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Reposting this again, with some more pictures.
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Reposting this again, with some more pictures.

So /b/ - here's the story of how I fucked my best friend's little sister. Not proud of this one at all. No fabrications, no bullshit.

>> backstory
>> known friend for over 6 years, is a /b/rother to me, met when he was 16. Sister was 12.
>> Have GF of 5 years, and she's 12 so don't acknowledge.
>> kick it daily, really get to know him + his sister. They're both family at this point.
>> flash forward 4 years and this girl has got D titties, and PERFECT ass. I catch myself glimpsing every now and then, don't think much of it or ever comment.
>> Openly admits to being a kissless virgin, she takes online courses - has 1 friend, and is pretty introverted.
>> 5'2 - tan, perfect skin, shapely legs, back dimples, and that perfect curvy waist shit... Everything is proportional and perfect to me.
>> Start to flirt with her more since I don't have GF. She's extremely flirty and friendly, and always wants to hang out alone.
>> Like to sit really close to me, and will go to the bathroom just to reposition herself closer to me. She'll find any excuse to sit by me where there is no room
>> Changes into leggings/short shorts any time I come over and my /b/rother goes to sleep.
>> Anytime we're not around her brother she's sitting on my lap, tickling me, poking me, or just all-around trying to touch me.
>> I respect my friend too much to do anything, although he even notices it and thanks me for being her good friend. Very introverted so lacks friends.
>> 3 nights ago, I'm sleeping over their house and we're talking from 10 PM(friend goes into dab coma and passed out) to 3 AM.

why not, got nothing better to do
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>> she says she has to go to sleep, goes for bed and I stay up watching League streams(OGN shit is cash)
>> she comes out 20 minutes after in a white tank top, no bra very obvious, and her tits are perky and small hard nipples poking through.
>> I remain eye contact the whole time, she sits down then immediately stands up to fucking lean over me to get something.
>> Her tits just brush my hand, and I'm in full fuck this shit mode abort mission get out of here.
>> She gets cigarette from pack... I have yet to say any words. Finally say something stupid like, "wanna watch?"
>> She has no idea what League is and I'm being awkward as shit, turn it off and look at her.
>> We make eye contact for 10 seconds before I say... Well, this is awkward. She smirks(we're both retards and this is what we do before our poke/tickle wars)
>> She's 17 at this point, I take the cig and puff on it as she's staring at me. We both squinty eyes.
>> She starts to tickle me. I rekt her and just push her, she instantly falls to the floor
>> I get on top, her tits are basically falling out of her shirt. She wraps her legs around me, and I'm starting to get a chub.
>> She's in short shorts, I start to realize this is really bad if someone sees us. Friend is sleeping on couch, mom is in her room right by kitchen.
>> Whatever, fuck it. Her one tit is in full view flailing around like the whacky inflatable tube man. Poppin a boner, pray she doesn't feel it.
>> She wiggles free and is in full doggy-style position and stays in it for way too long for no apparent reason.
>> does the look-back and notices I'm just staring at her ass
>> Might as well be wearing boy shorts, but dat ass is phenomenal.
>hollaback girl
>rick roll
>Loch Ness
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Copypasta from my thread yesterday.

>> she pounces on top of me, I let her get on top but act like I'm struggling
>> this is so wrong but it's only been a minute and haven't processed this. We're both catching our breath..
>> she utters 4 words quiet, close to my face... I couldn't respond for 5 seconds, "You like looking, huh?"
>> I'm full retard, "What does that even mean?" - I know what that means, even do the whole "huh?" expression
>> She smirks, gets up, goes into bathroom and brushes teeth.
>> I'm freaking out that this went too far, but I was loving it.
>> I'm sitting there with a massive erection, and try to zone out on League. Proceed to chain smoke.

>> She comes back out and asks me why I'm on the computer. Come sleep it's 3 AM.
>> I have to sleep on the floor, since bro got couch. I could just drive home but I love being here, and I get to sleep in her room. I'm fucked up.
>> tell her I have to finish cigarette, she comes and sits on my lap. Like it's normal, okay.
>> start to get hard, she reaches over for her pack by arching her back and bending over to the ledge in arms distance
>> perfect view of dat ass, shorts ride up and can see her thong underneath.
>> she feels my dick while shifting, gets up and sits on the other chair.
>> i'm in full awkward mode, until she says "hahahah you got a boner why"
>> "uhhh... yeah, sorry."
>> Realize brother is sleeping 8 feet away around a wall
>> nobody says anything but we both just glanced in that direction
>> she goes to her room without saying anything, I follow shortly after.
>> No light on, expect her on bed but she's just changing in the darkness so all I see is a silhouette.

read this last night.


unless you're OP from last night, just telling your story again.

sister fucks you in her room, mom walks in, friend is passed out from smoking so much weed, blah blah blah

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67 KB, 612x612

>> "good morning" huehuehuhue
>> "good morning to you too. *wink*
>> holy fuck this is bad, /b/ro saw none of it, he's staring at TV smoking a cigarette.
>> asks where his oil piece is at, get that shit real quick. Look who's by the piece? Sister.
>> She won't let me get it, is really flirting with me... "My body is still so sore, can you do it some more?"
>> "yeah only if you do me you selfish cunt" *laugh* push her aside, grab piece, hand it to /b/ro. She comes and sits by me.
>> takes a dab, falls asleep with cig filter burning. Fucking noob just smokes to not exist.
>> get a drink, smoke a cig while she heads into room. Fighting with morals at this point, really loved feeling her up.
>> Notice lights on, open door, she's on the bed under the blankets. I move blanket down slightly to notice she's shirtless + braless.
>> Move it back up, rubbing the sheet and she just says "move the blanket down a little" - move it to her waist, comment on her skin being so smooth.
>> "thanks :) i don't put anything on it I just got lucky i guess"
>> Conversations goes from playful to weird quick once she says...
>> "How good are you at keeping secrets?"
>> I'm curious... "Very good, why?"
>> "just wondering"
>> Starts to complain about feeling hot, then sweeps the blanket off her exposing her naked body. "oh okay" - literally all I said, that's it.
File: ya.jpg (279 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 1280x960

Read my posts, lol.

>> Get up go to the door, and lock it. She's laying motionless, and I continue massaging like she might just be very comfortable around me...
>> Watching her body jiggle slightly in all the right places as I run my hands throughout her body.
>> Staring at her ass the whole time, it's honestly perfect. No hair, no skin imperfections, round and firm. I've got a raging boner.
>> Start ass massage, staring at her pussy and asshole from the back. She's still laying motionless probably terrified, hasn't said a word.
>> I'm so horny at this point, I throw away all my integrity and morals once my fingers slowly went from butt cheeks to ass crack...
>> Barely swipe her pussy, and she lets out a sigh and I can feel her shiver... The cum leaves a trail as I move my hands 2 squeeze her ass again.
>> I comment on how her 1 butt cheek is 2 of my hands, and she says "you have small hands and I have a big ass".
>> "...they're not that small, fuck you."
>> A lot of small talk as I'm just grabbing at her, 5 minutes of me pussy footing around her body.
>> I keep spreading her ass to look at her pussy and tight little asshole, completely shaven. I'm in awe of how much care a virgin puts in down there.
>> In one quick motion I go from her feet, all the way up her inner thigh straight onto her pussy and leave a streak of cum up to her lower back.
>> She moans pretty loud, and I bury my face in her ass once I Hear it. I go around and grab her tits and pull her onto my face.
>> Once she starts moaning loud, I shove her face in the pillow and freak out and walk to the door... Snoring.
Has anyone ever just got together with a guy friend and you both took off your pants so you guys can take some pictures of your underwear?

That shit is bizarre
File: ya1.jpg (240 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 1280x960

>> I walk back over and she's just staring at me seductively, and I'm losing it. My dick is showing in my pants and she's staring at it.
>> I push her face into the pillow and resume business, "Don't make any noise, put your face in the pillow." One hand on her head...
>> One hand grabbing ass basically spreading it so I can have a perfect view, I trace my finger top to bottom on her pussy.
>> She shifts slightly, "mmmm" escapes out of her mouth.
>> She's so wet. I shove my finger in, and she clenches up. Still spreading her ass I thrust my finger in and out of her tight pussy.
>> Her hymen wasn't intact, but it was no doubt untouched. 1 finger was pretty tight
>> Her head is forced into the pillow, but I can still hear muffled whimpers.
>> I turn the music on, while quietly fingering her. Once the god damn Black Eyed Peas came on(fuck me right?) - I started pounding that shit.
>> Staring at her ass jiggle I move her on her side to get a view of those tits and the front side.
>> She's looking me dead in the eyes, and I start grabbing at her tits. Perfect D sized tits, perky, small areolas. She motions me over and we start making out.
>> She's terrible at kissing, and went from tongue down my throat to no tongue.
>> Whatever, make out with her neck and she moans loud. Fuck, too loud. My finger still in her pussy we lay their motionless.
>> Still hear snoring, put my hand over her mouth and continue making out with her neck.
>> she starts sucking on 2 of my fingers, she's fucking loving it. This bitch must love porn.
>> guides my hand to her pussy and pushes them in, I curve them upwards and rub her g-spot while licking all over her neck.
>> She's basically choking in an effort to not moan, I move my way down her body and start sucking on her tits.
>> My dick is breaking out of my jeans and I can't hide it anymore.
File: 0218130616b.jpg (300 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
300 KB, 1280x960

>> We both tip-toe to the door, push her up against the wall by the door. Look at her, she's wearing no bra and a white tank top, and short shorts. Oh fucking god.
>> fling door open and scare her by yelling, 1 second later anon screams. Smooth as fuck.
>> She's startled, we both laugh as if we planned this.
>> mother is too foreign and dumb to acknowledge this isn't planned and would never expect us to be fucking.
>> She laughs and say "go to bed anon, you have doctors appointment tomorrow."
>> Brother snoring, ok... She didn't ask why the door was locked, fuck yes.
>> As she walks away and closes her bedroom door, I'm already in the process of putting my hand in her shorts and feel her pussy dripping wet.
>> Her lip biting is so hot, I drop to my knees and pull her shorts off in the process.
>> She stares at me. My hands on her ass, I start to inch them closer to her asshole. I put her whole pussy in my mouth and press my index finger on her asshole.
>> She tells me, "no" - and walks to the bed I push her over and she's bent over doggy style. Bed makes a clunk, I walk to the door and lock it.
>> Still in the position, I get on my knees and start licking up and down from her taint area to pussy. She's loving it and moving her ass up and down slowly in rhythm.
>> I go up to far and lick her asshole on accident. Pussy juice is covering it, and she suddenly stops grinding on my face.
>> I'm licking all over her asshole cause I think she's loving it, and move my hand around and play with her clit.
>> "That feels so good..." So I continue to just tongue punch his sister's asshole like my only mission in live was to suck up shit.
>> I'm in heaven, but I'm ruining a 17 year olds innocence.
>> She's bent over her bed 90 degrees with her face covered by a pillow, she didn't notice what came next... and it almost

Just fuck her.
It will work out one of two ways:
1) you get a sweet new gf in your bros sister, he will rage for a bit but once you both explain that you are serious he will be happy foe you both.
2) he will never found out, and you two will carry on like nothing ever happened. AND you won't live the rest of your life with massive amounts of guilt.
File: 4.jpg (313 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>> I pull my pants off, take my cock and it goes into her pussy easier than a porn stars. 2 seconds from licking ass, I'm in 7 inches deep in my friends sister..
>> As soon as I enter, I can feel her pussy walls carressing my cock and it's way too tight.
>> 2 milliseconds later from the sensation of me being inside her, she YELPS. I swore it echoed. I can feel her pussy tighten at the thought of waking someone up
>> I don't pull out, just stand motionless. Even got ballsy enough to slowly pump after 10 seconds, nothing. Nobody.
>> She turns arouns and looks at me with puppy dog eyes, I'm eating this shit up. Get ballsy and pound that shit.
>> Thrust so fucking hard she scream moans. *balls slap against ass cheeks at sonic the hedgehog speed* It was SO loud, it basically echoed.
>> Coins come shooting out of her asshole, out of nowhere Spiderman... no.
>> I roll the fuck off the bed immediately. Unlock the door. Assume sleeping position on the floor. I'm butt naked underneath the blanket.
>> She's naked, I'm sitting there heart pounding waiting for the door to open.
>> ohgodohgod

>> We're both breathing like we just ran a marathon.
>> Mutter, "You fucker that's what pillows are for."
>> "sorry, fuck."
>> Waiting, waiting. Foot steps.
>> fdjgfddkhdksghfdkghfdskg
>> Closer to the door
>> Everybody walk the di.. no.
>> Her mom opens the door, I'm fake snoring. Holy shit anon, sound authentic. Insert weird noises into snore.
>> Mom, "anon... anon. What was that?"
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89 KB, 480x640

>> Perfect sleepy voice, "I.. I had a nightmare."
>> Stupid fucking mother/daughter talk and I'm eavesdropping fake snoring for 2 minutes.
>> She leaves, pulls blanket off her and locks the door once the madre is in her room.
>> Get chub thinking of being in her room.
>> She gets on her knees next to me and I'm staring at her once lights are on.
>> She pushes me to the wall, and I look at her and say.
>> "nah bitch, I got re-runs of OGN to watch."
>> All about that league life.
>> League > bitches

>> Nah, once she smirked and shoved my flaccid cock into her mouth and bobbed 2 times I was done with that joke.
>> Once it's hard she just sprawls out on the floor and says, "I'll be quiet, I swear."
>> That's enough for me, I straddle her and position my cock and drink a Super Strength pot. Give me 07GP, thanks.
>> I spread her ass and watch my cock pump in and out of her pussy watching juices flow out. Circumsized dicks are like fucking plungers, they just slurp up all the wetness. Fucking jews.
>> As I'm spreading her ass, I move my index finger onto her asshole and move in circles.
>> She's grinding on my cock, so I wipe a little cum off my cock mid-thrust and put it right on her asshole.

>> Her grinding in circles slips my finger in her ass, and she doesn't pull it out.
>> I leave my finger in her asshole and continue going at it, sadly I can't pump nearly as hard as I want too.
>> We're fucking like turtles as the clapping would be way too suspicious so I suffice for her grinding and me fucking like an 80 year old man.
>> Get an idea, and flip her over and slide her to the back of the bed. In retrospect, the floor would have been better to stay on but this is her virginity guys. Stay classy.
>> Spread her legs and marvel her physique for a few seconds as she does so in return. It feels surprisingly sensual.
>> I spread them apart even more, and start kissing her while I slowly put my cock back into her. She bites down on my lip during. Mmm.
>> I continue making out with her, and start pumping at over 9000, she wasn't ready. I made her cum buckets in 30 seconds.
>> My endurance was not going well considering I can't hit the bed and I'm straight plank fucking basically with my toes on her wood frame.
>> I'm houdining this pussy into oblivion, my entire body is not on this bed but I'm pounding her on it. Wood frames and shit, I tell you.
>> As she came for the 2nd time, her breathing became noticeably loud and the bed was creaking.
>> She just pushed me off, and started sucking me off. Basically telling me she's paranoid about this.
>> I took her legs and wrapped them around my face and she said, "don't cum in my mouth..."
>> ... While I ate her out, her moaning with my cock in her mouth and that perfect little pussy and ass in my face made me blow in 2 minutes flat.
>> I forgot to tell her, and all you hear is a "mmmmmmm" and then cum flowing out of her mouth onto her blankets.
>> I lol'd /b/, I fucking lol'd.
File: 0218130614a.jpg (342 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342 KB, 960x1280

>> Her moaning was the thing that got me off, and she even slipped out "I love you" a few times which really ...pushed me to the edge.
>> I love romantic shit, and I felt like she was my wife and we had so much pent up lust and physical/emotional attraction.
>> Afterwards, we both sat in the kitchen where it all began and smoked a cigarette smiling at each other.
>> Blissfully ignorant that we'd no longer ever kick it in the same context ever again.
>> Then I turned on fucking OGN, and SKT won. All was right, because I won 20 fucking bucks and fucked a minor.
>> My only regret was not wearing a condom. But we now secretely fuck at my place, but I don't hang out with my best friend anymore.
>> I honestly can't look him in the eyes, I'd have to tell him if I saw him.
>> I hope you enjoyed the secret I will bring to the grave, and she hopefully will too. Cause I'm dead if he ever found out.
Well, this was fun.

Hope one of you faggots fapped.
Got a lil chubbed from it, tnks for the titilating story

I sure do love the word titillating.
File: 977.gif (580 KB, 255x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tfw I'm in almost the same situation with my best friend's 12 year old niece.
>the other night she rubbed her still-developing tits on my arm while trying to drape her arm across my shoulders on a couch
Her younger sister has had a crush on me for a few years now, which is exponentially cute to me.
>Super strength pot
I'm enjoying the fuck out of this, anon
Nice story man

Hahahaha, I got bored writing it and added humor.


im reporting any content that doesnt look legal

do not post any underaged girls ITT

i am monitoring this and am very active

be safe.
So what's your excuse for drifting away from him? seems like your acting very suspicious and not playing it well.
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Thread images: 11
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