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No wincest thread on /b/? pphhh
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No wincest thread on /b/? pphhh
porn for ants oyiss
fuck. my bad for the thumb nail.
Post thumbnail then apologizes with no picture.
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This thread ended quickly
>Abandons own thread
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no wincest?

that wont do m8
Some other nigger get one rolling. im to lazy.
>OP is Fag
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the things I do for you OP
Thank jew bb
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just remember when you are with you mom:

If you pull out, it doesn't count

and are you saving these OP?
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yup. saving them all
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this one goes out to the kinky Persians lurking in the thread
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i dont really feel like reading a book tonight
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I normally ignore these threads, but points for historical accuracy.
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I'll mix it up then
tfw spiderman hasn't invaded yet
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I'm ready....
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I see you OP
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you up for making captions?

got any in the pipeline?
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I Know this is my thread but
>No Ragrets
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OP, they take up image space in the thread
wat happend to Zoe?
anybody have it archived?
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Shady Relations.jpg
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I'm overdue to make some captions, but I've got nothing in the pipeline. I've been writing a lot of scripts to be recorded by some women lately, and sometimes I turn those into captions after the fact. But I've been writing less and less incest type stuff lately. Just general weird stuff.

This is the last caption I did.
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http:// bit ly/1oXMCZu
This is a decent sized archive I got a in thread a while ago
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you work on that pot browine one? that one sound hilarious
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thanks m8
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Sorry, not yet. I have the pic and the outline that was posted saved though. I just need to sit down with GIMP some time when I have some inspiration.

I'm writing a bro/sis script write now. I might be able to make that into a caption, but I suspect it would be a ridiculously long one, even for me.
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>Mfw first thread makes first page
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1 MB, 2400x1600

You understand that threads make the first page every time they get updated, right? Me posting right now has just pushed the thread to the first page. And it will move to the first page every time someone posts, until enough time has elapsed and other threads get more posts, and this thread gets cleaned out.
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Lurk moar
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The more you know. Thank you for enlightening me
This is why Indians and Middle Easterners treat their sister's husbands like shit, gentlemen.
>>sey outfit
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you'll get used to it
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128 KB, 966x960

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0jOFL - Imgur.jpg
176 KB, 638x800
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do you not understand?

spiderman bumps the thread
Why are you not using the GooGl link I set up?

http://goo gl/j18y4x
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Bump. Any more from the girls' perspective?
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assman seinfeld.jpg
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made me think of this
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I'll check for you
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Bitch it might be
I would give anything to hear a lady scream, "I'm a whore who loves incestuous sodomy!" while getting fucked.
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1 MB, 2000x1280
I've been trying to repress this for years, but earlier today in a Nyah Hounds thread I talked about this and now I can't let it go. It's already past 5 am and I'm still here. Sorry if I suck at green text

>Be 14
>Little brother is 12
>Find little brother masturbating with my panties
>I think that it's cute and start teasing him
>Wear just panties around him form time to time
>I hug him and press my boobs against his face
>Eventually I start getting aroused by the thought of him masturbating to me

>After about one year of light teasing
>Our room are next to each other, the wall is somewhat thin
>Back to the wall, start masturbating a bit loud
>I'm sure he's listening
>Strip down, wrap a towel, and go take a bath
>Pretty sure he goes in my room and masturbates with my soaked panties
>Do it again, but this time get my web camera to film it
>Catch him taking my panties to his room and return it later
>Pretty bummed that he doesn't do it in my room

>Continue teasing him for another couple of years
>Never do anything, but am still incredibly turned on by the thought of doing it with my brother

So now I'm 19, he's 17 and a half. I post in that earlier thread about another fantasy and eventually I start talking about this one as well. I've been trying to repress it ever since, it wouldn't be good for our relationship. Anyway, that thread developed this fantasy, along with the other one, quite a bit. I've been stating that I'll never fulfil it but since the thread ended I've been thinking on telling my bf about the fantasy so he'd break up with me and I can go cry on my lil bro's shoulders.
Now, the thing is, I live in Portugal, and I just found that incest is legal here. As long as we're both consenting adults there's nothing wrong in the eyes of the law. The age of consent is also 14 with a max of 5 year gap until you're 18, and we only have a 2 year gap so it's perfectly legal.

I'm going to my laptop, so my id is going to change.
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466 KB, 150x125
Step your game up.
Bitch it might be**
>Im a wreck
here is a thing: do you want to break up with your BF? if so, just break up with him

if you want to screw him, get "drunk together", and blame it on the booze. (you probably will want to paly drunk)
File: 643373655-2.jpg (560 KB, 1010x649) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
560 KB, 1010x649
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750 KB, 1200x569
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126 KB, 720x960
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1 MB, 1979x1000
File: 1377719308849-2.jpg (4 MB, 2309x2521) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 2309x2521
File: 1377721068555-2.jpg (561 KB, 1001x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
561 KB, 1001x482
File: 1377726045591-2.jpg (463 KB, 800x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
463 KB, 800x604
any lurkers?
File: 1377726067443-2.jpg (479 KB, 1063x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
479 KB, 1063x540
This is the first time I am around to write my incest story with my cousin. This is not a copypasta. To anyone who doesn't believe me, I don't give a fuck, it happened.

> be me 13 y/o idk some many years ago
> family dinner: parents were going to vacation and family wanted to say goodbye
> meet 2nd degree milf cousin. Let's call her lily
> damn.png
> after dinner parents were gone and I was sent to be with lily for about 2 weeks
> when we got to lilys place, she gave me a small tour and went to sleep.

Cont? Pic not related
File: 1377726312742-2.png (992 KB, 1000x760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1377726873762-2.jpg (547 KB, 900x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1377745024362-2.jpg (4 MB, 2589x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go on...
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where the hell have you been?
I do like my bf, but I realistically we'll probably break up in this following year. I'll be sad after breaking up with him for sure though.

I know my brother would fuck me if he had the chance, I don't need booze for that. He's smart, he knows I've been teasing him all these year for sure. But yeah, I'll probably end up drinking anyway. I can't be more vulnerable than right after a break up and while bit tipsy.

But my question is, should I do it? Will it make our relationship awkward when we decide to move to normal relationships? And if I do this will he even be able to have a normal relationship with another girl?
I don't want to hurt him for my pleasure, I really don't

Sorry for the delay, picturea are causing problems so no more pics

> being the curious I was, I wanted to find stuff to do
> timetoexplore.gif
> went to the roof and found a camera.
> took it to the room I was sleeping and checked it
> surpisesextape.exe
> holy smoke, lily has a nice ass
> fap while watching it and went to sleep
> next day, lily wake me up and tell me breakfast is ready
> while eating cereal, lily asked what her old camera was doing in the room
> I almost choke when she asked me that
> lie to her badly that I wanted to find what to do and took pictures and deleted them
> fuck.jpg
> lily takes the camera away

> while she went to work, I found ilthe camera in her room together with some dildos
> what a whore
> fap to the sex tape again and go watch tv
>lily comes back and ask what I did
> "nothing, just watched tv"
> lily started cleaning the house and went to my room
> fuck I forgot to take the camera back
> visible cum on the bed
> imstupidanddead.org
> lily stares at it for a sec and leaves the room
> dinner time
> silence. Lily asks me what was her camera doing in my room again
> "I.... saw a sex video on it and... wanted to see again"
> "did you do anything else?" Lily asked
> "I... eh... I played with my penis while watching it. The woman was very hot" I said
> "anon, do you know that woman was me?" She asked

is he stable and capable of surviving breakups well?

you may want to frame it in the context of the break up. you are vulnerable, and you need someone to care for you.
make it clear that you will always love him. It may be awkward if you constantly run into each other. can you use university or geographic distance to your advantage?

He's had a girlfriend before and they lasted about a year. He talked to me about it when she broke up with him and I think he took it pretty well.

We still live in the same house, my uni is 20 mins away from home. He's sleeping half a meter away from me, with that thin wall in between that separates our rooms. If I let him fuck me, we're most likely going to do it several times a week, specially now that it's summer and we'd be all alone during the day with our dogs.

Also, I only stopped teasing him when he got a gf, which was about 1 and half years ago
Told this one before long time back. Every now and then I have a moment where I am like 'oh, yeah, that actually happened, huh'

>Be 19, sister 16 (give take a year)
>Christmas, sleeping in sis room by tradition.
>She's eh, big butt, decent chest, but not one I'd pursue normally
>Be a pervy fuck who likes incest stuff so goes for it anyway
>Gropes ass, no reaction, try moving into her shorts by holding them out a bit by back of hand to prevent them moving too much
>Not an ass guy, boobs unreachable, grgh
>Do same technique for panties, grab ass, keep pace slow so she doesn't wake
>hard to hold back, start fapping
>some stirring, wait before picking up where i left off
>move fingers in, brush asshole, just a bit further...
>reach pussy, get a finger half in, dry
>too much, cream pants (ONLY TIME AND ITS THEN)
>pull out, quickly reset everything, go to take care of new problem, she only stirs then

>never let her know anything, never acted differently around her
>she once told me she was really into being fingered, but her being dry that night makes me think she doesn't know

> "yes. You are very hot. I kinda had thoughts about you"
> "thoughts, huh? Like of my breasts and butt?" She flatout asked
> "y..yes. y... you are a milf". I said
> "anon, that's very flattering. You know I haven't had sex for a while. Do.." she stops
> boner.tiff
> "do what, lily?"
> "i want to have sex anon and I dont mind having with you. Are you in?"
> she takes off her shirt. I didn't even answered her
> we go to her room
> "I will teach you everything you need to know, anon"
> Im speechless
> lily takes my pants down
> try to hold on for a bit
> lily start sucking

File: 1403437707098.gif (765 KB, 499x649) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
765 KB, 499x649
I typed this up for a previous thread that 404'd.

I am super attracted to my cousin. I'll share some stories because alcohol, but I'm not super good at greetext stories.

>Be like 11, her 10, or somewhere there about.
>She always wants to play house.
>90% stupid roleplay house stuff.
>10% she wants to make out and dry hump
>She always gets her way because bossy AF.
>I'm reluctant because at the time not attracted to her
>But penis takes over and on some level enjoying the contact
>Dry humping her in her room
>Kinda into it
>She looks up at me and says
>"You're enjoying this aren't you?" in a coy voice
>I didn't even care that much at the time, but that moment has stuck with me for, like, ever.
>Hottest thing a woman has ever said to me.

Fast forward through high school.

>She went from 2/10 to 10/10 nosebleed perfect.
>Be 21, her 20
>We've gotten pretty close.
>Hang out 4+ times a week, smoke weed, etc.
>Early experimentation hasn't been mentioned in 8 years or so
>She's sleeping over, we're drinking
>4 screwdrivers later she's super drunk
>Dead asleep. Touching her, shaking her, she just keeps snoring.
>Wearing these cute little shorts.
>Pull them and her black lacey panties aside
>Get finger halfway in, but she's not exactly wet / easy to get into
>Enjoy the tightness around my finger
>Proceed to lick and enjoy her perfect little feet
>Wish I could play with her tits, but she's laying on her stomach.
>Masturbate to the whole ordeal, cum on her feet.
>15 minutes later, get horny again
>pull her panties aside
>She half-stirs and rolls over.
>I pussy out and that's the end of the night for me.

To this day, I masturbate to both experiences. On the second one, I sort of wish I had tried to get the head in / cum inside her, or at least tried to stick in a cum-covered finger after beating off. But I know that's a fantasy and her receiving a phantom-pregnancy would be bad times for everyone.

Still, I wish I had the balls to bring up old times and try to get with her.
Another thing, the drinking age over here is 16. When he turned 16 after his birthday party with our family I got him some booze and we both got a bit drunk. He tried to kiss me then and I pretended not to notice. A month after that he started dating his now ex-gf.
File: 1403442914280.gif (2 MB, 324x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 324x244

I have other stories with her, might post one more before I go to bed if there's any interest. Pics almost related.

What I wouldn't give to father her children.
do you still think he jacks to you?

honestly talk to him about general sex stuff and see if he is into it.
did she look like you?
Any mommies in bikinis?
Our bodies weren't so different and we have the same hair/eye colour, but like 80% of the people here do. As far as the face goes, not much. She's cute, but I think I'm cuter.

I don't think he was trying to get a repllacement for me though, I think he really cared about her.

> bythegodsimcumming.gov
> lily swallows everything
> "im dissapointed anon. As a punishment, you will go down on me"
> I start kissing lily
> I move down to her tits
> oh god her tits
> her nipples were diamonds
> start moving down
> takes her panties out
> holy fuck I can still remember her beautiful pussy
> that smell. It almost made me hard again
> she taught me what to do with tongue and how to play with her pussy
> do oral for 10 minutes and she start screaming my name
> I get hard again
> "fuck me anon, stick that big dick of yours in my pussy and go hard on me"
> I do as lily says.
> Im going to cum again, so sticks it out
> lily asks why I did that
> says I want to stick it in her butt

my recommendation: snuggle/spoon with him when you break up with your BF. if he goes for it, you are already ready (make sure you have BC)

if he does not, you get someoen who cares for you snuggling.
Keep posting people, I'm archiving. Especially >>556870741 because we always like when girls post their own stories.
Probably. Most definitely actually. As I said, I'm 100% sure he would fuck me in a heart beat if he had the chance. I catch him staring at me from time to time.

The only thing I'm worried is that if he gets too attached to me and I end up hurting him.

Actually, there's one more thing. I'm really into dogs ever something happened when I was 12. And my family arranged for our family dog to have a litter and we each have one of his sons. Now, I really want him to make me do it with the dogs, but I don't know how he'll feel about it. I have that story greentextd from earlier but this is a wincest thread so won't post it

> ok anon, but be gentle, I barely did that
> sticks it nice and slow
> as I start thrusting, I came
> "well, that was quick" lily says.
> "we'll have a better time tomorrow"
> mfw she said that
> be tomorrow
> wakes up, feels weird
> lily was giving me a morning bj. Holy shit
> "wakey wakey, now that you are hard, let's try anal again"
> "I have a better idea, lily"
> "ok sweety"
> I undress and get ontop
> takes a massive shit in lilys tits
> "wtf anon"
> slaps lily and says "bitch im the one who talks here"
> run to her room and take a handfull of dildos stick them in her ass, mouth and one in my ass
> start fucking her pussy
> vomit all over her. The end

Well /b/, hope you liked it. All of it is true until the poop part. We fucked almost all the time until my parents came back. Afterwards I tried to makeup excuses to go see lily. After about 1 year she got a bf and then I couldn't fuck the fuck out of lily.
Post it anyway, especially if it's a personal story.
eh post it

maybe have him walk in to you getting off on getting doggy love?

while you two screw, introduce him to girls and encourage him to date.
Go for it
I forgot where I had saved it but I just found it

Be 12
>Walking my dog, a Great Pyrenees
>Pass by a stray dog, he looked groomed but had no collar so was probably abandoned
>He wants to smell the stray's butt
>Decide to let him, they usually smell each other and move on
>My dog starts humping the other
>Try to get him off so he doesn't get bad habits
>Realize it's a female
>My dog is actually fucking right in front of me
>Learned about sex in biology classes but never really saw it being done
>Look around, the street is empty
>Get closer to my dog and watch him pound the stray
>I can tell he's cumming inside
>After 10 or so mins he pulls it out
>Look around once again, the street is still empty
>Put it in my mouth, taste his cum

That was the first and last time I ever did anything with a dog but since then I've been attracted to dogs and fantasize about them quite often.
well shit
That's hawt.
if we end up doing it I think I'll just tell him this story. If he's ok with me being fucked with the dogs then I'll do it, but I'm more scared of doing it our dogs than with my brother tbh, it's much less accepted and just plain wrong..
sounds like a good idea.

you think you may do him bareback?
i believe in india or brazil, little kids fuck goats.
maybe you should think about relocating

I completely believe this because, if there is a girl who would do this at 12, of course she would be on 4chan.
I don't even know why I did it. That was fucking stupid if you ask me. I put his cock in my mouth right after he came inside the stray, I actually tasted the stray's pussy juices, that could have gone bad so easily..

Nah, no one can ever know about any of this

My brother or the dogs? I'm actually on the pill so I don't need condoms with either one and dogs are much cleaner than humans, they clean their cocks all the time

That was a really stupid moment, I don't even know why I did it, I barely knew what sex was. It was my brother that showed me 4chan though, back when he was 15.
tits femanon?
your brother.

you would have to train your dog to F
sorry, but no. I still have a boyfriend and that'd be cheating. Either way I'm not so sure I want my boobs on the internet.

Really? Mine's always trying to lick me, it shouldn't be too hard
getting him to lick you is the easy part.

getting him to only lick you when it is safe to do is is another story
I'm thinking I might tell my brother that story as the reason why me and my bf break up, that he didn't want to be with a girl that craves dog cock

mine's pretty well trained
and then I'd say, "you don't think I'm disgusting, do you?"

god.. just thinking about..

anyway, should I do it? should I let my lil bro have his way with me? If you were my bro would you be ok with it?
Do it
do it

If I was your bro, you would be very careful not to mess up your BC
You present the opportunity and be as coy and/or seemingly in heat while looking at him, he'll jump you no matter what
also pics? :p
Another fantasy I'm having is having my brother fuck a random slut while I watch, and then he pulls his cock out and makes me clean it, just like what happened with my other dog and the stray. I'm really messed up..

What's a BC?

I think I'm going to do it next week If I manage to break up with my bg

No way, I don't my pics on the internet and I still have a bf, it'd be cheating
File: 1404366846728.png (54 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 625x626
>You don't want your boobs on the internet but you sucked a dogs dick in public
That is fine

Birth Control

also fantasy is kinda normal.
Where the fuck is my greentext incest?

Definitely tell him that fantasy
Actually, my brother was the one who introduced me to 4chan, if I tell him I talked about my fantasies here he might take some pics himself and post them in a future thread. If he does that I'll write "dog" on my body so you know it's me
>Where the fuck is my greentext incest?
http://goo gl/j18y4x
There, you have it. Now sit there quietly and read so we can ask the lovely lady of >>556876391 more questions.
Or if you like you can send me an email and verify that way. I'm the one keeping the Gdocs archive.

(hotmail.com) fakebob001

I will keep an eye out
I was stupid back then, and I've never touched a dog like that in the last 7 years
goodnight fags, enjoy your questoin session with ms.>>556876930 OP signing out
night fag
nah, even if I let him do it it'll only be once, I won't let him post after that. I really don't want my pics on the internet, this woild be a major exception
any last questions? it's almost 7 am here and I want to do some fantasizing of my own beforen I go to sleep
do you get off to the idea of either your dog or brother cumming inside of you?

You better think of being double teamed with your brother and the dog.
I've probably masturbated over a hundred times thinking about them so far...

Onenof my biggest fantasies is brother putting me on a leash and making me suck his cock while my dogs fucks me from behind. My dog cums and knots me as my bro spills his cum on the floor and makes me lick it clean.. this makes me so wet
Who makes you happier; your boyfriend or your brother? If it's the latter, then what is stopping you from leaving your boyfriend right now and being with your bro?
how big are your boobs anon?

any special fantay with them?

Getting milked like cow or a bitch maybe?
oI've never been with my bro, but has I've said my boyfriend and I will definitely break up in less than a year anyway

on my fantasies it's always my bro and my dog thougj
I meant your thoughts of your bro, and the idea of being with him. And if it's within the year, why not end it now? The sooner that happens, the sooner you get your brother.
they're C/D, both fit me well so i think I'm right in between.
Not really, I'me not opposed to it but it's not something I think about. How would I lactate anyway?
you could induce it by stimulation, supplements or both.

on /d/ a good amount of women have done it, some men , and some trans people

look for the lacation or cowgirl threads
That's the plan. But I don't see my brother as a possible boyfriend, no one can never know about this, so eventually we'd need to move on. I'd be ok with fooling around if we happen to be both songle though
Then make it so. When the time comes to move on, so be it. But until then, stop wasting time and go with your bro
if he likes it or wants thrm bigger by being filled eith milk then I don't mind as long as it's safe, but it's not something I'd do for myself

any last questions?
none from me

good luck anon and happy fapping
how do you suppose he'll react to the whole dog thing? if it scares him off?
Yeah, please come back and let us know if anything happens in a future wincest thread. And archive the thread on 4archive.org maybe.
it wont scare him away from pouding me for sure, but he might not want me to do it with the dogs which would be a bummer. i think he might though, i've been always really closemto our dogs and as I said, hes the one that introduced me to 4chan. If you guys liked that story then he'll probably loke it as well

thanks. I'll be fantacising about you guys watching me be degradated by my brother and my dog, just so you know

ok, I'll do it in about 1-2 weeks, but I can't promise you I'll post pics
someone screen cap all this
File: 1401255038986.gif (608 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
608 KB, 245x245
open your eyes >>556862225
He's making a fair suggestion though. I don't usually screencap, just text archive. And screencaps are just easier to post.
I just came. I haven't had such an orgasm in a really long time, the thought that in a week I'll have my brother's cock pounding me was really something. It already 7h30 over here too, he'll probably wake up soon, he might have heard me masturbating while thinking of him

I'll send you an email with the archive link from the next time I post
>I'll send you an email with the archive link from the next time I post
That would be much appreciated if I'm not around.
I'm european, so you probably won't me. Usually I'd have gone sleeping 6 hours ago, I just couldn't sleep today with all these thoughts
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