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What's your scariest experience /b/?...
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Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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What's your scariest experience /b/? Here's mine
>Live in small Rural town out in the bush
>Be 16 during teen stoner phase
>One Friday night me and some mates meet up at the local school to have a few cones
>Prepping the bong, when what sounds like a fucking explosion goes off somewhere in the school, realize someone's actually setting off a shitload of fireworks from somewhere in the school
>We're all about to bail, but one of the guys spills about $50 worth of weed into the grass
>We spend about 10 mins trying to pick up all the stuff, almost at the entrance when we see two police car's coming into the school car park, heart stops for a second and we all freak the fuck out
>We try to get hide but they've already seen us and are getting out of their cars and running into the school, in the panic we all i get split up from my two mates and end up jumping the school's back fence and sprinting into the bush along an old hiking track. One of the cops comes after me, i can see his torch shining through the trees, after awhile he gives up and it's just me in the pitch black.
>My phone at the time was some old nokia brick and it's screen is my only source of light, don't want go back so i just follow the track and keep heading into the bush
OP is ded
Please don't tell me you found the weed? That shit will kill you, scary as fuck.
A friend of me stepped on a land mine and I still have bone fragments from him embedded in me
When I was 12 years old I get really, really sick one day. I was so happy to get out of school, but mad my mom made me go to the hospital after it persisted for a week. When we got there, I was diagnosed with Leukemia.
rambo pls go
I'm lurkin
I was 11 when it happened
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be or be not
cont now pls
post pics of bone fragments or gtfo
>embedded in me
can you read?
did you die?
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>Be me, about 8 years old
>Playing hide-and-go-seek at my cousins house
>run into my aunt and uncle's room to hide
>room has a stairway going to the basement
>look and see an old woman walking up the stairway
>I call to her, she doesn't answer or even look
>freak out, run out of room
>ask my cousin if their grandma is staying with them
>He laughs and is like 'wut'
>Try to explain to him what just happened

Years later we found out that the previous owner of the house, an old woman, died in it.

>can you read?
so you didn't go to the hospital and get x-rays?
>can you suck dick?
>Was about 9:00pm when the fireworks went off, and its now almost 11pm, so i've been wandering though the bush for about two hours
>Get to end of track and there's a stream, i think it flows back into town so i start following it
>So this is where the whole experience became even worse, as i'm following the stream i begin to hear voices in the distance, just really faintly like they're really far away, it kinda sounds like they're singing.
>Kinda hoping that if i follow the creek i'll pass the creepy singing, by this stage the cops and fireworks seem like a distant memory, but the voices are making me really uneasy and i'm realizing that the creek is taking me closer to them rather than further away, but it's my only guidance so i have to follow it.
>As i get closer, the 'singing' is getting really loud and i can start to make out lights in the distance, by this stage i realize that the 'singing' is actually what sounds like a group chant or something, but its super intense to the point where at some stages it almost sounds like people screaming
Why would I have those? They're bone fragments, not some ultrasound of a baby
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>be me when i was a youngin,
>younginer brother had 1 of those elmos
>you would move the arms around and it would say things.
>put his arms out like hes driving, he'd say "im a race car driver."
>1 day my brother was playing with this elmo when it suddenly quit workin
>a loud static came out of the speaker
>"Hello [anons brother], i want to play with you."
>brave stepdaddy makes younging me and older youngin brother take the battrys out and toss it in the shed
i guess it had said it wanted to kill step-daddy the night before but i wasnt there for that.
i have always questioned if "god" exists, whenever i start to think we are all just meat bags i go back to that fucking static

this better not be the setup for a joke op
>They're bone fragments
so a landmine blew your friend to bits, embedding him inside your body and you didn't even get an x-ray at the hospital?
>confirmed for poor nigger
he's iron man
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it was this 1.jpg
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inb4 walk the dinosaur
You live in that town and it took you two hours to find out where to go? Fake/10
Obviously this shit is fake it's 4chan
But this makes some good creepy pasta
op is kill
Holy shit, that's rough.
Gives new meaning to "I want you inside me"
where the fuck is OP
i think he took a fucking sabbatical or something
OP obviously taking ages to continue as he's making it up as he goes.
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>Be 14
>Dry humped teacher without thinking about it
>Teacher asks for more
>I'm paranoid and always record everything with a tape recorder
>Blackmail teacher
>Grade went from C to A+
>As i follow the stream the lights become brighter and i can make out a few houses in a clearing through a distant treeline, but i haven't reached the town yet, this appears to be just a random group of houses in the middle of the bush.
>Then i realize where i am, and that i've been following the wrong stream and am now heaps far from town
>I remember that recently my dad and some of his co workers were up in arms about some new christian commune which set themselves up in the area, my parents refered to it as the cult and that we should all stay away from there
>So now i'm feeling really creeped out, but i realize that the road out of the commune leads back to the main road so, i follow the treeline around the edge of the clearing to try to get to the exit.
>Then the central area of the commune comes into view
>They've got a massive bonfire set up and there's a crowd gathered in the center, still doing their fanatical chanting, from this distance i can clearly hear what they're saying but it's not in English which just makes it seem ominous as fuck, by now my heart is racing
>As i edge futher around the treeline i get a better look into the central clearing, and i make out three women standing at the center of the crowd near the bonfire, kinda hard to tell from a distance but i looked like they were sobbing, hard to tell over the chant.
>see this weird fucking house
>door is unlocked
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody does the dinosaur
this is just some stereotypical pagan/ritual story isnt it?

fukk u op
should have known OP would be a faggot
Heaven =/= OP
OP = Fag
You, sir, should lurk more.
OP has decent grammar, the Heaven faggot doesn't.
Learn to look at IDs.
No you're the faggot, motherfucking faggot.
File: 1364135836806.jpg (33 KB, 463x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But heaven also =fag
> => OP=Heaven
We are all fags here.
And that's a logical fallacy.
>dogs have four legs
>chairs have four legs
>all dogs are chairs
everyone knows that elmo is satan. where do you live?
this is why they shouldnt let autistic niggers get access to the internet.
>Dogs are fugly
>Cats have tails
>Humans are goats
Newfag there is a place for this. /x/
Did you die
> have four legs dogs
>four legs have chairs
>chairs all are dogs
Hahah fuk
>Suddenly, the chant stops and so do i, i'm scared they'll hear me if i keep moving, so i get down and just watch them for a bit
>In the absence of the chanting i can easily make out the pleading and crying of the three girls at the center of the crowd
>Three guys come up to the girls and start tearing their clothes off, throwing them into the fire as they do so, as they do this the crowd starts going feral at the girls, screaming 'WHORES!!' , 'SLUTS!!!'
>By now the girls are screaming and begging for help, i feel like i should do something but i'm frozen in fear and too much of a pussy to do anything
>By this stange i'm almost crying in fear, i feel like i'm about to witness murder. the crowd is taking turns beating these naked girls, just kicking and hitting them while they're laying in the fetal position, some old hag with a cane is really getting into it, screaming names at them while she does it. Another has heated her stick in the fire and is now poking one of the girls with it. The worst part was the screaming, i cannot describe with words the horrible feeling you get when listening to someone screaming in agony.
>As horrible as it sounds i realize that this is my chance to get away, i follow the treeline and head towards the exit, the screaming and angry shouts of the crowd are still booming from the central clearing
>The small road leading from the commune goes up a steep hill, as i sprint up it i see the main road in the distance. I turn around and look back down the hill towards the commune
>I almost shit myself when i notice that there's someone standing down there just staring up straight at me, i don't look at him for another second i just turn around and bail
About fucking time.
Well, I'm leaving. This fucking place smells like fucking jam.
Try writing it out in word first next time, then copypasting it

Keep going brother
idk if this is fake or not
im intrested in it anyway
I have a pretty scary experience, though most people won't believe it
>be me
>Live in a rough neighborhood
>nothing every really happens to me, but hear news about robberies and whatnot here and there
>one day I meet this nice girl, she's 19, and I'm a kiss virgin
>start to talk more and more
>she's from a wealthy community, but her dad got pink slip and hasn't found a job since, so they moved a few blocks down, (nicer side, but still pretty rough)
>turns out she goes to my school
>we eventually start sitting together at lunch because we're loners
>this asshole named Craig comes over and starts hitting on her, right in front of me
>"Sorry I'm dating Anon"
>we start going steady
>I visit her all the time now,
>one day my mom doesnt want me to go because she's single and gets scared at night
>say I'll be back. Go to gf's house, screw around. Her parents leave so we do it
>finish up, look at clock.
>hurry the fuck out the front door, start running down the street.
>he starts talking shit to me. Finally challenges me to a fight. I'm super nervous but I do it anyways
>get super fucked up, face looks like a fucking volleyball
>I go home
>my mom sees me and gets scared
>she says you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel air
awfully slowtyping op confirmed
how fucking slow are you op?
ever heard about prewriting?
hurry the fuck up OP
>There wasn't a single car on the road the whole journey home, I sprinted as long as i physically could, by the time i reached the town it was almost 5am
>I felt dead by this point, practically ready to collapse, but i needed to get home and call the police about what was going on at the commune, for all i knew those girls were dead by now.
>I had just turned the corner into my street when out of no where i get shoved to the ground
>I never saw the guy caus he shoved my face into the ground, he spoke to me though
>''Tell anyone and i'll fucking kill you. Now count to 30 then go home and pretend this never happened"
>That was 6 years ago now and i've never told anyone since, i left the town to moved to the city when i was 18.
>That night seriously fucked me up, i have some serious paranoia issues. my two mates hated me after caus they ended up getting caught by the cops, not really a big deal though, they just had to attend some shitty anti drug seminar. Looking back i would take the cops over my experiences any day
Hey give OP a break
He's story is good and ill wait for it
Let's just keep this thread from 404ing
bro you're obv australian, what state???
Directed by Michael Bay
I read that as
>I have a pretty scary experience, though most people won't believe it
>she says you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel air

and no time has been lost.
i would of told the cops then went on with my life, i always carry a metal baseball bat in my car so if they even tried me id do there kneecaps in

then again if your not in australia they would just shoot me and id be fucked
Im that guy. You're fucking dead.
>Be 15
>Be walking home from friends house at night
>Street lights are on but not a fucking sound, cold as fuck too
>Out of nowhere I start hearing eeree shit like whispering and mimbling
>Walk faster and looking like a paranoid fag
>I'm like two blocks away from my house when I hear a fucking scream right beside me
> I freak the fuck out and run to my house like tyson freakin fag
>Couldn't sleep that night
Use cellphone to light your way in pitch dark then run 5 hours to call police from home, makes sense
Y r u Dumb
More stories please /b
>be 17
>Neighbour died
>We always ranged the doorbell for giggles
>Few days after he died our fuckin doorbell rang everynight

first green im newfag

We can tell
>i'm an newfag

watch your grammar son.
Much more likely someone was fucking with you than the impossibility of a satanic Elmo doll.
Why the fuck do people o this.
It's a thread where you are specifically asked to share stories. There is zero need to say "cont?"
had no credit, i though i mentioned that. Apparently not
Kill yourself
If you something to cont. on, then cont., don't ask.
why should someone bother to write when no one's lurking?
These stories are like fucking ecstacy
It's true, nigga.

>It was finally over after a week
>be me
>Sitting infront of computer at 7 am
>Playing maplestory
>everyones sleeping loading screen..
>Black screen i see a bald person in the screen behind me
>freaked out couldnt sleep that next night
>was scared in the dark for a year i was creeped out
you don't need to have credit on your phone to call the police. emergency calls are always free.
Soon as I read rough neighborhood I knew it was this shit.
ill bite
>best friend and i live across the road from each other
>im 11 hes 13
>there is a big forest thing about a k down the road
>we are always lurking and riding our bikes around never went in there because it looked creepy
>thought fuck it and go in, its actually pretty sweet in here
>we build a little hut out of sticks
>walking in there one day and notice and old burnt newspapers in there
>its an american newpaper and it says that this forest burnt down
>that forests name was the exact same as the forest we were in now
>see black shadows running around
>freak the fuck out and bail never went back
>found out years later the shadows were just bush turkeys still don't know about the paper but
thats it really, also there was a little forest thing nearby and we used to steal shit from construction sites and we built a 3 story hideout in the trees and had a tire there to use as a toilet, good times
And then say it in every single post

>after that
>Lights were going off and shit was flickering
>for weeks
>still scared as fuk
>One night
>Nightmare about him super weird
>a sort of light in my nightmare popped off
>after nothing happened anymore
>still shaky if i write about it
>i was creeped for a big 3 years

is you kill
QLD, way out past charleville
>Be me
>Lives in this comfy house, wall were pink
>Never went outside, inside was awesome
>One day my house starts moving and its trying to get me out
>House pushes me out by the front door head first
>See this fucking bright light,blinds the fuck out of me
>Ugly bald dude severes my ties with the house
>I get new house on a cliff next to two huge soft balls that shoot white waterfalls
> Be me one day old
implying trees dont just grow back.
okay homie, NT here
i'm safe
thank fuck
>be 3
>live on pen island
you fucking serious you dont say cont? you just do it
Darwin? What've we got, that fuckin punciana woman story? I dont know it
File: 1404559875485.jpg (59 KB, 506x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>me a few months ago
>depressed, and lonely
>already on my second bottle of whisky
>about to take some pills and end it all
>gasp air and say while crying out of despair
>"i can't stand this anymore, i don't want to be alone"
>silence for a few seconds
>only me sobbing in the dark
>suddenly the skeleton inside me tingles
now i know i'm never alone, thank mr skeletr
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I love a good creepy thread.
Darwin in north 'straya was bombed by the Japs during WW2. It developed from a naval port to a town after the war. The cliffs at East Point still have remnants of WW2 bunkers.

She appears on black nights in the Poinciana trees at East Point.

Once she was a beautiful brown-skinned Japanese woman settling in Darwin after the war, but long ago she was raped by Australian soldiers at East Point.

She became deranged after this event and when she discovered she was pregnant she hanged herself from a branch of a Poinciana tree.

She has since become a wraith who stalks and kills men at night. She entices them by initially appearing as a beautiful white-robed, long haired young woman but then transforms into a hideous wild-haired eagle clawed hag just before she eviscerates her victims and feeds on their still-steaming guts.
Oh fuck, not bald people!
File: 1395197886108.gif (175 KB, 300x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bumpity bump
File: 1400269373316.jpg (91 KB, 500x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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remember when i was 10 or something,
and i was alone at home, i was just chilling and watching tv, but after a while i got hungry and then i tought i should go down to the basement
but then i started to hear weird noises and voices and shit of my little brother.
Then i went outside instead to play with my friends
>live in small town in rural Arkansas (yeah I'll give you a state, because this isn't bullshit like every other story here)
>8th grade, no cell phone (only one of my friends did, and he constantly made us listen to shit tier crazy frog ringtones), no car, not into weed yet, so me and my friends decide to go fuck with a nearby catholic school around 2 a.m.
>spray painted dicks on playground, threw tables off balconies. I was a real edgy fag
>started being real loud; dumbass mexican friend decides to take it to the next level and throw rocks at windows
>turns out someone was in the building and had called cops several minutes earlier
>cops pull in from the front if the building seeing my mexican friend trying to lodge a bicycle into monkeybars on our way out
>me and my other friend bail and run into woods as fast as we fucking can
>we split ways after reaching a field of super tall grass
> about 15 minutes later, I reach a small dilapidated bridge crossing a stream
>sit down under the bridge to catch my breath as I'm extremely exhausted
>hear slow rustling in tall grass about twenty feet away
> my friend who I split up with, nick, had a bad knack of fucking with me especially at the most inappropriate of times so I assume it's him
>"nick is that you?" I say. No response. Just slow rustling "Nick, you faggot stop fucking with me, is that you?"
I don't care if you believe this next part, but just believe me when I say even now texting this on my phone at my desk at work on a bright sunny day I still get a cold shiver down my spine thinking about what I know I saw. Call me a faggot or a liar but this is truth.
>this naked figure looked slightly larger than a child, human-like with dark skin; it was missing chunks of flesh along it's back presumably up to it's neck and crawling on its belly (I assume something happened to it's legs)? It comes out of the grass, reaching towards me.
faggot liar
>it's eyes were extremely dark, there was a tiny bit of moonlight peeking through the trees so I couldn't even tell if it had eyes for sure just super dark sockets or something. I know it sounds stupid but it looked like a zombie, because of it's similarity to a decomposed body
>it didn't make any sort of vocal noise which honestly is the part that scares me more than anything. It just silently crawled toward me, I shudder even thinking about it.
>I immediately begin to climb up the side of the bridge with what little skinnyfag strength I have and run as fast as I fucking can through more grass fields.
> I didn't even think to look back at it from the top of the bridge, I just kept running
>I started screaming nick's name looking for him and running as fast as I could towards a rather nice neighborhood I knew was near.
>not ashamed to say I was actually crying, I had never felt so vulnerable in my entire life, I don't know what in gods's name I had just seen but I didn't want to see it ever again.
>I make it to the well-lit, affluent neighborhood my lungs and legs burning from running and screaming.
>I keep yelling nicks name not giving a fuck if I wake someone up, I almost contemplated beating on someone's door just to fucking get some human contact
>nick perks out from behind a fence and immediately tells me to quit fucking screaming
>this motherfucker was ding dong ditching someone's goddamn house while I had just seen the most terrifying thing ever.
>we start running like hell down the street as a front porch light turns on and we turn the corner to get on a main road to get back to my house
>nick asks why I look like I've been crying and I tell him the story
>he starts to get really serious, which is extremely uncharacteristic of him, this motherfucker cracked jokes moments after his dad's death.
He tells me we're going to go
Home and just try to forget what happened.
fake and gay.
OP doesn't know how to greentext
>when we get back my mexican friend is hiding in a giant tree I have in my front yard smoking a cigarette and tells us some long ass story about how badass he was escaping from the cops. I didn't even tell him what happened and didn't tell anyone else except for my current gf and a college buddy.

Looking back, I honestly think it could have just been a seriously injured person but it just freaks me out how it didn't even make a grunting or moaning sound.
Also, it's size didn't fit an average adult. I didn't bother looking for rumors or murder stories, but I do know that area around the woods had some homeless people that would sleep in camps there.
How far away was it?
I'm gunna look dis shit up.
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>Be 16, on summer vacation
>Wake up with pair of dice in my pocket, didn't think much of it, put them on coffee table
>Shower , and put on new pants, and find them in my pockets again
>Happens a couple more times while I'm playing d2
>later in the day a couple of friends are comin' over to burn one
>One friend shows up first and they show up in his pockets as he goes to grab his lighter.
>second friend calls and says he'll be there in 10
>go outside to meet him and suddenly we all hear a rattling noise.
>I happen to look to the garage roof and these die are rolling off
>I go to inspect the numbers and we all hear a maniacal cackle that seemed to be coming from everywhere.
>turn around and see this shadowy apparition walking down the road towards my driveway
>it suddenly melds into a multi-dimensional looking star of david shape and jumps to a pine tree in my front yard. it then jumps to another before shooting skyward at an insane speed
No one is going to believe me but I can assure you it happened

>be me
>around 5 or 6 years old
>mom gets a new boyfriend
>guy has a dark presence
>whenever he would sleep over I would see apparitions in the house
>sometimes it would be a black cat, othertimes it would just be a person
>around 10 pm
>laying in bed
>suddenly feel a strange urge to turn back and look at my closet which was behind me
>urge keeps getting stronger
>look back
>3 rotting yet alive ghoulish looking bodies
>wearing clothes from the 1800's and smiling at me
>scream my fucking head off
>room begins to go crazy
>walls shift
>thousands of ants on my bed
>small little people begin throwing themselves off the model boat i had near my bed
>mom runs up into the room
>everything vanishes

I know for a fact it wasn't a dream. From the ages of 5 - 9 I would see a lot of humanoids/spirits.
idk if you're bsing but holy shit you made my eyes water
Are you sure your moms boyfriend didn't give you acid accidentally sometimes?
File: 00.jpg (37 KB, 565x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>One night hear moaning outside
>Look out of window, it's a massive white yeti with penis toes
>It walks gingerly on it's sore penis toes, each of which has a semi
>Gets half way across lawn and cums
>Cum everywhere
>MFW I have seen Fuckfoot

You're a funny guy, anon.

I think kids are more susceptible to seeing the unknown.

<also a year later I was taking a piss outside and I happen to look up and see a die dalling and goes through my stream.
>As i think where is the other I see it under the tree next to me
A girl once asked me to have unprotected sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation. I ran screaming.
I haven't laughed in weeks.

Thank you so much.
jesus christ put a trigger warning on that shit i almost had a panic attack
File: nopes.jpg (79 KB, 1119x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 1119x370
This happened less than 3 months ago

>get drunk at house with friend
>had recently moved to a really rural village
>Britfag btw
>As he's wasted, decide to be good friend and walk him some of way home
>Walk maybe a mile to other side of village
>Go our separate ways
>Walking back through empty village, around 3-4am
>All houses have alleys and shit how I can only describe going through/under them
>See movement in alleys
>Walk faster, and faster
>Feeling the alcohol, but still in a good state of mind
>Closer to home
>Walk past nearby pub
>Hear the loudest fucking screech/scream I've ever heard
>Nothing but silence before and after
>What the fuck
>Village church and accompanying graveyard run behind pub
>Flee home and sleep it off

May not that scary on reflection, but I was scared at the time.

god damn it
No bsin. Just truthin'.


Central arkansas. Near Bryant
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129 KB, 341x326
>be me not able to get high due to drug tests
>scour internets for legal highs and trips
>discover ganzfeld shits
>try it for the lulz
>in my hallucinations speak to spirit screaming for supernatual power
>wife is preggo
>wakes up in middle of night to pee and puke
>for a week insists man in trench coat and hat is staring at me from edge of bed.
>finds out many people see the "hat man" shadow person
>shes a fb person only dont like scary shit
>believe shes not shiting me.
>not doing ganzfeld anymore
You're welcome anon
File: 1366476050844.gif (2 MB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x180
>implying they would have enough time to grow back thick enough
you guys are stupid. it was probably just sleep paralysis
On my phone at work so slow typing
>be 16 sophomore in hs
>always wanted to try hallucenogenics
>wouldnt buy the illegal but good shit cuz stupid kid
>go to local headahop and buy these "trippy pills"
>me and my buddy decide to pop a set of pills each
>about an hour in we both start tripping
>different than normal he says since hes the big druggy at the time
>all the sudden walls start to shift
>cackling in the corner of the room
>we are in his basement btw
>black blob kinda just bouncing with the laughter
>throw pillows at that shit
>forget it existed after looking at a portrait of his older sister
>bear in mind she is an easy 9-10/10
>turns into predator
>the multiple jaws reaching from the portrait trying to consume me
>begin to feel sick
>black out
>wale up to more predator
>almost crying knowing it was there all the time i was out just watching me
When I was like eight or nine, I would read these ghost stories in my elementary school library.
Read something about vampires or some shit, like the real badass vampires and not the gay shit tier vampires.
Anyways one night I went to bed and had the urge to look under my bed frame just because. I don't really remember why
Look down and see these really bright red pulsating eyes that stared back at me.
Screamed like a little twat and ran into my parents room and insisted they look under my bed.
My dad told me to shut the hell up, then he goes and looks anyways.
He comes back and doesn't say anything just mumbles that there's nothing.
I haven't asked him about it but I'm pretty sure he saw something because if he didn't he would've beat my ass for waking him up.

A couple of years later we moved to a new house and the same thing happened. I just got out of bed and slept on my couch.
top kek

op is kill
Your reasoning is not as clear as you think.
Ok this is really all I got. Nothing major honestly but it was spooky as fuck at the time.

>be me
>eighth grade or so
>live in town of 5000 people or so, close enough to the local hospital that I can look out my window and see into their windows a little bit
>hanging with my pals
>obviously too young to drive myself so dad comes to bring me home
>house is at the bottom of a hill
>driving down hill, see person running around at the bottom
>dad flashes high beams because they look out of place
>woman in hospital patient garb looks up at us and runs into woods
>soon after police and ambulance are parked at end of hill looking for her
>mfw no idea if they got her or not
>mfw I have no face
10-15 years is all you need, faggot
File: look liek dis.jpg (213 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
look liek dis.jpg
213 KB, 900x675
>Be me 17
>Friend insist we smoke a bowl and go on a nature walk
>Get super baked
>Forest behind his house
>We enter the forest at about 6:00 pm
>"We're not staying in here til night, we'll leave at 8:00"
>Walking around having a good time
>"Dude, we should record this so we can look at it when we're not high"
>Take out my camcorder from like 2011
>Stumble upon a trail
>Start walking along the trail and it suddenly comes to an end
>Turn around and walk the other part of the trail
>It also ends
>"Woah dude, where did we come from?"
>Start freaking out because we don't know where we are
>It's becoming night
>Frantically walking around trying to find his house
>It's officially night, it was about 9:30
>All of the sudden we stop for a moment
>Distant but clear, a blood curdling screech
>I take out my phone and turn on the flashlight because the night vision on the camcorder doesn't work for shit
>Screeching sounds closer
>Branches breaking behind us
>oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
>Turn around
>See similar to picture, mouth closed
>Opens it's mouth and screeches
>Camcorder goes crazy, footage starts getting distorted
>Friend drops camcorder
>We run, eventually getting separated
>"Fuck, I don't wanna die like this" I say
>I know it's stupid, but I knew I had to do it
>I yelled my friends name, no response
>Start running, I don't know what direction
>My phones battery is dying, so I know my flashlight wont last long
>I find the camcorder on the ground
>It's all ripped apart, not by human hands
>I leave it there and run, still screaming my friends name
>I eventually find the house
>I stumble inside and find all the lights on and my friend is sitting on the couch, mortified
>"You okay, anon?"
>"Hell fucking no"
>He looks me in the eyes and holds up an SD card
>"Did you do that to the camcorder?"
>"No, I found it like that, sorry man"
>We sit in the living room and watch tv
>Distant, we hear birds caw and fly away
>Accompanied by a screech
Im going to make a thread later with my own OC of creepy but by the time i get home thread is kill
Long ass lifestory of mine pretyped but on my comp (am at work)
Will post around 3:30 be ready niggers shits like 5 pages
File: shut up.jpg (16 KB, 260x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shut up.jpg
16 KB, 260x194
There is a SKELEton inside EVERY ONE OF US and it's COPYING everything we DO.
Damn I want to believe this u nigger
DA fuck? You got the video?
Ending was exaggerated for effect, friend never found SD card, we never went back into the forest, he moved, never got my camcorder back
You're retarded.
That's what I use mine for.
Wich brand of whisky?
So why didn't you go back there with like go pros?
blame Nosferatu
I've always felt like supernatural is attracted to me. Not in like massive swarms, but I see things and hear things from time to time and I've just gotten to the point of ignoring it until I felt something latch on.
>Girlfriend, We'll call her Jessie, and I are coming home from chilling at a mate's house with him and his roommates.
>It's 11 at night, dark as fuck on the only small highway between our towns
>Jessie is asleep in the passenger seat while I blare some Angerfist to keep myself awake until I get home
>I come around a bend in the road and as we're passing this old farmhouse that they used to cure tobacco in, I see something running out of the corner of my eye
>It looked like a person, but they're clothes were in tatters and falling off, but it didn't even look like they were touching the ground
>I didn't have a whole lot of time to react, but I stepped on the break as fast as I could and when we stopped we were right in the path of where the person was running except, I didn't see anything.
>Jessie wakes up and asks why we're stopped in the middle of the road and I shake it off and tell her that I thought I'd seen a deer and continue on.
We get home and everything feels normal, but I can't quite dispell the feeling that there is something else going on.
>Jessie is awake from her nap and decides a few beer would help her fall back asleep
>We're sitting around drinking and she's falling asleep on the couch so, I pick her up and put her in bed
>Thirty minutes later, I'm on my laptop playing Monopoly and I hear her screaming from the bedroom
>I run in to see what's wrong and she's pointing and yelling that there's someone in the corner of the room by the closet
>I grab my .22 from the bedside table, flick on the lights, and the room is empty except for us
>She told me that she had a dream that someone was standing over her watching her and when she woke up, she saw him in the corner of the room.
I still remember clearly what it looked like, but the picture looks very much like what I saw. My friend doesn't keep in touch with me much anymore except for when we smoke weed together.

I did not get the video. The SD was in the camcorder and we never went back for it.
Maybe, he doesn't like to talk about it
Are you shitting me? You saw somting supernatural and to go back there to check it out when your sober and equipped for that shit? Bullshit! I would of walked back there and get some video of that shit to fap too.
I'll message him about it
>She told me that his clothes look all burnt up and he smelled like smoke
>I'm nearly shitting my pants at this point, I never told her a single thing about what I saw on the road, I thought it was just me being paranoid.
>Tell her it was just a bad dream and for her to go back to sleep.
There hasn't been much since then. I looked into that barn and it's history and found out that a man had died in there when the barn caught fire one Summer.
I still haven't told Jessi and probably never will. I see him from time to time, feel his energy around me, he's never done anything but just watch, he likes to sometimes recline the old lazy-E-boy in the Den while we're sleeping, I tell Jessi that I probably didn't latch it before I came to bed (even though I know I do and I'd never left it unlatched before my friend joined us), or move various items on tables.
I know it sounds like bullshit, but I think he was just lonely out in that field and when I got close, he felt like latching on and sticking with someone. Who knows.
I would read books if you wrote 'em. Thanks for the laugh!!
Maybe he hangs around because you're the only one who can solve his death. You're the clairvoyant and it is your duty!
There we go! I've always wanted to see something so supernatural that I made me shit my self! But I'd never run, because I'd regret never getting a good look at what it was a saw. I just hope I have a camcorder at the time, and it streamed to the cloud, haha try destroying that shit!
If we are going back, I'm going back for the SD card then probably leaving. If the SD card doesn't turn up with anything good, we'll still just walk around
>brown-skined Japanese woman
but he doesn't have big tits
He may have been locked in that barn or thrown in, whatever. Not my job to find out.
It's been about six months now since he joined me, I'm just hoping he doesn't get malevolent and try to run us out or kill us.
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47 KB, 320x480
So you don't know why he wants to hang around you guys? Are you afraid to find out? Interesting spookity
A lot of spirits try to just educate us about them
Im going to make a thread similar to your story at 3:30 if this one is kill
Will be dumping story like yours but its been about 10 years
File: 1384052076047.jpg (29 KB, 500x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 500x750
>I was 14 or 15 and was asleep with my sister who was 10 or 11 on a futon in the the living room.
>Mother was always into tarrot cards and shit.
>This particular night everything seemed off, it was dead quiet and seemed darker than usual, room felt "heavy"
>The way our apartment was built allowed you to see the kitchen from the living room.
>The cupboards in the kitchen were at least 8 feet above the ground.
>I woke up to my sister fucking SOBBING clinging on to me.
>Keep asking her what's wrong and she eventually says "don't look"
>I get chills and ask at what?
>She just says don't look again.
>I start hearing very heavy breathing over her sobbing
>Hold her close with her head in my chest to mask her crying, listen to the breathing.
>The cupboards start to faintly tap open and closed in the kitchen.
>I hold her tight and slowly turned my head and looked into the pitch black kitchen
>Nothing...Until I looked up and saw an abnormally large head
Wow I'm at augathella :/
My grandmother hung around for years in this house after she died, would open my closet door and go really pissed when I turned her sewing shop into a second garage.
I don't know, I'm usually very open to what they want and what they want to tell me, but he hasn't showed me anything.
I think the time Jessi saw him, he was just trying to make his presence known.
Will be lurkin' for your thread
That would be sick! Give it a shot! Bring a crappy camera it seems that supernatural beings are more worried about covering there tracks then killing people?
We weren't harmed, just scared the fuck out of our minds. He said he would do it, but only to retrieve the SD card and get out of there. But we don't know if it's still there or not, it's been a little under a year since this happened.
*theme song*
The thing is
If you recognize them theyll continue to show themselves
Be afraid and they will be insulted
If you arent or pretend you arent
Theyll be more frequent in visits but less obvious
Had a room full of spirits just looking at me
Felt like i was a sideshow at a carnival because they didnt seem angry or scary just like... People observing
Oh man, shit's intense
Captcha: George eabitra
Maybe his name was George
your father's large peeny
Give it a shot bro!
>Me drifting in my BMW at age 17 (I had no drivers license)
>Full car with friends and chicks
>Try to drift in a corner, did it wrong
>the car skid on grass at around 20mph
>We went about an inch from a collision with a pole
yeah that was pretty scary the girls were screaming and all
File: 1377888210718.jpg (988 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
988 KB, 1920x1080
>It was this fucked up mutilated humanoid face with no lips and huge teeth
>It was sliding it's face across the cupboards and hissing.
>It wouldn't peek all the way out, maybe right before it's ear would cross the end of the boards.
>It would look into the living room by turning it's face around the corner. then would retract back over and over
>Fucking horrible sounds eminating from this fucking thing
>It was darker than the background of the kitchen but it's features were clear.
>I looked back at my sister and we held each others ears shut till we fell asleep.
I still get tears in my eyes and chills telling this.
File: smashed.jpg (76 KB, 620x348) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 620x348
Camcorder looked a lot like this when I stumbled upon it in the forest
Your Buddie totally stepped in that shit when he was running, the reason he dosent want to bring it up is he owes you a new fucking camcorder!
You should try to find it and check for teeth marks
Make thread when u find that shit or even if u dont
This. I always check the last line
>Be me in my childhood home
>Terrified of the dark
>I'm terrified because whenever I was in the dark in that house I could see the silhouette of a girl with long hair
>the hair was always covering her head
>whenever I turned the light on there would be nothing there though
>not like that kiddy bullshit when "Oh, it was just a lamp"
>Always just open space, always big enough for the same silhouette every time
>Ask if anyone ever died in the house
>"We don't know Anon"
>Always leave lights on in rooms I'm in, run out of darkness
>Did this until I moved out and never saw the girl again
Not that scary when I see it written down but it was constantly the scariest shit in my entire life
I don't think a human foot could do that, especially his. He is quite skinny.
I still do that today
19 now and still cant go past a dark room alone without running
This is the shit I don't understand. You see something like that and you just lay there till you fall asleep? Fuck off faggot
All you can do is lie there and hope it goes away
Hoping it doesnt take interest in you
Because once you become the object of focus you cant do anything to stop something not of this world
Also just scared as shit kid stuff, if you dont hear
it or see it then it goes away
File: 1404430510689.jpg (713 KB, 1221x1358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
713 KB, 1221x1358
What do you do if you see something horrifying, quite possibly supernatural, and you're just laying in bead, with nothing but your fists to defend yourself.

Do you fight it?

Fuck no
You go under the covers, hope it didn't see you, and eventually fall back asleep in exhaustion
Well take a pic of it when you go check it out, but remember to bring a stick so you can trace a anti supernatural circle around you! Make sure its a circle it can't be an ovel!
Run nigger, you fucking run. Take the TV and fucking run
Calling bullshit. Use of American "$" and British "torch" in the same post.
OP is Australian. Australians use the $ symbol too and use the word torch instead of flashlight.
File: 1402583346014.jpg (146 KB, 375x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 375x550
>tfw no qt little sister to protect and hug when she is sad
What could I do? Endanger my sister by frantically moving or maybe fight it off like a hero? Fuck no. Shut your ass up retard.
> go to big car show with 2 friends
> camp in park instead of paying for hotel cuz we're cheap
> hear noise in the woods that sounds *exactly* like a baby crying
> I'm a little freaked but it stops
> it starts again
> wake up friends
> "wtf is that noise"
> one of them says it's a coyote
> they go back to sleep
> I've heard coyotes for years and never heard that noise before
> start to wonder how many people have been lured into the woods with that noise
> as dawn approaches, they stop and I finally start to sleep
> get like 45 minutes of sleep before car show
> it still kicked ass anyways
Fuck your sister, you have a crazy bobcat nigger rubbing his face on your cabinets. Get the fuck out like a bitch without a timestamp
>you have a crazy bobcat nigger rubbing his face on your cabinets
spilled my water
Racoons sound like crying babies. Lookeep it up, creepy as fuck
Also foxes
You sit up and stair at this "being" you stair long and hard, then you chant ravioli ravioli, give me the formuoli. Softly at first, then increased volume in till your at a full sream!
Had a raccoon scream outaide my house at 5am
Scariest shit
underaged detected
It's really common for kids to see shit that isn't there and to experience night terrors.
Leaving work now
Expect long posts
Keep this thread alive or bobcat nigger will get you
I don't have any spooky stories but I have 2 that I can remember my parents telling me.

>be my mum
>work in nursing home
>going to check on someone
>walk down hallway
>notice all the large paintings lining the hall are turned on 45 degree angles
>straighten them up and check on person
>come back out to hallway
>all the paintings are on 45 degree angles again
>straighten them up and get back to work

She said things like this happened occasionally, so she was used to it. Next story.

>be my dad
>also working at nursing home when this happened
>call goes off for assistance in someone's room
>said persons room is empty because they had been moved to hospital
>check room anyway
>light is on
>weird since no one is there
>find out later that the patient who occupied the room died at almost almost the exact time that the call went off
File: BarkingGhost.jpg (41 KB, 316x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's night terrors dude. I used to get them all the time at that age. They are the absolute fucking worst. Completely indistinguishable from real life and usually scared me so bad I couldn't even scream. No sound came out despite me trying my hardest to scream.

As a kid the thing that usually stalked me in my room was the dog from this old goosebumps book.

I have a lame childhood scared shitless story that is kinda related but it isn't like supernatural or anything if people wanna hear it.
make a new thread if this ones dead put chucklecock in the text so I can fund it easy
Confirmes chucklecock is the searchword

>You sit up and stare at this "being", you stare long and hard, then you chant, "Ravioli ravioli, give me the formuoli.", softly at first, then increasing in volume until you're at a full scream!

Dunno if you are black, underage or European, but I fixed that for you.
I would like to hear it.
That explains why I could never find instances of coyotes making that noise.

Gonna look it up after work.
but you said in your story your friend was holding an sd card. where did it come from
fuck OP is gonna get kill
File: Grey_Alien-2.gif (24 KB, 216x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 216x250
Here we go, I'll try
>Be me 11 years old, in bed
>Bed is right beside the window curtains are closed
>As I am laying in bed I can see under the curtains in the window
>See what looks to be a grey (alien) in the window staring at me
>I literally sit up straight, walk out of my room rather calmly.
>As soon as I leave the room I cry like a bitch and run to my mom
>Doesn't help that I have always had a fear of greys since watching signs
>Go back with Mom and nothing is there, beg her to sit with me until I fall asleep.

That's it really, I've always been creeped out by looking out a window at night, gives me mega creeps just thinking about that shit
Also try foxes, had one scream right under my fucking window at whatever AM.
Window was fucking open to Jesus that scared the shit out of me
File: 1390109160408.jpg (596 KB, 4000x2666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
596 KB, 4000x2666
This part happened 10 minutes before all of this:
>Driving back from a party with GF
>Parents are out of town so she is sleeping at my house
>Driving down the road in front of my house and see 3 teens just sprinting as fast as they could
>Ignored them, just figured they were being stupid
Now to the story:
>Get to my house, GF decides to shower
>I go to my room, take off my shirt and shit
>Go to kitchen to fix a glass of water
>Our windows are tinted so during the day you cant see in them
>At night you cant see out of them
File: 1385276919506.jpg (579 KB, 1200x789) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
579 KB, 1200x789
>10 minutes after we saw those kids, I heard a scream for help
>Not like a kid joking around but like an actual bloody murder scream
>I tried to look out of the window but couldn't see anything
>Kid screams about 3 times, I can tell he is right outside of my window
>House is elevated 3 feet and windows are about 2 feet above so he can't get close
>He stops screaming for help and just let out a huge scream
>Freaked the fuck out I go in my room and just grab a baseball bat
>Wait for GF to get out of shower and tell her to sit in my room with a phone and lock the door
>Garage door is closed so I go outside through garage and through my backyard
>I go through the gate which is in the back of the house
>All I see are some faint tail lights of a pickup truck but no one is around
File: 1380751114552.jpg (118 KB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 1200x1200
>Wait about 10 - 15 mins before deciding to go look
>Walk in front of window and see absolutely nothing so start heading back
>Zipper on a school bag in the bushes catches my eye
>Decide to leave the bag over night in case people are after it
>Go inside, tell GF to go to sleep
>I go sit in the kitchen with lights off until 6 AM waiting for someone to come back
>No one comes back and GF is still asleep
>I go outside an grab the bag from the bushes and run back in
File: 1380681944852.jpg (79 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 480x720
>Looks like some blood is on the straps, but only near the neck part.
>He could have been bleeding from his face and it dripped down
>Open bag and find about 25 grams of dirt weed
>Find a roll of ones and fives
>Counted it out. $280
>Burned the bag and kept dirt weed and money
>Took GF to eat with that money and smoked the weed with her
>Did not tell her how I found it either
>Paranoid ever since that someone will come back looking for their bag
>Or want to kill me for not helping them
Did you use the shirt you took off to clean up the shit?
>be 14
>living in big 3 story house
>nice neighborhood
>sunday morning
>parents leave for the day, dad goes to work, mom goes to some lunch in NYC
>both won't be back till late tonight
>they've done this before, no big deal
>put on alarm for the house at 11am
background on alarm system; it covers all entrances including windows for ALL 3 stories and alerts you where the break in has occured
>go about business as usual
>be about 9 pm
>brother is on computer in kitchen which is right next to the fridge
>there is an indent by the fridge that leads out to the patio, you couldn't see it if walking into the kitchen
>walk into said kitchen talking to brother and staring at fridge, looking to get some late dinner
>a black head, neck, and shoulder slowly leans out from the indent and just looks at me
>speechless, literally cant move
>start blubbering gibberish and pointing a shaking figure until i finally yell out "TOM" (brother's name)
>he looks over and immediately screams like a little girl and runs out of the kitchen as fast as lightning
this was the kicker for me because he is a 6 ft 260 lb football player that calls me a fucking idiot for believing in ghosts
>sprint upstairs and lock ourselves in my room (has huge deadbolt)
>suddenly the alarm goes off
>blaring fucking loud
>flip shit
>finally brother gets over it and goes down cautiously to shut the damn thing off
>checks to see where the thing behind the fridge left from
I can't shit with a shirt on
>system says nothing was opened, yet the alarm went off
>mom gets home like 2 minutes after we check this
>im still in my room crippled with fear
>i go back downstairs now feeling safer that my mom is home
>finally go start making my sandwich
>alarm goes off...AGAIN
>i flip shit and start to cry
>mom looks confused and brother looks like he just witnessed the death of a small child
>sprint back upstairs yelling thinking that wills care away this beast
>get to my room
>about to close door when i see the figure again, although briefer
>it is across the staircase in the computer room (right across from my room)
>i hear a slight chuckled *humph* as if it was right in my ear but i knew it was that thing
> i frantically slam the door and bolt it
>sit in corner of room until the alarm is off
>cry down to brother and mom
>dad is now home wondering what is up
>brother tries to seem macho and just plays it off as seeing his reflection in the computer screen
>check the alarm again
>no entry/break in point
>a few weeks after this incident
>still scared stiff
>hate the dark, have difficulty sleeping without a sound machine because i keep hearing voices/banging in the guest room next to mine
btw house was built in the early 1800's and a sick old man died in the guest room
>the door to the room never closes
>have to walk by guest room to get to bathroom
>every time i walk by i shut the door
gunna contribute, not my story, friend from work and phone Soo this will b a quick cap.
>be me in South Carolina
>Go to beach at 2am, waves n shit
>with friends, see group of 3 individuals under a gazebo, can't see their faces, just black figures
>see something that looks like a lighter flicking on and off
>assume stoners and laugh
>one figure turns and stands up, at least 6'5
>straight jumps on top of gazebo 8+ feet tall
>then jumps straight into the ocean 30 ft away without a splash, others begin standing
>book it off the beach and run down the straight alley leading off the beach downhill
>stop at the bottom and turn to look
>all four of them are standing at the top looking down at us, just kept running

sorry it's short, off lunch now, the full story is crazy
Shit son I would be paranoid as fuck after that happened.
Wonder if those kids are kill
>be me about 9 years old
>sleeping soundly
>start hearing dog barking outside
>two story house look out and see dog barking at this large figure
>for some reason dog gets scared and starts whimpering
>scared I go into my parents room and tell them to wake up
>parents start arguing
>dogs starts barking again
>both look out the window as the huge figure eats my dog
>quickly snap a picture before it let's out this loud screeching noise
>parents scream at the top of their lungs
>later that night it is open
>sometimes in the morning after
>sometimes right after i leave the bathroom
>i feel like something is watching me every time i walk past that room through the darkness
>i finally fix the door by blocking it with a big book
>everything is good for a few days
>later that week a crack appears in the door
>it starts out small, not enough to see through or anything
>take no notice really
>few more days pass
>notice the crack has gotten wider
>much wider
>you could easily see through into the room
>or worse
>see out
>ask dad, says its the temperature or some shit
>ignore it for another few weeks
>one night the sounds in the other room are loud, i know because i can actually hear them
>no voices, just a tapping on the wall and a creak on the floorboards like someone is walking in a circle
>ok fuck THIS SHIT
>stay up all night play league of legends to distract me
>next morning, tell dad about the crack again
>walk over to door with him to inspect
>it's gone
>completely shut
>the paint is even covered again
>same temperature bullshit
oh my fuckk, I've seen that thing before too

>it followed me while I was walking home one night
>could hear footsteps behind me as I was walking home at around 4.00am through town,
>it was a Wednesday night and the roads were completely dead
>crossing over a long ass bridge into town, its a clear night with absolutely no wind
>hear footsteps behind me in the distance which I felt was strange because i'd been walking down the road for a good 5 minutes and there were no houses just industrial shit
>look back, still walking, and theres nothing there
>turn my head back and the footsteps are instantly closer, like literally a few metres behind me
>freak out, start to jog
>footsteps start to jog too, I sprint
>feel breath on the back of my neck and freeze in fear
>look behind me, and that thing from the picture is RIGHT IN MY FACE, I can almost see through it, it looked like a demon
>it reminded me of the floating heads from the original DOOM games in the 90s
>it lets out the weirdest screeching sound I've ever heard
>I scream, stumble backwards, bang my head
>the dizziness wears off and I get up, the creatures gone and I walk home without further incident (sprinting in segments)
>it still creeps me out to this day thinking about it
>now i know better
>i gotta find out wtf is going on
>one night walking by, the door was open...again
>close the door and go to bathroom
>leave bathroom and the crack is back
>it's wide
>holy fuck is it wide
>could fit your pinky through it
>feels like the arctic near the door
>walk by slowly and inspect but cautiously
>see a dark blob on the bed
>hear the ever chilling *humph*
btw the worst part to me from my first story was that either a man was in my house from 11 the fuck am until 9 pm and somehow hacked my alarm system or it was a demon, nothing in between, there was no way this was a ghost
>i felt an icy breeze, almost too gentle to be a breeze
>feels like cold smoke
>envelopes my arm
>sprint the 3 ft into my room and dead bolt that shit
>goddamnit not another sleepless night
>play music and keep lights on all night
>never headphones though, in-case it ever got behind me i would know and hear the ominous chuckle
>getting home from school
>sophomore in hs now freshly 16
>gotten really into ghost stuff since the start
>been about 2 years since the original accident
>made it a habit to walk the long way around my house into the kitchen so i can see the indent before entering room
>nothings there
>nice spring day bird chirping etc
I looked in the news paper and watched the new for the week following. Never saw anything about a missing kid or someone dying which is why I was so paranoid. I figured they would come back and look for the bag in the bushes. When the bag was not there they would come for me looking for it.
>sit in swivel chair in kitchen looking at the side entrance to kitchen and the indent
>dog is with me
>cute little fucker
>doing some hw and petting dog when suddenly she jsut starts staring at the entrance, not the indent
>surprised and kind of startled since she never barks
>remember seeing on a show that dogs can sense spirits and demons
>start getting nervous
>the same icy tendrils begin to grip my heart
>dog runs to entrance and stands and barks
>does this for a few more seconds
>stops, looks at me then back at whatever she was barking at
>made me nervous because her head was at the same angle it would be if it was a person standing there
>uhm...uhhh...tori? (dogs name)
>barking starts again
>flip shit
>look at indent
>back to entrance
>thank god i have this dog but wtf is it going to do against a demon
>all of the sudden she stops and comes back to me and sits in bed
>half an hour passes, my eyes darting back and forth from the indent to the entrance
>all of the sudden i think i hear a girl
>sounds about 10 yrs old
>neighbor is that old so dont get worried since its so quiet, probs from outside
>of course not cuz fuck me right?
>the girls voice gets louder, then i can hear it
>she is saying my name
>almost chanting
>more voices join in
>i feel stares on the back of my neck, on my face, everywhere
>they are everywhere
>dog starts to freak out again
>tell her to shut up so i can hear if anything is coming
>still waiting for the *humph*
>there are multiple voices now
>some closer some farther
>all saying my fucking name
>i cant stand it
>i feel entranced by it
>i go to open the door next to me and run into the yard
>he was waiting for it
>the second i grabbed the handle to leave i felt a mouth next to my ear
>breathe was cold as ice when i expected it to be warm
>i kept jiggling the door hoping to god it would open but it was stuck
>waiting for the humph i just knew it was coming
>but for the split second the mouth was there all it did was breathe out, not in, but one continuous breathe out
ok this one is more of a summation of the other stories of my life, still ties in
>be 14, before incident
>on basketball team
>realize other people get genuinely tired after i point at them and focus hard and breathe in (clandestine pointing not some assburger court house accusation shit)
>i feel like im full of energy when i do this
>keep doing it when i remember it over the next few years
>one night i felt...visited
>just standing next to my bed
>not scary anymore though (this was after the first 2 incidents)
>i wasn't afraid
http://www.foukemonster.net/ does any of this match any locations or descriptions of what you saw?
>i felt...nervous...judged
>i start to try the energy thing,because hey, if it's from another world it must have tons of energy right?
>the second i try to focus, my mind feels like it is brutally raped
>genuine rape, not the shit high schoolers yell in the cafeteria
>i was swallowed, forced to stare
>i begin to get scared again
>i feel something crawl onto my bed
>still cant move
>cant see anymore, my eyes have gone dark
>finally push as hard as i can and break free
>curl up under covers
>put fingers in ears and hum as loud as i can
>shaking with fear
>cant see cant hear covered in blanket, safety to me
>i feel the weight on my bed disappear but i stay like this the whole night until i pass out (literally)
>wake up the next day in a pool of sweat
>feel like i pissed myself
>i did
>apparently i came too (wtf?)
>i shower and change
>spend a lot of time out of the house now, very active social life
>the demon isnt happy about this
>whenever im home it makes my life hell for me, especially know i know i can draw energy from other things
>somehow feel in its debt
>am much better at it now since that night
>can literally run a marathon, drain a hundred or so people by brushing up against them or through the air (discovered this after that night) and am ready to go again
>become a beast at sports because of this
>still feel guilty
>say thank you one night, just staring as if i could see through my wall into the guest room
>i picture him sitting on the bed responding with a *hmph*
>sleeping at old house
>before any incident
>has woods behind it
>be about 4 am
>hear the loudest most bloodcurdling scream ever
>stereotypical girl responding to seeing a murderer but irl is MUCH worse
>was about 11
>didnt really give a fuck cuz i had a long day of football/soccer
>pass out again
>wake up in the morning and remember
>that actually happened
>mom and dad talking about it downstairs
>dad says it was probably raccoon fighting
>me being the curious fucker goes to investigate
>about 100 yds into the woods there is a circle
>a perfect circle in the leaves
>no signs of animals either
>bloody droplets in the circle
>convinced some satanic ritual gone wrong by stupid teens
>thinking about this right now as i type
>this is the reason why ive had all these incidents
>the demon summoned assumed i did the summoning due to the fleeing of the real summoners
inb4 too much "summon"
>thats why it has been following me instead of the house
>i am chained to a demon

ive got a couple more since i pretyped this so lemme know if yall wana hear
>Be me
>Suffer from paranoid schizophrenia
>Randomly become terrified of my furniture
>I haven't bathed for 3 weeks because I'm frightened of the man I saw sleeping in my bathtub
File: Untitled.png (20 KB, 842x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 842x372
here you go OP
>You, sir, should lurk more.
reddit pls go
tell full story when ur out of work like i did

I'm calling bull shit.There's no creeks/streams out that way. Nothing but dirt.
frens 4 evr
Unless it was Warrengo River or Lake Dartmouth. Which is no where near any schools.

Shit sounds fucking interesting. I don't care if it's fake or not.
if I can find a creepy thread I will
if you get off at 5 i think i can keep this shit alive with stories till then
>be me
>be peruvian
>be at catholic school
>my entire promotion is sent to rural part of the country
>rural part? Uncivilized part of the country, no cops, no schools, no presence of the state
>were supossed to lear how poor people lived
>one night sleeping in an abandoned school we hear a noise
>look out the window
>small kid with red eyes
>when teacher aproches him he dissapears and reappears a few meters away
>close the doors and start praying(never believed that crap but was scared)
>little piece of shit with red eyes stood outside our windows all night
>next morning local guy tells us it is the spirit of an incest
>supposed to appear in the shape of pigs kids and alpacas
>for the next 5 days shit goes pig pig kid alpaca kid
>never going back to highlands
This one time I watched the Grifter.....
>Be me
>16 or 17
>Edgy scene faggot
>Go to Eyes Set to Kill show with my GF at the time and some friends
>Show ends and we're outside talking to Brandon (the original screamer)
>He knows us cause we've chilled with him at a few of his other shows
>Even though we were young fags, we still threw ragers in hotel rooms and shit.
>He wanted to party with us after the show
>We couldn't find a place to throw it at but some druggie emo fags at the show that we sort of knew volunteered to have it at their apartment
>We all went over there after Brandon and the girl that played bass got a shit ton of liquor.
>Ghetto ass apartments
>2 hours into the party the door gets kicked in
>5 fucking niggers with bandanas and guns rush in
>Brandon, the bassist, and my gf run the fuck out of the door while the niggers are in the back room checking for shit to take
>BANG. Fucking dude that owned the apartment got shot in the chest.
>they come out and hold a gun in my mouth and I gave them my wallet which had like 40 bucks in it.
>they took off in their car and popped rounds
>Cops came fucking flying in the apartment complex with guns drawn and I was still inside hiding in the fucking bathroom boiler room
>Hiding in there for like 45 mins because I was incoherently drunk
>Saw Brandon at warped tour a year or so later.
>talked for a bit

shit was gnarly
alright this happened recently
>gf and I are on spring break at her aunts in TN
>we get this nice guest room all to ourselves cuz aunt is chill
>nice ass bed and furniture but poorly lit
>sleep time
>we are arguing over some stupid shit in the dark
>all of the sudden feel a strong pulsing sensation behind me
>its not what im used to at home either
>ive stopped trying to hide under my covers for the past year or two and just flip over super quick and look
>old person, too androgynous to tell gender but something tells me it was a woman
>long hair and nose
>pointed teeth curled into a smile
>a slightly green aura around her
>startled and frightened by this new being i fling the covers over me and start freaking out
>i feel immanent death and exposure
>gf is confused and im freaking out telling her to just turn on the light knowing that will solve the issue normally
>i look again and just point for my gf to look
>in the corner it just wags its finger and dissipates before she could see
>feeling defeated but not safe i try to feel for it
>still in the room because a frozen breathe goes onto my exposed foot
>as i type this i feel like something is running their figurers through my hair
>this happens whenever i typ e these stories thats why i just did pretyped fuck this shit

ive got another about being surrounded and one from way back in 6th grade
That creeped me the fuck out
The scariest thing I have seen on the internet is a collection of porn online of Guimon fucking Fox McCloud.
>Every once a while when I walk past a mirror and dear to look I can see this fat disgusting looking man looking back at me
>eventually got rid of all the mirrors
>Last night
>Screen goes black
>See him again reflecting in the screen staring at me

Im fucking scared bros
dump pics
Now this is a memory from when I was really young, so a little hazy
>I'm 4 years old on one of those electric kid's atv things powered by a battery
>Driving down the town with my grandad, just doing kid shit
>We stop by this abandoned store/building thing with circus posters all over it.
>I get off the atv and look through the keyhole of the door of this abandoned building thing
>My grandad is talking to someone and doesn't see me
>As I look through the keyhole I see this puppet made to look like a court judge staring into my fucking soul.
>I stare at it for a bit and it stares back
>It slowly turns it's head a bit and blinks at me once.
>Nope the fuck out of there and get back on the atv start driving off not saying a word to my grandad

That's as much as I can remember, never told anyone that because it's just creepy as fuck
That made me laugh harder than I have in a long time
Tell the fat cunt to lose some weight.
File: 1388261172156.gif (898 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
898 KB, 200x200

>be me
>be laying in bed one night
>ringtone on my phone is set to charizard's cry from pokemon
>I am a fag, I know
>start to hear weird, groaning noises coming from all around me
>charizard hears it too (gf was texting me)
>fuck this is weird
>groaning gets louder
>phone rings
>my ringtone isn't charizard
>it is a raspy man's voice
>shitting myself becauseI am so scared
>i cannot forget what he said
>"Hey kid, wanna get spooky?"
File: this content.gif (1 MB, 250x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this content.gif
1 MB, 250x185
>10 years old, couldn't fall asleep
>when you're 10 years old staying up all night is an eternity
>it's about 2am when i suddenly feel freaked out
>cant stay in bed because there's an intense 'something in my head' kind of feeling
>some sort of low whispering noise i cant comprehend is constantly next to me
>i'm standing at the doorway between my bedroom and the upstairs hall
>hear a deep voice from downstairs
>*incomprehensible* will remain dead forever
>Whatever the first part was, it freaked me the fuck out
>dive back into bed, bury self under sheets
>pretty sure in retrospect i passed out five minutes later due to humidity created by my heavy breathing under the sheets
>this experience haunted me for several years, leaving me with a fear of low, whispering voices
>related; flip the fuck out when a lilo and stitch dvd extra had a hula dance with a part that was sung in a whispering voice
>be 12
>up late watching lilo and stitch
>autistic brother flips the fuck out during hula dance
>mother fucker should have been sleeping, it's 2 am
>be me
>be Frenchfag
>when i was a kid, i lived in a small village
>not a secluded shit like in movies
>other villages are few miles away
>lot of woods but that's countryside
>dad and granddad are hunters, farmers, so i'm used to this
>even at night
>never scared to walk alone in the woods at night
>don't really enjoy the company of others, so i frequently do this
>12, maybe 13
>not some " magical twilight " heh, just the good old summer dusk
>now near the wash house
>always empty (except in the daylight, sometimes kids are playin here)
>like this place cuz there are a shitload of graffitis, writings, drawings, since, like, forever (like " marcel 1931 " to " suck my dick ")
>Oh, someone
>never saw him before, but he doesn't look like a boogeyman or a criminal (yeah, i believed criminals were dressed like criminals)
>say hi
>he said nothing
>" fuckin asshole " (in my head, of course)
>i stay here a few moments, like usual
>i can watch him
>one legged man (he's not gonna run after me lel)
>the dude is kinda big, but old
>half bald
>he took out his pipe
>start smoking his shit
>topkek you're Gandalf (in my head)
>" bye "
>no answer

Few yrs later (5, 6 yrs)

>Dinner with family
>Granddad is telling story from his youth
>i fuckin love his story
>this era seems to be "everything in its proper place" shit
>men were men, brave and strong, etc etc
>story time, one after another
>it never has been " fantastic " or " scary "
>just real stories
>someone else would find it boring, i don't
>and he starts talking about " le Père Vanras " (in french, it's like " good old lad Smith ")
>'he was strong like an ox "
>"always with his pipe "
>i don't make the link, of course

Thank you for destroying my sides.
http://listverse.com/2013/12/08/10-unexplained-mysteries-from-arkansas/ scroll all the way to the bottom one involving the train it seams like it might fit your story and what you saw

>dad and grandad frequently have arguments about nothing
>dad had to contradict granddad
>"Vanras was an old stupid fuck, he told erryone he lost his leg in Word War I "
>" but that was true "
>" don't say bullshit, you know, just like me, he got his leg ripped off because of a tractor, it was at least 20 yrs later "
>mh, pipe, one leg, big guy (4 U)
>would be freaky if it was him i saw a few yrs ago
>asked granddad what he looked like, his dates of birth and death etc
>it fits with what i saw
>"was he bald "
>granddad said yes
>father is like " no, it was more like a tonsure. you know like your granddad "
>The guy they're talking about died like 50 yrs ago

For a few months, i went to the wash house (at daylight). never seen anything suspicious again.
I still want to think it was just a coincidence.

Never talked about this to dad or granddad.
that's some Cthulhu shit right there
File: Bez nazwy.jpg (3 KB, 90x90) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bez nazwy.jpg
3 KB, 90x90
I havnt seen this in a while. Let's go to omegle and share some DAN. bcs dan is love.

>go to omegle and DAN it
alright niggers gimme grifter link

it has been removed from the interweb for ages
File: Grift.jpg (37 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I found this on deep web a while back
damn dude i would have just taken it all to the cops; probably wouldn't take you seriously but that'd make a detective's shit life more fun
Fake or not, this story is cool
What's the story?
File: lazar.png (61 KB, 615x869) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 615x869
>be 16
>little brother is 13
>he come home from school thinking he's home alone
>at the time I though I was funny, now I realize I'm a cruel cunt
>I slowly walk across the floor upstairs creaking them
>scratching the walls and humming
>he shouts, who's there!!?
>I stop for about 5 second
>then jump and throw my feet down to make as much noise as possible
>at the same time shouting and screaming like fuck
>brother runs out the front door crying
>I chase after him and show him its me before he reaches the neighbours house
>parents get home and I get in shit
>still feel bad, poor kid
1: Not scary.
2: Not real.
File: 1396974636014.jpg (62 KB, 563x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 563x563
>spirit of an incest
>be 16
>just got license
>call up my bro so we can play vidya at his house
>he says 'anon my sister just died yesterday... I don't think I can do anything so soon'
>I say 'stop being fag she wouldn't even suck your dick'
>he hangs up
>k w/e
>turn around
>see bros dead sister 7/10 qt goast
>she says 'anon I may be dead but I can still give head'
>she unzips my pants
>I was hard as soon as she offered head
>she starts sucking
>next thing I know she bites off my cock and shoves a screw driver in my neck
>I'm in what I think is heaven
>see my bro
>waddup bro what are you doing?
>anon she did the same to me
>wtf kid
>mfw my bro got incest head from a goast
>mfw so did I
>mfw he was my ACTUAL brother
It's your future self you're seeing
File: 1401848422356.jpg (42 KB, 478x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 478x359
im a newfag and can't greentext. inb4 faggot

>had mental issues
>be forced into a mental hospital
>starting to see and hear things, like people and furniture which do not exist.
>see a girl
>she doesnt talk much and we dont really care for each other
>get well, go home and feel a lot better
>after 1year talk with a friend from the hospital.
>at this point i knew the girls name was anonette
>talk to my friend about anonette
>"wtf i have never seen her"
> i realize anonette was not real and nobody else had seen her (talked to other friends too and they hadnt seen her either)
> i realize i never saw her around others
>mfw i realize that a voice which i heard telling me to kill myself was anonettes
>nit really that creepy, but it fucking scared me
i dont understand this fucking story at all
what do you mean, an indent by the fridge?
what crack? you close a door, go to the bathroom, and some crack is back? you mean the indent by the fridge? do you know what an indent is? they aren't synonymous. you can't see through an indent. are you inspecting some crack by a fridge or is there a crack on your guest bedroom door or some shit? what bed? you have a bed by your fridge? the fucking hell mate, is your kitchen the computer room? the fuck is wrong with your house mate, just move already i can't even understand the fucking physics of it bloody hell mate
I knew from you language and the description of the land you were from austrailia, isn't that weird OP? Also i don't think i quite agree with your version of events there OP
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