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Wincest thread time.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest thread time.
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X (4).jpg
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also sauce on first pic maybe.
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inb4 Spiderman
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I'm out of wincest.
>sister and i grew up pretty close with one of our cousins
>cousin and i anon, 1 year apart. sister obvs femanon, 2-3 years older than us
>sleepovers all the time, especially in the summer
>lots of truth or dare
>truth or dare games evolve into make-out sessions in the basement at night
>no gay stuff, just my cousin and i taking turns with my sister
>continues as we get older
>the 3 of us start looking at porn together during sleepovers
>start masturbating together
>my sister starts giving us handjobs
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Spiderman is fucking retarded. There is nothing wrong with have a wincest thread other than the morals. Fuck off eat shit and die
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dig that out of KYM newfag?
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Is this better
go on
Keep going fucker
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The one on the right is Kiera Winters. Can't remember who the other is at the moment.
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>handjobs/fingering continues for a while, not going further
>we're all in highschool, still having sleepovers during the summer (mainly cause cousins house has a nice pool)
>up late one night, in the basement, cousin says he's horny
>we all start looking at porn
>pants come off
>cousin asks sister if he can try eating her out
>she eventually says okay
>he's between her legs licking her as she's sitting next to me stroking my cock
>trying my damndest not to cum buckets just listening to her quietly moan
>cousin makes her cum
>we start trying to talk her into giving us blowjobs
>she finally agrees to it, cousin goes first since he got her off
>holy fucking shit watching my sister suck a cock is hot
>cousin cums in her mouth, she doesn't like the taste/feel of it
>holy fucking shit my sister's sucking my cock
>tell her i'm gonna cum
>she pulls me out of her mouth and lets me finish on her tits
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That is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen
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Can't read that shit
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one of the best...
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I like. Thank you kind sir.
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Sauce and/or more?
by "more", I mean stuff like this >>556378325
Shit mane, that's a lot of stuff.
And I came here to update on me story...
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IF anyone's interested, that is.
Should I repost from the beginning? It's quite lengthy.
Go on.
Moar please.
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always the best
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So anyway, I got into some weird, lewd stuff with my own older sister after she got dumped by yet another bf and came home wasted.
Thing's on for, like, 6 months already, but we were doing sexing rarely.
The update is as follows (I can dump some other stuff I have later if anyone will want):

>happened over a week ago
>weather is nice but I decide to stay inside
>she leaves for a jog
>parents leave out for work or whatever in the mean time
>knowing she won’t be out for long decide not to use my dick in anticipation
>hear the door
>it’s time
>knowing her routine, I can tell with certainty she will hit the kitchen, for a drink, first
>hear her trashing around there and eventually call out for mum
>checking if she’s in, good girl
>come up with a plan
>let’s call it “Sexual Assault Plan”
>start grinning like a real psycho from that
>strip naked, take a condom with me (remember kids, safety first!)
>leave my “home pants” on the bed so if she sees them she’ll think I changed and left
>holy fuck I’m brilliant!
>quietly leave my room and hide in the big ass wardrobe in the hall

Before you ask - pic is some camwhore but looks almost exactly like her.
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>it’s on the other side, but she’ll have to get past it when heading to her room and to the bathroom (from her room)
>hear her going around looking (not calling anymore) for parents
>hohoho this’ gonna be so good
>she finally shows up in the hallway
>watch her firm ass in them superhot, skintight running pants, thru the slightly ajar door
>I was already hard from just hiding there and thinking about what will happened but got even harder
>better put the rubber now, there might not be a chance later
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>she heads straight to my room, that little slut
>she walks in without knocking or anything and starts saying something like “Anon did you know parents are out”, or something, but stopping mid-sentence as she finds the room empty
>she waits for a second or two, turn around and head to her room, visibly irritated
>Anon, you evil mastermind
>but wait, she went to her room and not the toilet, what do I do now?
>decide to wait for a bit and then maybe invading her room
>time goes by, prepare to leave my hiding spot
>she suddenly leaves her room
>butt naked
>wait for it Anon, don’t go too soon
>she gets past my spot
>not quite yet
>she stops by the door opening them and turning the lights on with one hand as she carries a towel in the other
>I slam the wardrobe door open and jump to her quicker than she can react
>possibly faster than the speed of sound of the door
>I instantly grab her
>one arm under hers and up to shut her mouth
>the other above and over hers, grabbing her wrist and pulling down
>I hush her like reapers in movies do “Shhhhhh hush hush shish”
>don’t think much of it, it felt like the right thing to do and I found it pretty damn funny
>she’s resisting me the entire time, though, twisting and squirming, trying to scream
>need to calm her down I’m not some random rapist
>”Shush hush girl ‘tis me K?”
>chuckle a bit more

[Fuuuck why's the post limit so small goddamnit]
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It really felt like a kiddie prank, when you jump your sister or mum (just spiced a bit) and I wasn’t serious about it anyway. Made me really happy I could pull it off.
>she keeps squirming
>”Just don’t scream or anything ‘aight?”
>remove my hand from her mouth
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last one starting on gifs now
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TripleCest is THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST of you.
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>cover her mouth again
>she still tries to scream though my hand, squirms even more
>”Chill out already OK?”
>remove the hand again
>this makes it feel even funnier for me somehow
>and hotter
>”Just calm down, relax, it’ll be over soon”
>if that don’t sound rapey as fuck then I don’t know
>this, and her squirms, makes me that more excited
>she’s basically grinding my full erected member
>I accidentally stab her in one buttcheek
>nothing serious but she jumped as if she burnt herself
>she’s hysteric
>let her turn around to explain
>still smiling
>before I could react she slaps me across face
>this erases that stupid grin
>I thought of maybe explaining myself but before I could properly react she slapped me for the second time
>I’m on the verge of crying right now
>she runs to her room and slams the door
>I drop on the floor
"Yay grandpa! :3"
"what u mean with bed play?"
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4 MB, 385x296
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99 KB, 768x769

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2 MB, 360x202
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3 MB, 672x356
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>try to understand what happened
>try my hardest to come up with something but…
All I wanted was to surprise her with some fun time. I had no ill intentions. I wouldn’t go against her will. I didn’t.
I stayed there for some time, thinking how to undo this mess, but couldn’t come up with anything.
Finally decided to get back to my room. I saw the towel she dropped when I jumped her. I picked it up to put it in the bathroom and something fell from under it. A dildo. Plain, purple thing. I couldn’t get mad at her. Why would I even? She came looking for me first, right? And I acted like a cretin moron reaper. Didn’t approach her that night. Tried to give her Mr Purple back, but she wouldn’t open the door and outright avoided me. When I finally got a chance to hand her the thing, few days later, she just turn away and closed the door without saying anything. She’s not answering my e-mails and blocked my IM (our primary means of communication).
Only recently she started to talk to me, but nothing beyond “yes”, “no” or “get lost”.
We were supposed to go out of the town for a week or so, together, in a complete secrecy. I rented a cottage with everything I earn this summer and it looks like I’ll be there alone.

File: 1403751157712.gif (982 KB, 464x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Doing those Captchas is quite difficult with one hand.
File: [bs]mdma.webm (3 MB, 648x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love this, i love this alot
File: 1404290557384.gif (1 MB, 500x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"looks like u can't handle dad's dick yet"
"but i told you about the first time, i don't?"
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File: 1404838481526.gif (475 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am out.
Hoping someone else will contribute.
somebody wouldnt happen to have sauce on this would they/
i lost my shit at "fuck cow"
nice, thanks man
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Lol you fucked up nigger, good luck getting a chance like that again
Welp. Looks like no one cares. I'll be in my room getting drunk and feeling shame.
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Yes, I think it's better to consider this shit done.
The worst part is that I'll lost a friend and not only a lover. Fuck.
Last time I'm letting my dick make the decisions.
Don't get drunk, go watch/play/study something.
When u two get alone again, say sorry.

U already lost the girl.
>Don't get drunk
It's too late for that, though.
>U already lost the girl.
Tell her you're sorry.
Tell her you didn't mean to scare her but you also noticed she came looking for you.
Tell her you'll do anything to get her to be on speaking terms again.
Tell her your tongue would work better than her dildo
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Can't make her even see me. She's never been this mad on me.
Well, she was once, when I peed on her favourite shoes, but that was when I was 5 or so.

Dumping earlier entries because what else I've left?
>we decided to go to a cinema
>I mean she decided she wants me to take her to cinema
>but we don’t go to just any cinema
>she picked up the small, hipster thing on the far side of the city
>they will actually play a silent movie
>it’s a small joint, like 100 chairs total and usually quite packed
>we had to get on the last showing
>really mixed feelings about this
>ask more about it, I feel a bit reluctant
>she’s not taking no for an answer
>to not arouse suspicion we leave home at different hours
>she gets out earlier than me
>I’m picking her up on my way
>do so
>since we still have, like, half the night before the flick starts, we hit that cheap taproom she’s been to once or twice
>she’s wearing a flannel, plain dress
>long sleeve and half down her calves
>steel-grey colour
>ridiculously large zipper on her side
>we sit down to eat
>she’s on the opposite side of the table
>keeps staring at me while I’m eating
>holyfuck ain’t that awkward
>ask her not to, politely
>she doesn’t stop
>feel something touching my leg
>she’s looking at me smiling, with that playful vibe in her eyes
>oh, right
>just continue eating
Mr Archivist you here?

>she gets bored after a moment and eats her stuff
At that moment I’m really starting to feel uncomfortable with all this. I mean, I enjoy her company, but we never actually got out like that, with people around, you know, on a date. This kind of a thing, get this, is a big taboo and even if I weren’t going out all that much, she did, and some of her friends or whatever could recognise her, make out that we are… Why am I thinking about this?
>we leave after not long
>still a quite long travel before us
>let’s take the bus
>it’s not very crowded but there are some people on it
>the entire time, since we left, the she clings to me
>really close
>and she looks happy too
>I bet I don’t, however
>whenever she looks at me I smile back, but can’t help myself and feel, dunno, scared? Embarrassed? Both?
>look at her when she enters the bus
>freeze for a moment

[some awful lot of moments in this part shit]
>hear the signal
>rush in
>almost didn’t make it
>get to her
>she embraces me
>she kept whispering kinky stuff into my ear
>most of the time I didn’t even make the words out, but her delicately blowing into my ear was enough to get me all bothered
>feel like everyone knows what’s going on
>shame kicks in
>grab her and jump out of the bus, 3 stops to early
>whatever, we have time
>she clearly enjoys it, smiling and shit
>we slowly stroll to the place
>holding hand and all, even stopped for a kiss
>like lovers
>with less people around I regain my composure
>we hit the spot
File: cry.gif (1 MB, 200x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 200x185
>she embraces me
>she kept whispering kinky stuff into my ear
>mfw remembering this
>thankfully not late
>she tells me she needs to go to the “ladies’ place”
>after taking, like, two steps she turned around, with a twirl, to look at me
>asking me to follow, right?
>I’m already pretty excited so I follow
>she waits for me, puts her hand on my chest and says something like “Why would you want to follow me to the restroom, Anon?”
>some girl was passing by, giggling
>I turn red
>but it’s not only that, I’m seriously ashamed, not really of the relation with her, but of the fact that we’re acting on it in public
>decide not to allow myself to be teased like that tonight
>watch her walking away, standing in the hallway like a moron
>she stops for the second time
>moves her hand for a “remote kiss”
You know, kisses her finger and blows the kiss to you. Shit’s cute.
>instead of that, she sticks her tongue out in between her fingers and wiggles it
>SERIOUSLY aroused and bothered now
>shake it down a bit an run to the screening hall
>sit down next to the wall, don’t care if it’s my number or what
>not many people are showing up
>few couples here and there, one or two single guys
>not good, I’m uneasy with all this and the fewer people the greater chance my sister will do something “wrong”
>the flick starts, black-and-white, silent but with some nice shots
>she finally shows up
>”I was afraid you’d run away, you little dweeb.”
>”Nah. Enjoy the movie.”
>”I’ve seen it already.”
>nothing happens between us and in the movie
>I’m sitting there like some asshole, doing everything I can to not fall under her spell
>can’t enjoy her company because awkward
>can’t enjoy the movie because I’d lose focus and fall for her dirty tricks
>she makes her move
>caresses my hand but only for a few moments
>she moves her hand past the armrest and to my thigh
>I try to stay focused on the screen
>end up staring blindly
>noticed one or two couples are making out
>see in the corner of my eye that something is going on with her
>I have to see but I don’t want to but I need to but don’t want but HAVE TO
>look there
>her hand is under the dress somehow and going over her pussy
>she knew I noticed and immediately started to mingle between my thighs
>I try to get back to the movie but keep starring at her
>the fabric of her dress being moved in circles
>she undoes my pants
>I grab the armrests with my full might
>feel blood rushing to my face
>her hand slides in
>I groan audibly
>feel blood rushing from my face to my prick
>she strokes it through my underwear
>she’s very slow about it
>I’m trying everything to prevent myself from enjoying this too much
>bite my tongue, pull the armrests, spread my legs
>finally she moves up from my dick to my abdomen
>anything that’ll let me survive
>after a moment or two she gets back on my shaft
>she keeps at it for a few strokes and then brakes and after a minute or so gets back to stroking
>all that time she kept stirring herself
>I’m getting tired, exhausted
>turn to her and whisper, begging, “Be done with it.”
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Spiderman out of fucking nowhere!
File: 1403482170536.jpg (11 KB, 262x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Spiderman spiderman, does whatever a spider can!
>she takes her hand away from me
>I loosen the hold and collapse in the chair
>she leans in and runs her hand over my mouth and nose
>”Just enjoy the movie silly.”
>move my gaze to the screen hoping that the moisture she left on me was hers and not my own
>last scene I remember was the French guy from Ronin fighting some other dude
>move ends and we leave somehow
>remember that the screening hall was kept dark way longer after the credits than usual
>only the cool, fresh night’s air maid me regain my strength
>recuperated but still awkward and quite nervous
>night bus will be here in almost an hour and we still would have to walk pretty far so she decides we should take a hike thru the park
>walking the main alleyway of the now deserted park in darkness, holding hands and all
>I need to piss, I wasn’t pissing for half the night
>tell her I’ll go to the side
>”Just don’t go far without me, OK?”
>Jesus what? Not only need I be aroused, bothered and nervous but also spooked?
>go not far and do what I have to do
>when done, I turn around
>a silhouette in the dark but rather close
>jump in the air, scared like a bitch
>she laughs out loud
>”Anon, you weren’t scared, were you?”
>I cry “why would you do this? And why would you tease me like that?”
>”I wanted you to have a good time…”
>she closes in and we kiss
>very deep
>her hand slides under my pants
>instantly hard
>I help her undo them
>she asks me to turn around
>I comply
>she hugs me from behind, one hand on my shaft, the other on my ballsack
>kisses my neck, her waist starts to grind against my bum
>keeps working on my dick hard and fast
>I’m groaning like a wounded animal
>didn’t even last 5 minutes, came like an angry god, biggest shot of this month
>she don’t stop for another 2 or 3 minutes and later helps me clean myself up
>we both know that it’ her turn now
>move her so she can rest her back on tree
>kneel down, she pulls her dress up
>reveals her hungry and completely wet pussy
>I kiss her, lick her, nibble her, run my tongue up and down and to the sides, suckle and rub and stick my tongue as deep as I can
>she moans and gasps and pants
>can feel her coming close
>she buries her fingers deep into my hair
>get blasted with her pussy syrup the moment she peaks
>keep at it
>she starts rubbing my head frantically, like if she tried to stop me
>I keep at it
>she drops the dress over, to cover me, moves her hands away
>I get tired and can’t keep the pace
>help myself with a finger, but after a few moves start using two
>she put her leg behind me
>soon she comes for the second time with a loud moan that ended with a scream
>this time was stronger and longer than the first
>she almost fell over
>I worked my way out from under her dress and led her to a bench
>we sat down joined in a long, wet kiss
We got home, like, two hours later. She entered first, to check if parents are still asleep. After a few minutes she gave me a signal from the window and I got in as well. She took a shower but I went straight to bed. Last thing I remember was her giving me a “good night” kiss.
This “date” helped me coping with the reality of our relationship. I still get a bit awkward if we’re doing lewd stuff in public, but not quite like that.
File: cry3.gif (499 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>if we’re doing lewd stuff in public
File: 1400188991273.jpg (159 KB, 1301x1027) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1394599672330a.jpg (110 KB, 1373x1061) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She’s teasing me all the time:
>late at night
>relaxing in my bean-bag chair, reading a book she recommended me
>she enters “You reading?”
>she walks around the room and stands to my side
>”The one I gave you?”
>she puts her foot on my head
I was sitting deep in the bean-bag, so it wasn’t hard.
>”Past the scene I told you about?”
>”What scene?”
>she moves her leg farther to the side and slides it down the bean-bag
>I look around to see what she’s doing
>she sits on my face and grinds a little
>her fresh pussy in those soft super short shorts
>I feel I’m tenting my pants up
>after a moment she says “I forgot I need to wake up early tomorrow” and runs away
>I stay there and read until my erection fades away

Anyone's watching the game tonight? I think I will. Not like I have anything else to do. Or anyone to talk to.
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i don't care.jpg
273 KB, 1600x1200
>be me, 4yo
>i'm on the kitchen
>look to my dick
>wash it with some saliva
>mom see it
>awkward, but still washing
>mom don't give a fuck, just lick my checks for no reason
>her breath smell like chicken
>ungry, want a piece of it
>lick he too
>she looks away, turn around and walk
>wtf, mom is wearing nothing, but i'm too young to understand shit
>i can see her vaggon
>got my first boner
>try to climb her
>i'm too small to do it
>at my size, my head its in perfect line to smell her pussy
>sniff it
>she barks and walks away
>realise mom its a bitch
>realize i'm a dog
>go to bathroom to drink something
>dammm smell...

Just like a normal day, i mind...
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She loves when I give attention to her feet. They’re nice and well groomed, so I don’t have a problem with that at all. Not a footfag, though.
>she gets back home after a whole day “on foot”, only pops’ home but taking a nap
>some college stuff, exams or shit, so full formal attire
>high heels and all
>she comes tired and head to her room immediately
>meet her in the hallway
>she’s shorter than I am, but with those heels on our eyes levelled
>I ask her what’s up and she tells me she’s very tired, ending every sentence “shorty”
>this will lead to something
>I ask her if there’s anything I could do, like making her a cup of tea or something
>she finally says she could use a foot rub
>I know she’ll love it so I agree
>we go to her room and she just throws herself on the bed
>I move a chair to sit on and take her shoes off
>she says how good it was to take those off
>I start to feel up her little, nylon covered (formal attire remember?) feet
>she’s already moaning
>not long ‘till she drifts away
>I keep working on her feet, occasionally kissing and nibbling them
>she’s enjoying this so much she soon starts rubbing her breasts
>I’m slowly getting hard myself
>she puts one hand under her skirt and starts at it
>I put one of mine under my pants and start stroking
>what was a simple foot rub quickly escalated into a mutual masturbation session
>she rises herself a little for a better look
>one of her feet on my lap, the other in my hand
>she touches my dick, balls or rubs my thighs every now and then
>I keep rubbing and kissing her
>I finally cum, shooting my load on her legs an my thighs and belly
>she’s not there yet
>keeps fingering herself and rubbing my thighs with her foot
>she finally does cum and just collapses on the bed
>asks me to kiss her and to clean the mess
>I help her take the clothes off and go take a shower
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So, what a weird day.
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I bet you'd help your sister with some foot rub as well.
File: 1394307049471.jpg (712 KB, 1800x919) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who is this
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"why i'm doing this... what dirt mother i'm..."
"i think that greg need more proteins"

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Hon hon hon
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dem niggas.jpg
8 KB, 300x244
dafuq is wrong with this ugly bitch, why would you post that
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i forgot to sage
not that it matters since they'll just bump their own stupid shit thread
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Sorry for the small image gais
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green heaven is best heaven
Thread derailed, mission completed Spider-friends
Haha spiderman
i seem to be having trouble saging
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They're my coussins, she is a FUCKING NYMPPHO!! she has fucked THREE GUYS at the same time, and he has a fucking HORSE COCK come with my and watch her videos!!!

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fuck off. do that sort of things with a lolli thread not here.
It's as dead as whatever was between me and my sis.
Germany's going to win, no shit.
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Fuck all u spidey fags
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