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This is a rap thread. Everyone posts a freestyle...
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This is a rap thread. Everyone posts a freestyle that they typed up. Or just random rhymes you got.

>Can't stand me like your names Paul George
My girls got one problem: they always scream for more
Lyrics got you tipsy you can't focus like a Ford
So I gotta do the things I do so I can get what you can't afford

Killing your team, you got devastating losses
Lakers vs. Bobcats call that devastating losses
Making money like I'm Jesus I got mucho prophet
Jealous of my whip? Good, you can't cop it
Self bump
I'm Rollin in it deep like a giant squid
And your girl gettin with me cause I'm made of quid

I throw her down on it then hit it from the back
fuck her right in the pussy because she ain't black
They call my dick Snickers because it satisfies
When you text girls, shit you get no replies
Sad right? Jealous of the kid you call 4 eyes,
Is now getting so many bitches you had to fuck with guys

I'm bright like stop lights
I run stop lights
Sometimes when I drive high, I think stop signs are stop lights
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I'm a nigga yea
i'm a nigga nigga
i work out so i become a bigger nigga
bitch your pulling my nigga trigga
i'm a nigga.
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
Bitch ass nigga, my dicks a gun pull the trigga
Blast in your face, home invasion cuz I'm a nigga
Nigga, you white, your morning wood is a splinta
You're bitches are C+'s, my bitches 100 percentahs

Yea man you got the rhymes.

fite me on a battle
When in doubt,
Whip it out.
And if they shout,
Knock them out.
Meant to be rapped by someone like Biggie, just threw this one together. Here's a beat that works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0twl1DfXr0

dont ever hustle me
or my crew either
youll have to fuck with the
mac-11 squeezer
you’ll remember only me
when you’re struck with amnesia
im a sick mother fucker
like i got the yellow fever
i’m the king of the game
like julius ceaser
i’m a murderous MC
but my dick is a teaser
a fine lady pleaser
we’re in a top suite
smokin on the reefer
your bitch is blowin me
as i’m sippin hennessy
at my leisure
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u wanna be play big on me, then here i go
humm yea ha djyeaah nigga
ok swag nigga gangsta
ayo nigga ur a mothafuka
mashed potatoes

Undeniable fire
I'm flying higher
making money on my money til I'm suffixed by esquire
strength is in my wisdom where my
heat beat
resides in me
cuz I've felt 35 since the age of 16
pipe dream
all I was ever given no direction in my life
until I started saving these children, alien living among all these "save me and kill them" homo sapiens
shady life you're living ain't gon make you a killing
I'm on fire, make it rain like Steph Curry's tradition
Eminem, Nas, and Raekwon, the newest edition
Revolutionary, fucked up, but as true as I'm getting
I don't think you could have brought in anyone better to kill it
Rise Up
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let me spit this quick verse to nurse this ego that has been stabbed in the back by itself
the pain is so much worse when you have no one to blame and the finger gets pointed in the same mother fucking direction
as its been before
at me
at i
at myself
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OP is so white
He makes my butthole tight
I'm so black my dick goes through the ceiling.
Hell I'm so black, I leave your mom squealing.

ima prolly grow up just to be a poor man, neck beard n all while Im browsin 4chan, wit a bag of chronic, as I laugh at comics till Im sad n nauseous that I can't evolve n its, so un-fortunate that im rotting like a belly full of pork n ribs eating smores n trix and, well im bored of this

Fuck yall
Its a trap
OP will steal your hot fire and use it for his upcoming mixtape titled Dank Basement
Don't try to fucking pigeon hole me
Cause you ain't even heard me homie
You don't know what I have to say
And even if I'm gonna fall
I do it to tell the story
That's really why I do it all
I push against gravity
I might do it badly but I try
And effort is most
Just kidding fuck effort
Cause whatever you do you should do it for yourself
Don't let no one else hold you down
School those fucking clowns
This is your town
Your time to shine
It's yours and mine
Rhythm divine
Words so fine
You kill the non believers
Smash them like a beavers tail
Whale on them suckers
Never let em know how much it means to you
Cause they don't even know you
Effort don't mean that you deserve shit
But the journey and end are what makes everything worth it
Some nerd I know made this after he got out of prison today
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Ain't it cool, that I'm an inspiration to 2 Chainz
Pushin blow I got Money to do thangs
Car so big I take 2 lanes
The PT Cruiser with wood grains
File: EqUe9sX.jpg (103 KB, 1024x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gut that ass stab the back of your neck
Fuck your dead corpse with my dick
Eat your flesh and devour your soul
mount on my wall your hiney hole
fine, I've got more
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Just cause im a nigger and i show up on 4chan daily,
Dont mean im a john stewert cause im 2kewl4ubaby

so go suck a dick faggot, my nicknames Ebola, I rap like its Fratricide
cause ill be massacring Niggers in the south like its White pride

Yeah, so my girlfriends a tumblr faggot, She runs like a snowflake and likes to get her tits bit, Call me your porn file, and call her the desktop, Cause ill be giving her my 32 Bytes in bed alot.
I'm your idol, the highest title, numero uno
I'm not a Puerto Rican, but I'm speakin so that you know
and understand I got the gift of speech
and it's a blessin,
so listen to the lesson I preach
I talk sense condensed into the form of a poem
full of knowledge from my toes to the top of my dome
I'm kinda young--but my tongue speaks maturity
I'm not a child, I don't need nothin for security
I get paid when my record is played--to put it short
I got it made
This one I've had in my head for a bit.

I Roll blunts so fat I should call em diabetics
I stay cool when I attack, in other words i never sweat it
haters diss me to my back but they act apologetic
I make those niggas scat like they poppin diuretics
cause I’m tall like Shaq, but I guess thats just genetics
Fuck nigga, I'm Mexican
You're bitch fucked me, and you won't ever have sex again
For you it's a one time thing
I'm making money like 10 times 3

File: hornybear.jpg (20 KB, 409x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right em in the wrong hole
Until they wanna blow
swimming in the great sea
a whale with you and me
making love like crustaceans
venting all our frustrations
until we heard a screech
turned out to be your mom
so then i moved to vietnam
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Oh snap.jpg
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what the fuck? this reads like a 7th grader's sad attemps at poetry. Literally no rhyme, and minimal rhythm. nicetroll/10
move bitch suck my dick
pick up a stick and flick the bic
my dick is out so take a lick
im a bird and i make a noise
chillin in a shitty apartment with my boys
you girlfriend likes to play with toys
dildo dildo dildo young money

fucking watch this shit
I'm riding through the streets while your boys is locked up
Living in LA, you over near Compton

wearing one color, other niggas get glocked up
if I ain't got my gun those niggas getting clocked up, socked up, straight to thr face blocked up
Making a mixtape ain't easy for you
For Bob Fresh, well... I've released a few
I'll name a track Riahnna, when I beat it like boys in blue
I go Rodney King on your ass, fool it's true.

Basement dweller, nah that can't be me
You fill bottles up with semen, I fill girls up with pee
Lil Wayne rapped the alphabet, so don't shame me
I'm outspoken--
my language is broken into a slang
but it's just a dialect that I select when I hang
I play it cool--'cause coolin is all that I'm about
just foolin wit tha girlies, yes I'm bustin it out
I'm Big Anon and you can tell by the style that I use
I'm creatively superior, yo--I never lose
I never lost 'cause I'm the boss
I never will 'cause I'm still
the champion, chief one, won't lose until--
I choose
which I won't 'cause I don't retreat
I'll run you over like a truck and leave you dead in the street
You're invitin me, a titan to a battle--why?
I don't need your respect 'cause I--
got it made
Pretty good, not gon lie.
im a fuckin rapper
yr lyrics are the crapper
an if you try n spit
ill kick you in the clit
errybody knows you cant rap for shit
and errybody knows how yr mom like it
in the butt, man, the butt, man
she like it in the butt
in the back of my van
she tell me that i can
wipe it on her face
put my semen on her lace
and take a selfie with my spear
like a myrmidon of thrace

>assume I was trying to use basic as fuck rhyme schemes
>no lyrics to back up like a bitch
I'm talented, yes I'm gifted
never boosted, never shoplifted
I got the cash, but money ain't nothin
make a million dollars every record that I cut and--
my name is Big Anon and I'm a super-duper star
ever other week I get a brand new car
Got twenty, that's plenty yet I still want more
kinda fond of honda scooters--got seventy-four
I got the riches--to fulfill my needs
got land in the sand of the West Indies
even got a little island of my very own--
I gotta frog--a dog with a solid gold bone
An accountant to account the amount I spent
gotta treaty with Tahiti 'cause I own a percent
got gear out wear--to everyday
boutiques from France to the U.S.A.
and I make all the money from the rhymes I invent
so it really doesn't matter--how much I spent, because, yo
I make fresh rhymes--daily
you burn me--really?
Think, just blink and I made--a million rhymes
just imagine if you blinked-- a million times
damn I'd be paid--
I got it made
>This is a crap thread.
There. FTFY.
>confirmed white
These rhymes are an atrocity
Like Charlie Sheen in Terminal Velocity
I'm kinda spoiled
'cause everything I want I got made
I wanted gear--got everything from cotton to suede
I wanted lead--I didn't beg I just got laid
My hair was growin too long, so I got me a fade
and when my dishes got dirty, I got Cascade
when the weather was hot, I got a spot in the shade
I'm wise because I rise to the top of my grade
wanted peace on Earth, so to God I prayed
Some kids across town thought I was afraid
they couldn't harm me--
I got the army brigade
I'm not a trader
if what you got is greater I'll trade
but maybe later 'cause my waiter made potato -n- alligator souflee--
I got it made

lol @ the anon posting special ed lyrics
Thanks for sharing, anon. Next time just link the song though
Did you just rhyme "devastating losses" with "devastating losses?"
I wreck shit like its no deal, Call me and my niggas on those tumblr raids, cant get my dick licked, nor can i get my boner to stay, my girlfriend gets pissed, and only likes me cause i get paid, for sucking dick like ops mother when she gets laid.

And when she gets laid, its cause shes laid off, no need to off herself cause op makes her feel that way already, Cause living with him is like R9k,
tryin to be original end up getting banned for days

so test me, And trust me, dont even bother trying to fucking toss me
really trust me, Not even jesus would cross me.
>this sounds just as good as actual "trap" music
>its a joke
>twf 90% of rap sucks ass
I posted the vid anon! I surprised someone got that!
Hah, guess I spoke too soon. It's a great song though
im an interior crocadile alligator
i drive a chevrolette movie theatre...
Fuck you nigger, go pick some cotton
I got a Versace belt that costs a lot and
I ain't got time for no bullshit
You better hurry the fuck up fore I get a whip

I don't mean no fancy ass car
I mean I'll beat ya ass and leave scars
You ugly like D-Bo
I'll knock you out with tha 12-34
lol you kids are bad
You gonna contribute, M.C. Summer?
Doughboy like Bobby Hill, I been getting it while youse just a bitch. Stack so much cheddar got me smelling like Sour D, hood nigga rich and I play with the Gat, strapped up like ISIS and nigga I ain't goin back
Call it fight club, call me stevie
cause ill make you wonder, why rap is so hit and miss, like Helen keller as a hunter

So get your ass lubed up like your op on a weekend, and ill get my dick ready and make you feel tumblrs feminists fishy deep end.
(feat. Eric B.)

I was a fiend before I became a teen
I melted microphone instead of cones of ice cream
Music orientated so when hip-hop was originated
Fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated
'Cause I grabbed the mic and try to say, " Yes y'all!"
They tried to take it, and say that I'm too small
Cool, 'Cause I don't get upset
I kick a hole in the speaker, pull the plug, then I jet
Back to the lab ...without a mic to grab
So then I add all the rhymes I had
One after the other one, then I make another one
To dis the opposite then ask if the brother's done
I get a craving like I fiend for nicotine
But I don't need a cigarette, know what I mean?
I'm raging, ripping up the stage and
Don't it sound amazing 'cause every rhyme is made and
Thought of, Cuz it's sort of...an addiction,
Magnatized by the mixing
Vocals, vocabulary, your verses, you're stuck in
The mic is a drano, volcanoes erupting,
Rhymes overflowing, gradually growing
Everything is written in the cold, so it can coin-
cide, my thoughts to guide,
48 tracks to slide
The invincible, microphone fiend Rakim
Spread the word, 'cause I'm in
A smooth operator operating correctly,
But back to the problem, I gotta habit,
You can't solve it, silly rabbit
The prescription is a hypertone that's thorough when
I fiend for a microphone like herion
Soon as the bass kicks, I need a fix
Gimme a stage and a mic and a mix
And I'll put you in a mood or is it a state of
unawareness? Beware, it's the reanamator!
A menace to a microphone, a lethal weapon
An assasinator, if the people ain't stepping
You see a part of me that you never seen
When I'm fiending for a microphone, I'm the microphone fiend...
fuck it

heres my soundcloud

i spit hot fire
It's funny, my best freestyles (in real life) are always insults, but I hate doing rap battles and I can't take insults for shit.

They say the rap game's hard,
like the boys in the hood and in the yard,
but I discard, that notion, evoking emotion,
with my lyrical potion, drink up, it's an ocean,
sown with devotion,
and care tenderly, displaying it for thee,
think it up then set it free,
like the smoke released from tree I inhale,
you pale, in comparison, bleached down past the skin, soon I'll inform next of kin, yeah, you won't be rappin' 'gain...
Listen up, I've got mad cash
Got battletoads and a 4chan pass
Let me tell you what I'm going to do
Drop some knowledge on a roody-poo
24 course meal and one thing on the menu
All Anchovy diet, guess I can't make the venue
Suddenly it's diarrhea out of every orifice
I'm not really sure if I can take much more of this
My brain is racked with doubt, ima have to quit the team
So I can open up some time for anchovy ice cream
When it comes to drinking water, drink it pure you're a felon
I substitute for fish sauce, anchovy for lemon
My porn includes the fish just like my blanket material
It's an excellent match for when I eat anchovy cereal
And when I close my eyes all I see is salty grace
It has nothing to do with these anchovies on my face

Anchovy enema so I'm never constipated and anchovy toothpaste so the scent can get me dated
Open up the glove compartment onomatopeia smack
Cuz now there's anchovies on your lap and grease up on your back
And as you freak out, you turn 230 degrees you see my fish suit and you look at me while covered in sleezse.
"Why are you so mad?" I say "You lookin confused", "The fish logos on my car, I ain't a christian dude"
And so you skate, you make a break for it, you hop up out the car into traffic and get hit before you know it
But the twist to this tale is I didn't say what
Because it's pouring anchovies and now you stuck in a rut

"Did I mention I'm a pisces?"
You pass out and wake up later on your own lawn
You must have had a dream, your head continues to throb, but now that cars are anchovies like somethin out of spongebob

And as you vomit profusely you look to the north
You notice a blurry figure you ain't never seen before
It had a cherry red bra and short blonde hair
And a promiscuous gleam in her eye, but be scared
As you displace your focus zooming out of your iris, you know you're gazing upon MIley Anchovy Cyrus
And as your cortex explodes, along with your gyrus
You can no longer deny you caught the anchovy virus
>i'm a fatass whale walking on land i don't fit into society
>and more loco than a chollo with a phobia for sobriety
>some nigga talkin shit so i turn and look the other way
>faster than the Church when a priest and a kid get gay
>only to return in the dark hours of the night
>smash his window and rape his sister she didnt put up a fight
>i was about to fill that bitch up when on turned a light
>in comes her daddy with a bat thinkin he's a knight
>i stabbed the daddy and jumped out the window
>now the niggas mommy is a lonely widow
Erik B and Rakim kill it.
>inb4 all these lyrics are stolen and used in someones song
> i suck too much at off the top free styling, but not posting my well thought lyrics
More like they call your dick snickers cause that's all it gets.
A hose is the only way you'd be getting pussies wet.
I'm strung out like a vet, PTSDing from Nam, Speeding down the street in a Vette.
The top is pulled back, revolver's chambers been checked.

I'll blast your ass with the full load, and reload twice.
That's 6 6 6, my mission on your soul is a heist.
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I would but it would be a bummer.
Chummy mother fucker.

You think your the shit just cause you finally have a reason to post;
Your out-dated wordpad.dox with a fucked-up syntax? Gross.

The display of intermediate wordplay in this thread is deceiving. Ya'll saying the same shit with no deviation in meaning.
hey guys go to bed
before i pee on you boom boom dead
i'm a pr0 rapper, strap on dildo cock her
don't know what i'm sayin
but i don't care okayin?
yeah get rekt i'm done
that was a lot of fun..

wow REKT
I wrote that entire rap because I was cooking Thai Curry but used too much fish sauce

Heist? The only thing you steal is venereal disease,
giving your dick cheese to bitches you can't even please,
It's measly, not just your dick your salary,
come battle me, but don't try to pop or I'll call the cavalry, unraveling,
the very fiber of your flow, on the down low
so that when you notice you're too slow, though
not sure it matters since you can't keep up anyway,
you'd get upstaged, even by gay boys half your age...
you got a smelly butt
and you just did what?

Actual lol

stop your laughin
before i call staff in
to handle your face
my point in case
trace my dick to yo mouth
get rekt my names ralph
You sad that you are slow?It is not your fault!
Supersonic speed,dafuq you talking about?
Let's get real,let's get it right
The sound speed is too slow,i'm faster than light
299.792.458 m/s
I know that value 'cuz i already reckoned.
Don't even try 'cuz i'm FTL
You motherfuckin' turtle get back to your shell
Are you mad you fucking fag?
Stop that crap,you have nothing to brag!
You don't have any potential to that career!
Stop talking shit and get out here!

Rate me fags
Still got the same feeling that I had when I couldn't afford a backpack, and enough balls to put another whole on your SnapBack, niggas think that I'm dreaming, but watch how I snap back, into reality, where my greed for success is nonstop, as an mineral I'm still in my matrix, with flaws and no cracks, I could had been yellow, brown, pink, blue, green, But I prefer balck, even tho my complexity is Hex octahedral, and have a lot of luster adamantine and I, I am calling myself Adamás, my desire is unbreakable, my dreams are unbreakable, soul been unbreakable, my faith a bit unstable and, still dark as the carbon, my mind is a diamond, you could get burn, I'm the hottest when it come to thermal conducting, but I could never said that I ain't worried about nothing, I'm the only thing that I'm afraid off, all my actions mean something, to me, and as a mineral I won't stop until I make a profit out of me
You are,
A direct inhibitor of unproductivity,
hammering and flattening the hopes of humanity.
- "I'm in agony!"
She screams as he seems to be into this jealosy, into this melody.
His increasing hipocrisy is leading her into dichotomy.
His presence is dominant.
Just like ptolemy and astronomy
I won't even handle you, I'm drinking out my pimp cup
I'd rather step back and let my nigga Tubesteak fuck you up like

Donald duck, goofy mickey mouse
i'ma punch you in the fucking mouth
Im an A1 n*gga, a thick sauce n*gga,
Im a hit you in the face n*gga, punch you in the mouth n*gga
I'ma punch you in your fucking mouth
Im a real n*gga, a n*gga that'll come through and ride and punch you in the face n*gga
I'ma punch you in your fucking face, and when i'm done
I'm punching you in the fucking face
i'm about to eat this nigga, like a nestles crunch
and if he dont like it, he's gonna eat a fucking punch
File: 1406484091365.jpg (257 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not a rhymer, a thug, a gangsta or a nigger,
But back up cause I'm about to make your dick get bigger.
Check my flow, yo, generic raps coming your way,
Fucking replay of NWA.
Just kidding I don't even listen to them, I just know they're a rap group,
I'll slaughter you criminals and make chicken nigger soup.
This is a lot harder than I thought it was because niggers have statistically lower IQs,
White master race will never fucking lose.
I'll put a cross on your lawn,
Light it up and laugh, now go on get on.
File: 8H3EJUE.gif (1 MB, 430x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 430x239
>Check my flow
rate plz, short
pew pew good good

keep it going

Shame you? Son I'll do it gracefully.
Shamelessly, talk about girls filled up with pee?
Who the fuck you think you are?
R. Kelly?

Won't Step In The Name Of thugs when I knock you upside the head, out of love.
It'll be for your own good sonny, now remix Ignition one more time and make that money.
My mug full of joes only drank when it's sunny.
But it's the middle of the night yet it's time to wake up.
You got half a life left, spend it spankin' sluts.
Making struts down the red carpet bankin' bucks.

It's only an effort away, some thanks and luck.
i dont even need a cringethread with you faggots and your "rhymes"
idk man, the big words don't tend to make it into rap songs let's it's a "known" big word
plus your stuff is more written like poetry...

Good rhymes and tie-ins though
let's see you do better

Yo yo
Im colder than sub zero
Ice like the device
shutting up my wife
think twice or I'll make you my circus
Op should an Hero
on purpose
I'm nervous you might hurt this
curse its just

Also he's using them incorrectly and probably doesn't know what they mean.
>starts with yo yo
fair enough. dont listen to much rap
I like your styles.
Okay I'll rate

You're using cringey white youtube comment syntax
Your flow is questionable
You're rapping about being fast as fuck, but what you produced is not a speed rap, you have no other raps in this thread so you can't really brag about banging them out superquick especially when you consider

What your bragging about is essentially quantity over quality

Nigga nigga bitch nigga nigga

Nigga fried chicken nigga watermelon nigga

Bitch nigga, nigga, white women, titties ass
I'm sorry, 6.5 is more appropriate, there's moderate flow
File: apRgo.jpg (193 KB, 1000x915) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can I post a vocaroo too? One sec let me record
Yo I got the gats on deck
and they spray everywhere like my dick
I will hit you in the face... with my dick
knock knock whos there. dick
At least finish the fourth bar...
I be straight chillin like Wile E Coyote, with one hand on my bitch and the other on my 40
Nigganigganigganigganigganigga fast.
probably the most complex bars ive seen rate 10/10
I can't read this with any sense of flow
Almost everything in this rap doesn't rhyme
And worst of all it's completely fragmented, ADD and about nothing
File: ray-jessel3.jpg (13 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 640x360
Fuck Free Style!

Lyrics by: Ray Jessel
I met this girl and she's just great, this girl I just adore, the problem is she has much more, than I had bargained for. She's got that style, she got that smile, she's got the talk, she got the walk, she's got that zing, but there's just one thing she's got a penis...
Saying "the best rapper" is much like saying, "the tastiest sewer rat." Rap and hiphop are for terminally-lazy people.

The majority of people in the Western world have access, in some manner, shape or form, to a library. Be it the "old fashioned" type or the Internet, nearly every single person is capable of learning something they never thought they would. That also applies to music. There is simply no excuse in the 21st century, to proclaim that one is "voicing the struggle of those who don't have access to traditional instruments or knowledge." Quite simply, it's laziness. Inbred laziness.

Those who practice and/or listen to others using speaking as an "instrument" are degenerate pond-scum and it wouldn't be entirely out of place to suggest that they aren't needed in a society that still favours those who strive to learn.

>tl;dr: if you enjoy rap and/or hiphop, you're probably too-lazy to even have read these few paragraphs
Staring at my comp screen
Eyes fucked like they never been
Empty expression on my face
Emotion gone without a trace
Plug in headphones for some bass
Beats pulse at a slow pace
It’s a thrown race, can’t win this place
Like a nutcase, I thought I’d ace
But got beat down, like with a mace
Without a solid base, I float in space -
Maybe I should feel like a disgrace
Or maybe I should embrace
The void left by the life chase
Left my mind feeling misplaced
My heart feeling displaced
My soul feeling defaced…
This is a joke rap but it has more flow than like everything in this thread
Click on a thread where the faggots try rap
Ain't nothing there but a shitton of crap

Their rhymes are bust, so ya just gotta figure
No one's home but wanna-be niggas
File: 1400499795363.jpg (72 KB, 400x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 400x533
it's all good, been realizing more and more that just because what you write may not fit into one genre doesn't mean it wouldn't work in another...

Thank you.
Still trying to think of how to respond to yours.
You write like my friend does
Your name isn't David is it? haha

>thinking any rappers know the meaning of half their vocabulary used
I mean, you may possibly have a point... but it doesn't matter.
I don't fuck with you niggas is broke
Hang niggas like I'm using a rope
Like a dutch, you niggas get smoked
Carrying bricks like I'm straight off the boat.
Been real since day one
All my homies they A-1
Don't talk guns if you don't spray them
We got hand guns with AK drums

Rest in peace to some real niggas
Rest in piss to your dead homies
If you talk the talk and you walk the walk you'll be laying right next to your dead homies
Grimey nigga, I don't care though
Get your brother I ain't scared hoe
Don't get him checked like a weirdo

I'm the hottest nigga since I started rappin'
It's crunch time niggas callin' me captain.
File: 28cpjy.jpg (58 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 600x600
>Staring at my comp screen
>Eyes fucked like they never been

That hard rhyming
Flick of the wrist, a tryst, of mind and soul,
A beautiful, flow, straight from the bowl, cold,
Fresh, from the top, it drops, to my mouth,
which spits it out, no clout, fear or doubt,
without, stuttering, while my foes are sputtering,
arms like wings fluttering, like a fly, buttering,
trying so hard just to keep up, and failing,
'swhy their arms flailing, while my words still sailing,
from lips to ears, three cheers, for me the beer's,
on the house, so I raise the roof, remove the riff-raff louse...
This is fucking brilliant flow

Seriously it reminds me of Rakim
There is the proof i'm not a nigger

>>>using speaking as an instrument

bait harder faget
>like a fly, buttering
Not a David. And you make an excellent point, I'd overlooked that aspect.
File: HS2.jpg (496 KB, 710x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 710x1000

>yes I'm higher than a comet
>I'm so sick that I might vomit
>girls put their hands in my pocket
>cause they want to feel my... wallet

>yes my name is alex
>and I'm sicker than the anthrax
>I'm up in this bitch tampax

>if I spit it quick n' get it hit it and I quit it then I finish in a minute you're diminished I'ma win it so admit it
>tell me what y'all know about that

>If you fuck with my cliche then you're losing your life
>We work in a kitchen we're trained with a knife
>If someone starts shit I'ma set him alight
>My rhymes are like virgins because they're so tight

>I'ma lay 'em on a cutting board
>fillet 'em with a fucking sword
>sautee 'em until I am bored
>The I throw him out the god-dayum door

>Yes insane when I write
>and I'm the bane of your life
>open your vein with a knife
>when run a train on your wife
Play on butter

Also probably a double entendre saying his flow is smooth like butter
Butterfly wings :^)
Thanks dude that actually means a lot to me...
Play on butterfly*
buttering, creamy, smooth flow
are you a troll of what sherlock
Also this. It was like, fly (nice) butterfly (duh) and butter (smooth).
Blowin' shit up you think this is the Boston marathon
Like the Godfather, I'm only known as Don
So thug I make the cartel shit their beds
Cut off their bitches then fuck their heads
Kill twenty kids, then come out skippin' mane
Fuck the cia, nigga what you think my name is Bane?
While you cum in your hand like a little bitch
Your mama's sucking the chrome of my trailer hitch
I done fucked up my original post

Man i thought that Double Entendre was coincedental

You are the dopeness
I know it's a play on butterfly, I'm not that stupid.
It's just the way he said sounds fucking retarded.
fucking winrar
That kind of phrasing is common in plenty of hip hop songs

Sounds perfect to me
Yeah it was a stretch to fit that in there, but I needed to round out the flow.
If I go for straight flow I could probably write more.
Just got to take a piss, I'll rap more after this.
Jesus even your replies have rhyme
Good stuff
File: h1PkQ.png (583 KB, 624x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
583 KB, 624x417

>I'm a pyro like I'm Iroh with a biro
>my flow's like an autogyro
?explosion from a silo and I know
>beat you
>so black and blue
>you'll look like vitiligo
>here I go
>you're in denial
>been a while
>I'll spit the vile bile
>and I'll file for asylum
>and now I'm smiling annhilating
>get him and I hit him and I bit him just a bit
>then he bit it on the bitumin got pretty sick quick
>with a minimum of synanyms I give it so brisk
>get some cinnamin acetaminaphin in 'em quick
>call the po-po
>put a b.o.l.o.
>for the bozo
>with no flow
>rappin' slow mo
>driving solo
>in a four door
>going so slow
>on the toll road
>its a no-go
>Go get Mojo
>make it bogo
>sippin soco
>goin' loco
>take a photo
>oh no
File: IMG_20140703_033830.jpg (878 KB, 1280x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
878 KB, 1280x1920
I like sluts with big butts and nuts,if you don't like it I'll kill your whole family then shank you in the guts shit myself then cum in a cup

~Albert Einstein
>2 trips.
Neat. The rap was good too though just okay in some parts.
i did two over kik over the past week

It's the morning after D-day
Spring of May
perfect day, in little
Jamaica they say for
punch drunk from that pussy
Out her window and i'm stumbling away
Wind blew when i popped her poppy
but i caught her petals
Molly and I exorcized her like Hartley
Heartless, I hate hippies
when i hit because i'm peaceless in bed
So when i slipped that flower in her gun barrel she fired
File: images.jpg (3 KB, 134x145) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 134x145
You can never get the trips like the nips of ya momma's tits that I suck on when I'm tired, you're so wired browsing /b/, wishing to be free from that smelly little basement you're a debasement of a real human bean, who has been such a cute kid with potential, this rap is self-refferential, it's growth is exponential like your dad's cock in my ass raping me is intentional, how will I explain to my wife that shrek is love, shrek is life?
I read that once in my head and then played the vocaroo

The whiteness burned my eyes

This was pretty funny though
Honestly the second one I did on purpose after I noticed that I made "Go" "Flow" and "More" (mo') rhyme on accident.

Give me a theme or something if you don't mind, for some reason wanting to show off mt flow there made me kill it, so I'd like to (try to) replicate that.
Killer flow

Sex metaphors

Get creative
File: ghen-riven.jpg (16 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 480x360
I'm really new to rap, I have a lot left to learn


>first order of business on the table
>I'm able
>to say that I will spray all day
>Because I'm in my hey day
>even though they may nay say
>better stay away I slay today
>I told you to just mind your own business
>but now you've witnessed the sickness
>and you are all stuck in this
>I sit there quietly till they call my name
>walk up to the witness stand put my hand on the bible, burst into flame
>You're same plain lame nameless
>aimless never be famous don't even know >what the fucking game is
>Come closer gather round get hit with a cybernetic flow
>better let it go
>and go back to reddit bro
>listeners begging for more
>but the fact is that they don't know
>what I am headed for
>time to drop a metaphor
>NOW I'm
>getting ready in my garage
>with balaclava camoflauge
>I lob barrage of molotovs
>toppling the Romanovs
>then again I'm Gehn with a pen, sending them to the pen - itentary
>get he dead with a machete embedded to the head if you even mention me
>how can these dismissive bitches miss this or nitpick when I spit this sick shit
>keep your lips zipped
>when I'm ripping quicker than some of that bit.trip swiftness
>get this
Hey baby your hips was getting big
Now you're getting thin you don't care about your wig
Now Woolie Willie got a pair of my sneakers
Wonder where he got 'em cause I hid 'em behind my speakers
The object of your affection is the tree-top connection
Where basically you love to smoke your wools
The crackheads and crack men they come up to my door
I don't smoke jums so what they knocking for
Kids love to feel on you, feds got a seal on you
Street time is limited to days
On your crack card you're getting only A's and C's for come back
Damn it's a shame you're the mighty queen of vials
With a wide-eyed look and a rotten-toothed smile
Used to walk with a swagger, now you simply stagger
From one spot on to the next spot on to the next spot on to the next
Bitch get a job, from me you won't rob
Cause I'll smack you with a hose filled with sand
Now give that to the crack man
You was fly once now you're losing all your fronts
Started off light only tipping woolie blunts
But now you get a a stripe, graduated to the pipe
Took a long pull...hype
Yeah, head crack head crack
You smoked up that stack in a minute you was back
(Hey yo X, wasn't that your girl?)
Yeah I had to drop her
Cause she caught on the plastic and I just couldn't stop her
This is by far the whitest thing I have ever heard in my 19 years
Y'all fuckers ar niggers,
Tryin' to be some triggers,
We'll look at your face,
You're a massive disgrace,
Ugly as shit,
It'll only get better when you get hit,
So what about you fuck off,
Jerk off, dont make me pissed off.

Fuck you andyour fucking family,
Because i did it first, and it was the best of me.
bitches need Feminism cause their brains trained to skepticism.
but they'll never accept it, they're better left to medicine.
anti-psychotics that can't control some pessimism


This is worth watching cause it's some dome shit
Are you a lady or a nazi, why can't you get off me,
Just cause I got a dick doesn't mean I'm Gaddafi,
I understand the struggle for equality, we strive to be,
more than just another model on TV,
but I see, now you've got your brain clouded, mind shrouded,
in a veil of hate, can't wait, to hear your name shouted,
so you can whiplash, make a splash with a planned comeback, but you're hung back,
now you wanna string a nigga up on the rack,
just for the crimes of the few, not on you, but on others,
"They raped my sister so kill their brothers."
Sends shudders, to think that I didn't do a thing wrong,
just get people singin' 'long...
Three bars

I read it with good flow tho
Bow down to the mighty tyrant
You kids quit acting like miley cyrus or i'll slice ya eyelids til your face squirts blood like a fire hydrant
Like lions cross breeding your mom, my pride is a motherfucker
This is lyrical warfare, so hide and run for cover
Listen to this man's laughter when I commit manslaughter
Break outta prison and then I'm on a mission to kidnap ya damn daughter
I guess you are the shit, cause the fan caught ya
You so pussy I could strangle you with your own fallopian tubes
You get broken in two, I came to open some wounds
I wanna strangle niggas til their brain is swiveled
I'm not stoppin' til my saliva is deadly as eighty missiles and the sound impacts you like Miley Cyrus threw her CD at you, a banger hit you
Yeah I can't write for shit now. I'll write one more and try to get my flow back.
I read that with song-tier flow

That could actually be a song
File: 2s.jpg (11 KB, 199x132) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 199x132
Fucking dope.
I'm not even dick riding right now, and I know it's a weird thing because the flow and word intonations in your head could be totally different than mine
MC am I people call me Milk
When I'm bustin up a party I feel no guilt
Gizmo's cuttin, up for the
Suckers that's, down with meeee!!
The One of us, that's how I feel
To be down you must appeal
To the Two, we're rated R
We're gifted, and we're going far
Down the road, to the bank
While I'm here I'd like to thank
Mom and dad, they knew the time
Gizmo's scratching Milk Dee's rhyming
Milk is chillin, Giz is chillin
What more can I say? Top billin
That's what we get, got it good
Try riffing from the perspective of a bitch keeping a dude in a chastity device lmao
Let the Cavalier Tung kiss ya, it's the Mista Tung Twista
Pumpin a rhythm, a lyrical styler
My tongue'll be flingin a funky pile of
Lyrical rhymes that's breakin em off in the mind, I be flowin em holy, I'm
Kickin the funky Islam, my lyricals slippin em like petroleum, slowly I'm
Pumpin the flow of the lyric, I'm breakin em off with the radical texture
I'm one brother you could never get next ta
Flex your style, I'm gonna give em a lyrical pump of the rhythm of Cav
And crackin em up with the word of the wise

All original
They could be. Sometimes I write something to a rhythm then forget it part way through, so I can't seem to get it to line up in my head the way I want. It still fits in a song, I just can't remember how.
There's some aliens in my house they say ayy lmao they're about to go abduct a Hindu cow yeah get fucked like kama sutra in the hood like the klu klux I'm white but I thank mr skeltal for a few bucks NIGGAAAAAA
Won't you, clap your hands, your hands should clap,
if yo girl's out of place it's your girl I slap...

Audio Two is Two fucking good...
I fuck girls left and right
u can't fight
Oh god hahaha.
What I want to try though is a comeback, If somebody could write some shit talk up for me that would be great. I feel like if I get a little salty I'll be able to do better than I feel I have.

the what
they're gonna get embarrassed as fuck if they steal mine
blank, non-white
File: 1382763154725.jpg (710 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My man, where are you from? Go here, I want a chat https://titanpad.com/rapshit
File: 1402833679984.jpg (23 KB, 400x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Life is a venture through a trench filled with fire
We the people; descendants of our ancestors
And their empires
Continue to transpire we understand and admire
The fine line between morality and innate desire

The higher we aim,
the more we conspire
against one another, mindlessly, without tire
Say you don't? Keep preaching to the choir
Your plants are ablaze, faggot, fuckin' liar liar.
Let's invision a better system
divorce courts taking your shit for requisition
feminism is on an expert mission
of intimidation and death threats from women
who pretend their victims and send innocent men to prisons
What kind of person would put another in that position?
Instead of sitting down, talking it out, giving them a listen,
Who do you think you are believing you make that decision?
Well I got news for you, you's no better than the opposition...
Hot like Moe's? Nah, our shits unequivocal
The mathematical graphs can't contain what I'm spittin full of asthmatical laughs and you're still kickin bullshit that's half-assed and passed down like blunts
Taft, Taft the shit that I spit because it's fat
Leave you crawling back to the sewer like you was a sewer rat a fat cat could never finance what I spat
MEANWHILE you're a monkey who wears a little hat and bangs together cymbals cause that's all you can task
If you ever wanna step to the lyrical pharaoh
I'm adviced to disclaim I'll be smoking your bone marrow
(That is, a continuation, in agreement. Not a dissenting opinion.)
File: 1376436564842.jpg (84 KB, 1024x744) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Lyrical mastery
>y'all not as fast as me
>try to keep keep up but that's not how it's meant to be
>even sun tzu can't decipher my strategy
>Never seen quickness from someone so light
>I'm not going down down, gonna put up a fight
>everyone here's trying to get the best of me
>Listen up close and I'll give you my recipe

>first I chop it
>then I pop it
>in the oven
>with a glove'n
>then I bake it
>and I take it
>to the shopper
>looking proper
>but this customer looks sickly-
>shes sippin on kombucha tea
>now shes all up on top of me
>saying that its gotta be gluten free
>because shes got an allergy
>and shes also a vegan, see
>this is really anonoying me
>you see this upitty yuppie
>you can tell her to suck me
>because I dont give a fucky
>ask if she lucky
>when I hit her with a trucky
>cut her up like Chucky
>leave her in the mucky
>because I am fucked up like Nucky
>we were getting kicked in our asses
>now its moving slow as molasses
>someone get me a packet of matches
>and I'll burn this place into ashes
>and now I'm starting to squint
>cause in my eyes theres a glint
>of fucking murderous intent
>these customers cant take a hint
>now I'm on a mission
>I'm fishing for a dish in the kitchen
>but these bitches snitching
>now I'm wishing
>that I'm switching shifts
>because this is ridiculous
You gotta get with a 6 year old it's your best bet

You gotta spit on that shit to make it wet.

I am in a rap group called the Cradle Robbaz
You've been called out
I'm the man on the chan, you women couldn't understand, shouldn't life your hand cuz you ask stupid questions, I'm sensing that you probably start tensing when in the presence of a feminine specimen, catch you cummin before you started, you came and started farted, I'm the alpha on you beta targets, but I'm lying lethargic spitting far fetched garbage.
File: image.jpg (299 KB, 1000x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 1000x665

File: 1389162472728.jpg (144 KB, 692x970) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 692x970
>Ima get 'em and then I'ma give him an enema then I'ma enter him see
>Then I'ma get up ahead of 'em give 'em the venom and then I'ma make you see
>I hit him so quick that he bit on the bituman, spit it a bit bitterly
>leavin' 'em reeling from the feeling up to the ceiling when dealing with this MC
>if he dont act polite then might fight him on sight or might bite him at night if I'm after life n'
>and I'm nimbly knotting a noose and then nickin' the nape of his neck with a knife like a titan
>or better yet get red and dead with lead fed and embedded in their head I said as I tightened
>my crying eyes delighted n' widened dilated I hated my fate it waited now frightened
Pretty good
eminem lyrics.
File: 1374474209698.jpg (7 KB, 183x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 183x275

Cause time spent behind bars gets no commission.
Inflicts you with conditions of no ambitions.
So next time these bitches go and try to ruin your life, after second guessin' who your sex'in, takin' off with strife
Remember that they do it just to say goodbye
Ammunitions just mind games, fuck her being your wife, wise'n up boy if she turns - just turn to the knife.
You think that Moe's got flo?
Go run and get your bros.
I'm 'bout to bust that shit that everyone's been screaming fo,
Audience attendance too much, they need a bigger do'
To get the people in as fast as they get to the show,
Act-u-ally, I'm sure it's possible to graph zero.

Get your inhaler, this rhyme is custom tailored,
cut from a dif'rent cloth than that whack shit from you, failer,
the jailer, is coming, so hide your contraband,
I must demand, you pass that blunt, before the man,
gets here, you queer,
you flushed it already?
Down the drain it goes, I hope your high is heady,
Like the Betties, give me, don't try, to slip me,
I can al'r'dy tell, you do it on the peel,
from the bananas shit I'm spitting,
My flow, will leave you sitting, regretting decisions made, to escape my bidding...
Sorry I took so long.
Hahaha it's straight

Concept shit takes too long, this thread will 404

Rap battle is where it's at
File: 1388081350187.png (69 KB, 344x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 344x226

FINALLY, my time to shine
ey yo
They call me slim-swiggity-swag-shady
I just fucked the first lady
AND the cleaning lady
Call me mister fuck yo girl
when im about to hurl
on this ride
lookin at the world
im perfect
call me mister fast-rapper
you're a rhyme-crapper
at this time it don't matta'
when you're sitting on yo ass
playin tennis in venic
yeah call me tennis the menace
you're a disgrace
a newfag from japan
cant even handle me man
This one has a VERY specific flow to it. I wish I could find a mic (and that my voice wasn't whiter than Michael Jackson's bleached asshole...)
File: nu.jpg (84 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dick bigger than thanos
yo bitch want me most
And if you defend yourself, you're sentenced to murder for life
Even if they beat your ass on the curb in a fight
The cops'll come and arrest you, detest you say you're not deserving of rights
Stick you in a cell and turn off the lights
and call that a public service despite your hurdles and trife
File: image.jpg (62 KB, 500x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 500x448
Why thx, have a nice female butt, some smut of some slut, got her nudes then ditched that convo like what. Lol
So instead you take your anger to the studio,
what else you gunna do, you know you can't hit the ho?
But then she's gotta sue "It's considered defamation." low,
How about a real tactic, face me toe to toe...
I like this one a lot since I fired it out quick.
File: Jellyfish.jpg (758 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
758 KB, 1024x768
Your girl on me like dogs and fleas
So I spanked that bitch and she got on her knees

I told her call me "Senpai" if you want to breathe

Before she said it I pulled my dick out
She gasped, so then I put it in her mouth
And smoking weed and I'll never run out
I'm on LSD and I'm buttnaked now

-Johnny Darko
sure, we can go for blow
but just so you know
my flow is dope, you'll overdose
start bleeding from the nose and throat
... and I'll be like "okie doke"
throw out that trash you wrote on your open note... book
oh, ya folks shook cuz I'm known ta throw hooks
that knock off heads, even if I swing with no looks
chika chika chika
Jim Lazy
flows like syrup poured on Jan Brady
charade daily

prance when my dick pops up
like my tip cups stuffed
man this shits weighty

call this disaster; haiti
Fresh bars yo
Fuck, that was good. I don't know if I can come back on that, but I'll give it a shot.
File: 1403515407223.gif (1022 KB, 312x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1022 KB, 312x205
>I told her call me "Senpai" if you want to breathe
File: photo.jpg (208 KB, 1536x1307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208 KB, 1536x1307
In my left hand is a bottle
I n my right hand there's a model
Got op'S chick in my lap
have her riding full throttle
Had my tongue in her ass
shoulda seen the way she wobbled
You know it's true when when she come back and her belly full'a moscato
You seem hungry, you tryin' to mess,
I gotta say I'm impressed, but now it's off my chest,
I give applause, in the form of clapping off, leaving you in gauze,
dropping jaws, with my spit and my socks,
you try to fight back it's like trying to punch blocks,
pop glocks, your hood or mine, if you want it to go down any time yeah it's fine,
just remember this, you best kill me first,
otherwise I'll kill you worse than the verse...
Why the fuck we all trying to prove ourselves? Show how strong we are then pretend that this world doesn't overwhelm. This shit feels like living in a different realm. If you actually knew what it's like to be a gangster, you wouldn't be spitting this bullshit allover this paper.
Now you got mustachio brown
Yet you haven't hit puberty
What are you? A clown?
Brew up a cruelly concocted eulogy with stains of uberty.
You thought you made something but it was just a case of foolery.
Eternal Fire got your ass burnt
I can see fear in your eyes lure
And that your mind is clogged with words
It's a diss in play, word

No rising up sit yo ass down
Making raps like a whack clown
And yo parents watching you with a frown
The only reasonable thing is to yawn

I'm the G Prophecy
As soon I got out of the womb I was the authority
I hit something so major
You can see every other MC Tremble

only time you got spit in your socks is when you jackin off
on your macintosh, and I'm about to turn that into apple sauce
who'd this bastard cross? let me tell you, the most deadly emcee
even the fattest neckbeards in here don't swing as heavy as me
and I'm ready to be put in dirt in my hood or yers if you're testin' the free
fuck MGFE!
you're a little kid biting rhymes from doctors seuss's collection
lying lines, you lack the proof of danger you're a nuissance at best then
>Music productionfag here. Make instrumentals, can't rap tho. some lyrics i wrote up once when i was baked:

i was young once and back then i was a sweet little kid
relentless beatings from life got me heavily jaded
they tell u they always gonna be watching your back
but they stab it without a second thought for the highest bid
hearts turn cold weak turn bold
world keeps spinnin an the, young turn old
blood for oil blood for money.... tears for cents
see what stock market fluctuation really represents
you think some shit is cool cuz you watch
too much TV
man only in some shit to get the coin he need
to be

god gave us rage for a reason, the fuel for revenge
the art of retaliation is historic like stone henge
pirhanas all around u, u drown while gettin eaten alive
the only way u gettin out is if u scheme and if u connive
life aint all its cracked up to be for the other half
the grass is greener but u not allowed to walk that path
keep that shit on the inside, tell no one the truth
hold your cards close dont give em any proof
u watch a guy die and dont feel a thing
u can see that it hurts but u dont feel the sting
situation may reverse on another day but
u dont give a fuck cuz right now u the king

File: 1339337473553.gif (1 MB, 314x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 314x240
His palms are sweaty, knees weak
Arms spaghetti, theres spaghetti on his sweater already
Mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm spaghetti
To drop spaghetti but he keeps on Forghetti
on the come up spitting butternut
to you and your trashyest gutter slut
you make a grown man wanna stutter chuck
did i stutter? fuck.....
Honestly I'm the greatest I have a hidden talent for this.

So it's a lose win scenario make life a party bro every single day
It's like my life is getting harder though
And the music with the stress, yeah, it brings plenty
I know a lot for a person in their mid 20's
I met a cunt who had a shiv in his dacks
That's a flash-back, thank fuck I ain't living like that
Don't consider me a preacher i'm just giving you the real world
The hardest thing you have to do in life is find a real girl
Speak the truth loyal mates are a handful
Fake friends are only there when you got your hands full
If people talking and they giving you hate
Make sure you make your dream true
And rub your shit in their face, it's what I done
Smokin on that gas Just kidding im smokin loud I'm white and I'm proud You're just a stupid fuckin wigger Shut your annoying ass up before I pull the fuckin trigger
struck your mother's cunt
with an uppercut
then I stuck it up her butt
now I'm her lover..... what?
>Honestly I'm the greatest I have a hidden talent for this.
No, you don't.
My text is not ready yet,
but still better than you can ever get,
I meant you, fat fucker,
Better leave out mommies supper.
Still living with mommy, 25 y o?
Congrats, you reached societies low.
Your life is like a bad show,
Make it stop, head shot. blow.
File: photo-1.png (428 KB, 736x919) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
428 KB, 736x919
Like wutang
I ain't a nothin' to fuck with
Betta step back for ya bitch ass get busted
Might not carry around guns
But best believe I'll pop slugs
Hit you with a 12 gauge shotty
Sodomize and leave your body
So when you come around here remember
I bring the ruckus
I'm just going to keep this up to see your responses. I straight up went "OOOOOOOOOH" when you dropped my ID...

You swing, heavy? Was it custom made? God, how much you must've payed...
How'd you even fit your ass in, without it collapsin'? Seat, prob'ly big as a trash bin.
Now you say you down for the dirt? You're gonna get hurt, me and my niggas, we put in work.
Nah, I'm not clown enough to go down, don't wanna drown, six feet deep in the brown.
Unlike you, in your poo-poo pool.
Must've taken you a while to gather all that stool.
And still you sit here thinking I'm the fool?
I spit so slick all that all yo motherfuckin' homies drool.
File: image.jpg (122 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 640x480
Keep Pushin that hoopty im bumpin the boogies,
my life is scary movie, you live life as a male groupie.
Living im the most wanted, i live my
Life in a dungeon, came out a dragon i could probly touch the
Sun with....my bare hands, what are
Your plans? To win a grammy? Sweet taste of victory, like: Oprahs punanee. Dont judge me thats just sum irony trust me I like to laugh and your lucky my sense of humor is rumored to be a gemini's company, come with me to the planet rock, cuz i plan to rock the plantation chasin many legends that made it, face it, you will never be Top Tier when the planet stops. Im 2012 on a twelve inch aimin straight for ya pelvis, elvis would come back all black if he was as hot as me, too hot, you just a mascot, on a kim kardashian ass shot.

> One verse
> Expecting for a diss but got something worse
> You forgot what came first
> What came last, your gay ass slur

> Prepare for destruction
> You scared like your computer just got a malfunction
> Your disses are nothing but a mishapped junction
> Yo childish ass deserves a lunchin-
Tactics? Please, your lyricals are spastic
You smack dick, dribblin while getting your ass kicked
The one gettin defamed can't taste, he lack lick, he spit
four bars, then quit, I spit he crackin
Here comes the kraken, crackling the ships of wannabe rappers
like candy bar wrappers of ANYONE that dare try to spear my
moby dick
The white whale got a blowhole that spits for kicks, if you
rub him the wrong way you're gonna end up sick
Davey Jones got some sweat socks in the place he picked
I can see your eye's twitchin, I can see it's your tick
So just calm down, stop, take a breath and think:
How am I EVER gonna top this shit? Am I tough enough
to go hang out in the pit? Are my rhymes decent? Or weaker than
wet napkins? Am I garbage? Should I shut the hell up and quit flappin?
Is there any bitch ever I can end up tappin? Should I lie and say I bust
cold caps for captain? Is this a mic or a snow cone? Did any of this happen?
Am I dreaming? When I spit do my lips start chapping? Is my flow dry as fuck?
Do I have any talent? Should I go home and beat my self dead with a mallet?
Do I have no taste? What the fucks a flavor pallet? Am I color blind tryin
to paint a painting?
Alright stop.
I have the answers you seek. You peaked, and now your lyrical is weak
Everytime you open your mouth, we turn the other cheek
You reek, my flow is top shit, it's sleek
Alright, I know when I've been beat. Nothing left to do now, I accept defeat.
hahaha I was starting to burn out >.<
jealous bra
You're good at relating concepts back to the previous verses, a skill I'm completely lacking in. Which is unfortunate, because that's my favorite aspect of rapping, taking one phrase and extrapolating it into many points, self referentially.
Fuck you ya stupid jew,
You think that you're so alpha?
I get more pussy than you,
and Imma fuckin virgin,
but its better than you slurrin,
cuz you have the downs
just like the rest of the clowns
In their mama's basement
Posting gifs of girls getting fucked by hounds
Roses are red
Violets are blue
This thread is for niggers
And OP is one too
Yea, I think most people have a tendancy to think linearly when they write

I go back and read the previous verse as I write the next one

I'm gonna post some of my other shit that I send my friend through text for fun

> Yo flow is nothing other than a expired
> You expected a win from a guy who spat out one verse, but you about to get my fire
> While you over here thinking of a verse from Google
> I'm over here spitting out raps sharper than some bugles
> Something like your rap is fragile
> I'm about to bring out a hammer and make that bitch shatter
> While you can make 2's I make 3's
> And while I'm on tour spitting raps, you barely getting into Glee
> I just let my bars go free
> You can't deny this unpayable fee

I'll work on bringing my point back then.
More rap-like shitposting coming up.
What is a expired

and you mustn't greentext your raps
Oh so a jew I am, that's nice
At least my brain is not on ice,
Shut up talking about pussies, muffle,
The only pussy you get is blue waffle,
Jews got money, so I am gonna buy your mommy and have her riding my dick for nothing, prick.
those first 2 lines were funny as fuck

yeah, the swing was custom made..
but I never paid cuz I only earn a humble wage
beat the contractor dead in a drunken rage
so don't doubt that I got toast for you butter brains
I'll pump the gauge, while you fuckin' sage
then drop your ID again like bar bouncers when you're underage
and you're not a clown, now that's laughable
let me rap factual..
why be a clown if you don't even need make up to be trap-passable
shit son, half of /b/ probably already finds your ass-fappable
>tfw you've been a hip hop fan all your life and make your own rhymes but don't have the charisma/voice to actually try and rap and you want to share them with people because you think they are pretty good but you're afraid some soundcloud rapper is just going to steal them

Maybe I can pull some T-pain autotune shit and try to rap ;_;
I'll battle you
Yeah its called metaphors & creativity.
>we turn the other cheek
& i bet you thought that moby dick and white whale bar was your best line. lol didnt even make sense.
>This is a rap thread

Shit thread? Shit thread. Calling rap "music" is like calling my shit gourmet cuisine.
>half of /b/ probably already finds your ass-fappable
That's not saying much, I think most of them are actually gay.
Also, you're pretty clever ID Heaven.
Ahh man I'm kinda burnt out, I'm gonna post some of my own shit

Oh, well that's a mistake and:

Yo flow is nothing other than something expired
You expected a win from a guy who spat out one verse, but you about to get my fire

While you over here thinking of a verse from Google
I'm over here spitting out raps sharper than some bugles
Something like your rap is fragile
I'm about to bring out a hammer and make that bitch shatter

While you can make 2's I make 3's
And while I'm on tour spitting raps, you barely getting into Glee
I just let my bars go free
You can't deny this unpayable fee


*Approved Version*
im happy im white and not a nigger
when black people die
it makes my smile bigger
Was going for irony.
wow that paul george thing was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too soon
Actually, that would make sense if you think about it as the heterosexuals find it fappable, since it's supposed to be girly anyway.
It was a "metaphor" for my penis

I've posted the most creative raps in this thread, I guess you missed the one about anchovies

I can't even read your rap, I'm not saying that because you're flinging insults, the flow is cancer

You're autistic, you need to stop posting
you're all a bunch of bitches MGFE
except MGFE*
Jokes on you, my mama's dead,
Don't bitch
When you get a disease from making her corpse give you head,
and you crotch starts to itch,
Put you outta ur misery
Bury you in a ditch,
Nobodies loss at all,
You're nothing but a bitch who wasn't supposed to be alive at all
Quit the 2nd rate act
before i put an axe in your respiratory tract
and have your body looking like art for the abstract
Walk the line and watch your fall short
like the lines that you snort
your mother should have chose to abort
now she gotta put up with you and a job in public transport.
I wrote this while extremely sleep deprived lol

The name is Jefferson airplane, I'll get you high like cocaine, Bobby go to your room; fuck my bitch in the living one - Propane
And when I fistfuck my maiden? No pain.
Blind Melon and the Rain Man, no rain.
And I'm walking out of the hospital, no cane

And when I fuck I don't use a condom, oh mane
Ramen noodles and french poodles is a balanced meal, toaster strudel and bitches from google the feudal its feudal to frequent redtube because I'm navigating Booble and doodling dueteronomy while genesis is rocking me
A furified freestyle, lyrics of fury, a microphone fiend on the outs like juries cause the case is such that niggas brains is mush cause some bitches are cryin rape equals "invisible touch".
And while I agree thoroughly bitches still try to murder me and tyler durden's burden is curtains call in the ovaries

Men was never good for shit, advise you check out the prefix, cause we thinks that women means looking for three things:
Intelligence, yeah they got memory like elephants, they can fly like dumbo too but I think that's irrelevant, they got perfect pitch and memory, even tits for the hell of it,
They score higher on math scored this means that they're swellin shit.

Power: men just wallow and cower, they dont have any muscle so they always down in an hour. They can't even ride a bike because they got no legs, they're really just blobs taking on the form of an egg
Women can clean and jerk houses and deadlift the alps, they can catch and cook spouses and fuck up their spouses, Cause trouble, make toothpicks of barney rubble, and if they wanna have that snu snu men aint never burst their bubble and
Rationality: rations and passions are salary for many people with penises that cannot control emotions
They go through the motions, and try on different lotions, locomotives were invented by a sister
Commotions were had - but looks like women got the promotion, you mad?
File: image.jpg (67 KB, 596x587) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 596x587
Lol nothing of what you said in any of your raps made logical sense. Its just oddball shit playing off a random word you said before. Exploiting 2 or 3 different meanings of a word doesnt make it a good bar unless it makes sense to your context, not just random shit your spouting off.
>the white whale gotta blow hole that spits for kicks if you rub him the wrong way your gonna end up sick
Aha wtf. Even if thats a metaphor for your dick it sounds stupid as fuck.
Sorry about your mama,
Ha, just joking
I hope that bitch was slowly choking.
On a random guys dick,
oh she really must have been sick,
of how many guys she hat fuck,
in your shitty hut,
Well, the life of a slut.
Cuz you a dude with feels as deep as the ocean? women are brighter tougher straighter and invented society, gods actually a woman and also is Ice T
George Washington was female and she also had super powers,, and men can't grow shit but women can grow flowers
But they also invented space and the alluminum bomb, the heavenly father is actually a divine mom
And men don't even exist cause all of them are rapists and that means its illegal so they aint be found in space kidsss
Women also invented swag, they dont even reproduce
Because all women are immortal and they all have a pet goose
Nice shit.
I actually haven't been writing anything yet, I've been too distracted. But you just gave me inspiration for something...
there was no need for that bobby line
this is too much gibberish actually, don't like it
When I first got on to the chan
I found that I didn't have a plan
I clicked on the b, I looked around
On the very first page, this thread was found

Now its 4 hours later and I'm gettin done
And niggas still in here having lotsa fun
I'm quite surprised that some of you can rap
I'ma go to bed, and have more than a nap

> *drop mic*
start was actually pretty good man!
Im foul like old octopus pussie
Stab you up in walmart and pop a 38 outa my ass when the cops book me
Lick shots from top of a car
no pants
black hoodie
At first glance
glance at my fat woody
Rat fink get slapped with the back of a chrome tooly
Plots mapped
Encounters from which I remove jewelery
Now settle down with the tom foolery
Drown your mom in a bath tub
Gurgling sounds soothing me

Ya garbage

I slay all

Fuck all five of you corny white rappers in this thread

No ones safe
This episode of lyrical breakdown is brought to you by the extremely low IQ individual that is picking shit with me randomly

I was burnt out when I wrote that, but I can still see that it makes logical sense

>Tactics? Please your lyricals are spastic

Your rap like a spaz

>You smack dick, dribblin while gettin your ass kicked

Smack can mean suck, see sandwitches
He claims to be tactical but he's stiff cold, and losing

>The one getting defamed cant taste he lack lick

He's tasteless

>I spit he's crackin

He's cracking under pressure

>ANYONE that dare try to spear my moby dick

Basically a way of saying if you try to get on me youll get fucked

>The white whale got a blowhole that spits for kicks, if you rub him the wrong way you're gonna end up sick (Davey Jones sweat socks)

Crude humor, I'll cum on you and clean you up with a crusty sock

OR Moby dick will drag you to the bottom of the sea, double entendre

Rest is self explanatory. You are a failure at everything, including interpretation
Oooo you gotta lotta nerve,
Talkin about my dead mama
With your down-syndrome slurrrrrr
Your dumbass prolly voted for Obama
But he a dumbass niggurrrrr
So now I talk about YO mama
And my plan to kill herrrr
Break into your house
Rip off her blouse
Then imma rapeherrr
Hear her screamin "Stop! Please! Don't!"
Then both our mothers will be on the same boat
When I slit her throat
From Ear-to-Eearrrrrrr
I wrote it while sleep deprived, it runs over with stupid shit and non-sequiturs hahaha
Enigma, they consider me while I cure disease,
anything, that's the cause I displace with ease,
Enemies, I don't mind, I make as I please,
For the betterment of the people, those who depend on me.
Anyone, try to stop me and you soon will see,
from Acoustic Neuroma to Zunich–Kaye,
If you don't like my methods, so it shall be,
But you've to respect the name, it's House, M.D.
There's a thing I'd called overmetaphor, it's when your shit can mean so many things that it stops meaning anything. You definitely are on that line buddy.
niggers niggers niggers, tongue my anus
There was only one short running allegory you fucking infants
Never voted for Obama cause I am no fat murica fag,
You talking about killing so much, you high in Crack?
You couldn't even lift your body
So listen here buddy,
You just a failed chromosomemixture,
Nobody can fix ya.
A waste of resources is what you are,
Follow your mother,
Down under, and hug her.
This thread ain't got shit on me
keep it true like the pain of shot knees
i keep contact like a chubby flea
you fags can suck this hairy dick
and keep the goatee
And we can keep it cut close
cant tell whether if dyslexic or drunk
motherfucker adios
Shut up and battle me :|
Calm down. I understand, but he's not exactly wrong. When you do as we were talking about and have self referential retainence of your metaphor it can overlap itself and cause confusion. I think you walk the line well though.
first off
shut the fuck up
Ill go raw dog and tear your buns up
Readjust my grip and bludgeon you with the gun butt
Open up ya asshole and play put put
Slaying you dumb pups
Cant feel my face
Hit the kush
Numb puffs
Beat you like Bruce lee
Nun Chucks
Ey, it's our battle, so fuck off.
Callout-quads cannot be denied.
I'm totally calm

From a third person perspective or music listener I'm listening to those lines and nothing really jumps out at me as bad or hyperconvoluted

Aesop Rock writes way more complex and allegorical shit than that tbh
Ahh I see you're just trying to bait me
Yeah, I agree, I was just trying to make his point clearer in case you thought he was trying to say you suck ass, when I'm pretty sure he was speaking more generally.
As I lurk around this thread
I look down, and I type 'great bread'
but this ain't great for shit
who you fucking with?
with a nine in your head
and your ass in a window
motherfuckers put you to bed
with a dick in your temple
You yelled "Rape"
But I yelled "Tumblr hate"
and I continued to masturbate
Lmao. Its more so the fact that its just weak. Its dumb. It sounds like kindergarten raps.
>your a spaz
>your tasteless
>cracking under pressure
Pressure from what, eminem?
>dragging you to the bottom of the sea, or wiping up cum with a crusty sock
Lol are you kidding me?
Are you blind? This shit sounds retarded. I wouldnt get on you about it if it wasnt trash being built up like its gold. Your trying way too hard. You think your good cuz you gassed one fag ITT. You could probly get better, but your shit is so middle school its laughable. But the worst part is, you dont even know it.
File: 2dgrura.gif (544 KB, 366x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
544 KB, 366x308
You're really hurting my feelings master of the medium
Quads faggot. You can't back down from quads
Elicited a real life chuckle.
Nah I don't think he's saying I suck, I don't really care I'm not a rapper lol

Patrick B8man is suggesting that tho>>560350446
I didn't see you got quads.

Okay hit me with some shit I'll try to respond
I was just kind of ignoring him honestly.
Ill slap the shit out of both you one handed
Toss you off the top of building
Crash landed
Leave you slumped on the dash when I splash hammers
This guy gets it. Your not bad, just annoyed me you came off as arrogant.
Quit dick riding
So, /b/ro, I have to go.
Was a nice break from work with you.
And if your mother realy died, I feel honestly sorry for you!.
My arts are martial, I tend to rock jocks with a bar stool
In a park chilled with a flask filled how my past filled,
Still rollin over tarseal and I cast reels if I like how her ass feels,
Im Keepin the class real, never blast steel but I know how a glass feel
Cos i'm drugged up
Like Gonzo
And all my dealers sell tick like Rondo
Leavin hoes mourning in the morning like Alonzo
When I spit it to the beat like a bongo and it wont take me long tho,
Til Im sittin in a condo
on the top floor, with a hot whore
with my nuts on her jaw but i want more
still rollin like i wanna rock more, won't stop til im not poor,
haters want war, I gotta pork sword for em all
Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not
But since you're asking, I drank a whole coffee pot,
This shit ain't nothing, your egos really imploding
I've done so much meth before, coulda swore my heart was exploding
Do YOU even lift brah?
I bet I do more than you
Cuz once again you're a fucking jew
And your monkey ass belongs in a zoo
What are you fucking talking about

I wrote this, do you see how self-deprecating this is?

I didn't even say I was good or anything. These are rap battles, in rap battles the other guy sucks and you are the best ever

Hop off you fucking dildo
We got big clips
Call em plantains
Make hits
Lose your life
its a damn shame

Yall all wack

Non of yall can see me

No one

Everybodies gettin it
If you just fuck off I will bake you a brownie,
You downie.
Filled with acid, have it.

Sorry, have to go, battle someone else ;)
I can't help it it feels so good bro. You should come get your dick rode too.
Never done this before:
Hey I really like your rhymes/
They're a fair bit better than mine/
For real guys you all shine/
So lets keep up this mad rap shrine

Nah for real tho I'm only good at battle rapping so someone start and ill respond
Wrote you before, just in case you didn't see it : >>560350961
this kid is bad
u spit awful game, your concepts plain and the metaphors are often lame
so how u gonna deny my quads when all your shit is off-terrain
here's the scenerio ur mostly pictured in:
you spit some wack writtens, complain we don't get then bitch to win
but no one's falling for that twisted spin, might as well wish again
and your dick's like moby cuz it's chased only by fisherman
I rapped this in my head like Rick Ross and it was dope 10/10
That was shit/ you're really shit/ goddammit how can someone make something so shit and think its a hit

Honestly make a rap that's not gay as fuck
m8 ur a memer lemur
I hope u break ur femur
one day quite soon u'll see sir
i just cannot be defeatered
watch, out ur rap wil peter
and no comebacks will be seen/heard
so for now I must be seatered.
okay then, c u l8 nerd.
Lol i just said you werent all bad.
>ugghh muh self deprecation
Quit bitching. Your not half as good as you think. If you were as good as you say i would admit it. But you like to act 15 and prove yourself while rapping about weak witty shit like everybody in the world who thinks they can freestyle. Your embarrasing yourself.
Pro tip: substance is everything. & You have none.
who the fuck is you

You fall short like midgets trying to reach the freezer
Dead meat
Meet the clever
leave it to beaver
Peep the sneakers
Im so fresh even my rice is crispie
Can u step that up from 2 syllable multis to 4. I'd enjoy reading it if the rhymes were longer
File: cigCCIK.png (111 KB, 330x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 330x330
TFW I'll never be a famous rapper like lil hopsin
Ayo, battle me faggot.
Hopsin has the most annoying voice in hiphop. I hope you dont wanna be like him.
Bitch please, its time for the bizz
You think that just because you can mutiply
Makes your dick thicker and angels cry?
Come now,
Make a frown,
show us all
how you ball
like a pussy, straight from the streets
quit being fussy
I'm laying it down from around the town that describes your fall into a full standing wall
What? How'd you do that? Oh right, its cause your so tight
wrapped around your reality
whoops I just caused your fatality
Probably why I have any flow at all, these fuckers right here.
Ill smack the slime off amphibians
Drown a tadpole in the water its swimming in
Fuck a salamander and a neut
Bust toads heads when I shoot

And you mother fucking turtles aint safe either

Everyones getting it
First off, you're nothing but a cat with mittens
Evidently I can't use brains while I'm spittin
So instead I'll default to these non-sequiturs
And talk about random bullshit to avoid drama that I'll stir
How can I move the crowd? First of all, I own an orange cloud
I fly high like a nimbus, and I stay real nimble
And I'll rip off my face so you can see my dimples
I painted the deck today, it was quite a task
And even moreso, cause I was rockin orange masks
I couldn't see what I was doing and I burnt my hand
This is some really complex shit, you won't understand
This whole rap is symbolic,, your mind is bleak
Like your outlook on life when you're taking a leak
I know damn well you can't take the barrage
So I'll carve some pumpkins into giraffes in my garage
Listen to these rhymes cause this shit is dope, I'm spitting these lines like my shit is coke. I'm taking over this thread spider mans a joke, now op quit being a faggot and start taking notes.

>rubs hands like advertising hand sanitizer
I do, everybody has their haters

I'm gonna be the #1 Female Latino rapper in all of Germany

And then, the world
You stank
Shut up ho
FUCK YEA Rakim, check out my rakim reference
Settle down fag muffin
I tried to keep shit friendly, but eventually the /b/ seeped in. Good thread while it lasted friendos.
The jealousy's setting in
You must have a death wish /
Ill step on you like "whoops" squish/
The only thing you'll serve is a dish/
Pathetic faggot like "I'll be your bitch"/
You can't beat me, I'm a lyrical savage/
Leave you with more sad emotional baggage/
I've heard you rhyme you just stumble and trip/
So watch me, punch up your face and double your lips/
Listen, I mean no harm but I'm killin it man/
So step back before you lose your one fan.

I'm not very good guys, sorry
*approving nod*
Yo all the anons are wack. Thinkin' they got some dope game.
The king has awoken, puttin' you bitches to shame.
And no I don't mean Presley but I'm rocking that Blue Suede.
Here's me dancing all over you and you still try to throw Shade.
Now I wanna see if there's some actual talent in here.
Spit out the dopest shit you got, I'll still fill you with fear.
I'll make your Jailhouse rock, reaming that ass sore.
Open the door get on the floor and Everyone walk the Dinosaur.
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