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Master K is here

So me and my sister (lets call her jess) have been really close for almost all of our lives and one day I did something for her that she really appreciated and she really wanted to please me and started to call me master and long story short it all ended with us committing incest and I have to say I really don’t regret it and I’m just gonna tell the story of how it happened

>I walk into the lounge room
>I find Jess zipping around like a mad thing, preparing the only recliner with cushions, a blanket and a tray next to the arm-rest.
> Once she's done she turns to me and bows low while on her knees, with her hands clasped together. "Master,
>I have prepared your throne for you. Please get comfortable while I serve you your drink."
> She quickly runs off, and gets back before I even get a chance to tilt the seat back. "Allow me master" >she pulls the lever back and now I'm comfortably leaning back, with my feet in the air and a west-end draught in my hand.
>Jess hands me the remote then gets into a kneeling position to the right of where I was sitting.
> I start flicking through the channels before settling on a Late-night horror movie.
> I notice that Jess is still kneeling beside me looking at me expectantly, so I tell her to sit somewhere more comfortable.
>"Of course master, where would you like for me to sit?"
>I tell her where ever she wants to, and before I realise what she's doing
>she lifts up the blanket and sits on my lap, leaning back until her head is resting against my collarbone.
>"Ahhh, thank you master, I feel much more comfortable here"
keeping it bumped

>I gulp down my beer in an attempt to distract myself from Jess's body.
> I've been having this problem for at least a year now,
>as she loves to sit on my lap and every time she does she gives me these rock-hard erections.
>I don't worry about what she thinks
>as I know that she knows how unpredictable the Male organ is
>(I know because I was the one who taught her all about puberty and procreation).
> I just hate the frustration of getting so aroused and then not being able to do something about it.
>After focusing on the movie for a while my erection finally subsides, and I can relax again.
>At about quarter to twelve my phone starts ringing in the pocket of my jeans, and Jess twists around and reaches into my pocket to retrieve it.
> After finally being able to fish my phone out (Reigniting my arousal in the process), she flips it open and answers. "Hello? Hey mom!
>Nah, he's on the toilet. How are you guys doing? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh? Fair enough, you don't want to get pulled over.
>Yep, I'll let him know. No worries! Okay, see you tomorrow!" She hung up the phone and put it back in my pocket.
>"Apparently they're too drunk to drive so they're staying at a friends house.
>They said they won't be back till about ten tomorrow morning. Ah well!"
>She beamed at me then turned back to the movie.
>Even though I noticed that she seemed unusually happy about them not coming back till tomorrow,
>I didn't focus too much on it, probably because I had already had a couple of beers and I'm a lightweight when it comes to booze.

>By the time the credits were rolling I was already starting to nod off, and I jumped when Jess suddenly swirled around on my lap and sat cross-legged.
>"Master, why you can barely keep your eyes open!
>Allow me to get you ready for bed." She pulls me up and takes me to the spare room.
>She walks over to the bed, pulls the blanket back,
>Then comes back to me and starts to lift my shirt off. "Hey, what are you doing?!"
>She stopped for a second to look at me with a confused expression. "I'm helping you get ready for bed, aren't I? I know you sleep in just your undies master"
>She says with a grin, before undoing the button at the front of my jeans and pulling them down
>"Holy shit!! Jess, I appreciate the effort but I can undress myself, thank you!"
> I pull my pants up and look at her weridly.
> I can feel my face burning red.
>"Geez, it's no big deal you silly goose! I just thought you'd have a hard time doing it yourself in that condition, that's all.
> You're obviously drunk, otherwise this wouldn't normally be a problem."
>As she says that I realise that she's right.
> I figure that it's just the booze, coupled with how aroused she has been making me
> for the past couple of hours. "I'm sorry Jess, I guess I forgot myself for a moment there"
>I smile sheepishly at her, and she responds with a huge smile.
>"Not at all Master! Just so long as you're happy."
>I finish stripping down to my undies, and climb into bed.
>She lays the blanket over me and turns off the light.
> I see her pause in the doorway and turn to me.
>"If you need anything during the night, please wake me master.
>My life belongs to you anon.... You have no idea how much I love you."
>I hear her walk off to her bedroom but I don't even hear her door close before I drift off into sleep.
keep it bumped fellas
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>I am unexpectedly woken by the feeling of something warm, wet and completely mind-blowing engulfing my dick.
> I didn't understand what was going on.
>My entire dick had just been engulfed by this soft,hole.
>I twitched suddenly and violently as I felt a tongue being dragged over the tip of my dick,
> it was then that I realised that I was getting a blowjob
>from a girl,
> the one girl in the world that means anything to me Jess
>She pokes the tip out of her mouth and looks at me with a happy and confident grin
> crawls up so that her naked breasts were resting on my stomach.
>"Jess!!! I-I-I... What are you doing?! Why?!"
>She rests her chin on my collarbone and sighs .
>"Ahh anon, I'm sorry I made my move on you once you had fallen asleep,
>but I just couldn't risk your stubborn over-protectiveness, you know? I told you, Master."
> She slides back down so that she is eye-level with my rock hard 7" penis.
> "I WILL make it up to you."
>She starts to lick at the base of my shaft but I pull back so that she is just out of reach.
> "Whoa whoa whoa hold up, can we talk for a second?!"
Post a pussy pic of her OP

>"This is really serious Jess!
>I mean, asides from the important fact that this is illegal,
> I don't wan't to mess you up Jess.
>What you're proposing, is something you should do for the first time with someone closer to your age
> when you are ready, w-who isn't your brother!
> I... I don't want to take that from you."
> She looked at me with her blue eyes and spoke in a calm clearly thought out manner.
> "anon, I understand your concerns, all of them.
> You don't want to take my innocence, but you're not thinking about it the right away.
> My innocence is gone. It was gone the moment I pulled down your undies and stuck your dick in my mouth.
> The pleasure you felt, the, the amazing feeling of your dick between my lips,
> the pleasure I felt, there is no erasing that.
>And I know this is illegal, but as far as I'm concerned you had nothing to do with it
> I forced what's already happened.
>This will all be a heart-locked secret so you don't have to worry about a thing.
> All I want to do is show you my love by giving you what I can and would have willingly done months ago
> even without the amazing thing you have done for me.
> Just like..." A small tear forms in her eye "...Just like how you showed me your love by giving up on your dreams to save me.
> I love you anon, please, please accept my love"
Dump pussy pics OP
> and with that she throws herself around my neck and rests her head on my shoulder
> waiting for me to make my decision. What do I do?!
> So many conflicting channels of thought opened up and closed simultaneously
> struggle of logic and my brotherly instincts to protect her, vs her reasoning
> coupled with the amount of sincere love and affection I could feel pouring out of her when she looks at me
> and my love and attraction towards her.
>I couldn't believe myself, but I could feel myself slowly accepting what Jess had said
>Finally, with my heart beating wildly in my chest
>I pulled her slightly away from me and looked into her eyes.
>"I really don't know what to say. I never would have guessed in a million years that this would happened.....
>But fuck it!
> I love you Jess, and um
>I have to be honest with you... There's no way I could resist your, your amazing umm, mouth
> and tongue. Jesus Christ. Jess I er, I'm sorry, for going on like this
> and-" before I could finish, she pushes me down into the single mattress, places a finger to her lips
> and lies down so that her face is resting against my twitching semi-hard dick.
> The warmth and slight moistness of her lips
> have me twitching and moaning as they caress the tip of my dick.
>She talked, causing it to slightly dip into her warm, moist mouth and slightly muffle her words
> "Just let me take care of you anon Master. I hope you don't mind but I think I'll be sleeping in this bed tonight
> feel free to fall asleep while I'm *giggle* slaving away
> I don't know when or if I'll be falling asleep tonight. Ah well, I'm sure you won't mind!"
mind linkin to the full story so i can read it later?

>"Geez, it's no big deal you silly goose! I just thought you'd have a hard time doing it yourself in that condition, that's all."

You people are so desperate for Wincest that you're going to let shit like this roll?
I will
4archive org

>She closed her mouth around the now soft head of my dick
>started swirling her tongue around it, sucking it further in before slowly beginning to bob up and down on my shaft.
>I was already on the verge of an orgasm
>I couldn't handle all the different waves of pleasure her mouth and tongue were extracting from my cock.
> I look down and see that she is looking straight into my eyes, not once breaking contact
>while she furiously bobbed up and down half my length.
>" I'm going to cum, oh my god, Jessie it's gonna be a big one
>I don't think.... good idea..."
>She responds by taking me as far as she can go with her tongue twisting and lapping at the underside of my dick.
> "Ooooohhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!" I yell as I explode into my sisters mouth.
> Rope after rope of jizz hits the back of her throat as she swallows in gulps
>taking breaths in between through her nostrils.
>She takes the rest of my load on her tongue, swirling it around in her mouth, mixing it with her saliva before swallowing it.
> "Mmmm! Davey, I thought that would be horrible, but I can hardly taste any sourness(I Eat a Shit Ton of Sweets)
> which is what all my girlfriends go on about it.
> In fact, I like the taste! I'm sorry Dave, I mean you're still the love of my life
>but I think I've found a new master.
>" She sucks my softening dick backs into her mouth and tries to tease any more cum that was lagging behind the others.
>"Yeah? uh, Good, I think I prefer to be called anon over Master anyway" I said, breathless.
> I gently pulled Jess' mouth away from my cock and pulled her into a tight hug.
> "I just want you to know that I love you Jess, that you will always come first, and I will never want for anything else in the world than to be at your side.
>" I kiss her full on the lips and she responds with fervor, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

>We both spend some time exploring each others mouths.
> I can slightly taste what must be my cum
> but otherwise I am basking in the amazingly soft and beautiful taste and feel of my sisters mouth.
> I curl my tongue around hers, chasing, circling, darting lovers in this lust.
> She breaks away and sways for a bit, dazed by the rush of feelings her body was experiencing.
>"anon, oh wow! That was incredible.
>I am just so ridiculously happy that this is happening!
>I love you so much anon.
>Anyway it's pretty late, you should probably get some sleep.
> I'm not tired at the moment, I think I'll spend some time getting acquainted with my new Master"
> she slowly lowers her mouth to my cock and swallows three quarters of my still semi-hard penis.
>This is unimaginable! The amazing waves of pleasure that her sucking mouth and flurrying tongue are causing to crash down in waves.
> I never knew such incredible feelings existed.
>I realise that she isn't going to stop sucking my dick until I fall asleep
> so I spend the next thirty minutes enjoying her mouth making love to my dick.
> However, soon after my own exhaustion proves too great and I fall asleep with a huge, content smile on my face.
is that it?
I am gone for the night everyone here is the link the full story i will be back tomorrow for more stories
Master K is out
I'm calling troll on this.
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