you're a female
I always wondered what would happen if I did that. What subs did you have? Also, my teachers were scarily accurate with their predictions. In french ab initio, i was predicted a 7, even though i wasn't performing that well. I think it was because I was the only IB kid applying to american unis.
nobody cares if it's fact

stay pleb
>be 16
>finished sophomore year
>chilling over the summer
>browsing /b/
>one day see this thread about high school stories
>read through it
>super hot teacher relationship story in it
>tell friends on IRC
>take a shit
>wait for story to continue
>post these events to /b/
>get banned later
>don't care because fuck 4chan fuck moot this site sucks so bad
>tfw I've been on 4chan since I was 10
>I've consumed my own piss before
>what the fuck is wrong with me
I'm 95% certain the coord was telling the teachers to predict me higher.
was the father british, I'm curious about her accent.
>At the end of the day go out to parking lot, which is not on school grounds
>there's shithead and his friends
>shithead and friends come walking towards me
>shithead takes something from one of his friends
>flashes it at me
>oh dear, a folding knife. Whatever shall I do
>they're fifty feet away when van pulls up behind them and guys start coming out
>more guys come out
>and more guys come out
>and five smoking hot women come out
>and six Harleys roar up
>and two Chevy Novas
>shithead and his friends are going "the fuck?"
>Ramos and my crew show up and start sitting on cars
>one of shithead's friends sees Ramos sitting on his car and yells "get the fuck off my car, you greaser!"
>wrong thing to say
>Ramos looks at him, says, "Come make me, shitstain"
>shithead doesn't seem to realize what's up, but friends are starting to realize something is
>I'm still just walking to my ride
>shithead says "I'm going to fucking end you, faggot"
>I say "I just want to go home. I really don't want to fight you"
>Shithead says "I wouldn't want to fight me either. I can kill you and nobody would notice"
>friend from crew says "I think I would notice."
>another crew member says "me too"
>crew is carrying hammers
>crew is also standing by shithead's car
>shithead yells "Fuck you"
>Ramos says "you know what they call you in prison, kid? Bitch."
>shithead looks back and for the first time gets an idea of what's going on
>one of shithead's friends is smart and decides he's going to leave, but gets blocked by guys who say I thought you wanted to see your friend fight this kid
>shithead is close enough that I can say something where he's the only one who can hear it
>I say just walk away and leave me alone. all I want. I don't want to fight you
>shithead laughs and arcs the knife at me
>let it go past and say seriously, just walk away
>fuck you faggot, I'm going to fuck you up and nobody is going to think twice
>goes at me again with knife, I dodge
>seriously, last chance to walk
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Don't stop babu

I didn't do this but when I was a freshman some of the upperclassmen painted a pregnant goat blue and put it on the roof of the HS. They all got charged with animal cruelty. Anyone else go to THS in this bread?
if this thread 404s before the end of this story, I"m going to kill myself
Anon please make a new thread, this story is gold, I want to hear the end before it 404s.
>I tell my parents im going on holiday to the uk
>they know somethings going on and they have known for like a year
>they get really mad at me and ask me why i dont tell them anything
>i tell them that im in love with my teacher and they just stare at me
>they both look dissapointed and just stop caring about what i do
>i go to the uk with teacher for the funeral
>teacher is there for funeral so i dont get to go to london and see the city etc
fuck i hate this
>there is no one to look after the ill sister
>teacher tells me she has to stay in the UK
>i tell her i will stay with her
>she says we cant be together
>she says we wont be able to afford living there together
>we both go back to the us together so she can pack and get ready to leave
bump da bump bump
But have you consumed your own jizz?
>emptied the entire clip into student and teachers

this didn't happen
More Ramos protege longhair builder kid story pls
File: 2XCKRmf.png (26 KB, 128x128) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>most likely yfw
Pls finish the stories
once actually, it tasted horrible
I also really want to fuck my mother
File: image.jpg (12 KB, 159x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 159x160
Was he Jewish?
interesting story does it have happy ending or do you get fucked over
make a new thread before this one 404's
>Be me
>Spent summer with this cute blonde chick, real meek and shy, but in a real endearing kinda way.
>Not my usual thing, but she was something else.
>Didn't do much, just held hands and gay shit, but for once I wasn't thinking about getting up in her. It was just nice, y'know?
>Summer ends and she goes away.
>Miss her like a faggot, but I got an image to maintain, so I pretend like nothing happened in front of my boys. Pretend to be alpha.
>Go back to school, senior year.
>Holy shit, my summer qt3.14 transferred here or some shit!
>But gotta keep my image man in front of my boys, so I treat her like I treat all bitches, cold and shit.
>Fuck fuck fuck I feel like an asshole.
>Man fuck this shit. Go and fix my awesome ride with my boys to get my mind off her.
>Fuck yeah it's drag racing time!
>Win that shit cause you know I fuckin do.
>Later, senior year has some faggy carnival for the end of the school year
>Holy shit, my summer qt is all in black leather, looking like the sexiest bitch in the fuckin universe
>Fuck everything, I am all up in her, and whatever fuckin reason, she's all over me.
>We go together, like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong
>We get in my awesome car and fly off into the sky!
>Fuck yeah!

Man I miss high school, now I'm all about scientology, shit's gay as fuck.
bump of life
fucking beta faggot. It's just a nig. What the fuck can he do?
>shithead screams "fuck you" and charges me with his stupid fucking pocket knife
>turn without bothering to look and disarm him
>kick knife away under car
>shithead's friends are throwing punches at crew, crew is more or less just dodging but keeping them in place
>shithead turns around and comes at me, throwing punches
>block each one of them, saying "just stop, seriously. Just stop"
>shithead keeps going
>finally he tries to kick me
>kick him in the kneecap like I was taught
>grab his wrist and twist
>grab handful of his hair and slam his face into the fender
>then get super angry and let it all out at once
>begin pounding the FUCK out of shithead on the ground
>let out something like three years of repression in about twenty seconds
>feel hands grabbing me and pulling me away from shithead
>start throwing punches but whoever has me got me locked
>hear Ramos says stop kid, you don't want to do what we did
>he turns me loose and I go charging at shithead's friends
>crew steps aside, shithead's friends go RUNNING
>four of them, one of me
>chase them out of the parking lot
>come back
>shithead has gotten up to sitting position, does not look good
>Ramos' brother-in-law is kneeling next to him, checking him out, and talking quietly to him
>Ramos looks me up and down
>hands me the keys to the Nova
>you buy beers tonight
>entire crew heads out
>somehow shithead's vehicle and his friends all had catastrophic engine failure in the parking lot
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Moar Ramos.

>she packs her stuff and is pretty much ready to go
>im with her the whole time helping her and everything
>i ask her again if i can go stay with her
>she says she cant do it it's too much for her
>i tell her i love her
>she starts crying and says she loves me too, and then she just sits down and cries
>i get it now
>i make her feel better and then i leave
>she leaves to go live in the uk
>im fucking heartbroken and cant forget about her
>tfw its been 2 or 3 years and she hadnt said a word to me
>4 days ago she emails me and tells me shes ready
>asks me to come live with her
>going in a month or so
Thats all guys
Im not sure if it'll be the same but i guess i'll see
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