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Ok /b/, Story time.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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Ok /b/, Story time.
Post the Story how you recived your First Blowjob.

>Be me 14yo
>Smoking behind school with female friend, we call her Lisa
>Winter, so i was allowed to warm my Hands on her Titties.
>i say i got a Boner because of the Titties.
>She wantz to see it.
>Show her, but putting it back in fast because of Cold.
>She wantz to see again, tell her no because Cold.
>She grabs my Donger and says she is gonna keep it warm.
>She plays with my Benis and my Balls.
>Ask her if she can suck me.
>She only wantz to lick it, not taking it in the Mouth.
>After 3 Seconds of Licking she says that it tastes Amazing and takes it in the Mouth.
>Cumming after 3 Minutes of Sucking.
>She never was my gf, she just sucked me now and then when she wanted.

>inb4 My English sucks like she did.
>have gf
>eventually get bj's off her
yeah, not that interesting
> Be me.
> We drink because of school's ending.
> Party hard in local club.
> Going half-drunk to WC.
> Open zipper, pull the equipment.
> Feel someone touching me.
> Damn, it's some chick.
> She holds my pipe while I pee.
> WTF?!
> Stopped peeing, she starts to lick me.
> WTF?! I was just peeing!
> Feel good, cum buckets!
> She smiles, walks away.
> Walk outside, she's nowhere around.
> Never see her again.

This girl had sucked a good friend of mine some weeks ago, and he told me she is slutty as hell, even swallows. So i start hiting on her.

>be me
>last class of high school
>been talking with this girl from the school
>some sms sexing
>one day we go on a school trip at a mall
>get with her, go into the man restrooms
>start making out
>bitch had huge boobs, she wants me to bite em
>start biting them, tell her i want her to suck me
>starts sucking
>some jers from another school come into the restroom
>she gets nervous and doesnt want to continue, i did not cum

>she did not suck me again, but after a month or so her best friend sucked me and swallowed
>after some time i think they found out they both went down on me

>Best bj till this day
>>be sophomore
>>invited by friend to his ex's birthday party
>>friends ex goes to a school where the girls are know to be sloots
>>friend told me beforehand that he's stealing his parents vodka
>>I bring condom hoping to get laid
>>get to party, split in half. Good kids upstairs or swimming.
>>bad kids downstairs playing vidya games & making out
>>go downstairs
>>refuse to drink (used to be straight edge)
>>15 mins in after vodka is passed around girls act slooty
>>Mfw they're probably not even drunk
>>oh well friends ex starts hitting on me, we make out, go to a separate room
>>make out, undress, I'm on bottom leaned up against some boxes
>>she gets on top, asks if I have a condom
>>fuck yeah
>>put it on, she slides on top, fuck for a while
>>shits cash, she has C cups, cute face, shaved pussy
>>banging her for a while then there's a knock on the door
>>it's my friend, he only saw her go in the room and thinks she's crying bc he made out with another girl
>>panic. Don't know if he'll be mad bc I'm banging his ex
>>she says she's fine just looking for glow sticks
>>Mfw there were actually flown sticks and we played with em later
>>next her dad comes downstairs asking where she is

Then continue faggot
>Winter, so i was allowed to warm my Hands on her titties
not even gonna bother reading after that lol
>be 14
>with gf of 2 months
>her parents are gone
>we were planning to fuck for the first time
>can't get it up
>start getting upset
>tries to make me feel better by blowing me
>goes for 4 seconds then stops
it was shitty. most blowjobs i've had were like this and i never came from one
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50 KB, 480x720
>>friends lie for her and say she's upstairs somewhere (big house, swimming pool so this is believable)
>>after shit calms down we go back to fucking
>>her bent over standing up, leads spread, hands against the wall
>>going to town on her from behind
>>finally cum
>>she gets dressed before me and runs to the bathroom
>>she's puking from the alcohol
>>walk up behind her and drop the used condom into the toilet as she's puking
>>lol IDGAF
>>later that night get some 4/10 to go into the same room with me and give me blowjob
>>she has braces
>>worst first blowjob
>>pretend to finish
>>she wants to cuddle
>>lol fuck outta here
>>walk out
>>friend finds out I fucked ex
>>high fives
>>later me and him tag team some scene chick
>>she blows me while he pounds her
>>dick is so tired it can barely get up
>>she asks why it's not hard
>>"stfu" as I push her head back down
>>friend asks if I wanna hit the pussy
>>only brought one condom
>>fml too scared to risk it
>>walk out the room while he finishes with her
>>go home at 11 bc curfew

Mfw the night I lost my virginity I also had a gangbang and bj

Have some more stories

I dont actually remember the details of my first blowjob. It was with a girl I don't care to think about because reasons.
Do you think this type of shit only happens to guys with above average penises?
No. It happens to every guy who is not scared of bluntly putting a dick in a girls mouth weather or not they expect it.
>slutty as hell
>even swallows
you have alot to learn in this world friend
>be 15
>have girlfriend
>we break up
>go to friends to hang out
>girlfriend's best friend is there
>she's kind of slutty
>guy who's house it is has a crush on her
>go swimming and end up sneaking some alcohol
>we get her to flash us
>go back to dudes room
>playing strip blackjack cause girls can't poker
>other dude cheats, she ends up totally naked while we have only lost a round hand or two
>she wants to see our dicks
>dude leaves and I show her
>says she wants to see me jack off
>too embarrassed cause 15
>we lay on bed either side of her
>she plays with our dicks, one in each hand
>she is into me so other guy slowly gets ignored and starts playing quake a few feet away from us
>ask if she'll blow me
>says she doesn't know how
>tell her to just jerk me off and put it in her mouth occasionally
>she puts a blanket over her head so the other guy can't see.
>shit was cash

Then later we both ate her out. True story. Got back with my girlfriend like 2 days later.
>be 16
>best friend sleeping over
>he jerks me off, sucks my dick I fuck his ass
>no homo
First bj story? Sure....

>be 18/19
>buddys garage for small get together for drinks
>girl that's there, not overly hot but still a cute 7/10
>buddy and his girl get a little intimate
>this girl wants to play too, so randomly sticks her hand in my pants as we're drinking on the couch
>keep drinking
>steady rubbing and squeezing my semi
>time goes by.
Buddy says he's going in for the night, walks by the couch we're sitting on
>she doesn't even bother to move her hand from in my pants.
>he jokes and says to wrap my tool, then leaves us alone in the garage.
>she giggles, says she would be game but shes on her period.
>"but that doesn't mean we can't make you feel good"
>says that as she's unbuttoning my pants finally
>pulls it out, few strokes in
>stops and says something that still gets me hard
>"There's just one thing, I hope you don't think it's weird"
>what's up bitty?.
>"i like it rough"
>me - huh?
>"i want you to fuck my mouth rough.
>i obliged

I took it slow at first, but i straight up face fucked her porn style.
The next day she said I dislocated her jaw.

>also, I ripped out her tongue ring I fucked her mouth so hard.
>got her balls deep on my cock
>have gf
>go to her house and receive blowjob
>be 18
>go to strip club with some mates for lols
>make good friends with a stripper
>get her number and text her for about a week
>invite her to stay the night at my house
>she accepts fuckyeah.jpg
>she comes over and we start watching movies on my laptop
>start spooning
>I start subtly trying to feel her up
>she looks at me and kisses me
>we make out for about 5 minutes
>she put her hands down my shorts and starts wanking me whilst I bite her neck
>go to put hand down her pants she pulls away
>stop and ask why
>she says she is on her period
>asks "hey anon have you had your dick sucked before?"
> me "no?"
>she starts kissing down my stomach
>kisses the tip before she sucks it
>sucks it for about 10min
>"I am about to cum"
>she keeps going
>bust the biggest load of my life into her mouth
>she swallows
>lay there the whole night feeling her up

twas a good night
>The next day she said I dislocated her jaw.
>also, I ripped out her tongue ring I fucked her mouth so hard.
She seemed to enjoy it. Been getting casual bj's from her for years now...
While she's had a bf lolol
fake, fuck off faggot
>5 years ago
>was sitting on my bed
>i bent down
>sucked my rock hard cock
>blew inside and swallowed
>the end
Photo of her, perhaps?
>at best friends house spending the night
>He is 12, his older sister is 14
>we all sleeping in living room because they have cousins from out of town using their beds
>friend is on my right, his sister to my left
>laying there forever, can't sleep
>start playing with my d out of boredom
>look over and sister is wide awake staring at me
>she says nothing, but reaches over and starts rubbing my dick through my pants
>I reach down her pjs and start fingering her
>eventually she pulls my pants down and starts sucking
>doing everything in my power to stay silent because brother is a foot away from me
>I cum in her mouth and she swallows

I stayed over there as much as possible after that, even though me and her didn't talk much then we both liked fuckin around in her house after everyone was asleep
>A year later we started dating for 3 years
>She would do anything for me, bj, swallow, facials, creampies, roadhead, outdoor in public, anal, you name it, a true sloot
>best years of sex in my life
>she lives far away with her bf now
>still comes over to fuck when she is home to visit her parents tho, I usually send her home to her bf right after I bust a nut as deep as I can in her, Idgaf
>we are 25 now
File: 1392463452292.jpg (135 KB, 600x783) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah, i call bullshit
File: 30.jpg (274 KB, 683x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Careful not to cut yourself on all the edginess my friend.
Apparently this is Erica Henrickson. She looks like a cuter version of Karen Gillan.
> Be me 17 year old.
> Ausfag here, girlfriend is long distance. She's in Bacchus marsh for the day.
> Take the Vline (train) to bacchus marsh in the morning to see her
> She is qt3.14 16yr old gf, so treasure her.
> Go for a walk with her. Sit down under the shelter of this shed thing on the back paddock of a primary school.
> Start fooling around.
> she pulls it out and strokes it.
> She tells me to close my eyes.
> okay.jpeg
> She goes for it.
> I let out a little whimper in surprise.
> Hear school bell go out. Shit nigger.
> Leave because kids will soon populate that area.

Later tells me that I tasted nice and that she "always wanted to try that" and that she wanted to do it again.

> Does it everytime I see her until I cum and she swallows.
> Perfect girlfriend (aside from all the other amazing qualities she has)

Pic related. The paddock & shed.
Not even buddy. If i was going to lie I wouldn't have said I didn't get a bj till I was 18
Nahh...maybe one of her tits. lemme check
>Be 10 yo
>In swimming pool with my slutty 15 yo cousin
>Everybody is taking siesta
>Start hugging and kissing
>She grab me and sit in the pool border
>She take off her bikini, grab my cock and start sucking
>Don't even jizz
File: file.png (1 MB, 1129x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1129x667
>Bacchus marsh
>Be me 16yo
>Scout camping trip
>Best friend's gf was on the trip and he wasn't. Their relationship was fucked.
>First night I stayed up all night talking to her about her life. She fell asleep with her hand in mine.
>Second night she crept into our tent. Boys and girls were supposedly split. She drew circles on my stomach. I drew them on her chest until she pulled up her bra and I sucked on her breast.
>Then got my second ever handjob.
>Next night, we crept back into the tent when everyone else was doing a sleep out on a hill
>Got first blowjob. No condoms so no further.
>Felt good man.
gj m8
>be me 11
>female neighbor 13
>we used to spend all day together
>after playing all day its bath time
>we used to have our own rule when bathing
>i soap her body and she soap my body
>soaped her entire body and now my wee wee its in full hard mode
>shes soaping my body now
>she: "hey anon when it come to private parts we must take extra care"
>me: "emm ok"
>she puts my dick inside her mouth
>i don't know she probably sucked for less then 1 minute
>best 1st bJ ever
>she: "now you must clean me too"
>she shoved my mouth in her pussy
>licked like a popsicle
>best moment in my eleven years of life
>she abused me for more then a year
>she moved
>still in contact
>miss thoses days
>chubby 17 year old mexican chick moves into my apartment complex
>caught her eyeballing me from her bedroom window one day
>start talking to her from time to time
>eventually start hanging out together
>step on her foot by accident once
>I ask her if there's anything I can do to make her feel better
>she says "I'll let you think of something"
>I say back to her "How about a kiss?" while giving her a wink and small grin
>we make out
>things slowly progress over the next couple of weeks
>I got to play with her tits, she rubbed my dick
>her mom goes out of town for the weekend
>she invites me into her apartment
>we go directly to her room
>heavy makeout session
>I whip out my dick
>she's jacking me off
>I ask her if she wants to suck it
>she hesitates, but slowly lowers her head towards my lap
>she puts the tip of my dick in her mouth
>I thrust up a little bit, she gets startled, but doesn't stop sucking
>a few minutes go by and she stops and asks me if I want more
>as soon as I said yes, I heard knocking on her bedroom window
>I peak through the blinds and my dad is standing right there furious
>He shouts "get the fuck out, and get your ass inside the house now"
>dad is former military and doesn't fuck around
>get yelled at pretty bad
>I guess he caught us making out and feeling each other a few days beforehand and was worried with her and I being alone in her apartment that I was going to get her pregnant or something.

not bad for a first blowjob, but that was my only sexually experience until I lost my virginity when I was 17.
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