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>Incest thread
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>Incest thread
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not fap material, but somewhat incestuous

>be me, really young, still at the age where I wasn't embarrassed about being naked in front of others
>taking bath with brother and sister, sister is a teen at this point, she's wearing this weird shower dress thing to cover herself, don't actually know why she was still bathing with us at that point
>look at her and get a boner, didn't even know what a boner meant at the time, or why it was bad to get one while looking at your sister
>she saw
>she kicked me in the dick
>mfw my older sister kicked kid me's 2 inch boner
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>be me
>go to friends birthday party
>9/10 girl there
>she's drunk as fuck
>talk to her for a while
>she says she's from out of state, came here to visit her father since he's about to die or some shit
>after a while, we go up stairs and fuck
>two weeks later
>at grandfathers funeral
>see her there
>find out she's my aunt who lived with my grandmother after grandparents divorced
>she seems to not remember anything, but I do
>mfw lost my virginity to my aunt and she probably remembers
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>Be me
>Be permavirign
>Have slutty older sister
>She brings people over to drink and smoke weed
>One day her friends get me to come hangout
>They get me super drunk, I make an Ass out of myself ...
>But for some reason I'm super cool with them now
>We hang alot
>My sister starts hugging in public, my little brother, just get more attention
>People joke she likes me too much
>She goes "Oh yeah" and mock kisses me
>Incest becomes a running joke with her friends; close hugs, grinds on me in public, mock kisses
>One night we are all hanging out after drinking
>People are passing around a cell phone with creepy porn
>We are all reacting and saying whats disgusting and whats not
>Photo of a guy getting his ass eaten
>Me and my sis say thats hot
>"figures fucking incest twins"
>Everyone leaves and me and her are drunk cleaning up, lay on the couch together and watch a movie ...
>Talk about the gross porn
>Talk about sex
>I ask her if she's had sex
>She says yeah
>I ask her what she likes
>she gets graphic
>She asks me if I watch porn
>I say yes
>She asks if its like that cell phone shit
>I say no, I show her some causal xvideo, spankwire stuff
>"That's hot"
>Let's jerk-off
>"Not touching eachother you creepy fuck, its just hot"
>We each touch ourselves to cell phone porn while cuddling on the couch together
>"Did you cum?"
>"... y-yeah ... did you?"
>"yeah that was hot."
>"D-did ... did you like this?" she says, referring to masturbating together
>"Y-yeah ... it was cool, I liked it. Did you?"
>"Yeah it was hot."
>Phone rings

That was two weeks ago and we've make awkward eye contact and a few grunts at each-other since. I look at her lap-top and she visits 4chan, mostly /co/ and /int/, but I'm sure she has been influence by this shit.
We have another thread going on here
I hope you get some more action soon, Anon.
idk how I feel about that
Hot and bothered?
Anxious if there will ever be another time?

How old is she? Is she hot?
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You could try the whole "go hug your sister" thing and explain you hate being awkward with her.
Its weird as fuck. She is hot to everyone else but she's my sister so I'm desensitized. To me she's like a younger version of my mom, or like female me with a nice ass, nice thighs and darker hair. It gets me rock hard thinking about fucking her but only cause I'm a permavirgin.
I'm sure things will get normal, but I'm scared things will go normal and that will never happen again. I'm kinda hoping she approaches me but I'm just so weirded out.
Go hug your sister, faggot. Just talk it out or the awkward will surpass normal in the future. You got out of the distant interaction, now you need to get back on it.

Incest feelings? Those can wait to be talked out, first target is not being uncomfortable together.
IMO you should go for it. Not necessary outright fucking but some mutual action.
Try approaching her or maybe getting drunk together again, spice thing a bit, but not too much.
Make the move, but take your time.
Maybe work towards making mutual masturbation a more regular thing for the two of you. Watching each other should break the ices nicely and cure/prevent the guilt.

made me reply 1/10
I'm sure shit will go to normal, its not crazy awkward but the atmosphere is just off. We haven't said much to each-other but we haven't got a second to talk, we're siblings we barely talk anyway. I'll say something to her tonight but idk. Sue it'll be fine.
Is this pasta, or do you post this in every thread?
I wasn't thinking that. I said "what are we Jerk-off buddies?" And she thought that was funny, she said "Porn buddies." I was thinking of telling her we are just watching porn and nothing "creepy," friends do that. But it was intense. I think I kissed the back of her head, or picked up her hair with her mouth, I'm a creepy no experience fuck.

I've only posted it once, so if you've seen it more than once, I guess someone pastad it
>I'll say something to her tonight but idk.
You better fucking do. You're letting her worry and stew on it. So be a man, hug her, talk it out, and go back to being positive about it. She deserves to enjoy her brother after all that, and one incident can't change that.
If you posted it once (now), then how could they go back in time and post it more times before this?
Its not THAT awkward but it is weird.

I was trying to imply that I've only posted it once before this thread, see your logic though, my bad on the phrasing
yeah, sorry, I was just joking around

I guess maybe someone pastaed it then, because I seem to remember seeing it before.

Funny story though.
Unless you're waiting for alcohol to do the job again, don't be a pussyfoot about it. You yourself said it isn't that bad.

heh, no worries, I'll probably post it again in these threads cause I enjoy reading about this stuff even though I've never really had a true incest experience, and it gives the thread a bump when I post, I guess you can just recognize that it isn't pasta by the gif I post, I'll always use the same one
>"Porn buddies."
Now this is a thing worth exploring, is it not?
Warm things a bit and maybe invite her for a "porn evening for friends"? Find some nice, sensual videos she might like, or whatever (don't start with guys having their assess eaten out - it'll be time for this later). Offer her some wine or whatever she likes best (nothing too heavy for starters).
I'll text her and tell her I'm outside her job and I can pick her up and I'll well get something and talk. I use to do that a lot. From then on, I'll wait and see whats up and what she thinks about shit, talk it out and act like what we did was no big deal. I'll see if we can't repeat it. I think I can cause she wasn't THAT drunk and see was pretty into it while we were fapping/schlicking respectively.
I'll probably just bring up and sex and let her drive the conversation. She's one of those girls who overcompensates sex talk to show she's cool and down with the guys. But she's also quite the perv herself, idk why she did it, but she totally push the jerking off together thing. Once awkwardness is clear I'll go for it.
>she totally push the jerking off together thing
Why are you still in control and not your dick?
Cause A) She's my sister and B) I'm a faggot whose never seen a vagina in real life.

I was going nuts. She was rubbing her head violently against my neck and chest and I think I kissed her head, or did that nomnomnom thing. I came buckets and fell into a shame spiral.
>But she's also quite the perv herself
Girls are perverts too, like anyone else, they only need permission and a chance to do it without deep repercussions.
I have seen Patrice Oneal vids. Girls don't want to take responsibility for being sluts right? I can pull off cool guy for a minute when I'm drunk, she gets babied alot by people and that butters her up. I can tell her I'm bad for getting her to do that but it was fun for us wasn't it? Letting her enjoy it guilt free cause it wasn't her fault.

I have jerk-off to the scenario once or twice since the event happened.
>A) She's my sister
It makes it all that much hotter.
>B) I'm a faggot whose never seen a vagina in real life
You should lust for her even more.

>fell into a shame spiral
Not good Anon, you have to fight it off.
Not really to get a thing with her but to become yourself once again.
I won't be pushing you on her anymore but I have to implore you to break off the guilt/shame spiral. It's unhealthy.
I'm over the shame thing, and fell into fantasying about it and jerking-off to it .... its 4chan.
No one wants to take responsibility unless they feel invested somehow. Base satisfaction just comes with more workarounds when it wants out.
Just remember to drop some greentext if you ever happen to do it.
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For those who haven't visited the other thread at >>554965997 here's a link to my Gdocs wincest archive.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
What >>555001279 said. And you should remember this thread and the date, so I know where to crosslink.
I'll do what I can.

Sure thing. Idk when or if I'll do it. I'm confident I can though, cause she was into it. If I were a braver man and not weirded out I probably could have fucked her.
>have always been close with my sister
>we always did everything with each other
>I'm 11 and she's 14
>parents go to a hotel for a night and left us alone
>we get in the shower together and we start screwing about like normal
>this time I get a boner
>she starts teasing me about it
>and that turns to wresting
>wresting turns to us playing with each other, sexually
>for the next few years we're screwing around, never really goes far, just her jacking or sucking me off while I lick her or finger her pussy
>she's 17 and I'm 14 now, she just had prom, she gets home, kinda tipsy, really late and basically just mounts me in bed
>we fuck for about 10 minutes before we both cum
>we laid there for about 30 minutes cuddling until I got hard again and we did it again
>ever since then we've been fucking on and off
>parents are super rich and just bought me my own apartment (I'm now 18)
>sister is doing uni in the same state and decides to live with me
>we're practically boyfriend and girlfriend at this point
Only good thing is, everyone knows we're really close so no one thinks it's weird we always talk and do things together.
See you in some time.
Do me a favour and send me an email shortly before you post so I can be ready to archive.

(hotmail.com) fakebob001
>not fap material

try telling that to my boner
>(hotmail.com) fakebob001
sure, but I'm not posting pics or anything. And don't know when it'll happen.

need help. i want to fuck my aunt so bad i fap thinking about fucking her all the time. she's in her late 40's and she doesnt have anyone. she has her own house. should i go there and just get naked and say lets do it?
I'm no one to talk but can you take her out dancing like its an innocent thing, get drunk and dance and take her home?
That's fine, I just want to know when you post.
No. You should go there and start creating sexual tension. Talking and acting, but be reasonably slow.
She might not be OK with incest or even fooling around with a younger guy.
You have to get into her head before you'll be able to get into her pants.
I'll try to do good for you guys. She was into it.
goddamn fu

Be good for her first, though.
You'll be able to deliver more that way.
>Be good for her first, though.

Huh? I'm the virgin.
this is why I suck with women... im way too fucking logical lol. I would just go there "hey auntie. you know im 19 and my hormones are still on fire. you're on your 40's without a man and a place. i really want to fuck you and you could get some action, win-win situation for both. you up for it?"...She has said she would date me if she were younger... She also always kisses me on the neck goodbye with a sucky kiss when im eating... it might be easier than I thought...

why would you boner over a kid getting kicked in the dick? that really fucking hurt, that gif really was related, I cried, didn't even know why she did it at the time
File: 63257827364284.png (470 KB, 2394x1663) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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from last thread
Nigs, pls.

Be a good brother for her.
Make sure she'll be comfortable, take a shower beforehand. Drop a compliment sometime. Dunno.

She has a place and no man around? Offer to help her with chores and whatnot. Maybe even move in (vacations?).
>She has said she would date me if she were younger
Sounds like a hint. Make her see a man in you. Be around, be helpful and let her starved pussy take control.

Sometimes I wonder why I have no luck in love.
>Make sure she'll be comfortable, take a shower beforehand. Drop a compliment sometime. Dunno.

we're clean people. when I was smelling what I think was her vagina, it was pleasant. i had my moms deodorant on so when I was fapping I smelled pretty.
>i had my moms deodorant on so when I was fapping I smelled pretty
That's hilarious.
Hopefully, you will succeed and we will be blessed with a fresh OC. Cheers.
how could me be doing her chores make her see the man in me? she used to bath me when I was a kid lool. she has clean my baby dick at the time. That would work if she would be just a girl around my age or something
I might have worded this wrong.
There are some works to be done around the house which women, even if living alone, wont do for whatever reasons.
Maybe her attic would need a cleaning, or maybe the basement is too cluttered with junk, or maybe the roof is dilapidated or whatever. Cut wood for the fireplace if you need to (just remember to show some skin while doing it).
Idk man, its still weird. I've jerking to it though, but it is still weird. We were cuddled up together, cell phone to the right of my dick, head rubbing up and down my neck, but it was tipped over, she was starring at my cock probably. Its hot but wrong at the same time, shes a female me! Fuck it #yolo
Idk man, its still weird. I've jerking to it though, but it is still weird. We were cuddled up together, cell phone to the right of my dick, head rubbing up and down my neck, but it was tipped over, she was starring at my cock probably. Its hot but wrong at the same time, shes a female me.

Fuck it #yolo

take her out drinking and party with her. Old people want to feel young.
how even?
>she was starring at my cock probably
You best watched her sweet spot too.
>Its hot but wrong at the same time
That's the whole appeal.
Shits too real, we use to do the incest shit for goofs, she'd grind on me and people laughed. She was moaning soft and rubbing her head on me. Fuck I'm a text her later. Its weird but fuck it.
when I was 15, played with my 16 yr old cousin when she was sleeping a few times
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My dad was dating a woman for about 3 years. She and her daughters moved in around the eve of summer, 2012. I say eve, as in May because well, it gets hot here fast. Previously, they had come to visit every other weekend, and stay here, etc. I got to know both the daughters. At the time, I had a girlfriend, so I didn't really have to think about them, so it's whatever. (cont'd)

I spent a good deal of my summer working, as I worked for Kroger. My schedule was never set, always off the wall. They'd visit on the holidays, and the like. They'd always wonder where I was, and that sort of thing. Not a big deal.

Around July of 2012, I had gone to live with my mom primarily because of an internship for a unix administrator. This is when the older step sister realized her feelings for me, were VERY real, and I had up and disappeared.

I still visited on the weekends. My girlfriend at the time decided to get on my case about the older one.
>"She keeps flirting with you."
>"No she's not. She's my sister. Leave it alone. I'm pretty sure she likes women. Look at her facebook for once in your life. She's dating a girl."

There were many nights through the weekends that I'd come home, and me and her would talk and talk. I actually stopped visiting my girlfriend because of other reasons unrelated to this, but this is when I started to have feelings for my step sister. (cont'd)
I said I won't encourage you any more but...

Ya better post some details on this.
We got along really well, and it was nice. Each time she'd leave her room, I'd look out my door and I'd see her walk down. She'd see me and smile and I always found that nice. I actually started to question if she really did like me.
>Friends: Yeah, she might.
>Girlfriend: Of course she does. I told you this already. And it's irritating because she always gets between us.
>Me: sigh. no she doesn't. she's having a normal conversation (no seriously, she was)

Every weekend, I looked forward to coming home. Around March, I ended the relationship I was in. I was done with her. I got just too fed up with her nonsense. In April, I bought a new car and came to visit her and the rest of the family. She took a car ride with me.

>Her: I need my laptop reloaded. Can you remember to do that tonight?
>Me: Sure, I can.
>Her: Oh, and vmware. I want to learn Linux. Your job seems like a lot of fun.
>This made me EXTREMELY happy because I didn't think some girl who goes on tumblr and is this crazy writer would be into it.
>Me: Sure, we can do that.
>She smiles at me with this chin-up thing that she always did to me... and me only

We got home that night and me and her went to her room. I started working on her laptop, and she was asking questions about my job. Eventually, she tried tickling me, and I sort of laughed, but I shrugged it off.

I started getting these insane thoughts.

>"Oh... I'm in her room... I might find out. Shit. This isn't good. She's still 17."

We ended up being playful with each other. I would poke her nose and she would let out this playful giggle. It was actually kind of cute. Her laptop was taking a while, so I lay down next to her while I kept tickling her, and what not.

Time passed, and we eventually were face to face. My eyes were closed because, to be fair, I was falling asleep. We got closer.

>"... we're going to kiss. this isn't good. is it?"
>"Maybe this is meant to happen."

We landed a kiss. And we kissed for maybe a few minutes. I felt my face just burning up. I had to be red. We stopped and we looked at each other.

>Her: I'm sorry.
>Me: For?
>She gets up.
>Her: You were sleeping?...
>Me: No, I wasn't.
>I look behind me, door isn't closed. I close the door, turn off the light.
>Her: I thought you were dreaming of vanessa
>Me: No, I wasn't... I've been thinking about you.

I wish I was you
We ended up kissing several times, had several make out sessions. She started to tell me the truth.

>Honestly, I've liked you even before I moved in. And I tried to tell myself, that I didn't. And that I should stop. You were with someone else, and well, you're my brother.
>Me: What's the big deal with that? If you liked me this whole time, why didn't you say anything?
>I'm with Marshall because he liked me, and I thought that would be a way for me to not think about you. But once you left in July... it never went away.
>I've always wanted you to kiss me unexpectedly.
>Me: Why didn't you?
>Because... I was afraid of how you'd react. Maybe angry?
>Me: I wouldn't know how I'd react... but it may be good. Just like it is now.

We slept together in the same bed, but didn't do anything that night, except for more making out, etc.

Next day comes by, and the first thing we do, is get in my room when the parents go to bed. She said that she's only had sex once. She's 17 by this point, and only once. And that was three years ago. And she'd rather be with someone experienced. I figure that's OK.

We were fooling around.

>I'd grab her waist and pull it toward me, and she'd grind.
>She started using her tongue a lot more
>I could feel her pajamas actually getting wet. It seriously started to drip.
>I tried to feel down, but she stopped me and said she was nervous.
>I felt let down, but she promised for next time.
>She grabbed my dick and started to play with it. She licked it a couple times, but spent mostly giving me a hand job.

It was a good night. (cont'd)
The weekend passed over, and I did my work week. We were texting a lot over facebook.

>I just want to know, what is your favorite position when having sex?
>Me: No favorite, but I do love the occasional reverse cow girl.
>I've never ridden obviously... but I want to try.
>Me: Fine with me. And why didn't you let me touch you saturday night?
>I can't really say.
>Me: Why? I mean, it should be ok. I mean, I like going down on girls... If you don't like that then tell me.
>OK, L, the reason why is because I'm a squirter. I'm embarrassed to say that, because no one else wanted anything to do with me when I said that.
>Me: ... really? You squirt?
>That's not a problem?
>Me: Not at all actually. Sounds kind of hot.

Friday night, I roll into town. She has prom with the guy she's with saturday... the guy she wants to end it with (he's abusive, and she's afraid of ending it because of what he'd probably do). She decides that tonight is the night, we finally go all the way through.

>We start making out, and she was using her tongue quite a bit.
>I bite her neck and it makes her shiver like crazy.
>I managed to get my hand down to her, and she let me.
>"My god, she is already dripping."
>I slowly move her into the bed, while I'm on top of her, still making out with her
>She pulls my shirt off and unbuttons my shorts, and instantly, my dick just comes right out
>She grabs it and says to get a condom right away
>I do.
>I put it on, and I start going in slowly, but she pulled me straight in.
>She moaned and started to shake.
>"Oh my god... Oh my god"
>I start to thrust in and out at a regular pace. She was enjoying it.
>Each time I went in, it was a slapping sound. She kept oozing out, like it's no big deal.
>"Oh my god..."
>She pulled me in and tightened her legs around, moaning and shaking. I could feel, through the condom, as she was gushing out.
>I found this hot, and immediately I was ready to finish.
>I started to thrust into her fast, and this caused her to orgasm again, rather instantly
>I finish as well, pull out and lay next to her.
>She proceeded to keep kissing me
>"anon... that was amazing... thank you. That felt really good."
>I smiled at her.
>"How big are you anyway"
>Me: 7 and a half.
>She smiled as well, and blushed. She hid her face in a playful way.

The next day, she went to prom. She actually called me to tell her to pick her up because it was turning out to be a HUGE drag for her. The guy she was with was too busy with his friends or other girls to bother with her. He wanted to sex her up that night anyway, and she wanted nothing to do with it.

I pick her up.

>I was nominated for prom queen. Didn't get it though.
>Me: why
>I'm a junior. Not a senior.
>Me: That's dumb.
>Yeah. And the whole time, he was being an ass. It was like... thanks for leaving me alone you know. I just wanted to dance.

We get home, and I was working on my linux laptop. She didn't bother staying in my room that night... She instead went to her room to sleep. I gave her that freedom.

Parents are NOW suspecting something is going on because I went to pick her up and I happened to come home at the same time she did (from their knowledge). Etc.

Next day, dad hounds me about it, and I tell him nothing is going on. He hounds her. She says the same. He leaves it alone, but her mom sort of flipped her shit (probably due to her lack of cigarettes, and that she's trying to quit).

Week passes by, and I get to stay a whole week with her. Me and her. She finally broke up with the guy. The parents are on vacation, so we had free reign of the house.

The week were to ourselves, we were doing loads of sexual things. It was interesting, and amazing. She really wanted to please me.

She was even willing to do anal.

>I at first never wanted to do it... but I'm willing to try it.
>Me: Well, we need to prep for it, you know. You need to be relaxed and all that.
>I understand. I just want to try.

We went for it a couple nights later into the week. We went ahead and tried 69 and she actually had gushed out quite a bit. It was interesting.

We got done, and I got the lube out, condom on and was ready to go.

>Me: I'll take it slow.
>I lubed her up, lubed myself, and started to get ready.
>I slowly pushed in. She didn't let out any painful moans.
>She began to breathe heavily.
>I managed to get a quarter of the way in
>'Wow this feels interesting.'
>Me: Let me stay here for a moment so you can get used to it.
>'Yeah, it feels weird, but it's--'
>I started to play with her clit and she immediately collapsed.
>She orgasmed within a few seconds, and I pulled out and she fell over.
>'Oh my god... oh my god... I've... oh my god.'
>Me: what?
>'I've never felt an orgasm like that before... oh my god.'

From then on, we continued to have sex almost daily.

Keep dumping.
The parents continued to question us, but we were too afraid to come forward. But we continued our relationship.

>Me: By the way, I consider you my girlfriend.
>'You.. do?'
>Her face lit up
>Me: Yes, I do.
>Oh my god... I've been telling others you're my boyfriend...
>She was very happy.

From then on, we were together. It took a couple months, but eventually she told me she loved me and everything was going good.

September rolled around, and she was on her period. Why this plays a role, I'll tell you. We fooled around at one point, and a mishap happened. I thought it was nothing.

Her period told me that, well, she's not pregnant. That's good!

Turns out she was. We did anal one day during her period. We went to shower down. I left the shower early as I was done, and she kept showering. She miscarried in the shower.

That's when she got onto the depo shot.

Time passed on. We were in a loving relationship. Couldn't ask for anything more. Amazing writer, loved to learn, and me and her laughed at close to the same things. I'm a gamer, she isn't. But she enjoys watching me play, oddly enough.

However, we broke up sometime in May. Kind of sad, and it actually blew up really bad. I think maybe some day will come back together, but for now, I've had to move on. I do miss her.
File: 1404188453225.jpg (2 MB, 3599x2321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3599x2321

>family was staying over at her house
>i waited until she was asleep and crept into her room
>it was summer, so she didn't have a blanket and was lying on her front
>knew she was a fairly heavy sleeper
>basically pulled down her panties and started licking her ass
>tried getting my tongue as deep in her hole as possible, dick was rock hard
>after a while she started to stir though, so i quickly got out cause i was scared she'd wake up

i've also played with her feet a few times, anyone into that?
Nice dead thread fgt
>shit that never happened
but still fucking hot though
Nigga just post.
Make it extra detailed, please.
I'm counting on you.
Pic of sis?
Getting tired. Will have to sleep soon, but I'll leave the threads to auto-update overnight.

It was very much alive when i linked it.

>i've also played with her feet a few times, anyone into that?
Yes, of course we're interested. Why wouldn't we be?
she uses 4chan and I'm scared.
I'm sure she'll remember the incident, so if she reads the story she'll know anyway
>Be 24
>23 years old cousin
>big boobs, 8.5/10 ass
>always had a hard on for her
>barely see each other
>watching movie on my room when she comes visit
>parents went to who cares, we are alone
> a lot of sex in the movie
>fuck it grab her by the hand
>put my hand on her waist
>still cool
>start massaging her
>anon what are you doing?
>fooling around
>"=laughs= stop it anon "
>Keep going anyways
>15 minutes later
> more sex escenes
>she is blushing and my hand is now on her tighs
> "seriously anon stop it"
> she puts my hand away
>"because we are cousins"
>"so? There is no one else, and i won't tell anyone"
> she lowers her guard and i put my hand back on her tigh.
>"but we can't, it's not..."
> get myself closer
> she freaks out and turn away so i don't kiss her
>start kissing her neck
>"anon.....wait" she shakes a little when she feel my lips
>move to her cheek

File: 1385795700650.gif (3 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 320x240
My story has a twist in the end.


>be 15
>on vacation to my grandmothers house another country
>family all come and stay the whole summer there
>have swagboy bitchfucker cousin, lets call him chad
>harrasses my 10/10, im serious, 10/10 hot female cousin
>flirts with her
>is fully aware they are family and that he shouldnt be flirting with her
>does it regardlessly
>hot cousin is getting uncomfortable, but plays along as if she doesnt mind
>chad leaves cousin alone to go play football outiside
>im inside the house behind my laptop
>female cousin comes to me
>tells me that chad isnt normal and that shes afraid he will rape her at some point if theyre alone
>tell female cousin that if chad touches her she should go to her parents and tell, or come to me so i can beat his ass
>female cousin thanks me for being so helpful with her
>she asks me if we can do something together for fun
>tell her we can go in the forest nearby and have a walk, talking and all
>she agrees and jokingly asks if this isnt some trick of me to rape her
>we laugh
go on
File: 1386890990844.gif (2 MB, 367x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 367x240

>go to the forest, just me and her
>talk about how things are in school, if she has a boyfriend, if she has problems and all
>sit on a bench in the woods
>get more into relationship talk
>she asks me about girls, if i like anyone
>tell that i hate the girls at my school
>tell her that she is the only girl i like and that if we werent related i would totally date her and do anything that would make her happy
>she blushes, tells me that she would also want to be my girlfriend
>hugs me, kisses me on the cheek
>grab her near me
>make out with her
>she struggles but i dont let her leave
>eventually she doesnt fight it and goes with it
>stop making out after a while
>tell her im sorry, but i just had to
>tells me its okay, and that she also enjoyed it
>she strokes my thigh near my dick
>says that shes a little in love with me, and that we can go further if i want to, but we have to keep it secret
>tell her that we shouldnt, because its wrong
>she understands and tells me that if i want to she will agree

I didn't do anything with her after that. I don't know if I should regret it, but whatever, she's my cousin anyway.
File: sisters.jpg (85 KB, 960x616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 960x616
> two sisters
> separated at birth but educated in same fashion
File: 1404541195842.jpg (136 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 1024x768

>cousin has 10/10 feet, really small and smooth
>i have a foot fetish, so whenever she walks around barefeet it always drives me crazy
>one day, after we spent a few hours walking around in the hot sun, she took a nap on the couch
>no one else was home but us
>she was lying on her back, and her feet were sorta just dangling off the edge
>i quietly went over and took off her socks
>she had wore running shoes, so they were pretty sweaty
>put them to my nose and sniffed, dick super hard
>then i took her tiny flawless feet and just started licking them
>put her big toe in my mouth and started sucking
>then put the 4 smaller ones in too and ran my tongue across them in my mouth
>the smell of her sweaty feet were driving me insane
>it didn't look like she would wake, so I kept on doing it for around 15 minutes
>finished by giving myself a footjob with her feet, blew the entire load on her toes
Think they'd lezz it up in the name of World Peace?

Mister, you better have more of that somewhere.
Artistic work of fiction and falsehood.

Confirmed for acoustic footnigger
that is true bravery
i hope they will kill each other and let rest of us live in Peace
can you tell us more detailed how you two jerked off together??
you're lucky that guy who archives all the incest stories isn;t here otherwise you'd be kinda fucked
I certainly can.
Nah, he's so kind he even pulled a few pics after the author asked for it.
nah 100% true, i've been doing it pretty much everytime I get the chance
He was further up in the thread, he seems a nice chap though so he'd pull things as required.
Did she bust you when she woke up?
I was taking a early morning shit with an ipad and clicked this. Flipped the ipad over onto the floor and made a horrible sounding guttural yelp. Woke my parents up probably.
Hi! I'm the archivist you're talking about. But what >>555016397 and >>555016606 said, I pull pics as needed.

You didn't need to delete your entire post at >>555014785, there's a "File Only" checkbox next to the Delete button. Check that box and only the image is deleted.
Jeus fuck YES.
Why do people need prompting on /b/? Seriously, what happens is the thread dies and we never hear the end of the story.
People like to feel needed probably.
File: YAErm.jpg (153 KB, 1000x741) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB, 1000x741


>"anon please....is not right...someone"
>kiss her
>she resists a little but then she move her hands around my neck
>"anon you promise you won't tell?"
>start kissing again
>movie keeps going
>new sex scene
>it beggins
>start to undress her
>"anon, no' that's off the table"
>take hand away, grab her hand and move it away
>kiss her a little more
>her jeans are a little loose so i just pull them away
>"wait anon, don't..."
>change positions and i'm on top of her
>she is too aroused too stop, but too guilty to keep going.
>move between her legs and start eating her out
>"anon...this...don't...i.. have a...boyfriend"

You scared me enough to delete the post. Meh I'll be fine.

>AC full blast
>Just finished cleaning up
>Lets watch WWZ
>Get on the couch with a single snuggie wrapped around both of us
>World war z is kinda blah
>"Lets watch porn" I said jokeingly
>"lol you love that shit perv"
>We talk about the gross porn, like would you do that, what do you think about that?
>We then talk about sex and what we like in girls and guys
>I ask her if she had sex, she says yeah, she asks me, I say no, she asks about the porn I like, I show her
>She says the stuff is hot
>I say, "we are just kinda watching porn together lol"
>"Its cause your creepy"
>'No we're just porn buddies, nothing creepy"
>She lols
>We are watching a bit and she asks if I think thats hot, I say yes
>she says "Its so hot, I'ma watch this later"
>I ask "really? what are you going to do?" she calls me a perv
>"everyone masturbates, this stuff is sexy"
>"How do you jack your lil prick?"
>I tell her to fuck off
>Then out of the fucking BLUE
>"let's jerk-off lol"

File: 1404521643793.png (1 MB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x960
nope she never finds out about it, probably wouldn't let me continue if she did. i can basically play around with her when however i want when she's sleeping though

she also goes to the gym a lot, and when she comes back, her clothes are always sweaty. sometimes i take her dirty socks and panties from her room and sniff them when she isn't looking ;)

what would you have done to her when she's sleeping?
File: 1404662840943.jpg (182 KB, 508x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182 KB, 508x487
uh oh ...
my bad, i didn't mean to.

but this guy probably does
>I'm shocked, I don't move and just say "What!?"
>"Not touching eachother you creepy fuck, its just hot"
>At this point we've been cuddling up under the snuggie, her head on my shoulder watching porn
>"What are we going to do?"
>"lets just watch it and 'bate"
>"bate? you cornball"
>we just can reach and slip our pants off and ourselves over our underwear
>she squeezes in closer and asks "you doing it?"
>after that very few words
>I'm jacking my dick with my left hand and holding the cell with my right
>She is rubbing her head on my neck and chest starring down
>The cell phone is all sorts of titled so I'm guessing was was starring at my dick
>I'm huffing and she's moan and rubbing her head against me fast
>she lets out an audible "hnng"
>Idk whats happening I can't see shit
>I'm about to bust balloons
>"move for bit move for a bit" I say
>she says "yeah .. you gonna?"
>she squeezes in closer
>Blow a load into a snuggie
>she whisper very faintly "wow"
>"did you cum?" i say yeah, "was it good?" I say yeah, "that was good?" yeah
>I ask if she came and she said, "it was good"
>"did you like this?" referring to jerking off together
>I say "yeah it was good, did you?" she says "yeah it was hot"
>I stand to throw the snuggie in the hamper and she asks to see my dick
>I showed it to her for one sec and she says "thats cum?"

Then the phone rang and she went to pick it up, we cleaned up a bit more before our mom came home and after that it was awkward ville.

it was shock paranoia.
Thanx ID heaven, its always fucking you.
Ignore it it'll fade and fall sleepy.
Dunno man, leaving cum marks on ones feet and going after them whenever that person "sleeps" sounds a bit fishy.
I have hard times believing she'd be so hard asleep each time. Not to undermine the genuineness of the story, but maybe she's not always in slumber, huh? Have that occurred to you ever?

Keep it going.
> two older sisters
> early memories include Steph (seven years older) showing Tracy (2 years older) the facts of life using my body.
> I stood naked at attention in front of the two of them while they (both fully clothed) played with me, Steph showing Tracy how to jerk me off.
> She said that the penis would shoot lots of seamen and she jerked me off, and I sort of came - but not much came out.
> She realizes I am too young, so they try again a few more times over the next few years, They thought it was funny.
> When the three of us was alone, I was ordered to get naked, and stand in front of them while they played.
> Eventually, I do produce large enough quantities of seamen. Steph feels mission accomplished and loses interest in it.
> Steph brings it up as a joke now and again. But I think she feels alittle guilty about it, and just jokes about it to see if I am ok about it.
> She doesn't know that Tracy continued to do this to me a few times a week.
> If I dont have alot of sperm, she knows Ive been wacking it without her, and I get in trouble.
> I date now, but she makes me tell her absolute everything. From when I masterbate and what I think about, to what I did with the girl.
> She actually helped me know what to do with girls
> But she sometimes ordered me to change what girls I pursue.
> I am not really in charge of my own sex life, which takes some pressure off, but feels alittle strange
that's... really fucking weird
I recently jerked off with my sister and I think that's weird.
Dude she'd totally fuck you go for it
How old are you and did you ever get to do anything to them?
see >>555000317
Oh hello, this story again. First saw this 20th June, then again yesterday. This one seems to be a minor variation.
File: images (8).jpg (4 KB, 183x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (8).jpg
4 KB, 183x275

>She spasms and moan
>pants and boxer away, about to putting in
>"anon wait...no that's just....."
>kiss her to shut her and start to putting in
>"oh fuck me....."
>she push me away "wait....don't...that's not...what..at least use a condom"
>jedi powers activate and the condom is on my hand
>ram it in like the fist of an angry god
>"anon.... remember..... you promise.....not to
>yeah i remember
>she gave away to her lust and disire
>she is moaning like crazy
>"we...are cousins... we shouldn't"
>"then want me to stop?"
>she is a tomato, and just face away
>idea come to min, " i love you"
>she is on top of me and kiss me like no women before, a strong desire unleashed with those words.


and both apparently have terrible trigger discipline.

They need some guy to smack some common sense into them
No, stop before the end of the story. No-one wants to hear that.
Yea, I reposted it a few times in incest threads. Never discussed this much with anyone but Tracy. Gave diff details this time.
Yes continue what the fuck.
Not from Steph, but Tracy eventually started blowing me, and then we had sex a lot for years. She went to college that slowed things down.

Ok i'll stop then
Continue as long as you stop with the fucking filenames you goddamn 12 year old
File: Disgusting.jpg (74 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 720x540
He was being sarcastic, obviously. Please continue.

>inb4 you were baiting
>inb4 can't inb4 your own post
Bumping for story closure.

Sauce on that gif please. Can't find it with reverse searching.
this is the worst kind of ego feeding on this board.
People ending every green text with "cont?" as to get some fucking validation.
Punch yourself in the dick, and vacate the thread, you useless fuck
File: 1372099124643.png (205 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205 KB, 500x500
Weirdly arousing.
Don't ask and post, we're here.

Shit, someone posts something good to shoot a load over, coz I've been edging myself since the previous thread and my balls hurt like a motherfucker (pun intended).
>this is how we get a CP thread
Not really a incest story but whatever..

>Be me.
>Have a 8/10 cousin.
>Spend some time together every summer at our villa.
>She's 2 years older and we sleep in one bed, so I've seen her tits and ass numerous times since she sleeps with panties and a very loose, scoop neck shirt.
>She looked pretty clean.
>Anyways, this one day I decide to take a shower.
>I walk in the bathroom and I notice her panties on the floor.
>Take closer look, notice a shit stain on her pink panties.
>Vomit my guts out.
>Take two sticks, grab the shit stained panties in the dirty bitch's suitcase.
>Never speak about that with her.
Nigga pls.

Great, now we have Cheese pizza and scat in the same thread
What, pastebin ain't good enough for ya?

>she kind of come out of a spell and is as red as the kriptonian sun, and the thightnes oh god.
> "i really love you"
> " but we are cousins"
>"i noted your boyfriend kinda looked like me"
>just bullshit but meh, let's take this to the deepest levels
>"so... you noted..."
>danger massive super solid and dense material between legs may turn to singularity, danger of massive black hole detected.
>"anon.....i......just couldn't.....am i...(starts crying)."
>kiss her and tightness intensifie
>"anonette let's change position"
> doggie style fuck yeah
>heat of the moment
>condom away
>she notices
>ram it in and start pounding
>"anon...i'll... get pre....!!!"
>she can't finish the sentence and she get tighten
>hormones at 1000% percent
>pull her up and go to my room window
>"what the fuck.....anon don't....are you an idiot" as she is almost to vice grip my penis.
>street empty
>pizza guy looking for house
>she tightens when she notice he is looking at us and approve our illicit relation with a thump up
>she comes like crazy
>it's time unleashed the kraken.

Pastebin is fine for linking the odd story, but if you're planning to archive stories in large quantities, it doesn't quite cut it.
File: 1403668921621.jpg (54 KB, 512x419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 512x419
>Be me
>Be 17
>Have 19 y/o cousin, 8/10 long brown hair, glasses, slim figure
>The ass was fat
>Fairly close, close enough to hold a conversation about stuff
>Comes over to stay for a month or so while her parents are overseas
>Finish having shower
>Get into my room and drop my towel without noticing she's using my computer to check Facebook and shit
>Hear her gasp
>"I'll be out of your way soon. Just let me log off Faicbuk"
>"N-n-no pr-problem"
>Pick towel up
>See dat ass through gap on chair
>Wild boner appears
>Room is kinda cluttered, got dresser in doorway so she has to squeeze past
>She notices boner through towel
>She's looking
>Spaghetti paralyzed
>Turns dat ass toward me
>Squeezes through me and dresser
>Moves forward and then backward slowly
>Grinding ass on boner
>Hormonal instincts take over
>Grinding there for solid 5 minutes
>Look down, she's rubbing my balls
>"I-i-i-i'm gonna cum"
>Cum buckets
>"Holy shit anon, now I have to have a shower"
>Clean up jizz with towel
>She leaves room
>Shut door and furiously fap over what just happened
Bumpan for this story to finish. I need to sleep now, so I leave it in other's hands to keep this thread alive as long as needed.
The fuck's an imouto?
File: danielle4.jpg (51 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 640x480
>girl, 16 years old
>attracted to my father, have flirted with him before
>let him see me naked around the house
>have sat on his lap and felt his boner
>hungry one night, go downstairs for a snack
>notice we're out of chips, go to ask my dad for a "snack"
>see him sitting naked on the couch, ask if he ate the chips
>looks at me and says "You want those Doritos? Well COOL FUCKING RANCH, KID."
>Rapes me
Little sister.
Pretty sure trolling, but only 99% certainty. fml
File: cry3.gif (499 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 500x281
>no little sister around
I need to bust my nuts or else.
Don't care. Give it to papa!
not true
Wait, scratch that. let's not post something we'll all be regretting later.
Just stick to the topic. Thank you.
>When that happened I was already an old fuck
>27 and living alone
>My apartment is in the centre of the city, close to everywhere
>Everyone in my family, closer or more distant treats it like a gathering place of sorts
>They just come in unanounced and hang out, theres always cold beer in the fridge and a huge Tv on the oposite side of a massive bed/couch
>One day my 19yo cutie invited herself
>She's at least 8, more like 9/10 tbh.
>Petite body with full C cups, that ass, fucking long, thick sunny blonde hair (up to her ass), huge blue eyes, long neck, high cheek bones and pouty lips.
>She could easilly be a model if she was higher, but she's really small (157 cm)
>She looks really down and sad, I imediatelly feel worried, but think shes just tired
>She aks what I'm doing
>Just watching a movie
>"Can I watch with you ?"
>Obviouslly I agree, so she grabs a beer and jumps next to me on the couch/bed.
>Not a minute passes and she moves closer, huggs me and puts her head on my chest
>we watch movie like that but after 10 minutes she asks me: "Anon could you hug me pls ?"
>that's getting weird, but why the fuck not, maybe she has pms or just needs that atm. Who am I to judge so I hug her.
>Somehow thats uncomfortable, so minute later I just grab her and pull on my lap.
>She giggles and is without a doubt happy, we hug eachother and continue watching the movie.
>15 minutes pass and she speaks again: "Anon, do you think I'm pretty?"

I gtg, I'll continue from other place in a couple of minutes unless thread 404s
>unless thread 404s
Hopefully it wont.
C'mon Anon, where are you.
File: wtf.jpg (123 KB, 515x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 515x560
Any pics of her feet please?

Also any daddy daughter even copy pasta i don't mind, just some good stuff
File: 1350495678606.gif (489 KB, 350x152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
489 KB, 350x152
Second to last bump by me.
last bump

Captcha:Gt'er ntred

Yes captcha i did.

>primitive desire to perpetuate my genetic line overhelm me
>let her take all inside
>she finally spasms and come
> go back to bed
>movie ends
>another movie starts
>an hour and half later
>fuck it let's do it again
>start kissing her
>she is more active
>"should i use a condom"
>"a little too late anon"
>start doing it again
>she kinda broke, she is more wild, release from guilt, release from shame and fear
>"anon keep going"
>doing it again
>missionary position
>"yes anon, keep going"
>"anonette i'm about to"
>anonette close her legs, she moans but don't say a word
>"i wasn't planning to go anywhere anonette"
>she smiles
>finish her.
>we get dress and go rent a movie and buy something to eat.
>spend the rest of the evening watching movies.

She is still with her boyfriend and we kept doing it from time to time, one time we went on vacation together and we do it like animals on the hotel and one time on a zoo, i'm cool with her boyfriend, wen she comes we find some time to play around, we like our secret relation like that, for the thrill and the adrenaline.

We keep the pill to prevent get her pregnant because during our vacations we were shitless when we thought she get pregnant.

I love cum in her and she loves it too, the emotion of danger and the gorbidden love,one time i admitef i would love to get her pregnant and do her while carrying my child, she felt the same but we know that's stupid and we don't want to blow this for now.


File: 1377897144184.gif (4 MB, 250x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 250x188
Thought you were gone for good.

Didn't like the story?
Well fuck, never posting again.
>I'm about to bust balloons

Ok I'm not as angry as I thought I was going to be, still came to your story but listen here motherfucker, you don't just casually throw such a hilarious phrase into the later posts. Mid pump I just started cracking up, almost lost my boner. Good story all in all though.
It took you almost an hour to post the last bit, so I thought you went and forgot about it.
Chill out.
If you're still around anon, thanks for capping that. Original poster/last night's reposter here.
File: Raughs.jpg (37 KB, 630x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 630x337
> i had my moms deodorant on so when I was fapping I smelled pretty.

gone for good doesn't have a negative connotation, It means something along the lines "gone for ever".

I appreciate your story very much so keep up writing more in your future.
good ridance, you fucking asshole
Now piss off
hey /b/ i have a story like this

>be me
>fuck my sister

not sure what to think now
File: wincest bs.jpg (201 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wincest bs.jpg
201 KB, 1024x768

Sorry im a little cranky,i didn't mean to be rude i just feel disappointed because i taught you didn't like the story and it was the first time i post an story so im a little defensive.
My girlfriend C. and I drop molly on a regular basis, it makes our Daddy/daughter thing so much more intense. A few weeks ago her mom, A., emailed me. The usual "how's life oh it's good thank you how is work" crap at first, but then she started asking about drugs in general, but especially MDMA. She read an article about it and knew I have experience in that area. She wrote that she wanted to reflect on some things and she thought a low dose of MDMA might help with that. I'm a very outspoken person about using MDMA as a tool in therapy, and offered to help her out right away.

A. came over on friday, saturday evening we dropped the MDMA together, C. grabbed a bottle of wine and glasses to fill, I lit up the joint I had rolled for this occasion and after a few puffs handed it over to the girls.

45 minutes after dropping A. was visually fighting the come up, afraid of what if it's actually poison etc. C. sat behind A. and pulled her onto her chest and just held her until she was again. It was beautiful to watch.

A, now enjoying it and basking in the glow of euphoria, wondered if it was ok if she'd undress, she wanted to feel everything against her skin, the sensations that came with that. I certainly did not complain, and C. had a wicked smile on her face as well. As A. started to get naked C. did the same. After they had shed their clothes they stepped closer together and hugged each other, rubbing, feeling, squeezing, embracing. Again very beautiful, but also highly erotic. I watched the show, and grinned at C. whenever she looked at me. Finally let go off her mom and sat her down next to me on the couch, then placed herself on my other side.
We layed there for a while, just cuddling, until C. demanded to know why I was still dressed. A. said that is was a good question, and started chanting Undress! Undress! Undress! C. joined in, and even the cats looked at me funny. I gave in, but before I started to strip I excused myself to the bathroom. God Herself couldn't get me hard when I'm rolling so I always keep Viagras around for play time. I took half, about 50mg, and freshened up a bit. When I came back out they were spooning on the couch, with C. running her hands and fingers all over her mother's body. Before I knew it I was stripping for them. They were watching me undress, cheering me on, I took my time with it. A. gasped whenever I showed her a glimpse of my thick cock and with each gasp C's hands moved closed to her mother's pussy. Eventually the V started to work its magic, and I took off my boxers. Standing there completely naked, with my girlfriend and her mom looking at my thick hard erection with pure lust in their eyes as I was slowly stroking it into their faces, I have to admit, that was pretty empowering.

A. reached for it first, but I slapped her on the fingers and said "Don't get greedy, there's enough Dadddy for both of my girls"

We fucked for 2 hours, with everybody enjoying everyone and everything, and we ended with them 69ing each other. I was fucking A. hard on all fours, when C. scooted under us and licked her mother's pussy while cupping my balls with free hand.

"cuminside" Grunting. Moaning. The sound of a wet pussy getting fucked in a hard and steady rhythm.

"Cum inside!" I looked down.
File: 1398891624357.jpg (56 KB, 655x631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 655x631
C. was looking up straight at me, gave my balls a short squeeze and said "I want you to cum inside her". I managed another handful of strokes before I exploded and shot what felt like a gallon of creamy cum in A's pussy while C. watched in utter bliss. Panting and gasping I pulled out, and watched as C. ate the creampie I just served her mother right out of her pussy.

We collapsed onto each other, exhausted, but very satisfied. We cleaned ourselves up and just cuddled on the couch in silence, a joint passing between us as we all slowly realized what just happened. I was about to say something when A. got up, and with a short "gnight" she went to her room. C was pretty much asleep already, so I picked her up and carried her over to our bed. Exhasusted, and scared of the future, I crashed next to C.

The next morning I woke up and found both of them sitting at the table having breakfast like yesterday never happened. I must've looked like an idiot just staring at them with my mouth open, because A. set me down on a chair, handed me a cup of coffee and said. What happened happened, it was a one in a life time experience, and I thank you both for sharing this with me, but this will never happen again.

We all agreed on it, and after getting her stuff she gave both of us a hug and a kiss, and drove back to her place.

Our relationship is pretty normal now, I guess. Every few months we see each other, and we act as if this all happened to somebody else, and it's frustrating as fuck because there's so much sexual tension between the three of us, Ugh. Both my girlfriend and I feel it, and we're sure before too long she'll want to see how Daddy is doing
This guy gonna show up soon?

Apology accepted.

You keep going.
You sound like you're dead inside
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But I'm done.
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