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Runescape feels and stories thread
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hold me.jpg
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>tfw remembering cutting wood with stepbro rjgano5
>tfw literally none of my family or close friends play rs anymore, i'm all alone, everything's changed and those old feels will never truly exist anymore
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Absolutely shameless self-bump
I started playing runescape a little over 10 years ago, when I was in 2nd grade and kept playing until some time in middle school. I just tried to log back on and I think my account was deleted. Feels bad man
>entrana lure
no but really it's 4am.
my kik is poopiepants1
hit me up if you wanna play sometime I'll give ya my rsn
I dont like the new rs i really dont. doesnt feel right at all plus all of my cool stuff is member shit idk
try putting on legacy mode its not the same, but its slightly close
I did, but still man idk plus i really dont know what to do anymore...
Best memories
>like 8 or 9 years old and complete noob, some random high level guy gives me 1k and full steel, I feel super rich because me and my brother thought that was a lot at the time
>fishing on that island that you can take a boat to and trolling people with my brother to pass the time
>finally being able to mine and smith mithril
>always doing the holiday events because one day the unique items I got would be worth tons
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Bumping with shortened rs life story.

I was a level 3 who had just started the game in 05 because i saw my step siblings playing it. Everything in the original ashdale tutorial island psyched me. Walking out the door and beginning my soon to be big adventure, the low-res sound of cooking shrimps on an open fire,
cutting wood especially, prospecting and mining the geometric colored stalactites that passed as rocks, fighting rats, banking for the first time and using spells. That low-paced simple iconned screen was perfect for me as opposed to those hotbar-whoring hotkey mmo's like WoW or diablo.
I got to lumby and the music was pleasant and nowadays hearing it exactly like it was is just pure nostalgic euphoria. I loved cutting wood at that time and i strived to be able to hit a 2 hitsplat but i was a slow-paced cb leveler.
money was incredibly scarce because i rarely fought and my source of cash was cutting wood and selling it at lumby gen store. I stoppped for a year and started again in 06 and i did all the same stuff, and the feels were the same. Then i started doing shit with my step brother on his original account, orangedog44.

those were memories we must cherish forever.
>them feels of nostalgia
i know those feels bro
ugh i remember going to wilderness on "adventure tours" and showing people dragons then i had a group of friends in my clan literally ass rape people. good times
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>pic related
I started playing 10 years+ ago. Played daily, account was great. Rich, high stats, good equipment.
One day I was outside one of the bank, then someone approached me saying there's event or some sort on another channel.
So I logged out and wanted to change channel to see what's going on.

Logged out, can't log back in. Password is wrong.
Panic and shit. I was young, I'm not sure if the recover account function even exist.
And just like that, I lost my account that I spent so much time on
>"say that to my main fgt not my pure and see what happens"
>all I want is to finish all the quests
>get all finished except for the ones that require extremely high skill levels
I will never know what that quest cape feels like
HAHA! Yes.
Then log out, log in to main and show that mother fucker
We did everything together when we were both online. Combat, woodcutting, all that fun shit.
But whenever it was just me, i usually cut willows in draynor, avoiding the big, scary jailers that attacked me if i got too close (until i could kick their asses in a single swipe, that is).
One day, while cutting willows, some afk noob with auto retaliate off died in his full rune armour.
I managed to grab a helmet, and i was psyched. i got 14k off it at the gen store and that was a shitload for me. i was then able to afford good axes but getting them mithril and above was tough because no ge, but i liked it better that way.
I just lost a 5m duel to someone who was 4 str levels lower than me... There goes the bank...

The feels.
Literally my one main goal, and everything I had ever achieved were to lead me to that one goal. I never reached it.
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Giving away free 1m to anyone who finds me in the next 15minutes.

World 2

You're making me fucking cringe; stop.
>end of 7th grade
>was skateboarder kid, got grounded, couldn't go out and skateboard
>started playing RS, friend of mine I recently made at school found out
>tells me to add him

>he got me into runescape
>I got him into skateboarding

>we were scape bros for the longest time

We had a falling out in highschool, we talked last year...I was on "harder" times then himself, told me if I ever needed help to just contact him.

>asked him to hangout a few times
>ends up blocking me on facebook


>recently finished Job Corps
>come home
>want to scape it up at nights when I'm looking for jobs or doing other related shit
>sign up for oldschool, no one to scape with
>no one talks, just bots...

It'll never be the same for me...
I played EQ for like a year on release and then sold the account for $1000 cash. So I know your pain.

Well actually not really.

Wish I'd been smart and just farmed the fuck outta FBSS, they sold for $175-350 each in vanilla EQ, and I could solo farm 2-3 a week easy if I were enough of a dick about it to lock down the camp. (#2 necro on server at the time).
other best memory
>trolling with my brother as we did fairly often (we were probably like 10 and 12 years old)
>some guy calls me a noob
>tell him he's the noob because my main is zezima
>he calls bullshit
>tell him to stay there, log into an account with the name zezima12314 or something
>say "see i told you noob"
>he gets pissed as fuck telling me im not the real zezima
idk at the time it seemed like pretty high level trolling
The current runescape is a fucking pussy game, it was much better 5-10 years ago.. used not to be so forgiving.. now you got trading limits, grand exchange, pussy wilderness and so on.. Too many kids playing it and a few of them are strong enough to be a man and get a kick in the teeth and not to cry about it.
and then there is jagex ruining all the fun by serving their crying child-players. I mean, .. it is a company.. companies make money.. why the fuck would they nerf that ruthless fun out of it? and ban all the subscribed(paid) bots? they should allow like 5 alt accounts, then they would earn like 5 times more money.. and the monthly subscription should be given as an in-game item so you could trade it and stuff... it would create even more profit

>thought you were going to login and see your old scape buddy on
>shitty ending
Thanks a lot, faggot.
Fucking 07 is the shit.
Sorry man.

Real world is ruff.
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If one of you guys had a level 93 account scammed, that was me.

You deserved it.
>playing runescape back in 2007
>walking through a village, no prob
>some girl comes up to me, and starts talking to me
>says something like "you're somewhat a new user huh?"
>about half a year of playing, yeah
>makes me follow her to house
>gives me a bunch of high level stuff
>a ton on gold too
>I say thanks, and request her as a friend
>she tells me she doesn't keep friends on there
>she just wanted to pass her stuff onto me
>she left the game

I haven't played runescape in years, and I still think about this whenever I consider playing again
>Be Me
>10 at the time
>be a massive fagget
>decide to do some online dating
>meet some chick
>we give eachother money and stuff
>go to a bar in varrock
>we start to cyber
>2 inch boner atm
>"oh feels good"
>she logs out
>weeks later
>spend alot of time making gold rings.
>gunna ask to marry her
>she logs in
>msg her to meet me in varrock
>" i have a bf now"

I cried.
Bonds and rsclassic are your friends.
Make cash, buy bonds, use for membership and play on rsclassic with the members time you're given. No trade limits, as many accounts as you want or have made, and the oldschool shit with no pussy ass gravestones or G.E.
You have to make it yourself or loot some noob's death pile
In elementary there was this kid who was pretty much my gateway into playing online games.

>playing with friend
>go into wilderness
>he calls some random guy a noob
>guy says "who you calling a noob"
>guy 1 shots my friend, i laugh my ass off as i see his character fall on his knees and die
>then i nope and the frantically click to gtfo there

Didn't really play much runescape other than playing with him. Also my best equips at the time were the silverlight sword which I believe was a quest item at the time and rainbow shoes. I also somehow got lost on the way to the bank more often than not.
yeah i remember getting scammed when i was a noob. some guy offered to trim my armor so being the dumbass 10 year old i was i gave it to him. Then when he didnt give it back me, my brother and some friends added him to our friends list and followed him around. We eventually found him wearing a plateskirt so we made fun of him for that a lot. All he stole was a black shield and bronze helm or something but it seemed valuable at the time

>It has come to our attention that you are >trying to sell your personal RuneScape account(s).
>As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement.
>If this proves to be true, your account can and will be disabled.
>It will be ongoing for further investigation by JAGEX's employees.
>If you wish to not get your account suspended you should immediately verify your account ownership.

I haven't played for years, how do I unsubscribe from scams?
I'm currently making a sever that's like 06 (basic 317 deob). When I release it I'm gonna post about it on /b/ so you guys can get a head start if you want
>be max combat around 2200 total level
>playing since 2006
>eoc comes out
>have white phat h'ween mask set and around 1b worth of other shit
>whips are 56k each
>sell everything but phat
>buy as many whips as i can
>trade to random noob
>alch partyhat
>never log in again
fuck you jagex
You do know that was just a fat dude, right?
I remember making 1 def "pures" for pking, and spamming to sell stuff.
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1014 KB, 245x160
Back in the days i was ruthless not like now everything is spoonfed to you, no danger none of it now. Bakc then scammers, lurers and all that shit were a big threat. couldnt trust no one everyone had to make ends meat themselves everyman for himself. if you died best believe some nigga is raiding your shit, by the time you get back you see the nigga wear your shit asking him to give it back. kek cracks me up when i think about it actually

I remember the beginning of the falling out
>summer leading in 10th grade
>get a free account from a broseph in a clan because mine was hacked
>camp black dragons for two weeks
>get a visage drop
>same scape bro is jelly as fuck and mad in real life at me about it
>him and his brother hate me

It resulted us in acting like pricks towards each other. It was a pretty rocky friendship in the making after that.

>I made other friends
>He kind of did
>He did some dumb shit
>I made fun of him for it
>He made fun of me

Yada Yada
> remember staying up all night playing with a guy i met pking one day

> was 12 at the time and he said he was 20.

> i considered him a big brother his name was jokerman137. I never forgot.

> never will forget him. My one true friend i have made in all runescape.

> if i ever find you jokerman137, goodluck in whatever you decided to do.
I still remember when it changed to that login screen and upgraded the graphics and stuff and the whole game seemed so much cooler and more exciting. I always liked the new changes they made to the game but I might have quit before it started going downhill
So what noobs scams did you fall for?

I fell for the old alt-f4 duplication trick and a couple times I clicked through trade screens too quick to notice the other removed an item
How do I get 2 lumby to sell my lobs
On phone but here goes.

>Be me 15 and clueless trying to make money for a red partyhat as red was my favorite color.
> Invest in green hween as my first rare
> get lured the next day, it was the trade menu to ice plateu group tele thing
> quit
> you can't quit runescape
> tfw you log on 4 yes later and have next to nothing
Help me bros
Help me with these feels
Lost a throw away account to "Jagex blocks your password: ******* see?" I still am a bit miffed at that nigger.
i hope you faggots are over the age of 18 and still play

heres one green text personal story
>start playing at age 13
>play with 3 middle school friends
>reach level 56 quit
>come back at age 15
>play with one friend from middle school
>learn about bots and lures
>friend and I would lure thousands a week
> While I began a botting/ gold mining
>learn to write my own scripts
>still luring and keeping my botting a secret
>literally at 120m
>friend betrays me and lure me 30m
>rage quit
>I never play on my main and continue my bot farm
>at age 17 i start using my main and play with 2 friends from middle school
>learn about dicing and gambling and also lure scripts
>Im at 450m
>I but us all gear to make us look good.
>Start dicing clan White Dragon Knights
>Making millions in hours
>I learn to script herb run bot
>making 50m/h
>I have farm of bots running on a computer I bought RWT
>We rent party hats and start to use our lure.
>Literally lure 5 party hats
>Im a Billionare
>made so much money from bots, dicing, and lure
>I kept 2 white hats
>Notice a mod has started following me
>I start to transfer money to my sub account
>I begin to RWT like crazy before I get banned
>Mod knows Im up to something.
>all money gone from main
>literally sold all gold and made 250k IRL
>I go back to luring
>After successful luring I was banned
>it was a good run

greetings from /g/
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heres pics of my stats on my now useless account
5,040 hours or 210 days spent on runescape
hey shameless post here, but I want to for some reason get back into RS oldschool, guys think it's worthing getting into again?
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Wow you guys are a bunch of pathetic losers. Who the fuck sits around 4chan crying and having feels about a fucking old shitty game?
Fucking move on already like normal people do. Go outside... meet new people. Fucking neck beard basement dwellers.

Pic related me and my girl
File: 1403673526517.jpg (8 KB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, it will never be the same. Spend your time on more useful things.
what the fuck is that really what the game looks like now?
Slowly dying off mate.
>used to be p mod
>used status to beg for money
>made 10-30mil a day
>also made lots of friends
>jagex account security fucks me over when my laptop explodes
>can't log into acc
>get demodded
>finally able to get back on
>world 2 has 500 people
>EOC ruined this game
>game was ruined when they got rid of wildy
>don't have time or energy to start over on RS07
>fuck you jagex
I can has ples?

Check me out, Name is Sir Wyrell
This actually happened to me:

2009, Arguing with some lvl 34 about the legitimacy of begged money, and i call him a faggot.
He responds with the old "Say that to my main" shit.
I tell him "Fuck your fake-ass main."
Logs off.
Zezima logs on.
Walks up to me and says "Say that to my main."
Were any of you into some of the bigger clans before that peice of shit eoc came out? Funny meet people who played that I fought their clans or met them. I rolled with The Rising.
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567 KB, 547x632
>also got 111 dungeoneering
>most fun thing to do on runescape
>wanted 120 but eoc got introduced and couldnt force myself to play on that shit, not even dungeoneering

yeah its ultra shit now, like a wow clone
hahahah I like your story a lot
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My technique for scamming was pretty complicated for being 12.

I started out with 20k gold and would hold 10k while another friend held the other 10k.

I would go around Varrock saying "free gold, follow for details," until I got a couple people to follow.

Basically I'd give them a spiel about having worked for Jagex and I knew a glitch that I could get them 10k gold. All I had to do, was run my "program" while on their account.

Next I'd have my accomplice say "me first!" immediately after I said that. I then mention I do this for a 10% fee that I expect after the fact.

He then showed everyone the "newly acquired" 10k as proof.

Then I'd end up logging into their accounts on another computer and change the password.

Ended up working my way up to doing it with 100k with the gold I accumulated, and the highest account I got was a level 93.
I rolled with some friends in a small clan who pvmd a bit

Legacy mode is nice
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id give it to you but (pic related) I started using it for OSRS
AA - Australian army for like a year
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I remember talking about Zezima in 3rd or 4th grade as if he was a celebrity. Good times.
fuck it I will buy one month and see if I like it again, if not I still play other games to be satisfied, I jsut miss that leveling you know what I am saying. When I just want to piss off time and mindlessly chop at a tree, know any game with the same characteristics as RS, but more popular?
I dont blame you.
I sat there for about 5 minutes just thinking afterwards
I was at the Falador massacre way back when. The time when a glitch was used to kill players outside of the wild. Shit was awful and crazy
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>Be 13 years old back in 2005
>On runescape with my friends
>Pretty much all of them were memebers, I wasn't because back then I wasn't allowed to pay for anything
>Was in Varrock (I think it's called) be in the bank
>Got a shit ton of gold from a mining buisness my friend and I set up
>In the vault below, seeing people TP in get the gold and vanish
>Some guy goes up to me and says he has a key that allows me to unlock the vault, which he is willing to trade for like 5k gold
>Me being my younger self, was rather gullible, so I traded with him.
>Next thing I knew, he says 'syke!' and runs off and DCs
>I tell my friends what happened, my level 90+ friends take a look at the crappy key, turns out to be a valuable item worth about 1.5x the amount he asked for
>mfw everything went better than expected
Fuck I've always wanted to be rich most I ever had was like 15th

Always looked up to the fans in torvah n partyhat 138 combat etc

My account is like lvl 117 with the legacy mode update got no 99 tho highest is 94 magic 92 prayer
bumping with pics of my account on osrs
Anyone else play as a member for a while? I remember playing for free and always seeing members only stuff and seeing that most of the map was just for members. After playing for like 4 years I finally convinced my parents to let me become a member and the game was just incredible. I was only a member for a few months but it was fucking awesome.
99 prayer
90 magic
90 attack def strength
People actually still play this shit ?
>2nd grade
I could never bring myself to get a 99

I always eased out of it because grinding is me once you've done it for years
news spread to lumby in about 1 minute, and i chuckled.
Everyone treated the event like it was 9/11 with an orphanage of babies and puppies in the tower instead of citizens
>non ironically playing RS in 2014
Bot 99 woodcutting and thieving ,
>mfw get a temporary ban
>casually log on and flip items in g,e
>summer visiting grandma
>shit internet
>get disconnected
>spam click see if It's not frozen anymore
>fuckityolol close tab
>mfw log in a week later and manually banned by a admin for botting? Dafuq.
>same shit happened to a friend of mine
>ban for nothing
>quit again after gambling got removed
>mfw you got muted if you say flower game or any gambling related phrase lol
File: Mike_Matei.jpg (14 KB, 214x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's such a good sight to see.
Members felt really special the first time I got it. The best feeling had to be playing the beta version of rs2 when the graphics weren't just cut outs though.
Even tho it was my first 99 let alone prayer care I hated the game afterwords. Took all the enjoyment out of it. 123 legacy still to this day I haven't done ancient curse quests.
File: 1337 total level.jpg (123 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1337 total level.jpg
123 KB, 720x540
me getting 1337 total level, yes am femanon
File: 1404297664917.jpg (2 MB, 2613x1743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2613x1743
File: dchainwtf.png (347 KB, 1366x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dchain drop in osrs from dust devils
Soul split is amazing

Turmoil looks cool

Anyone else enjoy the lore n shit. Hard core zaros fan here the elder gods n stuff seems interestinf
God i wish that were real, Emma needs at least 1 real n00d that shows something rather than that faggoty ass 50 shades "nude" pic
you have a vagina? thanks for letting us know
Yeah i was pretty young when I started. I got scammed very easily at that age but it was still really fun
File: tibia.jpg (155 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 1280x1024
Anyone played Tibia?
Tibia stories
you lying faggott
File: robin.png (385 KB, 1366x1196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
385 KB, 1366x1196
robin from clue
File: 1403692960457.jpg (13 KB, 232x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 232x232

oh my god so many feels remembering the good times on runescape. had the lol of a lifetime going out in the wildy with my mate from primary/elementary and then killed him with my hektik mage lvl and taking his shit. One time i found full adamant armour left of varrock and i thought it was the best thing that ever happened to me and all my friends at primary were jealous.

haha i actually remember a kid got in bulk trouble at school because he had changed another kids password and then that kid complained to the teachers and they treated it like a srs issue for some fucking reason and made him change it back hahah. ohhh man those were the days.
File: JlBkN5g.jpg (272 KB, 850x1275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272 KB, 850x1275

Most real fake of her imo
I remember being part of the 'protest' when Jagex was changing the Wildy to a non-pvp area. Kinda stupid when I look back at it, but we were all pretty annoyed. I remember loads of people using the opportunity to cast tp spells and shit.
Had 500m before I sold it for $250. When I stopped playing was 126/136 fuck summoning

Use to love making different pures and doing the trust scam
File: Untitled.jpg (261 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
261 KB, 1366x768
me losing rapier to disconnect, 111 dungeoneering so no fucks given
Yeah I wanna get it but iv always hated questing. They piss me off annoy me and frustrate me. That and the fact I still need to do like 15 quest all 1+ hour each which take 2 hours since I watch them on YouTube as I do them.

Hell I still need like 3 quests which are 3 hours each... For now the capes just for looks since everyone I played with talked shit. Seems like after you get your first skillcape they just coming. A friend of mine got dung. Withing 2 months he had 5 skill capes.. Said fuck you and bought the prayer cape.

In all honesty I'm just now that into the game to really care to do the quests.
>be 2007
>lv ~40
>decided to try wilderness
>some silver set fag with fancy boots comes at me and says
>"Let's go wilderness and hunt a rune set, we will share it"
>had a shitty mithril x adamant set
>get in wilderness
>follow him deep in the wilderness
>this fag turns around, changes weapon instantly into rune 2h
>2 hits and I'm dead

He probably sold my shitty set.
I loved pking there. Had to watch out for those fucking d claw specials though.
File: 1400713843067.jpg (3 KB, 121x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 121x115

Oh god, help me /b/ros

help me
pink dress bottoms nigga
you can tell that the face superimposed
File: 1405841540102.png (254 KB, 680x778) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254 KB, 680x778
hold me tight nigga

grouphug in the shower whatsay you
Does anyone know if Runescape deletes accounts because of inactivity? I'm starting to get depressed about this now even though my account wasn't that great. I just want to log in again to bring back the memories. Maybe I just changed the password and forgot about it idk
Fucked saved
File: 0043c.png (5 KB, 648x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 648x488
Why did you mention that you are a girl? Fucking women always clamoring for attention, even if it's the most insignificant amount of attention, they want it.
File: yee.jpg (183 KB, 804x778) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 804x778
operate that odd appendage nigga
kek still remember paying for my runescape membership by sending cash in a mail. my parents never found out.
hug me brother
anyone want to give me some crap
not clamoring for attention faggot, in the picture i have a girly name and female char and didnt want loads of faggots pointing out that i have a female avatar and am probably a guy irl
File: yeh.png (235 KB, 200x261) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 200x261
You're probably a guy irl
who the fuck was zezima but
>my source of cash was cutting wood and selling it at lumby gen store
kek at our mutual struggle
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709 KB, 1200x1200

I've never played Runescape, I was just lurking the threads. Then I see this, right in the feels.

I think we all had vidya friends like that.
>> always played female character
I enjoyed it that way
File: QJBavme[1].jpg (61 KB, 296x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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get over here nigga
File: IMG470.jpg (87 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 480x640
>choppin trees

>not herblaw

herblaw was the easiest way to make a shit ton of cash, a super set would go for 150k back in the day easy
timestamp you little whore otherwise anything youve already said in this thread is automatically invalid
File: Chris-Straw.jpg (12 KB, 233x204) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 233x204
>loads of faggots

Wow, you're such a 4channer, you know the lingo and everything.
ugly nerd bitch. Get a better booty and get some fucking tits.
yeah but wc was my shit, my favorite skill for unknown reasons, it just appealed to me and the clack of the axe on the tree and the old low-quality treefall sound gives me orgasms to this day
>used to bake pies and sell them.
>forgot password can't recover
>you will be missed ChefKing44
>not playing /v/scape

/vg/ 2006 private server

File: 1401502539654.jpg (82 KB, 562x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 562x482
Pretty nice feels incoming. True story and all that...

>f2p days, 2005
>Be me, 13
>Talk with girl, not gf, thinks the bf/gf thing is stupid
>I kind of agree "haha yea"
>I bring up that some people get married on here unofficially, by trading rings in a church
>"haha wtf thats weird"
>again, "haha, yea"
>we occasionally skill together and if not we'd usually pm each other
>she disappears for a couple of weeks, I keep grinding. it's whatever.
>2 more months pass, kind of forget about her, but couldn't find another "gurl gamer", mainly because i didn't want to... She was enough for me, I thought
>logs back in one day. We talk. She says that she's no longer able to play anymore and can't say why.
>I say I understand and tell her I had a lot of fun
>she stutter texts: "Well... I guess... We should get... M-married?"
>Next thing I know we're in varrock and I give her a diamond ring, she gives me an emerald.
>I don't say any vows or "I love you" or anything, but "bye, I'll miss you"
>"bye, glad we did this :)"
>kept the emerald ring in my bank. Sat there for a year alone. Later when I enchanted ring of duels I'd make sure to keep one remaining. About 2 1/2 years after the marriage, I decided to let the ring go.
>She never logged in again... On an account I knew of, anyway.

I wouldn't have actually recalled any of this if it weren't for this thread. Hm...
i did nothing else, other than combat.
And a little bit of cooking
File: IMG017.jpg (307 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
307 KB, 1536x2048
use google image search im far to lazy to go take a pic right now if you find that anywhere lemme know
Lol, wow.

>Being this Fedorable
File: 1362734505041.jpg (111 KB, 864x922) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 864x922
>play runescape with friends all through school
>nobody had membership so we all just pretended the farm south of Falador was our house
>hung out there every afternoon on world 108
>eventually we met so many people on there that it would be pretty packed every time we logged online
>knew everyone there and spent entire afternoons just sitting and talking on RS

>mfw everyone stopped playing except me
>mfw eoc comes along
>cant stand playing it

>all those memories
File: 1375330918089.png (135 KB, 545x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 545x412
>being this white knightable
File: Sandwich Faggot.jpg (16 KB, 300x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sandwich Faggot.jpg
16 KB, 300x190
>stutter texts

Good stuff.
God damn that's a lot of feels
>i cried
fucking massive kek
If you knew anything, a timestamp is proof, not that shit.
>You're a dude.
Even if, who gives a fuck.
he thinks he can score one with her lol
Was shit cash?
What a disgusting ugly whore. Shes the kind of girl who think shes hot, but not hot enough to join the friend group of the popular girls in her school so shes a gamer girl
in my country runescape didnt exist

everyone played ultima online and/or tibia
>Be me, 11.
> Joined up with my friends, travelling around being a pleb.
> In one city, I can't remember the name.
>Get coerced by some girl player we had started talking to, to go upstairs above a tavern with her.
>She started trying to cyber with me.
>I slowly get the idea of this, and it gets odd.
>Then she tells me to give her gold
>uh no bitch muhshekels.png
That's all I have to say about that.
Shit was so fucking cash
File: MNcXRK0[1].jpg (177 KB, 1496x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 1496x714
guess what i just found you little bitch, either timestamp or commit seppuku
Come on man you're ruining the feels with you're hate
fun fact: purple partyhat used to be called pink partyhat and was the most valuable of the 6.
>Make an account called Handyjobgirl
>haven't even started item begging yet and some kid runs up to me while training
>"can you be my gf?"
>me: "if you give me items"
>Gives me a santa hat
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Someone told me that the obsidian mage guy drops a fury if you kill it, so i attacked it and it fucked me right in the shitter. I also fell for the basic shit when I was a noob, switching the rune scimmy for the iron and trimming the armor etc. One time some guy who i had been friends with for a few months and talked to regularly messaged me and asked to meet in fally so he could talk to me. He showed up in full bronze and told me that he just died and lost all his shit and asked if he could borrow my whip so he could try to get his stuff back. At the time the whip was pretty much my bank and lending wasnt a thing yet. After I gave it to him I never heard from him again.
>Mfw I look back on it and realize how stupid i was
File: genius-meme.png (711 KB, 1280x985) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
711 KB, 1280x985
>uploaded july 21, 2014
doesn't take a genius to figure out that was just saved from this thread and posted to that website
I dont belive you
Play /v/scape.
threads dead heres a gif relevant to your picture gnight
I don't believe that you don't believe me.

What's not believable?

I should mention, this was back when rs2 first came out (not during the beta) so it wasn't incredibly expensive

>Be me
>Many fucking years ago
>Back when OP's pic was the original screen, everybody wanted Rune (Not even trimmed), and the Dwhip was the best thing ever
>Get a full set of black robes
>Worth something like 2gp; 1gp for shirt and pants, hat was 0gp
>I'm like Level 25 at the time
>Convince some kid that the robes were worth $800,000
>Expecting obvious bullshit response from him
>Kid's a real fuckin' noob
>Buying into this shit like mad
>I tell him that they are 800k because they can "turn you invisible"
>He tells me to prove it
>I think fast, tell him to wait a moment, and I log out
>Speed-type name and password, pop back into the game
>He shits a brick
>Think he's just fucking off with me
>Tells me his brother has a lot of money and he knows the password; Give me a few minutes and I'll get $800,000
>Go back to killing necromancer / wizards / witches outside of Varrok (I think it was Varrok? I forget the names now. They are clustered around some runic alter or some shit)
>Few minutes pass, kid is back
>Initiates a trade screen
>I fucking die laughing, put up robes, and expect him to decline
>Anon Accepted
>Wait a few moments
>"This can't be real..."
>*Accept Offer*
>Kicks me out
>Watch kid try them on
>Sudden a flurry of caps
>I am in to much shock to laugh
>Casually log out with a little "lol"
>New server
>drop-trade $800,000 behind a building
>Pop back in with new account
>Pick up $800,000
>First account was banned for theft
>Second account never caught
>Still feels good to this day
>banned for theft
For real?
Never knew it spread so fast I was just trying to dodge players murdering people and get the fuck out of town. Dwarven mines were my ;lifesaver.

Yeah you were able to report players for a wide multitude of reasons, such as offensive language and theft - Jagex considered it no different than hacking his account because I used fraud for in-game gain, which was an abuse of their rules.
Ask a former Runescape gamemaster anything

dam you so clever, he obviously meant it as a joke pleb

topkek, i know that exact feel. the days of scamming are long gone

Got another one.

>Be me
>Black guy
>Frog prince purple shirt
>Wide orange pants
>Carry around a fire staff
>Some sort of a wide-brimed hat
>Black beard
>White gloves
>Rainbow shoes
>Went around calling myself a pimp
>Wanted to know where dem hoes at
>Called all kinds of female players bitches and hoes
>Called white players crack'a @$$ motha fuckas
>Called black players N1ggars
>Got muted for racism
>Wrote Jagex a formal apology, saying that my friend used my account and was being racist and that it won't happen again
>They lifted my mute
>Shortly after that
>Perma-mute to this day
>Glorious win
>be me
>circa 06
>playing RS for a round a month or so.
>friends dad helped me with most of the free quests because i sucked dick at the game
>doing dragon slaya' quest or something like that
>see some guy and ask him for directions
>points them for me, asks me if i need help doing it
>sure why not
>gives me 10k
>asks me to follow him to karamja
>sure okay
>we where in varrock so it was a long walk, so we started talking a long the way and got to know eachother
>finally made it to Karamja with richbro
>fucking kidding me?
>log in richbro is not there
>I'll wait a little while
>it's been 8 years and you still haven't returned...
>i miss you astroman...

>friends dad helped me with most of the free quests because i sucked dick at the game

Toppestofkeks God I hated that fucking haunted house bullshit.

Muh feels.
I used to rp as a female and get guys to gift me stuff. Got my first gmaul and dwhip. Was always fucking priceless when i was decked out in stuff they gave me and i would say "lol im a guy. Thanks for the free shit dumbass"

I fucking miss osrs
Sounds pretty third-world
> be me
>be 12
>in barbarian village pillaging and shit
>go into tavern hall with beer and steak
>glorious feast with firebro513 talking shit for hours
>forget password and never log in again

See you in Valhalla bro

Final boss of runescape: Jas turns evil. You have to go back in time to retrieve the elder artifacts.
The God of law and justice and the final surviving God of gielnor, tier 2 Armadyl sacrifices his powers in the name of justice to bestow upon you the powers of a tier 2 God.

You are to use these powers to travel through time and gather the elder artifacts that were destroyed by Zaros after coming back from his supposed death by the hands of zamorak, before being truly killed by Armadyl.
When found, you are to use your powers to absorb the elder artifacts ending with the stone of jas, the most powerful of the 12.
You now have the power of an elder god and you are ready to fight with jas, level 15,000,000,000
I remember starting runescape when I was 10. made a friend named shippo2wolf and we did god damn everything together. lost contact when quit and when I went on like two months ago he was signed on. sent him a message but he never replied..

made me sad.
>be me
>11 around that
>omg sees how to get free mod on a website
>have to enter username and pass
>Lvl 97 acc hacked
fuck you past me

>250k IRL

you sure?
A load of faggots
Like a match tennis

Or a round of golf
Started rs when i was 10 one summer at my dads. Played when i could after that, moved in with my dad at 13 had a new step bro same age as me. Introduced him to rs made him an acc smithed him armor and showed him how to play. We eventually sent in money waited like a month and we were members together, we checked every day to see if we were members yet. Would chop mage logs and get online gf's, his mom walked in when we were webcamming a girl and lost her shit it was hilarious. Then the next summer parents split up so i had to move away couldnt scape with my bro anymore we even set or computers up side by side. We still hop on scape every once in awhile though and talk on skype. Will never forget we lured full infinity by the zammy wine and before i even picked up all the loot my whole chat box was trade requests from him fuckin lol thinkin about it
top kek
>be lvl 102
>woodcutting my ass off night and day
>finally get dragon axe
>have a friend since start playing 2 years ago
>tells me that he want to try a dragon axe because he wanna buy one
>give me dragon axe to him
>fucker change the server and block me

you can truly never trust someone, is a cruel cruel world, plus I was a total idiot
Spending hours in the wilderness agility arena trying ot get 99 agil... sitting on catherby beach with phats and god swords fishing for sharks because why the fuck not. cutting magic trees, this game was such a piece of shit but me and all my mates agree while we played it was 100% the best thing ever.
File: 1382600638616.jpg (12 KB, 206x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 206x235
>botted for years
>wrote my own scripts
>mfw never caught
File: 3521718.jpg (38 KB, 256x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 256x272
>be 11 in school
>friends talk about fagotscape or something
>waste 2 years playing that shit
>runescape 2 is released
Fuck that, I'll go play sports instead

I'm still glad I'm a fat neckbeard nerd who plays fagotscape as an adult.

Gave my cousin the account a few years ago
>mfw he got like 700 bucks from the shit that was on it
File: Feels.jpg (2 MB, 1920x993) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x993
>The feels when spending the last 30 mins to remember your password and finding this horror.
gib your 14mil pls
File: rsos.gif (877 KB, 758x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
877 KB, 758x517
Currently working on a server.

I want to make clans for 4chan boards, kinda like that one 4chan mine craft server, except it's world wide PVP and you have clan capes given your board. Maybe. Or just an old school server (2005/2006)
getting hacked and losing 80m cash stack and all the valuable items in me bank, yeah good times
Lololo remember scamming people with the promise of membership in 2002
<be 12
<find out kid from school plays rs
<start talking, he agrees to go pk'ing with me
<rs friends convince me to lure him
<do it
<loot 400k worth of stuff
<mfw kid from school threatned to kill me
<mfw he shows up at my house and tells my mom

ahh good times

>be 10 years ago
>meet some weird troubled bitch in rs
>me and rl friend would give her advice for her real-world problems in exchange for 10k
>some days she would ask us so many questions about how to cope with bullying/obesity etc that we would walk away with 2-300k

I never realized how fucked up it was that we actually let her pay us to answer those questions lol

< lol
>played runescape many years ago
>had full party hat set
>had full mask set
>had 2 christmas crackers
>sold it all for about 5mill, gave away all the money
>(was quite a lot back then)
>them feels now when I see all the prices....
Any of you faggots willing to give me some shit? Username Lonehoof, world 30 draynor willows
> be 9
> Playing F2P in 2006
> Hanging out in Varrock W1
> Varrock bank spamming "Sell rune scimmy 30k"
> not selling, keep spamming for 20 minutes
> had to take a shit
> Ask younger brother to spam for me
> I come back and see rune scimmy gone and 10k in inventory
> Holyshit.jpg
> Cry my ass off in the next bedroom
> Brother says sorry and actually works on my account to get 20k by mining coal
> Best bro but I'm not letting him on my account
> Still play Runescape today
> Not the same
> Rich and maxed
that's in the 15 bils right there man
u dun goof'd
I bought party hats when they were 10m each and sold them at 20. this was in 2003 or 2004. i regret nothing.
File: nezinomas1.jpg (60 KB, 511x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 511x344
Sure buddy, late 2003 they were duped and were 100k ea.

@red@ you're a fag
Holy shit lmao, I have a similar story

>few years ago
>start playing rs again after quite some time
>log in
>decide to do the security bullshit for 20k
>breezing through it
>some chick is doing it with me
>we get chummy
>chat a fucking ton
>mfw its been 1 hour and shes telling me she really likes me and wants me to be her bf
>"Uh dohkay"
>Cyber with her for like hour
>she tells me I made her cum harder than anybody ever has
>Tells me she has to go and cant wait to talk to me again
>delete her as soon as she logs out of shame
about 13-14 years old...about to trade a red h-ween mask for 2k d-bones..
the mother fuckin scammer switched them to big bones at the very last second...
me being a dumbass little kid got super excited and didnt even look at the trade accept screen...
i got jacked..
not that long ago but does anyone remember when boss drops were bugged for like a day and would 99% of the time drop their most valuable loot? i remember everyone going to corp and getting a sigil after every kill and splitting it every time. made like 200m that day
I was so hopeful my holiday items from 2005 and before would be worth a shitton by now. Turns out every stupid newb can just claim the exact same items without haveing to go through the sturggle of the christmas puzzles. I feel fucking robbed. I wanted to sell my easter cloak for 200mil ny now.
fucking Jagex

(more life Fagex lol)

Back in the Runescape days... Back when life was simple
>be me
>chop chop willows
>draynor willows way too crowded
>move to willows near pond east of draynor
>see another guy
>start chopping
>iron axe
>no, it wasn't called a fucking hatchet back then
>see guy
>name was something like ZezimaOmega
>talk about how fun this fucking game is
>asks me if I have a better axe
>gives me addy
>oh my god, I am in awe
>he pulls out rune axe
>this guy must be fucking rich as fuck
>thank him profusely
>talk moar
>he's so down to earth
>knows everything about this game
>says he plans on leaving runescape soon
>aw man
>before he logs, he gives me 38,701 gp
>I remember because I fucking freaked
>could not be more thankful
>he tells me
>"Anon, it's been fun, and it's been a long while since I've actually had a decent conversation. Thanks for making my last days memorable."
>want to cry
>I tell him how awesome he was and that I really enjoyed his company
>he runs to bank
>comes back with another rune axe
>gives it to me
>"Thought you'd like something else."
>I'm in tears
>"Peace out, anon."
>he logs
>wait for years for him to come back
>want to tell him how much progress I've made
>never logs back in
>at one point, delete him from friends to create space
>regret when I realize just who I deleted
>only knew him one day
>2 whole hours to be exact
>still one of the best friendships I've ever had on this game
i made a runescape song cover on the guitar. It's on youtube.
Look for thunderscott6267.
actually, heres the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbLl1hNdwkU
Hey, i mentioned that earlier.
You did that? holy shit, kudos to you
kekking hard
Saved for feels threads
File: buyinggf.jpg (6 KB, 237x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 237x213
Lol, I did something like this, pretending to be a girl. I got way to caught up in it.

>be me and friend, 13 yo (2007 or so)
>decide to make a female account and just pretend to be a prostitute to make money and then give it to our main account
>we play on this account whenever we can, this day its my turn
>''cyan:1k and i put this staff in my vagina! :$''
>copy paste this at varrock bank
>get some trade requests, mostly from noobs called Pure(some skill)1337Xx1998
>pretend to stick staff in my vagina via private chat
>one day this guy, combat level 103 trades me
>''1k baby''
>I mire him
>''oooh sexy, combat level 103, i bet you are strong :S''
>he says ''haha'' and trades me again
>gives me a black plateskirt gold trimmed
>holy geez this guy
>''oh... thanks :$ would you like to be my boyfriend...?''
>no response
>get private message
>I follow him to falador, talking all dirty and shit
>i say i am actually rubbing myself irl
>he says he is masturbating
>do this for 3 more days
>we arranged to meet everyday at 8 pm in falador
>im mostly late but he's always there when i get there
>we're getting romantic, im not a prostitute anymore and i dont talk like a slut anymore
>everything was going fine, until my friend started playing again
A part of me just died inside
File: yesimawizard.jpg (81 KB, 258x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 258x500

Cont. from>>557866364

>one day i log in again
>my level 103 warrior is online
>''hi sweethaert:$''
>he replies ''stfu''
>''whatsup babe? :$''
>he ignores me
>''leave me alone, or ill report you again''
>oh god, my friend fucked up
>im a little upset
>''haha fucking loser, go masturbate you pathetic nerd i can't believe you bought it all!''
>he logs out a while later
>ask my friend what happened
>'this guy talked to me, he said ''hey honey, how was your day?'' i replied the usual, ''1k and i put this staff in my vagina! :$''
>lol'd and ask him what happened after
>'he kept on talking to me and demanded i logged out or he'll report me, i said i reported him and then he logged out'
>mfw we made over 100k from this guy
>no regrets
yes, these are the runescape feels
i had 5 very very good friends when i pstarted playing, and we all opened accounts and each one of us mastered a different skill and we got easy supplies from eachother, and had high levels. man i miss those days..
i only just started playing again, turning off E.O.C makes it tolerable but its still no where near as fun as it was back 10 years ago
one more story from me >>557865123
>be me
>world 3 lumby
>make friends
>feel like I should lie to them since I'm younger than all of them
>tell them i'm in my mid 20's and a teacher, and have beautiful wife
>they believe it
>play it off real good

>2 years pass
>still hanging with peeps
>realize that I have to keep up this lie
>only 2 friends remain from original group
>gay guy and sweetheart girl
>better friends with gay guy
>he's fucking smart
>he's fucking sassy
>knows how to talk to people when they're hurting
>best friends by now
>start feeling regret for lying
>realize I can't keep this up for much longer
>gay friend seems suspicious
>decide to come clean
>tell them everything
>not teacher, not mid 20's, no wife
>gay guy is really hurt
>sweetheart girl is very accepting, but disappointed
>gay guy avoids me hardcore
>ignores me, never forgives me
>try to get sweetheart girl to tell him I'm sorry
>"Fuck him. He lied for 2 fucking years."
>sadness wells within heart
>keep trying to regain friendship
>he comes online
>immediately message him telling him how shitty of a person I am and how bad I feel about ruining our friendship
>"It was too much."
>that's all he says
>logs off
>find out he ignores me
>after name change update
>change name
>find gay friend is still in w3 lumby with different friends, some of whom I remember from years past
>can't confront them because they don't know that I've lied
>unless he told them
>end up standing near them, watching their conversations for hours
>one old friend comes up to me
>"You look cool, come hang out! ^_^"
>not going to lie again
>end up saying nothing
>still to this day feel like the biggest piece of shit for ruining a great friendship
Anyone else wanting to play rs now?
i already am. Classic or nothin
This is quite a sad story actually, really got me at the moment.

>be me, 13 yo
>im fishing in Karamja in world 52 (Dutch world)
>Im dutch, and we used to make a lot of jokes about belgians, especially in Karamja
>Me and this other guy i met there, his name was Tim, really hit it off, I was litteraly lollig over his jokes and he was lolling over mine
>waits for me to finish my inventory so we can travel to the bank together
>talk a lot, now about more than belgians
>talk about soccer, making jokes
>it was fukking fun, we had a lot in common
>one day I come online, he asks me over private chat if i wanna come fishing in Karamja with him
>do the usual routine, best of times
>suddenly he says, ''brb, some friends of mine are in varrock and they have money for me, you can have some as well, just wait here''
>oh my god he is awesome
>decide i surprise him and go to Varrock as well
>big mistake
>I teleport there, and immediately see a green dot on the map, indicating where Tim is
>he stand there with 3 other accounts
>one says: ''Hey tim, isn't that that little faggot you were talking about?''
>Tim says, ''lol yeah, hes alright though''
>the guy asks me: ''are you actually gay?''
>they all lol
>pretending to not be bothered i ask Tim who they are
>he doesnt say anything
>they lol again and tell me they are his real friends
>Tim says: ''get lost anon, your not gonna get any money lol''
>they all lol. again.
>i type lol, didn't know what to do.
>im crying at this point
>log out
>tim talked to me after that but it was never the same
Man, people can be such assholes when around different friends, no doubt.
File: bda (1).gif (1 MB, 165x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bda (1).gif
1 MB, 165x115
Classic all the way, i stopped olaying when wildy was removed :(
i had a friend who played tibia... always tried to convince the runscape masters to play his silly game.
Just when you think he's not like that, it turns out he is. He tried apologizing but its something you can't repair
thats actually pretty sad kekwhat did tim say too you afterwards when he talked to you, did you keep him added or what
I remember all the members would hang out infront of lumby castle in world 1 and 3. They would just stand around with their goddamn gnome scarfs and flared trousers "dancing" with one another.

I was a member for most of my time on rs, but couldn't ever hangout with them, they were just 2kool 4 me.
File: 1266418652493.gif (246 KB, 165x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246 KB, 165x115
he said things like 'lol i was just fucking with you' and didn't really want to talk about. mostly he asked if i came fishing in karamja but i didn't really want to anymore so i made up excuses. I had him added for a year more but we never spoke again.
ah those faggots, those cancer scum are what you call edaters with their infinityboots and scarfs and shit. id say it started happening in 06 and has gotten worse over time, now its just gotten worse.
About one year before god wars came out I had a lvl 122 account, sold it for £300.

Tried looking up the username one day and realise they changed it or it got banned.

Tried playing again in 2012 then realised how crappy it was and stopped playing.

All I used to do was lure crappy players into wearing varoks barrows armour into going to the KQ, watching them die, stealing their helm and selling it for 3m.

I remember it happened 14 times, and I never felt bad about it......
File: 129.png (253 KB, 770x529) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253 KB, 770x529
After the EOC it became complete shit. I've been playing Old School Runescape. It's the exact copy of the game as of 2007 with very little updated. Exact combat system and everything. I'll be sad when they decide to delete it.
Wondering if any of you /b/ros will lend/give me a bond so i can become a member, only have 3m cash in bank but i can make 50mish in 3-4 days as a member
rsn: Rs_sage
Oh, you're THAT kind of runescaper...
Friend makes 2 mil in my acc and puts the 2 mil into clays. I forgot the clays in my inv and go to wild. lel.
tfw no dragon visage after first black dragon
Go autistic or go home.
what is it you need to be a member for to make 50milish in a few days?
yup, and when the ability to sit down and rest came fucking caused more of them to be everywhere. Those types of faggots would also start hanging out around g.e
shit nig... it took like 1-2k kills for my first visage, and i wasn't even expecting a visage. it was one of those "oh, that's cool"
I played for years, from around 2002 (14) till 2011, was level 134 with quest cape etc. I got hacked once as a level 40. I walked away from the game. had never received an email etc. One day after about 2 years of not playing I logged in to have a look, I went away for the weekend and receieved an email on my phone from jagex stating my account had be recently accessed blah blah. I verified the website link was from the official jagex page, clicked on it and changed my password. When I tried logging in a few months later I found 20mil had been traded out of my account. Haven't logged in since. Dem feels.

If only they didn't ruin the game with faggotry I'd still be playing to this day. They pandered to kids which was bullshit.
File: 1376188908290s.jpg (5 KB, 194x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 194x160
I remember doing clan wars and renting godswords and dragon claws I couldn't afford which was pretty fun, I remember running around in clans shouting get rushed fighting other clans and then when bounty hunter came out sitting and chilling with others while waiting. Good times.
Well, I want to be a member to play the game, I like killing glacor, qbd skilling a couple skills i like and i'd probably use the first 35m to get a 3 month membership with bonds, and i mentioned that i could make the 50m as in saying, I'll repay you and will most likely pay it forward
I remember that song, Still Night, when you walked from Al Kharid to east Varrock. Fucking heroic everytime i walked there.
I used to be one of those retards that would run in with rune and a magic bow and try killing people in bh.. I very rarely got a kill and when I did I never lasted long enough to get out...
File: 2ec.png (342 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342 KB, 600x600
So many feels, where the fuck do I even start...
i'm maxed so being repaid wouldn't be a thing, the bigger issue would be hopping to a ftp world to give you the money(just to lazy).
i was mostly wondering why you don't just like, flip zammy wine or coal or something, you got 3mi you could double that in a day easily.
I am fucking horrible and impatient with flipping.. I always lose money or make some bullshit like 10k flipping and with the 2 non member slots in ge it would be extremely annoying. I was doing gop but its fucking dead and can't get a game with decent players.. and also fucking quickhop, just a 10 second delay
File: based durial321.png (49 KB, 127x171) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
based durial321.png
49 KB, 127x171
Does anyone remember Durial321 and the Falador Massacre?
>Be like 06'
>Be with cousin at internet cafe
>Constantly harrass rich noobs
>Tell them to follow us to Karamja where the tribesmen are
>Poison damage deals 11dmg
>Let them poison a bit
>Trade screen showing antipoison
>11dmg. Repeat process until they're dead
>Pick up bronze helmets and mith scimmys

We are ultimate scammers.
File: 23985692386950812.jpg (12 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 480x360
>Be me
>Be 12 years old
>Be around for original H'ween mask event
>Get Blue H'ween Mask from drop
>Go to wilderness because 12 year olds are dumb as shit
>Get raped
>Find blue h'ween mask for 5K
>Buy it
>Go to wilderness (see above explanation)
>Get raped
>Threaten to cut the dude's head off
>Tells him to give me his address so I can cut his head off
>He does
>Report him for sharing real-life information
>Dude is permanently banned
part starts at 0:37.
am feeling feels.
File: 1364804545261.png (131 KB, 277x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 277x290
>Be me, new to rs
>be 2002
>Found a room where steel scimitars spawn
>Picking up these scimies, Selling them to shop nearby
>do this till about 100 been sold
>had 3k gold was happy (7 at the time)
>Some guys come in
>"HEY IT'S 'insert name here'
>"who are you?"
>they leave.

File: 1315170653001.png (154 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 400x400
>Be me
>Be lonley, asburgers ftw but didnt know at the time
>Play rs
>Meet nice guy from finland
>Still talking to him, same age is like brother i never had
>Was back in 2006ish
>Goodtimes were good, still are.
>Henri, if u see dis, love you <3
well if you wanna be a /b/ro just add me on rs I'll be next to fountain in ge. also I'll dump some good somewhat OC if I get the bond or 3m so i can buy the bond myself
>be me
>Doing Elvarg for first time, know nothing about prayer
>Killing him, I brang full Rune
>He keeps hitting me over and over
>Finally kill him
>I die too
>lose my bank
>Have a crazy tantrum and start crying
>''just leave him tom, you've been selling steel scimmies as well when you were a noob''

Fucking bullies, noobs that are trying to make fun of noobs are the biggest noobs.
File: download (2).jpg (56 KB, 450x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (2).jpg
56 KB, 450x323
rs nowadays
ah. skillerfag detected, the 2nd shittiest tier scaper after edaters. you scum dont impressive anyone especially in 2k14. You fucks classify as pussies who dont pvp because muh bankstanding superiority is to good for you.

fuck you faggots
>be me
>looking for gf at lumbridge
>girl replies
>we start talking
>a lot of 'hehe's'
>talk everyday for a few weeks
>decide to get married
>chop wood for days to get gold
>buy 2 gold rings
>give one to her
>says we should get married in a small church
>theres one in the wilderness
>a couple days past and we keep talking about getting married
>says her friend can do it
>we go into the wilderness
>they protect me cos low level fag
>make it to the church
>full ceremony
>give her the ring
>her friend starts typing
> this goes on
> I die...
>she messages me apologizing
>we continue being married
>she kills her friend in a battle in the wilderness
>happy ending.

I miss you laura5034
anyone remember tehnoobshow, darkarm3, and fat wrecked (r.i.p) ? I remember watching their videos, might go back and watch some.
>be me
>extreme douche
>scam noobs with hot/cold game
>pretend to be a chick because you get more people betting if you're a chick
>have this one trynna hit on me and shit
>remember i have this slutty bitch sending me nudes
>tell him if he wants "my" nudes for gp
>get over 100m for 3-4 shit quality pictures of a vagina and another extra 50m for 1 video of the chick flicking the bean

No shit.
06/06/06 never forget
Fuck man. I feel sad now too. He betrayed you ...
File: Untitled.png (248 KB, 624x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248 KB, 624x585
account still fucking banned from 4 years ago. No periodical unbans.
File: 1316927030001.png (20 KB, 539x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 539x465
You don't have to be so rude.
File: HKJ3483HJ34P30.gif (635 KB, 396x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
635 KB, 396x297
>be hosting h/c
>have over 200m from scamming noobs in h/c
>this one kid comes in trynna win some money
>first game i win 15m
>he bets 30m to try and get back his money
>he wins it
> bets 15m again
>wins the damn game again
>bets 30m
>wins that fucking bet
> then he bets low again
> cont until lose about 140m
>mfw i get pwned legitly by some shit and I dont back off
>be 10 with bestie
>we play on runescape
>rp like fuckin pros
>travel around from city to city on an epic journey and we're brothers or some shit
>do a heap of quests and get to level 50 or something
>selling cowhides
>we slowly stop playing
>tfw when i still miss adventure with my rs bro
>be me
>get a santa hat in the party room
>full dragon armor, abyssal whip, with money to spare
>eventually decide to quit runescape
>put all possessions in the party box
>comes out to around 11 mil worth of stuff (this was years ago I dont play anymore so I dont know how much stuff is worth now)
>1 lvl 16 noob in the party room
>tell him to pull the lever
>then the bank tellers across the server start screaming about the massive drop that is about to happen
>I have never seen no many people in the party room ever
>be lvl 89
>lvl 115 douchebag takes credit for putting all of the stuff in the box
>log off before the drop occurs, post my username and password on the forum and never go to runescape.com again
File: Capture.jpg (214 KB, 1599x803) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 1599x803
soo anyone wanna give me a bond to become member?

you can earn one isnt exactly hard to get a few mill
as a non member its fucking annoying... big bones would take like a fucking month to get 3m more and GOP is taking forever i've been doing GOP for 1-2 weeks off and on and barely made the 3m..
File: Untitled.png (1 MB, 1375x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1375x638
Just logged back in on this account after ten-ish years, where do I get that Veteran Cape?

And I spawn in Taverly? The f....
How did you manage to fuck up your friendship so bad that he blocks you after telling you to contact him if you ever needed anything lol

It's like .45 per mil...
File: 06364234798.png (407 KB, 814x721) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407 KB, 814x721
MFW i got banned for foul language for this
yeah because they updated runescape like 1-2 years ago so you have this little tutorial you can do in burthorp/taverly so if you havent done it you are sent there upon login
>no tits
>no ass
wtf you're like my little brother or something
Great orb project? water talies are like 1b ea... would take hours
what's .45 per mill...
>Be me
>Be around time when dice games were still allowed
>Host dice games
>Build up a decent rep with clan chat
>Guy bets 100M+
>I lose
>"Connection problems"
>Log out
>Log back in
>"Where's my money?"
>Ignore him and log out again
>Wait a few days
I want to be a member, but I'm too cheap for it. I used to be a member, but that was only for a month. Remember the Golden Cracker? I still have mine.
File: sadfrog.png (186 KB, 936x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186 KB, 936x590
Fuck you OP, I already hear that song
>tfw those feelings will never come back
>tfw a random guy gave me full iron and I was the happiest person in the world
I remember getting random money.. I was just busy mining ore of some kind and this dude said I was doing a great job and gave me 10k.. blew it all
they're like 13k ea and each one costs 50 tokens you get a max of 750 tokens per game if you win all altars. Which would take a couple hours.. But you gotta take in to consideration the fact that GOP is dead in f2p you get like 1-2 games every 1-2 hours, and then if the other team is better than your team you risk only getting 60 tokens which means you only make 13k.. like i said i've been playing gop for 1-2 weeks...
I once bought a legit gf from Wisconsin at the Grand Exchange. She tagged along with me for about 3 months then 'cheated' on me, so I threatened to kill myself if she continued dating "Scott"
I used to be such a betafag
>Tfw killing iron dragons on osrs right now

>28 left
File: 63469654213123.png (344 KB, 1247x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344 KB, 1247x758
I dont even
that a 50/50 world?
Reporting in.
Remember that Massacre in Draynor Village? Pissed me off as a kid knowing there was nothing I could do to bring him to justice.
there is no such thing as a 50/50 world... I repeat myself GOP is dead... Go on forums you'll find 1-2 active friend chats that host gop worlds and none are 50/50... Don't even know why I'm explaning myself to you, you probably don't have the intention to give me a bond even if I explained myself.
anyone wanna buy 1500 raw lobs in 07?
what is that skill below hunting? looks like sperm cells.
I remember i used to have this one awesome friend who I met at the GE one day while trying to go on a DK trip. Best fucking person ever.. he would take me DKing and would lend me money whenever i needed it. I remember right before he quit i gave him 20-30m just because he used to lend me gp. havent seen him online in like 2-3 years.. I remember you GodlikePVM!
Get on OSRS and get that cape shitlords. I just got mine last week
thread's gonan die soon
File: 1371252755835.jpg (56 KB, 597x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 597x519

>be me
>have 1550+ total badass skiller
>have 6 skill capes
>high skills all around
>jagex announces eoc
>says summoning won't effect combat
>decide to get a head start on summoning
>level it to 69 with exp lamps
>jagex changes their mind about summoning
>skiller is fucked
>quit rs
Divination majorly pointless a few good things but mostly pointless
>mfw i never had a skillcape
some new faggot skill called divination that came with saradomin and zamorak coming to lumby i think
H0t Soup if any of you play 07scape
thread is kill.
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Thread images: 81
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