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ITT: Stories about times you did the sex
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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ITT: Stories about times you did the sex
>having sex
I want normalfags to leave.
This one time I rubbed my sick until I jizzed.
gtfo please.
I love rubbing my sick until I jizz
i went up to my sister at her room tipped my fedora
told her to ditch the asshole guy and have sex with a nice guy
mfw she jumped on me
mfw we had sex for hours while her stupid boyfriend watched
>sex first time
>go from night till morning because it was uncomfortable and awkward
>don't cum
>gradually get worse
>start preferring faps
>fap at all chances when gf is out
Damn man. I feel like I would be the same way though.
>email local escort
>go through screening
>after I pass gives me the # of her burner phone
>arrange an hour long appointment
>meet her at her hotel
>she's wearing heels, t-shirt, and shorts
>go up to her room
>make out for a few minutes
>she does a strip tease for me
>sucks me off, gets me to cum in her mouth
>we're only ~20 mins in so she sucks me hard again
>puts a condom on me
>fuck her pussy in missionary position
>fuck it more doggy style
>lets me fuck her in the ass doggy style
>eventually rolls over and lets me fuck her in the ass in missionary position
>finally gets me to cum even though I went over by like ten minutes
>she's extremely chill
>tells me I'm her last customer of the night so no rush
>smokes a bowl with me naked
>only cost me $200 upfront
>gf starts to resent me
>thinks I don't love her
>It's true, slowly drifting apart
>love/hate on both sides
>Want to break up but can't, don't know why, she tried to, I convinced her to stay, don't know why
>sad to do anything in life.
>I wish I wasn't in love with someone else
>I wish I'd never met them
>I wish I was still a 14/5 year old on /b/ for the first time

Sometimes I think it's nice that I am a beta faggot who has never had a gf because of these types of stories
it's nice sleeping with someone sometimes, other than that it is hard work unless you find the right girl.
Sex seems overrated, I wanted it so bad, glad I had it but only so I could say I did, not because it was special.
I sort of got over really wanting sex a whole lot. Not that I would refuse it. I have just gotten into a state of mind that is "If it happens, great. If it doesn't, I don't really care."
If it does happen, I would expect it to be very awkward because social autism and inexperience stuff.
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> first girlfriend
> finally about to lose virginity
> she gets on top and puts it in
>go for about 5 seconds before I go limp
> she trys to awkwardly fuck my limp dick for like 2 minutes before she gets up
> try to convince her its because she laid on it
> doesn't work
> still hear about it to this day from her and her friends
> mfw
Does that count as losing your virginity? I mean you technically had sex for a bit, but still.
Are you still with her then? Since you hear about it from her and her friends (which sounds like a bitch move if you are still with her)
it will be but in the end you'll get through it. don't choose a girl who will tell everyone and if you're gonna cum focus on something in your surroundings and concentrate on it like counting the patterns or shapes on a poster or pull out and change position.

Once got publicly ridiculed, ever since then I fear any girl telling people details about me, doesn't even have to be a secret. Yours is the exact type of thing I fear
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Wasn't bad looking. Smooth little asian kitty she keeps shaved/waxed too. Pic is her.
Thank you for the advice anon

Not terrible, good for you
can they be green text, fuck it going green text
>Wake up next to best friend's sister
>went to football game night before and end up shitfaced
>come back to my best friend's and her apartment
>friend passes out on couch
>I can't sleep smelling like this
>stumble through bathroom door
>partially naked best friend's sister
>she tells me to get out
>I tell her I'm getting a shower
>she tells me she's had a long day she just wants to take a bath and go to bed
>we end up taking a bath together and I wash her hair
>side note I also discover how amazing Aussie shampoo is just saying
>we get out dry each other off
>we walk through the apartment past my passed out friend naked
>she ends up riding me while i sit on the edge of her bed
>3 months later
>best friend's family finds out
>they still try sitting us up on dates three years later
>we never really talked or hung out before or after
Yeah we have been together for about two years now. She's not a bitch about it but occasionally her or one of her friends make the limp dick finger motion and I have to tell them exactly how fucking dirty our sex is now.
>ex gf calls me. sounds drunk.
>she's a few blocks away, wtf ill see whats up
>get there, her friends house
>shes completely wasted
>bring her to my house. she is really wasted
>doesnt wanna fool around. ends up puking
>i lie and say she got it all over pants
>so take off pants so my beds not all pukey
>she does, and tries fall asleep on side
>i take off clothes and spoon, hard boner on
>her ass
>she says thats too close, i back dick away
>she says thats better
>shes completely out in a few mins
>her ass is showing, panties kinda down
>wtf, ill feel her ass and jerk off
>tiny girl. cupping her ass my fingers touching
>some of her vag
>ok, ill feel that. nice. finger it a lil
>man i need to fuck
>pull her panties down and stick dick in
>always had a passed out girl fetish, rock hard
>kinda uncomfortable position
>position her on her stomach, reinsert dick
>not getting full thrust though, just like 1/2
>cuz shes out, so pussy not very wet
>spit in hand, rub all over my cock
>slides in good and tight now
>seriously best fuck of my life, this is awesome
>getting to climax, not sure what to do
>break so i can fuck her some more later?
>cum on her face?
>shes starting to stir though and im afraid she
>might wake up
>so cum the most ive ever cum in my life
>in her vag. cum dripping out everywhere.
>never did put the panties back on so in morn
>shes like, did we fuck anon?
>i act hurt, disgusted a lil
>wtf, youre such a drunk you dont even
>remember we fucked?
>shes like srry anon
Good for you anon

Gotta establish dominance amongst the females with dirty sex
>be me, 17 y/o few years back
>friendzoned with girl i loved way too much, we had dated before but it didnt work out, now just friends
>being nice guy actually worked in my situation for a short period of time

i have fucked this girl before but it had been a long while since we were just 'friends' for so long, but we started messing around when she had broken up with her boyfriend

>get to her house
>shes in kitchen
>push her up against counter and start furiously making out
>she is kissing all up and down my neck
>her hand my pants
>pulls my pants down and give my dick a soft kiss on the tip and tells me to give her a minute
>she runs to her room and slams door, i have raging boner at this point
>she tells me to come into her room
when i was in my mid 20s, i somehow started hanging out with this virgin 16 yo. she had never done anything but had a thing for me. people will tell you virgins are boring, but they are full of shit. maybe as a one night thing, but if you work on them for months, its like youre training a girl on how to fuck you

started with handjobs while i felt her tits. not bad.

eventually shed get naked and squeeze my dick with her thighs while i was on top, then id cum on her belly.

she still seemed apprenhensive about sex though. eventually got her to start giving me blowjobs. the first time was hilarious. i blew a ton in her mouth and her mouth was cartoony full, cheeks puffed out. she ran to the bathroom

i was like wtf? she said she thought it was unhealthy to swallow. i laughed and told her that cum is mostly protein, and it wasnt bad for her. then she started to swallow from then on. this was fucking awesome compared to the other stuff and i guess it showed. she was like "do you like this better than normal sex?"

told her no, but it was pretty good.

eventually one night she says we are going to fuck. TIGHTEST PUSSY EVER. and it hurt her too. she was whimpering with pain, and i wont lie. i did not take it easy. i tried to rip through her pussy with my strokes.

after, she seemed kind of withdrawn and left pretty fast.

when i saw her next she said that it was hurting really bad, and i didnt seem to care. i was like, oh baby, those groans and noises sound almost exactly like noises people make when they have sex and are loving it. ill tell ya what, ill let you be on top next time so you can control the pace, timing, deepness of penetration etc

so we started fucking this way as our preferred position. she would cum fast too. so shed usually finish first, then id turn her over finish from behind while looking at that ass

only really freaky stuff we did is sometimes when she was blowing me id pull her off before i came, so id cum all over my stomach and shed eat it all
>wearing maid lengerie which i had a thing for at the time
>she wouldnt let me immediately fuck her
>make out some more, kiss her neck, move to kissing boobs, and lick slowly down and start eating her out and fingering her
>after some time she gives me a blowjob
>not big fan of blowjobs, dunno why, they just never felt that good for me
>quickly move on to fucking her after she is wet enough and relaxed
>this is where the problem starts
didnt date anyone while being friendzoned for way too long with this girl, fap way too much. lost almost all ability to cum unless self induced. i fucking managed to ruin sex.

>fucking her for a good half hour
>every position you can think of, just to keep things going,
>she is wondering why i havent came, I obviously know why
>fapping usually takes me a while so that was a no go becuase i would have been just furiously ripping my dick over top of her for like 10 minutes before anything would have happened.
>she gives me more head, boobjob, footjob, more pussy, the works, anything to get me to cum
>start to notice she is feeling self concious as if she isnt pretty or pleasing enough, when it fact it felt great and she looked like a goddess
>still havent come after like an hour and a half of stopping and starting, she has already came once from me rubbing her clit whilst fucking her throughout this whole ordeal
>dick starting to hurt
>okay lets do this
>missionary style™
>going hard as fuck, she starts convulsing
>"anon ohhhh mmyyyy goodddd" she came obviously, shes faked it before so i can tell, this was not that

that seemed to be all i needed, just a sexy moan and knowing i just made a girl come on penetration alone

>soon after, I came, she was on the pill, buried my dick so far inside her as I came so much

all in all, it took about 90 minutes for me to come, when i was trying as hard as i could to come as fast as i could

we only fucked a few times afterthat, and she went on to someone else. yeah she used me for sex because i was her friend and i was there, dont remind me. dropped that bitch shortly after

after that day I cut back on fapping and actually started to cum in a more reasonable amount of time when having sex as to not bore my partners, can last up to like 30 minutes if i please but usually just finish at 10/15 nowadays because
I once came the moment I put it in. True story.
>doing chick doggy
>tell her I'm gonna come on her tits
>eww anon thats gross and degrading to women
>I defiantly don't wanna degrade women
>Go to plan B
>remove condom and titty fuck her ass cheeks
>shoot all over her back and hair
>I try to empower women whenever I can
>When you think that anyone on /b/ had sex
early 20, just got out of military, crashing at buddys trailer

trailer next door, black military dude and wife. they have like 4 young girls visiting, like 11-17. not sure wht the relationship was. i think the wife's nieces or something, visiting?

me and buddy end up hanging out there, wife and husband dont seem to think its weird, wtf. wtahcing black tv, husband goes to sleep real early, pt the next day. wife soon after. then it gets late and girls end up going to sleep and me and buddy go back to the trailer.

sidenote. i was sitting next to the 15 or 16 yo girl during the tv shows. very young looking but good tits. like c cup.

anyways, roomie is still active military ends up going to pt like super early, still dark outside. same with military husband.

the 11 year old comes to the trailer opens the door. "hey anon, soandso said you could come in and sleep in our livingroom if you want"

thats weird. but maybe i can fool around or something. never did anything with a black girl.

shes sleeping on floor with little blanket. i spoon behind her and puit blanket over us. shes pretending shes dead asleep, but shes obv not.

feel tits through her nightgown. nipples get hard. put hand undernath her nightgown. glorious teenage boob. rub nipple.


pull her gown up, feel her ass with hands in her panties. start rubbing her pussy. slip a finger in. TIGHT AS FUCK.

11 year old is sleeping on couch next to us, but idgaf. her uncle or whatever might be home soon, gotta hurry

pull her panties down, pull my pants down. put dick underneath her plump ass and head towards pussy. shes still pretending to be asleep but hr pussy is wet. stick cock in. FUCKING TIGHT even while wet. i get maybe 2/3 in and just start cumming LOL.

pull up my pants and run back to trailer. we got evicted like less than a week later and i moved out of state. wonder if she got pregnant lol
>on vacation at gran canaria
>it's night and i'm on my way to the hotel
>drug dealers and hookers appear in almost every corner
>close to hotel
>see girl
>not sure if good looking hooker or tourist
>about 10 years older than me (i was 18)
>asks if i wanna join her
>"what do you mean?"
>she takes a joint from her bra
>i follow her scared as shit
>thinking i'm gonna get mugged by some niggers
>we go to a park or someone's huge garden i dunno
>no one around
>she was belgian or dutch or something
>we smoke the joint
>i'm drunk as fuck and it's hard to talk to her
>i realized she has her hand on my crotch
>put my hand under her skirt
>she's wetter than a finnish summer
>fuck her
>smoke another joint
>go back to her hotel which was almost next to where i stayed
>fuck her again
>she woke me in the morning
>said i had to sneak away
>went back to finland the day after next
>tested myself std's
>everything went perfect
first sexual experience
>be me 12
>get a gf 6/10 just because i heard she lets people finger her and i'd get a wank
>know nothing about this tbh, i fap in general to the lingerie section of my mums catalogue thats about it
>she puts her hand in my boxer shorts and gives it a tug
>i give it a go
>i manage to get my finger just in between her flaps and think to myself
>"is this it?"
>so i generally start pushing my finger back and forth in between her flaps (nowhere near the actual hole)
>she kinda gives me a weird look but doesnt say anything

i later find my dads porn stash and watch a VHS of a girl starting herself off realizing i was nowhere near the hole, but this girl didn't say anything
>school next day, play basketball
>shoot 3 pointer but miss
>buddy says to me, "hey its not the first time you missed a hole that big when its sat right in front of you"
>MFW she told everyone
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